The 1936 Primary Class

by Bicknell Young

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Editor's Note

This verbatim record of Bicknell Young's 1936 Primary Class was recorded word for word in shorthand by Arthur Corey, one of the students in the class. Mr. Corey later made a typed transcript of his notes. This publication of the 1936 Primary Class was taken from a copy of the original typed transcript by Mr. Corey.

In studying this record, the reader should take into consideration that this class was given in 1936, and many changes have taken place in the world since then. In 1936, the Christian Science Church was reaching its peak of prosperity. Churches were filled. Wednesday evening testimony meetings gave accounts of impressive healings. Lectures were standing room only. And teachers had a long waiting list of those wanting to attend their classes.

Man y of the remarks in Mr. Young’s Class were acceptable to the social conditions of the times. They often reflect the dictates of the Board of Directors of The Mother Church in Boston, who were head of the church organization. Although there are remarks in the class that are dated, these notes have not been edited for they are historical as well as metaphysical in content. No other verbatim record of a two week class has come to light for that period in the movement. This record gives a factual account of what went on in class teaching, and how teaching was related to the needs of the times.

Although some remarks made then would be quite different in a class of today, Mr. Young's metaphysical teaching is timeless. Reading this record, it is easy to see why he was called “The Dean of Christian Science Teachers.” As we read, we find ourselves “going through class” with Mr. Young and benefiting from his many years as a dedicated practitioner, teacher, and lecturer for the Cause of Christian Science.

Monday, August 3, 1936

Perhaps I should say, right here at the start, that no one in this class should be having treatment from someone outside the class.

Another thing that has caused a lot of trouble: don’t ever say, “My teacher says,” in your church work. It stirs up a lot of antagonism. And it’s not the best thing to say anyway. We are not a lot of little children. If you know something, just say it. And if you feel you have to quote, there is only one authority you can safely quote, and that is Mary Baker Eddy in her final writings.

And notes. I see you have all brought your notebooks. Of course, you should not be writing all the time. You can’t hope to take down in longhand everything I say here. And it isn’t necessary that you do. Mrs. Young and I took very few notes when we had class with Edward Kimball, but we did takes notes, yes. There’s nothing wrong about taking notes of class instruction. But do not lose them. I once taught a class in London which included a man — perhaps I shouldn’t have taken him in the first place — a man who made copious notes, including elaborate and detailed comments on Roman Catholicism, and at the conclusion of the class he went right out and left them in a hansom cab! Just imagine! Making all those notes just to lose them! Although every effort was made to recover them, those notes never turned up again. At least they didn’t turn up in embarrassing quarters, which is something to be grateful for. But all those notes taken on protection might just as well never have been made for all the protection they were.

Question (by Charles Redfield): About notes, Mr. Young. I have seen two or three versions of your article “Day” and wonder which one, if any of them, is correct. How can we find out?

Answer: If you will ask Miss McGowan, the secretary, she will see that you get a correct copy.

As a matter of fact, “Day” is not an article, but an excerpt from something I had to say on the subject in one of the Association addresses. I said something to the effect that the constant iteration and reiteration of what we know to be true transforms for us what seems to be true, so that we should everyday begin the morning affirming that there is just one Mind, seeing that the day can bring nothing less than divine unfoldment. Some of the students took shorthand notes of what I said, and it wasn’t long afterward that I saw a garbled version in circulation.

At the B. A. in Boston [the church sanatorium, known as the Christian Science Benevolent Association], somebody showed me a copy of my remarks on “Day,” and in looking it over, I saw that the words “in belief or at all” had been inserted as such a way as to reverse my whole meaning. Now, whoever did that no doubt meant well; but it was not what I said nor what I meant. This goes to show the danger in irresponsible copying and circulating notes in the field. Well, I revised that copy, and Miss McGowan will let you have the corrected version.

But we don’t always have the opportunity to straighten things out. For instance, there are two articles in wide circulation attributed to me which I did not write. One of them is called “Ego” or “Egoism,” and the other is called “Body.” [These two articles actually came from Peter Ross.] I utterly repudiate them both. I must say this in fairness to the writers as well as myself, for whatever value they might have should be credited to the authors.

Now let us see where we are here. You do not choose Christian Science; when you are ready, Truth comes to you, as it did to Christ Jesus and as it did to Mary Baker Eddy. We see this in the experience of Abraham. Abraham came out of the Chaldeans, a race of soothsayers, necromancers and the like, because thought had for him risen to a point where he could no longer accept the erroneous beliefs and superstition of that people. Truth came to him revealing the erroneous nature of their ancient way of thinking. But when we say that Truth came to him, do not get the idea that it came from outside somehow. Revelation is always from within. Get rid of all those old notions and you will find Mind unfolding itself. The “new birth,” even from the beginning, is an entirely altered sense of existence.

An intellectual concept of Truth is not Truth at all. Memory has no part in the study of Christian Science. You do not have to recall; you have only to know. Thinking about Christian Science is laudable enough, but it is not Christian Science practice. To benefit most from class instruction, it is not memory that is required, but loving attention. Where there is love for the subject, attention cannot waver. Nor does imagination have any part in Christian Science. We cannot imagine spiritual realities, but we can discern them. We may not know what they are, but we can know that they are. Reason is used to enlighten, to maintain and strengthen inspiration.

In Christian Science the process is that of education, by which one gains the right idea and gives up the one that hides it. In this endeavor, we must guard against the tendency of mortal mind to procrastinate. With students, mortal mind is always striving to reach just to a sense of arriving, to get up on a shelf and rest there. This is not unfoldment. And unfoldment must ever be taking place. Truth discerned supplants error, step by step. Continuous progress, with ever higher and greater demonstrations, is the imperative demand of Christian Science.

Growth is not accretion. One does not add something all the time on the outside, but continues understanding more and more until thought more and more approximates God. And when the approximation is complete, why there is divine Mind! Our books say that infinite progression is concrete being. This is one of the greatest statements ever made. It is more than philosophy; it is demonstrable Science. Study the whole passage beginning on page 82, line 13, in Miscellaneous Writings, and going over to line 4 of the next page.

In the Science of Christianity, thought at once takes on a character quite unlike any other thought or endeavor. The nature of our Science is divine, and we must take on something of that nature in order to understand and demonstrate it. We are entering upon a new endeavor in this instruction, and we must see that we can at once understand instead of getting wrong notions. This establishes the attitude of Love which loves what is said because it is a part of its being. Like other sciences, Christian Science comes to us. But we must do something about it. Something is certainly required of us all the time, and if there were no genuine endeavor, we would not be here today in this class. This earnest endeavor comes before anything in the way of real understanding.

Now I see you are all busily writing, and I know you couldn’t be getting all I’m saying. Put your pencils down for the time being, and don’t be stampeded by the belief that memory will fail. That’s just the belief that brains think and can be impaired by time. There isn’t any thinking matter, and no function of Mind can be impaired. Getting away from these material views is spiritualizing thought so that your memory will improve. Absolutely speaking, man does not have a memory. He does not remember, but knows by reflection. Nothing is ever lost to the one infinite consciousness for an instant, and as our mentality more and more approximates infinite consciousness, we shall be freed from the belief that we are dependent upon human expedients and records.

‘Memory’ is a word indicating the conscious nature of Mind, in which Truth is so vivid, constant, clear, that everything humanly essential may be recalled instantly by means of its light. On the other hand, everything we may be entertaining that is humanly afflictive may be properly obliterated. It is a poor use of memory to review error. The real man has no memory of sin, and we must learn to live in the present, instead of minding the past or future. The past and future are unreal at this moment. And, because everything good is possible to man right now, you have only to live in the present moment to be equal to it.

In one sense, there is no memory. Memory demonstrated is consciousness, the infinity of Mind. In Science you cannot forget anything, and you must get an understanding of the fact that you think with Mind, not matter. Then you will have no fear of loss of memory. The object of instruction is to establish right ideas — ideas that already exist in the realm of infinity. The human mind does not receive ideas from the divine Mind. The divine Mind does not know anything about the human mind so-called. The ideas of divine Mind are the very substance and presence of that Mind, and just in proportion to your realization of their presence, sin, sickness and death, the human mind, have no presence.

Nobody can ever find the divine Mind by reaching out or thinking up to it. He must think out from it and with it, for there is only one Mind. And the only thing that is real, true, and worthwhile, is the one consciousness, conscious of its own infinitude in every detail. Knowing infinity is not exactly the same thing as being infinity, and yet such knowing must of necessity act as if it were infinity. Such knowing is reflection, or the real man. The divine presence is that divine understanding. There is no other child of God than infinite knowing. The “image and likeness” of divine Mind is divine thinking. What is occurring, step by step, is the demonstration of the one and only Mind, which does not have to become anything, because it is already All.

Mrs. Eddy tells us that God is not separate from the wisdom He bestows. If Principle and its idea are one, and that one is God, then that which you see and know and understand of God is God. Spiritual understanding is the only divine influence, and there is nothing to it but God. Its hallowed value to man is impossible to describe. It exists because God exists, and has no being outside of God. It would not be there if God were not there, and could not be anywhere if God is not everywhere. Mind, expressing itself as idea, never loses sight of its own infinite selfhood. Thoughts which reveal God to us even now constitute His presence. They not only reveal eternal Life; they constitute it.

The only thing that ever really thinks is divine Mind. To the extent that anybody ever thought anything true, it was because Mind, in some measure, whether he knew it or not, was reflected (expressed) by him. The divine Mind is constantly and instantly your available Mind. You cannot be casual in your knowing. You don’t want to just contemplate the Truth. Truth is the only intelligence there is, and if a person has any true intelligence, it is the Truth. The age-old question, What is Truth? may be answered: Truth is the wholeness of actuality and the omnipresence of its law. There is only one law, and no effect from any other cause. But the value of Truth is only as it is demonstrated humanly. It is demonstrated humanly only in the measure that the Science enables thought or consciousness to be the only one Mind — so much so that you can hardly tell the difference between this mind and the one Mind.

Question (by student Mable Simpson): By reflection, Mr. Young, do you mean Mind contemplating itself?

Answer: I mean nothing of the sort! There’s nothing passive about Mind. Now where was I? Oh, yes . . .

Every spiritual fact must come to us as an idea or thought, so that the perfect Principle of all being, the one infinite consciousness, is established as the natural, primal Principle of all the incidents of life. And we must let that divine consciousness operate through its law in everything we do humanly. That is its value. As a matter of fact, God is present and is doing everything that is being done, because there isn’t any other kind of a God than a present God, omnipresent Mind. Thus the material senses have no part in the educational process by which Mind is recognized and its law is made active in our behalf. The things that appear to be going on unlike God are not going on at all. They are not happening. No matter what form is conceded to error, although it appears to have power and presence, still it is not going on.

Maintain the perfect poise of Principle, your Mind. Get the poise of Being so fixed by understanding that nothing shakes or disturbs it. Then you will find happiness, health and peace, and you will be successful in your chosen work. As an individual, you will experience the serenity of divine being, and you will express the versatility, grandeur and wisdom of infinite Soul. Have no doubt of your ability to do this. And do not permit yourself to believe that there is something to be known that you are incapable of knowing. There is nothing Jesus or Mrs. Eddy knew which you do not have the right to know, which they would not want you to know, and which you cannot know. The very fact that you think means that you can know everything there is to know, for the capacity to think is unlimited.

The redemptive realization of spiritual selfhood occurs scientifically when thought, approximating the infinite, looks out from Mind rather than up to it, so that the natural grandeur and majesty and power of the infinite, divine Principle and its immutable laws are unfailingly evidenced as All. Such divine realization may appear to belong to a human being enlightened, but is the omnipresence of divine Mind demonstrated. For these reasons, a human being who understands Christian Science should walk, talk, carry on his business, and even breathe and digest his food, through the demonstration of Mind. Science shows us the real nature of thought, and proves the power and presence of Mind. And when this presence is understood, it will enable us to show forth man’s unlimited dominion over the entire universe.

True self-denial, which is really the affirmation of spiritual selfhood, will set aside the belief that we are material, mortal and finite, that we have only a limited capacity, imperfect judgment, a slight measure of vision, only a little love. Set all that aside through the realization that you are the son of God, with all the heritage implied in the word sonship. Principle, not person, is the source and impulsion of every right idea; and the only progress in religion, philosophy or science has always come through a right idea. Persons really never had anything to do with it. Each time it happened that, in spite of one’s personality, there was some true intelligence manifested, it was that intelligence which was operating, and not people.

One can easily see that education in Christian Science is metaphysically progressive in the measure that Christian Scientists refuse to accept the beliefs that belittle intelligence at any point, or that tend to render them subservient to human conditions or events. The very fact that we can think is proof that God is. Without thinking, there would be no intelligence in the universe. Ideas alone reveal Mind, and the perception and acceptance of them constitutes our progressive and workable knowledge of Christian Science. Man has everything that God has, and everything about him is just as indestructible, for it exists at the standpoint of imperishable entity. No mindless and destructive force can trespass upon the identity which God has made as His own expression.

Insist upon knowing yourself as God knows you. Realize that God has created man in His own image, unlimited, harmonious, incorruptible, pure and perfect, that that individual man will never cease to exist, to express good. God must have an expression, must be manifested, to verify His own existence. Man is this expression. Get your thinking away from corporeal sense, so that your thinking is in accord with Principle. Recognize the naturalness of right ideas, and the infinite range and dominion of your thought when it expresses divine Principle.

When you think, instead of thinking from a material basis in a material world, let your thought embrace the universe. Consciousness is not in one’s head, but reaches as far as thought can extend. Consciousness includes all things. All we see, hear or do, is in consciousness — or, more properly — what you are aware of constitutes consciousness.

All the events and circumstances which seem to be outside, are transpiring within consciousness, for the first great Cause is self-existent Mind, and every idea has the nature, substance and being of Mind.

It is all God. And when you lose sight of yourself as reflecting something else, you have found yourself. That which you see and know, your understanding, is God, for there is nothing to anything but God, who is All. When you see God, you see everything. Claim Mind as yours, and it will never fail you. Then every idea will be an evidence of perfection so that, in proportion as you find the truth of consciousness, the divine consciousness, your troubles fade away. Ideas, while tangible, cannot be humanly outlined, for spiritual activity is always infinite. Man is a state of inclusive consciousness, and whatever he wants he includes. There is no inanimate idea, for everything in divine consciousness is active or alive.

When a mathematician corrects a mathematical error, it is not his will that makes the correction, but the mathematical truth which he knows and applies. The power of correction is inherent in the mathematical truth, and not in the will of the mathematician. By knowing the truth, we bring it into action in our consciousness, or as our consciousness, so transforming the human consciousness. The unredeemed consciousness is not the child of God. Knowing God is reflecting Him, and it is through knowing God that the Truth is reflected as our consciousness and brought to bear upon our human problems. The conditions and circumstances of our existence depend upon our state of consciousness, what we know, not simply what we might wish.

The central fact of Science and Health is the allness of God. Our textbook indicates what God is in contradistinction to what one may believe Him to be. God is self-existent, conscious entity, or Mind, to which there is nothing anterior. Mind is not dependent upon something else, but stands alone, untouched by anything. It is elemental. All must be conceived by something. Mind is expressed as Mind, never as, in, nor through, matter. When one says that God is Mind, his own character is touched by that one self-existent, eternal, infinite Being, with no boundary of time, place or object. This is the only God, and this one God must be wholly good.

There is no subjective or objective consciousness. Consciousness is one and indivisible. There are no “planes” of Mind. And the only science there is, is the Science of Mind. You can rely upon Mind to do everything, if you know that God is your Mind and the only Mind there is. This Mind must be calm, secure, supreme, always mindful of its own. Because infinite consciousness is the primal fact, its infinite resources are yours, and you can never be deprived of them. Mind is never uncertain. Mind is the infinite capacity to think, and this is your Mind. At-one-with-Mind is guidance, and the demonstration of intelligence in this way can never be reversed, interrupted, nor impeded.

Man’s oneness with the intelligent and divine faculties of Mind is demonstrable.

The divine idea carries within itself the power to accomplish the divine purpose, and the responsibility for its unfoldment belongs to divine Principle, which cares for every detail necessary to its progressive being. All the qualities of God, good, are expressed in man, His reflection, and not one quality or function is missing or inactive. Mind expresses itself in continuous activity, in joy, in harmony, in free unfoldment, in constant self-renewal, and inexhaustible self-refreshment.

Our teaching takes the mystery out of religion and puts the Science in. But we do not lose any real reverence, because reverence does not depend upon imagination. Tears understanding that God is good, is tangible, definite, real, and therefore practical. There is no mysticism in this. We must remove all sense of personality from the word God. Good is always impersonal. This is true of all the synonyms for God which Mrs. Eddy gives us. The nature of God is always to reveal Himself. The minute you say that God is Mind, you declare and produce enlightenment, which grows into effulgence. God never begins, never ends, never fails. When we think these things, we are educating ourselves. We think about and we think these propositions so as to be helpful in our daily lives.

I am going to read something here that I have written out so that there will be no question as to what I have said: One cannot possibly gain the right idea of Science without experiencing something of the meaning of I AM that is found in the Bible, and which Mrs. Eddy explains. In a certain sense, that I AM is that reflection which gives one the confidence with which he walks the earth as if he owned it. And you do. It is this that must come to all in increasing measure. But sometimes one sees this I AM used in such a way that it is obvious that there is no understanding. It isn’t a person. It isn’t a person saying, “I Am.” It is nothing less than God. And if it isn’t that, it isn’t anything. To what extent, then, it is sometimes asked, can one say, “I Am”? To what extent shall one permit his thought to take on the grandeur and power of divinity, and announce the immutability and enforcement of the divine man in healing the sick? The only possible answer in the light of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation is: to the fullest extent of which one is capable. But there must be no mistake as to the meaning of I AM. Spirit alone can really say I AM. A finite, material sense of reaching out beyond itself cannot properly say, “I AM THAT I AM.” But if pure Science is enthroned, and thought rises entirely above matter; if a case is taken rather as an opportunity than a task; if it is seen that infinity is perfect and there is nothing to be healed or saved; if all desires, even those we call legitimate, have vanished in the realization of the “Adorable One,” then thought can say, “I AM THAT I AM.”

Have you a mind? (This question was addressed to Charles Redfield, who seemed rather taken aback, certainly confused and uncertain about what he should answer.) Yes! Of course you have a mind. You have the only Mind there is! If you can think, you have a mind. It would need not be our fault or misfortune to think poorly, because we do not need to be under the belief of limited intelligence.

Our God is Mind, and our Mind is God. Where is our Mind? We don’t project our thought to an impossible distance to have God. The false sense of a distant God is what perpetuated the belief of God as inaccessible. But we must cut out all that old theological nonsense.

God is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise and eternal. The infinite Mind must know everything. You don’t have to recall anything. Claim the divine Mind and be it. Then you know all; you are conscious of all. Things that you know, you could not forget. When you think you have to recall things, you forget some of them. Mind doesn’t recall anything, but simply knows. That is all there is to memory. And it is of the divine Mind. It is divine. Even though it must appear to be human, it is divine.

Science is made up of propositions. It comes to you as thought. But, unlike other sciences, we maintain the altitude of Science to the extent of recognizing what God maintains. conscious.

The primary work in Christian Science is to understand God. and from that understanding, understand man, creation, universe. Creation to many signifies beginning, and therefore must end. That is why we use the word universe more often than creation. When we study the Bible in the light of this fact, we discern something of the truth of the Bible.


Mrs. Young has sent you a message. I will read it to you:

Dear Friends, it seems quite unnecessary that I should add a word, but He wants me to and I obey. It will open the way to immeasurable progress [to see that] Christian Science is infinite. Never belittle it. Being is One. “I and my Father are One.” Christian Scientists are ready to say, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” But they are not so willing to say, “All is infinite Mind infinitely manifested.” Yet this must be clearly seen. Scientists are willing to say that man is the manifestation of Mind, but not so willing to say that man is Mind manifested. Let me illustrate. Suppose that your friend calls upon you and says, “Here I am.” In other words, he is manifested to you. Finally he takes his leave. Would you say, “Goodbye, but please leave your manifestation here”? Would you ask him to leave his manifestation with you? The manifestation of your friend is your friend manifested. And the manifestation of good is God manifested. They are one.

The right idea is God-with-us. Every right idea refers to the character and being of what we call God. Mind implies ideas. Idea is the concept of God as Himself, for there is nothing outside of illimitable infinity. And infinity is a word that has to be more and more understood and demonstrated. In the measure that you understand it, in that measure you demonstrate it. The meaning of some words is so beyond human comprehension that we must daily demonstrate more fully in order to attain that understanding. Infinity is something you cannot imagine. Everything we think of, ordinarily speaking, appears to begin and end. So we ourselves appear to have begun and so to end — unless we cast it aside and recognize we never did begin. That recognition is essential to our continued being.

When we say God is Mind, we cannot conceive of it having a beginning. And yet it seems to have a beginning to us. That is what the Bible means when it says “beginning.” We begin our understanding of God. God never begins. Even the sense that we ever began is a false sense of God, utterly unlike Truth. But Truth is never contaminated with error, and never coincides with nor unites with it. There, immediately, the Truth which you discern disposes of the error that seems to have appeared. Only evil, error, claims a beginning, and you can’t act toward that as if it were the truth. And that is a happy circumstance, for if you could, error would be eternal. It is the infinity of good which excludes evil, and this is the teaching of the Bible all the way through.

We take the inspired Word — and only the inspired Word — of the Bible as our sufficient guide to eternal life. With all that would obscure the message of the Bible, it that of Biblical expressions. There are a lot of things in the Bible that cannot be accepted at their face value. To understand any part of it, we must consider the customs of the age in which it was written. The Ten Commandments, for instance, looked at in the light if that period are seen to have a certain relative value on a human plane. But they appear to advocate the doctrine of penalty and reward, a doctrine which is basically wrong and would be the ruination of humanity if accepted literally. At any rate, they state some things that are fundamentally correct. If nothing else could be inferred from these, it would be all right. The First Commandment is really all there is to the Ten Commandments. Metaphysically understood, they are all variations of “thou shalt have no other gods before me” — divine Mind.

To reject old beliefs, ancient moral law and all that, is to take on the viewpoint of God.

Moses’ conversation and that of the other prophets “with God” was the conversation with one’s own conscience. They had the idea that God was talking to them all the time, and the distinction between the Word of God and the voice of error was never clear to them — except in the case of Jesus, and, in a way, not elsewhere until the coming of Science. Mrs. Eddy said that the inward voice became to Moses the voice of God. And that, of course, is what goes on in revelation. Not an audible voice, but what happens in consciousness. Moses’ acceptance of it revealed to him the nature of God and the naturalness of divine being. There was, however, with Moses still the belief that matter was something, while Christ Jesus knew that there was no matter at all. All the old way of worship made nothing perfect — God alone was perfect and His creation imperfect, a great God and a little man.

Question (by Arthur Corey): Will you explain the episode of Jesus casting out the devils from the lunatic into the swine, with the swine drowning themselves in the sea?

Answer: Well, we can’t accept this story literally. Yet, with all the mistakes which undoubtedly got into the record as the accounts were copied and handed down from hand to hand through many writers and many ages, we are safe in concluding that something did take place, something so extraordinary, so incomprehensible to those who witnessed it as to be beyond their powers of description. The witnesses evidently attempted to set forth the event in such a way as to convey some measure of its impact. It would appear, too, that what was required in the way of demonstration included something like evidence that the malady was really cast out and could never return.

In the passage, “The Lord said unto my lord” (Psalms 110:1), the “lord” signifies understanding, the Christ. There will be found two meanings of the word lord throughout the Bible. The name is used as a synonym for God and as a synonym for your understanding of God. Jesus used the word father constantly, and to understand him,

Mrs. Eddy’s definition of the word should be borne in mind. Then wherever the Scripture reads “Father,” you will just displace that word with “eternal Life” or “the one Mind” or “the divine Principle.” Otherwise one is apt to get that personal sense which is so misleading.

Throughout the Old Testament “David” always signifies the Christ — except, of course, where King David is being referred to. This is definitely stated in Zechariah (12:28): “In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is favorable among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God; as the angel of the Lord before them.” In the following passage observe the impersonal signification of “David” and that there is no man and no place chosen: “Since the day that I brought forth my people, I chose no city among all the tribes of Israel to build an house in, that my name might be there; neither chose I any man to be a ruler over my people Israel: But I have chosen Jerusalem, that my name might be there; and have chosen David to be over my people Israel.” (II Chron. 6:5, 6)

“Son” is your understanding. “Son of man” is demonstration. In the Bible the expression often occurs “son of man.” Aside from its ordinary and obvious meaning, it has a metaphysical signification. Jesus was really the son of man because he was the son of Mary, but he used the expression constantly in a way to indicate something else. There is no question about that. Clearly, he used the expression to signify the demonstration of divine Science. The son of man was the human evidence of that divine power which he understood and demonstrated.

The word sanctuary does not signify a place, but signifies your consciousness:

“And the heathen shall know that I the Lord do sanctify Israel, when my sanctuary shall be in the midst of them forever.” (Ezekiel 37: 26)

The Epistle to the Hebrews is not by St. Paul, according to most reputable Bible scholars. It is not known who wrote it. Wonderful as Paul is, he never wrote anything so inspired — inspired from the very first word of it. Here at the beginning of Hebrews is revealed what the universe is by the right idea.

The difference between “Christ Jesus” and “Christian Science” is to be noted too. The birth or coming or conception of Jesus involved a material mother, but there was no material father or mother in the conception of Christian Science. “Without mother, without father, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God, abideth a priest continually.” (Hebrews 7:3)

“The six days” are in a way, Christian Science experience. When absolute understanding is attained, this is the Sabbath. Keep it holy. Accept no suggestion of evil that you can be handled.

We could not dispose of such Scriptural expressions if we wanted to. And there is no reason why we should want to. The biblical style is inspiring and beautiful. Another thing: Mrs. Eddy appealed to Christendom, and she had to write it so there would be an appeal. Consequently her writings would often be along the lines of old belief, but lifted up so that they could get some idea of what she was driving at.

We acknowledge Mrs. Eddy as the Revelator of Truth to this Age. But, of course,

Truth is not in any book. Such a thought is animal magnetism. And in studying, observe that there are statements in Science and Health which are not statements of Truth, just as there are in the Bible. These statements are to be handled, not accepted. Take that one where it says the world is asleep. That is to handled. You can’t go on letting the world sleep forever!

Prior to 1892, Science and Health was not quite suitable as a textbook, and the earlier versions could not possibly be used as such. The spirit was always correct, but it was not always presented accurately. The first edition was a wonderful book! It is perfectly legitimate to read it. That first edition was sheer revelation. It came to Mrs. Eddy in a veritable flood. It poured out so tumultuously that it is even ungrammatical in places and contains occasional misstatements.

Question (by Harry Hope): Is it ethical to support unauthorized publishers of the early editions, like Rare Book Company in New York, by buying from them?

Answer: I must frankly admit that I am not sure. I just don’t know. Still, I admonish all members of The Mother Church to abide by the provisions of the Church

Manual as each understands it. Loyalty is abiding by your convictions. That’s the test. I know no other.

No poem or song could possibly be characterized as absolutely scientific. Compromise and concession must necessarily enter into the submission of the subject matter to the requirements of rhyme and rhythm. Even prose is limited in accurately stating Truth. The church periodicals cannot reasonably be expected to be entirely without flaw always — although they are surprisingly free of errors. Occasionally a minor thing slips in, and this is one of the reasons why they could never displace Mrs. Eddy’s writings for study. Our hymnal, as you know, is made up of mostly old, old church hymns from the orthodox denominations. Those which were too orthodox have been adapted somewhat to our uses. They serve their purpose.


Let me remind you: One infinite consciousness is fundamental to all things. There is nothing back of that. If we were not conscious, we would not exist. This illustrates the fundamental Principle of all. If you do not exist, there is nothing. The announcement that God is Principle, or even that God is, begins to enlighten a human being if he just thinks it. In establishing our understanding in such a way, it will have a character of divinity, so that it will work divinely for ourselves and others. There must be an intelligent understanding spiritually until one takes on the character of God. Nothing less is Science. When we say Mind is conscious and recognize that we are conscious, we see that consciousness can be infinite. As we realize what we are saying, we take on that character. And this makes Science practical.

It is possible by means of this realization to exercise divine power. Consequently, if you are going to exercise divine power, you must act as though it were Mind. This Mind is your Mind, is ever-present, and there is never a moment when it is inactive. The divine Mind doesn’t have to learn anything. And this Mind is your heritage. Its understanding is spontaneous. Cultivate spontaneity. It is but Godliness, purity and humility. There is only one Mind, and that Mind is your Mind. No matter if you seem to be thinking erroneously, that does not change the fact that the divine Mind is the only Mind that exists. Misrepresentation of the Truth doesn’t change the Truth, doesn’t alter the fact that there is but one Mind.

Man is not God, but one with God. God is the oneness, but also the distinctiveness and externality. The idea retains its own identity forever. Every one of God’s ideas is distinct and eternal. But if you think you have two minds, you are inconsistent.

Yet you are tempted to think: Well, here is my mind, my mind which is intelligent, and I know a lot of things, but I also know that God is Mind. Then you begin to be reverent and respectful in a false way. You have changed your terms, but not your attitude. For this way, when you say God is Mind, you are thinking of a distant God or a distant Mind. Right thinking is not the action of a distant Mind; and right thinking, your thinking, must always be that Mind. It must always have the understanding and power and law of Mind.

Mrs. Eddy takes great pains to show the difference between God and man, and we must be clear about it. But many students in making the distinction between God and man, have made a separation. For years Christian Scientists have labored under that thing. They have made a separation and, at the same time, declared the oneness. We have got to see that. The dominion of man is simply the perfect law of God. Find that out, because your Mind includes everything; you do not want anything, for that is dominion. It is not a matter of what others think. In the measure of our clearness about this, we are unassailable. The only Mind there is, is right here; and we only need to claim it as our available Mind.

The understanding of God as Mind indicates how immediate Mind is to us. All of Mind is present with all of its infinite possibilities. Claim your divine right to understand it right now. It all belongs to you. Claim it and expect it. There is not a thing in the whole universe of Truth that is not yours right now. Individual man has at his disposal the infinity of ideas to apprehend forever. There is no limit to the possibilities of unfoldment. There is a power always available that is greater than any human power, and superior to any combination of circumstances.

Thought that is in accord with Principle is allied to omnipotence. Thought cannot be restricted in its power if it is correct. Principle is the living God. Always insist upon having the wisdom that shows us what to do in different circumstances. All good is ours, and we attain it in the measure in which we reflect it. The whole thing resolves itself into this: that you cannot think about Mind, but you must think as Mind. This means that more and more, as Christian Science practice goes on, Mind and idea are one and that one is Mind. What is essential is that Principle constitute the object of our study. Divine Principle doesn’t mean rigidity. Principle is Love. It is demonstrated as the boundless strength which yet yields to the touch of a finger.

Principle always means Love. Not a hard standard by which we measure everyone else. That is one reason Principle must be defined as Love. It is not rigid. And we must ourselves manifest that which we maintain. Thought must have character, yet must be at ease, must rejoice. If you have a difficulty, rejoice for a few minutes and the difficulty will disappear.

Do not begin outside, but here (pointing to himself). Life, Truth and Love constitute the triune Principle we name God, our book says. Truth is a word you can’t play with. It just stands by itself. Everything we associate with character, everything we depend upon, every thought that acts for the nature of God, may be defined by the word Truth.

Life, Truth and Love have much the same characteristics. Love is God and ever-living. God never knows anything contrary to His own being, knows no death. That may be brought out by the word Principle. It does not change. It is without variableness, “neither shadow of turning.” Principle means Life wholly, because God is Principle, the ever-living. We would not have any sense of life if we did not have God as Principle. And we could not have anything immortal if we did not have Love.

You can only be willing to find out more and more what divine Principle, Love, is. Gradually, and as rapidly as possible, learn how to find out about something, and then find that something. Thought must proceed from Love to overcome evil. We have to learn the naturalness of it, and it only comes to us step by step. The omniscience and omnipresence of God are disclosed in Christian Science and made practical by instruction. In our study this must be recognized before it is possible to demonstrate anything. And the only pursuit that is really worthwhile here is the demonstration of practical, operative Christian Science.

In all the world, the wonder and beauty and value of the things we see are dwarfed into insignificance when compared with the grandeur and glory of Spirit. All that Mind has is forever available and unassailable. To be happy simply means to realize perfect freedom. Mankind must loose itself from the fetters of finite sense, because happiness is something man can secure for himself. It is the sure result of a life lived in harmony with divine Principle. What a man has might depend upon others, but what he is depends upon himself. And what we have does not make us happy unless it comes from what we are. Someone has said that unhappiness is the hunger to get happiness, while happiness is the hunger to give.

The wonderful thing about happiness is that it can grow in any soil, exist under any conditions. Like Truth, it defies environment and conditions, for it abides in spiritual sense. This God-given joy is steadfast, because it depends upon Principle and not persons. It is only the joy of the Christ which makes our joy full. As thought is freed from self-love and self-will, we find happiness surpassing anything of which we have hitherto dreamed. One might possess everything materially tangible in the world and still not be happy. Happiness does not depend upon having, but upon being; not in possessing, but on enjoying.

Man is protected by divine Love, informed by infinite Mind, enveloped in the radiant joyousness of Soul, and governed by immutable Principle. He is maintained eternally by divine Life. Joy is a fine art, to be cultivated as assiduously as any other virtue. The art of being glad consists in part in the ability to be happy at all times, even when there seems to be no occasion for rejoicing. If we love, joy is inevitable, and there can be no real joy unless one loves. And the more one loves, the greater and more expansive will be his happiness. Many a patient has been healed by simply learning to be glad, by learning to be grateful. It isn’t reasonable to expect God to dwell with us unless we can offer Him a dwelling place, so to speak, freed from ingratitude and unhappiness.

