Christian Science Practice

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Unquestionably, the chief business of a Christian Scientist, is the healing of the sick. In some way or other that needs to be improved immensely, needs to be much more successful, and every earnest Christian Scientist knows that, and stands somewhat as the ancient Israelites, stands expectant, waiting and watching; if wise, not so much waiting and watching. Truth will appear and flood the situation with light to the exclusion of darkness. The divine idea is all that is needed; that means a good deal more than we generally think it does. There is some misunderstanding somewhere or other, because speaking of the movement as a whole, there is not as much light as there should be; and sometimes there is useless controversy, and senseless criticism, and unwarranted personal gossip. They are all worthless, unworthy of educated sensible men and women. Controversies interfere with healing to some extent. They serve to darken the atmosphere of thought. You do not have to struggle through a great sense of darkness, in order to demonstrate the light. Christian Scientists have to look out for their thinking. It does not matter so much what the Roman Catholics are thinking; it is what am I thinking? Is my consciousness like good? Is it sure there is nothing in the infinite universe apart from God? Is it impervious to human attack? It is foolish to be angry, to be disturbed. If you know error isn’t doing anything, it isn’t doing anything. It is what you know. I am sorry if somebody hates me, but he can’t get me to hate him. If I hate him, I am in hell, and I don’t propose to get into hell.

We are constantly declaring the Principle of Science; we need to know it better. There is nothing the matter with the infinite God; nothing the matter with His universe, with His man; nothing the matter with anybody, anywhere. When there is a belief of error, it is mesmerism, and nothing more. Deny it from the standpoint of perfection. Our denial is a denial of its power, instead of its existence.

If a treatment is really adequate, it doesn’t leave anything to strike back. It is a complete realization of its utter nothingness. If you must argue, argue until you get there, if it takes you all night.

Even the people who disagree, even the people who are avowed enemies, are the sons of God. You cannot displace the one image by another image. Man is not a point in space; he is an inclusive consciousness: he knows; he is the knowing. That is the divine man; it is also, as far as you are concerned, the healing Christ. Try to overcome a personal sense of Christ, an impossible idea, or a great king; neither is correct. It is a tendency to go back to an abstraction, something apart from the human being. In Christian Science, Christ is the only thing that has anything to do with the human being. Heal by the truth that has come to you through Christian Science; that is the healing Christ. Your understanding of Christian Science: that is the healing Christ. Your understanding of Christian Science is worthy to be glorified. Do not be too humble about your Christ power.

Our thoughts are often twisted into mere channels of mortal mind. How long must we be talking about people, instead of knowing? Man is not a person, a limited thing.

He is the evidence of divine being. Stand there. Do not by any means get deep into the mud of mortal mind. Get out of it. We who have discerned some of the grandeur of divine Mind, let us be worthy of it; let us stand on the mount of revelation. Let us be that mount. As we do this, the way will open, and the measure that seems to be hard on our movement will fade out. That state of natural being is coming to realization. Assume all the rights and prerogatives of divine Mind. Think as man, then you are man. This is the healing Christ. That is the aim of “I AM.” “I am alive forevermore.” Stand as the light of the world.

When you see a man come in, think or say, “Hail, Son of God.” All that is needed is the Son of God, or Science of Being. Continue to see the Son of God, and insist that he is present, no matter what the evidence of the senses may say. You will always find some evidence in an improved human being.

The only man there is must act correctly, and that is the treatment. Do not see the mortal man as a man that can have a toothache or anything else. Man is not material. Your life is God. God’s business is to see that they live, and live forever. A child is at the point of perfection. He is not a little thing growing up. He is in a state of maturity. He is already there.

A child is not a little child growing up under the observation of people with a thousand different human beliefs. Man exists now at the standpoint of perfection. Materiality is fear.

A Christian Science treatment, in a brief way, is God with us; it is consciousness with God. The revelation of Christian Science to Mrs. Eddy brought to her a perception of the state of mortal mind; that back of it all, is the continuous, unending belief of mortality; that peace did not come to the race by its mortality; that the only peace that had ever come in any degree was something that did not exist. Seeing the Divine Truth and human need, by putting human beings right where they were, and showing them as much of the Truth as they could apprehend, then she showed the way to use it. If she had not showed them how to use it, she would not have fulfilled her mission.

So far as we are concerned, we have to have a modus operandi. We must have some system by which we can maintain the Truth. We have got to affirm it as a whole, or grasp it without affirming it.

As we gain the Truth, there comes the experience, the denial of error, simultaneously. But as a matter of education, we cannot be sure. It must have a certain order, in which a person says a thing is true, and then denies the opposite. While it is a primary way, you should go through it to be sure of yourself; you must have a sense of security.

However, to give a true Christian Science treatment, a human being existing in a relative state must be able to think the Truth, and as logically reject the error. It is not sufficient to think about the Truth. You must know there is no disease, etc.

While we have been here, we have been thinking first, about God. That is full of great comfort, but the real thinking is when you think the Truth that is God; and that is the healing Christ.

Give the treatment with a great assurance and sense of certainty and absoluteness, because you are no longer thinking about God. It is the consciousness which you gain when you turn away from a false sense of thinking. “I and my Father are one; my Father is greater than I.”

A treatment is a constant revelation. You cannot have a formula. The Truth which is God is constant revelation. First steps: There is no disease; this disease is not in substance; there is no substance in which disease could appear or be manifested. We cannot ignore the benefits of a system at first, but the aim is to get a realization; and the realization will heal the case.

It may appear to chemicalize, but it is healed. If the patient cannot get well without chemicalization, well, let him chemicalize. The aim is realization, but if the necessity exists for giving treatment in detail, maybe frequently, give them. Make the affirmations one after another, and make the denials one after another.

Mind, Infinite, All-powerful, ever-present, divine, self-existent Consciousness; Truth, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Life, Intelligence, Being, Principle, Love, the only Cause, the only Presence or action, all action, omni-action; the very appearance and enforcement of all law; the one infinite God, the only Consciousness. There is no false claim in the whole universe of Infinity; there is no disease, and there is no cause for rheumatism, no sense of it, no substance where it is manifested or made evident, no Mind in which it originated, no power, action, or law, no place, space or occupance for it. Nobody who thinks it or thought it; nothing and nobody, through and in which it could be manifested or appear. Rheumatism is a lie or false belief, in which there is no truth at all. The treatment should be something like this.

Incidental to the treatment, you must know the perfection of God and man. You have to have an education of what man is. If you say God is power, man is the evidence of this infinite idea, which is one with Principle. He has no disease, he never gets one. He could not know how; there is no life in which he could contract or appear to manifest disease. Man is well and not sick, and this divine fact is made manifest through the treatment, and by means of this treatment and its evidence, is absolute and unimpeachable.

Practically always, a treatment begins with affirmation of Truth; you could not deny error, if you did not affirm Truth. The object is to prove that only God is, and error is not. Do not assume that you can do it; we have got to argue.

The practitioner makes his statements as though he were God. When you are handling a case, you have got to know more than the patient, for the time being, no matter how long he may have studied.

We must know that we know what to do in all cases. Sometimes have to be drastic. You have got to find the way, the revelation. You have to turn to God, as you would to your best friend. The divine Mind is all there is, and of course I know what to do; now do it.

When you treat people who have been under treatment for a long time, you have to handle the case in a different way. There is no rule for handling cases; just stand upon the very naturalness of Being, or God. Your sense of Science should be higher than the ethics of the medical profession. (S&H 425:23): “Consciousness constructs a better body when faith in matter has been conquered.” You have taken away the fear, and have therefore improved your sense of body, and the body proceeds to improve.

Give the man or woman a thorough going over. Skin them alive. You can not be too rough at times; but it is awful to be rough all the time. You must take a patient, and show him just what he is in belief. It has to be done in some instances. Show him what he is in belief. If he wants to quit the treatment, let him quit. Your realization that man is the Son of God, enables you to do these things.

Three things that enter into every Christian Science treatment: That there is CAUSE, SUBSTANCE, LAW, enters into every treatment that is ever given in Christian Science. So that a claim of disease that is denied, whether or not you do it in words, you always deny the cause, substance, or being of it, and the so-called law of it. Make your declaration of the perfection of being: Perfect God, perfect Man, perfect function in every particular.

As to fear, it has no effect, cannot produce any evil, nor can there be any penalties, being or substance, or law, and without the possibility of effect or penalties for the so-called belief of influence. Don’t hesitate to cover the ground, so that you know that the surrounding fear has no effect on the case. It makes no difference how many people mortal mind may say there are there. What you KNOW offsets all claims of fear and its so-called consequences. If you know a disease by name only, you do not sometimes have to struggle with a mental picture. There is no place, or law under which adenoids could ever be evolved, or begun, or have any place or continuity. It is wholly false, and my treatment is a law of expulsion to it. Sometimes give an audible treatment. If a patient is a Christian Scientist, give an audible one. Make them treat.

Take hold of healing with a sense that God is with us, and GOD WITH US does it. The work is absolutely controlled by that Principle, and is operating according to His immutable law, and I KNOW it; and MY KNOWLEDGE is putting into operation the Science of Christianity in this belief.

NOW ABOUT TAKING CASES OF DISEASE: If you take a case, do not take it experimentally; that is not a fair proposition. You cannot promise to the patient audibly that you will heal him, but you can say everything that will encourage him. Assure him of God’s protecting power and care, and of God’s willingness to heal him through Christ. To the best of your ability, you are going to pray in the true Christian Science way, then do your work. BUT DO YOUR WORK WITH THE ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE OF MIND. Do not do your work in the way you talk to your patient. You talk to him dictated by wisdom, so as not to arouse foolish ideas or hopes, when perhaps there is a whole character to be changed, and a whole life to be revolutionized. Do not give false ideas as to the work that is to be done; but to yourself take hold of that case, as though God has descended from heaven, although the Bible says, He that ascended is the same as He that descended.

In this passage from sense to Soul, you might say that God descends from heaven and heals the case in Christian Science, Infinite Mind understood.

Get the practitioner out of the way, and get the patient out of the way, and the only thing you have to do then, is to see that Truth dissipates error.

In handling malpractice, avoid saying, “You are, etc.” There must be an absolute conviction, that what you know is greater than fear. The presence of fear as a claim does not give any excuse for a disease. Neither fear nor disease can cause a relapse.

If there is a claim of resentment, know that it cannot do anything to him. Break its power. Know it cannot do anything. In the process of your knowing, he will get over his resentment. If it is old theology, take it up, and know it cannot make a man sick, and cannot keep him from getting well in Christian Science. You cannot tabulate disease. Mrs. Eddy sent word to the field that it must never be done. Know what God is, and what man is, so clearly that the claim uncovers itself.

Every human being is ill because of some law of mortal mind. Christian Science says that mortal mind cannot produce any effect, for it is not cause. Show by your treatment, that what is called anger or resentment could not make him sick, for GOD MADE HIM WELL. He will recognize the benefit, and presently he will get all over the resentment, if he has not gotten well already.

LINE OF DEMARCATION BETWEEN CHRISTIAN SCIENCE PRACTICE AND WHAT MIGHT BE TERMED MALPRACTICE: Whatever the claim is, handle it. Do not make something of it, and if a person is angry, do not say he must get over his anger before he gets over his disease. His disease is anger. Anger cannot make him sick. Do not admit the claim and then try to handle it. You can handle it by NOT ADMITTING IT. If you say that anger can make a person sick, you are on the side of malpractice.

There is the claim that men and women are doing too much, or too little. The claim with the practitioner, or the lecturer, is that he has a lot of things to do. He just has to meet the claim. And the average business man who is terribly busy is doing a lot of things that he should not do. Sometimes they are mere superstitions, and sometimes they are fear. Harriman had a certain superstition: Whenever a package was sent him which was tied with a cord string, he would always unknot the cord, never cut it. Pure superstition.

