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10 — WATCH lest, in your effort to educate your thought along spiritual lines, you forget that you are not trying to learn something new to you, since, as a child of God, you already have access to the precious gems of truth hidden in divine consciousness, and are only working to dig up the spiritual thought through which you may reflect all true knowledge. The only thing the advancing student has to learn that is new to God’s child is a knowledge of the operation of evil, and this should be a disappearing knowledge, since, when one has disposed of evil, he should no longer carry along a knowledge of its operation.

A man suffering from amnesia, or loss of memory, is not trying to learn something. He does not need an education. He needs to have his memory restored. A veil of belief has been drawn across his consciousness, which temporarily shuts off his recollection of his real self. This describes man’s dilemma from the spiritual standpoint. Man has not really lost his spiritual selfhood and its relation to God; he has merely lost sight of it. Thus the work of Christian Science is to restore man’s soul, which in turn brings to light his unity with God.

Sometimes one wonders how primitive and savage people are going to be saved. Their salvation becomes possible since the knowledge of God is not something that must be learned so much as something that must be remembered. The Bible speaks about this in II Peter 3:1, “I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance,” and in John 14:26, “The comforter … shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance.”

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