Letter on Body



Excerpt from a note dated April 4, 1954 which accompanied this Kimball Letter:

“This is a very, very rare manuscript…

“The true story is this —

“When Mrs. Eddy was in Concord the Next Friends Suit came up; her own son and many friends rising against her and claiming, as you know, that she was out of her mind and should not be permitted to handle her own affairs, etc.

“This was a terrific attack on our Leader, and she saw that she simply had to get a better understanding of body than she had thus far because it was her body they were about to lay hold on and put away.

“She had written the books as God poured out the Truth to her but you know she studied them later, and so now she saw she must have a better understanding of body. And as you know, the books could not include for the world to hear, some of the things she knew and saw.

“Well, the result was that she got a tremendous unfoldment on body and at the same time she was led to leave New Hampshire to make her home in Chestnut Hills, Mass., as the Massachusetts laws would protect her, while the New Hampshire laws had nothing with which to protect her.

“After moving to Chestnut Hill, she decided that she would teach her unfoldment to Edward Kimball. This she did. He was to again teach a Normal Class in December of 1910. She drilled and drilled and drilled him. He would repeat what she said and if he made an error would have to start all over again until he would teach the unfoldment on body as it was revealed to our Leader.

“After he finally got it, he went to the Somerset Hotel in Boston where he always stayed, and he called in Judge Clifford Smith and his wife, the McClellands, and Bicknell Young, and up until the early hours of the morning drilled and drilled them on the teaching just received.

“He later passed on and Mrs. Eddy, knowing he had taught these few, appointed Mr. Bicknell Young to teach the Normal Class in December, 1910.

“Before Mr. Kimball passed on he sent each of his own students a copy of the enclosed letter. This is a perfect copy.”

A letter from Edward A. Kimball to his students

Dear Friends,

This written word that I am giving you is for your own individual perusal and study. It is not to be given out to others until you know enough Love to protect yourself from all belief of reaction from the seeming power of evil, and for the reason that you and I know much of Truth, we must be careful how we let it be known. It is an astounding depravity of mortal mind that shows itself in envy and jealousy concerning those who really know something that seems novel or extraordinary. We must even be careful about our testimonials in Church, for those who do not instantly understand us are liable to chemicalize and to make us trouble. We all bring upon ourselves a lot of mental sizzling by reason of untempered zeal. Hardly one in a thousand is ready for an advanced idea such as we are ready to give out even in our testimonies in Church or otherwise publicly. We must even be careful about giving this Truth out silently to patients until we have grown into a spiritual fitness, into spiritual nearness to God. There are some seeming forms of error that require lots of Love’s reflection on our part for us to be able to destroy.

As Christian Scientists we miss God so much because we do not always realize that He is right with us. We have to see God through that which manifests good. Then, gaining the right idea of anything, we find God with us. We must anchor ourselves in that right thought. We must cling to Truth no matter what error may say about seeming failures. It is God with us that supplies all wisdom, strength, power and need, silences grief and exterminates all evils, and knowing this — is to be spiritually minded — is to know the Truth and to demonstrate it. When man does not know this he is simply dead.

The human body is simply a false concept of that body which in reality is the manifestation of God, or the real body, the body of right ideas, which is the real body of God, the body of Mind, which body is Man. There is one, perfect, spiritual body. There is but “one everything.” This fact indicates and expresses the oneness of Mind and man’s unity with this divine Mind. One God, one Mind, one Christ, hence one man and one body. If there is but one body then there is but one heart, one stomach, one bowels, one each of every organ of man and every organ or function of the body is an idea of God, that is, they represent some divine idea in Mind and all there is to man’s organ is the truth about it. Man and his body are idea of Mind, ideas of Mind. God’s ideas are perfect, never subject to disease or malpractice, because the law of being is perfect. No mortal law can interfere with or disturb the harmonious action or function of any organ of man.

There is but one body even as there is but one “number seven.” You have it, I have it, everyone has it. There are many “figures seven” but there is but one “number seven,” because “number seven” is idea, one idea. On the same principle there is but one everything. There is but one heart (one Mind), one blood (one Life). I have it, you have it, everybody has it.

