Aggressive Mental Suggestion And Malpractice

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When Mr. Kimball came on the platform the first day I studied with him, he said something like this, “If I seem to manifest any physical discord (and he did), it is because many persons believe I am in error.” He said that many persons had wanted to be in class and had not been permitted, and they believed him to be in great error. Would that seem, that what these persons were believing had produced the physical discord? No, but it did seem that the belief entertained by a great many people seemingly was disturbing his thinking, until his disturbed thinking about what they were thinking was being objectified as physical discord. What needed to be treated? Not simply that he was in error, but the claim that this belief in what they were thinking, could make him believe that he was in error, and could disturb or harass him.

This was the claim: that what they were thinking could have some effect upon him, and thereby his own thinking be externalized on his physical body in some discordant phenomena. The claim about the thought was the claim to be healed. Now this is what we call malpractice, and this malpractice could affect him only as his own thinking, and in no other way. Then what was he to do?

His work was to maintain his own thinking, the Christ Consciousness, undisturbed and uninfluenced by the thoughts of others, by the thoughts that were arguing to him about what others were doing or thinking. (S&H 306:25) Paul said, “None of these things move me.” (Acts 20:24) Even if the whole world believed him in error, this malpractice, these aggressive mental suggestions about him, could not make him seem to believe in error. These aggressive mental suggestions could not do a thing to his Christ Consciousness. Knowing this, the physical discords vanished quickly.

This is the work of every Christian Scientist to do for himself, and for his patients, and to help his patients to do for themselves. There is no other way we can be helped, or saved, except by the Christian Science method, by maintaining the Christ Consciousness that cannot be mesmerized by aggressive mental suggestion. (Mis.Writ. 315:32-4) (S&H 346:13) (Man. 84:1; 42:4)

Suppose a great many people, all the world, believed in heart trouble, what would need to be treated? It would not be sufficient to treat or deny that a man had heart trouble, but the claim that what he believed they said about him, could disturb or harass and mesmerize him into believing he had heart trouble. “It can’t be done” is the treatment; there never could be a false claim objectified, if we did not fear it. (Mis. Wr. 109:29-32)

Has all the world’s materia medica belief in heart trouble tried to mesmerize you into believing that you had heart trouble, or some other trouble? “It can’t be done” is the treatment. Not the belief that you had heart trouble, but the claim that you could be mesmerized by the whole world’s materia medica belief in heart trouble must be treated. Then it is evident to you that mesmerism, hypnotism, is always the actual claim to be treated, the mesmerism, or hypnotism of what others think, claiming to mesmerize you to be thinking what they think, the claim that you can be mesmerized by some distressing suggestion or fear or worry, until you actually do feel the distress, and so seem to have some kind of physical trouble, or some other kind of trouble.

Now materia medica admitted long ago, that just such statements could be externalized as every so-called kind of physical trouble, etc., and that is what it is doing today. That is all there is of so-called physical trouble; there is no physical disease, but only so many kinds of mesmerism, mesmeric states; and because disease is not physical, but mental, in its nature and origin, its diagnosis must be mental, and its method of healing, mental.

Mrs. Eddy tells us not to give disease a name; you are disobedient to revelation if you give disease a name. Diagnose metaphysically, but never give a name that materia medica would. (S&H 453:24-28) It is not enough to declare that the distressing suggestion or fear is false, and to maintain the truth about that, unless your realization, your vision of Truth and Love, is so complete, as to heal with reasoning sufficient to wipe out and melt away the manifestation. You know the belief is false, even if you seem to believe it, for divine Science has revealed its falsity. Therefore, the Christian Scientist or anybody cannot be mesmerized by those suggestions, and so made to believe and objectify materia medica suggestions, or any kind of false suggestions. Declare it, until you know and feel it, that you cannot be mesmerized by aggressive mental suggestions, and be thus influenced to error’s way of thinking.

It is when you are not knowing that you cannot be mesmerized, that you are most liable to be; mesmerism is not power, there is no mesmeric power, no magnetic power, and those aggressive mental suggestions are not power. The Christ Consciousness does not give them power; they have no intelligence and are not Mind, and therefore, cannot act as Mind or cause, and be objectified as effect. They have no substance with which to act upon the Christ Consciousness. They have no law or Principle to support them, to enforce them, and they cannot function, therefore, as law.