A person should have executive ability, and if a person has not got it, he should get it through Christian Science.

Do not get tired. When you see that things are getting to the point where you are getting tired, take a day off, and go into the country and read Science and Health. If there is a sense of fatigue, or a sense of overwork, do not let it increase. Take hold of it. Know that you have the dominion of God, and do not have to do anything that makes you tired. See the practical side of it, that you do not have to do anything, humanly speaking, that will make you tired. If you are a practitioner, you will have that claim, and the telephone bell will be ringing: Think twice about God before calling me up. Say, “If you call me at night it will cost you three dollars.” It is surprising how it will heal pain in the patient.

Try to have the patient pay as they go along. Get him to do something for you if he has no money.

You must know the divine Mind through your treatment. He takes a hold of the situation, and He changes the condition. It is the Christ which comes to the flesh, and leaves consciousness free to reflect Science.

The perfection of man is the safety of man.

Let us do our work first thing every day. The first thing is to commune with God, not get your breakfast. The first thing is to commune with God. God is all right. It is the human sense that is wrong. You cannot be saved from error but by Truth.

Doing a good thing in a right way is Principle. It is perfection. If you are a Reader, see that it is Principle that is doing the work. You must take pains every day to see that it is right action. Do not think that you have a lot to meet. Claim the perfection. You have a right to it. Demand it, and it is yours. It is on all sides, and above and around and everywhere. Put up a good defense. Do not admit that you have much to meet. You have nothing to meet except God. Things suggest that there is something else. Curiosity, ordinary gossip, makes a person feel sick at his stomach. It is just ordinary gossip. Meet it by knowing there is no such thing. Mortal mind claims to have presence and personality and gossip. The remedy is to know there is no mortal mind. Your dominion consists in finding it out. Dominion is the perfect freedom of Infinite Mind. There is nothing to constrain your dominion.

Law is a mandate of Mind. “The peace of God which passeth understanding.” We find quiet assurance in the realm of Mind. God is Principle, and man lives that Principle. Man’s dominion is knowing God: The contentment and joy of God’s creation. The thing that gives man dominion, is to know that he does not want anything. Everything good God made, and man knows. Everything baneful, God did not make, and man does not know. It is man’s business to know God’s creation. Man must know the divine law of perfect action.

God can never cease to be Himself, nor cease to express Himself. Your realization of peace, health, happiness, joy, is the man.

Christian Scientists would never get tired if they thought. We think Mind. Knowing is not working (fatiguing). Knowing is joy, life, and peace. Learn to live Science, until the human is transformed with the divine. Christian Science, as a Science, does not start down there, but with perfection. Start with the divine Principle in every treatment. We live a treatment. A treatment consists in living, and that the practitioner lives all the time, and when somebody says, “I am sick,” know there is nothing outside of Infinity to make any trouble.

A Creator that is perfect; that knows the universe; provides for His own creation; a Creator that is Truth, Life, Love; a Creator that never varies, and never changes, but is always a good and kind, loving, sustaining, ever-blessing, shepherd, maintaining His own creation without the possibility of His own creation being troubled by anything unlike His own nature. A creation in which there is not even a mere suggestion of evil. All is Mind and Its infinite manifestation. One in Being. One in law. One in plan, One in purpose, One in action, substance and Science. This is what we must establish as a foundation for Christian Science treatment, and it is always in every treatment. Even though it is not always said, it begins in the sense that you say it begins. It comes, it is like revelation, and instinctively.

My creation is like, and My creation is according to, My purpose and plan, and in the same way the treatment has to establish the divine consciousness and the divine law. We have to learn through our own practice. It is the practitioner’s salvation. The one that gets the most benefit is the practitioner. He is establishing the individuality of man. If you seem to be accepting error, start right in and know the Truth. Be careful about accepting anything of sin, or want, or woe. When you see the door handle turn, handle mesmerism. It is animal magnetism if you do not do the right thing. Thought is not always scientific. Remember to be on deck at all times, and do not let it catch you. As you establish this divine consciousness, the oneness of being, that is your basis for your treatment; but it is not all of your treatment. If it were so complete, that it constituted a realization of man’s being, clear beyond all possibility of exception, the realization would be the healing.

Christian Science reveals a process of argument. You can establish the divine law by argument. With the process well established, understanding will come more and more. Faith is a good thing, as far as it goes. Mrs. Eddy says it is a chrysalis. (S&H 297:21) It is something that precedes something else. Things come to the practitioner on account of the work that he is doing. The moment that Science or true faith would appear, something would happen to matter.

The patient should find out something about God. Leave your claim to me. Find out something about God.

Bear in mind the perfection of God, and man, and the universe. The perfection of the creation and everything in the creation. Nothing lacking, and nothing wanting for the joy of true being. Your treatment takes on a joy, a spontaneity. You do not have to change anything but the belief, and the belief inevitably changes under the realization of the Truth.

Sometimes you will say, “My large family.” It is more difficult if you think it is difficult. Your household is just as inharmonious as you permit it to be. “Wife so conceited:” treat wife? No. Learn about God and man. “It is my husband; if he were only different.” It is neither husband, wife, son, nor daughter. It is error, and you cannot meet it by loading it on somebody; you have to take it off.

Be true prohibitionists, and do not let people load you up with fault-cry, until you are more drunk than with whiskey. It is more subtle than whiskey, and unfit for anything. Worst kind of drunkenness there is, because it permeates not only the physical system, but the moral. WATCH that thing. Do not be afraid because someone says something about you; you will handle that all right.

Do not be handled; handle things; put good where human good is not. Know that man is doing just the right thing, at all times, under all circumstances, and is always in the right place. Everything you want, is right in your consciousness.

The immaculate conception is the ascension.

When a patient comes to you, the first thing to see is that there is no patient, no disease to heal; all that is presenting itself, is a belief that comes to your consciousness to be destroyed, just as temptation came to Jesus; in other words, Christian Science practice is just working out your own salvation. The healing takes place entirely in the mind of the practitioner. Christian Science is the healer.

The pure, clear realization of Truth is what heals. Mind is giving the treatment; thoughts or ideas which are giving the treatment have their being in God. If there is anything here in the nature of error that I need to know to heal this disease, now, without any period of waiting, I shall know it. Because there is one Mind, it uncovers all error. Evil effects have a cause only in belief. No ideas can take in, or take on, any destructive thing.

All the work is done where you are thinking. Nothing is ever projected outside of your own thought, and an effort to do so would not be in the nature of Christian Science. Christian Science practice is the reflection of the divine Consciousness, and as you claim that consciousness, and say that it must be the consciousness of man, and see that all phenomena must reside within it, you feel then the necessity of awakening in the image of that consciousness; and you feel that your treatment has Power and Dominion, in proportion as your own thought rises to the altitude of that one Consciousness, and you declare it to be your own. From that standpoint you handle it, from the standpoint of Omnipotence.

Nothing wrong must be permitted to enter the domain where your treatment is going on.

You give the treatment; it is you that is thinking, but it is your true self, in proportion as the treatment is Good.

The claim is not all within my consciousness, but the work is, and the claim is an external thing which says it is something.

HOW TO DEVELOP A PRACTICE: Realize there is no practice. The real way to get a practice is to really know every day, and all the time, that you have time to know, that there is no disease, no men and women and children, or any other creature that is sick or is going to die; that the evidence of God’s universe is the only evidence there is; that His law is ever operative. If you really know that, with the hope of bringing God’s kingdom to pass, you will have an excellent practice, and it will come in order. Know that scientifically there is no need of healing; know that it is Christ who does the healing. You want to work, of course, but you also want to get to heaven.

Don’t blame people who cannot find a practitioner to relieve them; that in itself is a claim. If a “left-over” comes, take up the claim that he is a left-over.

In healing, the disease is only supposed, it is only a belief; there is no disease to be healed; you are handling a belief; but there isn’t anything apart from God. The claim of disease is wholly a belief.

Matter is a belief; belief is nothing; mortal mind is nothing; there is no mortal mind. The image of God is like God.

The one to get the benefit is the one that heals; the patient is the stepping stone.

Mind, God, Substance, Intelligence, Power, Law, Principle, is all there is to thought always one with God.

All error that appears in human beings is nothing. In treatment don’t get down to error and beat the air; see the nothingness of error.

We will demonstrate all the things of life, and heal the sick, as we perceive the nature of God and man. Think about what God is, even if we cannot think exactly what God is. God does not progress. If you have human progress, there must be something to justify it, and that means that God is infinite; and no one senses it but Christian Scientists. The law of being is progress. Rest in the fact, unshaken, that the real man is perfect. In treatments you have only to do with the perfect man. (Mr. Kimball’s reply to the woman, who said she could not bear to see some certain person come into the room was: “You should say, ‘Hail! Son of God!’”)

Our way is the way of Science, no matter how much misunderstood; but it takes courage and patience. With patients be persevering. Study, and you find evidence of that Son of God by an improved condition of the human being.

In treating a patient with a doctor around, know no pain can come through the doctor or his thought. Get on the right side of the doctor through love.

Don’t talk to a patient all the time that is very ill. Show them a little love. Better, do something in a human way for them.

Never let anyone worm anything out of you regarding your patients: How many, the diseases, etc. It is none of their business. In obstetrical cases a doctor is required by law, and it is always well to know something about the case.

If I heard somebody was ill, I would have to know that no one was ill, and know the Truth about it. The real man is well, and nothing can be the matter with any man.

“We have ascended” is a better term than “overcome.” There is no contention, only dominion. Think less that we are undergoing conflict; have more triumph. We need, and the world needs, a quiet steadiness. Only ideas have stood and endured; all else has perished in the history of the world. We do not rush on; all that needs to be overcome, comes to us without any rushing on our part. We must stand calmly and fearlessly, knowing there is nothing but the eternal fact of infinite, perfect Mind which expresses infinite, perfect ideas. A Scientist’s progress is a continuous triumph, a continual ascent through all eternity, growing in knowledge of God, Good.

There is no rushing out to meet the enemy, and we only need to know this, to eliminate from conscious belief that there is anything to meet. God is Love; nothing can destroy that fact.

Evidence and law in a court of law are different, but in Christian Science they are one. We are prone to recognize the Principle, but we hesitate about the evidence. It is not enough to know Principle; but also know that it cannot fail to establish Itself and the evidence. You get the evidence as proof, in proportion as you see the inseparability of Mind and Idea. Knowing that there is no separation between Principle and Its idea gets the evidence. To say that the patient was healed spiritually, even if he dies, or if the claim does not yield so that you have the evidence, is not sufficient. If the claim is bodily, the evidence must show there, etc. They shall see the evidence; others than Christian Scientists must see the evidence, so they will be able to say, of their own observation, “He is well.” “And they shall see the son of man coming,” etc.

They shall see the evidence, or the demonstration, even though to them it is mysterious, and they cannot understand; still they shall see it.

When you give a treatment, you are giving God. Truth and wisdom should characterize every student. Be as wise as Solomon. There is no corner on understanding. You have a right to wisdom; it is yours, and you will never talk over heads. Always think ahead, but don’t talk about it, and do not give too much audible instruction. Your object is to make Scientists. Demonstrate wisdom.

Know that you can heal anything. Take hold with the sense that God is with you. You are acting according to immutable law. If you take a case, never take it experimentally. Assure him of the efficacy of Truth and prayer; then do your work, but do your work with absolute confidence, as if God has descended from heaven; and God has descended and will heal. His presence will heal. Give your treatment as if you were Mind. Truth dissipates the error.

You love God by proving Good.

Do not ask divine Mind to help you; just know; this is the very presence of God. Make no appeal, no supplication. KNOW. Appeal is the last stand of the devil.

