If We Say, “I Want”

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August 17, 1935

If we say, “I want,” we obscure “I AM.” The only “I” there is, cannot want. Man is a state of possession, not of desire. When we set aside “I want,” then “I AM” is present. If there is anything you want, stop and think; that’s the reason you haven’t got it.

When you see that everything and everybody is governed by God, that is the Ark, and there is safety. When you seek manifestation, you are separation. A Christian Scientist is of value, only as he evaluates.

Peter was all right, and making his demonstration until fear came in, then he sank.

We are not making a living; living is Being, and Being is God, and God is living.

When you are handling fear, handle it; don’t be it. Don’t put your fear into your treatment of fear.

Spirit is the only tangible thing; tangibility is Substance, and substance is Spirit.

Someone said, “It seems to me, the claim constantly is, that we cannot see Spirit.” The answer was, “My dear, you cannot see anything else, but Spirit; it would be impossible to, even if you tried.”

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