The Christ Consciousness is law to the aggressive mental suggestion. Aggressive mental suggestions have no ability to function or have any function at all, cannot function as, or through, The Mother Church, The Publishing Society, Branch Church members, etc.

Aggressive mental suggestion has no channel or avenue, and cannot find me, or reach me through any avenue within the radius of my thinking, by mesmerizing others with aggressive mental suggestions about me. It cannot make an avenue of me, whereby to reach others through animal magnetism suggestions, mesmerizing me about others, and so tempt them by animal magnetism suggestions.

They cannot mesmerize the Christ Consciousness, my Christ-Consciousness; cannot obscure it, nor rule, nor ruin it, nor dim its perceptions; cannot take possession of it, my thinking; obsess, persecute, or torment it; it cannot make my consciousness fear death, or love death, or in any way make it believe death at all, or believe in any of its so-called forms or phenomena, whereby to make it respond to an aggressive mental suggestion, and thereby objectify it as human discord. (S&H 347:26-29)

Aggressive suggestion cannot parade as Christian Science, and cannot make me believe that it can. The Christ Consciousness does not respond to animal magnetism suggestion. It cannot be done. They are not divine possibilities. Declare it until you know it. Then you will never again be tempted to believe that you do not know how to handle animal magnetism suggestions. They cannot do a thing; they simply cannot mesmerize the Christ Consciousness.

This is controlling sin, sickness and death on the basis of your spirituality, as Mrs. Eddy says Jesus did. (S&H 356:9-11) (Matt. 12:28-29) (Mess. of 1901 13:9-12)

Take possession of these aggressive mental suggestions with such a sense of their nullity as destroys them. (S&H 1:6) (Mal. 4:3)

In reading the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s works, if you substitute the words, aggressive mental suggestion for evil, or malpractice, or sin, or mesmerism whenever you can, it will be a great help to your reading; it will bring out a greater unfoldment, for the aggressive mental suggestion is all there is of that nature.

In handling any claim, it is all important to recognize: First, that this aggressive mental suggestion is false belief. I know there is no such thing, even though there seems to be, and I seem to believe it. Second, it cannot mesmerize me, make me believe or think about it; it cannot do a thing to my thinking or anybody’s thinking. It cannot mesmerize the Christ Consciousness. It cannot be done and, therefore, it cannot create or determine any discordant phenomena. Third, the Christ Consciousness creates and determines its own universe, it is determining all that is going on or doing anything, and it operates as law to that which seems to be going on. (Misc. Writ. 367:29-32) This is as true of you, as it is of God. So you are by reflection, creating and determining your own universe. You, your thinking, creates your own universe, and is your own image and likeness.

1. Aggressive mental suggestion is not anything.

2. It cannot do anything to the Christ Consciousness. It must be recognized as a claim of mesmerism.

3. See the spiritual fact about which the belief is a lie.

A second reader, a woman, had a claim to meet for herself at the time of her reading. She failed to meet it very well, and she declared the claim was not real, it was just a lie, no truth in it, no reality to it, etc.; that was not enough to meet the claim. Had her vision been big enough, it would have wiped it out, and it would have met anything. Just denying the claim was not enough. She should have declared that the Christ Consciousness could not be mesmerized to accept that claim, and that the claim could not mesmerize her, and that it could not do a thing to the Christ Consciousness, and so be objectified as the so-called physical phenomenon.

You cannot be mesmerized by belief, by aggressive mental suggestion. Aggressive mental suggestion is the prince of this world, and hath nothing in us, in the Christ Consciousness, to respond to. (S&H 234:31-3; 451:2-5)

Another Christian Scientist found it necessary to free herself from the claim of being dominated by another woman, and she knew that the Christ Consciousness could not be mesmerized by aggressive mental suggestion of will power and her sense of fear, that objectified itself as a great sense of suffering. Then a great sense of love came to her for that person, and she was conscious of her freedom from the claim of human will or domination. The Christ Consciousness had demonstrated that it, the Christ Consciousness, could not be mesmerized by aggressive mental suggestion. (S&H 401:7-11,16-20) (Matt. 20:25-27)

Mrs. Eddy once said something like this to someone, “As long as you believe in evil at all, you will have to continue with specific claims.” It is our belief in evil that makes us respond to aggressive mental suggestions, fear, hate, materia medica, jealousy, covetousness and suspicion, and so makes us determine our own so-called suffering.