Divine Mind as presence, is the demonstration of omnipresent facts. As ideas reveal the divine Mind, the belief of separation is broken. As ideas become real, this is the very presence of God.

Desire is prayer, but a Christian Scientist cannot stay there. He is possession, and his prayer is past desire.

Originality and versatility, infinitely expressed, means that you will forever express the boundless new ideas, ever broadening into revelation of all the facts of Mind, clear and fully understood, spontaneous, without effort, with perfect freedom, increasing clarity, unrestricted mental growth, forever more and more.

Be generous, and acknowledge the good even human beings do. Try to give them a sound basis, but do not mix yourself with their efforts to do good.

The cardinal sins are: Fear, envy, hatred, anger, malice, revenge, jealousy. They manifest mortal mind and will kill. A man might better be steeped in vice than have one of these.

Handle fear, and nearly everything in vice will yield. Vice is in the nature of mesmerism, disease, and is usually willing to yield. Mortal mind is always to blame; never blame the man.

What appears to be matter, yields to understanding. See the utter unreality of your patient, and the healing is. The real man will appear in an improved belief.

The great thing is what you are knowing.

If the practitioner begins to be assailed by such statements by the patient as, “I am no better,” or the suggestion comes, “Well, I have been treating this patient for a long time, and he isn’t doing very well,” or if there is fluctuation, or delayed healing, these are to be handled just as though they were part of the disease. They are the claim. They constitute part of the patient in a way, and in some way they are mixed up with the case; whereas the practitioner is apt to think it is his own sin, in a way, that has kept him from healing the claim.

Handle the suggestion, “I can’t work,” or, “It seems as though I can’t work.” The way to meet it is to say, “It doesn’t seem that way at all,” and a very good way to handle it is to put it right back on mortal mind, and say to mortal mind, “Of course, it seems that you cannot work, and it will ever seem that way, because there never can be work done by a mind that is non-existent.”

Sometimes people come and say they have fallen from grace. They have neglected their reading, and have not been working as they should, and then there will be a great flood of tears, and great repentance. Now, that is all right; repentance is good for them, but why? Why did you do that, when you know every minute it is up to us to swim and never to float? I do not mean by that, that you should be working every minute with your teeth set, not by any means. But let that clear, sweet recognition of divine Presence be so sure with you all the time, that you have no doubt of it.

Don’t fall from grace, but if you do, and if there is a sense that you have not been as faithful as you ought to have been, deny that, and never let it occur again in belief. There are some people in our movement, and mighty fine people, too, who need to gain in strength of character. The tendency to be even lazy is not an uncommon belief. The tendency to be mentally lazy is not an uncommon one, especially if the person is over sixty, and that person has to be waked up, and find out that the only Mind is God, and he will then think just as well when he is ninety-five as when he is forty, and probably a good deal better.

Not infrequently, patients who are students in Christian Science have had enough treatment to heal them a hundred times, but it is very difficult to get them to say, “I am healed,” even when there is every evidence to show they are healed, and there is nothing the matter but a little bit of fear, or a large measure, as the case may be. But it is difficult to get them to take their stand and say, “I am healed.” And yet in hundreds of cases, if people could say, “I am healed,” and stick to it, they would have the evidence very shortly. The mesmeric tendency of human beliefs, self-pity, self-condemnation, or self-something else, hinders that most important and scientific declaration. Now that is something to be considered.

In the work of Christian Science, there are a lot of other things to be thought of. The students themselves often talk too much. They say too many things, and prove too few. The Science of Being is a question of proof, all the time. The utterance of it should come from some measure of proof, of actual evidence obtained and shown forth.

It is not a good thing, of course, to require of a patient that he should make a declaration that is not true, and I would not insist that a patient shall declare himself healed, when he is not healed. But I do mean that a patient should be helped along these lines to perceive and acknowledge the benefit that has already been obtained, and insist upon them taking that stand and not swerving from it. Much of character should be demonstrated on the part of patients, and among Christian Scientists themselves.

The fact is, that Christian Science is a purely moral science. The healing of disease is part of it, but the healing of character is more essential; and I tell you frankly, and I include myself in this statement, there is not one of us that does not need to be reformed. We find daily in our lives little weaknesses, a yielding of thought to something that is not true, a yielding to faults; our whole human existence tends to such beliefs. We daily utter lies, think lies, live lies, and, in a way, material existence is a living lie. Now when we are engaged in that, and unavoidably so, it is not easy to keep the scientific side in thought. There is a tendency to temporize, a tendency to compromise with human beliefs, a constant necessity of saying things that are not true, and a thousand such experiences, if you do not watch and pray, that take away that element in character which has its relation to divine Principle; that take away that strength and clearness; that straight line of thought which never goes to the right or to the left, and is never dishonest in the slightest degree, but which acts and speaks according to Principle.

To do our work well, then, we have to use extraordinarily good judgment; and it is characteristic of a Christian Scientist, who is really working right, that his judgment constantly improves, and his human wisdom constantly increases. He has a sharp, clear, well-defined idea of what is to be done or said. In a great degree he thinks, acts, or speaks, according to Principle, and our constant aim is to gain a greater measure of perfection. In doing this, he does not say things that could not be understood by the average person. It is not an unusual thing for Christian Scientists to talk metaphysics in public places; it is not a wise thing for people to talk about Christian Science and healing of diseases before people who know nothing of Christian Science, because these things tend to prevent people from coming into Christian Science.

In a simple, kindly, loving way, people can be told something about Christian Science that will help them.

If, on the contrary, they are told a lot of personal stuff, the personal experiences of the practitioner, the difficulties he has endured, the wonderful cases he has healed, the listener learns nothing about God, and if he does start in Christian Science, he is started in the wrong way. I urge you to constantly be watchful about those things, and demonstrate wisdom, for without wisdom there is not much Love. Without wisdom, love degenerates into sentimentality, and becomes more kindliness and human affection. This is valuable in a way, but a rope of sand when you begin to hold on to it. Human affection cannot endure strain, unless it is allied to divine Love.

In treating people, avoid instilling any thought that might tend to take them downward instead of upward. There are certain metaphysical statements that are true in the absolute, but if they are given to a patient who is not prepared for them, he is likely to go wrong. For instance, statements relating to absolute human freedom and absolute human action.

We should not feed great quantities of meat to babes; and on the other hand, don’t feed those who ought to have meat, milk. There are whole fields that are still feeding on milk, and mighty poor milk, too. Now, a Christian Scientist needs to grow in wisdom all the time. There is a tremendous demand on him for this wisdom.

Now, another thing along this line: In helping people to get started, avoid instilling the idea that they have got to struggle all the time. We have had enough of that in human belief, without taking it on in Christian Science. Christian Science is not a struggle, and the moment a person becomes a Christian Scientist, there should not be that tremendous struggle going on. Sometimes people keep it going; very often they believe they are not Scientists, if they do not have a terrible time most of the time. There is a very general belief that we must necessarily be the objects of some kind of an attack, and very often, if you let it fall, the remark that you are happy, someone will think, “Well, you won’t be happy very long,” or you will feel in their thought a kind of prophecy, that animal magnetism will get you, if you say you are happy.

Don’t be afraid; don’t be afraid to say, “I am happy,” and say it as though it were the Christ saying it, and the Christ maintains it. And do not imagine you are good in proportion to the discomfort that you are experiencing. You are not necessarily good, even if you are uncomfortable. It is a good deal better to be good and comfortable, than to be good and uncomfortable. Take on the dominion of God, and not the struggle of a limited understanding. Let your thought at once assume the character of Science; do not struggle to get it. Be it; it is just as easy, and far more effective.

You see, we had to come by means of a method, and we are still coming into Science, and going upward and onward by improved methods, but if you work spontaneously, you will find that God is not a method. If you make a god of your method, you will find yourself limited to a mere routine of affirmation and denial, and the very ascension by which demonstration is made, is perhaps never experienced.

In making an explanation to an inquirer, do not make it beyond his understanding. Appeal to him where he is thinking, not where you are thinking. Remember, most of you come into Christian Science, and up to your present understanding through years of study, and sometimes even struggle, and sometimes suffering, because you did not know any better, and you have come thus far; and here is a person who is starting in, and has not come thus far, so do not start with him at the point which you have attained. State what you have to say clearly. If it is absolutely clear, it will be understood, provided it is basically clear.

You can say anything about God, if it is true; and if you say it clearly, you will have no doubt about any person understanding it; and any person who comes into Christian Science must first understand about God, before he understands anything. Sometimes you take it for granted that a listener is a believer in God, and sometimes he is; and sometimes that is unfortunate, because his belief of God prevents his understanding God.

What you have got to make him see is, that he can know God aright, and you must find ways of bringing that to him. Many patients need that, but they will sit and ask questions by the hour, none of which should be answered, because they are merely asking them in a philosophical way, and they are questions that should not even be asked at their present stage of understanding.

Another thing I want to speak of is the tendency of people to say, “I was healed ten years ago, but I seem to have that old thing appearing again.” Now what is actually taking place is not the old thing at all. Handle nothing but suggestion, and refuse to be fooled. He is suffering with the suggestion that he has a return of an old belief, and the suggestion is all there is to the return of it. It is impossible that he should have the return of an old belief. He cannot have it, if he was healed in Christian Science. But what has occurred, is that through some letting down of bars, or accepting some of the suggestions of materia medica, he is coming under the law of mortal mind, called materia medica.

There isn’t anything today that needs to be handled so thoroughly on our part as the belief of materia medica. In a certain way the medical profession has become the arena for hypnotic suggestions. In many instances they devote themselves to the study of it. They make declarations, and those declarations as to the health and happiness of mankind are admitted by a majority of people, who think that anything the doctors say has to be accepted. Consequently, these statements that doctors make in regard to healing, in regard to relapse, in regard to Christian Science treatment, become general human opinion, and they are highly mesmeric in belief. You have only to handle these suggestions for a patient. You have got to take cognizance of the claim of the medical profession, that it is publishing its belief broadcast, that nobody can live except under their statements which they call law. When you break that belief, you will find that a patient whose healing has been delayed, will be suddenly well.

It is about time that Christian Scientists freed themselves from that kind of thing. If you have been associated with that belief, if you are a nurse or a doctor, you have got to take special pains to free yourself from all that you were in, and consequently you will be very loath to ever give a diagnosis of disease along these lines. And I would urge every person who comes into Christian Science in that way, to burn all bridges behind them, burn them all.

They must have a new heaven and a new earth, because Christian Science is a different kind of healing. You are engaged entirely in a new work; you cannot bring that old stuff into it. If you let that old stuff tag along with you year after year, your demonstrations will be delayed, and you will have hell instead of heaven, because that is the way it acts, and I advise you who have taken your stand in Christian Science, to stand.

On the other hand, as we have said before, there are a thousand things that are supposed to be part of the belief of materia medica that are only human, such as: Good care of patients, good nursing, good food. Above all, do not get the notion that you can take a patient who is confined to his bed, and is exceedingly ill in belief, and feed that patient anything that is fed to the rest of the family. Don’t feed the man or woman who is ill in bed, corned beef and cabbage. Give him something that would be proper for a sick person to have, and see that the family comes to a sane and sensible view of what is proper for a person, who is sick in belief. It is divine Love that enables that person to have chicken soup instead of corned beef and cabbage. I tell you, it is divine Love, and that is the way it works, in wondrous ways its marvels to perform. Now again, it is your privilege and duty to maintain an improved condition. If yesterday you felt ill, and today you feel better, your feeling better today can never grow less, and you should make a law to that effect.