The joy that accompanies spiritual understanding knows enough to give thanks for what eye hath not seen. That is why no one can take our joy away from us. The Master said this because he knew joy as a thing of consciousness which cannot be discovered, located or interfered with by that which seeks to make us unhappy.

There is no question that health and gratitude go hand in hand. Mankind must finally learn that unceasing gratitude is truly essential if one would walk close to God. What an extraordinary change would take place in the world today if we would all endeavor to be grateful for everything now! This does not mean the empty saying, “I am grateful.” It means experiencing appreciation. A truly honest expression of gratitude on the part of anyone is unmistakable proof that he is communing with God. So let us be happy now and forever!

One cannot love God objectively. One loves God only as one reflects Love, as one loves man and creation as God loves them. Reverence is like God, never an emotional sense about God. We express the Love that is God by loving, and we don’t know the meaning of Love if we are not loving. The only way we can know Love, it goes without saying, is by loving our fellow man. This Love which is God must be manifest or our gracious words are as sounding brass. We know Love by loving, just as we know Life by living. That is its only value. We must have a present God, or we haven’t any God at all. And the God who is Love can only be present as Love. As our book puts it, “Love is reflected in love.”

Are you Love? (Mr. Young directed this question to student David Clay.) Yes!

Yes, of course you are! The fact of the matter is you are divine Mind manifested. You love as Love itself. You exist in life as Life itself. You are the presence or expression of divine Mind, and you can never for a moment be anything else. “I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness,” as we read in Psalms. The whole object of our endeavors here is that we may learn to be Love, to be Mind, to be Life. Nothing less. To think of ourselves as anything less is to dishonor God, to crucify again the Christ.

Our motive is not that of self-aggrandizement. But the whole purpose and destiny of Christian Science, as Mr. Kimball used to say, is the redemption of consciousness, and consciousness can only be redeemed by establishing it as divine. See that all consciousness is Mind, and Mind is God, and God is your Mind now. This is the key to salvation. Read that wonderful passage in Science and Health (565:13-17): “The impersonation of the spiritual idea had a brief history in the earthly life of our Master; but ‘of his kingdom there shall be no end,’ for Christ, God’s idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples — imperatively, absolutely, finally — with divine Science.” The essential thing to see here is that the words imperatively, absolutely and finally mean now. If you do not see this, you are postponing good, in belief, when it can be realized here and now for all mankind.

Only in this way can you be the new heaven and new earth. You are understanding this, and you will find it more and more of value forevermore. Our reiteration of this truth strengthens the position already attained. Power and law are inherent in divine realization, and, in a way, that is what we are doing here. We are bringing about realization through constant affirmation and reaffirmation. Let us affirm the eternal Truth as the present Truth. If you are tempted to think of heaven as an experience, you are likely to think of heaven as still lacking; but if you think of heaven as a real state of being, nothing is lacking. Heaven means harmony, and this harmony is now and forever the true state of being. We have only to recognize this to see that it is not apart from us.

Heaven is a transforming term. It is inspiring to observe how all the terms of Science, when properly used, focus thought, so that Mind, Principle, becomes to us the only reality, and we express the unity or oneness of divine Being.

Words have value, naturally, only as their meaning is understood. Christian Science gives us a new interpretation of words, and this is the “new tongue” spoken of in the Bible. Through it we can express the absolute. And we must be absolute. Moses did not succeed in entering into the promised land because he would not go all the way. He stopped short of the absolute. We must not make that mistake.

Now I want all of you to take your concordances and study references on “Mind,”

“divine Mind.” Pick out the citation you prefer and bring it to class with you tomorrow. I don’t mean to go home and burn the midnight oil! No, no. Just look up some good citation on “Mind” and bring it along in the morning for all of us to hear.

Enjoy yourselves every moment. Do I have to remind you that Mrs. Eddy says there is no harm in pleasure, innocent pleasure? There is something wrong about our work here if we are getting that heavy, serious sense of joyless solemnity. Maintain your joy! It is essential to demonstration. It is the very law of dominion, power, freedom, glorification. So be glad. There is nothing morbid about studying Christian Science.

Don’t go home and bury yourselves in your books. Get out and make the most of your summer afternoons and evenings here. Let Mind unfold as your day, and you will be rejoicing.

Just be yourselves!

Tuesday, August 4, 1936 (Second Day)

The word God means Spirit. You must know what Spirit means. Our book defines Spirit as substance, and this definition opens our understanding. Today God is Spirit, and Spirit as substance satisfies you, because you want something that is substantial, something that is definite. Spirit is definite, because it signifies eternal duration, the eternity of God and His creation.

Everything existing exists because it is substance. Everything — man and the universe — that God conceives of is substance, that eternal duration, Spirit. Spirit indicates all that ever lives or ever acts, and this enlightens us in regard to substance. It is omni-action.

Substance is always action. You could not have substance without action. You would have nothing going on. Consequently God is Spirit, and Spirit is omni-action. This is seen somewhat in “natural science,” for the natural scientists have come to the conclusion that matter is only energy. They say your foot rests on the floor because of energy, but still that it does not rest, because the floor is a state of activity and so is the foot. They explain that we cannot conceive of matter as action, so we say the floor is quiet. This is the reverse of the fact that Spirit is omni-action.

Oftentimes the sermons of our orthodox preachers sound like Christian Science, and some of them will tell you that it’s the same thing. But just ask them if they believe in matter, and they will say, “Yes.”

In Christian Science we know that Spirit is substance and the only substance, but we cannot say so if we speak from the standpoint of matter. It is only in the realm of understanding that you can say Spirit is substance. We may not have proved it wholly. If we had, we would not be sitting here in belief as material bodies.

As for matter-substance, Mrs. Eddy said that matter disappears under the microscope of Spirit. Matter is only a belief about substance, and it isn’t anything real right now. It is only the mortal mind concept of substance and does not wholly exist as an actuality at all. The natural scientists are beginning to admit this. Dr. Steinmetz says, character of matter, its origin and end; that is the province of metaphysics.” And Professor Fisk of Harvard says that “all qualities of matter and what the mind makes them will have no substance as such apart from mind.” Apart from consciousness, there is no such thing as color, form, position and hardness. You cannot spiritualize matter, but you do away with the mortal mind concept of substance, called matter, as you find substance to be Spirit.

The word Spirit, as always used in relation to religion, had a mysterious kind of sound. More than a slight mystery surrounded it. Spirit is simply the substance of the one creator, the infinite Mind. It is a word that more nearly expresses the divine nature than the word Mind. But it means Mind. Of course, in the Bible the word has two meanings; it is sometimes used to mean God and sometimes you can see it used to mean understanding. It is a wonderful word. You must get hold of it now and use it. It not only means substance, but it means tangibility. The only tangibility is Spirit, and it is more tangible than anything you can grasp with your hands or see with your eyes alone.

Spirit is good, and good is Spirit. The word good is one of the most helpful words I have ever found. I could grasp the word good when I could not grasp the word God. This good, this Spirit, is all there is to anything. Everything exists as Spirit. Get everything into Spirit and you will never lose anything. The one self-evident cause is Spirit. And everything it knows, everything it manifests, everything it is being, is Spirit, for Spirit is All. Creation is substantive. Getting substance is a matter of reflection, of thinking, of understanding. You do not deny the existence of anything in the universe. Get this: You do not deny the existence of anything in the universe. Everything exists — as Spirit.

Is hand spiritual? If hand exists, it exists as Spirit and could not be harmed or injured or affected or afflicted. There could not be anything in the way of impairment to the hand. Now in making such statements, you would not be denying the existence of anything in the universe, but affirming the existence of all that is legitimate and true. You may not know the name of the divine idea, but the divine exists, and this restores by the power of God whatever has been lost, and makes it available to us in our present state. All that is, is good and eternal. No man understands the spirit of God save the spirit of God which is man. That means that divine understanding reveals God, Spirit.

Virtually Soul and Spirit are synonymous. Yet each has a certain value, setting forth the permanency of Being is Spirit. Soul is equally valuable. Neither Spirit nor Soul can reside in anything. We must get rid of the old superstitious belief that Soul is in a material body. How could they get that notion? The belief is that thinking is in the body, and that we cannot control this thinking. Even when we know it is not in the body, sometimes it is hard to control our thinking because of this prevalent belief. Why, this very morning the words of an old song kept running through my thought when I wished to think about something else. I had to clear them out just as though I were working on a case.

At lectures I have been introduced by lots of Christian Scientists who talk about the soul in the body just as though Christian Science were the same old grind of old theology. I believe in the last twenty years of lecturing I have been introduced by forty Scientists who had not the slightest idea of the meaning of the word Soul. Forty! I would almost say four hundred! In view of the fact that our textbook announces clearly that there is only one Soul, there should be no doubt about that. One Soul. No soul in any human being or in any animal. Don’t be afraid to see that. And I say to you, everybody should get rid of this old notion that you have a soul in your body that might escape. There is nothing of the kind going on. There is just one Soul — God. That is the only Soul anybody has.

Spirit is the substantial, enduring, ever-present, ever-well, ever-active, ever-harmonious substance of all creation, the substance of you, all the substance you have got. Soul indicates something else. As it is used humanly, the word Soul has a kind of a meaning a little higher than the word Spirit. Everything that is beautiful is said to be produced by Soul. It is, if you like, that particular ability of infinity to express itself in infinite beauty throughout creation. Everything that is beautiful that we know anything about, has its origin in Soul, divine Mind. That is the reason that in order to express beauty a person must be something besides an intellectual. There are thousands of people who cannot express anything in the nature of beauty, because they have no Soul. Oh well, they have a Soul, of course, but they have not awakened to Soul. Some people express it with great spontaneity in one way and lack it in all other ways.

Some can sing. Some can paint. Expressed in one direction, we call it artistic nature. But it should not be one-sided. Understanding Soul better, we do not lose anything that is legitimate or proper in the way of expression, but become more and more effective and far more helpful to the world. At one time I was a professional singer and was soloist at First Church in Chicago when services were being held in the old Auditorium Theater. I found that selecting my songs and rendering them so as to please all was a disturbing and impossible task. Then one day, as I was entering the theater, it came to me that if there was anything true about singing, then everyone was singing. This straightened everything out, because we were all singing together. That is the nature of Soul.

Beauty cannot be affected by any belief, because it has its being in God. It is all the time, forever, one with its own infinitude and perfection. It cannot be afflicted or impaired in any way, because there is no other power or presence. There is no conceivable way in which it could be injured, because there is nothing to conceive of injury. Beauty, in all its glorious perfection, is conceived by God alone as the conception of God. Beauty, regardless of any material seeking, is spiritual. Like Truth, it is eternal. So don’t criticize anyone for trying to be beautiful! We’ll all be beautiful in heaven, you may be sure!

The way of Science is the way of correct education, and it does away with that old belief that there is a soul in the body which must escape. It shows that God is Soul, and infinity cannot get into anything. All beauty exists as a quality of God, Soul. It is not material. We say, “He does not put any soul into his singing, or painting, or writing.” Then we say it is soulless. And that is correct. Soul is the very source of all we know of beauty, grandeur, all that makes existence bearable.

In healing work Soul is just as essential as Mind. It lifts us out of the rut of repeating words, and shows us that inspiration is more than a method.

And let us all look as well as we can! It is quite legitimate for anyone to try to be beautiful. We can’t get into heaven without beauty! The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of beauty.

Soul is the epitome of actual knowing, and it signifies happiness, harmony, peace, and so forth, and when one is demonstrating Soul, the beauty of Soul will be manifested in his surroundings. Soul is the substance of all beauty, the Principle and activity and law of all that is beautiful and harmonious. We may associate matter with beauty, but beauty is eternal, elevating, noble and grand. So we need not think that we can ignore the beauty of the so-called material world. The eternality of beauty will appear in the measure that we cease to associate matter and personality with beauty.

If a person gets rid of his fear and his human emotions are redeemed through Soul, he will become intuitive and have a very clear perception which will be sufficient to heal cases quickly — where a quality less loving and less beautiful would fail to perceive the good and the true. Sometimes “emotional” people are much more scientific than the placid ones. Human emotion is not altogether to be avoided. As you advance in the Science of Soul, you will see beauty where you never saw it before.

On page 312 of Science and Health, we read that “without Love, God, immortality cannot appear.” The implication is that with Love, immortality does appear. Not a person on earth needs a single thing except Love. Not one. He needs not only to believe in Love, but to live in Love, love Love, and be Love. You cannot live permanently except as Love. First, last and always, the great need is Love. Lack of love is the only trouble with the world today. Love alone will heal the distrust, jealousy, fear, ignorance of the race, and seeing this will heal lack and disease. Love is Life, and its seeming absence is death. Any human being might be justified in not liking another person, but he should still love him. But there would be something the matter with you if you liked them all! You cannot like the unpleasant and objectionable things and call that love. Everyone is entitled to your scientific respect, but not everyone is entitled to your human respect. Get that.

You can love the real man. But if the human being seems to express nothing but evil, you cannot love him. You cannot say he is the son of God. The unredeemed consciousness is not the son of God. The real man is the son of God, and everything else is error. There is a very great difference in people, and Science enables you to discern differences in character. It requires you to discern them. Jesus was never more loving than when he scourged the money-makers from the temple. But to the culprits it didn’t seem like love. Love will do things to that which is untrue and wicked that the untrue and wicked can feel. There is nothing in the universe in the way of evil that can stand before the demonstration of Love.

Human love may be full of fear and doubt. However, it is not to be destroyed, but redeemed. We do not lose human affection in Christian Science; we lift it up. Don’t stifle human affection. Just let it be more and more like God. Elevate your thought of man and love more. Love is so powerful that, when the individual demonstrates it, it will do something to everything he comes in contact with. If it arouses hate, he can say he is sorry, but that has nothing to do with him. Every difficulty that we encounter will fade out in the presence of Love, but that presence must be our presence also. It must be our consciousness. Divine Love is the one power in the universe which will do everything: heal the sick, save the sinner, cast out devils, help those who are in despair, comfort those who mourn, raise the dead, prevent dying and establish immortality, a new heaven and a new earth.

Love more, and all the time more and more. Not mere sentimentality, but Love; love which is ever kind, not only to man and woman, but to all creatures; love wherein nobody is condemned, but reformed; love wherein nobody for a single moment is shut out of heaven, but always put there and kept there. You may have different opinions and discuss your different views, but never permit yourselves to part in anger. Do not go away and say, “He has been handled by mortal mind!” He might not be. But if he were, what would heal him? Would hatred and resentment do it? And yet it would appear sometimes that Christian Scientists have the belief that hatred, anger and resentment can do something; and they denounce not error, but people. We must stop hating and fearing, in order to know what God is. Think the way God would think about everybody.

Christian Science does not exempt us from having good manners and of being considerate of others’ feelings. Be very careful what you say about others. And still more careful what you think. Never entertain any thought that would hurt another if it had the power to do so. When Love is understood and demonstrated, we need not have any fears about the welfare of mankind. Love does not fear malpractice. “Perfect love casteth out fear.” Often the thing that hinders our endeavor to help those whom we love is human will manifested in a sense of ownership. There is a scientific distinction between possession and ownership: we possess divine ideas through understanding, and everyone else may understand and possess them in the same way, whereas ownership implies exclusive possession. Back of the desire to own is the desire to control. It threatens almost everything we do unless we recognize and dispose of it.

Nobody would question calling God Love, and yet it is something that is generally misunderstood. You can see that anything other than Love, anything that is in the least contrary to Love, is contrary to existence, contrary to continuity, to immorality, to entity, to Deity, to self-existence. Anything that is unlike Love is seen immediately to be unlike immortality. Mind, Principle, Soul, Life, Truth, culminate in the word Love. It is the very acme of all things, and it is the glory of absolute Science.

When Christian Scientists demonstrate Love universally, the millennium will have arrived. And it is not necessary that mankind generally should do it. Get that. It is only necessary that the Christian Scientists should do it. That would be enough. This implies that they have not done it yet, doesn’t it? They have not. But that does not change Love.

Love is greater, far greater, than kindly interest, gentleness, affection, and all the things that indicate it. There are no qualities that the human mind could conceive of, however many, which could express the infinity of Love. The Father-Mother Mind is beyond all human conception. Love, the Father-Mother, is our Life. For that reason, we never began anywhere, and we can never end anywhere. If Love is our Being, we can never be ill. We will always express the infinite from all eternity to all eternity. Love, ever active in our behalf, is God, the only God, our God, our present God, our tender Father-Mother. As we comprehend more fully the characteristics and nature of Love, as our thought ascends, we begin to realize something of what our books mean when they say that the divine Mind is able to do all things and does do them and does them well. As thought becomes more spontaneous, we begin to understand the value of Love in Christian Science to the whole human race and why it has to be. And we begin to recognize our duty to all mankind.

Love is self-existent, eternal Father-Mother God. Not a person who loves, but Love itself. The word God does not mean anything at all in the way of a person. If there is the least notion of a person associated with that word, get rid of it by using the words Love, Spirit, Life, Mind, to indicate what you mean.

All these words mean something slightly different, yet all converge toward the one word God. Infinite Love is always present, always active, always effective. Love, divine Mind, does not require a process in order to arrive at a result. The result is one with the intention. Let us remember that the self-existent cause, Love, the one creator, exists and operates throughout the whole of creation by virtue of law and as Mind. The manifestation of Mind is wholly mental, but it is also tangible, substantive.

It is important that we become more sure each day of actual substance, Spirit. Nothing real is ever destroyed. All is spiritual, and there is not a single material object in the universe. Self-existent substance, Spirit, is incapable of discord and decay. Healing is a proof of substance, because the counterfact to discord is harmony, and harmony is an essential quality of substance. Thus Love is a proof of substance, and as you grow in understanding, you grow in substance. What you gain can never be destroyed. Thought is perfect substance, indestructible, and is the entity or actual Life of man. Thoughts which reveal God, even, cannot be dissipated or changed.

When you reach the point in your understanding where divine substance becomes real and tangible to you, your human body will become subject to your understanding of substance, and you really will have dominion. You and I have the same substance, the same Mind, the same Spirit, and no one robs another of his substance. No one misses his substance because another has it. Both are satisfied. Both are complete. You have all things by reflection. If a person really knows this, it will take all the conceit out of him. Substance is God, power, presence; it is immutable, indestructible, unchanging, perfect. “Mind is substance,” is a very helpful thing to know and to realize all the time.

Divine action, the only action, is omni-action, because it is never beginning nor ending.

Question (by a student): I read in one of the New Thought books the statement that there is no such thing as an inanimate idea.

Answer: Right statement, wrong book! (Laughter)

A most persistent claim is that action stops, but the very nature of action is such that it can never stop. If action, Mind, could stop, the divine Mind would die — would be mortal instead of immortal. The word mind as ordinarily used suggests process. The divine Mind has no processes. We have processes because we have to have them. When Jesus was baptized he said, “Suffer it so be so now,” and there are a good many things that have to be suffered now. That must be so. One of the greatest things that Mrs. Eddy ever did, and she did that one great thing beyond all others, she saw that humanity would have to have a process in order to be saved. Jesus indicated that, but he left no directions. The apostles indicated that, but they did not know the process. They could not know it.

The process of salvation for the human being remained to be revealed by the great power of Mind in Science. Christian Science gives us the method. That was the value of Mrs. Eddy’s great discovery. Without that method we can do nothing. She saw that we could never demonstrate the spiritual truth of being without knowing how, and she showed us how. To understand that Mind is God is a natural thing; but it took Christian Science to awaken dormant thought to see that it was a natural thing. To understand that our Soul is God, is the only thing to do. To understand that our Spirit is God and that all the Being that we have is God, is the primary thing to understand, and the most natural thing to understand in the whole universe. You might misunderstand anything else, but you cannot misunderstand that because that is natural to thought.

Nothing in the world is more inspiring and comforting than to know God through Christian Science. Nothing does a person so much tangible good as to find out what God is, and the foundations or basis of this revelation is Mind. Science involves education. Sometimes students lose sight of the fact that we are engaged in an educational endeavor. We are not religious in the old orthodox sense; yet we are more religious than anybody ever was in that old way for, by means of the education of Christian Science, we recognize that the beliefs people had about God were founded upon merely believing, even if they were good beliefs. The assumption by the Christian world as to the omnipresence of God was correct, but they did not really believe it because they did not understand it. What happens in Science study is that we gain religion. We do not lose it. Anything that is worthwhile in the old religious sense is not lost in Christian Science. But the many things that were destructive and which tended to becloud thought to prevent the fruition of Christianity, are all set aside.

You must see the inevitability of God as the only substance, the only Love, the only power and presence. Science reveals that there is a basis for all that really exists, that there must be. And this would not be satisfying to thought unless it revealed a permanent basis, self-existent, without beginning or end.

This is in accord with the teachings of the Christian religion. Even in the old way they saw this somewhat. But we explain it more clearly. Intuition and inspiration should characterize scientific thought and philosophical perception, so that we can reach the point of clear and practical understanding. The human mind does not reveal Truth. It is Soul which has all inspiration and means all intuition.

The very fact that you can think involves you in the recognition of the great and primal fact that God is Mind, is our Mind, our only Mind, the only one we need or can ever have. People have always been afraid to believe that. Even Christian Scientists usually put divine Mind a little way off. And it is more reprehensible for them to disclaim divine Mind as their Mind, than it would be for the old materialistic theologians.

The primal and final requirement is to claim Mind and be it!


Spirituality implies substantiality. But substantiality must not be thought of as materiality.

One woman said she adored orchids because there were so spiritual, feeding only on air. Why, air is no more spiritual than potatoes. (Laughter).

If there is any confusion about the nature of substance, use the word Mind, for Mind is the only constituent. Mind, God, is infinite and, being infinite, is the Mind and the only Mind and being of everything that exists.

Question (by a student): A long time ago I read an article about mortal mind and the human mind and the divine Mind. Are there different degrees of Mind?

Answer: That article has caused a great deal of confusion in the Field. There aren’t a lot of minds, not even in belief. The publication of that piece was unfortunate.

[The article referred to was written by Judge Clifford P. Smith and published in The Christian Science Journal several years previously.]

One Mind — God. There are not two minds, or many minds. Just one. This is not a theory, but demonstrable fact. Too often Christian Scientists seem to regard that proposition as a beautiful theory, instead of [grasping the idea of Mind as] the only possible Being or Life of anything.

When you go through class, you want to become more practical Christian Scientists. You can’t do that unless you stand for the one Mind all the time. There is not any time when you cannot know it. And to the extent you know, be it! It isn’t enough to know about something. It isn’t enough to know about arithmetic. Still, if you don’t know it, it is all the time right. Even when you feel you don’t know it, affirm that you do. That is the way.

This Science demands something of Christian Scientists, something more than just kindness. Kindness is all right — if founded on Principle. But it is the weakest thing on earth when it is not founded on Principle. Principle is good and good is always right. But goodness is not safe, because it assumes a belief in evil. Beliefs have to be faced, not ignored. Evil seems real. But that isn’t Science. So we have to do something about it. Of all the words we use in Science to help us think in a definite way, the best one is Principle. Principle enables us to have a Science by which we can show dominion through untoward circumstances. The word Mind is more educational; but even it becomes more useful when we understand Principle, which is without shadow of turning.

Everything depends upon understanding Principle. There is no word in Christian Science that is more important to us in our study and work. Principle is defined in the dictionary as the basis or foundation, and we use it to define God and to define the invariableness of infinite cause. It’s the biggest word there is, bigger in its meaning than Mind, because it actually includes Mind and defines that which is basic to life. Until we know Principle, our existence is an enigma, something unaccountable, so that nobody would know how he came or where he is going.

All being exists because of divine Principle, God, and could not exist without that primal cause. Wanting to know the cause of things was the reason philosophy came into being. But it is only in Christian Science that we find the true cause, Principle, divine Soul, Mind. The philosophers have always looked in the wrong direction. The word Mind helps us first to understand God, because it takes away the limitations of the ordinary meaning of the word God. But everything that exists in the universe exists as effect, and we must understand Mind as Principle, creator, cause. Because Principle is limitless, its effects are numberless. It has to be all-harmonious to be eternal. Principle is never in anything, but is primal and includes all things.

What is coming to light here is the awakened consciousness. Consciousness,

Principle, is all that needs to come to light. Principle, being perfect, must express itself in perfection. The cause of the universe is the law and power and perfection of the universe, because all that exists, exists because of it, the one primal entity. The divine basis is the basis of Christian Science and the basis of all Christian Science treatment. As the Principle of the universe is Mind and this Principle must express itself according to its own nature, its creation is mental. What is the nature of Mind? Mind is Mind. It is mental. Mind is expressed as idea. For this reason you have a creation of ideas and nothing else. Infinite Mind and infinite idea, cause and effect, God a creator and His creation. But His creation doesn’t begin; it is coexistent with Himself.

Principle, to be Mind, is intelligent, and you express intelligence because it is Principle. It is your Principle and your only Mind. Without knowing this, you are at sea about your own existence, about the fundamental fact of existence. In respect to that, the natural sciences are just exactly where they were thousands of years ago. They cannot tell you any more today than they could thousands of years ago. They cannot tell you any more today than they could in the time of the ancient Greeks. The attempt to explain existence materially has always been and always will be a failure. Your existence can only be explained spiritually through Christian Science. These things you know, so we will pass over them very quickly.

It is not possible that infinite Principle could be kept within a little piece of matter — even from the standpoint of ordinary human education, reason shows us that the manifestations of human intelligence and life, of Principle, are greater than any human being can conceive. Even human life, so called, is bigger than any human being. Reasoning things out that way, one begins to perceive that, from the standpoint of even human experience and observation, Principle, Life, Truth, is not something that can be inside of anything like the human body.

The Bible has always said that, but people could not see it. If they had, they would have recognized that God is Principle, the creator of all things, the cause of all life, and is therefore the continuity of all. Even those who saw that Life had to be Principle, only saw it dimly. Nobody applied it until Mrs. Eddy discovered the Science of it. She shows us that God is Principle. This should be a comfort to every human being, and a means by which he not only improves his health and prolongs his life, but should be and must be the means by which he finds eternal Life. A person who begins to understand what Principle is, is already attaining something of immortal Life. Why, that fact itself is immortal. You cannot kill it, and if you know that fact, to that extent you are immortal now.

The question, What is Truth? is always justified. The whole world has always been asking that question and is still asking it. The only answer is to be found in the synonyms for Truth — Mind, Spirit, Soul, Principle, Life, Love. In one place Mrs. Eddy writes that Truth is the intelligence of immortal Mind, and I don’t believe a better definition could be found for it. Truth, the natural condition of infinite Mind, Principle, the eternal Spirit, is without beginning or ending. Even with our human powers of observation, with an understanding which is limited by human beliefs, we can still recognize that an infinite creation involves you in an infinite creator or Principle, and this is Truth everlasting. If Mind wasn’t infinite, Mind would stop thinking. That is infinity. And infinity is Truth.

Where would you be without Truth immediately? If there is not something that is unassailable, which cannot change or vary, which will not yield in any direction, but must ever be itself, if Truth does not exist, then there is no God and there is no creation and we are not here. But we are here. So we know we have found the Truth. When we say that, we are not pretending we know all about God. Once when I was lecturing in England, one of the reverend gentlemen of the Church of England wrote an article about my lecture in which he said: “Mr. Young is quite confident he knows all about God.” Nobody else got that impression, so he must have got that impression from the fact that he knew so little about God that anyone who claimed to know anything about God appeared to him to think he knew it all!

But we do know Truth. Not all of Truth at once, to be sure. But more and more all the time, we know Truth. As a matter of fact, we do know a great deal about God.

We don’t imagine God, and we don’t think we can imagine God, Truth. People may be trying in some way to encompass God, but we are not engaged in any such process. We are simply trying to understand. But our understanding, modest though it is, is so much greater than anything the gentleman of Bradford ever accomplished by means of his effort, it seems presumptuous on our part to him. It is because of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation of Truth that we know a lot about God. Had she not seen it first, perhaps none of us should ever have seen it. There has to be a discoverer to reach out beyond the place where people are, in order to reach that which will help, but which is not yet understood practically.

Mrs. Eddy did that very thing. As a matter of fact, every great person whoever did anything in the world that was great, did that. When she looked beyond the orthodox theories and dogmas of her age and time, she began to perceive the meaning of the word God. Then she defined it as far as it was possible to define it in words. She indicated all that was absolutely necessary in terms which leave nothing to be desired for her followers. The word Principle, for instance, means Truth, for Truth must be the foundation of all that is real. In her writings she uses the word Truth very often with the capital T. Used in that sense, it always indicates God or Christ. But she uses it also constantly without a capital. In that sense, it indicates a kind of an educational idea, something telling you about that which is. But when she uses the capital, it is not about God, it is God.

These synonymous terms — Principle, Life, Truth — indicate somewhat of that which is to take place with Christian Scientists everywhere always. It does not mean only that they are gaining the right idea of God, but that they are gaining the very presence of God. Don’t forget that, for it is the object of all our work here. We do not go through class merely to know about that which is true, but that we may know Truth itself. In some measure everyday, and in a larger measure everyday, we must know Truth itself, so that thought, being adjusted to the one divine intelligence of Principle, Truth, begins to express that divine intelligence, Truth. Only then do we have a Christian Scientist. If you do not have Truth for yourself, you are not a Christian Scientist.

Truth is the divine nature of God, and you must keep this before you all the time.

Truth takes the mystery out of God. Get the immanence of Truth; for Truth to be, Truth must be omnipresent. It is omniscience. To the extent that anyone ever does anything which is right, he is manifesting Truth. That which is right is not like Truth, it is Truth. You cannot change Truth. Mrs. Eddy did not invent it. She discovered that God was Truth. She discovered what Truth was, what God was as the divine Principle and the law of all being. The moment you begin to realize what is true, you have already attained something of spiritual sense. So let no man take thy crown. Nor any woman either!

What is Truth? When one of my boys was going to school in Ann Arbor, one of his fellow students asked him something about Christian Science. He said, “Well, we know that God is good and good is God.” Why do you know that God is good? You must know why or you do not know Truth and that God is Truth. If God is the first great Cause, then He must be good in order to be eternal. Why is God the Life of man? There is a reason. All are alive. If we are alive, there is Life. There is the evidence. You can call attention to the fact that this has never been answered in material science and that there is no satisfaction in the old theories. There is no great difficulty in establishing Truth as Truth. The whole history of material science shows that nobody has ever been able, from a material standpoint, to explain what you call life. They do not know why we are alive. But we are alive today. If he admits that, there you have him!

Get him that far and his arguments are finished so far as logic is concerned, because we are alive. And there are thousands of millions also alive. There you have got the fact that life is a very great thing. And there is no other way to explain it than by seeing that what we call being alive is effect. Then Life is Principle, the divine cause, God. It is a good idea to show such people that all the theories of natural science never made anybody happy. When we know the Truth, we know the reason for the faith within us. And we must know, not just believe.

Once when I was lecturing in a little town in Nebraska, the minister of some orthodox denomination was on the same train and some of the ladies in our party tackled him of the subject. One of these ardent ladies, with more of what you might call “mental activity” than [good] sense, sat down beside him and began to talk. My! She was so poorly equipped to begin with, and she shouldn’t have tackled him in the second place. If anybody really wants to know, let him ask. Anyway, the minister finished her up in about fifteen minutes, so that she retired in great confusion. Learning to say, “Oh, isn’t it lovely!” is not Science.

The practice of Principle is the impersonalization of thought, and this is knowing Truth. When we know God as Truth, we get away from that personal, finite sense of God. I was not raised in an orthodox religious atmosphere, so you would think I would have none of those old notions to contend with; but sometimes I find it the hardest thing to get rid of that hazy notion of God as a person somewhere. We pick these things up unconsciously and take on general superstitious beliefs without realizing it. When I was a young man, I used to go around with a set that went in for intellectual things. We thought we were pretty sophisticated. While we smiled at religious things generally, we all went around praying to our God in secret, I think. We thought religion was something that could not stand the light of reason. That was because we did not know that God is Truth.

This God that is Truth, is the only Life of anyone, for it is the one infinite Life. Our Life is God. You can never change that fact. Entertaining a false belief about it does not change it. But let us not rejoice, like the Pharisees, that we are not as other men in this matter of Life! It is not an exaggeration to say that the great majority of Christian Scientists believe in death more than they believe in Life! You hear everywhere talking about “after you pass on,” or “when you have passed through the belief of death,” or “following the transition called death.” Oh, yes, they call it “passing on,” but they mean death just the same as anybody else does in speaking of that unreal event. Oh, yes, they say that someday, in some distant future, we will demonstrate over death. The only thing they seem absolutely sure of is death! That is the one avoidable experience they seem to think.

The only thing that is absolutely certain is Life. Get that fact today and make it real. If you don’t get anything else, get that. Life is the only thing that is absolutely unquestionable in the universe. Science shows us that everything unlike Life is a scientific impossibility and cannot be. It makes no difference if all the evidences in human experience contradict Science, the answer is that Life is, and there is no death. Life is bigger than any human being, and it is not possible that it could be inside anyone. Life does not know anything that could make it inharmonious. It can never know death. Life has nothing with which to die. There is only one Life and you have it this very moment. If anyone or anything could ever die, creation would collapse.

There is too often the expectancy among Christian Scientists that “passing on” might be expected in some cases. But why? The suggestion that there is any relief, anything good or normal or proper in the passing on of any person, is old theology and is based on an utter misconception. It is unscientific and unchristian.

All who apparently pass on must continue to live as before the apparent change. Question (by Judge Mary Bartelme): But to die out of this body, doesn’t a man have to awaken to something better?

Answer: Mrs. Eddy tells is that as a man falls asleep, so shall he awake. “As death findeth mortal man, so shall he be after death, until probation and growth shall effect the needed change.” (Science and Health 291) Death is not the gateway to life.