How can there be “heart disease” when there is but one heart? Mortal mind makes people believe that there are “hearts many” on the same principle that it makes them believe there are “minds many.” We all have the same spiritual body, even as mortals have the same body, namely 85% water and 15% inorganic salts. Human beings seem to be different, but are they? No! all water and salt. This oneness of human being (mortal mind) is all a myth. There is but one “Oneness” and that one is Spirit. Man is the body of this “Oneness.” It follows that this body (right ideas) is as sacred as Mind. It is scientific to declare that man exists at the standpoint of body. Many Scientists are afraid to declare properly about body. They constantly declare the truth about God, but refuse to declare the truth about man and body. Man, body, constitutes the only proof of evidence that there is a God. This is my testimony and proof that there is a God. Man shows forth and is an exhibition of God, and man is body. Now this being the truth, there is the utmost need of declaring and knowing the truth about man as body. We must declare “body” and declare it frequently in order to bring out the spiritual idea about body (God’s body) in order to silence and displace the material concept. There is but one body in Mind, perfect, spiritual, and that body is the body or sum-total of right ideas. Body is the compound idea of divine Mind. Perfect rightness in thought, word and deed is the real man. Evil is a wrong sense of a right thing. Human body is a counterfeit of the true body, the body of right ideas. Man being the body of God, there is but one man, one body, for there is but one God. Man is body, the infinite aggregation of spiritual ideas, and is therefore wholly spiritual, normal, complete and eternal, abiding ever under the law of Life, health, harmony and perfection in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus was immaculately concepted. As we gain the right sense of body, as we gain the right idea of man and body, we gain an immaculate idea of ourselves. I am the eternal embodiment of all that is good, true, real, enduring, beautiful and pure. Is not this to be immaculate? Are not you immaculate? Are you not the son of God right now? Certainly you are when you gain the right sense of man, of body. If Mary, the mother of Jesus, could do this, surely we can. Does the divine Mind have any favorites? NO! NO! NO! There is one man, one body, one favorite. This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased. You are that SON. This perfect body was never born, and because it has always existed, it will never die. This perfect body is under no law of disintegration, decay or death. This perfect body, man, has never suffered and never will suffer, it is under no condemnation on account of being falsely cognized as a human man or woman. This body (man) is neither male nor female after the flesh, both its male and female is in Spirit, for it manifests the divine completeness of our Father-Mother God.

There can be no displacement or disease of any organ (idea) of this body, because every idea is held under divine control. These so-called physical organisms are the false material concepts of Mind’s spiritual ideas, qualities.

Disease is an error about body, and a specific idea of Mind is necessary to correct or dispel it. One Infinite Mind and Its Ideas constitute the whole of being. There is ONE infinite Consciousness, wherein the infinite aggregation of Mind’s ideas manifest activity, constitute the ONE body or the embodiment of Mind. We have the same Mind that God has or is. There is one infinity of body, and that body is our body. All the things of body are eternal, complete, perfect and perpetually active as ideas. The law of Mind to body is the law of perpetual, harmonious action. Body will always be body, it cannot fail, be sick or change. It is the manifestation of vigor, vitality, strength, power, force, and perfect impulsion; and the divine law unto it is the law of strength and normal action. In your treatment if the only sense of body is the right one, then there is no body that is sick or can be sick. The right sense of body enables you to put out the belief that body is the private body of man or woman, and is one that can be sick, or contains place or substance that can be sick. Now then, it may be seen that if you were in a belief of disease because of malpractice, the knowing of one body would be sufficient to break the claim, because malpractice could not act where there was not belief of a material body.

In our treatment of the so-called sick we must declare the facts about body. Even in the human mind there have been several authorities that have declared that there is no physiological reason why the body of a human being should die. They referred to the capacity of the body to renew its tissues and functions, and believe that this would go on indefinitely if it were not that the eliminating process becomes defective. Now that which most disturbs the integrity of the eliminating process is anger, hate, fear and other similar beliefs. Read Prof. Gates’ article on page 278 in the Life of Mrs. Eddy by Sibyl Wilbur. This shows how different mental conditions cause different physical changes to take place in the body, affecting its welfare, which the body tries to eliminate, but cannot on account of the weight of wrong mental government of the body due to false thinking. When the process of elimination is not perfect or complete, the claim is that there is a retention of impurities or morbific poison (animal poison). We must declare that the law of Mind is the law of elimination to the false belief of deficient elimination, and to the belief of morbid secretions. This claim of deficient elimination you can see becomes an avenue for the claim of malpractice, operating through the so-called law of material medica.