It is our mentality which determines not only our own heaven, our own universe, but our own hell. It is our belief in the reality of hate, jealousy, materia medica in general, that makes us respond to their aggressive mental suggestions and so suffer, instead of making us above them, and so out of their reach.

Mr. Kimball said scorn never affected him, because he had risen above it. (S&H 53:25-1) Then to criticize these errors in others, means that we are believing in them, and therefore, you may seem to suffer, unless you strip these lies of their reality; in other words, handle them as aggressive mental suggestions with no power or influence, because they have no power or substance, nothing out of which to produce phenomena. “Father forgive them,” or us, for believing in hatred.

It is said of Jesus (S&H 39:1-2), “He met the mockery of his unrecognized grandeur.” He would rather recognize the person’s real grandeur, than find something to criticize. Do we long to have others recognize our grandeur? Do you think others long to have their real grandeur recognized? Don’t you think it would heal you, to recognize your real grandeur? There is just one real grandeur of every one of us. (My. 151:23-3)

The first step in the demonstration is, that your knowing, that you, the Christ Consciousness, cannot be mesmerized by anyone’s thinking, keeps you from seeming to be. Jesus could see instantly (His Christ Consciousness) what the other person was thinking, and could see the nothingness of it. It is important to see what others are thinking, or what the thinking is that is trying to mesmerize you into believing or mesmerizing your thinking. Never mind about the person; it is the aggressive mental suggestion, that is trying to mesmerize your thinking, that you need to discern.

Be sure that it is always on a scientific basis; it is the same aggressive mental suggestion trying to influence you and the other person, wholly as something within the radius of your thinking. And often you do not heal a thing, until you have discerned, uncovered, the aggressive mental suggestion that is specifically trying to mesmerize you or your patient, and so be objectified as some discordant suggestion that hides itself. Strip off its disguise, and evil uncovered is destroyed.

“A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error.” (S&H 252:8) If you know what the aggressive mental suggestion is, you can destroy it instantly. To illustrate: a disloyal student, formerly a director of The Mother Church, came to visit a church in California. A student became ill; even the third treatment had no effect. The practitioner saw that she must discern what the aggressive mental suggestion was, that was claiming to mesmerize the Christ Consciousness, and thus bring the serpent out of the hole. “I asked infinite Mind, infinite omnipresence, my own presence, my own Mind, because that is the only infinite Mind there is, to reveal to me what I needed to know. I did not ask aggressive mental suggestion, but I asked Mind, the Christ Consciousness. I appealed, as Jesus did, to God, and God’s idea, the same infinite omnipresence, the one Mind, my own Mind, because there isn’t any other to appeal to. Almost at once, something like this began to formulate in my thinking: No aggressive mental suggestion, calling itself an ex-official of The Mother Church, could operate alone, or with another so-called Christian Science practitioner or teacher, and aggressive mental suggestions could not operate through any claim of hatred of me or anybody at all, and so be objectified as a discordant claim within the radius of my thinking, as a patient or student.

I declared, it can’t be done. Aggressive mental suggestion cannot operate in any way to mesmerize the Christ Consciousness, and so be objectified as a discordant phenomenon, on any official of The Mother Church, on any practitioner, or teacher, or student, or anybody at all; it can’t be done. Aggressive mental suggestion cannot operate on anybody. The Christ Consciousness is all, and there is nobody to be mesmerized. By this time the patient said, as chipper as could be, “I think I’ll get up and get dressed.” That was the end of the mesmerism. The Christ Consciousness maintained its balance over the aggressive mental suggestion, and healed instantly. (Mis. Writ. 210:4-7)

You must put a proper value on your Christian Science work, if you expect mortal mind to do so. You must decide what you should do. This discernment of the aggressive mental suggestion never injures anyone. Mrs. Eddy speaks of the discernment as “the penetration of the Soul,” wherewith we search “the secret chambers of sense.” “I never knew a student who fully understood my instructions on this point of handling evil.” (Mis. Writ. 292:25-13; 95:16) Then it requires the same spiritualization of thought to discern and uncover the mesmeric suggestion and its nothingness, as it does to discern even higher to uncover error (the suggestion), than you do to uncover the divine reality. (S&H 96:4-5) “Love will finally mark the hour of harmony, and spiritualization will follow, for Love is Spirit.” (Gen. 33:10) (S&H 94:32 only)