Interjection (by student Bartelme): Oh, I could never accept that! (Judge Bartelme had recently lost an adored brother.)

Question (by one of the students): Granting those we say have passed on have not really died, what would keep them from being deeply distressed over the grief of those they knew have lost them in belief?

Answer: I don’t know. I haven’t been there! All I know is what Mrs. Eddy has written in her books. But it stands to reason that if consciousness has undergone some process of redemption, and not knowing enough to die, it seems to me the individual would still possess things because it is a matter of consciousness. This thing we call “passing on” is just a veil. And it seems very thin sometimes.

Life cannot possibly cease for anybody. Seeing that, we will make better demonstrations. Then we will stop talking about different planes of existence. We will never demonstrate over death as long as we talk about planes of existence. We can’t go on believing that we are here and that there are others on a different plane. That will have to stop before we can have immortality.

And we cannot overcome the belief of death until we overcome the belief of birth.

There is no time, no future, only the everlasting now. It will always be now forever, for there is no such thing as time. The word eternal will have no meaning for us as long as we believe it refers to the future. Being is not contingent upon time or place or circumstances, event or environment, upon coming or going, or living or dying in matter. There is no age, and age hasn’t anything to do with death ever. We are not in years nor of years. I have overheard people discussing my age many times, Scientists, and I am always appalled. Even though some of them marvel at my youthful qualities, it is all malpractice just the same. Speculating on people’s age is mental murder. Eternity is all there is and Life is inevitable. You can’t escape it no matter what you do. Marveling at youth makes a reality of decrepitude, gives it power.

Let what you know handle death. The understanding that is in itself so alive that it could not possibly believe in anything contrary to its aliveness, will handle death. The only thing there is about existence is Life. It makes no difference, and doesn’t change the fact one bit, that Life happens to be called human and appears to be material and temporal. We need to know that the scientific fact is not changing, whether in its source, substance or law, by any testimony which appears contrary to it. The demonstration of divine Life, of course, requires that the human sense of things shall be subjugated or obliterated in order that the divine and spiritual sense may appear. The chief difficulty that we have in this, is the universal conviction that everything of this kind takes time, and that it may be centuries before Science can demonstrate how to avoid death or to raise the dead.

As a matter of fact, it doesn’t take any time at all to arrive at the demonstration of Life. Regardless of what mortal mind thinks or says, the declaration that should accompany us every hour and largely form our conscious thought in human experience and control the unconscious operation of our faculties and functions is: there is no death. We actually live this minute because God is our Life. The only thing that is wrong is the belief about Life. Life does not begin and therefore does not end.

Question (by a student): Does that mean that each man exists before he appears humanly.

Answer: When the subject of pre-existence is brought up, sometimes there is the inclination to think it means previous existence in the flesh, whereas man doesn’t live in the flesh even now. You will never understand the fact of man’s pre-existence so long as you believe in time. Divine consciousness is from everlasting to everlasting. But that is now. “Father, glorify thou me with thine own self, with the glory which I had before ever the world was.” One moment of divine consciousness will wipe out centuries of false belief.

No one was ever conscious of being born, and no one will ever be conscious of death. Birth, physical conception, is only the belief that Life has a beginning. Jesus repudiated the material sense of birth when he said, “Before Abraham was, I am.” What he knew preceded Abraham. Resurrection is the individual demonstration of spiritual dominion over the material sense of existence, wherein the Christ nature of man is supreme over the fleshly dream of the carnal mind. When the body of flesh is lost in Spirit or spiritual consciousness resurrection is complete. But until we have reduced the beliefs of sense to their elementary nothingness, the material conception will be manifested as material embodiment, entombed in the sepulcher of human limitations and false beliefs, buried above ground in material sense.

“The last enemy” is not death, but the belief in death. Death comes because material sense is dead to spiritual Life, ignorant of Life as spiritual. Death is not inevitable. Life is inevitable. Death did not change Jesus, the Bible says, and it will never change us. Our books make it plain that death does not immediately usher man into heaven, and Jesus demonstrated this. Man is the same after the belief of death as before.

Interjection (by Judge Barthlme): Oh, I can’t accept that!

Where were we? Oh, yes. Jesus demonstrated that death does not immediately usher man into heaven. Man is the same after the belief of death as before. Death is nothing and means nothing. No one ever dies. The belief of death is entirely on the part of those who say their beloved ones are gone. Man will be physical just so long as his thought is physical, and his resurrection is his awakening from that. The so-called physical body is not an entity, but the false sense of man.

Why don’t Christian Scientists demonstrate more rapidly in overcoming death? Mrs. Eddy says it is because you must believe what you say. We can’t hold on to the truth of anything just for a while, and then say, “I will hold on again.” Science is continuous.

Death is never demonstration. There is no demonstration in that which is untrue. A woman once said to me that her husband had “Gone on,” that he had “finished his work here.” So he went. Went where? No one will ever be conscious of death, for death is nothing at all; and it would be impossible to be conscious of something that does not exist.

We must still exist to the departed — unless they have accepted some false sense of separation. It is only our thought that they have been taken. The belief in death is all that separates us. When that is met, they will return again unto our consciousness. All who apparently pass on must continue to live as before the apparent change. Those who have passed on will again appear to us when we have the spiritual understanding of Life. That is what happened to Lazarus. And it will happen to us.

The so-called laws of human existence are not true, and they are not worthy of our respect. They have no power beyond the beliefs of mortals. We do not have to believe them. We do not have to wait to recover from illness or to be saved from sin. We do not have to wait to overcome poverty or disappointment or fear or even death. In a certain sense, we are overcoming death every moment, for we are living. If we are every instant in this way overcoming death, what may we not expect if we will only awake and permit only the Science of Being to hold sway! Just think what it would mean now to exclusively declare divine Principle and law, its substance and action, its power and presence, its wisdom and love, as our only Life and consciousness!

We cannot take advantage of the profound facts of Science unless we realize the truth about ourselves and never admit the error. Claiming divine Mind as our Mind, and our only Mind, persistently and consistently, we will gain it, and thereby transform human beliefs, heal our bodies, and prove our immortality. “As in Adam, all die, even so, in Christ shall all be made alive.” That means that we must die to the Adam-sense of things and be alive to the Spirit-sense or Christ-sense of being. We must, through the renewing of our minds, find God, Life.

Now when you go home, think over what has been said. Think it through. Don’t run around gossiping about it. People get awfully mixed up sometimes in talking about half-digested information. And they mix each other up.

For tomorrow, look up references on God. Bring back the passage that means most to you, that is the clearest, that is the most inspiring.

Wednesday, August 5 (Third Day)

Let us begin this morning by reading our references. (Mr. Young at this point called on each pupil to read in turn his selected citation from Mrs. Eddy’s writings, making brief and minor comments occasionally.)

I am often asked about notes. You will recall that I asked all of you to bring a notebook to class. But there seems to be some doubt about the extent of this note-taking, and what you should do with them. I can only say that it is up to you to do what you think right about such things. We can’t tell each other what to do. And we do not go by rule or rote. A teacher is required to guide his students to understand Christian Science, but he has no right to try to control them in any way. It has sometimes been the case that students have found their notes useful later on. And I see nothing wrong in comparing notes. But this one subject, I try to say very little about because it is a matter for you to determine for yourselves in every case.

As I have said before, I didn’t take very many notes when I went through either the Primary or the Normal class. But whether one does or not is a question of study habits. When I was a young boy at school, one of our professors used to make us do a great deal of work without notes, and I got into the practice of getting a whole lecture just by listening to it, so that I could almost give it word for word immediately afterwards. But if one has not that habit, he may find notes indispensable. If you are in the habit of taking notes in your study, then you may find them invaluable to your study. Of course, I don’t like to have you write all the time, for you miss a great deal that way, as you try to get more than you possibly can in longhand. As for keeping your notes permanently, if you take the pains to get them, I don’t know why you shouldn’t keep them. One student I know of was able to straighten out another student who was misquoting something I had said in one of my classes. That is the right use of notes, it seems to me.

When you see a lot of incorrect notes, sometimes you get to thinking that notetaking ought to be done away with entirely. But that is not the solution. Students are going to misquote teachers anyway, and it seems to me they are more apt to misquote from memory then from notations. The trouble is, people make too much of notes. Take them if that is your method of study, or leave them if they interfere with your listening. We can’t dispense with the written word. After all, Science and Health is the written word.

Science and Health is a textbook, and has to reach everybody. Consequently a tremendous amount of it is explanatory. What you want to do, is to get the habit of digging into it to find the things most helpful. Much of it is explanation, but there are always absolutely scientific statements to be found. One must see them as he goes along. Don’t be afraid to see them. You don’t have to qualify everything you say. “Man is not material, he is spiritual.” You don’t have to qualify that. Don’t be afraid to see it. Say it and stick to it even when you are not reading the book. Truth is absolute; it is not comparative or relative. I want you to find in Science and Health those great statements which will put you in heaven and keep you there! For tomorrow, you look up absolute statements and each of you bring one to class in the morning.

You read too much without studying. When you read, get hold of the kernel of the thing. There is too much floating along. Going on as we have been going along, we will never reach the acme of Christian Science.

There is too much “Oh-isn’t-it-lovely!” That is not the thing that will enable you to go to the bedside of pain and do the work you need to do. The actual knowing is required of you. And the actual knowing will not come to you if you linger in the relative statements in Science and Health. They have to be there because the book is a textbook.

But there comes a time, as in Jesus’ experience, when you must say, “I am not of this world.” You have to reach the point that is ahead of where the beginner is. You must reach the place of understanding, and this place is far above the beginner for whom the explanatory statements were written. Don’t be afraid to say that Principle and its idea is one; don’t be afraid to see that man has no mind but God.

The fundamental necessity is to recognize that God is the only Mind and that this all-knowing Mind is expressed through man. There is not one single idea or quality of God that man does not express. Man in God’s image is fully conscious of his health and intelligence. God’s creation manifests Himself. Man is spiritual. He is substance. He has his being in infinity, and knows nothing of birth, sin, sickness, death. Man is not a thing that reflects God, but is expression itself. What God creates is supreme over all things, and subjection is unknown to either Himself or to His offspring, man. Get rid of the mental picture of man. Look away from the material body, for you will never be able to take cognizance of man materially.

Mrs. Eddy says that we know no more of man than we know of God. So the more we know of God, the more we know of man. You cannot find man by searching for man; you can find man by knowing God. The first, last and only thing is God. You look into Christian Science and find God, and the moment you understand something of Principle, that understanding is man. As you seek and gain understanding, what you learn is you. When you seek God, you find yourself — and others as well.

Question (by one of the students): Didn’t William Walter confuse man with God?

Answer: Yes, the Walter teaching did not distinguish between God and man. God and man were synonymous with each other. That is not Christian Science. And I think Mr. Walter showed how far he was getting away from Christian Science more and more as time went on. He associated less and less with Christian Scientists.

Man is understanding. Not a person who understands, but understanding. And the less person there is in it the more man. There is a difference in aspect between man and understanding though. The story about the child healing the sick hog by just saying, “Old sow, you’re the image and likeness of God!” was, after all, correct. Of course, image suggests imagination and likeness suggests something or someone else. Maybe for image and likeness we had better say evidence and expression. The words image and likeness are borrowed from old theology and are misleading. God is All. We must not get away from the divine oneness, or we will have again the remote God of old theology.

All we have to do is to awake and become conscious here and now of the divine facts in order to be all of what man is. In the degree that we are awakening through our study and demonstration, we are the divine man. Christian Science is the revelation of the divine man.

We must think: God is Mind. Not of God as a mind. It is necessary that you grasp this for everything is subservient to this basic fact. When Mrs. Eddy declared that God is Mind, she brought about a religious revolution, for old theology had it as God with a mind. God is Mind and Mind is God, limitlessly intelligent. Mind is the source and substance of everything that exists, and everything that Mind conceives must be, like Mind, perfect and everlasting. See that idea, everywhere and always, is without restriction or limitation, for an unlimited Mind cannot know a limited thing. Everything it knows is without space, time or obstruction, ever alive, all-intelligent, always active. Because Mind is infinite, its idea is ever progressive as expression.

Spiritualizing thought is getting away from limitation. The Christian Scientist must stand as Mind. He must recognize the power and dominion of the Mind which is all there is. Get this reality of being, for it is fundamental to a demonstrable understanding.

We cannot consistently hold in thought two concepts of man, the real and the unreal, the limited and the unlimited. We cannot deny a thing and make it real at the same time. Whether this life experience shall be one of dominion or subjection is determined by our concept of Being. Duality has been the downfall of many a student of Christian Science, as any experienced worker can testify from direct observation.

Of course, man is not God. Some of Mrs. Eddy’s early students did not get this.

So she has taken great pains since the first edition of Science and Health to bring this out. But one cannot see that God is All without having some sense of I AM THAT I AM. During the litigation between the boards in Boston, I was reading in The Mother Church, and a well-known Scientist from Concord said to me belligerently, “I understand that you teach that you are God!” I looked him squarely in the eye a moment, then said evenly, “You don’t believe that.” The man hesitated, then said, “No, I don’t.” And that was that. But, you see, we must always use wisdom in what we say to others.

No one can understand Truth in Christian Science without experiencing something of the meaning of I AM THAT I AM. The Bible brings this out, and Mrs. Eddy explains it in her writings. Only as this true meaning of the I AM comes to us in increasing measure can we have progressive demonstrations and find our dominion over the whole earth. Of course, the divine I AM is not a person saying, “I am” — although we sometimes see students using it that way, without understanding. As our book puts it, Mind, God, is the only Ego, the only I or Us. If it isn’t that, it isn’t anything at all. There need be no confusion about this. Exactly in the measure that you permit your thought to take on the majesty and power of divinity, in that measure it is Spirit which is saying I AM. That would not be material sense speaking.

Do not think of yourself any more than you can help. What you know of God is yourself, your real self. Spiritual understanding comes more and more, and that is you. We gain our dominion in proportion as we seek not the image and likeness, but the original. That I AM which is conscious of God is man. Everything you know of God, knowing it as God knows it, is man and is yourself. The divine Mind cannot think of anything different than itself or contrary to the divine nature, and cannot create anything that does not bear witness to Himself.

The unfoldment of right ideas which reveal Truth, is the real man and constitutes his body, or sense of being, which he will have forever. The term man is used to indicate the infinite ideal, and this ideal is a sublime reality. The real man is a state of self-knowledge, ceaselessly glorifying and reflecting the divine consciousness. When you get the true concept of God as man, you realize God’s availability and that you are always in His presence.

Isn’t intelligence always available? Always know that nothing can separate you from your intelligence, and that God’s intelligence is your intelligence. You must know that you know, and stand by it through thick and thin. Individual man is the manifested presence or expression of infinite good. God’s life is your Life. His being is your being. Man as the image and likeness of God is not material; he is spiritual and perfect. He is the embodiment of all right ideas, the direct and immediate expression of infinite Mind.

Question (by one of the students): Paul Stark Seeley spoke in a Journal article of man as “the aggregation of all right ideas.”

Answer: Aggregation is not the best word to use. Man is not a collection of ideas, but he is the compound idea or expression of God. Mr. Kimball specifically deplored the term aggregation in this connection.

Man as the infinite expression or manifestation of infinite Mind, is at one with and inseparable from Mind. Omnipresent Love supplies his every need and keeps him in his perfect place and position forever. As divine idea, he is as eternal and indestructible as Truth itself. He was never born and never dies. He is not subject to matter.

Man is the perfect idea of God. Divine ideas in their ceaseless activity constitute all that he is and all that body is. He is not subject to any form of error, or any belief of a mind or intelligence apart from God. God is omnipresence and omni-intelligence, and man, His idea, expresses the all-presence of intelligence. He is poised and alert and ever conscious of good. God is individual and man is an individual expression of God, infinite, harmonious and indestructible. The real man is the image of Truth, Life, Love, of substance, dominion and wisdom.

Your thought about man will do no good until you see perfection and maintain it in consciousness. The moment you understand Principle and it appears so real and substantial to you that you for a moment forget you have a material existence, that moment is a foretaste of immortality and indicates just how immortality will have to be attained. Your individuality is what you know of God as Mind. What you have been able to consciously discern of the knowledge of God, that is you. This spiritual man does not live in matter, on matter, or because of matter. Nor is he subject to any of the beliefs of the carnal mind. He is perfect and complete in every step of his being, and cannot be touched by chance, luck, loss or accident. As the full expression of his Maker, he is conscious only of harmony, dominion and abundance.

Assuming that there is an infinite cause, you will have to assume an infinite effect. Man is the evidence, the consciousness or the possession, of every essential quality of God. God is all there is to man. Man is Life expressed, and the expression of Life never dies. “Man has perpetual individuality; and God’s laws, and their intelligent and harmonious action, constitute his individuality in the Science of Soul.” (No and Yes


Man is coexistent with God, and has indestructible substance and eternal Life. He possesses in infinite measure every quality that makes his creator harmonious, invincible, supreme. As expression, man is the state of complete possession. He is complete in every step of his being, and his characteristics are love, harmony, dominion, clear discernment, perfect and accurate action. Man and his activities are absolutely impervious to any influence other than that of Principle, of which he is the expression, incapable of even the slightest variation from absolute perfection.

Being the perfect idea of infinite Mind, man has within himself all that constitutes harmonious Being. He lacks nothing and does not desire anything. He is a state of possession. The term man includes all that is called mankind. Man means all men and every creature individually, wanting nothing to beautify and glorify his existence. Complete possession characterizes the real man. The divine man includes the universe, reflecting the infinite One. These particular metaphysical points are not doctrinal, but fundamental, and the understanding of them is essential to our progress.

Question (by a student): What is generic man, of which Mrs. Eddy speaks, and in what respect does generic man differ from individual man?

Answer: The question by implication can be called philosophical rather than scientific, for a person could do good work without being able to answer that question. In fact, thousands of our practitioners are in that position. To others it appears to be a theoretical question, and to some extent non-essential. However, ultimately every Christian Scientist will demonstrate the one Mind so clearly that he will know unmistakably the difference between individual man and generic man.

Truth declares itself as one infinite consciousness. But generic man right there is that which, when reflected by right ideas, is individual consciousness and individual man. Its manifestations are universal and infinite, constantly declaring themselves in every thought, action, organ and function. The infinite Principle, Mind, is showing forth intelligence and law. The recognition of divine relationship and co-relationship of all ideas is important. The divine man, the only man, generic and individual, forever being born, is the unfoldment of ideas. Generic man is the ideal of infinite Mind, God, forever unfolding more and more of His creation, and all of this is expressed in individual man.

All the identities we call man are included in generic man. The generic term man is an individual expression of infinity. Each individual is but a complete exemplification of that infinite idea we call generic man. Think that out. We ourselves illustrate both individual and generic man. We are here today individually and as one Mind. We are collectively and generically here as one Mind. Truth is demonstrated collectively and individually. The demonstration of Truth individually illustrates individual man, and the demonstration of Truth collectively illustrates collective man. The term generic man may also be applied to the individual, in a way, because individual consciousness is the likeness of the all-inclusive divine consciousness.

Generic man has been described as “the sum total of right ideas,” but that definition is incorrect and is most objectionable. There is no “sum total” to infinity. Our book says that creation is ever appearing and must ever continue to appear, because of its inexhaustible source, and there is no sum total to that. We must see that in true creation there is no limit to being, individually or collectively. All have sunset, alphabet, all to enjoy rather than possess. Infinity could never conceive of anything finite; therefore, every idea is an infinite idea. Infinity is always original. It never duplicates its ideas. Every idea is individual. Without individual man, there would be no generic man. Generic man is infinite individuality infinitely expressed. Generic man is humanly represented as mankind. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say misrepresented! [Laughter]

Mankind is a term which, in the last analysis, signifies universal human consciousness. Who could imagine all that that term implies? Who, with the understanding given by Christian Science, would want to imagine that false consciousness? Nevertheless, when we consider that all the incidents, circumstances and events that make up history, as well as all the possibilities of error that have not yet appeared, constitute mortal mind and its generic representative, mankind, we can understand something of the magnitude of the meaning of that word. And this serves to enlighten us when we remember that the term mankind, boundless as its meaning is, is to finite sense but a finite and false sense and statement concerning generic man.

To see that the term generic in the sense of inclusiveness applies to individual man as well as to universal man, increases one’s ability to deal with questions of general or universal import. To state it again: the term generic in the sense of inclusiveness applies to individual man as well as to universal man. To see that makes you think in a better way. It expands consciousness to see that man is not confined to something, has no limitations, cannot limit himself, his thought, his power, his action, or his being. He is inclusive of here and now, of what and where and when, and that’s the only man there is. Think that out.

Now put your pencils down for a moment. You can’t write at all. Just listen, and I’ll repeat what is necessary for you to write out.

The infinite idea of infinite Mind, including all individuality, is generic man.

There is nothing in or to generic man that is impossible to individual man. God is infinite and God is Mind, so the image and likeness of God is and must be infinite, spiritual idea including all right ideas. Anything that expresses intelligence expresses Life. Generic man finds expression in individual man. The infinite idea of infinite Mind, including all individuality, is what you will have to see and understand as the only possible entity that can express God. Generically and individually man is infinite.

Every individual idea is infinite. Every idea is infinite, even if it is only a rose, a tree or an eye. The only, infinite idea hand is enough for everybody. Two hands, but one idea. Infinite idea is always sufficient for an infinite purpose. Consciousness expresses itself in individual as well as in generic man. Consciousness is the basic and primal fact of all true being. When you think of generic man, do not permit yourself to think that the sum total of individuals is that man. Generic man is not a sum total. The sum total applies to matter.

Generic man is an expression comprising all individuality. Generic man is the infinity of all the ideas of Mind, the one infinite intelligence expressed in multitudinous ideas which are forever unfolding from the boundless basis of infinite Principle. In this way, man is the full representation of Mind. Generic man is the universe and includes the universe. It is all in man, all in consciousness.

Generic man is the infinite individuality of individual man, man infinitely and divinely individualized. Man is the perfect and complete expression of Father-Mother God, a state of sublime, conscious completeness and harmonious being. This supreme, natural, self-existent Being is the unity of Principle and its expression or immaculate idea. The real man, which is appearing now, never to disappear, is ourselves. It is your identity, my identity, our identity. Think that out.

Question (by a student): Are man and universe synonymous?

Answer: Well, I do not believe I would use these terms that way. Man is infinite expression of Mind and has the nature and character of Mind. Man is conscious identity and therefore, as consciousness, includes everything. In that sense, he could include the universe.


You and I know ourselves and each other forever. We are not personalities, we are ideas. God knows each one of us forever. Two men are not the same man. God is infinitely individual; hence, infinite man. As Mrs. Eddy writes, Christ will ultimately reveal man collectively, as individually, to be the son of God. “Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured or numbered.” (Hosea 1:10) That is a declaration of infinity. Speaking of the “many mansions” was merely a way of speaking of the infinite variety of infinite being. The knowing right now is one of the many mansions. It is only mortal mind, by its very nature, that would claim more than one thing, which must have its sum total. So it claims infinite variation, but presents only a limited and finite variety.

Each idea exists only at the point of perfection, eternally, harmoniously, and therefore can never express anything but the eternal, spiritual truth of divine coordination; hence, infinite relationships.

Everything in the universe of God is already established in its present place and way, and all relationships are now and forever divine and harmonious. There is only one tree, but tree is an infinite idea; hence, infinite trees, infinite varieties of tree. Infinity cannot be numbered. You do not have to think in numbers. “David sinned when he numbered the people,” the Bible tells us. Everything about Mind is infinite in Principle and in idea. Because tree is an infinite idea, there is no limit to its expression. Therefore, infinite trees.

Every idea exists forever. God did not create (past tense) anything. “Creation” does not signify beginning. Every idea is as eternal as God. You have to consider that. You have to accustom yourselves to it, to the fact that you are as eternal as God. All your real nature is the eternal nature of God. That fact is stated in the Bible where it says that “the seed is in itself.” We so slowly understand the infinite. The one infinite tree is infinitely expressed. But the idea is one. There is so much to study here, but we must not let our study get profound. If we try to be profound, we get lost in unimportant things. Striving to be profound is just striving, not Science. If you study from the standpoint of infinite Mind, you will be profoundly simple.

Question (by David Clay): If man is the compound idea including all right ideas, is tree a part of man?

Answer: Certainly! Man includes tree, doesn’t he?

Question (by Mrs. Simpson): Mrs. Eddy says God is not expressed in fragmentary ideas and that allness is the measure of the infinite with nothing less expressing God. Then how are we to understand the expression “greater and lesser ideas”?

Answer: There are not literally greater and lesser ideas. Each and every idea in the infinite universe is necessary to completeness. But because the human mentality cannot grasp the oneness of infinity and the infinity of all things, Mrs. Eddy found it necessary to employ such terms as greater and lesser in order to convey some meaning of what she was driving at. There are no comparisons in infinity. Every idea is measureless.

Question (by one of the students): What is the difference between identity and individuality?

Answer: I don’t think I would make a distinction between individuality and identity. Still, man is not a horse. Metaphysically, a tree is not a stone; a tree is a tree. The Christian Science Monitor is not the Christ as some have said; it is a newspaper. But there is only one idea and we all have it. Everything exists as oneness, and the infinity of good belongs to everyone, and there is nothing left out. The infinity of anything, like the alphabet, belongs to all and no one can be deprived of anything. What is yours is yours forever, belongs to all, and no one can be deprived of anything. Man is a compound idea. Boston is a compound belief. And don’t get the notion that Boston is heaven!

But we are not getting man here! (Mr. Young speaks impatiently here.)

We do not demonstrate things; we demonstrate that all is Mind. We sometimes say idea and at the same time think a thing. But the infinite idea cannot be humanly outlined or imagined. “All that I have is thine,” but that all is never in matter; it is always Spirit. Because it is spiritual, it is always available as the very presence of God. And that comes while you are thinking. There is no distance between Mind and idea, no space and no time. An idea is not the means by which the divine Mind does something; it is the divine Mind in manifestation.

To know the natural presence of the divine consciousness places us where we can instantly reflect the right idea, which is the Savior to the case. Ideas are not things, but thought; and you have them all as the understanding of God. They are tangible and real. As a matter of fact, an idea is more tangible and real than any material object, for the idea will go on.

The embodiment of ideas is the real body. The hand is in the infinite Mind. Mortal mind conceives of it materially as a useful part of the body, but it is an immortal, indestructible idea of the infinite Mind. What you know is more tangible than your appearance, and eventually what you know will be your appearance. Everything you are conscious of in a normal way, exists in a divine way. Not in matter.

There is a limited use of the human concept; but as divine idea, it is unlimited.

An idea can never be confined, limited or have a disease. An infinite idea cannot swell, be enlarged, inflamed or impaired. Therefore when you think, do not believe that you can be wearied or fatigued, that the brain has been exercised and needs rest. Think with Mind, not with brain. The substance of idea is indestructible always. There is no disintegration. Lungs cannot be destroyed. Ideas cannot know or experience inaction, overaction or reaction, friction or fatigue.

The object of study is enlightenment, and the object of enlightenment is idea. That is all you get. Study so that you get the idea as your own thought. Do not limit yourself. Let the idea which you perceive expand, and do not hold to the finite conception of a statement. Ideas are spiritually discerned and constitute your consciousness. Is infinite Mind confronted with a problem? Mind is not disturbed by any difficulty, and so forth, and the difficulty is ironed out. Infinite Mind must have manifestation. Infinity cannot manifest the finite. Our difficulty is in using material terms to explain spiritual facts. We say “from infinitesimal to infinity.” That is, humanly speaking, some things appear less than other things. Everything that is finite is a misconception, a misconception of something that is infinite.

Question (by Arthur Corey): What do you think of Joel Rufus Mosley’s article, “The Divine Idea and the Human Concept,” which appeared some years ago in the church periodicals?

Answer: It is a well-written article. But it seems to me it tends to establish duality. There has always been too much emphasizing of dualistic trends in the movement through an obsession with separating the real and the unreal.

Material things and personalities represent a finite sense of creation — the divine creation. If you reverse everything that appears to be finite and temporal, you begin to grasp something of the truth that appears to be a material world and personalities.

The scientific fact is capable of demonstration; consequently, we find ourselves here engaged in maintaining facts of Science. Here we maintain the scientific facts, instead of material observations. The right understanding is the foundation of Christian Science practice. It grows with use. As we use it, or are compelled to use it, gradually this right understanding is recognized to be ourselves. This understanding has its foundation and superstructure in everything that reveals God aright.

One infinite God shows the possibilities of one intelligence, and one intelligence is the kingdom of God. Intelligence must have the character of God in order to be the kingdom of God. Make your affirmations from the heart as much as from your head; that is, do not let your affirmations be merely intellectual. Every fact, when you can see, say or think facts, must be part of your being. We must imbibe the spirit as well as the letter. When we can connect our sense of existence with what we call God, the utterance of certain things, or certain propositions, expands. Everything you can possibly know or be then takes on the nature of God.

The pitfalls are not to be ignored. Nor are they be to given any power. We face the seeming conflict of good and evil, but we do not need to accept it. Little by little we stand for what God is, and we become Godlike. Then we see material objects, and our book says we reject that appearance and accept the ideas of Soul. But we must not get a wrong sense of what Science and Health says. You can’t take away a material tree and put an idea in its place. Don’t get a queer notion of these things — like a testimony I heard in some of the New York churches about “an idea of a man walking down an idea of an aisle of the idea of church”!

How big is an idea? Limitless! You can’t imagine a material object literally by an idea. The spiritual idea comes in the realm of thought. Everyone can have the same spiritual idea — in fact, must have it. Every spiritual idea is so measureless that all may have it. A material object not everybody can have. Fortunately, not everybody wants it! We reject the material object as a reality, because we perceive that everything God conceives must be an idea. Entertain the true idea and then what appears to be something material will be benefited, because it is then seen that everything in God’s creation is good. Mrs. Eddy knew the only tree there is never dies. That is all she had to know. We demonstrate the perfect tree when we have the clear realization that a tree exists that is eternal and as perfect as the Mind in which it has its being. We do not imagine these things [trees, etc.], but know the facts in Science.

We do not use the word replace in its ordinary sense. In this work we are engaged in, we are going beyond finite sense. Enter upon it without any preconceived notions, and let your thought rise to the realization of what God actually means. Do not be afraid to perceive that you yourself can have the consciousness of God — that would be God. Do not be afraid to use words that set forth the grandeur, the beauty, the nature of God inevitably. Anything that appears to be limited is untrue. The finite concept and the infinite idea never get together! Don’t expect to find a divine idea about the same size and shape as the material concept! (Laughter) Spiritual ideas are unimaginable, but knowable. In attempting to replace the objects of sense with the ideas of Soul, do not try, either, to substitute qualities only for the objects, as is so often done. Ideas are actual.

The only thing that is actual is ideas. Matter perishes and all personality may fade out and be no more, but Truth itself is not changed by that. And if a human being could be so transformed that there is nothing left to him but Truth, it would be quite evident that nothing ever happened to him of a material or erroneous nature. Now that cannot take place except mentally and spiritually. To the extent that it takes place, nothing will ever happen to him. early days who regarded everything of which they were aware as wholly devoid of reality. Think that out. Consider it carefully. It is very important to see. I have seen many a Scientist lose everything by getting off on this.

No idea is negligible. Mind expresses its own infinite Being in ideas. That means that ideas are indestructible, imperishable, harmonious substance. An idea always maintains its own identity. Blood, which is an idea, can never become water. It remains blood. All ideas are reciprocally blessing each other. They never conflict and never interfere with one another. Mind’s ideas work together in perfect co-ordination. An idea cannot be afflictive to itself or to another idea. The stomach can never make the head ache. There is a certain reciprocity of ideas, representing the harmony of being. Each has the same substance, the same duration, as Mind, and therefore acts according to the nature of God. Co-ordination is a great word and often clears confusion. Sometimes false claims of disorder are nothing but lack of co-ordination of the functions or organs of the body.

The body is composed of certain elements. Although they appear material elements, the only elements there are, are spiritual elements functioning and operating according to spiritual law. We may not know what they are, but we know that they are. We cannot imagine organs from the standpoint of Mind; but if the human being has a heart, it is because there is a heart. Do not say man has no heart. If you did and it worked, it would kill him! You can say man is not subject to the heart; man is subject to God; a heart is subject to man. If the human being has a heart in belief, then that indicates that there is an organ which represents the idea — the one idea, heart. It is enough because it is infinite. Mathematics indicates that quite well. Two-plus-two-equals-four is just one and everybody has it. We are not disturbed because somebody else is using it.

Question (by a student): The functions, then, correspond in a way to the multiplication table in mathematics?

Answer: No, I wouldn’t say that. We do use illustrations in the explanation of Christian Science, and they are all right. But only to a certain point. After that, they are worse than useless. They are downright misleading. We can’t compare infinite realization with finite things. So don’t ever try to push your illustrations too far. Don’t dwell on them. The truth about a divine idea is not like something material or human.

Nothing that the human mind conceives is like what really is. Mrs. Eddy uses the word counterfeit to refer to the human conception, but that is not exactly the word to say what I want to say here. It is difficult to find the word. A counterfeit resembles the original so much that you can hardly tell the difference, but the false concept does not reveal the spiritual idea as it really is. The mortal mind concept indicates, but misrepresents. The divine idea in every case is infinite, indestructible, harmonious — like God; the material “counterfeit” has ponderosity, resistance, discord, limitations. That isn’t even a good imitation! In the material world nothing is infinite. Everything is destructive. Animals kill each other, and people shoot and eat animals. Mortal man does not represent the man that lives forever, but misrepresents him. Our book says the reality is the reverse of the material fable.