Everything is complete and perfect in the divine Mind, and we do not have to do a single thing to man, body. But what we have to do is deny the lie about God, man and body. Our treatment has nothing to do with a man, woman, a child, or any corporeality; all we have to deal with is a false belief or law of mortal mind, erring beliefs, not persons. If our treatment has a physical person in it, then it has a body that can be sick. The only treatment that is entitled to heal is the one that has no thought or admission except the one infinite body. We must realize that the patient is neither person, place, nor thing, but is simply a suggestion or claim that man is material and is sick. Do not be afraid to leave the belief of a personal patient out of your treatment. Christian Science treatment has nothing to do with the mortal self, because it is simply the utterance of spiritual truth concerning the truth about God, Life, man, body, substance, presence, power, law and action, and a calm, quiet, peaceful announcement that error is unreal and without substance, law, power, or presence. The simpler a treatment, the better; it does not have to be labored.

The human body is an error, a false concept, but the belief of a sick human body is a double error. Now destroy the belief of a sick human body, and you still have left, in belief, a false conception of body, minus the supposed action of disease. This is certainly better than a double misconception and from this improved belief, like Jesus, we can go on into the ascension of body, into our real self.

Salvation comes to us only through right mental activity, the Mind of Christ. Christian Science is God, this Science is the operation of God, but it must have an operator, and Christ is the operator. Christian Science is always ready for operation in our behalf, but it will never operate for us throughout all eternity unless we operate it. We must be Christ in this respect, for we are God’s operator in our own behalf. God is law. In this we become a law to ourselves. Our treatment is really Christ, it is the utterance of the law of God unto the case. When we give treatment either to ourselves or others, it is the Christ, uttering the truth about everything regarding the so-called patient, or in other words, “man.” Our treatment is Christ, and it is the same Christ that raised Jesus from the dead, that raised Lazarus and others, that was with Jesus when he stood upon the stormy wave of Galilee, that took him through closed doors and through space. When we know this we feel no responsibility regarding our treatment, it is up to God and to His reflection, that does the healing; therefore we heal when we are God-governed. God is of purer eyes than to know evil, therefore He does not know that there is anything to heal. He leaves this to “reflected Mind.” God tells us to preach the gospel and to heal the sick; in other words, He tells us to reflect His Mind, which is the only Mind there is. Certainly when He tells us to do this, He would not withhold from us the power to heal. This is why I now feel no responsibility, no anxiety regarding my treatments. It is not up to me. It is up to God and to His Truth, Christ, about everything. Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, it is up to him, his is the responsibility, and so forth, the government is upon his shoulder.

Evil thoughts are powerless when met with Truth, but we must constantly declare the Truth. We must have confidence in our declarations of the Truth and rest in the assurance of Truth’s certain triumph. In Miscellaneous Writings Mrs. Eddy says on page 55 the “Opposite to good, is the universal claim of evil that seeks the proportions of good” and so forth. From this we see that evil claims to act as law, even as the divine Mind actually does so. No one is sick always because of their own personal belief, for evil is not personal, either in you or me or anyone, but it is always a law of mortal mind at work supposititiously. In the divine Mind everything is governed by law. Now in mortal mind not a thing happens but what is caused by the belief of law, claiming the same as divine Mind, to act as law. You see we do not have to deal with human belief as a special thing, that is, as a special personal belief of someone, but we have to destroy a false law of mortal mind acting though human belief, that is, a law that has been constituted by general human belief. You see, these laws are finite aping the divine law. Our treatment must smash a mortal mind law in every instance. Quit handling personal belief, or the patient’s belief, he has none. If you think so, you will fasten this belief upon him. It does not belong to him, or to anybody. It belongs to the claim that “life is in matter,” and this is the origin, the cause, that needs to be handled, and not so much the belief. Treat cause and not effect. (Materia Medica treats effect always.) Never treat a pain, nor even a belief of pain, there is no such thing. Don’t fool your time away. Know what pain is, it is simply an effect of the belief that “life is in matter.”