Would it help an official, or an ex-official, or church, or anyone at all, to be recognized as the Christ Consciousness? Would our recognition of them do much, if we could discern their face, as the face of God? Would it hasten their discernment and the uncovering of error, the mesmeric suggestion that claims to be mesmerizing them and others, and so shorten those days of mesmerism, hypnotism, to which Jesus referred in Matthew 24:22, when he said those days of mesmerism and hypnotism could be shortened by “the elect”? (S&H 96:31-2) (Mis. Writ. 104:29-32) Jesus said, unless they are shortened, no flesh could be saved; this can only be done by Christian Scientists maintaining their balance as the Christ Consciousness over aggressive mental suggestion, that would mesmerize them, seeing those who are practicing these suggestions as having the Face of God. Don’t let these aggressive mental suggestions disturb your thinking, until your thinking objectifies itself in some discordant phenomena. The human sense must ask for this uncovering of the aggressive mental suggestion. “He that seeketh findeth.” The aggressive mental suggestion that tries to hide from the Christ Consciousness seems to require an asking for the uncovering. So diagnose your own case. Materia medica only adds more mesmeric suggestions. The healing will be permanent, when you uncover the specific mesmeric suggestion that is claiming to mesmerize the Christ Consciousness.

So handling mesmeric suggestions or aggressive mental suggestions amounts to this: first, it means discerning its falsity; second, discerning its powerlessness to mesmerize you from keeping your balance; third, discerning the spiritual fact about which the falsity is a lie. (S&H 346:9-13; Mis. 3:25-32; Rev. 20:1-3, 14; John 10:37)

It was Jesus’ mission to bear witness to the Truth. This he did, and stirred up error, only for it to be destroyed, as aggressive mental suggestion, and he allowed the Christ Consciousness to be supreme. Our mission is to uncover the nothingness of the errors stirred up by Science, in order to prove the “allness of Truth.” Divine Science has completely uncovered the world’s errors. Now it is the mission of every Christian Scientist to discern and demonstrate for himself individually, as the Christ Consciousness, the powerlessness of any aggressive mental suggestion to mesmerize him, and demonstrate his ability to maintain his Christ Consciousness, to keep his balance uninfluenced by aggressive mental suggestion. This is the demand of divine Science.

The ability to do this is required by the English Navy today. All those in service are required to be able to detect mesmerism and to defend themselves from it. Wise, is it not? Because everything in mortal mind is carried on by means of aggressive mental suggestion. Listening to aggressive mental suggestion, even unconsciously, tends to dupe and stupefy thought, to make one feel indifferent to things in general, negative, sleepy, weary; and in this way the Navy students are shown how to detect the suggestion that is trying to mesmerize them, and are taught to thwart the effort to mesmerize them, by turning their thought away at once from aggressive mental suggestion to something they know to be true (even if it is only the multiplication table). And they are trained never to go to sleep until the mesmerism is broken, and never to yield to suggestion.

But the human method (though it patterns the divine) does not go to the extent of discerning the nothingness of the aggressive mental suggestion in the divine unfoldment of spiritual reality. If this must be done in these human affairs, much more must the Christian Scientist recognize the necessity of maintaining his Christ Consciousness balance in the face of sense testimony. He must maintain the Christ Consciousness in the face of every mesmeric suggestion, break the mesmerism by turning from it: holding fast to what he knows to be true. True about what? True about the spiritual idea, that aggressive mental suggestion is a suggestion about; turn away from the suggestion to the spiritual reality. This will heal instantly. Break the mesmerism for both the practitioner and patient. Christian Scientists are the Cause of Christian Science; and what they are doing, the Cause is doing. Break the mesmerism. Malpractice is always by way of aggressive mental suggestion. These suggestions are false, ungrounded. They cannot mesmerize you or anybody. Discern the divine fact, or spiritual reality; discern the glory of Christian Science. The suggestion that might be assailing you so aggressively, might be some undestroyed quality in your thinking, known or unknown, some longing or fear which Truth and Love, as they unfold in your thinking, have brought to the surface, in order to deliver you from these destroying beliefs or qualities of thought. (S&H 401:18-20) Just as ideas exist in the infinite Mind and as infinite Mind, abstractly or subjectively, before they are unfolded consciously, objectively, or as concrete ideas, also in the same way, these mesmeric beliefs, that have been latent in your thinking, unknown, become aggressive and more apparent to you, as Truth and Love unfold in your thinking. They bring them to the surface, and uncover them to you, until later their nothingness in divine Science, and in the light of unfolding Truth and Love, appears.

