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There is just one body which is reflected to human sense as an infinity of bodies. Principle, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, Love gives to Itself body, by giving evidence, or unfolding Itself as idea.

Body is in Mind, not mind in body. God’s consciousness of His Oneness and Allness is His Body: My realization of God’s Oneness and Allness is my body.

God sees His own embodiment, and these ideas in Mind are visible to consciousness, reflected as my body, audible and visible to me.

God’s ideas are reflected by our ideas. Body is what God unfolds or knows.

The individual man, or God-consciousness, is God’s body. Divine Science is God’s body. I am divine Science.

My body is a wholly good body, because it is the embodiment of a wholly good Mind.

One body is enough, because it is infinite, and is reflected in everybody’s body.

There are no false beliefs in the God body, to be objectified as pain or inflammation.

This body is complete; nothing can be added to it or taken from it.

This infinite God-consciousness (body), does not lack any masculine or feminine quality; it is every whit whole. It embodies within itself life, joy, purity, satisfaction, abundance. “The life-giving quality of Mind is Spirit, . . .” (S&H 517:7) The realization of the all-ness of Spirit is our energy, vitality, virility.

This body is not a changeable body, because it exists as Mind, and not a substance called matter. It is an immortal body, because it exists as a state of consciousness.

Each idea has to maintain its own individuality, its identity: a tree, a tree; a man, a man; a woman, a woman. The realization of Spirit is spontaneous renewal of the body. God is always giving Himself body, renewing it.

There will never be a time when God will not be manifesting body, feeding and clothing it.

Belief says strength is in muscle, in the body; belief says hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling is in the body. Mind hears, sees, feels, tastes, smells.

Body is not matter, but a state of consciousness held in thought, as a subjective state, and made visible or objective before the thought as an object.

My present state of consciousness is made up largely of God’s ideas, but more or less of false beliefs. As more of God’s ideas unfold, and are revealed, the present state of consciousness will have less and less of false beliefs in it, until even that state of consciousness we call ourselves, will be entirely God-consciousness.

Our so-called bodies are the so many manifestations of the God consciousness, or else so many states of human beliefs, objectified.

Everything you do is mental, is some idea objectified, not as matter, but as thought objectified.

The thought of matter as a claim, would be a false belief objectified. Whatever body seems to be as matter, is in reality a spiritual body, visible to consciousness, having outline, form and color. We must not think of the body as material, and then declare there is no matter. The claim of matter is a false belief objectified. Thinking of the body as matter, and wanting to get rid of it, would be a claim of opposites: polarity, electrical or destructive influence.

The claim of opposites is a claim of annihilation.

Looking at a beautiful sunset, someone said, “What a beautiful body I have.” God has to be evidence, and I am the evidence of what God is.

Body is identity with God. It is my at-one-ment with God. I am the presence of God. The fact about God is my body, just as the fact about man is body.

It is repeated in the fact, in the action of man and the universe.

The fact about body is a Christian Science treatment.

The unfolding idea of Soul determines the outward and actual, by acting on the false beliefs until the beliefs yield to the unfolding idea. Then the unfolding idea controls and determines the universe, and the unfolding idea is the activity of the universe. This unfolding idea, then, is the function of thought which is called body.

The unfolding is the beating of the heart. S&H 258:31: “Through spiritual sense you can discern the heart of divinity, and thus begin to comprehend in Science the generic term man.”

It is the function of the stomach, and is the outward and actual, when determined by idea.

The unfolding idea is the function of business, church, home, nation. Human efficiency is the unfolding idea, for the spiritual “. . .determines the outward and actual.” (S&H 254:22) The spiritual dominates the temporal at every point.

Only that which is governed by the unfolding idea, can be coincident with it. The unfolding idea is phenomena (effect), and it determines the outward and actual, the human phenomena (effect), by acting on the beliefs. As the idea acts upon the beliefs, it brings out better phenomena (effect), because of a better belief.

All of it is the idea which the belief is about. One body is enough, because it is all-inclusive, perfect, includes all of the infinite idea. The human sense of body is the belief of a good and evil body, which would be self-destructive. Body must be expressed. God has to be expressed, not repressed. The whole purpose of God is to express, and the whole purpose of belief is to suppress.