The unreality of matter was the first reason for opposition to Mrs. Eddy, as it was also to Jesus. Jesus did not state it as Mrs. Eddy did, but he did state it. The unreality of reality of existence. Our existence is not dependent upon appearance, it is not dependent on matter, but on self-existent Mind. The denial of matter has its place. That is to say, it may precede affirmation because of a kind of constant realization of the oneness of Mind or Spirit. We have not yet arrived at the point where we can go on without the denial of evil. Yet much of the denial of evil that we see in the Field tends to make evil real. Our denial is scientific only if it brings us to a higher realization of God. It does not have to be wordy to be adequate.

Ideas are quite different from things. Human beings are in trouble chiefly because their concept of life is having things. One heart! Everybody can have it as an idea. Heart represents the omni-action of the infinite, divine Mind that works forever and harmoniously. Enough for everybody because infinite. And that is true of everything. We cannot imagine or outline how these things are, but our realization of God may be so clear that things about us take on a different character. Thinking is all that is going on. When one is less material because of understanding or enlightenment, things occur which are nothing less than the kingdom of God within. As the material sense gives way to the divine, then the angels of God take charge. Then and then only have we the kingdom of heaven.

“All things beautiful and harmless are ideas of Mind.” (Science and Health

230:6) That does not say that things are material, but that things which appear material, yet are beautiful and harmless, are ideas of God. There is much to study there. Some things, humanly speaking, are of such a complicated nature that it is difficult to get clearly what they really are. The things of nature seem simpler than manufactured articles. We can get a clearer realization usually of the nature of natural things. A material tree is not nearer to the real tree then the human being is to the real man. But a tree when cut up and made into things, as a coffin, a barrel, a table, may not so well show forth the reality of tree. Nevertheless these things have their uses, and therefore typify something real and true. Everything useful and harmless in human experience is founded on Truth. But because a tree loses something of its original identity when it is cut up and made into various other things, it might be said that there is less reality, or truth, to a manufactured object than to a natural object. In answer to a question about this, Mr. Kimball once said that a child is more real than a table, and so on.

Anything about coming and going is a deception. You can’t find a mortal man from the standpoint of God. You could look, but you could never find a mortal in reality, because there is no mortal in reality. You are not mortal. There is no death to Life. There is not an idea that does not take on the nature and continuity of Being. Every idea has eternal activity, and all the ideas of Being belong to the divine man.

Do you include the universe? (Mr. Young addresses one of the students.) What’s the matter — don’t you want to? Consciousness signifies the word inclusion. One infinite Mind and its ideas constitute the whole of Being. One infinite consciousness, wherein the infinite variety of Mind’s ideas constitute the one body, or embodiment, of Mind. There is one infinite Mind, and this Mind is our Mind. There is one infinite body, and this body is our body.

As you gain a true sense of body, what appears to be a human, material body will be a perfect body. It isn’t matter at all. If you treat it as matter, you treat it incorrectly. What you call your body is nothing more than a limited human sense of your identity.

But you can’t spiritualize matter, as matter is only a belief about substance. The real body and the real man are one, and the real man is not an uncertainty or subject to uncertainty. The real man is a state of self-knowledge, reflecting the divine consciousness, and this is body, which never ages or dies. Conscious identity is what you are, and not what you seem to be.

Body is the infinite manifestation of Mind, the compound idea. All the things of body are eternal, complete, perfect, and perpetually active as ideas. The law of Mind to body is the law of perpetual, harmonious action. Body will always be body. It cannot fail, be sick or change. It is the manifestation of vigor, vitality, strength, power, force and perfect impulsion, and the divine law unto it is the law of strength and normal action. Body is right or divine ideas in co-ordination and activity eternally. The divine body is infinite ideas infinitely active and divinely co-ordinate. All that constitutes body exists now, always has existed, always in perfection, never could be absent; all ideas of infinite Being are ever-present because God-present.

One body. One infinite body. When you say there is only one body, there is actually only one body. The individual is apt to wonder: What about me? But when you say one infinity or one infinitude of body, why, that’s “how about me”! I’ve got it! It’s mine! The only body you have is the infinite activity of infinite ideas, the activity of God’s being in everything — in what one does, in what one thinks about. And that divine or infinite body or idea is the only real one. Not two! There are not two existences, one material and imperfect and the other spiritual and perfect. Just one alone — the perfect expression of perfect Mind. Get rid of dualism. That is what is sidetracking so many sincere Christian Scientists always. Only mortal mind claims more than one of anything — two men, two everything.

Realizing that that which appears to be a body which is material and human, is exempt from the influence of the so-called mortal mind, because mortal mind influences only what it conceives and it cannot conceive the divine body — perfect body manifested. So, instead of a material sense of body, if we claim the divine body, clearly and with full realization of its meaning, we manifest perfection of body. There is one infinite Mind and one infinite body. Error would have us believe that we should have minds many, that we have separate minds and separate bodies, and believe in a detached life. This ends in death. What is called the body is a false belief about body and not what it seems. It being a belief, the thing to do is improve the belief, and never to condemn it. As a step in progress we are to show forth an improved bodily condition or state.

There is one perfect spiritual body. The truth about God is man, is body. Man, body, constitutes the evidence that there is God. Man is the manifestation of God, and man is body. You don’t give up body; you overcome the material sense of body. In order to get the body that manifests Life, we must begin to declare for it, and gradually or rapidly come into our own — namely, eternal body. The human sense of body must endure until transcended. Body is the compound idea including all right ideas, and is therefore wholly spiritual, normal, complete and perfect in the kingdom of heaven. The real man is unknown to matter, and matter is unknown to him. The only man is spiritual, and is what you are knowing of God. The thinking is the spiritual man, without limitation of time or space, without any sense of coming or going, beginning or ending, without any feeling that he wants anything that he cannot have or does not have, without any wish or desire that could possibly be other than that which is one with divine Love, the very expression of God’s being.

True identity or individuality will ever be an embodiment of right ideas, harmonious, immortal, ever-active, showing forth the divine nature, expressing good.

This is the only man there is. It is often said that there isn’t any body; but Science and Health from start to finish is all about body. All of Mrs. Eddy’s works say that divineMind is the healer of the body. It would not be possible for Mind to heal the human body unless Mind could take cognizance of something. If there is no body then the human body could not be healed by divine Mind. It is essential for us to know that we can’t fade out just because we are finding that God is Mind and the universe is mental. You are not going to lose your identity, and what appears to be yourself is not going to become a shadow and then become nothing. It is as wrong to say there is no body as to say there is there is no man.

There is no matter. We can say that. But my identity and your identity is not lost because we have found it is not material. On the contrary, each and every one of us is more sure of himself than he was before. Our identity is more certain as we know it is eternal, and we are more individual as we find our identity more certain. Identity appears to be a material body, but real identity is found in the divine, spiritual embodiment, which cannot be described in material terms.

This is “the Word made flesh” and dwelling among mortals, as man reflects God in body as well as in Mind, as Mrs. Eddy writes. This is you. This is me. This is everybody. The one and only man. Just one. In this sense, there is one man. We find that man is one because there is only one Spirit, and that is the one man has. There is only one Soul, and that is man’s Soul. There is only one Truth, and that is the Truth of man. Man is man primarily because there is one infinite, divine Mind and he thinks with it — man and infinite ideas which declare and reveal an infinite creator. These are shown forth in individual man so that all there is to him is the divine Mind. We exist because God is self-existent; God is our existence.

The very fact of one’s existence is the proof of God. And any expression or idea of Mind must be infinite. How can there be more than one idea of anything? You must see the infinite oneness of all things. There is only one right idea of anything, of everything. It is because of the infinity that everything is one. We cannot have two infinities. It is unthinkable that there could be more than one infinity.

Everything we can think of is one.

Man is Spirit. What else is there? What constitutes Lake Michigan? Water. Just so, Spirit constitutes man. God and man are the same substance. There you have your oneness. Substance is omnipresent as Spirit. God knows no lack. Then supply is the only fact. We do not demonstrate things; we demonstrate the substance of Spirit, God.

Understanding that every idea is in divine Mind, is the law that there is no loss, hence the law of recovery. The fact is, there is one infinite, eternal, indestructible substance, the one Mind. An idea of Mind is a tangible fact and not a thing. An idea of Mind has all the substance of the Mind in which it originates. The substance of ideas is their being, and being is eternal. Ideas constitute your consciousness and are its substance.

In looking up your reference to bring to class tomorrow, pick out striking and strong statements or expressions, the kind that come right out at you without any explanation. You will unearth more and more of them as you study your books with what you have learned here. Let us have citations tomorrow on man. I mean absolute statements on man. We’re not here to rehearse what he seems to be, but to find out what he is. Now don’t labor over them. You can find the expressions that stand out without laboring over it. Get out in the air! It’s summer and the day is young!

And let me caution you again about discussing any of these things in the elevator going and coming. After all, the elevator is to ride on, not converse in! Just tell the operator that you have an appointment with Mr. Young when you arrive, and we will talk out Science up here!

Thursday, August 6 (Fourth Day)

First, the references. (Each member of the class rises as called to read his chosen citation aloud.) You have just read some of the greatest statements in the book (Science and Health) Now be what they say! And don’t be afraid to be what they say. Nothing is too good for God’s evidence and expression.

The infinite Mind has one infinite idea, and it is ever unfolding and new. There is never anything dull about the infinite. One idea is never a duplicate of another. Mind is ever original. In the measure that we demonstrate Mind we shall be original. The infinite never repeats itself. “Multiply,” as used in Science and Health and the Bible with reference to mankind, does not mean repeat. Principle does not turn out Ford cars like a production line! (Laughter)

Mrs. Young says that everything we laugh at has to do with some mistake, and she wonders if in heaven we will laugh. Yes, we will laugh even more. Man’s originality means peace and joy, wit and humor, and everything else. Humor is a divine idea.

God is expressing Himself, and this is all the time going on. Theosophists believe in a great One which draws all to itself and all is absorbed. Mrs. Eddy says there is no absorption, only expression. There is never a time or a possibility when He could not express His own nature, Love. Love is self-expressed. There is no conceivable time when good is not good, in which Truth is not truthful, in which Life is not living, or Love is not loving. None of us ever began or ever will cease. Life naturally never does begin nor end. As you grasp this, you are replacing your material sense of things with spiritual ideas. Thought needs to be given greater freedom and joy. Don’t always be letting previous training in religion and like restrain you. Creation is appearing. Let it appear!

Christian Science is different from orthodox religion. Man is absolutely Godlike. He is not a sinner and does not know a sinner. The first chapter of Genesis shows what man really is. The second chapter says what he seems to be. As though the infinite conceived the finite! The real man is the only man. There is only one man. Not two men. Just spiritual man. The misconception only seems to be going on. But it isn’t, really. Our immortality is our actual being, but this will not appear until we see that everything that makes us mortal is not going on. You must see that there is nothing like mortality, nothing unlike God, that it is just isn’t going on at all. It isn’t there.

So there is never any harm in denying that the human body is material. You know that when you yourselves have realized that you were not material, you have felt a sense of great comfort and peace and health. The way to make the human body healthy is to realize that body is not material, and that there is not any material mind. Just so long as you believe that you are in a human, material body and subject to material laws, the body will not act in a normal way, for you are under fear, and fear dominates all the functions. But you won’t disappear by denying matter! We deny matter in order to experience consciousness. But this denial must never be a warfare. It must have dominion. You deny material body only to see that body is spiritual.

If you just said, “I deny this whole material existence,” and it worked, it would kill a person! Condemning materiality is hate, not love, and would not heal. You must see that man is spiritual in every way, and that any appearance contrary to that is a false appearance. As you do that from the standpoint of divine Principle and law, it frees the human body by taking away fear, so that if anything is going on that is wrong, it would have to go right immediately. We must beware of trying to get rid of something instead of seeing man’s spirituality. Christian Science treatment is the recognition of the allness of God and the nothingness of anything that appears to be contrary to God. The denial of matter is the recognition that all is Spirit. That is not a fight.

Question (by a student): Is transportation a divine idea?

Answer: In going from place to place in human experience, action is involved. If we demonstrate the omni-action of Mind, it is without inertia. Not long ago I went to England, and that action was beautiful and harmless. Doesn’t Mrs. Eddy say that all things beautiful and harmless have their being in God? Then do you think that divine Mind knew anything about my going to England? Do you think Principle had anything to do with it? Principle expresses itself as idea. Where? In consciousness. Where is that? Everywhere. And where is everywhere? Here. Remember that in the infinite order of creation everything is idea. If I wanted to go to England, would it help me to realize that everything is an idea?

According to our present understanding, I would have to go by steamship, wouldn’t I? What is steamship? A means of transportation whereby activity is reflected. Does infinite man have to go anywhere? No. But in the human belief of things he might have to go somewhere, and his recognition that Mind, consciousness, includes all, helps him to overcome delay or danger in going. He knows he is already in the right place, that he includes the place. What is steamship? Everything is the manifestation of Mind, so steamship is Principle operating. What does Mind know about steamship? Mind does not know things as we humanly know them. In appearance these things are limited, material, and Spirit could not conceive of anything finite and unspiritual.

Are you in this room? Or is the room in you? You think of the room; the room doesn’t think of you. The room is in you. Man includes the universe.

The moment you get the least understanding or idea of Spirit, that is a spiritual idea and you have already attained something of spiritual sense. In this way if I realize the truth of what I am doing, aside from the evidence of the senses, I am denying the evidence of the material senses and trying to realize that nothing is going on but God and His infinite manifestation or creation.

If the steamship is in its real nature a spiritual idea, it is infinite. It does not have to be anywhere, but is everywhere present. Consequently it is always on time, nothing can run into it, and it cannot run into anything. It is always safe in Mind. It cannot be touched from above or beneath, nor be deflected in any way from its course. It cannot be detached from its useful surroundings — the ideas that are in consonance with its nature.

In Science how many steamships are there? One. But it is enough because it is infinite. And it would be quite enough if you wanted to go to China and I wanted to go toEngland at the same time. We are dealing with Mind unfolding its nature. Everything in the divine universe is an idea, and every idea is infinite. Mrs. Eddy says that if we knew the Science of Mind sufficiently well, we would move about in the same way thought does. If we wanted to go anywhere, we would be there in the same way we can think ourselves there. Occultists would pervert this, but it is a scientific fact all the same. Jesus went through closed doors.

Don’t take the halfway position that this will all be true after a while. You areChristian Scientists. Take these things as true now and stand. That is why you haveChristian Science. It is not a theory, but a means to hold on to the facts. Don’t take part in idealistic theory, but stand for the facts of being. Truth is all on the side of God, and somewhere along the line you are going to have to get on that side and stay there.

Question (by a student): Is the steamship “a lesser idea”?

In the order of Science there are what we call gradations. But we have no words that are adequate to express what we mean by this. All the objects of creation, the divine ideas, are equally important to God. We say that man is the highest expression of Deity. According to human experience and human reasoning, he appears to be the highest part of creation, the most intelligent and educated part of the universe. And that does indicate a divine fact in the order of absolute Science. But you will not be able to imagine this. You can know it. It is like the question: do you know the whole of God? Man is like the All-knowing, but he is not the All-knowing. You can know God for ever and ever and ever. That is knowing the wholeness of God. And you know it now. You are knowing God’s perfection, harmony, immortality.

The finite cannot conceive of the infinite, and the infinite cannot conceive of the finite. It is there that all the theories of old theology fall down. One of the greatest criticisms they urge against Christian Science is that we declare God to be infinite and yet say that God could not create a material man. But that is where they are faulty. They do not realize that the word infinite has a meaning which removes all limitations, whereas the belief that the infinite could create the finite would place a limitation on infinity. When you say that man is the image of Mind, you say he is mental or spiritual. He has no existence other than that given him as Mind or Spirit. He is spiritual and eternal and has no finiteness. His being is as extensive as his thought. He is the evidence or illustration of Truth, the presence of Life as action, or law as Principle. It is simple, isn’t it? Anybody can get it.

We have got to have man or we would not have God. When it is said that you only need to have God in creation, well, God is Mind and that means also creation or idea. When you say, “God is good,” that is an idea, of course. It is a fact. But so far as you are concerned, it is a thought. God is Life. That is a thought or idea so far as you are concerned. It may be said that you don’t have to know anything about man, that you only have to know about God. But that knowing is idea, man. God is manifest only as idea, for God is Mind. Man has God and God is Mind.

Where did idea begin? It never began. What is its purpose? To be like God, like perfection. Human beings represent man to us, but matter does not show us what Spirit is like. Will there then come a time when we will have no sense of another being? We will always have a growing sense, because we are finding out more and more what being is. Not less and less.

Does it make you tired to hear that man never stops action? As God rests in action, man rests. Old theology would have you after a while stopping and just doing nothing forever. Horrible! Not even to think! That sort of heaven would be extinction.

As we come into our own understanding, we find our own manhood. In that understanding of God, we find our individuality. God is individual, so man is an individual expression of God, infinite and harmonious. You are now that man. InChristian Science you are recognizing this fact and are beginning to demonstrate it. This is awakening from a false sense of man and creation to the divine facts. These facts, found through education, set aside the beliefs that tend to obscure the real nature of man, the beliefs making him sick and sinful.

There is something about generic man that explains why you can love your neighbor as yourself. Your interests are one. If a single individual in the infinite realm, or divine order of creation, would express more of the divine nature, the way to do it would be to find out more clearly that the divine nature is infinitely expressed, and that the divine nature finds its expression in other individuals, and to recognize the divinity of our brother. That is the best way to find our own. When Jesus said that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, he was giving no mere religious admonition, but a scientific rule by which to find out what we are and demonstrate it.

The basis of Christian Science is, of course, God and man. The first thing to know is what God is; and, naturally, the very next thing is to understand that God has expression or manifestation. Mind without idea is inconceivable. Consequently if you say that God is Mind, you virtually say that man is idea. There is no escape from this — and nobody need ever try to escape. We may elaborate as much as necessary in explaining it to the unprepared thought, but with ourselves there should never be any question at all about it. The creation is idea as a whole, and in its component parts everything is an idea. Because Mind made all, everything is a divine conception of the infinite Mind. Mind expressing itself in ideas has unity, and existence of the one without the other is inconceivable.

The only reason the human body can be healed of disease in Christian Science, is because there is a divine body that can never be touched by errors of belief. That establishes the health of man by establishing the divine body. Everything that we see humanly that is normal, is in line with Truth. It is normal to have a body, normal to have it healthy. When a human body is a healthy body, it is always active inwardly and outwardly, because all that constitutes the real body is active and right. An active human body indicates something of Truth to you. According to human belief, the activity of the body is a limited activity that can be interrupted or interfered with. Reverse that, as Mrs. Eddy says we should, and you will find that the activity of the infinite, spiritual body must be always the same, always normal, always harmonious, and never subject to accident or disease or death or anything wrong.

When people are told to deny matter, they are apt to think they are losing something. But all is Spirit. And I want to say if there were no Spirit, we could not stand this thing that we call matter. Spirit is tangible. The meaning of that word tangible has not changed, even when we use it metaphysically. Substance can be touched in the sense that it is absolute or real. Because I can touch this chair, I say it is tangible. It has ponderosity and resistance. And that is also true of Spirit. In a certain sense it has resistance. And you could touch it. Only we don’t know how to touch it because of our material sense of touch. But it can be touched with spiritual sense all right! Spirit is absolutely tangible. An idea is the most tangible thing there is in the universe. We may not yet see that fully, but it is the fact. I am stating it to you and restating it because I want you to bear it in mind. If you don’t see it now, one of these days you will see it. When we say, “We can touch it spiritually,” we really mean apprehend.

In speaking of form, outline and color, Mrs. Eddy says these things are spiritual. She says that everything in the universe is spiritual. That does not mean that there is no form, or outline, or color. Not at all. Imagine a colorless creation! Who would want to be in it? Imagine a creation without music or art or poetry or anything that is beautiful! Who would want to be in that? Why you might just as well ask for chaos as to prefer a creation without beauty, without interest, without variety. And yet once in a while our Christian Science friends get some queer notions of these things and won’t even look at a beautiful thing. They say, “It is only material.” But beauty is not material.

“But,” someone says, “look at that evil person who is beautiful!” Just the same, the beauty is not material. Maybe the character does not live up to the appearance. You can’t help that. But the beauty is something that came from something more than matter.

Mortal mind hasn’t anything to do with beauty. Now can a man be beautiful on the outside and evil on the inside? As far as the outline and color and appearance are concerned, if there is beauty, it is spiritual. From the standpoint of art, or ordinary artistic perception, it is still a beautiful thing, whatever it happens to be. There may be nothing in the way of character to justify the appearance, but real beauty is deeper than the outside. Don’t be queer! How in the world are you going to enjoy heaven if you haven’t sense enough to enjoy earth?

Didn’t Jesus represent the Christ? Yet he walked the earth like other men. He had a material body. He ate fish and other things, just like other men. He did all these material things. But the moment somebody would come to him or appear to him in thought or make an appeal to him, notwithstanding the fact that he himself manifested a belief of material existence, he knew what the real man was so happily, so clearly and so strongly that he healed those cases.

This explains why we can heal the sick even though we still go around with a material belief of body and a lot of other things not entirely good. When a patient comes, we reject all that and live in the realm of absolute Mind, know the Truth, and heal the case. We are not perfect, but our imperfection does not keep us from acknowledging the beauty that we do have to be spiritual. That is exactly what Jesus did.

Whatever we see in this great and wonderful creation that is good, has its being inGod. What are called the functions or activities of the human body are but an insufficient and perverted sense of divine being. As we understand that more clearly, we begin to show forth a better sense of the omni-action of divine Mind. This is getting the right idea of hands, the right idea of eyes. In the order of divine Science, everything is perfect and everything is one, because Mind is one. Sight is one. One sight. We all have one sight. Hearing is one. All one hearing. And taste. Natural, harmless, beautiful, useful. Smell is useful and could not exist unless a divine fact in the order of divine creation was there.

How can it exist except as a spiritual idea? If it is a spiritual idea, how many are there of this idea?

There is one teeth. Enough for everybody because infinitely expressed. I prefer to say “one teeth” or “one eyes” because of the infinite expression. Just as you have a common chord which is enough for everybody because it is an idea. All are ideas. Everything exists as an idea, and nothing exists otherwise. We conceive of them in duplicates and groups, but the fact that we have to bear in mind all the time is the unity of Being and the oneness of all things. The nature of being is that of the one infinite Mind, so that everything that is expressed in creation is an infinite idea. And that is a most wonderful and helpful thing. It takes away all conflict and contention, so that there is not one thing that is competing with another. There is no competition in infinite Mind. Only omni-action.

The reason Jesus was called the Son of God was because humanly he expressed in a great measure the divine nature. He showed it forth in human ways. God may be Love, but the only way we can prove that God is Love is to be loving. If God is Life, we must live to prove it. Let me repeat: everything normal in human experience is in line withTruth, and everything that is good in human experience has its being in God. It is not in or of matter, but is of Spirit, spiritual. We are not in a land of ideality, but in the realm of reality. We are engaged in setting forth the things that are eternal. Because they are the true facts of being, they are eternal. The facts that reveal God must be perceived and demonstrated. Ideal does not mean impossible. Ideal means purely scientific in ChristianScience.

Christian Science comes to establish in human thought the divine facts which then assert themselves there, transforming the human consciousness and giving it more of a divine aspect. A human being touched by Science is already going through something that Jesus the Christ went through. That is, he is changing, or redeeming, his consciousness. As the basis of that redemption and the foundation of all activity by which such redemption shall be accomplished, we have that one, infinite, divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, the one God, Spirit. This is no theoretical personality, or some kind of distant Deity, but the infinite Mind revealing itself here. Where? Wherever thought permits revelation to take place.

Wherever a human being opens the door of consciousness and says, “I would know God,” there Christian Science begins at once to instruct, inform, enlighten, and gradually to redeem consciousness. As this takes place, the revelation of what God is, is seen to be man in His image and likeness. There is a satisfaction that is more than individual in this, for it has a universal meaning. As one awakens sufficiently to discern his own selfhood and to demonstrate it, he discovers that the divine Ego is finding expression in everything he thinks or says, in all that he knows and does, in all that he desires or wishes or has ambition to achieve. It is the divine Ego which is the only I AM, providing the basis for all right action and true achievement. “I shall be satisfied when I awake in thy likeness.”

When we teach of body in Christian Science, we are not trying to compound an imaginary article or anything unnatural. We are simply discerning man’s identity or individuality. As we do this, we see that the identity of man must be infinite. Therefore, eternal identity is body. Each one has it. When we are suffering, if we forget this body for even a moment, it will that moment mean immediate relief. As we achieve body, we not only get Life, but have complete healing. If thought or realization comes to the point where divine body is shown forth as the inevitable result of thought, health follows. That is the way of Christian Science.

Question (by a student): Mr. Young, I’ve just run across a leaflet reprint by one of the most prominent Christian Science writers, which says the compound idea, man, is the sum total of lesser ideas, the aggregate of all right ideas. (Later inquiry showed that this was the article by Portland, Oregon, teacher Paul Stark Seeley, originally published in The Christian Science Journal.)

Answer: In teaching a class I yield authority to no one. And I think right here I should remind you all to read the church periodicals with discrimination. You can’t accept everything you read indiscriminately and understand Science. Man is not an aggregate of anything, but is the infinite reflection of infinite Principle. God is not an aggregate, and the only way to find out about ourselves is to find out about God. When you find out what God is, that is what man is. That is reflection. It is your real being. This divine man has to be divine in every way. Science proceeds from the infinite; it does not go up to it. Right thought always proceeds from Mind. We seem to be gradually climbing as we release our hold on false sense and allow right sense to govern. Otherwise you have nothing but human opinion.

Consciousness embodies or includes all the ideas of Being, and this is the only body, the spiritual body. The thing I desire to have you remember in all this is that the basis of everything in Christian Science is one Mind. This means perfect God and perfect man, one Principle, one divine law, a universe in which everything is spiritual. The understanding you have of spirituality is always the presence of God. Realize this and stick to it and it will save you under all circumstances.

Do not be afraid to see that your understanding of God is God, because there is nothing to it but God. It exists because God exists. It has no being outside of God, and would not be there if God were not there. When you see God, you see everything. We may be using words again, but it is God saying, “I AM!” All that is desirable or could be desirable has its being in God. Anything else, anything that would be undesirable, has its being in error only. Anything that would bless anybody has its being in God.

All the senses are of God and are eternal. It is normal and right to have every sense and to have it eternally. It exists as a divine fact. If you know that, no claim of fear or disease or accident or anything else can ever injure any sense. If that was not true, you could not by means of Christian Science restore a lost sense. When you heal blindness, you perceive that sight is.

The basis of this understanding is always God, Principle, the Life of all that lives, the one power and presence, the one and only action, the Father-Mother of the universe, forever expressing itself in perfection and completeness in every detail of being, maintaining His creation in perfection and beauty and joy and glory forever.


Question (by student): How do you explain “infinite time”?

Answer: You cannot say “infinite time.” There is no time in infinity. The infinite knows no time. It does not measure anything. Time and space are finite expressions.

Question: (by student): But we say God fills all space?

Answer: Space is included in God — if there is any space. Eternity is not time. Daily realize that all things already are, and that duties are already accomplished.

Infinite Mind knows all things all the time and man represents that infinite consciousness. Mrs. Eddy uses the word reflection. This has great value if you can get it right. She says few people understand what “reflection” means in Science. Reflection means absolute likeness.

Interjection (by student): Someone said you could reflect a printed text in a mirror but you couldn’t read it that way.

Response (by Mr. Young): Yes, “reflection” in Science would have to be absolute likeness. But reflection is mental, not physical. You could reflect the score of Bach’s fugure with a mirror, but it would be reflected backward. You could not play from that. Such illustrations are all right up to a point. Like in mathematics, where “infinity” means extension of something and “zero” does not mean nothing but the diminution of something. If we are not careful about these things, instead of becoming metaphysical, we become metaphorical — like the man who interpreted all by twos and threes! (Laughter)

Reflection is mental, not physical, let me repeat. But it is just as helpful physically as if it were physical. As enlightenment occurs and is sought, that which appears to be a mortal man is less at once, and he begins to find himself. He must find that everything represents infinity and is the infinite idea. “Reflection” and “expression” mean the same thing. You demonstrate God: that is reflection. There is no lesser and greater to this. We may use these material terms to signify spiritual ideas, but if we do they must take on a new light.

Reflection in Science is not contemplation, to go back to an earlier question. God doesn’t contemplate. He knows. Mind manifests Mind. The divine man represents the only God. Man is appearing here. The real man. Where? In thought. In understanding.

Man is essential to God. God without man would be Father without son — no father. Man is essential. Universe is essential. Life that is not lived would not be Life.

You cannot have a Principle or Mind without ideas. And yet the Mind that is the source and substance of all ideas is one existence. We do not find out about man or creation by looking at creation. We can discover man only in the measure that we discover God — not by studying man. The Bible comes to our aid somewhat. “God made man in His image and likeness.” This isn’t a purely scientific explanation; we understand it better when we say man is the image of Spirit, the image of the ever-living, the ever-loving. You begin then to get rid of the material sense of man. All these statements in the Bible are helpful, but not sufficient.

“God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis,” we read in Science and Health, because the infinite Principle must be reflected by the infinite idea. What is the value of this? When we realize what man is, we benefit what seems to be man. We go on, but what we appear to be is blessed, sustained and provided for. How? By divine Mind. It is just as though the divine Mind could take cognizance of that which is unlike itself. Of course, it cannot take cognizance of its unlikeness; but it acts that way as though it did, and the human race experiences the blessings. Health, and so forth, come as this enlightenment takes place.

Question (by student): Could you say a table, absolutely speaking, represents convenience? All that is spiritual about a table would be its beauty and usefulness.

Answer: No, that is not quite metaphysical. You cannot replace a table with qualities only. It is not clarifying to replace the material objects with qualities. The material qualities we associate with tree, for instance, are no more divine than the material concept of tree. Spiritual facts are not imaginable. Idea always emanates fromMind, and you cannot have Mind without ideas. The purpose in saying tree is an idea ofMind, is to preserve it or to heal it. Knowing that tree is an idea of Mind and not a material thing dependent on soil, weather, and so on, heals not the tree but the thought of the healer. This is all that takes place. To us the tree becomes less material and not dependent upon matter. One does not gain much by associating certain qualities. That is human. It is from the standpoint of divine Mind that enlightenment takes place.

We can see a tree as an expression of Life and therefore eternal. Perhaps your idea should conform more and more to the divine idea of the tree. Would you “treat” a tree in the same way you would “treat “ a human being? Yes. Treat yourself. Always start with yourself, and the tree is healed and you don’t bother the tree!

Tree is one and is one with the infinite source of its being. Seeing this I am thus doing something with myself. It does not matter what someone else is thinking; it is what I am thinking of the tree. What is going on is pure metaphysics. “Healing” in Christian Science is proving what already is. If called to a case, you know that the only man there is, is already well. Then you have a healer instead of a treater!

Question (by student): If you know the truth about the tree, will it heal all trees?

Answer: Yes — if the statement is good enough!

Question (by student): What about taking care of our orchards according to the requirements of the United States Agricultural Department, then?

Answer: That doesn’t hurt anything. Only if you descend in thought.

We must not lose sight of the distinction between that which is and that which appears to be. We must maintain the real — not merely resist the unreal. We must see the unreal as nothing. Resistance is a step, and we still have to resist because we have not risen to perfect realization. It is what we know, however, that counts.

For example: Jesus was a human man and the Christ was what he knew. So closely did Jesus identify himself with the Christ that he knew himself to be the Messiah. But the man Jesus was the human concept. An orthodox concept, the Roman Catholic, is that Mary was of immaculate conception in order to be “the mother of God.” The conception of Mary was wonderful and showed her extra-ordinary purity, but she was a human mother. This is what gave Jesus his problem of materiality, so that he seemed to sink very low at the crucifixion, crying out, “My God, why has thou forsaken me?” That was the human sense. He refused wine and myrrh to ease his suffering; and, indeed, our translation says he seemed to be free from pain. But what Jesus knew of the circumstances of his birth equipped him in a special way to demonstrate the Christ.

To material sense, Jesus seemed to die. But he never got up to that point. The mission of Jesus was to demonstrate Life. “I come that they might have Life and that they might have it more abundantly.” The disciples were different men after the resurrection. We should never admit that anybody has ever died. If you do not submit to a lie, you will never be taken in by it. Jesus spoke of death as sleep, and you must remember that human experience is largely a dream. Know that Life is immortal and death is a dream. It is the seeming effect of animal magnetism and not a fact (the phenomenon of death). The mission of Jesus has been sadly perverted, making his death the central point of his life.

Christian Science gives the only immaculate conception of man, for it is without material father or material mother. While Jesus was the highest human concept, he was not as high as the Christ which controlled him. There is no spiritual Jesus of Nazareth. The fleshly manifestation, Jesus himself repudiated constantly, saying, “If I go not away, the Comforter, or Holy Ghost, will not come.”

You must cease to think of the word Jesus when you use the word Christ. Old theology has identified Jesus’ name with the name of Christ, and this error has greatly retarded spiritual growth. Error would have us accept the physical manifestation, rather than the spiritual idea. While Jesus was “the most scientific man that ever trod the globe,” we must not stop there. The ultimate of man is not a perfect human being, but a divine being, the embodiment of Spirit.

There is a need of a Savior because error claims to exist. So we have the Christ.

Christ is Truth in its saving aspect. All that we shall ever know of the Christ is the Truth that makes us like Him. To see the Christ in ourselves is the only sight we shall ever have of the Christ. The divine Christ is the truth about everything. And Christ is just as divine when you know it as when Jesus knew it. Jesus did nothing but demonstrate Christ. Not what he appeared to be, but what he knew, is what he always referred to as himself. Jesus was “the first fruits of them that slept” because he was the first to awaken from the Adam-dream of material sense. Jesus was the son of Mary, but the Christ, being the son of God, is spiritual, not material. Jesus was human, but Christ is not human.

