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Watching Point 103

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103 — WATCH lest you fail to differentiate between the fundamental belief of fear, of which matter is the manifestation, and the fear produced in conscious thought, when the manifestation of that fundamental fear is discordant. You need a clear conception of the sequence, namely, that the fundamental fear causes disease, which in turn arouses fear, conjecture, dismay and confusion in conscious thought; otherwise you may believe that the sense of fear in conscious thought is the only fear one has to deal with, that it is this fear that produces the disease, and that its removal will heal the disease. This also explains why you may find yourself afflicted with some disease you never heard of and of which you had no conscious fear.

In Science and Health we are told that when the fear is removed, the patient is healed; but here Mrs. Eddy does not refer wholly to conscious, or secondary fear. It is true that the removal of conscious fear is necessary in order to gain entrance into the patient’s thought, just as the fear of a householder in whose house a fire has broken out must be removed before she will stop running around in a panic, and open the front door to the firemen.

When the secondary fear is removed, which is caused by the manifestation of discord, the way is opened for Truth to come in and destroy the primary fear, which is the fundamental belief in matter, or in a power apart from God.

This watching point is much needed, for many patients believe that their fear could not have produced their disease, because they found no fear in their conscious thought. They do not realize that latent, or primary fear may be formed in unconscious thought, the structural mind, a fear one is not aware of till he sees its manifestation. Therefore, it is latent fear that one finds manifested on the body, which, in turn, produces fear in conscious thought.

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