The unfoldment of the fact that the idea is always expressed, will destroy the belief of suppression. The idea is law to itself, and that idea, and its activity, is law to the belief that would suppress.

Body is whole, not lacking anything, no quality, part of leg, or lung lacking. Nothing has been taken out of body, and it does not lack courage, hope, joy, peace, dignity, satisfaction, poise, etc. It is a satisfied body. God is satisfied with His body, with my body.

The vitalizing quality of body is unfoldment. Unfoldment is the stimulus of life. Spiritual discernment is substance to my body. It is the essence of the conscious at-one-ment with God.

Belief called heart trouble healed, by knowing that God is the activity of what we call this body, even this belief of body.

God is supreme in the so-called physical world. Unfoldment is the animating force of the body. God is always feeding and clothing it in better garments of thought, which manifest the outward and actual. God is the buoyancy, symmetry, strength, vigor, of the body. The so-called human body only seems to be material. It is the word being made flesh; flesh and bone exist in Mind; no antagonism to flesh and bone. We have to make flesh of the normal beliefs, until the idea unfolds, such as eating, sleeping. Existence does not depend upon them. The unfolding idea is sufficient for every need. Flesh and bones exist as the active unfoldment of the idea. Do not be afraid of your body. The real body is without material parts. It is all one part. Pain, sickness, poison, are all beliefs about the one body, and have nothing to do with it.

We believe that blood circulates. The idea, to human sense, seems to come and go. It is really omnipotence. What God is unfolding as eating, feeling, eliminating, beliefs, circulating ideas.

The normal function is the highest concept of the unfolding idea. It is the idea unfolding the phenomena (effect) of the unfolding idea, the coincidence of the divine with the human; but the abnormal function is only the phenomena of the belief, which is the reverse of the unfolding idea. Pain is only the phenomena of the belief which is entertained in consciousness. The only organization of the body is the idea itself. Body’s organ is God’s idea. Organs are not created, but reflected. Every organ is a sound organ. There is only one, but that is enough, because it is infinite. It is manifested as so many beliefs: inspiration, respiration, digestion, assimilation, circulation, generation, elimination; all one organ, the same unfolding idea. It is God’s organ and my organ. My function is the function of the idea. Generative organs have to create, because the idea creates. Stomach digests because the idea unfolds. Indigestion is the belief that stomach can do something of itself; it is the phenomena of the belief that stomach is material. The idea is unfolding that stomach is not material, but the idea expressed, and it would have to digest, as the spiritual fact, repeated in the action of man and the universe, reflected.

By reflection, brain has to do some wonderful thinking. By reflection, kidneys have to eliminate, etc. It is all God doing it. The function of the mucous membrane is to secrete, and it might secrete too much or too little. The unfolding of the fact that mucous membrane, as the unfolding idea, the harmonious one, functions as idea, and knows enough to act perfectly, and in accordance with divine Love, is a law to the outward and actual phenomena.

As idea, it reflects infinite love and harmony. As matter, or material phenomena, it does not do anything. There is no pain in body, in God’s body, reflected as my body. When something seems to be out of order, declare: there is nothing about body which can be stopped, as in the case of cold, fever, hemorrhage, etc. The fact is law, and operates as law to the belief and phenomena; by convincing myself that there is nothing to be stopped, the belief stops. The only flowing there is, is the perpetual flowing of Love. The belief that Love has stopped flowing, made the belief begin to flow.

Belief claims to have body, but it cannot give body or phenomena to anything. The only secretion there is, is the unfolding of the idea, external and internal. S&H 83:21-22, “It is contrary to Christian Science to suppose that life is either material or organically spiritual.” Pernicious anemia is the belief that the red corpuscles of the blood have gone. Educated material belief says that there are just so many, but they have gone into the interior of the body. They exist in Mind, body, idea. Belief would keep anything from appearing, if it could, but they do not exist as matter, but as ideas, and omnipresence heals the belief of absence. Depletion, exhaustion, fatigue, would be healed by unfoldment. There is no morbid action or inaction. Belief about inaction, worry, fear, doubt, could be manifested as lack of vitality. Abnormal growth is a belief that growth is material. Normal growth is the appearing of the idea. Nothing in the body is emaciated or imperfect. Ideas operate to restore; if we understand body, we understand God, all beliefs, good or evil. The good ones are the phenomena of the ideas, and the evil the phenomena of false beliefs. (S&H 478:14)

Nerves are the emanation of God. They express the activity of infinite Love. To human sense they are a prolongation of the brain. The activity of Love is all there is to nerve. Just as nerve claims to be a part of the brain, it is onewith God. All the sensation comes by way of nerves, as matter. But sensation exists in Mind, and there is only one God. Consciousness has to have sensation, and it is all joy.