If you have achieved a certain measure of healing through your understanding, it is time for you to prove that the same God who healed you to that extent, keeps you healed, until you have attained a greater degree of health. There is no going back into the valley out of which you have clambered; you are out of it to that extent, and you must stay out of it. It is only a question of knowing, instead of believing. If you know what God is, there is no question about your being able to stand at every given step, and maintain that improvement, and it is so with everything, not alone with health, but with everything you possess.

There is something to be said about the general situation of the world, and the peace of the world. If you can think of anything, you have got to think either incorrectly or correctly. Your thought is either correct or mixed. If you are thinking about the condition of this country, you will either accept it as mortal mind presents it, or you will take it and know that God reigns, in spite of any evidence to the contrary. Now, it is easy to see that according to the evidence of the senses, the situation is extremely uncertain. Nobody needs to be told, but one could prophesy a lot of things that are likely to happen, and they are likely to happen if we don’t prevent them.

There are extraordinary theories of the destruction of capital. There are people who believe they should absolutely wipe out capital, and have the world carried on by the workman. The Soviet idea, that has been accepted in Russia, is permeating the working classes in this country to a great extent. It indicates that almost anything might occur, and it is very essential that we should be awake all the time; when we see it appearing, we cannot leave it there. Jesus required that we should scientifically take care of it. He said, “When these things appear, look up.” He indicated absolutely, that those who know Christianity could not afford to accept that evidence, but must look up and away from it, and behold the facts that are.

Mrs. Eddy says, “Christian Scientists will hold crime in check,” and the question is, “Are they doing it?” In some cases they are. Right here in this town recently there was work done, that did away with a very threatening condition. Why not take cognizance of those threatening conditions that appear to be on the horizon of the world, and especially our own country?

The majority of us should have some regard for this country, should consider its meaning, should maintain its ideals, in order that we shall be able to do away with those strange and fantastic notions. Now as a matter of fact, the only laborer there is, is one with God, one with God who makes the laborer. I do not mean by that, one who digs in the earth, or works in a shop. I mean that there is nothing real to labor, except that which is noble and good, and remunerative to that which does the labor.

There is no capital that is separate from divine Principle, or Love. There is no such thing as a capitalist who is engaged in profiteering, or a capitalist who is engaged in trying to outdo somebody else. These are all beliefs of mortal mind, and if you handle them as beliefs, and not as people, you are getting at the thing; and if you see that it is mortal mind, that is ever expressing dissatisfaction and greed, mortal mind actuating what appears to be men, you will handle it correctly. You can handle it at any time, if you put it on mortal mind. You cannot, if you handle it as men; but if you handle it as mortal mind, handle it as one generic belief.

You can think of the nation, and you can think of the danger that confronts it. You can think of labor and capital, and it will depend on you what you are going to do with the danger. You can think of the danger in relation to labor and capital, and you can know that the relationship is in Principle, God; that there is no mortal mind to disturb that harmonious relationship.

The only man there is in the universe loves his neighbor as himself, and that means the capitalist, and it means the laborer, and the people in between, and they are one because they are God’s children; and because of this understanding, the fear disappears, and the dangers threatening the government cannot take place, unless it bless mankind. The only changes that can take place, will take place because of divine Principle, and if they do take place, they will bless mankind every step of the way; and man cannot be disturbed in the process, neither can man be used in the process, to bring about destruction or murder or any unhappy conditions.

It is our work and part of us. You have taken on a tremendous job when you became a Christian Scientist.

You have virtually aligned yourself with God. You say to God, “I am with You for evermore; I stand with You as Your child; I promise You my allegiance; I give to You all the intelligence You give to me; I ascribe to You all the power I am able to express; I praise You in all the glory I am able to manifest; I place my country and its government in Your hands; eliminate from its government human greed, and all its selfishness, and those elements that are vicious and weak; I maintain and establish by the power and presence of God, the real government of divine Principle, the divine government.”

These things are possible to Christian Scientists. Their thoughts are not the thoughts of mortal mind. Their thoughts are divine Principle, their thoughts are the Christ, and the Christ is come to the world, not merely to save you and me individually, but to save us collectively; not merely to show us how to carry on our daily affairs, not merely to bless in a limited way, but to bless us in an infinite way. Our government is a part of our consciousness, and in redeeming our consciousness, we shall save our government. Our government was established by divine Principle, and it had its being in a thought of human freedom many centuries before it appeared in human thought.

When we come to a great test in this country, it is not who is in Washington, but what is right.

In your own thought you must maintain the facts, that after all these things occurred, and after this country and its government had been tested by a civil war that was terrible to bear, and when it appeared that it could stand for the ideals for which it was founded, then appeared Mrs. Eddy’s discovery; it did not just merely happen. It was just as though God had said, “This is the way it ought to be.” It was just as divine as the birth of Jesus; and so it came about, that in due time the impersonal Christ appeared, and it came where it could come.

Paul said, “Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage; though he sought it in tears it could not be found.” Repentance in matter; he sought it in tears; wrong step. When you contemplate taking a step that may be wrong, do not take it. We are not obliged to take any step in haste. Wait on God, and not on human opinions. Demonstration is sometimes waiting.

We are Christian Science practitioners, saving the world. Don’t doubt it. You are doing it, or you are not doing it, and if you save the world, you will heal your cases and you will do it wonderfully, and you will be surprised to see how often your patients will get well with only a word or a moment’s treatment, and that is because your consciousness has ceased to be a limited thing. It has become worthy of Christian Science; it has entered the domain of infinity; it reflects the grandeur and dominion of Soul; it is pure in its purpose, powerful in its action, irresistible in its results. This cannot be done in any other way than through divine Principle, and divine Principle is not a little opinion here, or a little opinion there; why, the practice of Christian Science is not that kind of a thing.

Science produces better human beliefs: Many people come to be healed of stomach trouble, when all they should do to be healed is chew their food.

Eat well, sleep well, and do everything well. Take time to eat. You will eat less.

Do not sit sixteen hours a day in your office, treating; do some walking. You cannot declare the activity of God all the time, and never demonstrate it. WALK; without the proof, what is the good of the theory? Handle the belief that you cannot know what to do.

If you have to take exercise to prove that you are active, do it. Never feed your appetite, merely feed your hunger.

Some people are normal when they are heavy. But for a belief of too much flesh, know that in the divine body of infinite Mind, there is nothing excessive; the law to it is symmetry, perfection, beauty, normality.

To add flesh, see that the facts of being are normal. This is a belief of imperfect elimination (your patient thinks it is too much elimination, which is not so).

The law of God is perfect elimination.

The belief of a disease having to “run its course” ought to be handled. Handle wonderment, curiosity, public opinion in a case such as a claim of smallpox. If there is an increase of fever, irritation, let no picture of the thing have a place in your consciousness. If an image of a disease presents itself, take it up as animal magnetism and work on it as a claim. If the picture persists in coming up, remember that will not prevent the healing. It is better, of course, to get rid of that sense of consciousness, but know if it comes, it can have no power over your treatment. “Be not afraid of sudden fear.” (Prov. 3:25) One belief causing another belief is one of the favorite claims of mortal mind: The belief of acidity producing rheumatism, indigestion producing headaches, etc.

Nothing proceeds from worry. It is a process that seems to be going backward, but there is no cause and no effect; therefore there is no disorder. Many Christian Scientists say they know they are suffering from belief, but that is only resolving things into thoughts; and they are giving power to that belief to make them suffer; that belief is only taking the place of disease.

Step by step you undermine a false belief in treating people of other denominations. Always tell a patient, as soon as possible, some reassuring thing. Your tendency is to talk too much.

If the suggestion of death comes up, you should say, “At present we are interested in living. What you know, put into practice; what you don’t know, wait for.” This is a safe thing to say to people who are interested, but who are doubtful or critical.

Much Christian Science work is incorrect; it is brain effort, or continued efforts to think God in your head. This method will tire one very quickly. Thoughts which constitute a Christian Science treatment, cannot possibly get into your head; they are infinite, but they must be as real to you, as though you had been their author.

All the Mind there is, is natural Consciousness and already concentrated. Have the facts of Mind present. Be normal and happy, when facts contrary seem to be present. Divine facts are the only presence; it is God with you.

In treatment do not assume that you have done something you have not done; cover the ground. You do not have to overcome fear, it cannot do anything to you, and it does not make any difference if you are afraid. Make the declarations that constitute operative truth, then the responsibility is not yours. You must have more confidence; this will come when you become less afraid of fear.

After you have completed your treatment, rest in great peace. “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” Sabbath day or seventh day means completion of treatment, and is correlated to the first, which means God is All.

The law of Mind is a law to the belief of worn-out or offensive substance, or worn-out tissues. The best way, however, to handle it, is to say that the Infinite has no such thing as elimination, has no need of such a thing.

The spiritual idea is Mind hearing, Mind seeing, Mind feeling; and there is no other idea to interfere with it. Ideas work reciprocally, because they work in Mind. But in mortal mind, the claim is that the faculties injure each other (speaking of surgery). The claim of bone obstruction is somewhere back in mortal mind, and you will heal it all right. When you take a case, have absolute surety that you can heal it. It is the only way to get the practitioner out of the way. It is not the practitioner who heals, but the divine Christ.

One of the greatest mistakes that Christian Scientists make, is that they think a case is getting better when it is getting worse. Your knowing takes care of that case. Know that he cannot be conscious or unconscious of any fear. Take care of it, so that fear is impossible. Just for example, put yourself in God’s place. Your knowing is all the mentality that the patient can have after your treatment. That can be abused, if the practitioner is not working along the exact line. The line of demarcation is very fine here. You can take care of fear. Your knowing will act exactly like God; it has the same power. Your knowing is the greatest thing that is going on in the world. It is best to go to a patient’s home sometimes; you might find something trying to hide, and you have got to use judgment.

When you take a case say, “I’m in charge.” “You must do as I say.” Sometimes you have to arouse a patient. Give your directions in regard to eating, cleanliness, etc., as a doctor would; the first thing is cleanliness.

Keep the claim of disease in the realm of nothingness, unreality; one will not heal if he makes it real. There is no reality to matter.

I asked you to work in Christian Science, not on the edge of Christian Science.

Mental treatment isn’t Christian Science. Real, purely metaphysical treatment is Christian Science. Let treatment, all you say or think in the line of knowing Man, Law, God, harmony, perfect God, perfect Man, the immutable law of unity, have more completeness.

Be cognizant of the error, or headache; argue that man is spiritual idea. Arteries, nerves, brain, in Infinite Mind are infinite ideas, each one sustained in perfection, and cannot be touched or influenced by anything else. No matter what you see caused from indigestion or poor circulation, nerves, etc., or congestion, the standpoint is always perfection.

Typhoid fever: Realize God, perfect Man, life is God. There is no such thing as germ or bacteria that can destroy; germ is a claim that something can exist and destroy life; the belief is a false belief; germ or bacteria never exist; the only thing that exists is God, who is the only Life. The universe of God is spiritual; matter is not to be made something; it is nothing; everything is a lie that isn’t like God.

God is Life, Principle, perfect Life, immortal, eternal; there is nothing about a Christian Science treatment that could kill; there are no germs, etc. It is all error, and you must meet the error.

The intestines of man is an infinite idea, and can’t be destroyed. The business of your treatment is to know its dominion.

There is nothing to germ; it is only a theory, and your treatment annihilates that law. No germ can exist, and because your treatment is dominion, it is dominion to that patient. The patient is a belief of disease. You don’t need to know there is a patient; forget the patient; nobody is ill.

If more than one thing shows up, handle each claim specifically, rheumatism, fever, and so on.

If your patient is very emotional, or has a temper, handle it. Handle each individual as conforming to general belief. Sometimes you need to arouse a patient.

Science heals better than it used to, immeasurably more, and heals quicker. “Not healing as quickly” is a claim, suggestion. Christian Scientists themselves will individually be assailed by that argument. They will have experiences, perhaps, and will become a little negligent of their work, and there will come experiences that will try to make them believe that they are not doing as well as they used to, and that they cannot treat as well, and so on. It is only a claim, a suggestion.