The more aggressive these suggestions, the more mesmeric they seem to be. Your highest unfoldment of Truth and Love reveals the perfect reality about that which the suggestion is a suggestion, until the mesmerism melts away in the presence of the unfoldment. If you will not go to sleep, until you have broken the mesmerism, you will be worth much more to the Cause of Christian Science, as the man in the Navy is to his country.

There is no mesmeric power. Truth and Love, unfolding in you as your own consciousness, is doing all. Listening to aggressive mental suggestion is all there is to malpractice and all the malpractice there is. The suggestion cannot do anything to you or to anybody. It is what you do to it that counts, and listening to it, consenting to it, instead of turning away from it, to the spiritual fact that you know to be true, is a claim of lack of loyalty to the Cause, the Christ, the Christ Consciousness, to your own true being.

Luke 4:1-15 covers all the aggressive mental suggestions, I think, that could ever assail you. Jesus, being full of the Holy Ghost (the spiritual unfoldment of Truth and Love), was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. The wonderful unfoldment of Truth and Love uncovered in his consciousness and brought to the surface every quality of thought that could claim to be used by aggressive mental suggestion to tempt him: qualities of thought, undestroyed, over which he had not yet demonstrated his resurrection or ascension. Would these temptations have come to him, had there not been qualities of thought, undestroyed, through which aggressive mental suggestion would seek to mesmerize him?

Do not murmur or grieve, or feel self-pity or discouragement, over the need for uncovering and destroying deeper errors. Rather rejoice, that the good work goes on, and that it is because Truth and Love are unfolding in and as your consciousness, that these aggressive mental suggestions are being uncovered, not only in your own consciousness, but in the universal consciousness as well. Stand the test of being mesmerized by any suggestion that claims to be uncovered in universal consciousness, as well as in your own. Working it out in your own consciousness, you are helping to work it out universally. Your unfoldment is delivering you, if you are as faithful to it as was Jesus loyal to the Christ Consciousness. It is working out your own “day of glory.” (II Cor. 4:7; Heb. 5:8) The purpose of the wrong suggestion is to keep Christian Scientists from being loyal to their unfoldment of Truth and Love, and so make themselves destroy the Christian Science movement, because Christian Scientists are the Christian Science movement. (Mis. 317:5-9)

Maintain your balance: we need balance to stand. With every aggressive mental suggestion you master, you will have a greater unfoldment of Truth and Love. Aggressive mental suggestion is all the adverse influence there is. Human thought is beginning to recognize this. Now, thought calls it material, or electrical, or chemical, etc., translated back or resolved into some influence. Therefore, refuse to be mesmerized by the suggestion of destructive material vibration, destructive influence of any sort, super-sound or super-light influence, atom bombs, suggestion of destructive ether waves, radio waves, radium waves. All there is of these waves, or vibrations, or influence is the aggressive mental suggestions.

Refuse to be influenced by these aggressive suggestions of destructive chemical influence, etc., all claiming objectification as so-called material poison, or just poison. All there is to a suggestion, is a suggestion about some spiritual reality. Melt the error away in the discernment of the one influence, one action, one substance, the one true emotion, the one presence, the one function, the one operation of law, and the harmonious rhythm of Truth and Love unfolding. (S&H 213:16)

Aggressive mental suggestion claims to function as the discordant mental emotions, to produce the symptoms of every so-called disease in any one of these ways: it claims to function as symptoms, or nerve centers, and as every so-called bodily function. See how aggressive mental suggestion manufactures every symptom in every so-called bodily function.See how aggressive mental malpractice manufactures every symptom in every so-called physical discord. Then treat aggressive mental suggestion, instead of symptoms. If you uncover the mesmeric suggestion that claims to be doing it, the healing will be instantaneous.