Pain is the phenomena of false beliefs, but God’s sensation is all joy, and is all the sensation there is. Every cell and fiber of my being, is expressing the sovereignty of God, proclaiming God, I AM. (S&H 162:12-16)

There is but one infinite faculty, which is God’s faculty, and which is thinking, knowing evidencing itself, understanding itself. One faculty is enough for everybody, and is enough for me. Belief claims five faculties, but the unfolding idea constitutes seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling. God’s faculty is indestructible, because it is God’s vision of Himself, of the infinite.

What Mind unfolds, constitutes our seeing, hearing, etc. Mind sees, that is why sight is normal. The belief that faculty is material, is the belief of an imperfect faculty, and is self-destroying. What God sees is what I see, and that is everything. God sees ideas, which are visible as image or objects of Mind. Mind determines the actual and outward. Everything is visible as Mind. Blindness is the belief that idea is not apparent, the belief that sight is material. Eyes as matter do not see. Eyes as idea exist as one. There is nothing through which anything could see, no channels. Belief has to have a channel, and claims to use my consciousness, in order to produce phenomena. The belief that I see through my eyes is a belief called mediumship, in a general sense.

Nerves by themselves do not feel. Paralysis is only the phenomena of belief that nerves are material, and have sensation as matter. Nerves exist as idea. (S&H 486:14-2)

God does not have anything to work with except ideas, and does not use them as channels. He imparts them. All facts are summed up in the fact of perceiving that we do not see, know, or understand, anything but what unfolds.

Christian Science practice is made up largely of protecting the idea; all Christian Scientists have enough unfoldment to destroy all belief, were it not that the willful beliefs are enforcing themselves. Pray the ignorant beliefs, that they melt away, but the liberated belief is unwilling to melt away, and the more you pray for it, the more aggressive it will appear. It must be cast out. (Matt. 4) Satan is a liberated belief. Jesus’ unfoldment uncovered the beliefs, and cast them out. Three attempts were made. First: He tried to heal it. Second: To reason with it. Third: He cast it out. Then angels came, because he had gotten rid of the beliefs. All of the beliefs of material existence are the beliefs of mediumship, the belief of using another.

God reflects Himself as idea; an idea is not a channel. Belief claims to use consciousness as a medium of operation. Do not try to get more unfoldment; that would be saying that God is not doing enough. The reflection of existence as infinite satisfaction, has replaced the desire to have good, with the presence of good.

Knowing that the doctors called the disease appendicitis, would not help me to heal it. I would have more to do to reverse the belief. Do not diagnose anything by materia medica. Diagnosis comes by mental unfoldment. Only name the belief, not the phenomena, such as grief, worry, lack, etc. Naming the belief is different from naming the phenomena, which materia medica deals with. But that can come only by unfoldment of the idea. Belief wants to hide itself.

Stomach and lungs are just one organ, in a scientific sense. I and my neighbor are one, but relatively I will always be I, and my neighbor, my neighbor.

Ideas always act to unify, but belief acts to separate, to divide the idea. It claims to have divided the male and female. They exist in at-one-ment, but belief claims to separate them. The healing fact is, that they have never been separated. Two will never be one. One has never been divided into two. When belief tries to unite two as one, it is a monstrosity.

The activity of body, since it is the activity of unfolding idea, extirpates, or removes, every phenomenon that to false sense seems to need removing. Revelation cannot be separated into parts.

There is nothing in the body that you want taken out, or put back in. The only thing that seems to be extirpated are the false beliefs. The body is pure, because it exists as a state of Mind made flesh.