Say to pain: I know what you are, you are neither pain nor a belief of pain, you are simply a belief of life in matter, you are nothing but false argument, a lie of belief without a believer. I am spiritual, I am not material, therefore I am immune from you and am not afraid of you, so get out — get thee behind me, satan. Such argument destroys the belief and effects of pain. It cannot exist under such treatment and handling. Such knowledge of error is really Divine Love bearing witness to the Truth, it heals instantly for this is the truth about it and YOU KNOW IT. An error seen in this impersonal sense is quickly destroyed. Keep at it until you demonstrate your power (God’s power) over all mortal laws and beliefs. Mortal laws, that is mortal beliefs, act as law and touch us more or less unless we bar the door of thought and know that they are powerless, nothing. You must recognize all error as operating through supposed law, see its claim, as such, and so forth. It is for this reason that error seems to have power, because it claims to operate as law. Law is all that has power. Error seeking the proportions of good always claims to act as law, just as Mrs. Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings page 55. Mental malpractice cannot make a law to annul God’s law. Do not care who may be holding the belief, who thinks about you, or what they are thinking or believing, recognize this as false argument coming from the belief that life is in matter. When you see this and declare it persistently, this is the operation of Christian Science and its sure effect. The operation of Truth is going on for us when we operate it, and never at any other time.

God controls our body, the body of right ideas. Error can do nothing to it. God is all that there is to us. Take everything away from error and know that all things belong to God. Man is spiritual understanding. Stop believing evil of yourself. It is not you, it is simply false argument trying to discourage you, trying to make you believe that you cannot treat, that your work is in vain, and so forth. Remember when “the smoke of battle clears away” and so forth, as Mrs. Eddy says. You have nothing to do with false arguments, they cannot disturb you or your mind or body, they can do nothing they are trying to do, and you have no ears to hear them, nor a mind or body upon which they can depict themselves.

God is the only substance. Declare that there is no mental argument in the guise of law, that is, so-called material law. Orientalism, and all that it implies, R. C. laws of mental transference, materia medica, false theology, hypnotism, apostate thought, priestcraft, vibration, astrology, or any phase or form of false teaching or false healing, and so forth. Every claim of evil that comes to us must be made the stepping stone to go up higher. The more that comes to us, the faster we are climbing out, and intelligence is meeting it all for us. It is well to remember that fear is always about something that is unreal, that has no real existence and can never hold a place in our consciousness.

Animal magnetism has no source, no power, no presence, it never made a channel of anyone, it has no existence and is not to be feared. Our word is God and it goes forth with power and cannot return unto us void, but prospers. Born in consciousness, it is eternal. It casts out, rejects and destroys the liar and the lie, the father of all evil, that is, the universal belief that life is in matter. Know this — my consciousness cannot be read or disabled, nor manipulated by R. C. priestcraft, or any other craft, ism, ology, or human cult. And KNOW IT. All power, law, action, is spiritual and any false governing in belief, is rendered null and void by the Law of God, and WE KNOW IT.

God is the only substance of man. That substance cannot absorb, secrete, accommodate or manifest poison. Love and Truth govern the entire universe, system, business, disposition of men, women, and children. God is our disposition, temperature, and so forth. Evil cannot operate as law, to disease or disable man. There is no injustice, dishonesty, ingratitude, nor erroneous influence from Christian Scientists. There is no belief of thought aspostate from Science, no demonology or black magic, animal nature or impure thought. No betrayal or telepathy of thought or any false thing, nor error that can operate as law, or as a law or disorder, disease or fatalism to men and we know it. Therefore, WE ARE NOT AFRAID.

Know men no more after the flesh, know man in his spiritual individuality. All that the senses seem to see today, simply came and still comes through belief, and that is why we seem to be flesh, to have material men and women, material universe, sin, disease, death.

