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The claim that Roman Catholicism, communism, and spiritualism is an organization or system, that it has means or methods by which it works, is a false claim. It is untrue and unreal. Why? Hasn’t it an organization, system, means, or method? No. Mind is the only system, means, or method in the universe.

The claim that the above has a modus operandi, paraphernalia, propaganda, ban, equipment, accessories, instruments, objects, is a false claim. It is utterly untrue and unreal. This claim has no cause, substance, or law. It has no hidden occult or revealed methods. It does not operate on the mind, body, or understanding, consciously or unconsciously, ignorantly or maliciously, under any name, or guise, or nature, known or unknown, named or unnamed. The claim that the above can hinder, or interfere through personal nun, priest, or Jesuit, through prayers or curses, in my domestic, scientific, or educational, financial, social, artistic, mental, or political affairs, is untrue and unreal.

Mind governs me in all my affairs. The above has no channel, avenue, medium, or means through which, by which, or in which, it can operate, through loved ones, those near and dear friends, so-called friends, enemies, neighbors, servants, clerks, children, animals, plants, objects, persons, places, things, circumstances, area, space, location, association, or occasion. All such claims are unreal and untrue, because the above has no substance, cause, or being. The claim that it uses through personal nun, priest, or Jesuit, through curses or anathemas, arts, or devices, prayers, or decrees, or through the Pope’s intention, willing, wishing, hoping, stating, desiring, whether it be on the part of a few, or a lot, one or many, or whether it be on the part of a mental mob of millions, is utterly untrue and unreal.

The claim that personal nuns, priests, Jesuits, etc., can use silent, secretive, aggressive mental suggestions, electrical stimuli, magnetic current, telegraph waves, earth or air current, thought extension, and thought suggestions, radiography, is untrue and unreal.

The only thinking in the universe is Mind, declaring Itself. There is no mind, there are no minds, apart from the divine Mind. The claim that Roman Catholicism has cause, law to sustain it, basis in which it has being, is a false claim. It is utterly untrue and unreal. The claim that it has entity, volition, and power is a false claim, that it has origin or history is a false claim. It is unreal and untrue.

My treatment is the law of obliteration, it is the law that utterly makes extinct every law of belief or believing. Roman Catholicism is utterly untrue and unreal, and my knowing it, is the power that evidences forth the fact that there is no such thing in the universe.

There is no pain, grief, loneliness, etc.; this is malpractice. There is no cause, origin, substance, no law by which it operates. This is not depression, it is obsession, unsound mind, the opposite of divine Mind. It is untrue and unreal.

The claim that Roman Catholicism works through personal nuns, priests, Jesuits, etc., to affect membrane, causing catarrh, etc., is a false claim. IT IS UTTERLY UNTRUE AND UNREAL. GOD IS ALL.

Roman: Imperial, material, sensuous

Catholicism: From data concerning whole; hence, universality; therefore, Roman Catholicism is the false belief that material life permeates the entire universe, and has power.

Christian Science: The understanding that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent Life, Truth, Love.


1. Mind in matter

  • a. Minds many
  • b. Creation material
  • c. Malpractice: belief that evil has power

2. Sensuality

  • a. Mixed thought, confusion
  • b. Nervousness, belief that matter has sensation
  • c. Blindness
  • d. Deafness
  • e. Hate
  • f. Matter wastes

3. Hypocrisy

  • a. Mendacity
  • b. Parasitism
  • c. Imposition
  • d. Limitation
  • e. Partiality, comparison, condemnation
  • f. Dishonesty

4. Fear

  • a. Belief in a power opposed to God and more powerful
  • b. Hypnotism: minds many
  • c. Overaction or inaction: heart, legs, etc.
  • d. Discord: faith in matter
  • e. Slavery: limitation, constriction, inhibition
  • f. Disease


1. Mind is God: God is good, God is infinite, man is God’s image and likeness.

  • a. One Mind
  • b. Creation is spiritual.
  • c. God is the only power.

2. Purity

  • a. Singleness of purpose
  • b. Poise. Understanding that Mind is perfectly balanced, unshakable
  • c. Pure in heart see God.
  • d. Alertness, perception
  • e. Love
  • f. Man is Immortal. (cannot waste)

3. Honesty

  • a. Reliance on God, selfreliance
  • b. Adhesion to Truth, the source of all good
  • c. Position: standpoint that man is always in his right position.
  • d. Freedom, boundless opportunity
  • e. Love is impartial, one standard.
  • f. Honesty is spiritual power.

4. Trust

  • a. Absolute reliance on God; faith induced by a perfect Mind
  • b. One divine Mind controls man.
  • c. Action of divine Mind is always harmonious. God is the source of Life. God sustains.

  • d. Harmony, trust in God, the result of perfect understanding, steadiness
  • e. Freedom; you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free.
  • f. Health, harmony, perfection

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