Lungs are needed as inspiration, and heart as circulation, all as one idea; and this same idea inspires, illumines, creates, and at the same time is the idea of feeding, circulating, and so forth. The idea that inspires, is the idea that illumines. As matter, it would be air to breathe; it is Mind that breathes, breathes forth Its ideas. Thinking, realizing, is the Truth. There is no obstruction of God’s breathing freely on earth. Nothing stands in the way of God’s breathing forth Divine Science.

Does everything need to circulate? Omnipotence does not come and go. Omnipotence IS. It is the ability to think. The function of Mind, of individual Mind, is knowing, realizing.

Realization always comes spontaneously. Every organ has to be spontaneously active, so the heart has to beat spontaneously and with unlabored action. The beating of my heart is the spontaneous action of my realization of God’s thinking, reflected in my thinking. Kidneys have to eliminate, brain has to manifest intelligence, bowels to act, etc. Heart and lungs manifest as much intelligence as brain. They all operate as Mind, not from any intelligence of their own, but because they exist as the manifestation of Mind, and because they reflect some scientific fact of the activity of Mind.

Stomach as matter never did anything. Digestion is a claim that a stomach digests something as matter. A claim of indigestion is a belief of two, a claim of opposites. If it could digest, it could also claim to indigest. Stomach, bowels, lungs, kidneys, never do anything of themselves. So we need never be afraid that they will stop doing what they never have done.

Because Mind functions, body has to. The unfolding idea is Mind secreting, and is seen as the secretions of the body. Everything that goes on as body, is a reflection of what Mind does. Even to the present sense of body, it seems to be doing what Mind is doing.

There is but one organ, one function, one secretion, and that is unfolding idea. The secretions of the glands are very necessary, it exists as the idea of unfolding. There can be no diseased organs, because there are no lies; all is idea. Nerves could be prostrated only as a belief of matter, and having strength of themselves.

According to belief, nerves are supposed to be the prolongation of the brain. Nerve, as idea, proceeds from Mind’s idea, unfolding as divine Science. There are no prostrated nerves. The claim of morbid secretion is a claim of entertaining false beliefs, such as criticism. A morbid secretion cannot be a claim of condemning someone else, the claim of the inability to behold God’s idea. The realization of God as One, as All, eliminates the belief that there is something to be eliminated, and therefore restores whatever seems to need to be restored.

When we are conscious of existing as consciousness, without any sense of material body, then the veil will be cast away, and we shall have demonstrated the ability to live without it.

A Surgeon General of the U.S. Army said: “If the human body could eliminate properly whatever it needed to eliminate, there is no reason why we should not live forever.” If the false beliefs could be eliminated properly from consciousness, the embodiment would go on living forever. In Divine Science there is nothing to be eliminated. Body is always doing the thing that it ought to be doing, because it exists as Divine Science.

Do not be afraid of anything body seems to be doing. Every fiber, tissue, gland of the human body exists as idea, and each idea is proclaiming: “I am reflecting God, expressing God.” The only reason why faculty seems to be defective, is because it claims to exist as matter, instead of Mind, and the realization that God sees, feels, hears, smells, is my individual seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling. It is enough to heal the belief of imperfection, because one finds he cannot lack anything.

The claim of matter body is a claim of organized body made up of organs, and a claim of an organized body is a claim of a disorganized body. The false claim is that each member of the body is interdependent upon each of the others, so that if one suffers, all suffer.

Body is not organized, but each member as idea is dependent upon God alone, and not upon some other idea. Idea is Mind, organ, by which it operates, and there is only one organ. Instead of many organs, there are many manifestations of the one organ, idea. God could not have more than one idea, if it is a complete idea, including all ideas.

There is one infinite organ; it cannot be too big or too small.

Heal a claim of enlarged kidney or heart, on the basis that they are not to be feared; they are just the right size.

I am the all-inclusive evidence of the infinite joy. I am the infinite and tangible (therefore permanent) manifestation of all that means Mind, Life, Spirit, God.

I am the complete rejection of any and every belief that there is anything except I AM.

I am the full realization of my own completeness.

I am the compound idea of God, including all right ideas in perfect being, action, and coordination.

This is my body, and its evidence is unfailing. Spirit is the only substance, and is tangibility. Nothing is in evidence but Spirit, and the evidence of Spirit is constant.

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