If you had a man sick, the devil would whip you around a post all day if you believed it. It would say, “Why, he has an incurable disease, he will go through this or that.” It makes no difference, sometimes it acts in a different way. I am going to say something that might be misunderstood, but I am only thinking of the experience of a practitioner, and the things that come to him. It will come and say, “I can’t do as well as I used to,” and if he admits that, where is he? If it be true, humanly speaking, that he has missed some opportunity to improve himself in a given line, he ought to have that revealed to him, and correct it.

“Resolve things into thoughts” (S&H 123:14), but don’t stop when you get it into thoughts. When you resolve things into mere beliefs and stop at that, you have not gone far enough. False beliefs are false, and they are lies. Man is never sick, but ever well. There is nothing which could create a belief. A law of Truth operative destroys a particular belief of sickness. Don’t rush around physically, trying to heal. Don’t think about her, just think about God.

Number of patients: no more than he can heal. Jesus fed five thousand, and twenty seems impossible. The multitude came and he healed them.

Do work thoroughly each time, unless they come again, unless they come up in one’s consciousness. There is no thought transference; the practitioner doesn’t know why, but “I’ll just do a little work for that patient,” uncovering or revelation. If you do accept and picture disease instead of rejecting it, it is malpractice, an attempt to get you to take part in malpractice.

If the practitioner is thoroughly healed, the patient will manifest it. To dismiss a case, saying it is healed, is sometimes mere presumption, and sometimes scientific understanding.

Handle palmistry as a special belief. Hypnotism, mesmerism, theosophy, palmistry, oriental witchcraft, esoteric magic, phrenology, divination, prophecy, even in the Bible. Don’t let it go. Once thoroughly handle the whole. The whole work is prevention: As in palmistry, the person has to have a palm.

Make patients pay. Sometimes that is all that is the matter with them. Mend your gloves, sweep your walks; the patient wants to do something for you for what they have received.

“I go my way in the strength of the Lord.” You can’t go any place without doing good, when you say or even think something.

Your belief or the anticipating of entertaining mortal mind: Have seen people go along year after year with a claim, who need only to look within themselves and see what is the matter.

Retain peace, it is a spiritual idea. Sometimes unselfishness is only a cloak for intense selfishness.

There is a way out of trouble, but the way is pure Science. But there is a relative kind of thought, that admits the evil and then works against it. It is that state of thought which is indeed a natural rejection of all the claims of mortal mind. It is the Christ that heals, and though we have to go down inside ourselves and root out all that is wrong, we do not mind.

Pure Science does not admit evil and work against it. That state of thought is natural rejection. Mortal mind is constantly tempting Christian Scientists. See beforehand what temptation is to be, and checkmate it before it happens. Generally mortal mind says, “I am six months worked out and just tired out. I haven’t risen above that belief.” It should not have been admitted as anything, but if admitted, then begin process of uprooting.

If you have a fault, I beg of you to drag it out by the roots. You will be blessed every minute. The way of salvation is that way, and sometimes it is not easy. Sometimes there is no fun in it, but if you will maintain a basis of true idea, and love your neighbor as yourself, do not forget to love him. The enemy whose enmity has not been healed, is himself (ghost); and if a thing is nothing to you (because these things are nothing, and are just as though they were ghosts and nothing more), if you meet them all in that way, quietly, steadily, constantly maintaining Christ, you will surely triumph, just as sure as the sun is to rise tomorrow, for there is no separation between God and generic man. Consequently, your thought must not only be what you would like for yourself, but it must be what God would like for your neighbor.

A person who has had a Christian Science treatment is not an ordinary person any more. There has something gone out, something different, entirely different from mortality or materiality, because the practitioner has seen that body is spiritual, not material.

He has seen that Mind is Spirit, and his embodiment must be like it, and all the infinite ideas that comprise the infinite expression, body, must ever be one with the Mind in which they have their being, and he establishes that law for what appears to be a patient. By doing so, he has been willing to get rid of self, for otherwise he would not be a practitioner. The practitioner has lost the sense of self in a higher sense, that is the revelation and Presence of God. In so doing, he has got rid of the practitioner and immediately is a healthier person. In the same way, he has denied the materiality of man and seen that man could never be other than the actual spiritual evidence of Spirit, in all substance, in tangibility, beauty, holiness, power, glory, availability, purity, and intelligence, in all that means good, and Truth, and Love, and pure Being. That is the real man. There is no matter at all, and he is not afraid to say daily, “There is no matter,” and is not afraid to know that he has not got a material body, but his body is absolutely spiritual. And say it, and know it, as nothing so improves the material body as to know you have none.

In case of disease you can’t seem to heal, there is no such disease, no cause or power, no law by which “nothing hidden” that should not be revealed.

One claim that should always be handled for the patient “born of material parents,” is prenatal mesmerism. It always has to be handled. The belief is prior to the birth of the child or conception.

Some people suffer from some thought of their parents. The matter concept of child is incorrect; the belief of a child is prenatal mesmerism. If hatred, malice, or drink are in the parent, all have to be considered and handled.

In handling a claim, you would know man, and handle all the claim. If one had a patient that you had tried to heal for a long time, and the patient’s thought had become mesmerized: To heal, you must know your treatment must dominate the patient, and is the only mentality going on under your treatment. What you know about the case, is the Christ and the healing power.

Get rid of persons; you must not think of person; there is no one involved, only a belief. Your treatment could cast out a house full of doctors. The doctor could not prevent a case from being healed. You must know, “We can.” It is not “us,” but God with us. More God than any other, and the only one. Fear is the first thing to handle and sometimes the last. (Mr. Young, when giving a lecture, saw a case of epilepsy in the audience. He made an audible statement and healed it, handled prenatal mesmerism.) I know Love never made anything like that, and prenatal conditions could not hold that child.

In a case of a child, if the father or mother wants a doctor, it is a claim that somebody does not want Christian Science treatment. It is something to handle, not to admit. If there is one in the family who wants a doctor, the other has got to say, “All right, have a doctor.” You had better have a doctor than a row, because the doctor won’t give you so much trouble as the anger. Accede, then handle the claim. If the other parent wants you to go on with the case, keep your feet on the ground and use common sense. The doctor, if he comes, becomes the claim.

Now, we want to demonstrate wisdom. Let us do it. We came here to be taught. There is a right way. We know it. We have walked in it for a good many days. We have healed a lot of diseases for all mankind. Although in many cases, it seems we have been healing hypothetically.

Take hold of healing with a sense that God is with us, and “God with us” does it. The work is absolutely controlled by that Principle, and is operating according to His immutable law, and I know it, and my knowing is putting into operation the Science of Christianity in this behalf.

If you take a case, do not take it experimentally. That is not a fair proposition. You cannot promise to the patient audibly that you will heal him, but you can say everything that will encourage him. Assure him of God’s protective power and care, and of God’s willingness to heal him through Christ. To the best of your ability, you are going to pray in the true Christian Science way. Then do your work.

But do your work with the absolute confidence of Mind. Do not do your work in the way that you talk to your patient. Your talk to him is dictated by wisdom, so as not to arouse foolish ideas or hopes, when perhaps there is a whole character to be changed, and a whole life to be revolutionized. Do not give him false ideas as to the work that is to be done, but to yourself take hold of that case as though God had descended from heaven, and said, “I will heal that case.” If you do not do that, you are not realizing your rights, and not fulfilling your mission. Get the practitioner out of the way, and get the patient out of the way, and the only thing you have to do then, is to see that Truth dissipates the error.

Now, when there is a case called incurable, and perhaps the neighbors and family, and two or three doctors know about it, it is well for the Christian Science practitioner to know what is going on, when he is called to the case; and then it is well for him to act as though he knew.

He should not act in a sense as though he were proud, and trying to hold himself up to what he is not. But there is a certain dignified attitude, which a Christian Scientist must maintain. If he encounters the doctor on a case, he must know that he is exactly, outwardly, on an equality with the doctor; and inwardly, he must know that he is thinking even for the doctor. In some cases you cannot avoid mixing up with the doctors. In the war work we had a lot of that.

You must be maintaining that you are, as a Christian Science practitioner, maintaining the understanding of Infinite Good.

Instead of putting yourself in an attitude as though the doctor could “lord it over you,” meet him on a plane of equal respect for his understanding and learning, a kind of mutual interchange of thought and assurance. And if he says, “That looks pretty bad,” say, “Doctor, it does, but we are relying on something more than looks; we are trying to know there is a power that can help us.”

Every doctor, if he is what he ought to be, will respond and think, “That is a very sensible woman (or man, as the case may be), and we are very glad to have her around here,” and he will say, “I believe that thought does help, and I like to have that here,” which is all in your favor.

Then if the doctor is turned out, or if he has left the case because he thinks it is hopeless, handle the belief that he thinks it is hopeless, handle the belief that he thinks it is incurable, and that the whole world thinks it is incurable because he does, and mortal mind thinks the same, and you immediately know that this is only a state of ignorance.

It is malpractice, because it is a state of ignorance; or, if he believes in hypnotism, it is malpractice, because it is intentional. Any phase of malpractice is only a phase of human opinion or belief, which fades out in the presence of God, and your treatment is the presence of God. Say very little about the fact of infinite idea.

Give patients something to think about, but not too much. Remember how far we have come ourselves. Make absolutely right statements, and make them step by step. Mortal mind knows nothing about divine ideas, but there is an idea in infinite Mind for every useful material structure. Every person possesses every idea, now. Understanding unfolds. Your two hands are one, because hands are infinite idea. If one should be injured, it could be restored by an understanding of the idea “hand.” Eyesight would be perfect, if the idea “eye” was understood. There is no separation in infinite creation. You have a right to this understanding; claim it. If there is anything needful for you to do, you will find a way. Man is controlled by, and expresses, divine Mind. He expresses originality, versatility, beauty, action, joy, peace; it is law, the law of Life, continuity, and complete satisfaction. Every idea exists in that way, because Mind exists in that way. If you have anything to do that it is your duty to do, look away from material sense, and if it is a demonstration, divine Mind will bring it about. This takes away haste and anxiety in business and other things.

Thinking well is praising God. Think one thing according to the need. Stick to the thing you are doing; that is Christian Science. Keep your poise.

Read something besides Christian Science literature. If you are writing, write it in your own style. The usual Christian Science articles are not lively enough. Each one has a natural way. Cultivate, but don’t lose your individuality. (Question: Should one read fiction?) Read fiction, of course. Have a normal sense of material existence, but there should be no exaggeration. Denial rests upon what you know; therefore, it is an affirmative statement. The daily newspapers are animal magnetism. Read them for the information in them, but don’t let them mesmerize you. It is ennobling to read good literature, to see good paintings. Your own individual right thinking will help to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

In treating a claim, never take it with the idea of “doing the best you can,” but know that Christ is all. This is all there is and it heals. Have absolute conviction of your faith, and heal. Be there and start right in.

“It can’t do it” embodies all you know, if you are at the point of understanding. Instantaneous healing: Jesus healed a long time before they came. Jesus was about the business of Mind all the time; thus when they came to him, the work was done at once. The man of Joy did the work. The coming of the people brought to light, that the healing had already been done.

If you know the Truth, you won’t get patients who won’t be healed.

A Christian Scientist is not doing his whole duty, unless he does his work about the different situations that come up in the papers.

Cholera, strikes, etc. In case of cholera, the government will take care of it, but it is up to us to do our work concerning it as well. In the providence of opinion, no condition of mind and body that can bring about disorder; Christ is the individual body.

In regard to the strikes: The minds of the workmen are being influenced by internal wrong thought. The Roman Catholic Church thrives on war and disaster. There is nothing so much in the power of the Roman Catholic Church; it is a belief from beginning to end.