The father of all lies is the belief that “life is in matter.” This is evil’s Daddy. Out of this universal belief of generations and generations of wrong thinking, spring two primary beliefs — first, the belief that there is substance apart from God and second, the belief of this supposed evil and its action. If one believes that there is substance apart from God, he naturally has to fear that he will love that substance; then from this offspring, these twin children of this Daddy, comes the fraud that Mrs. Eddy has termed “animal magnetism,” namely, fear in all forms, envy, malice, hate, anger, resentment. Oh, everything diabolical, you know them, you know their nature and action. Animal, because all is based upon matter, mesmeric in action, because they mesmerize you into believing that they are real. When feeling any of these beliefs, one always fastens them upon a person or object, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be conscious of such, then is illustrated the action of evil. Animal magnetism is really mental malpractice, wrong mental practice, but it has no power or authority to make laws, WHEN WE KNOW IT, for men or anything. Mental malpractice itself is a belief, because there is but ONE MIND. It is a myth, and the sooner we stop believing it the happier we will be. Mrs. Eddy likens it to a mist or cloud, the mist of Genesis. Our persistent declaration of Truth acts as a ray of sunshine dispersing the darkness of error. When we have denied this error and have declared God’s power and presence, knowing the universal reality of that power and presence, your responsibility is over. LOVE DOES THE WORK.

Quit treating disease, matter, and so forth, even beliefs. In most instances handle animal magnetism operating through human belief as law; in this you will soonest strike at the cause —and stop working upon effects only. A Scientist is sick as a result of mortal law, not belief always, for he knows above all people that there is no disease and he does not believe it. As a rule, handle mental malpractice alone when a Scientist needs help and his so-called claim will be met, for he knows there is no disease, and it is mental malpractice that causes his depression, and so forth. I think you understand what I mean.

There is no material, personal patient; only false belief to destroy. It is not the patient’s belief, or your belief, or anyone’s belief. It does not exist, nobody has it. It belongs only to animal magnetism. Animal magnetism cannot talk to God, nor to man, nor to anything but itself, in belief. It is animal magnetism that suffers and reports, never man. And error within one, will become a magnet to attract animal magnetism unto itself.

Lift up the Christ and you will draw all men unto you, but you will never attract any phase of animal magnetism. Have confidence in your treatment and its results. Know that your declarations are true, and that they will do the work. Your treatment is the word and power, presence and action of God. You cannot be mesmerized to doubt its sure effect and power. There is no law but that of God.

Release your career, your destiny, and your daily routine from all entanglement of evil. Be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage, says Paul. When you do not know which way to turn, GO ON. Utter the word of God, declare it faithfully, know that it cannot return unto itself void. The coming of deliverance from evil is an inevitable event, it may seem to be delayed, but it is sure, for right thought must and will externalize itself. How much power has a treatment? It has all the power there is, it has all the power of the universe back of it, and it has God back of it.

Know that you and your patients have infinite opportunity to recover from all disease and any error. Unless we know this, we and our patients have no more opportunity to recover than what mortal mind law says we have. You know what materia medica says; he hasn’t one chance in a thousand to recover. Know better, know that man has one thousand chances in a thousand to recover, always infinite opportunity for recovery. This is important, know this constantly. Give your patients an underlying understanding to support them, says Mrs. Eddy. In other words, give them infinite opportunity to recover from all error. Break this law of mortal mind, do it quickly, and don’t be 49 or 59 years in doing it. I may have told you this before, but if so I will tell you again: If you are ever in doubt or perplexed as to whether you are hearing the voice of Truth or of error, you may always use this guide to a conclusion: If there is any doubt whatever as to your course as to any problem, you may know that it is animal magnetism and not the voice of Truth. Truth is peaceful and certain, it leads with a loving hand, it never pains, nor causes discouragement or doubt, to him whose affections are fixed upon God. Don’t harp so much about the “famished affections,” you are not starving, God and I love you, what else do you want? If there is one single God idea upon this planet today that knows the Truth about you, be satisfied. But as long as there is one human being besides yourself left upon this planet, don’t forget to handle animal magnetism.

“God and I” is the Oneness of Spirit, and is the only reality of existence. This “God and I” is the “Love one another” that the beloved John has reference to in his wonderful Epistle.