“The Science of divine metaphysics removes the mysticism that used to enthrall my sense of the Godhead, and of Jesus as the Son of God and the son of man. Christian Science explains the nature of God as both Father and Mother.

“Theoretically and practically, man’s salvation comes through ‘the riches of HisGrace’ in Christ Jesus. Divine Love spans the dark passage of sin, disease, and death with Christ’s righteousness,—the atonement of Christ, whereby good destroys evil,—and the victory over self, sin, disease, and death is won after ‘the pattern of the mount.’ This is working out our own salvation, for God worketh with us, until there shall be nothing left to perish or be punished, and we emerge gently into Life everlasting. This is what the Scriptures demand—faith according to works.

“After Jesus had fulfilled his mission in the flesh as the Son of man, he rose to the fullness of his stature in Christ, the eternal Son of God, that never suffered and never died. Because of Jesus’ great work on earth, his demonstration over sin, disease, and death, the divine nature of Christ Jesus has risen to human apprehension, and we see the Son of man in divine Science; and he is no longer a material man, and mind is no longer in matter. Through this redemptive Christ, Truth, we are healed and saved, and that not of ourselves, it is the gift of God; we are saved from the sins and sufferings of the flesh, and are redeemed of the Lord.” (Message to The Mother Church of 1901)

You need not have that false sense of humility that would deny the Christ just because it happens to be your own thought. In one of the big churches where I was giving a lecture, the Second Reader introduced me to the audience, and when we walked in on the platform she walked way around behind me and even the chair to get to the other side. She was trying to be humble. I said to her: “I’m going to give you a treatment for humility!” For, you see, that was a wrong sense of humility. That was debasement, and had nothing to do with the true humility Jesus showed. There is so much of that sort of stuff going on in the Field that passes for Science, and it is not harmless.

Glorify the Christ in your understanding. It is one with your divine selfhood. Christ is the divine intelligence of the divine Mind. You cannot separate Christ from God, and you cannot separate Christ from man. In Christian Science, the Christ is the only thing that has anything to do with a human being. When you establish that, you will find yourselves healed and saved by the Truth that comes to human consciousness. The perfect consciousness of the true manhood is “the son of man.” So when you treat, do not be afraid to assume all the rights and prerogatives of Mind. Think as Mind and you will demonstrate the Christ. The Christ is the Savior over all circumstances, at all times and everywhere.

Right where you are thinking is where the healing Christ is operating. It is there that the Christ comes to a human being and transforms his life. All the way and forever, Christ is the pure intelligence of Deity, expressing and unfolding itself as divine man. The word Christ or saving Truth should be a matter of most practical value to us. Our Savior saves us from everything — everything unlike God, from everything unlike eternity, infinity, omnipotence, conscience. And our Savior is always the Christ. This is a very important point in all our work, for we cannot have man without Christ, and we cannot have Christ without man. And we cannot have God without Christ, because Christ is the nature of God.

In Christian Science the human consciousness is undergoing redemption. Christ is the Truth itself. It is law and it is perfection, and that redemptive influence reveals the divine Principle, God, the divine consciousness. We use the word consciousness because it is such a fundamental word. This divine consciousness is reflected in man just in the measure that it is accepted and claimed. If man cannot act or think or be what God is, he is not that reflection. When you understand Principle, then you understand idea. The idea expresses the exactitude of Principle, the law of all being, its perfection. You have Principle and you immediately understand something of what is law. And by means of your understanding, you maintain Principle and law, having the power to overcome what appears to be something unlike it.

Having Principle and power and law, you have the means by which Science is demonstrable. Understanding always acts according to Mind because it is Mind in operation. I like the expression “Man is the expression of God.” Not “Man expresses God” — as though he were out there expressing something. God does the expressing.

Question (by student): A prominent teacher who always taught his students to say “Man is God expressed” or “I am God expressed,” recently told his students that they were not to say that anymore, as the Board in Boston objected. What’s wrong with the expression? (The teacher referred to was Hendrick J. De Lange.)

Answer: Not all teachers teach Christian Science in the same way. I did not teach singing as everybody else has taught it. And it is so in Christian Science. Teachers are individuals and teach it individually. One teacher says, “You don’t have to know about man, you just have to know about God,” while another says, “Our knowing God is man.” They both probably mean the same thing but just express it differently. It is not somebody knowing, just the knowing. If knowing is all right, the somebody is all right.

Question (by student): Is it proper to say about the divine man, “I am that man”?

Answer: Yes. I am the expression of God’s Being. Sometimes it is easier to say that there is only one kind of man, but it is more scientific to say “one man.”

Understanding is a wonderful word! Man is reflection only as he is actual understanding. Is there a man down here who reflects God up there? Does one infiniteMind reflect itself, or does someone else reflect it? It is better to say, “Man is reflection,” than to say, “Man reflects.” It is better to say that man is understanding than to say that he understands.

Question (by student): Is every man the compound idea of God?

Answer: There is only one man. Therefore he is the compound idea of God. That means the individual man and generic man.

Every idea has its being in the infinite Mind. If you could conceive of an infinite idea being troubled by another idea, you would immediately see that was impossible.

Ideas only bless each other. So if you were working in a church and there was trouble, your refuge and strength would be immediately to know what God is, and not think about what someone is saying. Is there any man in trouble? The real man is the only man. God is infinite, and the real man reflects infinity. Therefore he can lack nothing. If you encountered someone who seemed to lack, could you do anything about it? Yes. Know that right there is the one man who does not lack anything. Can one man correct a whole church? Yes. I know of case where a woman did, and she never said a word either.

Most readers emphasize the wrong word when reading the correlative Scripture to the scientific statement of being at the close of the services. They say of man, “even as he is pure.” In Science we have something more than that God is pure, and Christian Science reveals that man is pure — already. Not just that God is pure. Therefore I read that passage, “even as he is pure.” If he is pure at all, he is pure now. You can only demonstrate what is true. You will never heal with a big God and a little man. Man is the representative of God, and he must act that way! If we don’t know that much, we don’t know very much. This understanding of what God is, must be myself, yourself, the only real selfhood. And it does appear what we are. Or what would be the use? We have to claim what we understand as the actuality of being.

Instead of creation, you could say revelation, because “creation” means that God reveals Himself. It is as though God says I AM. And that is man. In Science and Health, it says Spirit constitutes man. There is nothing else to him but Spirit. God and man are the same substance. There you have your oneness. When you say he is made of Spirit, his being is Spirit, his intelligence is Spirit, all that constitutes him is Spirit, then you get some idea of what reflection means. We know we exist, and the object of our study is to find out what we are. Find out what God is and really demonstrate it. We demonstrate what we are.

As we understand this we are less afraid, and things which have been interfering disappear. In an epidemic, we can say, in knowing of God and man: “That thing cannot happen,” and it does not happen. Everything you do, is done by way of reflection. God is not limited to you. All experience is because God is universal in His blessings. Anything you are establishing is not limited; it benefits the human race because you are thinking of the human race. The fact is that a Christian Scientist cannot walk across the street without blessing someone — not because he tries to, but because he is.

The human being conceives of himself as a material personality with a mind inside. Thus the Science of Mind comes to the human being. That is the reason Jesus appeared. Jesus came and mortals began to see how different they were from the divine and had a desire to be like him. He exemplified the divine. There must first be a doubt of the old, or a dissatisfaction with the old, to perceive the new. This is the beginning of “the new birth.” Jesus didn’t say, “Know about the Truth.” He said. “Know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free.” Thought must take on the character of his thinking, or your affirmation will not do what you want it to do. When you make an affirmation, put everything you have behind it — sincerity, intelligence, character. When you say what God is, let thought begin to be what God is. The moment thought begins to be what God is, that is the real man. In the measure that thought attains the attitude and altitude of unlimited divine reflection, or expression, that is the real man.

The human being recognizes that he is limited, and that he is not as splendid as he would like to be. Then he encounters something which is different from good, and endeavors to do something about it. In the immature sense of things, he does not at first realize how badly off he is. Then he finds something like disease or discouragement or fear coming into his experience, and wishes to do something about it. He turns away from that with a kind of a longing and wish that there were a God. Gradually this seed bears fruit and there is hope and then faith; then, through greater experience, a measure of understanding. This is the new birth going on. When Science appears it is the finding of a point of view that is Godlike.

The thinking that counts is no halfway position. Work in the absolute always.

There is no other Science but the absolute. Only Christian Science reveals no relativity of being. Truth isn’t halfway good. Its laws are irrevocable, and this attitude is the only possible scientific one. One Mind, with every idea having its being in Principle and acting according to divine law.

Man is idea, but idea is not like its Principle. It is acting, operating, according to the divine law as Principle.

I am not so wedded to “image and likeness,” because image is out there and likeness is like. Man is more than image and likeness. He is manifestation. We find that we ourselves are that man when thought has the character of divinity and when there is no doubt about it.

To answer a repeated question: identity is related to individuality. Identity is a fixed fact. It must have its own character and that is individuality. My identity or yours is something that others know. It is a kind of a universal thing. My individuality is my own. Scientifically, identity or body means what you always are.

Do not work all the time. Go out and see God everywhere. Hear music. See art. Be joyous about it all.

Before tomorrow morning, look up some statements on Christ. Try to find the absolute ones, brief ones, that stand right out.

Friday, August 7, 1936 (Fifth Day)

Let us have your citations on “Christ.” (Mr. Young summoned each to read his chosen passage, volunteering no comments throughout.) That is very good.

In a way, we are doing what they did in old theology. We are gaining heaven by a process. But it is a scientific process instead of a theoretical process. We are moving heavenward by means of it. It is a process of demonstration, instead of a process of dying, the theory of old theology. Here we are demonstrating the scientific process of living by which we are overcoming, step by step, the false beliefs that trouble us. So far we have been establishing the Principle by which things are done. Now we begin to do things. We have been engaged in setting forth the nature of God and man, real Being, all there is of Being. Now we must find out what we are going to do with all that we have learned. We have been establishing the divine reality of God and man, the perfection of God and man.

Now if we accept the evidence of the physical senses, we would have to say that creation is not at all what we have been talking about. But we have not been dwelling in dreams. The average person would say that we have just been dreaming in the realm of ideality, far apart from the things of life, just indulging in theories of no practical value to mankind. But Science shows us that the very things that mortal mind deems valueless are the most valuable. We have not been dwelling at all in the land of dreams, but in the land of reality. We have been engaged in setting forth the things that are eternal. That must be more and more perceived and demonstrated. None of the facts that reveal God and man are “ideal” in the sense of being impossible. They are ideal in the purely scientific sense.

Our standpoint that we have been establishing is the perfection of all thought and action. We must have a standard or we have nothing to guide us, nothing to work by. Without that you could not get any results. The attempt of mortal mind to do things without any basis is all around us. Doing things without any Principle gets no real results. So they have pain and conflict and mistakes and uncertainty in human existence.

But Christian Science comes upon the scene of action, and begins to establish in human thought the divine facts. Asserting themselves there, they transform human consciousness, giving it more of a divine aspect. The basis of this transformation, or redemption, the foundation of all activity, is that one infinite, divine Principle, Life, Truth, Love, the one God revealing Himself through thought. As this takes place one is finding the real man and is experiencing something of what Christ Jesus experienced.

The basis of all our work is the one Mind, the perfect God and perfect man, the divine Truth and its expression, infinite Principle and infinite idea. Everything in the universe is spiritual, and there is no other existence except spirituality. Man is mental or spiritual, and there is no other man. What we know, is all there is to any of us. And it is all that needs to be. As one finds himself, he finds satisfaction. But this satisfaction has more than an individual meaning; it is a satisfaction of universal meaning, for, in the measure that one is awakening sufficiently to discern his own selfhood and demonstrate it, he is finding or seeing the true selfhood of all in the one divine Ego, in all that he and everyone thinks and says and does and is. He finds the divine Ego saying, “I AM,” in every real action and every true achievement. This affirmation of universal spirituality is, of course, the denial of materiality.

Question (by student): Isn’t materiality my lack of understanding of Spirit?

Answer: Yes. But it is not just a lack of spiritual understanding in your thought; it is that lack of understanding on the part of all that we call mortal mind everywhere. You must be careful not to blame yourself for the whole thing. What you might call your mortal mind, is not all there is to mortal mind. So you are not alone responsible. Mortal mind claims to be everywhere, and to think materially everywhere. But it is just a false claim, without foundation or entity, without a creation of materiality.

Question (by student): How can we explain this to a beginner?

Answer: Well, you ought to be able to establish it from that person’s point of view. As he talks, you can see where he is. Then begin right where he is now — not where you are — but way down there at the other end of the corridor of mortal mind. Find some point you agree on, start there, and you have got him all right. You have to do that whether you are talking to audiences or individuals. I often have to talk to audiences who look as though they never think! Some of them look as though they just get up, walk around, and go back to bed! Faced with something like that, you have got to get started far down. The funny thing is that what you say then appears to be most helpful to the other kind of people who may be present.

Let me illustrate this:

Just as I began my lecture once to an audience like that, a fine-looking man in the garb of an English clergyman, walked in and sat down in a back seat. I wanted very much to talk to him, but I decided against it because I had come to talk to these people from the farms around. So I began to talk about crops and farming, about what they were doing everyday. Then I pointed out that they were doing it by some kind of thinking, that they had to pay attention to it, that by paying attention to the little things, they would make a good showing at the end of the year. They became interested. Presently I began to talk to them about something better. When the lecture was over the nice-looking gentleman of the black cloth came back to me and said, “Mr. Young, I have heard a number of lectures on Christian Science, but that is the first one simple enough for me to understand!” There you are! You can’t make it too simple — especially for the learned! Where you are thinking, you know. But you have to find out where the other one is thinking to convince him.

But we were talking here about what Mrs. Eddy calls “mortal mind.” We look at it not from its standpoint, but according to Science. Mortal mind is actually impossible, but it still appears to be persons and things. From the admission of infinity, you cannot accept anything unlike infinity. Infinity manifests itself according to its Principle, Love, in divine ideas; but human existence is mortal mind’s picture of its own concept. It has no permanency, certainly. Its sense of existence is one of coming and going, of sin, disease and death. That is mortal mind, and its concept of all being is material. Mortal mind and matter coalesce so much that one does not exist without the other.

If God is the only creator and His divine creation is all there is, why do we need to have Christian Science treatment? Why do anything about it if it is all right? What is the use of establishing a scientific basis? Why talk about anything different than perfection if God and His creation are perfect and eternal and there is nothing else? Everyone asks himself this question some time or another. The answer is that there is in belief a sense of things different from the divine creation. Because we have a false sense of creation, which appears to be our existence, there is need to discern through Christian Science the right consciousness of Life and existence.

That is why Jesus came — to obliterate the false sense of existence. We have Science because we are a human race without the presence of God, so that we are not enjoying, or realizing, the full benefits of our divine being. Then the Truth comes to correct the false material sense that claims to be a part of our being. Mr. Kimball, consequently, used to define Christian Science as “the redeemer of consciousness.”

In contradistinction to the divine facts of existence, this false claim is the claim of a creator and a creation other than God and His creation. Mrs. Eddy defines this false claim as mortal mind and says that mortal mind is always the basic error.

If Mind is God, mortal mind only indicates something that is not true. It is a contradiction of terms, but the best we can do. The term signifies the false claim that there is a creator other than God, with a creation different from His creation. Then of all errors we encounter in the way of beliefs and fears and difficulties and dangers, of sin and sorrow and trouble, of worry and want and woe and death, there are not any which are not the expression of the basic error, mortal mind. But the divine creator being infinite, the claim of something different is a false claim, or belief, that there is a mind apart from God. But this mortal mind is not a mind. It is a claim, a false assertion without basis.

The question is always: Where does it come from? We cannot answer that. If we could say where mortal mind came from, it would be something more than a false claim. The extraordinary thing about it is that it can never be explained. It has no foundation, no entity, no substance, no law, and hence no explanation. It is but an assertion without anything to justify it. Without origin or cause. That is all there is to it. All we can do about it, is to get to the point where we think about God as reality, so that we can finally reach a point in the course of demonstration and revelation where we think as God. When you are thinking as the divine Mind, you are thinking with divine Mind, and there is nothing else. Then all thought is the thought of God, and God is thinking it.

But we are studying to demonstrate that Mind is divine. This false claim of mortal mind asserts itself as intelligence, power, law, substance. Its concept of substance is what we call the material world, which seems to have resistance, ponderosity, color and outline— even beauty. Now you have already learned that beauty is eternal, that ponderosity is spiritual, that resistance is Spirit. Then this claim is only a false concept of something that is good. It will not then have resistance if you look at it as the unreal concept, or sense, of something eternally good, of divine action and power manifested in one divine creation.

All being and all law have their source and substance in divine Principle. But mortal mind, reversing the whole thing, says that it is a creator. Then, in the name of religion, it describes how material creation came from God, who is Spirit!

In the name of science, mortal mind describes its operation as infinite power coming from an infinite source. It keeps trying to explain itself, but it never does succeed. It cannot explain itself for it is nothing. Christian Science shows clearly that Mind could never constitute matter and that matter could never constitute Spirit. Because Spirit is the original and only substance, matter must be a false concept of Spirit.

Philosophy does not explain this because everything in human philosophy and human religion is relative, with everything based upon material observations. These observations are confined to the material concept, the material world, and the conclusions drawn from that give you a material so-called science, in which everything is relative and nothing is absolute. The only thing a human being ever gets any satisfaction out of, is that which is absolute, that which he knows through Christian Science.

Now the belief of a consciousness apart from God asserts itself as law, so we have the so-called laws of mortal mind in various phases — such as laws of nature, laws of materia medica, and so forth. For instance, there is the law of gravitation and attraction by means of which an object will drop if you let it fall. By means of the same law, a person might fall and hurt himself. It is not God’s law when interpreted that way. If you realized the laws of attraction or gravitation as laws of Spirit, you would see what the Bible means when it says: “He shall bear thee up in His hands lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” What bears us up in His hands? His infinite law of good which says that the law of attraction could not possibly result in injury to man who is spiritual.

All laws are laws of Spirit. The perversion of them is what is called “laws of nature,” and this results in sin, sickness and death with the human race. All the people who are ever sick, get sick according to false law. All the people that ever die, die according to false law. None of these things go on except through the belief of law in activity or operation. In divine Science, the divine law is the law of security, health and joy to the creation of divine Principle. If we want to enjoy these things, we have to see that there is substance, that there is law.

Because there is divine Principle and substance and law, you deny specifically the belief that there is any power except God, the belief that there is any substance-matter, the belief that there is any law but the law of Spirit. With Principle, the divine power is in every treatment, the divine law and the divine substance. This entails the denial that there is any substance but the substance of Spirit, that it can get sick or be separated from God, or have anything the trouble with it. You must constantly deny the claim of mortal mind that there is a power apart from God, that there is a substance apart from God, that there is a law apart from God. These things must be met. Treatment is a process — a process of establishing Truth in place of error — and we must not neglect the essential steps.

Treatment does not have to be wordy. People get the notion sometimes that treatment is a lot of idealistic statements, and they get a great vocabulary — mostly of adjectives! There was one gentleman who recently came into Christian Science, who got the idea he had a mission in his community, in his church, and that mission seemed to be to find out what a lot of mistakes everybody but himself was making. Things got pretty thick for him, but he didn’t know what to do except to roll out a lot of high-sounding statements — mostly adjectives. A great many of the adjectives could have been left out to the increase of the clarity of his statements. When urged to be practical, he retorted that he intended to keep his feet planted in heaven. I said: “That’s just what you’re doing. They’re up there and you’re upside down!” (Laughter)

That sounds a little critical, but it illustrates the point. The spiritual Science ofChristianity is practical. It isn’t Science if it isn’t practical. This explains why some treatments do not achieve results. If the treatment proceeds from Mind, it is the practical knowing that is certain of result. Jesus said: “My father worketh hitherto and I work.” He found that he had at times to go apart to pray, to think it out. To think it out is co-ordinate with the ability to see something. That good is good and evil never anything, must be proved; and this proof is a necessity. That means that people have to be Christian Scientists. When you take an absolute statement, you must apply it.

Take the statement that there is but one primal cause and that there can be no effect from any other cause, nor any reality to anything not proceeding from God. In case of an accident you have to apply this. And sometimes one does not have time to make more than a single declaration — such as, “There are no accidents,” or, “It can’t happen.” But all that you know of Science is behind that statement. See what a wonderful thing we have — the ability to think the Truth!

Let me illustrate. Many years ago I had a student who was an engineer on the Pennsylvania Railroad. He didn’t pretend to have much of an education, but he was clear and intelligent and a kindly man, full of faith. Because of this absolute assurance that knowing his declarations were true, they were in the nature of Truth, and not merely about something, he was successful with his Science. Well, this engineer had a four-hour run between Chicago and Columbus — from Logansport, I believe — and on one of these trips, he demonstrated that you can work in such a way that there can be no accidents. Coming around a curve he saw a big locomotive coming right down the same track at him! There had been some difficulty about switching, and they had figured that this train would be past this point before he got there. They had miscalculated, of course. He said: “I knew that brakes could not stop my train in time, but I knew that Mind could. There was just one thing to know — there are not any accidents in Mind.” That was about all he had a chance to think, but he was sure of it. He put the brakes on without any hurry. He said the fireman and the brakeman got down on the steps ready to jump off, and that the men of the other engine had already jumped off into the ditch. He stayed right at his post and, when his train got within six or eight feet of the other, it stopped! That is what actually occurred. The only thing that stopped that train was Mind.

These events are natural things, not miracles. Accidents are unknown to God, and should be unknown to all. The action of infinite Mind is ceaseless, and it is always right. We can do something about accidents if we will. In travel they can always be prevented. In starting on a journey, know you are already there. That protects the already-thereness. All there is to any accident is the appearance. It really never happened. And you are not doing much about it if you don’t know that and stand right there and continue to know it. All the incidents of true existence are provided for in the divine order of infinite Mind, Principle, in which all is harmonious. There can never be an accident or an injury in Spirit, and your treatment destroys the belief that there can be accident or injury.

You must substitute what you know for what mortal mind would have you believe. In an emergency just know, “It can’t do it,” for all you know is in that. When someone comes to you with injuries from an accident, handle the belief that something has happened to him. In cases of severe accident, people are likely to think: “Well, you never know but what he might be hurt inside.” So it is wise to handle the belief of internal injury. To establish divine law you must think as Mind. Thinking about Mind is suggestion. By means of the revelation of Christian Science, it is possible to exercise divine power. It isn’t that you take a little of the divine power and use it here or there; it is simply that your thought is it. Exactly. It acts as Mind. That is the only way it can act.

Question (by student): Recently there was a train wreck which they traced to equipment which has been allowed to deteriorate through neglect.

Answer: Then handle the claim that travel can be unsafe because of carelessness or neglect of the machinery. There is no neglect of ideas. But you’ve got to go beyond that. Establish the fact that, in the divine order of Science, all is well. The infinite ideas of Being are forever operating harmoniously, and they are united in expressing the nature of good, God, their divine Principle. There is no collision of ideas. That is the false belief of mortal mind. To demonstrate safety, you must see that these things, being false beliefs, cannot be expressed directly or indirectly in such a manner as to affect the welfare of man or the harmony of the universe. Whatever a train is in the infinite order of Mind, it exists as an infinite idea. Being spiritual, it must be eternally a part of the divine nature, and can never cease to be harmonious, good, helpful, permanent and enduring.

The only train is the spiritual idea, without beginning of years or end of days. Our book says that “divine Mind, not matter, includes all identities, and they are forms ofMind . . . apparent only as Mind.” This includes the train, and everybody has it in perfection. Being infinite, it is ever-present and does not have to go anywhere. It is safe because it is spiritual. If the train has anything to do with the track, its relationship would be spiritual, and it could never get off the track. Anything in the way of details — boilers, wheels, pistons, even nuts and bolts — these and all the rest of it must be right in order to exist as Spirit.

Existing as Spirit, the railroad is eternally perfect and harmonious. The only train there is cannot run into anything or against anything. It cannot be touched endwise or sidewise, above or beneath, being the infinite idea of Spirit and sustained by Spirit. The only engineer it could have would be the engineer of Mind. The only conductor and the only brakeman and the only officials the railroad can have are Mind. The only dispatcher that can ever dispatch it, is Mind, so that the one infinite train — all trains — must be perfectly dispatched, perfectly managed, without interference with each other.

Mind operates harmoniously with this train. That is the law to this train and to all trains, because the only law there is, is the law of the only Mind there is. This is the law of divine Mind to its own. “The Lord is mindful of His own.” If you should hear or you should think, “I’m lucky to escape all the accidents they’ve been having on the railroads,” wouldn’t you do something about this?

Interjection (by student): Mr. Young, when I received your letter about this class, I said to myself as I opened it: “This can be nothing but good.” Is that enough for protective work?

Answer: Yes. You would declare that there is nothing except infinite Mind which could ever outline man’s being, the events of his existence, his entire experience. You would declare that there is nothing except infinite Mind which could ever outline man’s being. Consequently, the belief that man is subject to chance has nothing to support it, so that belief cannot operate through any law of accident or disease or disappointment or anything else evil.

It could not operate as any belief of false law, through any law of accident or disease or anything else evil. It could not operate with anybody or through anybody on a train, for instance, to bring misfortune to anyone on that train, or on the train itself.

When you travel a lot, you hear descriptions of accidents, often with all the harrowing details. You must handle these things. Anything in the way of a human conveyance is a perfectly natural and desirable thing to have, and there isn’t anything in your religion or your Science to deprive you of it. Having a train is better than walking a thousand miles. (Laughter) You should have it in greater and fuller abundance, with great peace and security. It should be maintained with less undue wear and disintegration.

Remember that “the children of Israel wandered forty years in the wilderness, but their shoes waxed not old!” But I wouldn’t make too much of these things. Personally I’d get pretty tired of the same pair of shoes all the time! (Laughter) But if you perceive something of the nature of substance, of its character and indestructibility, your things will last as they should last; and you will never be without anything that is right and desirable for you to have. admonishing people against evils, but who always say it is “personalizing” to commend people.

Answer: Yes, that is a very common thing, I regret to say. And it doesn’t show any tendency to diminish. It is not Christian Science, of course, and I am glad to say it is not universal. The people who are all the time offering rebukes, say they are rebuking impersonal error, but it is always a person they rebuke! Such people are sparing in their compliments and tenderness. We do not gloss these things over. A woman was in to see me just the other day with a long, indignant story about some of the other workers. She was bursting with righteousness. Somebody had told her that her rebukes were hateful, and she had said: “Why, I am the child of God!” I said: “I don’t see anything like the child of God here! You are not the child of God, but the victim of mortal mind!”

You don’t have to go around uncovering evil all the time. What you have to do, is to see God in everything, from the stars of the universe to a potato patch. Divine Love isn’t busy uncovering evil in everyone, divine Love is busy all the time just being Love. What I said to the self-righteous woman who was always uncovering evil or error for everybody but herself, was not easy; but it had to be said. I didn’t love her any less. But I did not love her submitting to mortal mind, and she had to be awakened to what she was doing. She wasn’t serving the Cause of Christian Science, but the cause of animal magnetism.

Of course, we cannot always tell people these things. We must exercise great wisdom in what we say if we want to stay in the work. And it seems that is the best way for Christian Science right now to go along.

We cannot help such self-righteous people by condemning them. Then we would be worse in what we were doing than they were in going around rebuking people. Don’t just say, “She was full of hate!” If she is full of hate, why don’t you heal her of being full of hate? If such is the claim, handle that.

Some of these people are trying very hard to do right, just as we are; and if they are, they can be helped. They can do a lot of damage if you don’t handle what seems to be going on. And, of course, there are lots of people not trying, not even trying to do right. You mustn’t be deceived. Use your Science and you will not be deceived and imposed upon. Remember that the devil himself can say, “I am a Christian Scientist.”

Mrs. Eddy tells us that, in the early days of Christian Science, when the revelation came to her so clearly and so constantly that all is God and that there is nothing else, she pushed onward without taking much cognizance of the claim of evil. But she shows that there came a time when she found that she must take up the cross of belief. She prayed, “Come not thou into the secret!” There was no drawing back, though, and she discovered that she must consider the claim that there is opposition to infinity. She called this claim of opposition “mortal mind,” and she saw that it had many phases of creation in belief. She found it was mental wholly, though it appeared to be material. She saw that its creation was not merely material, but that it was a lot of wrong beliefs and wicked beliefs.

Mrs. Eddy could not fail to take cognizance of the belief that there is still hate in the world, for people began to hate her right away. She could not ignore the claim that there is envy and jealousy, because the moment she began to show any success in her work, these elements were aroused to the most violent manifestations of anger and materiality, it must be seen more clearly as mentality, and that if it could be designated specifically by name, that would greatly assist in overcoming it.

So she called the claim of evil mortal mind, and its evil phases — hatred, malice, envy, revenge, jealousy, things of that kind — she called animal magnetism. In handling all these phases of mortal mind, if you know without any doubt at all the nothingness of the claim, that is all you have to do. It makes no difference whether it happens to be of one class or another, it is the nothingness of mortal mind you have to see.

In one of her classes Mrs. Eddy asked the students what they would do in a particular difficulty. One of them answered, “I would know the allness of God.” Mrs. Eddy said, “If you would do that, you wouldn’t have to do another thing.” But as she went on with this, she found this student did not know the allness of God. Therefore it was necessary for the students to learn what she meant by mortal mind and to learn to argue, or reason, to establish the divine consciousness more clearly. The great thing is to see evil as a belief, not as a fact. Then you have handled it. But not until then. Realize God and see the nothingness of evil. There is no other way.


The term animal magnetism was in use long before Mrs. Eddy’s time, but it was not used exactly in the same way she employed it. She used it more scientifically. She gives a brief history of it in Science and Health. The word, or something in its place, has been in many languages for many generations. It was evidently recognized by the ancient prophets, because Moses and Joshua and the other old leaders of the Israelites were all the time warning the people against what we now call animal magnetism — that is, against occult systems or beliefs that were very much in vogue in those times. The Israelites themselves were not always engaged in such things; but when they were associated with other nations, their own teaching of one God was perverted by the influences of their associations.

So we find in the Old Testament constant warnings for them not to go the way of the Jebsusites and the Amorites and the Chaldeans. All that was metaphysical. Many of the things that are set forth in the Bible as wars were not wars, but struggles with the occult systems coming out of the East. What was going on was the belief that the suggestions of evil had taken hold of those Israelites and formed part of their mentality, so that Moses and the other prophets were trying to get them to cast out and destroy these beliefs, root and branch, or they would be utterly destroyed. But it was in their own mentalities that they were waging these wars you read about in the ancient writings, not on the outside against other peoples. Of course, they did get into some wars with other nations, but you must learn to read the Bible intelligently and see what it is teaching.

There were all sorts of witches and wizards in those days. All sorts of queer things. There are just as many today, only now they have offices in big cities instead of temples and caves! (Laughter) Those things have always gone on in human belief. During the Middle Ages it became fashionable to burn such people, and they have always been considered to wield a bad influence of some kind.

All of this comes under the title of animal magnetism. It hasn’t any power except that which human belief gives it in belief. Nothing has any power except God and that which manifests God. If you know this, you will know the nothingness of the claim of animal magnetism in whatever form. It makes no difference what class of activity it falls in, it all has to go. All this stuff is hypnotism, and hypnotism is never good.

Hypnotism is the belief of the power of mortal mind. That’s all there is to it.

Christian Science enables you to understand these subtle influences better than a professional hypnotist. The proper influence and the only influence is that of divine Mind. When you know this, you uncover these unnatural influences. The occultists have never been able to agree with each other and are always breaking up into different schools, fighting among themselves.

Lots of selling methods today are hypnotism, and goods are sold by suggestion instead of on merit. Everybody knows this, but the danger is in the fact that they do not recognize that everything about hypnotism is evil. It cannot be put to good uses because it is the method of mortal mind. It is malpractice.

Hypnotism is unreal and powerless, and you cannot be touched if you are not on that plane of thinking. Mortal mind is the basic error, and a denial of animal magnetism is enough to meet the claim of hypnotism. When there is a belief that somebody is using his will maliciously, we will say it is a belief because there isn’t any such mind; therefore there cannot be any creature anywhere with anything but the divine Mind. If there seemed to be a person who was thinking harmfully, it could not do anything if you knew that God was the only Mind. Never deal with evil as actuality. Your thinking should be so sure that there is no doubt about its being divine. Evil has no derived power or any other kind. Know you are not human, but divine.

Good is self-existent, infinite, all, therefore omnipotent. No other power. Just good. It is your thought only when it is one with good, God. It is simple, so simple that modern psychologists think it is not science. That is why it is scientific, because it is so simple. True thought is simple, direct, constant, beautiful.

Every bit of thinking that’s not good is mesmerism. That is all there is to sickness, death and so forth. If you say, “I don’t believe in sickness, but I seem to be believing in the belief,” then it is still there, for all there is of it is the belief of it. That is mesmerism or hypnotism.

There are certain other beliefs of mortal mind to be considered. More stuff goes on under the name of “astrology”! It is a superstition. But people who believe become victims of the belief. Some things seem to jibe sometimes in the realm of astrology, and so people are influenced. Such things as astrology and numerology are mesmeric. Those who work out the positions of the planets, and so on, are controlled by them. But the beliefs of astrology is all there is to astrology, and that is hypnotism.

Even a prediction of good through astrology is unscientific and untrue and mesmeric. Sometimes if people have a misfortune, there may be a belief of astrology behind it, and it may be some very low superstition such as “looking over the right shoulder at the moon”! Believing these things, they come under them. In dealing with it, declare that the only Mind there is, is the only influence, and that there is no power in the belief of planets having power over the destiny of men.