It is malicious malpractice calling itself a religion, and it would try to prevent justice in every way. The only thing at the head of anything is God, and nothing or any organization can interfere with God. There is one God, one Government, the Government of God. It is now established; it now prevails through Divine Science. It is the foundation, and its eternal mandate is the function of law and justice.

It is practical, present law and justice.

It prevails over, and in, so-called human beliefs.

The acknowledgment of Divine Principle establishes the influence of Divine Principle; and just as in ancient times it is recorded that a “prophet” discerned “righteous thought,” he did not have to be represented by many people to save a city, so now, though Christian Scientists seem to be few, what they declare concerning Principle and Law, is established as a government of all nations, tongues, and peoples. The influence of other than that of divine Mind, does not exist.

Get rid of a material personality when treating.

There is no mental picture of matter, or disease, that can prevent the healing of any disease. Mental malpractice cannot arouse any pictures, or induce me to take a patient in any mental picture. There is no mental picture.

The sense of materiality, or a person, or mental picture, cannot prevent our treating a disease.

Mental malpractice cannot arouse a mental picture of disease, nor perpetuate it, nor can it in any other way induce you or me, or any other Christian Science practitioner, to take part in its effort to prevent the healing of disease through Christian Science.

You must get rid of mental pictures of anything. Mental malpractice cannot substitute its suggestions for my understanding. You must know at once the unreality of disease. The more you repeat a disease symptom, etc., he gets more mesmerized.

The quality that heals instantaneously, knows God and man at once. Knowing what man is, will take care of his healing.

The claims of mortal mind are beliefs not to be ignored. We cannot possibly ignore them. Although we have perceived something of Truth, and are demonstrating it in a measure, it would not be well for us to ignore belief, and no Christian Scientist ever does it. But I want you to make a clear distinction between ignoring a belief and accepting it. You cannot ignore belief, but you must not accept belief. There is a scientific course to pursue, and it is this: That you cannot fail, you must not fail. You are, humanly speaking, face-to-face with beliefs, and divinely speaking, we are equipped to handle them right now.

You do not have to wait, and if error presents itself to you at any given moment, you do not have to wait until you get home to give a treatment. Every thought you have, is a treatment of some kind every moment. Though you might encounter error at any point of your experience, you are either doing that which ought to be done, by knowing the Truth, or you are accepting the error.

Don’t read Science and Health too much. Do something else and break the mesmerism. Reading the Lesson is education, and you gain understanding.

Disease is error, the patient is a claim. The Infinite Mind explodes the belief that somebody is ill.

Break the belief that the patient is separated from God. Know this: One, Infinite God; One Infinite Body; One, Infinite, Individual man.

Every patient is a chance for you to rise higher in understanding.

A Christian Science treatment is definite. It handles every claim definitely. A belief of disease is a specific belief. The Christian Science treatment is the specific treatment and unfailing remedy.

Individual man is the only man there is, and cannot be touched. Man is immune from disease. There isn’t a man with a mind or body that can die.

All treatment is impersonal treatment. Handle definitely what is presented to you; and your knowing the Truth sets aside the belief of disease; that which is abnormal, unnatural, disappears.

Carry thought out all the way, but not merely to establish it as a basis of what you are thinking about things. Establish thought as the substance of all you take cognizance of, so the divine fact becomes the basis of all.

We recognize the Principle, but we dislike to ask for the evidence. If we do not ask for the evidence, we will not get it. In courts of law, the evidence conflicts with the law, but in Science they agree. Principle and law establish the evidence. We must get evidence. Establish the Principle, and it will produce its own evidence.

To those who know little of Christian Science, it may seem to be an improved condition, but to those who know, it is an entirely different thing; it is found in their spiritual discernment. And progress and spiritual discernment is all he gets; but mortal man must get the material evidence.

The fact is, you get the evidence in proportion as you know there can be no separation between Principle and idea; and for that reason the law of divine Mind establishes your treatment, and is as certain to bring evidence, as arithmetic is certain to solve problems.

Luke 21:27: “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”

Where you hear wrong facts stated, it is best to keep quiet and do your work mentally. If you speak out to mortal mind, you are not leaving enough of mortal mind to get the blow. The only time to speak out, is when you know the one is ready and wants to be helped, and you see you can make a Christian Scientist out of him.

Don’t antagonize mortal mind; our work is education; be wise as serpents, etc. If you are led to say something, let it be a demonstration. If you do not know what to say or to do, do nothing.

There is no mortal mind. It is a false claim of being or creator; it is all false and one universal claim. The mind of a mortal is not all there is to mortal mind. You soon learn, when you are a practitioner, the iniquity of mortal mind, without being alarmed. Mrs. Eddy says, beware of the sense of sin; it is a sin to be angry. (S&H 369:31)

Indignation is always unrighteous, calmness is always right. Mortal mind is the basic error. (S&H 405:1)

The law of God to perfect Being, through Christian Science treatment, becomes a law of perfect substance, perfect action, perfect harmony, to every belief about being. The law of Mind, as recognized and demonstrated in Christian Science, is a law of expulsion and permanent exclusion to the belief of retention of impurities, to the belief of abnormal activities of functions or inactivities of functions, and is also a law of expulsion and exclusion to the belief of inflammation, irritation, congestion, or swelling, and is a law of expulsion or complete elimination to the claim or belief of any retention of impurities or worn-out tissues.

Mind is also a law of elimination to the beliefs of abnormal growths. It is a law of elimination to the claim that abnormal growths could have some cause in belief, such as longing, human love, or unsatisfied desire; and this treatment is that law of Mind to any and every false belief involved in the treatment.

There is no thought transference; there is only One Mind; there is no transference of mortal pictures.

If the thought of evil comes to you, it is just the same as evil. Pain in the body is just a suggestion, and suggestion is mortal mind. Suggestion is demonism. Pain and mental malpractice is one and the same thing. If one feels badly, it is malpractice, not malpractice that caused it.

Don’t get any pity going on. Compassion will heal, but not pity.

Never believe that you are treating a person; it is Christ doing the work, and the disease cannot rebound back to you. The claim that the whole race is being healed is broken right now.

Man is perfect. Nothing in the way of evil can come to perfect man. All disease comes as belief. Break the belief.

Do not treat the patient’s thought; he is reflecting mortal mind, is accepting disease generally. This is the cause of all disease.

We are not handling the patient’s thought. We are handling mortal mind, without cause, substance, or law, wholly illusion, a false depicting thought.

God’s law has power and presence, and can never be set aside again in belief. You must not forget that there is a patient to treat, but you must try to realize that you are not doing it yourself.

Watch the claim that, “He is no better.” When he says, “I am no better,” think (but do not say it always), “You do not know more than God. You are better; you are well.”

Or you might answer and say, “You are not any better? How could you be?” The belief of mortal mind is always uncovered by law that removes the evidence.

If you have done a lot of work, and the evidence is not satisfactory, know that the only evidence is that of Spirit. Handle the claim that there is evidence. Base your treatment on the facts of Being, and keep it there.

Handle the belief, that the belief does not conform to divine evidence, and know that it cannot continue in belief, as contrary to the fact. Your treatment is law and enforcement of law to belief. Find God and get rid of the error.

The more spiritual, pure and clear it is, the more powerful it is. Make it God, as near you as you can. It is utterly useless to be weary in well-doing; never drop the knowing.

Meet every phase as utterly false, and do not be scared by changing phases.

Always handle sub-consciousness. That which appears and claims to be consciousness, separate from the Infinite, is an impossible proposition. It cannot be. The only consciousness there is, is the one infinite Consciousness, and it is the only thing that is going on. Whether it is a patient or a practitioner, the infinite Consciousness is the only thing that is going on. All there is to the practitioner is the one Consciousness, and It establishes Itself as the one Consciousness, for that which says it is a patient. The patient cannot think anything, or believe anything, that is not God. Treatment is just the calm knowing.

Isolate the patient, so he can never feel the so-called law or opinion of mortal mind. Malpractice is nothing but a belief, and it hasn’t got a believer; therefore, it hasn’t any channel or avenue. There isn’t anybody doing it. It doesn’t matter whether I am afraid or not. That which is true is not afraid, and that is more powerful than that which says, “I am afraid.”

We have to consider the human consciousness, and lead the patient along the lines of his thought. Sometimes we get the patient awake, so he will see his real being, and forsake the fiction that appears to be his being. This is Science.

Even beliefs are sins. Nobody has to be punished. Punishment is belief, and sin is its own punishment, and you want to deny punishment. There is no virtue in suffering; nobody ought to suffer. That is the necessity of declaring there is no mortal mind. Mortality is sin. The belief in matter includes everything untouched by Science. Every kind of mortal mind is condemnation, and condemnation is the first step to murder. Self-condemnation is a crime, makes sick and will kill.

Conviction, repentance, and reformation: Go through once, and that is all. That’s the way to work for self and patients. In practice you must handle beliefs of hate, malice, revenge, greed, rapacity. These are the substance of mortality. To handle the claim audibly, often breaks it. If you will call it by its name, it breaks it. Sin is a belief. There never was any. Sorrow is a belief. There never was any. Any influence of evil is a belief. If you are Scientific, you must designate the belief, its various characteristics. Fear is mental malpractice. Wrong thought is mental malpractice. You have got to know the Truth or the lie.

Passing on is the second death. Don’t let anyone get you to “hold a right thought” for him. Have it clear, that you are to give him a treatment, or not.

Don’t make a denial without seeing the fact back of it.

Do not hesitate to take the attitude God would take.

To perform the function of being is eternal life. The practitioner has to know, that if there is any belief or law in so-called mortal mind, of which he is not cognizant, it cannot operate to obstruct his treatment. This treatment is absolute obliteration to any such law.

Treat for painless chemicalization. “There should be painless progress.” (Mrs. Eddy) Handle efforts (among some M.D.’s) to produce disease.

Handle the belief that there can be any aftereffects.

There isn’t anything that you need to know about the case that will not be brought to light. You don’t go to the case as a practitioner with a mortal mind.

It makes no difference, if I am afraid; the divine Mind is greater than mortal mind, and It is not afraid.

Know that man is all right in Truth, and Truth is established. So the demonstration is, that he is all right in belief.

Do not get yourself all up in the air, and leave the trouble untouched. Do not permit the error to get a loop hole.

The claim of malpractice is to block treatment, and it will agree to truth, that says all error is in belief, where it seems separated from God, which is impossible. Nothing is outside of infinity.

The treatment works for our benefit, just where we are in belief. “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven.”

Get out of the idea that you are doing something, instead of knowing something. Omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence does not enforce its law; it is the law.

Malpractice bases its claims on Christian Science treatment not being effective. Everywhere you make the statement that man is perfect in Truth, include that he is perfect in belief. When you analyze it, you have done your work. Then all you have to do, is to keep the Sabbath Day holy. Mesmerism is always a general belief.

Get a patient out of the rut of depression, self-mesmerism; get them out of it. You can say to them, “Of course, you are not discouraged;” get the mortal mind right out of him. “I am not discouraged and it can’t find me.” You can’t fill others’ thoughts; it is animal magnetism. Meet adversary quickly; you haven’t got it; it is mortal mind.

In treating a case: If patient knows name of claim, symptoms, etc., every bit has to be handled. What he believes inside of him, the mental picture, has got to be destroyed; it is mesmerism.

Handle the “heart,” that it holds out for every patient. The only heart is Idea and perfect, active, and harmonious, eternally so.

Christ is the declaration and enforcement of law; all evidence of anything else is false.

Nobody is ill, or can be ill, or mesmerized. Mesmerism is false. Absolute Truth is all there is. Reject all material things.

