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Watching Point 101

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101 — WATCH lest you strive to put into operation the power of demonstration without seeking to spiritualize your motive. For instance, if you sought the power of God to help you to win a case at law, it would be part of the demonstration to purify your motive, so that you could say, “not my will, but Thine be done.”

You cannot call your thought scientific until you do not care which way the verdict is rendered, so long as it is the Mind of God that governs and directs it, rather than the will of mortal man.

It is a sacred and solemn responsibility to attempt to apply divine Mind to human experiences. Unless one is striving to unself his motive, he may find that his effort has the effect of fastening the sheepskin of human harmony on the wolf of mortal mind more securely, instead of exposing the veritable nature of the wolf, so that it may be destroyed. When one takes the human mind, which is beginning to display its wolfish nature, and uses the power of God to harmonize it for one’s own benefit, he is not stripping off the sheepskin of deception.

The right application of divine Mind is an effort to expose and destroy all belief in a mind apart from God. The harmony that results from this effort will not be a deterrent to spiritual growth, but rather an indication thereof, provided that right thinking is one’s goal, and the har- mony is added unto him, as the Master said in Matt. 6:33. Attempting to apply God’s power with a selfish or human motive tends to perpetuate error, and is unscientific mental practice.

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