The lure of occultism is its mystery. Christian Scientists who go in for that sort of thing must lose their Science. Some very good people lose their way, and these usually end up with some kind of a “mental science.” I used to know a man who got into this in London. His name was Frederick L. Rawson. He wrote a book called Life Understood which has quite a vogue. I didn’t approve of his brand of Science. One day I got a letter from him saying he couldn’t see how I could condemn his book when I hadn’t read it. I told him to send me the book. I read it. Rapidly — but I read it. There were lots of ideas from Science and Health in it, so it ought to be good! But there were a lot of things in it which are utterly impossible from the standpoint of Christian Science. He preaches reincarnation in it. That isn’t Christian Science. But other statements were good. “The greatest idea that God can have is the idea of Himself, of His immensity or infinity, and this idea is man.” That’s generic man stated well. But most of Rawson’s statements would be very confusing to the average student.

Astrology is a belief of systematized superstition. The beliefs about astrology have been so elaborately worked out that there seems to be some coordination in them. If you happen to be handling a case in which astrology comes up, and you feel that there is anything in particular you need to know about the positions of the stars at a certain time, there are little books you can consult which give this data. But there is no lure in any of this stuff if you know it is all superstition. Remember, though, that the moment one begins to take up the study of any of the occult arts, he begins to believe in them, for he is making a reality of them.

Anything unlike Truth is mysterious. It seems incredible there should be anything unlike Truth, but certain thought influences seem to be going on. They have no reality. And these evil efforts seem always more harmful to the deceiver than to the deceived. Nobody wants to be deceived. In regard to occultism, the helpful thing is to hold our ground as Mind. Simply stick to it. The beliefs of thought transference, telepathy, the belief that you feel others’ thoughts, all these things are beliefs of animal magnetism. We must not talk about these things as if they have power. There are lots of things Christian Scientists say about such things that are really awfully funny in the light of sound reason! The only real thing is Christian Science. That is what we are engaged with.

The right standpoint is the dominion God gives man. This is man’s oneness with God. A man loses this the minute some human will, some pride, some ambition that is selfish, comes in. Willfulness, pride, selfish ambition — it is always the same old error— mortal mind. The remedy is divine Mind, in that consciousness where nothing unlike divinity is. Here there is no malpractitioner and nothing to malpractice on. Just remember that the term mortal man is only an expression, an endeavor to define something — or rather to define nothing — in order to enable us to deal with it when it seems to appear. It is the belief that there is another besides the one Mind. God is not a malpractitioner, so man is not one. Where, then, is it?

When there is open hostility, sometimes it is necessary to say something. But what is said must always be the result of right thinking within. Sometimes these aggressive suggestions come in human experience; and, if one is wise, he does not add to the difficulties, but at once assumes the attitude of divine Mind. His attitude is — Nothing going on but infinity. It is animal magnetism which claims to be truth in matter. It is nothing. We meet wicked people, and we ourselves are tempted to accept the reality of evil. We have not yet eliminated what seems to be evil. If evil asserts itself in your experience as a reality, then you have not attained the attitude that is Mind. We are much like morning and evening — we seem clear and then have moments when we are not so clear.

One’s allness with God is that inspiration which heals all. We use reason to strengthen inspiration. If something comes up and you say, “It can’t do it!” that is all right — if you can’t do better. A denial like that doesn’t spring from mortal mind, but from the oneness of good. The calmer you are, the more you are like omnipotent Mind. God isn’t wrought up by animal magnetism. You are not healing anything when you “go after it with hammer and tongs”! Mr. Kimball used to tell about a woman who said she uncovered error faster than she could handle it! (Laughter) That isn’t the thing. Get the naturalness of divine being. There is not any other being. We can’t be any other way but divine. What we are is fixed and eternal. That is true of every human being and of every animal.

The Bible says that in ancient times people were warned against error. To the extent they heeded the warning, they were healthy and prosperous. Beliefs of evil as occultism are older than anyone knows. There were in Egypt whole tribes that were hypnotists. They used hypnotism to smoke out culprits. Mortal mind is just not obvious; as a claim it seems to be hidden, mysterious. That is the way it claims to operate. Our textbook says that mortal mind is a state of self-deception. God has no false sense of self; therefore animal magnetism, which is a false sense of God, does not exist. But we do have to handle animal magnetism and malpractice, and we must handle it as a belief primarily. In offsetting the claim that there might be opposition or malpractice, the thing that makes such opposition impossible is the essential truth that there is one Mind. There is no creature in the universe that has any other than this Mind.

Sometimes evil influences seem to be of such a character that one feels the necessity of doing what he can about it. If we stick to the subject, we do not handle it so much. When I was lecturing in London in 1905, the fog was so thick one night that you couldn’t see more than a few feet ahead. When I got to the hall I found it was full of fog, too, so that I couldn’t see the audience very clearly from the platform. As I got into my lecture I became confused and began repeating. I found myself going around in circles. It was an awful feeling. Like a nightmare. After about ten minutes I just stopped and said: “Mrs. Eddy did not invent animal magnetism! She discovered that the use of the term was helpful in explaining evil.” Well! It was a most unheard of thing in those days to mention animal magnetism in a Christian Science lecture. But as I talked, the fog began to clear in the hall. The thing was met. Then I saw a little group of odd-looking people down in front get up and leave. You see, they were doing something.

There are a great many Theosophists. Theosophy is a convenient term of the occultist. They believe that there are certain castes in India who can influence others to do anything they wish. Those who believe in it come under that influence. During the Normal class which I attended, one of the students, Lord Dunmore, related the most fantastic experiences which he said he had had right in his own garden in India with Hindu magic, adding that the fakir could not have hypnotized him. Mr. Kimball said: “No, not unless he thought he could!” (Presumably, Mr. Young meant unless Lord Dunmore thought the fakir could.) Much of what these fakirs do is just trickery, trickery of the sleight-of-hand variety. Of course, it is all trickery or mortal-mind deception. One Indian occultist who visited the United States announced he was a thousand years old, but he was a plain fraud.

The Science of Mind comes to dispose of these things. Learn what Mind is and practice the Science of Mind. When confronted with such stuff, the thing to do is to be aScientist. There is no other way to deal with them. When we gain the understanding that Mind is God, not in matter, this deals with the error, whether it is obvious or subtle. Become so accustomed to Truth that constantly Truth is in the ascendancy. Every erroneous belief is just a belief. Every phase of error that would be aggressive, is only a belief. Belief claims it must have a malpractitioner. There isn’t any such thing. You won’t fear a malpractitioner if you know there isn’t any. It is foolish to fear anything. The keynote of Christian Science is — Be not afraid!

If you don’t see the unreality of evil — say it, whether sorrow, lack, human influence or a series of misfortunes. There is no way of resisting error. You must get further than that. To get up a fight, affirming and denying, is not very good. At times the best I could do was to affirm and deny as calmly as I could, but we are now beyond that. The affirmation of Truth is the denial of error. You would not say, “God is All,” without feeling there was nothing else around.

The affirmation of one Mind, one infinitude of Being, could not go on without doing something. I never go out with the thought, “I must uncover error.” In the first place, if you go to work humanly to overcome error, you will have a human, not a divine, time. All that is going on is Mind. Don’t be like that silly worker who said she just handled error with her gloves off! If you know that Mind is all that is going on, that which comes to light is disposed of and fades out at the same time. If sin is uncovered through the realization of the oneness of good, the vice or sin is disposed of immediately; and we have a kind of joy, knowing it is nothing.

We find ourselves benefited and helped just in the measure that we do not lose for a moment the standard of Science. Never get down into error to get rid of mortal mind. You don’t have to get down into the mind of evil. That doesn’t get rid of it. Get rid of the theory that Christian Science is an influence. It is not a person here healing another person over there. It is only understanding that handles a claim. It isn’t a person with understanding, but it is understanding. If there is a personal sense of understanding, then there is a lack of understanding. Science is the thing, and Science is not personal. The object of education is to accustom us to the fact that God is Life, Spirit, Love. That is the first step. We must get used to the fact that the only Mind there is, is my Mind. Stand for it and as it. There is only one Mind, one Spirit, one Soul.

The extraordinary things exhibited sometimes in spiritism — and there is no“spiritualism” for “spiritual” means of God — when they are not plain trickery, are invariably hypnotism. Why do great men like Sir William Crookes let themselves be deceived? Is it conceit? They account for some things they see at seances as trickery, and they admit that some of it is hypnotism, but they will never admit that they themselves were hypnotized.

Nobody ever communicated with a spirit. There is not something in this body.

Even human consciousness is not in the body. There is nothing mysterious about getting the thoughts of someone who has passed on. When a person dies, the thoughts he had are still around. We might think some of them, or we might think all of them. They have not gone anywhere. They still constitute a part of mortal mind. A person may perceive or express some of these thoughts. There are a lot of people right here in Chicago who go in for that sort of thing.

Question (by student): How about haunted houses?

Answer: In Europe there are ghosts in many of the houses and people see them. Of course they see ghosts! Why shouldn’t they? They see the operation of disease and isn’t that a ghost? It is not then so strange that they should see something, a ghost, if they set out to see a ghost. Some of those old houses and castles are celebrated, and people come from everywhere to visit them. When you buy a house, you buy a ghost! It’s being done! (Laughter) I have a friend who has a very fine place in Sussex. I have been there. They have a ghost. The servants see it. My friend never saw it. His wife never saw it. They are Christian Scientists. The servants see the ghost frequently. They get used to it!

When I was a little boy, in a large family, queer things used to occur and queer noises would come in the house, as they did in other houses once in a while. My father was a very religious man, and he would pray when these things happened. These queer things would then cease immediately, and we would hear nothing like that for a long, long time. Then perhaps he would believe it, or the family would, and they would occur again. He always prayed and got rid of them. That was his way, and it was all right. His thought of this stuff was that it was not good, that it was the devil — and it was, because that is all mortal mind is. People who indulge in such things are usually cranks because it is just all hypnotism, and there is nothing normal about hypnotism.

A long time ago I was reading in Second Church here in Chicago, and I moved with my family into a house on Roslyn Place. After the lease was signed the agent of the property, who lived next door, told me that there was sort of a distant relative of his who had been staying in a room in the house ever since it had been vacant. The agent said he would be glad if we would let this fellow stay there a little while. I said that we needed the room, and he couldn’t stay long. I went to his door to tell him he would have to leave. He was a peculiar looking fellow and he objected violently. He said: “I’ll show you I know as much as you do!”

The night after he left, I was awakened by a terrific ripping sound in the house, like planks being torn up from the floor. It sounded horrible. I turned on the gas and went downstairs to see where the noise was. But there wasn’t anything. But it had awakened everyone in the house.

As soon as I got back upstairs the noise came again worse than ever. My sister came out on the top landing, and we turned around and handled it audibly. “We know what this is; it is nothing but hypnotism, because that is all there is to spiritism!” Bang! That was the end. We never heard it again. Just like that! It was as still as anything that very instant.

You see, materially speaking, it was nothing. You couldn’t find anything in the house that was changed. It was a lie on any plane. It was not happening in the sense that you and I came downtown and are here now, going about our ordinary affairs. It was all in the realm of human illusion. It was not normal in the human sense. The thing was — where? In mortal mind. And where is that? Where it always is, where it talks and where it lives. It came from nothing, seemed to be something, but wasn’t. That is hypnotism.

(Before accepting this episode at its face value, as did the Youngs, it is worth considering that around that period mischievous youngsters had taken to applying “tick-tacks” — ordinary thread spools notched around the flange and whirled on pencil sticks by means of drawing a string wrapped around the spools — to windows to produce a violent and startling sound in people’s houses as a sort of a practical joke. If the fellow whom Mr. Young mentions was up to any spiteful mischief, it is not inconceivable that he resorted to the tick-tack in order to disturb the household in the night. Tick-tacks were quite commonplace, especially at Halloween, but the vogue was not confined to that witching occasion, and would produce just the effect described above. This would seem to be a more reasonable explanation than that of spiritism or hypnotism, although spiritualism and mesmerism were the talk of the town in those days.)

There is nothing extraordinary about “table tipping.” If mortal mind does anything to a table, if it sets a table by hands, it might tip it without any.

It’s all the same to anybody who knows. It used to be fashionable in London to dabble in such things, and everybody who was anybody had his own clairvoyant or crystal-gazer. Berlin in 1913 was a whole town going in for occultism. It was rampant. They were all studying magic (natural, not conjuring) and trying to make it work. Mrs. Eddy says these things will go on until they reach their zenith. I don’t suppose there will be less of it right away, for the higher the voice of Truth is lifted the louder is error going to scream. Let it scream! That’s what to do with that. There is nothing to worry about, because it is nothing and has no power.

Animal magnetism is not something up here to be feared. The Science of Mind is not in the things it deals with. Truth is not in the error it deals with.

War is animal magnetism. Drought is not lack of rain, it is animal magnetism.

You might treat until blue in the face as a drought and not get anywhere; but treat it as animal magnetism and you meet it. Weather is something we have the ability to take care of if we would. If mortal mind says that the weather threatens, gain ascendancy over this. Who says so? What is that to God, to infinite, divine, ever-present, all-powerful, all-knowing Love? The only weather there is is divine weather. You may not imagine it, but you know it. Weather is something that Scientists can do something about. Everything that is evil is mesmeric belief, animal magnetism. Realize that nothing is going on but good.

Mortal mind is not something; it is just belief of opposition to something. In the practice, like Elijah we say, “Oh, Lord, in vain have I labored!” But treatment in its real meaning is divine presence. If you know there is just one Mind vividly, that would be sufficient. We are not transcendental, and if a situation seems to be going on that should not, we have the letter and must use it with the spirit. The spirit may not come immediately. Then we use the letter, and so regain the spirit which heals. The realization of one Mind is irresistible. Nothing can stand before it. The very fact that the body is made of Spirit and not of matter, makes it impossible for anything to malpractice on body. A human belief is all the time malpracticing on itself and on every other belief.

Mrs. Eddy says that mortal mind makes sick and divine Mind heals. It will heal in the measure that we ourselves are that Mind, not just thinking about it. Learn to think from the standpoint of Mind itself. In that divine presence, evil is easily disposed of. Our book constantly says there is only one Mind, one God, in the absolute oneness of good and the consequent unreality of evil. If the suggestion comes that you must handle opposition, you must declare that there is no opposition. If someone says you must handle opposition, you have handled it. Yes. You are always handling it in knowing the allness of God.

Tonight please look up a good, clear citation on the meaning of “mortal mind.”

Saturday, August 8, 1936 (Sixth Day)

The citations you have been selecting are very revealing, and I must say you have been showing great insight and appreciation and growth in your study. Now let us have those on “mortal mind.” (The recitations followed here.)

All evil claims are of mortal mind. When Jesus said to the hypocrites, “Ye are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do,” he was not trying to harm them. If they had accepted what he said, they would have been immediately blessed. It had to be said once for all time. Christian Science comes to mitigate the disasters of mortal mind for all mankind. It works where it ought to work, not as abstract Principle, but where there is need of a remedy, and as a remedy. Right where the erroneous belief appears to be, right there is the Redeemer — if you will let the Redeemer be there. That is the practical nature of Christian Science.

Mortal mind is always the claim. It makes no difference what kind of a disease you are called upon to treat, do not see it in or as matter, for then you see it as a doctor would according to the material senses. Instead, see that all evil appearances exist in mortal mind. In itself, whether a toothache or a cancer, it is always in mortal mind and nowhere else. Thought is all there is to matter. I have often heard it said that you can help people because they can think; but how, then, could you help storms and the like? It is as much mortal mind when it appears to be an inanimate thing as when it appears to be animate.

Where is war? In mortal mind. Nothing else to it. Anticipating, fearing, preparing and so forth, for it! War is just what it appears to be — mortal mind. Is there no power in the universe that could do something about it? Know the presence of God. That stops war. Where could it go on but in mortal mind? It certainly cannot go on in infinite, divine Mind. Jesus demonstrated Christian Science for the whole world, and Mrs. Eddy revealed it for the whole world. There is no war in heaven. It is all in mortal mind. Where are floods? Where are hurricanes? And drought? Where is the destructive lightning and storms?

On a streetcar once, a Christian Scientist was distressed by a baby in the arms of the lady next to her, crying and crying. Finally, she said, she just had to close her eyes and try to lift her thought. After a while she opened her eyes, having quite forgotten the crying baby. All at once she realized that the baby had ceased crying and was sleeping peacefully in its mother’s arms. Now what made the baby cry? Well, what heard the baby cry? Why, mortal mind! Mortal mind is always the culprit.

Once I had to give two lectures the same day out in Kansas. There were floods everywhere and the roads were all covered with water. I took cognizance of this. As a matter of fact, I did quite a lot about it. It seemed to be water. But it was — what? It was animal magnetism, a false sense of things inharmonious, mortal-mind belief, matter — the storm and all. I saw this clearly. Consequently there was no rain where I had to be, but the sun shone in the afternoon. The thing presented itself as a prediction, meteorology, weather, but it was all belief of truth in matter, with matter a law to itself. Animal magnetism describes something magnetic that is going on, the claim of substance in matter and other beliefs associated with that, as one mortal belief influencing another— all in the realm of mortal mind. be going on in mortal mind. This term and other such words are not used to frighten the world or to make us see it everywhere. But it is everywhere if we believe animal magnetism is all around us! As we think of ourselves as infinity, there is nothing to be afraid of. Declare with much emphasis: “No animal magnetism!” The only thing that handles it, is to see the nothingness of it from the standpoint of Truth. We can’t ignore animal magnetism; but only as thought assumes the character that knows no animal magnetism can you deal with it.

When animal magnetism appears to be, it isn’t true. Be calm and convinced about it not going on. To fiercely fight it, is only increasing the claim. Jesus said, “The prince of this world cometh and findeth nothing in me,” and the Jews were constantly warned to destroy the Hittites and all the other “ites.” But the things they were warned against were not persons; they were being warned against animal magnetism. You can’t read the Bible as personal. The world still believes you must influence people instead of knowing the truth about them. Mankind doesn’t need to be influenced; it needs to be enlightened. The Chaldeans were astrologers, but it is astrology, not the Chaldeans, which were supposed to be rooted out.

“Thou shalt have no other Gods before me,” means one Mind. Because that Mind is Spirit there is no matter. Say it often: there is no matter! There is no mortal mind! This is the most useful thing to utter. It strengthens affirmation. You can only make it from the standpoint of Spirit, not from the standpoint of matter — ever. Thought must have the character of Spirit to maintain the fact that there is no matter. The word spiritual seems too weak. Spirit is so strong. Thought must have all the nature of Spirit. If only God could appear, and that would be you, could you then say there is no matter? Of course you could! Say it and know it. There is no matter! When you see the unreality of matter, at that moment you have dominion over it.

When you see material personality as unreal, you have control over it — your own and others’. So our book says to take possession of your body, that you can govern its feeling and action. Mortal mind is mortal in everything. There is no blending of Truth and error. There is no way in which Spirit and matter can coalesce. When there seems to be a point of contact, it is always repulsion. Therefore the practice of Christian Science is Truth appearing and error disappearing. Nevertheless, where evil appears, Truth will be there in demonstration. Good appears to take its place in that which seems to be space or place or occupancy. Paul said God was made manifest in the flesh. In proportion as the perfect man appears, that which appears to be man, but is not man, is benefited, improved, transformed, blessed. Health appears where there was disease, life where death seemed to threaten, and so forth, although joy, health and harmony are infinite. Ill health seemed to have some space because it is limited. But it could not occupy some space because it is a lie. So health appears where disease seemed to have been.

We must not make the handling of animal magnetism mysterious. The way some people talk about it, you would think it was a real animal! (Laughter) The term simply designates a belief common to the human race, the tendency to give power to mortal mind as matter. It is a name for limitation, finiteness, evil. Every accident, every disease, every loss, every disaster, is animal magnetism, and it helps to see that. But however definitely you use that term in handling the phases of error that are aggressively unkind or intentionally harmful, the great thing all the time is to see that you are handling only a false claim that life exists apart from God. I wouldn’t talk about it too much generally. It would be better not to use the term in a way that might frighten people.

Question (by student): What is meant by the Bible statement: “The sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them”?

Answer: Don’t you sometimes have a clear realization of the Truth and then something appears that is unlike it in your thought? That might be it.

Question (by student): Science and Health says matter is no entity. What does that mean?

Answer: Matter is only a limited sense of existence. It is not a reality. Question (by student): Isn’t organization animal magnetism?

Answer: Animal magnetism is a belief in mortal mind, subdividing itself into

many minds with conflicting interests which always have their being in one fundamental error, fear being the basis of all conflicting interests, the basis of all you call trouble in the world. There could be no hate or discord or restriction or domination if there were no fear.

Question (by student): I have never understood Mrs. Eddy’s statement that “sin existed as a false claim before the human concept of sin was formed.”

Answer: Material thought existed before matter as a false claim. Its expression came after it. Mortal mind is the primal belief and matter is its sense of being. The belief is that life can be material, and this is one with sin. Sin and animal magnetism are one. They are all mesmerism, the mesmerism of materiality.

Don’t ever say of the sinner, “He will have to suffer out of it.” That is malpractice. It is not for you to say, “This is righteousness and this is sin.” God does not arrange it that way. He says: “I am righteousness, divine Principle, and nothing else exists.” The whole of sin is matter and that is all of sin. All that constitutes sin or the sinner is the belief that he is material. Don’t get a lot of righteous righteousness! (Laughter) And beware of anyone who rolls his eyes when he pronounces the word God!

God is right, not righteousness. He does not and cannot know sin or matter. And equally certain He does not and cannot punish it. How could He punish that which doesn’t exist and that which He does not know? Sin is its own punishment, enduring as long as the sin does in belief.

Mortal mind is tainted with materiality in everything it does, so that the righteous person who conforms to material standards may be no better than the sinner he lords it over. The materiality of the so-called good person is sometimes more difficult to heal than the materiality of the so-called bad one. Do not be disturbed because somebody“whom Satan hath bound” does wrong. Do not condemn the sinner, but the sin. ChristianScience practice is to forgive sin by seeing the unreality of sin. All the evil in the world is malpractice, and Christ is the remedy for everything. There is nothing to punish with, no one to punish man, and no man to be punished. God’s law has no penalty, but is the law of redemption without penalty.

Understanding is the Savior. Establish man’s spiritual individuality in the realm ofScience. How could you heal a case that appears to be the result of sin unless you knew enough to see the unreality of all error? If the belief of penalty is not wiped out completely, it would keep a person in hell for years after he had forgotten his sin. The sin may not have been anything much, but he is more afraid now when he says, “I am good,” than when he said, “I am bad,” because he is afraid of punishment now. We must change all that. Christian Science would not be of any value to the world if it could not do something for these people. It is mortal mind which would condemn.

There are a great many things which are denominated as sin. All materiality is sin.

But there is a distinction between sin and vice. Smoking, for instance, is not a sin but a vice. Some church people make an awful lot of to-do over whether an applicant for membership smokes, but sometimes the smoker is more ready for membership than many who do not smoke. Of course, I cannot see the wisdom of having a church full of smokers; and I think that anyone who is ready for Class instruction should have gone beyond smoking and drinking liquor. If we can’t be charitable about these things, let us be scientific anyway. It is like those people who think it is a feather in their caps because they do not drink coffee or tea. Lots of them are radical about coffee, but liberal about hate and malice! No one is going to hell because he smokes.

There are other things that get by which are a lot worse. I know a woman who used to open a box of chocolates every time she open her copy of Science and Health, and she would close her Science and Health just as she ate her last chocolate! (Laughter) But she was always very strict about everybody obeying the church rules.

The beliefs that make a sinner are no worse than the beliefs that make a sufferer, but disease associated with sin will never be healed as long as you hold man a sinner. You must have enough understanding and love to forgive sin and see its nothingness. Always handle penalty as a claim of mortal mind. It is because man never was a sinner that he can be saved. If the sin is unreal, it is not the cause of an effect, or penalty. There cannot be any salvation as long as there is belief of penalty. The world is not going to be saved by good people thinking there are bad people in it. The good people may be just as material as the bad ones. And that is the kind which always stays on the edge of Science. We must heal ourselves of the belief that there is a sinner.

Of course, our government has to punish crime in a way that it could be understood; but when a person comes to you for help in Christian Science, it is for you to lift him up. The attitude of Jesus toward the sinner was: “Neither do I condemn thee; go and sin no more.” When the Bible says “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord,” it means that the divine power, Love, revealing itself to man will correct mankind through the Christ. “The wages of sin is death” — death to the sin, not to the sinner. Christianity comes to heal mankind, not to destroy it; and sin must be demonstrated as unreal as sickness, or there is no Christianity.

Deal with sin and penalty as false appearance, however objectionable any of it may appear. Truth is everywhere, and although there appears to be a space where error seems to be, the fact is that there is no such space. Sin existed first as belief, before the believer, because the believer is a belief. Matter was material thought before it was matter. Evil has to be believed before sin exists, and it only exists in belief. You cannot have redemption with penalty. “I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly,” said Jesus. Death to the sin, utter extinction, but not to the sinner. See that the only man is the man of God, upright, good and pure.

Be alert to the thing which is always saying, “I am so good!” There used to be an illuminating verse on the flyleaf of Science and Health, that is in the earlier editions: “I, I, I, Always itself I.” It was taken out because some people thought Mrs. Eddy meant herself in it. But I was sorry to see it go. The claim of error is always the false ego: a false belief fearing it will not be anything. Even in the church there is always somebody wanting to be something. The only real “ambition” is not ambition; it is far above that. It is oneness with God. Let thought assume that attitude and maintain it. Then the person finds his own activities so enlarged and in such a satisfactory way that he is satisfied in awakening in God’s likeness.

Animal magnetism creeps in everywhere, and we must not rest on our oars just because we have attained some position of prominence. Once when I went down to Boston, my friend working there said, “We are under such pressure!” Even the janitor thinks he is under pressure! (Laughter) Just because it is “headquarters”! I asked them what they were doing about it. “Oh, it is just animal magnetism!” they answered. All I said was: “Are you really under pressure?” Is there anything that can really be under pressure? The only thing there is, does not know pressure. Didn’t Jesus say, “My yoke is easy and my burden light”? He did not say he was under pressure. Nobody is under pressure. But if he thinks he is, he must handle it as belief. The man of God is not a martyr. It is not “through Science and suffering,” as some seem to think, but “through Science or suffering” that we get to heaven.

And error doesn’t “strike back”! The idea of not giving a testimony in public because it might “strike back”! That is rank superstition. Error isn’t something that can do something. You will never get rid of it until you see that much. You will never get anywhere as long as you believe that error is something that can do something. It is nothing. Error is just a name for nothingness, and we used that word to make the nothingness plain. The claim that mortal mind thinks, must be met with the understanding that God is the Mind of all, the only Mind, the one power and presence, the infinite Principle that is divine Love.

“It is the belief of the flesh and of material sense which sins,” our book says. There is no sin; there is just matter as a belief. That is “sin.” If someone says something we do not like, or holds an opinion contrary to our own, we have no right to relegate him to the status of mortal mind. The errors which I uncover are primarily mine. Although you may frequently be sinful about social activities!

Question (by a student): Frederick Dixon wrote that we have to sleep just in proportion to our belief in matter. Aren’t we supposed to sleep?

Answer: Maybe that’s why Mr. Dixon usually looked sleepy when I met him!

(Laughter) We have to sleep. We couldn’t get along without sleep. Man, like God, rests in action, and when you see that man doesn’t sleep and doesn’t want to sleep, that will break insomnia. But trying to get along without sleep, is like trying to get along without eating. A woman told Mr. Kimball that the orchid was so spiritual because it thrived on air, and he answered that air was no more spiritual than potatoes! (Laughter)

If one had nothing to eat, it would be a demonstration to get something to eat. If one had insomnia, it would be a demonstration to go to sleep. Insomnia is not normal. A great deal has been said about the claim of sleep, and much of it has been taken too seriously. Quite likely we shall have to sleep to some extent as long as there is human existence in order to make a better demonstration of human existence.

But one remarkable experience which hundreds of Christian Science practitioners have, shows that we do not have to waste so much time in sleep as many think. That experience is the very common one to be observed when a practitioner finds himself so occupied with one or several important cases so threatening that virtually for weeks at a time he sleeps scarcely at all, and yet maintains a feeling of strength and freshness utterly impossible to any other work. This demonstrates that we do not become tired through legitimate thinking. Belief sleeps and belief awakens to a material sense of things, but it is still asleep in materiality.

Weariness and exhaustion are not the result of having too much to do; they are the products of a belief in materiality. Spiritual understanding, awake to the spiritual facts of being, knows that no opposing elements exist to interfere with our doing the Father’s will. It is the relative everyday routine, in which we have to make so many concessions to mortal mind, that brings about a sense of fatigue and produces sleepiness when we want to be alert and active. How often people are sleepy at Christian Science lectures and church services! They would not be assailed with that claim if they took a greater part in the lecture or service, for then it would be so heavy with intense interest for them as to render sleepiness utterly impossible. Everything is gained when we awake to Christ. The spiritual identity of the real man never sleeps in unconsciousness, but rests in Mind, in consciousness.

During intermission:


Question (by Arthur Corey): Wasn’t Frederick Dixon sound in his metaphysics? Answer: Oh, quite! Always.

Question (by Corey): And Gustavus Swift Paine?

Answer: Mr. Paine didn’t appear personally to have the drive that Mr. Dixon had, but his metaphysical articles were always absolutely correct and helpful.

Question (by Corey): What about Herbert Eustace?

Answer: Oh, Mr. Eustace! He was a charming English gentleman! You’d like him. He is out on the Pacific coast now, you know, and they say he has quite a following. He is not under the Manual any more so holds as many classes a year as he wants to.

Question (by Corey): But what about his understanding?

Answer: Mr. Eustace had a really clear understanding of Christian Science, and I don’t see how he could lose that. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be teaching correctly now. I have been told that he teaches disease is a divine idea, and of course if he teaches that, he is wrong. But I take all such tales with a grain of salt, especially under such circumstances. (Mr. Eustace had been anathematized by the Boston hierarchy.)

Question (by Corey): Isn’t it possible he is teaching that the human concept, no matter how bad, is the divine idea misapprehended, since “evil and all its forms are inverted good”?

Answer: Yes, that could well be. And it is likely he has been misquoted.

Question (by Corey): How is it possible for advanced metaphysicians like ourBoards in Boston to become embroiled in such dangerous controversy as that of 1919?

Answer: Those who indulge in controversy lose something, and that something seems to be their poise in Truth and Love. During the three-year litigation in Boston, many seasoned workers became mixed in their Science.


Now we must consider opposition to Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy said that it was wise and necessary to deny this particular thing, and that it was proper and essential that we know there could be no medium or channel or personality or organization whereby such a claim of opposition could assert itself or be asserted.

The claim is that Roman Catholicism is incessantly active in its organized opposition to the Christ, Truth, in the name of religion. There is no reality to that. But if a person were unaware of it being a belief and simply ignored it, would that be Christian Science? No. If you absolutely knew there was no mortal mind, but only the Truth, you would not have to go into these things. If you were knowing as Mind knows, there would be no human being in it and that would be sufficient.

Question (by Arthur Corey): A Margaret Murney Glean student told me that theJesuits equipped their members with copies of Science and Health so they could go through the book daily, in twenty-four hour shifts, reversing every statement. Is there any evidential verification for such an assertion?

Answer: No. I know of no reason for believing anything like that. And I certainly doubt if it is going on that way. Some pretty queer things get started among students of metaphysics! Of course we do not ignore these suggestions. We should be alert enough to handle everything that comes up. But we should not get into the habit of getting together and talking up such stuff until we believe it.

Question (by a student): I’ve been told a vote for the Democrats is a vote for theVatican, that the Democratic Party is full of Roman Catholics.

Answer: I don’t know that that is so. There are a lot of Roman Catholics in theRepublican Party, I’m sure.

In our ascendancy as Christian Scientists we must take hold of these things. It isn’t intelligent and it isn’t scientific to make a reality of anything but God. Mrs. Eddy says that under certain circumstances the spirit without the letter is not the spirit. What we are doing is to awaken, so that things seem to be going on, but we know they are not going on. The claim here is that there is a Roman Catholic opposition to Christian Science, to the whole movement, that is the only organized malpractice on earth. Materia medica is never exactly organized against Christian Science. Even occultism is not organized, although its opposition is intense. But malpractice in the haze of religion is organized and aims to exterminate Christian Science.

This is always just a false claim. You do not fight any opposition to Mind. Mind is not opposing itself. Do not lose your poise when knowing the unreality of these claims. Do not come down when you take cognizance of error. Just say: “There is something to be done about it that will bless everyone.” When you know the absolute unreality of ecclesiastical despotism, that will bless every ecclesiastic on earth, priest and layman alike. It must not be a contest, but it does demand wise handling.

If you were running a department store, you would not discharge every RomanCatholic. Mortals are only beliefs. We ourselves, as mortals, are only beliefs, so we do not need to be so cocky! We must see what we all really are, for that which has its being in Mind is not a belief. This will help them as much as it does us. But we never contend with them. And we do not act toward them any differently than we would ChristianScientists. No person with good manners will lose his good manners when he is with those who entertain different religious views.

Question (by student): Lots of people in the church have told me the Roosevelt administration ought to be condemned because James Farley, manager of the DemocraticParty, has pledged first allegiance to Rome.

Answer: That seems to be quite unjustifiable.

Question (by Charles Redfield): My son has a roommate at college who belongs to the Catholic Church. Is there anything wrong about that?

Answer: Your son’s a Christian Scientist, isn’t he? He ought to be able to associate with his roommate without associating with his roommate’s religion!

Question (by Redfield): What about having R.C. servants in the house?

Answer: Well, if you have the follower of any faith who is always running to the priest with everything, you would be under a sort of a surveillance. You wouldn’t want to be under surveillance all the time, would you? If you are knowing that God supplies the only help, that kind of help will not show up in the first place at your home. That takes care of it. The Bible says Hezekiah showed all his treasures, and that this led to his downfall. That indicates that there is wisdom in protecting our privacy, even though we have nothing to conceal.