Intelligence demands that we destroy the sense of sin and not whine over it, and not perpetuate it by mourning over it, and distracting ourselves over that which never happened, only in belief. Refuse to dwell on the past. Our demonstrations in Christian Science, no matter how little they have been or how few, yet they prove to us that our names are written in heaven, and that we were actually created by a God who is real, and who is the one and only God there is — hence we know by this that there is no other power, and no other desire upon our part. DON’T WORRY SO MUCH ABOUT THE “FAMISHED AFFECTIONS.” God is your husband. Read in Isaiah 54:5. He will manifest Himself to you at the right time, when you are most starved. God hath not given you the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and a sound mind, and so forth. Never admit that you are afraid, this is a lie. Neither are you a sinner, and you waste time in contemplating yourself as such, there is no condemnation now or any time. The Truth will find its way gently to us, and to our understanding, it will lead us to relinquish the desire and affection for all that is unlike good, God.

Do not be discouraged because the claims of belief are not always met in each specific instance. The risen Christ in our consciousness would be but briefly honored by us if we allowed evil to discourage us to the extent of not continuing our work in a definite and determined way, or because our understanding was seemingly not equal to overcoming all the arguments of error. Because you are consciously conscientious, malicious error will endeavor to reach you through this sensitive avenue, always think what God knows about you.

Man’s Mind is God, scientific Mind, it is eternal. God has chosen us, not we Him, and we are good enough to heal and we know it. We have God’s responsibility back of us, and we cannot fail, and we can do the work of resisting all false beliefs. Know that there is no belief in any law of horoscopy, fatalism, astrology, clairvoyance, to govern the life and affairs of man, God’s man, neither his body nor his thoughts, that their false beliefs cannot act as law to govern the man whom God has made. These beliefs do not exist as law to govern humans, nor their health nor any of their affairs.

The Law of Divine Mind removes all belief of stoppage or stagnation of functions or organs of the human body; it eliminates all impurities, poisons, gases, accumulations of stuff, and equalizes the action of secretion and excretion. The law of Divine Mind is the only law of our being, and the only law to all that is called the human body. Mind is all, and cannot be stagnant. Light cannot be perverted to kill through mirrors, for light is a symbol of the only Mind. (Through this false belief, electric waves, so-called, cannot be produced.) The claim of hypnotism is powerless to promote any law against Christian Scientists. Digestion is an activity in Divine Mind, not in matter.

Blood is a divine idea of God and cannot be poisoned. Throat, the only one throat there is, is an idea in Mind, it is always right, clear and perfect, and cannot be diseased. Eye, ear, foot, all and every idea, is divinely active and safe in divine Mind and YOU KNOW IT. Malignant mental malpractice cannot act through a claim of ecclesiasticism (Priestcraft), hypnotically associated with electric currents, vibration, polarity and so forth to cause anything, death, hell, disease, or anything else to the human body or to man. There is no psychic anathema, no ecclesiastical curse, that can wreck our life and destroy the harmony of our home, church, or create any discord or disturbance among Christian Scientists.

There is no substance to be sick, material or otherwise, no cause for disease, and no law to enforce disease. Declare all good, declare persistently the Scientific Statement of Being. This breaks the belief that men are or can be sick. There is no law fettering those who are seeking Christian Science treatment. There is no cessation of right ideas, no lull or period of inaction, hence no constipation. Evil as belief is being constantly overcome. Truth is ever-operative when we operate it, this much is up to us, Christ will do the rest. God rests in action, His Christ, that is Mind’s reflection, does the work. God’s work is done, it is finished, we are His. There is one body, this body is perfection in identity, beauty and so forth, for it reflects God.

Malicious animal magnetism cannot operate to suggest or produce doubt, fear, or irritation in a Christian Scientist. We have a right to demand of Mind the uncovering of all error. Science requires this and if we trust Truth, Truth will surely do it, without us having to always know the error. It is Truth, and not we, that does the uncovering, in this manner the lie cannot turn upon us. LISTEN — if you ever were silent before God — LISTEN — mind is ever imparting perfect modes of expression to the mentality of mankind, so that it outlines beauty, form, grace, color, symmetry, refinement, delicacy, BEAUTIFIED BEING. We lack nothing.