Instead of saying to patient, “Mentally you are well,” let Spirit bear witness, and bear witness through right ideas.

There is no thought transference.

The asking for treatment constitutes the right idea. The divine Mind is the only relationship between practitioner and patient.

Thought is man.

There are no days in divine Mind. Handle days: One better than another. Complete treatment, and then rest; remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy. Sunday is no better than any other day. “Seventh” means something finished, Sabbath; keep treatment holy.

Attempt to enact law against Christian Science: God is present everywhere, where beliefs of laws are enacted. Freedom of consciousness and action cannot be interfered with in belief, or at all. Handle fear. Doctors are afraid they will lose their practice. Handle fear of doctors. Fear is always a false belief and not a law. It cannot assert itself nor be asserted, as the individual or organization, cannot claim activity as medical law or medical profession, nor can it operate through belief, that can influence any county or section of a county. It cannot induce, perpetuate so-called laws, that can be against Christian Science practice. Nor can it induce fear, or continue to induce fear, which can be effectual in enacting law against Christian Science treatment. This whole fear is dissipated in this instance, and in every instance for mankind. Treatment is far bigger than legislation.

What you are thinking is God, and prevents them from thinking, or legislature from enacting, anything against Christian Science, even if a million banded together, because what you are thinking is bigger than what they are thinking.

Things that are wrong are not power. Work unselfishly for the good of mankind; one can do great things.

Man is proof that God is. You won’t gain anything by condemning yourself.

No man can claim to have influence over others. What are we doing for mankind? Know the Being, nature, scope, power of divine Mind. Handle influence, audibly or inaudibly, of materia medica.

We should provide for the divine fact. We can think correctly, without being influenced. Divine Mind can assert Itself, that they themselves (doctors) can be enlightened, and a nobler sense of justice will prevail.

There are certain claims that mortal mind says are incurable. And Christian Scientists, I regret to say, to some extent, admit some of these things. Now I will say to you, that those very claims that are called incurable by mortal mind, have all been healed (so far as I know, all of them in their advanced stages), and we do not need to worry about that. Handle that claim, whenever you hear the claim mentioned (there are many of them), to the effect that some diseases are incurable; or whenever you hear that a case is being treated in Science, and everybody is saying that Science is unable to heal.

You will be tempted to wonder, whether there is enough understanding to heal the case. Matter is nothing. It is not thinking; and if it were, it would not be doing anything. If your thoughts put one bit of weight on the wrong side, it is malpractice. If you do not take the right side, you take the wrong side.

Malpractice is a bland denial of Truth, as Mrs. Eddy says in Miscellaneous Writings. Malpractice is the reverse of Truth practice. “Evil is without Principle.” (Un. 49:22) It has no root and all its laws are evil laws.

Every time a doctor says a disease cannot be healed, it is malpractice. Every time he says, or thinks, a disease cannot be healed in Christian Science, it is malpractice. The visible world is practically a state of malpractice.

A treatment in Christian Science is the presence and power of Infinite Good, Love, Divine Principle, made available through understanding, or the Christ. This treatment consists either of the affirmation, or the realization without the affirmation, of God. It does not consist in thoughts about God; it consists of thoughts that have their being in God, and constitutes, so far as the patient is concerned, and the practitioner is concerned, the presence of God. These thoughts always were the Christ, and they always will be. They are the Truth; they are not merely the Truth about God, they are the Truth, which is God.

You may give a treatment that is about God; and that is thinking about God, and it will do much good, because the slightest knowledge, brought to humanity, saves and heals. But if you are going to face what are called incurable diseases, if you are going to meet the problem brought to humanity today, political, national, international, if you are going to overcome the conditions over mind and body, with which the world is confronted today, it has got to be something more than about God, because we have been at that for fifty years, and we ought to be getting somewhere.

Wisdom should characterize every citizen. You ought to be as wise as Solomon this minute. Solomon did not have any corner on wisdom. Now you have a right to wisdom. It is yours. And if you demonstrate wisdom, you will never go around talking over the heads of a lot of people, but when the opportunity occurs, you will give straight Science in a simple way to everybody. In your thought you will perhaps be thinking far beyond what you are saying, and you have to be careful, and not say all you know, to people unprepared in Science. Do not talk to patients so far above their heads, that they will chemicalize. Do not give them too much at one time. Every time give them something to think of, something to study about, but never give them so much, that you have merely filled them up and produced mental indigestion. They must have instruction. They must come out finally, when they are healed. They must make Christian Scientists. That is the object of your treatment, so they can help save mankind. Now, that is one thing in which you must have wisdom, and there are others.

If asked a question regarding Christian Science, it is better to say, “I’ll admit it from your standpoint, but not from mine.”

Projecting thought, or trying to send out thought, is not Christian Science. Christian Science treatment is not one person treating another. Christian Science treatment is God. He couldn’t know about disease. Handle the case as unreal, that is, from the standpoint of God. No case to heal. It never existed.

Never try to send thought to anyone or to any place. Let your thought know and reject the error; that is Christ.

Christ is not Jesus. Christ is always divine manifestation of Good; it comes to the flesh to destroy error. Christ is the Truth about everything. Man is like Christ. Christ tells you the Truth. Truth rejects the error. Christ does show you the specific error in belief.

The root of the claim is mortal mind. There is not a material man or belief.

A practitioner was asked to treat a child; she said she saw a spiritual child. You cannot see mentally the spiritual child. Get rid of the spiritual child. The only child is right knowledge. It was animal magnetism depicting child with disease. Seeing God as Infinite, all being is reflected.

All there is to practitioner is the Divine Idea, so all there is left, is God, and the child is healed. Practitioner gets rid of himself, and sees the unreality of evil, animal magnetism. Then he recognizes nothing but God, and the child is healed.

You will never do your best work, until you get the practitioner out of the way. You are dissipating the belief. There is only one; forget everything but God and man. “Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good.” (S&H 393:12) To see the spiritual idea, constitutes the universe.

Thought doesn’t need “concentration.” If you find there is a disturbance in your head, something wrong, see that Infinite Mind has always been your mind; also the facts about God, all Law, Substance, Life, and Action, and that what we say and think seems to be this man, sitting or lying on a bed of sickness and sin, is all false. Man cannot suffer.

Approach treatment with humility. The simplicity of a treatment must mean clear treatment, even if complicated.

II Timothy 1:7.

The more you know about anatomy, the more you have to deny.

Leave “I” out of your treatment, and it will do itself.

Christian Science asks you to take cognizance of what mortal mind claims to be and do. In treating, this requires a full and complete affirmation, then a full and complete denial.

Watch when the telephone rings, or when you receive letters, messages, telegrams, etc., or when the doorbell rings: Handle mesmerism, and know that you are not getting anything, but from God. Then it is handled, before it even reaches you.

Cover the ground completely in treatment, with consecutive thinking first.

Never think of patient’s name; call him Son of God. You are not treating person, you are handling a claim. If John Smith asks for treatment, it means, of course, give John Smith a treatment. Mortal mind calls him John Smith. God calls him perfect. Work according to the belief; there are no two cases alike.

Rule and Principle are always the same. Discern the Truth about the peculiar phase of the patient’s trouble, and do not lose sight of the need. Meet it in the specific case.

There is no projection of thought. You can only know the Truth.

Handle response and receptivity, if necessary.

If you go into business, expecting to heal a lot of human beings who are sick, you are not going to do business. If you know that there are no patients to heal, no sickness, no need, that man is all perfect, all men, you will have more than you can do.

Christian Science shows clearly that immortality is the fact of Being, and that fact has got to be demonstrated by human beings. Therefore, realize more and more that you are not doing something, in the way a human being generally supposes he is doing something. You are knowing something, and that knowing is essential, in order that there may be the demonstration; not the creation of a fact, but the proof of one.

You have got to find out that man is well, and prove it. Never go to a case with the thought that a person is sick; that will not heal him. Before you ever take the receiver off the hook, know that man is well. Do not be hypnotized by the receiver.

The Creator is reflected in the creation. The divine Mind is reflected in the divine idea or ideas. The temporal is to be displaced, not that we shall lose our sense of being, but that we shall find it. A temporal sense is unsatisfactory; the fact that we are longing for eternal life, indicates that life is eternal, or we could not have the longing.

Christian Science agrees with the Gospel, and if it is not in accord with materiality, demolish materiality, because the Gospel will last forever, because it is the Word of God.

Always try to make yourself clear in the choice of words; we need not confuse ourselves or anybody. Do not have any doubt about your own clearness.

As we exist, and exist inevitably, then we exist by virtue of divine right and power, and my existence is not ephemeral, but everything about it is eternal.

If you wanted to heal a person of rheumatism in the joints, you would not want the joints to go away. The whole business of Christian Science is to heal, to restore the kingdom of Israel. The Jewish race is not Israel. (See definition “Children of Israel,” Science and Health.) We are all of the tribe of Israel, the house of David. At any rate, it is spiritually true. Every creature in the universe exists, except such creatures as exist merely as disease. Everything that exists as a legitimate part of the universe, as anything that has usefulness, or character, or value, that

exists. The moment you find a creature that has no value, it is like disease. Take a bacillus that is very small; it cannot be seen without a microscope. It is not part of the universe, because in their very nature they are destructive; no good in them. Nothing of the kind is a legitimate part of God. It is a perversion of the thought of life (the theory that some bacilli eat up others).

Life can never die; death is a lie about life. The ideas of God do not have to be taken care of; we just know they exist. Error is never an idea of God; a destructive element in the universe does not exist.

Mrs. Eddy said: “Mortal mind sees what it believes as certainly as it believes what it sees.” (S&H 86:29)

Christian Science is the only thing that can save the world, because it shows the human being it is all thought.

If a man drank water, supposed to be tainted with malaria, he could not get anything into his body, that he refused to get consciously or unconsciously, but he would have to know that he could not get it unconsciously, or he would get it.

As Mr. Young said in one of his lectures: “Take care of your bodies as you would a piece of furniture: Polish it and keep it clean, and then forget it.”

Remember, we must not see each other as a mortal concept. No matter how much you love a person, do not think of him materially. It does not do him any good to think of him as mortal. The object of the revelation of Truth was that humanity might be freed from error, and that it might prove that man is not material, but spiritual and divine.

In the demonstration of the universe of Mind, Truth is revealed to us in ideas, and as we begin to understand that, they become substantive, and greater facts are revealed, and we see all the universe consists of ideas or God’s thoughts. These ideas are forever intact, pure, immortal, serene, eternal.

We cannot ignore the claim in giving treatment. That would just suit mortal mind, that is, error. Mrs. Eddy was particular about this, and said that you should not ignore anything. We have to face everything; if we do not, that is running away from it.

Under the laws of human belief, everybody is liable to something unpleasant anytime. And Christian Science comes to you and me, and says, “Here is the Truth. It is absolute, eternal, you can understand it, perceive it, and be blessed and comforted by even the perception of it.” But the great thing is to practice it.

You can never catch up with postponed eternality; therefore we have Christian Science practice. If we have to argue, let us make it right.

Every word that is said in the class, ought to do something for somebody, somewhere in the world.

What we want to do, is to establish a treatment that will obliterate unconscious fear or belief of the patient.

You establish the divine facts. Know the treatment is the one Mind, and you state divine facts. What you are thinking is true, and you substitute it for what he is fearing and thinking. You have then removed the cause from disease and obliterated the claim.

Your treatment has got to know, that there is not someone over there, thinking it has another mind. The claim is mortal mind, and what he calls matter is mortal mind, and disease the claim that a person has a mind different from God.

See that a treatment is of such a nature, that the patient has an effect from what you say.

It is not necessary to mention the name of the patient in giving a treatment, although many do that. Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth,” on account of the people standing by, but he would have come forth if his name had not been mentioned. However, do not lose sight of the patient; the very fact that he has come to you, or has asked for help, and that you are doing the work in his behalf, is sufficient assurance that it is he who will receive the help.