Question (by another student): If the brother of one of my patients happened to be a priest, what would I do?

Answer: Certainly you would not have to do anything with the priest. If you had to do anything about it, you would deal with the belief that somebody was interfering. Of course, you don’t know there is anyone interfering, but where there is the belief(suggestion) that there is, you have to handle that.

Where there is a priesthood there is a belief that the communicants are watched pretty closely and followed up. So you would have to handle the fear of malpractice. You don’t have to love a malpractitioner. You do have to see the unreality of error by seeing it as animal magnetism. You don’t do anything to the priest. You see that there is no false belief to dominate anything. The one infinite Mind knows no opponent, no opposition, no competition. If there is a claim of interference, your statement of Truth would enable you to demonstrate that there was no interference. Here is one infinity, and that does not provide for anything contrary to its own perfection, its own oneness. Consequently, it does not include anything that could mean interference.

Question (by Mabel Simpson): The Chicago Board of Education is corrupt and destructive and it is dominated by a Roman Catholic clique.

Answer: The important thing here, if that is what you believe, is to see that there is no resentment going on, because the resentment is more wrong than the wrong resented.

Question (by another student): Can R.C. opposition be the cause of sickness? Answer: Yes, if you believe it.

Question (by same student): To what extent does the organized opposition ofRomanism interfere with Christian Science treatment?

Answer: Just to the extent we believe in it. We mustn’t give these things power. They have only the power we give them. We must get a well-balanced view of this thing. Many erroneous views are held about it throughout the Field. No alert student is going toBut that is nothing to get excited about. “Why stand aghast at nothingness?”

Even if it is organized, this belief cannot hold the human race in the grip of fear if we are demonstrating the one Mind as we should be in Christian Science. The claim of mortal mind is that it can do anything in the name of God, so that Romanism does not feel the need of keeping faith with any but its own converts, keeps the laity in ignorance, and in its dogma that “the end justifies the means,” teaches that good may come of evil.

Question (by Fred Vincent): We have lots of them coming to our church inShanghai.

Answer: In Shanghai you have an attractive new church and many attractive people. But watch out! Many come for the attractiveness of it. It is said that when these people can’t get you any other way, they join up with you. Look out for the Joiners!

Question (by student): Is it a fact that all of the so-called Christian churches meet in the Lord’s prayer?

Answer: Well, there may be some unity in that they all use the same words! But not every so-called Christian church, or denomination, interprets it the same. If the spiritual interpretation of this prayer as given in the Christian Science textbook were accepted universally, there would be no opposing denominations!

The idea of all the religions getting together is — may I use a common term? — just bunk! When you ask organized religion to join with you, they say, “Yes — come right in.” But they don’t yield an inch.

Question (by another student): What about taking Roman Catholics as patients?

Answer: Well, our Manual forbids us to teach a member of the Roman Catholic Church without the written permission of his church authorities, and how can you treat without teaching? Every practitioner teaches and has to teach in order to enlighten his patients. You know our books say we heal by teaching and teach by healing. How are you going to get around that? Of course, we do not deny them our books. There is nothing, then, to keep them from getting Christian Science. But when it comes to treating them, you should know that they are not actively connected with the Roman Catholic Church. If they come to you honestly seeking Christian Science, they are not Roman Catholics. They say “Once a Catholic always a Catholic,” but that does not make it so. Mere baptism doesn’t do anything. They are not enslaved forever just because they had water sprinkled on them when they were babies. Be wise, but be compassionate. We can never injure them but must bless everyone. What you do depends upon the circumstances in the individual case. You must decide for yourself.

But people who deliberately join the Church of Rome, and the people who have followed its practices ardently, are another thing entirely. You can’t touch a tarred brush without having some of the tar stick to you.

Question (by student): Some people say an ex-Catholic can never become a member of The Mother Church. Is this so?

Answer: That is not correct. Sybil Wilbur was a Catholic. Lord Lothian was once a Catholic. (Felix Krembs, the veteran Journal-listed practitioner in New York came out of the Roman Catholic Church.) And there are others. The connection with the Church is a mental one. It is just a question of whether this mental connection is broken. It must never be a person who is rejected, however, but the belief. thought is not healing thought. That is not the way of the Christ. Nor are we engaged in any endeavor to proselytize. We are engaged in demonstrating the one Mind. In this one Mind, there are no separate denominations, no controversy, no competition.

If you are knowing there is only one Mind you will not find yourself engaged in conflict with anyone or with any organization. There are not any evil influences to contend with; there is just mortal mind as a claim. That is all that claims to come between the children of God. We must not say unkind things about those who disagree with us. In fact, we should not talk about the claim of disagreement any more than we have to. Just keep sawing wood!

All evil thought and action is malpractice. But we don’t talk about it; we handle it. Sometimes Scientists get together and talk in awesome whispers about what “they” are doing. If these Scientists believe this, they should be handling the belief that somebody is doing something wrong, instead of building it up by talking about it all the time. It is up to us to handle not people or organizations, but false belief. We are the only ones who appreciate the subtlety of belief. If some church has wrong teachings, its teachings are not provable. Old theology would have a damned man and a cruel God, with a priesthood between them so it can have salvation through ecclesiasticism. Ecclesiasticism is spiritual ignorance, cruelty, tyranny, and all the merciless intolerance of the Dark Ages. Its doctrines spring from the worst passions, the most relentless, selfish and vicious motives of mortal mind. Its superstition is gross materiality.

A false sense of religion would embody dishonesty, deceit, treachery, craftiness, animal cunning, slander and every evil work, and its activities would be characterized by scheming, intrigue and deceit. Teaching the deification of mind in matter, it would set up a hierarchy of thoroughly unprincipled men, whose tools would be human will, lust, hatred, envy. That is demonology. But what is demonology? It is mortal mind. All this is not the property exclusively of any particular denomination. It is the estate of mortal mind. If you work against a denomination, you will never heal it. If you work against something, you’ve got something to work against. The only way to handle evil is with the great confidence of Love — not by fearing and fiercely attacking something.

Mortal mind has no influence, social, political, financial or philanthropic, whether in the name of Roman Catholicism or any other form of ecclesiasticism. Get away from that personalized sense of it as a denomination, a person, or a group of persons. This understanding is what breaks the mesmerism which would rob man of the power to recognize and hold fast to that which is good and true. The spirit of Truth has come, and the Science of Christianity is the light of the world leading out of all darkness, ignorance, and fear. This spiritual law of good is working in human consciousness perpetually to annihilate every false claim opposed to the activity of good. Mortal mind under any name cannot silence the eternal longings of the human heart to know God and to be at peace.

From the beginning of history more terrible things have been done in the name of religion than anything else. The way to handle all this is to know that only one thing is going on. It isn’t a question of fighting; it is a question of the scientific demonstration of Truth. Involvement with this kind of thing will be less and less frequent as we embrace the allness of God. We are demonstrating this Mind which is God, and ecclesiasticism is not of the same consciousness. Any fierce effort against “organized opposition” is the fear of it, that is all there is to it — ever. Instead, just say: “Here is what is going on — one Mind.”

We are not against the people of the other religions. I have friends of long years’ standing who belong to other churches. I may not see them often, but I love them very much. They are beautiful, splendid people; there is no doubt about that. It is not a question of people. We have to handle the question of denominational opposition from an impersonal standpoint.

There are thousands of people in the other churches who will make fine ChristianScientists, but we must never intrude. We can’t, however, keep them from coming into Christian Science, because the Truth of their understanding brings them along. We wouldn’t want to keep them out if we could. And we must admit that some of them are better prepared to join us than many who have never belonged to any church. As for treating them, that involves teaching always. But I would take any case I was sure of the genuineness of. What you have to watch out for is their tendency to slip back into the old way of thinking and doing because of the fear that their church has instilled into them.

Question (by a student): Don’t we have to accept false religion for what it is, instead of for what it seems to be?

Answer: I wouldn’t say that. Roman Catholicism is the very reverse of religion if it damns all who disagree with it. If you touch a tarred stick you get tarred. The whole thing is mesmeric. The very atmosphere, the very smell is hypnotic. Sometimes we have to get entirely away from these things to see clearly. Jesus had to withdraw for a while to get realization, even with all he knew. We must have compassion and love for everyone. But it is only our realization of the one Mind which will bring all men into the knowledge of the one Mind. Like Jesus, we too, if we would help them, must get out from between God and them. We must get out of the way and let God do the work. To say that there is a spiritual idea right where the false church seems to be, is all right; but we must see clearly that the false church is not a divine idea, any more than that there is a spiritual idea of cancer.

A sinner is not divine Mind manifested. We are not destroying people, but a belief; and the process of redemption is not one of trying to make beliefs better and so perpetuating them, but of replacing them with the facts. You don’t heal disease; you find out there isn’t any. You don’t heal the sinner; you find out there isn’t any sinner.

Establish the fact in Christian Science work that there isn’t any false church. Even in human existence, consciousness is fundamental; and there is where we do our redemptive work. When you deal with the Devil, do not fight with him. Any argument that is used, must be kept in the realm of belief, so that we don’t give reality to what we are handling. All there is to animal magnetism is the belief of animal magnetism. We do not handle malpractice, but the belief of malpractice. We do not strive with people, not even mentally; we realize the allness of God.

Question (by Mrs. Simpson): How could the Christ save a school dominated byRoman Catholics?

Answer: Principle is head of all. Study Jesus’ life. In the beginning it was different than it was at the close. At the beginning he declared to mortal mind that it was a murderer from the beginning and so forth; then there came a time when he said nothing. If he had not reached the state where he recognized that there was no evil to denounce, there would not have been an ascension. We must stand for the divine Christ, for that is what demonstrates, and the Christ is always within. It is what we know. It is the withinness of the divine character. Christ and man are not synonymous, but we cannot separate them. It is the divine character of man that saves the sinner and heals the sick.

The essential thing in dealing with malpractice is great joy. If one looks sad while he is handling malpractice, he is believing it to the extent that he looks sad! To say God does not know any evil thing, and then say, “I know malpractice is going on!” is not right. The scientific fact is the spiritual reality, and the scientific fact is the demonstrable thing. A spiritual fact must have the character of divinity. Jesus had the divine character to think and speak from the standpoint of God. That is what made him the Christ. You do not deal with any error from the standpoint of human will. You are seeking the divine will. You are not demonstrating health, but God. So you don’t even have to shake your head at the patient! (Laughter) Just keep still and let Mind do it.

Question (by a student): I know we do not proselytize in Christian Science, but isn’t it a right desire to want to see everybody converted to our faith? What I mean to say is: Would it not be a legitimate desire to have everybody see the Truth?

Answer: Yes. But it is better to know that there isn’t anybody outside the Truth.

The desire to have people understand a lecture, for example, is all right; but it is better to know they already understand all there is, all the Truth. When I was singing at First Church here and realized one day, “They are all singing!” then I was not singing at them, but with them. You do not try to project your love to people, but know that understanding is just as much theirs as it is yours. It is the right of every creature on earth to have the understanding I have. This is not humanly evident, but it is divinely true. We will work with much more power when we see the universality of Truth instead of thinking of ourselves as the only ones who understand God.

Roman Catholicism is the only organized malpractice on earth. But mortal mind is the basic error. And the phases of mortal mind that appear to be active in opposition to the Christ, are handled best when you handle mortal mind. The claim of religionism is a belief, and there is no substance to it. In handling this belief, never get something out there, get your eyes fixed on it, and then try to handle it! Let thought be one with the infinite. Be the infinite! Look out from Mind and see the glory and grandeur of real Being— which is all there is to religion. That is your point of view if you have to handle a claim of religion.

Anything that there could seem to be in religion that would be unlike the glory ofGod, could not possibly have any power. Anything that it thought good, could not possibly be good because its sense of good is always that of the relative or matter, not Truth or divine Science. Consequently this false claim is not a power, hasn’t any power, does not operate because of power or law, but is only a false belief depending upon its belief for its existence; and the whole of its false claim is baseless and unreal.

All that is needed in the world is Love. Not mere loving — which is wonderful — but Love itself. If you really love people, see them as never material or mortal. The nothingness of anything wrong with them in Love, is the only way to handle anything wrong. Not condemnation, but compassion, is what is needed.

Question (by student): They say a practitioner has three chief things to deal with: Romanism, materia medica and Judaism.

Answer: No! By no means, No! All the practitioner ever has to deal with is mortal mind. These things you mention were not started originally against Christian Science. If we detect opposition, religious or medical, we do not handle opposition, but the mortal mind belief of opposition, for opposition has no actual being. To build it up and then try to overcome it, is not scientific. You can’t give it all the power it claims and then work against it. There is no religion to opposition. If any representative of what you see as opposing organization is involved in some situation you are handling, declare that there is no channel or person whereby any injury may be done, and that there is no Principle to any teaching which says that God, good, perpetuates evil. Handle the superstition of Christian Scientists about organized religious opposition!

Question (by student): What about the Jewish question? Answer: What do you mean by “the Jewish question”?

Student: Well, er, a — their aggressiveness in business, for instance.

Answer: Aggressiveness is not the exclusive property of the Jews, by any means!

If you are talking about aggressiveness, why, handle aggressiveness, not nationality or race. Much is made of this in the business world because the people seek a scapegoat. Aggressiveness is not a racial characteristic, but a phase of mortal mind belief.

What you must have is not condemnation, but demonstration. It seems that whatever appears that is contrary to Truth is subject to denial and disappearance. The various aspects must be immediately met scientifically. One does not accept these things, but deals with them at once.

Is there competition? There is no competition. Is God competing with Himself?

God is All. The divine Mind hasn’t any competitor. In handling the claim this way, you wouldn’t be destroying anything that was legitimate, but merely eliminating anything objectionable to it.

Again I remind you not to build up these superstitions by talking about them in awesome whispers as “Double O” or “R.C.” or “Romanism” or some other mysterious designation. Let us get the mystery out and put the Science in. Our book says that when Science becomes fairly understood, all mystery disappears.

For Monday, let’s have citations on the unreality of evil.

That is all for today.


(Beginning of Second Week of Class)

When you bring in citations, don’t try to copy them off. Just bring in the page and line numbers. You can read them from the book here.

(The pupils read their citations.)

When I asked you to give us citations today that bring out clearly the unreality of evil, what I expected was unfoldment, not mere corroboration. All you have done is to bring in sentences containing the words “unreality of evil.” What is the matter here? That’s just a phrase and it does not mean a thing unless we understand it. We must get rid of all the orthodox stuff, the stereotyped expressions and routine phrases. That is the way error is trying to destroy the Movement. It would undermine the very foundations of all that Mrs. Eddy established. Don’t you see that it is permeating all our church periodicals and other official literature? I don’t mean Mrs. Eddy’s works or the writings of Mr. Kimball; but the rest of our literature is becoming more and more permeated with stereotyped and routine expressions, so that you can’t tell whether you’ve read an article before or not. The Lesson Sermons are beautiful, but it is not necessary to have the word Truth in each sentence to bring out the sense of what Truth is when Truth’s the subject for the week.

The articles, to be useful, do not have to be full of tremendous metaphysical statements clearly unsuited to the unprepared thought. That would be outside their purpose. But the articles we have been getting in the periodicals have been more about Christian Science instead of being Christian Science. Of course, we do have to have standards in such things — and very high standards for these representatives of our great Movement. But that does not mean limited phraseology. We don’t have to have them all so cut and dried that we can’t tell one article from another. This may sound critical, but it is not intended to be so. We must take cognizance of the needs of our Movement if we are going to do anything about supplying those needs through demonstration. A knowledge of the error to be overcome precedes that realization which corrects it, Mrs. Eddy tells us.

One’s conscious sense of the appearing of Truth is seen as the reversal of error. It is generally said that a specific error demands something very specific in handling it. Being specific, error seems to have place, space or occupancy. One cannot substitute something for a specific and finite error. It isn’t that a specific idea supplants a finite error as a substitution, but a specific idea is the only reality. There is your specific idea. But one cannot put it in the place of a finite error. What occurs is the demonstration of the utter unreality of the claim in the light of what God-and-man is. We nullify what appears to be going on by accepting that which is going on. You cannot work by looking at the thing that seems to be. You must know what is going on here. One infinite Mind is all that is actually going on. Nothing evil can be going on because there is nothing outside of infinite Mind.

Health is a divine fact. It means spiritual wholeness. And if it is realized and actually demonstrated, it will be humanly manifested. Health, spiritual wholeness, is as much the fact of man as of God, and as such is power and law. And it must become as clearly evident as it is true. One is not demonstrating health primarily; he is demonstrating God. All the life and vitality of God belong to man. And the entire extinction of the supposititious law of disease depends upon one’s self, depends upon how he approaches, or rather how he thinks things out, how much he is realizing that there is only one Mind, and to what extent his thinking is the very manifestation of Mind.

The desire to heal is all right, but it is no part of healing. Desire gets in the way.

The desire to heal is the assumption that there is something to heal. A treatment, nevertheless, must have the character of helpfulness. What is it that can help us? The nearer that thing can approximate the divine presence, the quicker the case responds. The thing is the realization of the divine presence, the realization that there can be nothing unlike divine perfection, harmony, goodness, purity. A treatment which approximates the divine nature, which is the Christ, is a correct treatment. How it shall approximate that is a matter of education and experience. The education comes through teaching and instruction and attention to these things. Experience may be had constantly, because whether one is asked to treat cases or not, there are plenty of opportunities to practice Christian Science. For there is not an hour during the day that something is not presented that is not according to God.

Everything depends upon one’s point of view; and the object of our work is to see everything from the standpoint of Mind, and demonstrate it from that standpoint. We have not only got to stand for Mind, but to stand as Mind. We must look out from God rather than up to God. That we must be spiritual is true, but an adjective is perhaps too weak. We must be Spirit! Our thought, rather than being just spiritual, must be Spirit. Then are we truly one with God.

Thought, instead of being about God, must take on the character that is God. Our treatment would be greatly improved if we would habituate ourselves to this view that there is one infinity, and the real power of it is not ours until thought is willing to ascend to that holy sanctuary and look out from it, announcing all the power and the law of Being from the standpoint of that which is Mind, or God. The attitude must be divine.

Little by little, and as rapidly as possible, get to think Truth. There is no mind here but God. Let God be. Here and now He is infinite, harmonious, self-existent. Never for an instant relinquish your altitude in considering a claim. A real treatment does not contend with error. What we call a denial of error must be made from our affirmative standpoint, and not in the way that would build up in our thought something to be denied. Start with its nothingness — and not as if you were starting to make it nothing. You do not start out to make disease unreal. Error has no degrees of nothingness. Error can never be even partially true.

And there are no degrees in the power of Truth. It is never less than omnipotence.

In any claim, you must know that what you know of Truth is more powerful than the whole of mortal belief. If thought is so small as just to include the practitioner and the patient, there isn’t much Science going on. The remedy is not confined to the area of false belief. The real treatment is omni-science. That is not something that goes from one human being to another. Working in Science, thought approximates divine Mind; and in the measure that it approximates divine Mind, it is divine Mind. To be able to do and to speak from the standpoint of the Christ is the Christ. When thought has that oneness with God, one never lacks confidence. That is why Jesus spoke with the authority and assurance that he did. He spoke from the standpoint of God.

One need not be afraid to treat as the divine Mind would treat. The only genuine humility is, “I and my Father are One,” as Jesus said. There is no other, never was any other, and never will be any other. Modesty about all we do, but never modesty about the Science or about our understanding. The understanding is the divine Christ. We can’t be modest about the Christ, crucifying him anew. The sons of God live and move and have their being in conscious at-one-ment with eternal, changeless Life. Immanuel is ever-present in human consciousness, and that is the thing that is touched in treatment. Human qualities have their being because there is something. Good qualities spring from something real.

Your affirmations in treatment must not be from the standpoint of mortal mind that knows about God, but from the standpoint of Mind declaring itself. Not that you may know about that which is Love, that which is true, but that you may know Truth itself.

Christian Science requires of the one who would demonstrate it clearness of thought, intelligence, and the ability to carry thought to conclusions that are final. To do this, something more than mere intellectuality is required. The pure logic of Science requires the recognition of the divine nature, and the divine nature cannot be recognized by means of mere intellectuality. Our own thought has to be divine; it has to be Love; it has to be answering Principle; it has to be Life. It is not enough that it should be about these things; it must act directly as Life. The thought must be as if it were Truth speaking, as though it were God Himself.

That must be the thought, and that is more than intellectuality. Mere intellectuality is a wonderful thing and very desirable, but not sufficient. We are called upon to do much deeper thinking, far nobler, far more useful, far more practical thinking than the world has ever known. Therefore our statements as to God and man must not be made so much as though we were theorizing. When we make our statements in a treatment, we must make them because they are true. It is not enough to say the Truth; we must know the Truth. Truth is ever-ready to reveal itself. An idea which reveals Mind is Mind. To see as Truth is to see perfectly.

Demonstration is the Christ which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.

Jesus was the Mediator because he got out from between God and man so there was only One. Jesus the Christ was not between God and man. He got himself from between God and man. You couldn’t be gaining the right idea of Science without experiencing something of this oneness which gives you the confidence to walk the earth with dominion.

If you awaken in the morning with the thought, “There is only one Mind,” you do not have to do fourteen hours of hard work. All you have to do then is to let Mind unfold. Then if you have anything that requires specific handling, you handle it with the confidence of the I AM that is God.

Then if you are called upon to treat a case, you won’t hurry and go sixty miles an hour! You will go deliberately. Mind is never in a hurry. Jesus did not hurry when he went to Lazarus. Called to a case, what you do before you get there is more important than what you do after you get there. When the telephone is ringing, know something. Your attitude must always be peaceful and calm. If you go to the case “in the strength of the Lord,” you know that no one is ill, that man is perfect, that no mortal law is operating on his body, that Christian Science is the only law that is working, and that is God’s law. Before you start, get your kingdom of God, and then keep it. You must not erect in your imagination a sick person or a well one, and then try to heal him mentally. We cannot hold a person in thought at all. You are handling cases, not people, and the belief will always yield to the fact.

The statements of Christian Science are tremendously helpful, and people get a great deal out of them, but they don’t always serve as a treatment. Many a practitioner has failed in his work because he relied upon a statement instead of knowing. He believed, but he did not know. You must know. You don’t take a case with the attitude that you will do “the best you can.” You take it to heal it. Know that you manifest divine power and are an absolute law to the case. The practitioner is advocate, jury and law. All of them. Your decision is the decision in the case. You control the situation. There is no material law, because matter cannot think or make a law. You do not merely know the law; you are the law to the case — or else you had better not be on the case. The nature of law is omni-action, its substance is Mind, its enforcement is Truth.

In our present state, or degree of understanding, we must be able to perceive what we are doing — that is, to analyze the thing — because only in that way do we perceive scientifically in certain instances. One’s realization of the allness of God is enough always to heal any case. When one finds that he is day by day associated with activity that is going on in the senses, the attitude of thought is a kind of rejection or extinction of these things. That is, he is not accepting all of this. But if he was going to make it clear to somebody else, he would have to explain. And sometimes in order to make it clear to one’s self, he has to do the same thing, because the object is to be clear, to be absolutely sure that one’s conscious understanding of Science is the omnipotence of good, of God, the omniscience and omnipresence of the one Mind, of perfection, which is law.

At the present state of understanding the analysis of what appears to be, must take place in order that what is, may be more and more real and demonstrable. You have to know something in order to demonstrate anything. One’s understanding of God is what operates in treatment — but not as if the practitioner were operating it. When he gets himself out of the way, then it operates. Treatment emanates from Mind, acts as Mind, is Mind. The value of the practitioner is lost sight of in the infallibility of the Mind that is demonstrating. Treatment starts out with God and ends with God, and only the part of treatment that is one with God is any good.

There is a certain sacredness about the practitioner’s calling. Yet a human being is never a channel or a medium, even while imparting good. We cannot say that we, as practitioners, are channels. There are no channels in the infinity of Mind. Mind acts at once. It has no channels. Truth doesn’t work through something. While it is often said that a practitioner is “a channel for good,” in the order of divine being there are no channels.

Mr. Kimball used to say: “Don’t call me a channel. It reminds me of a sewer!”

No channels. Channels are mortal mind claiming that here is mind and there is something else, and that there must be some medium or connection through which to communicate.

That is why our book says “no nerve in Mind, and no Mind in nerve.” Mrs. Eddy speaks simply and fearlessly in meeting a claim that needs to be met specifically. And yet the statement is far reaching. The belief of nerves is the belief of separation, with communication as the nervous system. The simple fact is that God, or Mind, is the being of everything that exists, and He is the true being of everything that exists. He does not have to communicate. Speaking of God, Mrs. Eddy once said: “He is His own communication and His own communicator.” There is no “means” by which God communicates with something else. Everything is governed directly and eternally by that divine Spirit which constitutes the idea. That is the absolute fact in Science.

And yet in Science and Health Mrs. Eddy defines “Children of Israel” as the representatives of Soul seen as men casting out error and healing the sick. In this passage she is defining Christian Science practitioners.

Earlier in the book, speaking of Angels, Mrs. Eddy indicates that what appears to be a human being may be an angel — not because of the human aspect of him, but because of that which is divine in spite of his human aspect. As we realize something of the meaning of these passages, we realize something of ourselves at the present moment, because we are all practitioners. We are not practitioners because something goes through us, but we are practitioners because of that oneness which Science reveals.

In spite of being apparently apart from God, because God is Spirit and we appear to be material, the revelation of Science brings to light our oneness, and we recognize our oneness with God. In recognizing it, we gain a realization of it so that it appears as human consciousness. For this reason, we need have no hesitancy in seeing that what we are knowing, affirming and gradually gaining in grace is this one infinite Mind, our natural Mind, the only natural Mind. And the Science of this natural Mind is all there is to learning, understanding, achievement — which must necessarily be subservient to the fact that Mind is all that ever occupies anything. That is, what occupies everything for us humanly. What is not so occupied gradually yields.

The real man is not looking up to God. He could not. He reflects God. Or, better, he is the reflection of God. Thought which is scientific and wholly correct, is one with Mind. It does not look up to Mind, but out from it. All the old time theology has not been religion, but a superstition about it. Reverence is your character, which is of God, not an emotional sense which is about God. When your own thinking enables you to affirm what God is and in so doing you lose sight of that thinking called matter, you are not looking upward, you are looking outward. Thought approximating divine Mind acts accordingly. Jesus’ mission was to awaken our ability to think so that God may be with us. That is the reason for thinking.

Now if God is with us, everything is with us — health, companionship, joy, happiness, abundance of good, everything. Then the real man is not a state of desire. Mrs. Eddy says that “desire is prayer,” and then again she says something different. Both things are good to say because they are both helpful. But she speaks in the more absolute sense of prayer as thinking as God thinks, or oneness with God. In Christian Science you have a satisfied God and, just as surely, a satisfied man. Perfect God and perfect man, and the law that binds them, all real Being. Prayer is the oneness of your thinking with that Mind which is God. It is not merely expectancy, but recognition.

When it is maintained that there is no patient to be healed, there takes place a spiritualization of consciousness so that consciousness becomes more like the divine — before it is seen to be divine. There is no patient in all God’s universe, no sinner, no sick man to be healed. There is only one Mind, and there is nothing in that Mind to be healed. Patients are healed before they come to you. The Christ heals because man is well. In handling a human situation, do not use terms that indicate it is material. Christian Science treatment may be described variously, but it is actually divine power humanly demonstrated.

So far as possible, the thought of personal relationship should yield to the divine Principle and the divine idea of Love, excluding personality. The more nearly one’s understanding approximates that idea of practice, the better it is. Of course, we are all seeking that more and more all the time, so that there isn’t a feeling that “I’m treating somebody,” but rather the feeling that the revelation of what man is becomes so clear that the thought doesn’t come up, and we don’t have to bother with it. More absolute metaphysics in all our work is desirable, because Science is absolute Science or else it isn’t Science at all. So we have to work for this attitude of thought and understanding which is pure Science.

Treatment is the divine presence. One has to be all the time! It is a case of being alive, so much alive that nothing can fool you. Alertness is the state of man, the very constant consciousness of God, God’s consciousness. See what Being is and be! It is being that counts. Not just seeing — being. And that being means it is proper for us to expect to be able to think as Mind, not merely about it. The real practitioner is found in the realization of that oneness of Being. The thing that gives treatment value is not the treater, but his realization of Mind as the only Being or intelligence or act, and the law of his treatment is perfection.

In treating himself, the practitioner is educating and healing somebody else. If he demonstrates that there is only one Mind, he will heal the person that is sick, because there is one Mind. There are not two persons, but the sons of God with one Mind. Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” because he knew that he could not possibly do something for himself without helping others.

Only as I redeem myself can I help someone else. In treatment what happens is your realization of God and your oneness with that realization, or the realization of the oneness of God and man. Your point of view makes it impossible to accept the testimony of the senses. That testimony, having no foundation, is made to disappear. Not all at once, for our realization of our oneness with God to the exclusion of matter, does not bring about our immediate disappearance to physical sense!

There are two statements made by Christian Scientists which, in the absolute sense, are correct, but which, if used, must be corrected humanly. We say that there is nothing to heal and no error, also that there is no practitioner. This may be excellent, but mortal mind is saying it too. Mortal mind is saying that there are no practitioners and that they cannot heal. Consequently, when we say anything, we don’t want to give mortal mind a handle to swing something on which might operate as law. These statements therefore need to be taken care of or protected. One need not say we do not heal or pretend to heal. Of course we don’t! God heals.

But we have to acknowledge that, to all intents and purposes, the Christian Science practitioner is a healer, and he stands before the world as a healer. And mortal mind must accept this according to its own evidence. If it is said that we can’t heal, we must say, “Of course we can heal disease!” Not because of anything in ourselves. We know that. If anyone says we cannot heal, we say we can. There is nothing that mortal mind can claim which we cannot heal. Mrs. Eddy says that to say there is no disease is all right, but to know there is none is what we require.

Question (by student): Then the mentality of the patient doesn’t come into the treatment?

Answer: Yes. When a patient comes to you, there would be something in his mentality that needs attention; something in the way of a personal need for help is indicated, and we cannot ignore that. The connection, of course, between the patient and the practitioner is that they both have one Mind. But you don’t have to do anything to the patient. All you have to do is to know the Truth, because the Truth is all there is to the patient.

Again I must ask you to put your pencils down for a moment. You are doing an awful lot of writing. Too much so to get what I’m talking about. Let’s listen for a while. And then if necessary I’ll repeat what you want to write down. If you were all doing shorthand, you might catch it all.

Once in a class of Mr. Kimball’s, a practitioner told about receiving a telegram which read simply, “Treat Holman.” She said she didn’t recognize the name and had no idea who it was, but that she “just knew he was a whole man”! Mr. Kimball made short work of this by asking, “What if his name had not been Holman?” (Laughter)

The thing to see is that there is one perfect, infinite cause, and that there cannot be any effect from any other cause. Therefore man, individually, could not possibly suggest or manifest anything contrary to what God is. A treatment is not effective because it takes cognizance of a person, but because darkness cannot exist in the presence of light.

Question (by a student): Is it all right to read Mr. Kimball’s Articles and Lectures on Christian Science, published in book form by his daughter?

Answer: Yes, of course. Didn’t Mrs. Eddy say, after Mr. Kimball’s passing, that his clear, correct teaching remains an inspiration to the whole Field? I certainly do recommend the Kimball book, and you may quote me on that. I recommend that it be read and that it be read often.

Question (by same student): But of course we don’t study it like we do Science and Health?

Answer: Why not? How else could you study it? Are you going to let error deprive you of the wonderful inspiration to be had from Mr. Kimball’s writings?

Question (by same student): Lots of Scientists say Mr. Kimball never wrote his association addresses, some of which are printed in that book, for publication, and that for that reason nobody has a right to publish them.

Answer: If you believe that, you won’t have any Bible! How much of theScriptures were written with publication in mind? You know very well that Paul’s private correspondence with the churches of Asia Minor was not written for publication. Yet those constitute the most wonderful books of all in the Bible. You wouldn’t have them if you had to wait for Paul’s written permission to print them.

The chapter devoted to the practice of Christian Science in Science and Health gives you about everything you could possibly need if you carefully read and study and take the words literally. This has covered just about every aspect of the practice that you are likely to encounter in the work as you go along day by day. And you can take it for just what it says.


Do not forget that salvation applies to us all individually, and to every faculty and function individually. Of course, it is not God’s man and his faculties which are being saved; it is those with a limited and troubled material sense of existence who are being saved; and they are being saved through a recognition of Spirit and its faculties.

Question (by student): What does Science and Health mean by faculties where it says that Life’s faculties are not measured by time?

Answer: Faculties mean seeing, hearing, and so forth. The faculties of Life are as living as Life. There is no measurement that relates to Life.

Salvation from material sense is involved in demonstration. This salvation is not in the old theological way; but there is a tendency to slip back to those old theological attitudes and expressions, such as, “Leave it to Love,” and, “Love just is, and its being will take care of it.” Love will not take care of anything in that way. Love just is, and its being will take care of anything provided we have a recognition and realization ofPrinciple, Love, and not otherwise. The truth about everything is the Christ that heals the error about everything.

Christ, or the saving Truth, should be made of practical value to us, for it transforms what seems to be by revealing that we are divine, not human. You cannot do anything better than to consider: What is going on here? Infinite Mind and nothing else. We are being awakened then to the meaning of what we say. One infinite Mind, one infinite, self-existent consciousness, one infinite Principle, eternal Life, one primal, indestructible Spirit constituting every detail of being, one infinite Love or Truth. And this is Mind. The object of our work is to enable us to perceive all from the standpoint of Mind and demonstrate it from that standpoint. Our books call attention to the evil of mortal mind so that we will make nothing of the thing we are dealing with. Mortal mind is not something to be accepted, but something to be denied. There are many sides to what Mrs. Eddy says.