Handle these suggestions along these different lines to heal all kinds of trouble, for all there is to the so-called physical ills is the mesmerism of the suggestion, or being mesmerized by suggestion. Mesmerism is doing it all, and you are manufacturing your own bodily ills; so melt away the aggressive mental suggestion that would mesmerize you, and so disturb and harass you, and perhaps torture you, until your disturbed thought is objectified as some so-called physical trouble, and you can have the trouble you choose.

Harmonious vibration, human sense calls the harmonious or normal conditions of the body; light, and sound, and heat, all the functioning of the universe, and of the human body, the movement of the bowels, all goes on as the function of harmonious vibration.

There is a good normal human belief, whereas the abnormal so-called conditions or discordant electrical function and action goes on as the function of aggressive mental suggestion, which is destructive. So all there is of physical ills, is the ability on your part to be mesmerized by aggressive mental suggestion sufficiently, until you feel your disturbed thought, and so objectify your disturbed thinking as feeling. Then the aggressive mental suggestion, that has disturbed your thinking and feeling, that has claimed to mesmerize you, has to be uncovered, discerned, and melted away by your unfoldment of Truth and Love. Christian Science has been discovered for the very purpose of showing that evil is not real. All before the Christ Consciousness were thieves and robbers. Your demonstration is going to be the demonstration of divine Science, its fulfillment, its accomplishment. The uncovering and upheaval of so-called evil in the United States bear witness to what this unfoldment of divine Science in consciousness is doing to bring to the surface and uncover evil to the individual consciousness. For what purpose? To deliver the world. To master evil.

Treatment for one in the Association who becomes ill: “There is no aggressive mental suggestion here, there is nothing here but the Christ Consciousness, delivering you from what it would seem to have brought to the surface. Only one presence here, working out salvation. There is no mental aggressive suggestion doing anything. The Christ Consciousness is all there is going on, the unfolding of Truth and Love as our consciousness, the infinite presence, the all-harmonious presence.” Use the Lord’s prayer with its spiritual interpretation.

Reducing: Aggressive mental suggestion’s way would be to suggest de-hydrating; take the water out of the body. If it could get you to believe in that suggestion, it would go on to mesmerize you into further suggestions about disease, etc., and thus its claims to manufacture disease. Watch out for its tricks. Letter from a student; others wanted her to use reducing beliefs, but it did not seem to appeal to her. One day she read of the Mother Church as having all form, color, outline, loveliness, grace, beauty; instantly the thought unfolded to her, “Why, this is my body.” And the true realization of these words, she said, would make that demonstration for her, as well as for the Mother Church. Then the beauty of the loveliness of the Mother Church unfolded to her, how it always stood majestically, nothing could be added to it and nothing taken from it, without any sense of weight or encumbrance. It brought a great sense that she was walking on air, with no sense of weight or encumbrance, and it eliminated an overweighted sense of herself and her appearance, and that was the last she heard about reducing.

A patient had been ill many years before, and seemed to relapse after these many years. The treatment uncovered that the patient had attended, with a friend who was persuasive, a meeting of false science called Unity, and she had heard a great deal against Science, false metaphysics, and disloyalty to Christian Science, to Mrs. Eddy, though claiming to use her statements. All those aggressive mental suggestions were reversed and cast out. The demonstration of healing had been made by the next day. Her own disturbed thought was showing in this way. The errors were uncovered and reversed.

You will heal most of your patients by handling the claim of aggressive mesmeric suggestion for yourself. The whole purpose of aggressive mental suggestion is to produce disloyalty, and apostasy, and hypocrisy in the ranks of Christian Scientists. Error does its best to hide from your discernment. You see aggressive mental suggestion parading as “Unity organization,” parading as a law of relapse, reversal, rebound, or obstruction. Handle aggressive mental suggestion of hatred of organization. Handle jealousy and hatred toward the United States. There is one thing greater than happiness: holiness, but that includes happiness. It must be clear to you, that there is no such thing as resistance to Truth, for the unfolding of Truth is doing it all, melting it away.

A woman who had done such beautiful work, but had never been healed of the trouble she had come into Science for, said, “I know there is some error in me.” Mesmerism made her say that. The aggressive mental suggestion, arguing in her consciousness as her thinking, and as others thinking about her, that she was in error, mesmerized her to accept it and think, “I am in error.” When it was uncovered to her that she had been mesmerized to accept and consent to that suggestion, and that it was her thought that was being objectified, she was instantly healed.