Your treatment will vary, according to the circumstances, and the spiritual altitude one has gained at the given time.

Never give a treatment without handling fear. What I manifest as fear, is not all my fear. It is mortal mind; it is also the fear of those about me, or the general belief in fear. If you know this, it makes no difference at all if the patient is afraid. When he finds out he is getting rid of disease in spite of fear, he will begin to be encouraged and will lose his fear. It is not his fear; it is the imposition of mortal mind.

If the claim is not met in one treatment (suppose he gets worse), then the treatment must cover all the possibilities. Handle the specific kind of fever; maybe he has been in a malarial climate, typhoid bacillus. If there were not such thoughts about the patient, you would never have to handle them.

In any fever, handle contagion.

If you are able to establish the divine unity of man in your own thought, you will not have to give a detailed treatment. If you are to give a treatment which covers the ground, then cover the ground. I would declare what God is, and what man is, and make the denials specifically as to the claim. And there are three things you must always handle: There is no cause to a disease, there is no substance for it to be manifested upon, there is no law to support it. By covering these three points, you cover the three essential features of a disease. If you remove the cause, substance, and law, you have done the three essential things.

Do not hunt up any symptoms. In some cases where you have to know about disease, this will be uncovered to you. Mr. Young had never heard of the bacillus of typhoid fever one time when it was necessary for him to handle a case of fever which had not yielded, and he happened to pick up a newspaper in the streetcar, which someone had discarded, and there he read about the typhoid bacillus. He handled that, and the case was healed.

When an M.D. is in the case, handle that he cannot make mistakes, either by giving the wrong kind of medicine, or that he will not be there, when he ought to be there; handle every detail. The M.D. has not taken God out of the case. If possible, meet the M.D.

No matter what you do, you will be criticized, and especially by Christian Scientists.

Nothing is ever coming to you except God.

When Mrs. Eddy brought out the rule that you must call or report contagious disease, a body of Scientists were having luncheon, and someone asked Jack Cameron what he would do, if his little daughter had diphtheria. He replied, “Impossible.”

In these cases I would handle the belief of aftereffects, provided it is not cleared up at first. These possibilities must not be neglected in the case.

If you know what man is, you do not have to handle contagion. The basic error is mortal mind. There is no disease in so-called matter. Mortal mind is where disease is, in belief. In the divine Mind and infinite creation there is no disease at all, no contagion, no mortal man, and no mortal mind, divided into many minds. Nothing could pass from one mortal mind to another. There is no mortal mind, no substance to such a belief, no thought to it, no existence. It does not exist, and does not appear to exist. It is false and untrue, and is not happening.

You could say that the primary error or false claim is fever. Nothing can follow it, no aftereffects, because it is not anything as fever; and as it is not cause, it cannot have an effect. The evidence is according to Principle, and the law and the evidence are one.

It is not so much the use of material remedies, but the attitude we take about them, that makes them wrong. Many other things we do, are just as wrong. The Truth reveals that what is governing the universe is thought, and not material law. When you work, give treatment, do not work with your brain. You are not working in your head. You are not declaring something that you have to think by means of brain. There is no power but God. Give a treatment with a sense of peace and calmness, that the divine Mind is the divine Consciousness, and let Mind have Its own dominion and power. And while you are giving it as thought, he takes cognizance of the belief. You are doing just what James did. It is recorded of him, that there was calmness in his words. Let our work be of the Christ; be master of the situation.

The only sin there is, is a denial of Spirit.

If a word does not help you to see the mortal mind claim is nothing, do not use it; select another.

Do not be afraid to state the Truth. Demonstrate the Truth and correct the error. If it is necessary to stand, do not be afraid to stand before nurses and doctors. And just know the Truth, and do not be afraid to say, “This is the way to do things,” “Follow my rules,” “No evil talking,” “No literature that is wrong,” just as a doctor would take care of a case, and with the same authority and a lot more, because the practice is greater than that.

Every treatment you give, must not be left hanging in the air. Do not think I am sacrilegious, when I say God does not need a treatment. It is not enough to say, “There is no suffering in Truth,” “There is no disease in Truth,” “Everything is alright in Truth.” It isn’t enough. What you have got to say is, that the Truth of Being is, that Mind and idea are perfect and coexistent, and the law of their being is one law, and this treatment establishes that law in belief, so that what is called belief does not escape you. Do not let it get around the corner and miss your treatment. Here is the law of divine and infinite being; it is your Christian Science treatment. This is invoked in Christian Science treatment, and as a law it operates. It operates also in Truth, because there never has been a place in infinity, where this law has not been in operation, where this law was not in evidence.

This treatment establishes that law, its operation and its evidence, and there is no point nor place, where it is not established. There is no space, place, or occupancy, where it is not going on now. It operates not only as Truth, but as the presence and power of God in His own Infinite Kingdom, and through this treatment it operates, so that the belief cannot escape the law, even though it says, it is true in belief.

Error cannot escape the law that you establish in a Christian Science treatment, merely by saying, “I am true in belief, I am pain in belief, or I am a belief of pain.” See that your treatment does not miss that, and see that if you wanted to reach down, you could say, “There is not a realm that can escape my treatment.” No matter what belief says, no matter what its claim may be, it cannot separate anybody from this treatment, which heals and saves. There is not a consciousness beyond Infinity.

Always handle the belief that there are believers from the belief. Know that your handling of the belief handles the effects. The belief in the effects is stronger than the belief in the claim. If they have to take antitoxin, know it will not hurt them. That is what they had to do in the Army.

The claim, or belief, of materia medica, or mortal mind, calling itself materia medica, that this has to run its course, is a claim that is false absolutely.

Mrs. Knott’s experience with smallpox case: Went right to the house; remained there; handled publicity; not a scar left.

Anything that occurs to you, handle it. Truth uncovers error. If the patient seems better one day, and not so well the next day, handle that. Handle the belief that fever increases. Handle it, so that you do not see it at all.

If the temptation comes up for you to see it, handle that, and handle the mortal mind claim of the images of disease. Handle the claim of the picture of the disease, and overcome it. There is no power in suggestion. Every object of material thought will be destroyed. See clearly, that it is not your thought. It is only animal magnetism, and does not do anything to your treatment, and will not prevent the healing.

If you are afraid, handle that. What of fear? Fear is not power, but do not leave it. Handle it. Deny its influence, and law, and handle the suggestion that it can do anything, for it is absolutely unreal, and God can take care of it.

A belief producing another belief: Acidity causing rheumatism and poison of indigestion, and getting a headache. Generally now, it is neuritis. The theory is, that rheumatism comes from the brain. Diabetes is a disease of the liver. They say they are mental, and they say they are brain diseases. They say, many diseases result from worry. Nothing results from worry.

If a person is malicious or bitter, immediately see that he cannot suffer because of being bitter. Make your law that it cannot, and immediately handle the claim. In a backward sort of way, you will heal him of his disease, and presently of his sin. The thing to do, is to get rid of disease in belief, and the reason for the bitterness is absolutely untrue, and has no result. Get him free from that. Resolving things into thoughts, is only one step. It is not the only thing. He has come to Christian Science for redemption; that is the inside of it. The coming of the healing is the outside of it. Little by little, show him that God is omnipresent, omniscient, and get him to agree slowly. Christian Science is to educate. Tell him some reassuring thing. God is Love. Don’t say too much. Your tendency is to talk too much. Some don’t recover quickly, perhaps, because we talk too much. We are interested in living.

Mrs. Young says, “Don’t try to learn the whole of Christian Science in one day.”

One thing you must remember, that there would be some details you would take care of which you would not bring up in a hypothetical case. In that connection you have to be on your guard, not to believe what you see and hear. Take cognizance, that you meet the claim for yourself and the other person. Absolutely know, that man is not a sick man, and could not be sick, and he remains that way forever. Abide in the calm, serene presence of God, and realize always that what you know is one with God. It is that naturalness of being, and that the Divine Christ is able and does, in the course of your treatment, destroy these false laws, and exclude the false beliefs, and leaves consciousness healed.

You do not treat the body; and what seems to be a material body, is only a mortal mind concept, and is absolutely unreal. Man is well now, and is sustained and maintained in all his activity, and this enables man in His image and likeness to say, “I AM.”

We should have immeasurable confidence in our treatment, in our judgment. Christian Scientists are constantly getting into trouble, in belief, because they say that is not important. Everything is important, when you are handling the case; and sometimes the least important thing becomes the most important, some nagging belief or some little thought. You fail to handle malpractice. Consequently, we are not alert. If there were a devil, he would not wish anything better. If the patient is not a Christian Scientist, you cannot say much. If he is, you ought to say a lot of things.

The practitioner should have full professional confidence, and professional responsibility in it. Patients should be stimulated and strengthened by the practitioner’s confidence in Christian Science, and by his confidence in his ability to demonstrate it. Don’t give an impression of conceit, but you must at least have confidence in what you are doing. A true practitioner is alert. He is not starting from error to demonstrate, but always proceeds from Truth, and maintaining it involves the destruction of error. Christian Science practice is the greatest profession on earth. It is the most scientific, the most noble, and the most highly appreciated by those who understand it. Even though one is in a situation, so that one’s time is occupied in ordinary work, yet the knowing of the Truth is one’s chief concern. Circumstances may compel us humanly to be occupied in many ways, but we certainly are masters of the domain of consciousness. Nobody can circumscribe our thinking, and we should never permit an attempt to do so.

Entering upon the work of Christian Science, no person can afford to give it second place in his thought or in his conduct. It is proverbial, that physicians of the old school inspired confidence by their very presence. Physicians of the new, and only real, school of healing, ought to be able to do the same thing, by their knowing their confidence is not in a person. It is the divine Christ, the Truth, entering upon the arena where human fear and human beliefs seem to hold sway, and dissipating these errors with the law of its ever-presence. In the light of revelation, the presence of God is natural. People uninstructed in Christian Science, may doubt that presence. Can Christian Scientists doubt it?

Enoch did the only natural thing. He walked with God; that is, he walked with Good, Life, Truth, Love, with Principle. He walked with it, walked by it. His walking was it. Everything he did, was it. It might be supposed from the attitude of some persons, that Enoch was the only person that could walk with God; whereas, Jesus illustrated the fact that God instructs man, gives him infinite spiritual sense. That is the only real Science of Being. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health, “The divine Mind controls man and man has no Mind but God.” (S&H 319:19) The world is becoming accustomed to the fact, that God is available through Christian Science practice. And we are learning to walk with God gradually. The truth you know, constitutes the ability to face and diminish difficult situations, not with mere exaltation, but with the very presence of Mind, Wisdom, Love, God, Principle. Love, the one and only Mind, is the only action, and the only power of the universe.

Science and Health repeatedly declares the fact, that God is the only Mind, the same as I have shown. The only real thinking is that which accords with divine Mind, and that, the divine Mind gives. A human being who is self-assertive has no poise, and he never will get it, until he gets rid of his self-assertion. He must experience humility, in the best sense of the word.

He needs to express love, kindness, willingness to give and take, the willingness to let people say things to you, without getting angry because they say it, the willingness to be at peace with all the world, and to give other people credit for being honest, because he himself would like to be thought honest, to believe that everybody means to be sincere. See all the time the divine man. I don’t mean by that, you are to say, “Here is a material man, now I see God’s man,” putting in its place a man of inspired figure. Mortal man is a false belief. The real man is an infinite idea. Don’t replace a false belief with a thing that you will call a spiritual idea.

What you do, is to see constantly the infinite expression of infinite being, which is called God’s man, “I AM,” and that’s all there is to him, all there needs to be. (S&H 325:10)

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