We, as Christian Scientists, you and I, should not be half a century breaking so-called laws of mortal mind. We must be correct in every word. Our treatment must be correct. Incorrect work has been known to result disastrously. True thinking does the work, and right thought will externalize itself. All that mortal mind can do is believe, and its beliefs, all of them, are lies; mortal mind is a liar. Deny the claim that mortal mind is a law-maker. Handle the claim that Christian Scientists and their patients shall have a return of old beliefs, or that they shall have irritation of the mucous membrane. Handle the claim constantly that you cannot heal, YOU, God’s you. Handle the claim that your treatment shall be reversed, or that it shall have an opposite effect from what is intended.

No hypnotic treatment or suggestion can be destructive to Christian Science treatment. Handle moral questions as well as mental and physical. The realm of disease is the realm of mesmerism. A claim is always a lie of belief without a believer.

Supplicatory prayer or intercessory prayer or curse, or the claim of ecclesiasticism (priestcraft) cannot hurt, harm, or invade your divine rights of health, happiness, freedom, usefulness and prosperity. It cannot affect your environments, such as business, social, domestic, or other relations. It cannot manifest itself as disease, accident, death, or discouragement in any form. It cannot depress you or use your consciousness.

God is the “I AM” — you are His son, therefore you are the “I can.” “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

Communion with God is treatment. Declare the Truth frequently, and don’t forget to handle error carefully. Do not believe pain and handle animal magnetism, but uncover animal magnetism and handle it. Pain is simply an effect, and never needs treatment, neither the belief of it. We think we know this, but when seemingly suffering the belief of it, it is really a question whether we know it or not, especially if a loved one in the family is seemingly suffering the belief of pain. Sit down by the bedside and actually KNOW this truth about pain, and you will destroy it. There is no thinker inside of a person. Body is not self-acting, and cannot feel, suffer, or enjoy. Mind does not suffer. Pain is not your belief. Whose is it? Nobody’s. Where did it come from? What is it? What is pain? Pain is not even pain, it is not a belief, it is no thing, it is simply one of the seeming manifestations of the false belief that life is in matter. This makes it very remote from our environment, actually removes it from our thought, our consciousness, as ever being a reality or having any power.

Tonsillitis (belief) is really the abcess of priestcraft, malignant poison, malignant malpractice, seen thus, it becomes powerless, cannot act upon mortals, or upon their bodies, as law.

If you handle error as a lie, you do not always meet the case; handled as malicious animal magnetism you meet it. A lie would imply anything. Then wondering why the demonstration is not made is animal magnetism. If you become nervous, in belief, when giving a treatment, stop and handle vigorously malicious mental malpractice, for it tries to get you to stop and argue with it as a claim of nervousness, or anything else, but to know that it is malpractice. You see it is vicious — malicious — in this manner.

Animal magnetism is a lie of belief without a believer. Animal magnetism cannot present itself to you in the guise of contagion, lack of time, lack of patience, lack of funds, or any other lack, materially, spiritually, or physically, for God is the source of all your supply, and this supply is never limited. It cannot present itself to you as disturbance in your home, as a companion undesirable as suffering children subjected to constant contagion, infection, accident, or see them manifesting malicious hate and so forth.

The claims of disease, nervousness, weak back, contraction or poor circulation, have no place in you, these belong to animal magnetism. The acceptance of a material body or personality apart from Mind is but the engine of mental malpractice and does only mental malpractice work. Malicious animal magnetism cannot hide your work from you, or make you feel failure or lack.

God gives to all his children all they need at all times; this supply cannot be hidden from you by animal magnetism. You are free born, not in bondage to anyone or anything. Divine Principle LEADS YOU. All disease is an untruth, brought on by animal magnetism — universal false belief acting as law, therefore it is animal magnetism that is sick, not man.

Your life is hid with Christ in God. There is no law to hold you in bondage to lust or sensuality of any kind. Error is mindless, powerless, speechless. There is but one Mind in and near you. There is no personality in the Kingdom of God. Therefore error has no power to enforce or inject into your thought any mental poison, or set in motion any law of action that can interfere with Truth and Truth’s demonstrations anywhere within the radius of your thoughts.

God for you is absolutely all at this moment and at all times, now claim your dominion.

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Love is the liberator.