Love is always giving, giving, giving. It is never trying to get, but the suggestions of error are always trying to get. Because they have nothing of themselves, they are always seeking to get. The aggressive mental suggestion can only seem to exist, by getting something from the Christ Consciousness. That is always giving. The more it gives, the more it is uncovering the aggressive mental suggestion, and regardless of how long the mental suggestion refuses to be melted away and resisted, the healing does not come until the aggressive mental suggestion learns to give itself up. It must give all for Christ. It has to give itself up.

The upheaval and uncovering of so-called evils in our country, bear witness to what the unfolding of divine Science is doing to bring these crimes to the surface.

Then do we need to stand in awe of crime and graft? The unfolding of Truth and Love, that has brought them to the surface, will melt them away. Let us be faithful to our unfoldment of the nothingness of aggressive mental suggestion. The upheavals of the Christian Science movement also, and our own individual experiences, indicate that there is great necessity to master the aggressive mental suggestions as fast as they appear, as fast as our unfoldment appears, to demonstrate the nothingness of aggressive mental suggestion.

Be wise, and not thrust upon the unprepared thought, or minds unprepared for them, disputed points, lest we promote collisions of thought or aggressive mental suggestions, beyond what we ourselves are able to bear. (Un. 5:21-27; 6:22-23) Now these claims are the only mental suggestion that Christian Science has brought to the surface, by its own uncovering of the unfoldment of Truth and Love. Let that bring normally to the surface, in the normal way, what one knows one can take care of. Our work seems more difficult now, than in the early days, because Truth and Love have brought to the surface these beliefs that claim to mesmerize. Aggressive mental suggestions are all that make our work more difficult, the only resistance to our healing. It is all there is of destructive electrical vibrations, all there is of super-sound waves; so take possession of them. (‘01 13:9-12)

If you do not take possession of aggressive mental suggestions and destroy them, they will certainly seem to take possession of you, and destroy you and the Christian Science movement. (S&H 393:8-15) You are your own savior. And, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is (where the unfoldment of Truth and Love is), there is liberty.” Then you will refuse to think there is such a thing as malpractice and mesmerism, because the unfolding consciousness of Truth and Love is all that is going on, and that which brings to the surface these aggressive mental suggestions, is able to master them, if you refuse to be mesmerized by them. Then aggressive mental suggestion cannot parade as destructive insects, or anything else, any more than it can parade as unloving Christian Scientists. Don’t be influenced by what others think. You have a demonstrable Science. Prove that. You might think something correctly, that one hundred other persons might be thinking incorrectly about. Mrs. Eddy says: “Principle and its idea is one, and this one is God.” Then Principle and its idea exist as God and His reflection: as man and the universe. All ideas exist in Mind, as Mind, abstractly or subjectively, before they are unfolded, so that they can, as they are unfolded, appear concretely and objectively as your ideas.

When disputed points arise among Christian Scientists, see whether it is simply aggressive mental suggestion and handle it; thus, recognize the suggestion as selfevidently false. Recognize, that it cannot mesmerize anybody’s consciousness, and recognize the real spiritual fact. Melt away all aggressive mental suggestions in the unfoldment, the reality. The great point for us to discern, is that Life is spiritual, and not material, and that God is All, and there is no evil.

The consciousness that knows the nothingness of any mesmeric influence, is breaking the mesmerism that there is anything material. You have to exist as God’s expression; “Principle and its idea is one.” Break the mesmerism for yourself, the hatred of divine metaphysics, hatred of your practicing. Then shall the whole world know that Christian Science is of God, if you have love one for another. This is one of the greatest miracles to be wrought here on earth. (My. 158:9-10) Can you say to your brother and sister, as Jacob said, “I have seen your face as though it were the face of God”? Love is Spirit, and Love spiritualizes, and our great work is spiritualization of thought. (S&H 96:4-5)

Love is the great spiritualizing power. Take this up daily, and see through the ruse of aggressive mental suggestion, that your work does not heal. It is God and divine Science that heals. You know what that is, and you know how to give the true Christian Science treatment, so do not be fooled by these inane aggressive mental suggestions.

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