If we would do the work that Jesus did, we must get rid of the sense of humility, for that is a false sense of humility. The humble man does not know that he is humble. Because there is one infinite consciousness, “I and my Father are One!” That is the only humility — not the old reverential sense of a man looking up to God. It is only such knowing that constitutes the divine power in humanity’s behalf. The only thing that is ever doing anything is infinite Mind, and you must talk from that standpoint. One practitioner asked me how to meet a claim, and I said, “You meet it just as though you were God.” She gasped in astonishment. “Well,” I said, “put it differently. Meet it as though you were good. Is there any objection to that?” The word God means good, and we must not go on attaching superstitions to it.

Humanly you seem to be doing it; but as you begin to discover that there is only one Mind, the thought of practitioner and patient is eliminated more and more. In treating a case, it would be possible to think of the person who has asked for help, but impersonal work can prove much more satisfactory and more effective. The remedy always is divine Mind realized. This is like light: it eliminates the darkness. Light does not know darkness and does not need to. When a patient wants help, you are not treating a person; you are demonstrating Truth, the divine Principle of divine being, which is the divine Principle of the individual being.

When a patient announces a particular trouble, he believes the result will be humanly evident, and this is a legitimate expectation. And he will not be disappointed if the practitioner knows there is nothing like that particular error going on. A particular case is no better after you make a general statement of Truth unless you make it effectual. The evidence of the treatment is the conscious knowledge on the part of the practitioner that something is occurring because of what he is knowing. Something in the way of God’s presence is being demonstrated because of what the practitioner knows. It is not what you do; it is knowing God, for that includes everything. Mr. Kimball in teaching used to illustrate the necessary oneness of Being this way:

A Christian Scientist is likely to start out on a case by saying, “Here is God, here is the child of God, here is animal magnetism, and here is the practitioner.” Here is God all right. But the very first thing you want to do is to get rid of the child of God as something separate from God, because all there is to the child of God is God. He is not over there; He is all here. The next thing is animal magnetism: there isn’t any. The one infinite Mind never knows anything but good, so that is the end of the animal magnetism. This leaves nothing but God and me. Get rid of “me” and nothing is left but God, good, the one Mind. The only right treatment establishes God as all that is, and that gets the practitioner out of the way.

Question (by student): Someone called me and was healed before she hung up the telephone, so I didn’t feel I could charge her for a treatment.

Answer: That’s the very kind of a treatment you should charge for! Those who came to Jesus were healed before they got there. That is why they came. Jesus healed himself first. If you know enough, you do not have to take fifteen seconds to give a treatment. Little by little and as rapidly as possible, let God be. There is no person inPrinciple; just God’s infinite idea. God is the law of recovery.

Question (by student): Should we not heal the multitude like Jesus did?

Answer: If we know enough, we will be healing the multitude. But we must not assume that we can heal that way. You can’t wholesale treatment. If you get so many patients you can’t take care of them individually, you’d better direct them to other practitioners. We must not overlook what our book says about demonstration “where demonstration is humanly possible.” Jesus did not heal in his own home town, the Bible says. And he evidently felt it was not wise to tarry there.

Question (by Arthur Corey): If “seeing the perfect man where mortals see mortal man” heals in spite of general belief, why did not Jesus heal all humanity at the point of his ascension, which of course was the seeing of man, the only man there is, in infinite perfection?

Answer: Because the claim was that of number, or minds many. It was therefore an individual thing, a claim of individuality on the part of material concepts. Healing just isn’t accomplished in this wholesale manner. Now you asked a question here the other day, and I put off answering it. Can you repeat it?

Question (Corey): The Bible says the disciples brought about a great spiritual influx by coming together at Pentecost; Jesus is supposed to have said that where two or three on earth agree as to a desire, God will fulfill it; and Mrs. Eddy told a group of her students that “We, today, in this class-room, are enough to convert the world if we are of one Mind,” as though working in concert frees demonstration of limitations.

Answer: Numbers do not mean anything, but understanding does. Man is not only individual, but collective. You not only have man and woman, but all mankind. So in Science he is generic man — all men and women — man being all the ideas of God. He is these individualities reflecting one infinite individuality. Individually, each one represents God, and collectively they complete the infinity of God. And individually they may do the same thing with our understanding. But as we see in human experience things occurring that are sometimes good and sometimes bad, brought about by what is called a consensus of opinion, where belief is not divine Science, we find that the infinite power is more apprehensible to us when we take off all limitations of time and space and numbers, and realize that infinity is far beyond all numbers. And yet it is always infinity.

So when we say to a group that there are enough here to heal the whole world, from this basis we have said something that serves, at any rate, to take away the limitations that are generally attached to understanding. And one begins to see the individuality infinitely manifested — which means all individuals. Now it stands to reason that where a system is being established on earth that is going to change the whole aspect of existence, in proportion that we have the whole human race engaged in the endeavor, and just in that proportion, the endeavor will be successful.

The endeavor is to redeem all consciousness, and that is larger than any one person can conceive. If we have a small number that may become a large number engaged, then the large number is more effective, humanly speaking, than one person could possibly be. Humanly speaking, many could contact more than one could. In other words, they could be the means of bringing the understanding.

I think that is what Mrs. Eddy meant in “an ever widening circle.” I have seen instances where the thought of people working together had an effect on a condition which appeared to be universal. Our confidence ought to produce a result that is highly beneficial not only to ourselves but to everybody.

Does that answer your question?

Make it a rule to know that “no man cometh unto me except the Father send him.” The patient is drawn to me for what I represent of Truth. A busy practitioner once told Mr. Kimball that he felt like saying, “Get out, Animal Magnetism!” every time he saw the doorknob turning, but Mr. Kimball said to him: “No, your greeting should be, ‘Hail, son of God!” What appears to be the Mind of the patient is also the Mind of the practitioner, since there is only one Mind.

Of course, we do not take every case that comes to us. You must always act within your demonstration. Anything is possible, but until you can demonstrate that, you must trim your sails accordingly. If a man came to you with a amputated leg, you would not raise hopes by undertaking to restore the missing limb, would you? This is not lack of faith, but a practical consideration. Step by step we must prove that all things are possible to God. We must demonstrate that He is our ever-present help in time of trouble. Christian Science practice is not theory, but demonstration; and you must always act according to demonstration. You must work with a clear confidence that you can deal with all the beliefs of evil quickly and effectively. If you really know that Mind is doing everything, nothing will come to you for healing that you cannot heal.

Question (by student): Coming down here on the bus this morning, I could not help noticing the man right in front of me was suffering from a severe nervous tick. What could I do, confronted with his involuntary twitch, but know the truth specifically? Is that ethical — handling a case without his permission? Before I got off the bus he seemed entirely relieved.

Answer: We hear a lot about “impersonal work” and “specific work.” Well, is there any difference? It is all impersonal, really. The more the practitioner forgets himself, the better the work. That’s impersonalizing. Of course, you did the right thing in the instance you mention. When work is from the standpoint of no practitioner and no patient, then there is real work! It is like a musician forgetting himself and the piano and the audience. Then something really happens in the way of music!

Question (by student): We are always being admonished to “name no names” in treatment, but Peter said, “Tabitha, arise,” and Jesus said, “Lazarus, come forth”?

Answer: Jesus was speaking to that thing which would say, “I am dead and cannot come.” He was giving no reality to that thing. It was what he thought and what he had already thought, not what he said.

Question (by student): Why does Mrs. Eddy say to name in your treatment no other individual than your patient, and to treat his mind to be Christly?

Answer: In the early days of teaching Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy had not only to show them the way, but she had to nurse them along. For this reason, certain practices were allowed which were later forbidden — or at least dropped so far as possible. One of these practices was the use of names in treatment. These things naturally led to heated discussions between the early and the newer students, and there were some lively disagreements at the gatherings of her National Christian Scientists’ Association. There seemed to be no way to avoid this. She had to let them practice according to their individual ability, and yet she had to keep them progressing as rapidly as possible. Of course, you do not have to know the name of the patient — unless you name him “the son of God.” The chief thing is to know what he is and where he is.

Notwithstanding all this, one does not lose sight of the patient. In a way one is definitely aware that he is handling a case, a specific case. But you have no material or personal patient; there is only a belief to destroy. Nobody has it, really. It does not exist. It has no origin, no reality, no power, life or law. It is nothing and can do nothing. It has no channel, medium or manifestation. Your understanding of God operates not as though you were operating it, but it is simply Truth announcing its own presence and establishing it according to its own law. This is the healing Christ. Treatment is, in a sense, individual. Not individualized in the sense of localization; but all the time one knows that he is treating a case, an individual case.

You cannot treat patients in groups.

Mrs. Eddy was not able in all of her classes to teach the same. She found that some of them could take more than others.

Question (by student): What do we expect of the patient in the way of understanding?

Answer: The practitioner is the primal thing. The patient appears to the practitioner, doesn’t he? The practitioner treats himself. That is what is going on in treatment. The earlier students could not practice this way because they could not understand it. You will note in the passage quoted that Mrs. Eddy does not say that you have to name the patient. She says you are not to name anybody else. You cannot help but take cognizance of the patient, present or absent. But the claim that there is a sick person is a belief, and you might never think of the person and still heal that person. Ultimately your treatments will get so that you do forget the person and also yourself.

The best treatment is that one in which there is no patient and no practitioner, but onlyTruth handling error. In the meantime, moving as well as we can toward that desirable goal, we do the best we can. Using the patient’s name might tend to limit your understanding of infinite Mind, but we just have to do the best we can with these things as we go along.

The young practitioner just starting out must be careful not to malpractice by looking to sick people to supply him. We don’t think of patients that way because, absolutely speaking, there are no patients. Jesus didn’t lack patients. He seemed to have plenty of them. Yet he fully realized that there was no such thing as a sick man. Here is one universe, one man, one Mind. If you would search infinity forever, you would never find a sick person, nobody ill, anyone who was mortal, no one who could possibly need help. The moment that one knows mortal mind is nothing, then the first thing that happens, mortal mind comes for help! The attitude of Mind or understanding, which is infinite, is your standpoint. We cannot too carefully or too constantly be that man. Then as you are lifted up, you draw all men unto you.

Question (by student): Precisely what does Mrs. Eddy mean in the Manual when she says a practitioner might consult an M.D. on “ontology”?

Answer: I don’t know. That’s about all I can say about this. I don’t know. It has often been brought up, but never satisfactorily explained.

The legitimate expectation of the patient is to see some bodily change where there appears to be inharmony. That expectation will be fulfilled in the measure that the practitioner really knows what is going on. We should be able to handle everything that appears — if we do not handle it before it appears.

There are times, Mrs. Eddy tells us, when we must be wise enough to ask for help. I am convinced that many young Scientists bring upon themselves considerable difficulty which might easily be avoided by trying to take a position which they have not demonstrated. Practitioners are not all equally efficient. We all know that. Sometimes in a given case, one practitioner may not grasp the situation and another may. A change is sometimes advisable. It certainly is not well to go on indefinitely without any change whatever becoming apparent. When a practitioner finds he is definitely losing out, having not the conviction or the understanding to keep him up, he might say, “I think you had better try someone else, as I feel I have done all I can for you.”

Question (by student): To what extent would you question a patient?

Answer: You might ask him anything that you found necessary to get the patient’s point of view. Then you must immediately take it all out of that realm.

Don’t say too much and don’t keep the patient too long. If he questions too persistently, stop him. Tell him if there is anything unsettled in his mind after he has had time to think it all over, there can always be another interview. If you keep them too long, they give you a treatment — and a very bad one, too!

Statements that we make to ourselves cannot always be made to others. Indeed, it is sometimes exceedingly unwise to make them to others. The statement that there is nothing to heal, made casually, is a most disastrous thing. Its correctness depends upon the point of view from which it is made, and also upon the point of view of the one to whom it is made. To say that all people are endowed with infinite understanding, or anything like that, is worse than unwise.

What we are doing here is to prepare for the practice of Christian Science, in which we will encounter all kinds of contingencies, so that we will not be too disturbed at anything we encounter. Sometimes things go along smoothly day after day and then bang! something goes very wrong and reports are alarming. We must be prepared for that. The only way to prepare for that is to establish the Science of Life, which has its being in infinity. We must remember that everything about this Science is more natural and more true than anything we ever observe in human experience. Remember that your understanding is God in action, and exists because God exists. This divine understanding is His infinite, individual expression, the real self coming to light in Christian Science through and by means of Truth. This is the Christ, healing the sick and saving the sinner and raising the dead, right where you are.

Knowing this, you need have no fear that there is any limit to what you can do by way of your understanding. A student in the state of Washington wrote me about an unseasonable frost followed by a hail storm, which tore all the blossoms from their trees out there, and so damaged the orchards that the county inspector said their crop was ruined. This student said he knew that the ideas of God are always indestructible in good, and that nothing could harm them. He said the trees bloomed again and then bore more fruit than ever before. But this was not all! He said the trees bloomed again and bore twice, so that they saw, all at the same time, green apples on the trees with lovely, fragrant blossoms, and ripe, red apples! The country inspector said it was a freak. But it was divinely natural. Divine understanding has no limits, and its evidence cannot be repudiated.

What seems to be, is not. What is, is. You cannot work by looking at what seems to be, and being afraid of it, and anticipating that it will go on, and that you are not doing anything about it. Infinite Mind is all that is going on here; the infinite Mind is all anybody’s got. The positive facts of being constitute the law of treatment, and there is nothing contrary to the activity of divine Mind. The practitioner’s attitude is always simply that of Mind, which knows nothing outside of or opposed to itself.

The practice of Christian Science is Truth appearing and error disappearing. Good, Truth, is not localized, although it appears to be localized to human sense as Truth displaces error in human existence. Anything of which you are specifically aware is perfected, corrected, redeemed by your treatment. Mortal mind makes sick, whereas divine Mind heals, says our book in substance. And divine Mind will heal — that is, it appears — just in the ratio that we are that Mind, thinking from the standpoint of Mind itself. Divine Mind heals because divine Mind is. And the divine Mind heals in human consciousness as erroneous concepts are seen to be nothing.

You have, then, Being. And the law of Being is perfection. The law of Mind to its idea is perfection, and there is only one law. Therefore, in dealing with one particular thing, in the light of this you perceive God and perfect man united, whole, together, sustained in the perfect Being, one Being being One. That affirmation gives you the basis of your treatment. Then, in this light, the particular thing that presents itself, brought to that standard, is seen to have none of the aspects of reality, or Truth, none of the character and actuality of the divine Being. It is seen to be not sustained or to have any operation, because God’s law is perfection. Such treatment is based on the oneness of God and man.

Every idea is one with its eternal Principle, Love. This is the Principle of your treatment. The power of your treatment is in the realization of the at-one-ment with the one divine, eternal Principle, Love, and the law of that Principle. That is the Christ, because the Christ is both the power and the law. The Christ is the nature of God.

So you have Principle, power and law. Realize that God and His Christ constitute the whole of Being — God and man and the universe, man and the universe just as much Being as God, because one with God. Keep on affirming the allness of God until it becomes so vivid that you are conscious of nothing else. You cannot too constantly think and be the divine Mind. Expectancy of good is continuous treatment. Not personality, but divine individuality, is reflected in treatment. The force of one’s Being is the Truth of one’s Being, and the truth of one’s Being is God.

We do not treat by desiring something, but by being. Thought must take on the nature of action. Right is not a question of desire. Desire means uncertainty, and we must get beyond that. Of course we do not ignore the claim that human beings are all fallible, and we do not disregard the evidence of fallibility in our practice. What we must see to offset this is that divine Mind heals, and divine Mind alone heals.

As these things are perceived and gradually or rapidly apprehended, our treatments take on an entirely different character from that which is generally associated with this practice. The less human, the more God. The less “us” the more God. As thought approximates Mind, the fallibility of the practitioner is lost in the infallibility of Mind.

Tuesday, August 11 (Eighth Day)

Mr. Hope is unable to be with us today. He will make up the work with me. Question (by student): Mr. Young, we are all autographing each others’ books as souvenirs of this event, and some of us wondered if you would be averse to including your autograph?

Answer: Bless you, no! It’s an old custom with the classes, and I’ll be glad to inscribe your copies of Science and Health. when we finish here.

You have all been doing a lot of writing everyday. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you are not missing some things while writing. And get your notes right! Most of the class notes I’ve seen of my own teaching have not been entirely correct. That’s one of the troubles about taking notes and exchanging notes. And be careful about just leaving them around anywhere. After all, notes which may prove useful to you may not be to others. And, too, misquoting teachers can stir up a lot of trouble.

After all, the most important thing is what you do here every day. There is something going on much more important than just the letter. After Class each day, you should take time to think over what we have done and make it your own. Surely I do not have to tell you that anything that is yours is yours? Take the statement, “Good is all.” We give Mrs. Eddy credit for saying it first, but you ought to say it in your own words and according to your own understanding. If you understand it, it is your understanding you are voicing, and you do not have to be always quoting somebody else. It is the same with anything you may learn in Class, or that you may learn in any other way. If you’ve got it, it’s yours, and it then ought to find natural expression.

What counts is what we are really doing here in the way of educating ourselves. And in teaching others, you have to push them a little beyond where they are — but without burdening them. You can say to anyone whatever you deem helpful. And say it as your own — if you’ve got it. It’s yours if you’ve got it, and what you do with it is entirely a matter of individual demonstration.

Your citations were to be on acknowledge and acknowledgement, I believe. Let’s have them now. (Students got up and read their passages.) What a wonderful world this would be if you’d just live these references now!

There isn’t much Science where there isn’t any progress manifested. There isn’t any place at which one stops with self-satisfaction in the practice of Christian Science.

Humanly speaking, there must be continuous progress, with demonstration upon demonstration. This is the ascension. And this means joy. Humor is a divine idea. There is nothing natural about depression. If it were natural, it would be Godlike — so like God that you couldn’t tell the difference between it and God, because that is the real man.

Gain the poise and peace of divine Mind. It is all there is to our Mind, and all there is to the body and every function of it. Don’t distinguish between “the mind and the body,” for there is only one. What is body, is governed by our demonstration of Mind, divine Mind.

To be able to stand does not mean to be able to endure — though being able to stand makes it possible for us to demonstrate endurance.

There are times with all of us when we need to be wise enough to ask for help. In many instances, people can meet all the suggestions that come to them if they give attention to the suggestions the moment they come. You should be able to handle anything that appears, or even before it appears. But sometimes we need a little help. If you are awake enough to understand that consciousness is active, you will stop suggestion before it gets a chance to come. But if a practitioner feels that he needs help, he should have help. Every Christian Scientist must be a practitioner, because you cannot stand for the allness of God without being a practitioner. But if you are not able to do something yourself, you must have help.

Delay in healing is occasioned because the human element enters into the treatment with all of us. Delay in one instance of healing and not in another, is because of mortal mind, because the human being who is being treated has a mortal mind in belief, and because the practitioner may rise immediately in one instance to the point of realization and yet not in another. That, too, may be due somewhat to the patient. In other words, the human element is the thing that involves any uncertainty.

If the suggestion comes to you that your treatment has not been entirely effective, you would not go back and handle the disease; you would handle the error that says the purpose of treatment isn’t accomplished. Healing is always instantaneous, but sometimes it takes a while to get to the point where healing is instantaneous. We might have instantaneous healing when the beliefs of the patient were so persistent that it could not immediately be seen. Meeting one of her students on the street once, who had been sick, Mrs. Eddy said, “I healed you ten days ago.” The student at first protested that he had not been healed, but finally admitted that now there was no evidence left of the sickness. Mrs. Eddy said, “It took mortal mind ten days to admit it!”

So in dealing with patients, you do what you can, but you always deal with yourself actually. What each one will say to the patient remains to be seen. You have to consider the situation. What is said depends to some extent upon the equipment of the practitioner. In any case, you can’t be “modest.” You can’t afford to say, “I’ll do my best.” It isn’t a question of the human being, because that isn’t why he comes to you. And never take a patient with the idea that you might have to go on and on. Every treatment must be something final. It is that which is God, and there is no question about it, and no question about the power and the law.

There are instances in which we cannot have instantaneous healing because these are questions of gradual awakening and involve education. The main point is to have a Christian Scientist be the result of a Christian Science treatment and awake to an understanding of God. Regardless of how prolonged a case, always treat with the buoyant sense that this is the very power and presence of God. You give each treatment from the standpoint that you need never give another. Your attitude is that this is sufficient, that another will never be needed. In the human experience of Christian Science practice, the element of fallibility is disturbingly in evidence, perhaps; but understanding this, the practice takes on an entirely different character — that of infallibility.

Some things in the practice cannot be ignored, and one of these is the belief that the treatment might not be effective. The answer is, that it appears unfailingly if it isTruth. In case your treatment is not what it should be, in case some human element has entered and the divine presence is not fully evident in the results, remember that right is still the fact, the reality and the only reality. When disturbing things come up in the practice, as they very often do, adhere to the fact that nothing is going on but God and His creation. When we realize that our experiences are simply a false sense of something that is true, we won’t be mourning our experiences. “Though I make my bed in hell, behold thou are there!”

Our standpoint is this:

A patient comes to see me or telephones me, and I am asked to give a treatment.

What is the attitude that is the only scientific attitude? It is that all being is perfect. You can’t treat anything from any other standpoint than that. Health is divine, eternal, absolute, indestructible, permanent. There is your standpoint. Perfect God and perfect man. Always perfect. Everything. There is nothing imperfect. Then your treatment is not tentative. The first thing that comes up is the attitude of the one who has asked for help. Is there anything different from the infinite and its perfection? God has already done all things well and has left nothing out. A treatment appears to be necessary because there appears to be something which God has left undone. Divine law does not require time to do anything, because all things are already done well.

It is the human which needs help, and there is something about the patient which is awakening to the fact that God is a very present help. If you knew there could not be anything unlike good, Spirit, Love, and so forth, that would be enough. The patient must have help according to Christian Science though. He cannot expect to have something that will meet the claim according to the claim, along the lines of the claim. He cannot expect anything worked out from the standpoint of sense testimony. One must work from the standpoint that there is one Mind. What the patient believes must be taken cognizance of, but it must be made clear that we cannot help him along the lines of belief. He must understand that the claim must be handled on the basis of Christian Science only, the practitioner working with him.

“The action of divine Mind on human minds and bodies,” is actually what is taking place in human healing. The belief of mind and matter is a belief, and that belief is certainly controlled by Mind. Gain control of that, and you have complete control. In the measure that human consciousness yields to the divine consciousness, it means that the sense of body will be corrected accordingly. Doesn’t our book say that Mind controls body and brain? All there is to matter is a false sense of substance. You meet the belief that man is material and you have met all others, because there is nothing that could work in opposition to spiritual man’s welfare. The claim of disease is the belief of a material condition without matter to sustain it.

The belief that we are material, though, still prevails; and the demonstration now is to keep the body around here by seeing that we are divine, not human. And the body is divine right where it appears to be human. We make our denials from the standpoint that Spirit is All. The affirmation of Truth is the denial of error. One never “attacks” error. An attack is not a denial. Denial really is that state of consciousness where evil does not exist. There is the denial of it. Nevertheless, in the process or attaining that realization, we analyze, as it were, for the purpose of gaining more clearly the allness of good, or God. You analyze evil as a belief only to get rid of it. A belief is nothing. Never simply say, “It is only a belief.” In treatment a belief is extinguished. Treatment more and more eliminates personal practitioner and personal patient, operating as Truth disposing of error. A treatment is the appearance of Truth and the disappearance of error. Do not speak of error as something that can do something. If you say things that give reality to evil, then that is all there is to evil. Evil has only the reality human beings give it. Don’t talk about error trying to deceive us; see that it is nothing that can know about anything. When you realize clearly enough that God is All, that there can be nothing unlike Him, that there is no patient to be healed anywhere, the case is met. The claim is seen to be that of nothingness.

When cause is understood and demonstrated, effects are divine and permanent, even though they appear to be human and material. The unassailable reason for this is found in the fact that cause and effect, God and man, exist as one substance and cannot exist otherwise. What is done is as permanent as God Himself. Everything that happens in Christian Science in the way of actual demonstration, is a divine event; and you want to hold it there. A healing is not a human event; it is what eternally is. It is just as divine an event as if God suddenly projected it into human belief — which He could not do because it already exists in God. If the patient has recovered, then he has recovered, and that is all there is to that.

“Stand ye still and see the glory of the Lord.” But don’t get the wrong idea of what it means to stand in Science. We are not stoics. Stoicism does not make a Christian. Nor does it always make the best character. It may, in some dim way, indicate Principle; but we must demonstrate Principle. Your stand is that divine Mind heals. Then error is treated in such a way as to cease to be a part of our consciousness. When the infinitude of Mind is perceived clearly enough, this displaces any sense of the suppositional presence of evil; and so it is eliminated from consciousness — the only place where it seemed to exist. Sometimes in the ancient writings, in spite of all that has obscured them, there is the unmistakable evidence that the writers caught glimpses of pure metaphysics. Thus in Isaiah we have the affirmation and denial of Christian Science set forth for those who have eyes to see: “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former shall not be remembered nor come to mind.”

Be still and let Mind do it. Begin by being still and knowing I AM, God. The demonstration of the perfection of the divine and only man, is the acceptance of all there is or ever will be here or anywhere. Health is a divine fact. It means spiritual wholeness. If actually realized it will be manifested. We do not always affirm first; sometimes we make a denial first. But that denial springs from the realization that God is All-in-all. Have your armor on all the time. When the telephone rings, don’t be found napping. Be prepared. The “full armor of God” is unlike the ancient warrior’s armor, for it does not interfere with our activity. It is to have the constant realization that God, Spirit, is All, and to have nothing else going on. Then you are less perturbed by the unexpected events of the day, and more ready to take care of things as they come up.

But you do not try to rehearse the facts of being while you are singing a song or working a mathematical problem! (Laughter) I tried once and found that I couldn’t think of God or sing either! (Laughter) Give all your attention to what you are doing, for it is a divine requirement that you do well what you have to do. When one is doing what he has to do and doing it properly, that is demonstration. He is demonstrating Principle.

If one finds himself obliged to argue mentally, he should be able to argue. The mental argument is for the purpose of arriving at realization. Some do good work with very little if any argument, and others can’t do much without it. Mrs. Eddy was a remarkable genius to see what human beings are, and to provide something for them that they could use in the way of a modus operandi. And that is the method of affirmation and denial. It strengthens our spiritual discernment every day as we use it.

When the realization of the divine presence is so clear that a detailed denial could not possibly take place — and sometimes this does occur — we have what is called “instantaneous healing.” But when denial must be made, make it so clearly that there is nothing left to deny. When the allness of God becomes so clear that you have nothing else, then you’ve got a denial. Frequently the denial leaves something; but when there is something there is the way of error the denial is incomplete. In actual practice nothing of value is lost through denying. Nothing of value is denied in such a way as to destroy its value. Some denials would be destructive — if they worked! But they don’t work as a rule if they’re bad. If a child’s father is worried, to say the child has no father would be wrong, of course. You would know that his Father is divine. With a sense of what is right and an affirmation of Principle, one is proceeding safely.

The first thing to know is that there is no disease. And if there is anything we need to know to make a specific denial, it will come to us by knowing that about it.

One of my boys was showing rather alarming symptoms. In riding downtown on the streetcar in the morning, I chanced to glance at the newspaper which the man next to me was reading. There I saw an article which caught my eye describing the very symptoms. I bought a paper when I got off the car and read the item all the way through.

It identified the claim clearly for me, enabling me to argue specifically and effectively in the case.

We do not have to seek; we only have to know that there isn’t any disease, any error, anything unlike God, good. If you were handling a case in court, the first thing to do would be to find out what the opposing lawyer might possibly introduce and provide against it, but this information must come legitimately in your demonstration of Truth.

You could not legitimately attempt to uncover anything about the individual that does not come to you spontaneously in the demonstrating of Truth.

Now if the patient appears with some specific claim and says that he wants treatment, then that claim certainly has some place in the treatment. At any rate, so that there may be a denial of what it might signify in the belief of the patient, or what it might be supposed to signify in the general belief of mankind, it must be considered, for the general belief of mankind constitutes the law of any disease. Still, to know that there is no disease, is the only thing to know about it. There isn’t any disease, and until you know that, you don’t know anything about disease. That is all that you can know about disease, no matter what its name. If there is anything else that you need to know about it, you will know this by knowing that there isn’t any disease.

One should never start out treatment by trying to uncover error, for this is making a reality out of it. One should simply work to see the Truth, and whatever error then comes to the surface is recognized for just what it is: nothingness. Have that consciousness that is Mind. In that divine presence, evil is easily disposed of; whether it be occult or hidden or mysterious, it is handled with equal effectiveness. To say that there isn’t any error is no treatment, for from the human standpoint error is very real. In arguing, if one is to argue, he had better be thorough. If you are going to argue, see that the argument covers all points. Be alert. Handle everything that would come up or threaten to come up. In treatment there is nothing to it that isn’t in it specifically. What there is in a treatment, is all there is to it. There isn’t some magic that is going to work in spite of what you have or have not done. Let us consider:

One might announce to himself what God-and-man is, what the law of this divineBeing is, and from that standpoint proceed to deal with the thing presented. Whatever it is, deal with it by way of denial. This divine Being being All, permanent and perfect, there is consequently no such thing as measles or mumps or diphtheria or anything else unlike divinity. The belief is all there is to measles, all there is to its false claim of being epidemic, contagious, communicable. There is no such law as epidemic, contagion or communication of a disease from one person to another, and this realization of the unreality of this false claim, is the extinction of that spurious law. There is no such thing as suffering or fever or emaciation or anything of that kind going on. The false claim presenting itself to the senses is entirely unreal and untrue. It has no belief and no believer. I don’t believe it and nobody believes it. There are no after-effects from such a false belief, and it cannot operate as a supposititious cause to produce a supposititious effect. There cannot be any after-effect on the eyes or ears, or any deterioration of any faculty or bodily function, because of this false claim of isness, or because of any supposititious law that is supposed to accomplish this false belief. There is no opposer or opposition to the healing power of Christ in Christian Science. The belief is without law or evidence, without Principle or power or anything to justify this false claim. There is no subject to malpractice, no object, no person or thing, through which or by which it could seem to be asserted or operated. There is no thought transference because there is only one Mind. Nothing that anybody thinks or believes he thinks can alter anything. Truth eliminates the very nature and power and presence of belief. The divine Christ is the only presence, the only law, the only influence, the only activity. The divine presence is immediately manifest, does not require time or anything else that is finite that it may manifest itself. There is one perfect cause and no effect from any other cause. This treatment is what it purports to be. It has its being in Mind. It is the irresistible Christ, and it operates because of the power that is divine. It is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. Therefore any claim that it could fail in what it is intended to do, or in any way in which it should operate that it could be thwarted, is impossible and cannot do anything, so that there can be no failure or reversal. Christ heals because man is just as glorious, just as noble, just as grand as God is.

If you deal with a case in detail, the essential thing is Principle, God, Love, in whom and of whom all being is forever and absolutely one with Principle, eternal perfection. The law of perfection operates because there is no other law. Perceiving perfect God and perfect man together in the unity of one Being is the basis, and a correct treatment must approximate that. Then anything that presents itself as different from God is an opportunity for the demonstration of Christian Science. If the work is done impersonally, the one benefited may not even know who did it or how his healing came about.

Memory is not involved in treatment. Intellectuality is a wonderful thing, but it cannot give a treatment. Human intellectuality has to be redeemed. You do not have to recall anything; you only have to know. Principle realized, with nothing to oppose, is a wonderful treatment. You start out with God, you think distinctly and consecutively, and you conclude with God, and there is no place in the middle where God is not. The treatment may be short or it may last a long time, yet it must always be one with God.

When thought has that oneness, it never lacks confidence. Jesus knew what he knew because God is the only Mind. You must stand always and know and maintain that all that is going on is God and His idea. Think more and more as the divine Mind, for that is the divine man. If Mind is the only thing, do not hesitate to be that Mind.

It is not enough to think of the practice as holy work. Indeed, that attitude is usually full of condemnation for others. We must not continue to let these things go on that are unworthy of us; and that are a discredit to our great Movement. Saying that is not going on, is not healing it. The attitude of every practitioner must grow and expand so that every experience awakens us more and more to what can be accomplished. We must learn something from the mistakes, but we must never condemn. Nor must there be self-condemnation. All notions of righteousness are the relative sense of things, and this has no place in Christian Science practice. You cannot stand with the relative sense, but only with the absolute.

God is All-in-all, and we must maintain what really is in spite of whatever the testimony of the senses may be. If good is all, that means the forgiveness of sins scientifically. Our capability to forget sin is one of the chief requirements of the practice. Moral ethics are human; our standard is divine Principle. From the standpoint of Principle, we cannot malpractice by condemning. Our divine realization must heal all sin and all sense of sin.


Question (by student): Some of us have been talking together about the wonderful protection you had in an attempted holdup. Will you tell us about it?

Answer: I have heard that story. As a matter of fact, it is being told all overEurope. They say I was walking along a dark street under a viaduct, and a robber started to hold me up but turned suddenly and fled. He was picked up by the police though, and next morning I was called down to the station to identify him. I am supposed to have asked him why he did not go through with the holdup, and his answer was: “I couldn’t because there was another man with you” — although I was alone! This would be the divine presence as a protecting angel, I suppose. It’s a lot of nonsense, of course. In the first place, how could a man in that state of thought discern the divine presence? He couldn’t. I don’t see why Christian Scientists tell such outrageous things. They are not only misleading, but tend to discredit the Movement.

Question (by another student): May we have one more question, Mr. Young? IsMary Baker Eddy “the woman of the Apocalypse”?

Answer: Mrs. Eddy says that the woman of the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man. That means the figure in John’s revelation is the symbol of completeness and oneness of God and man. We would do better work if we would not personalize these things. Nobody is benefited by theological glorification. It certainly doesn’t help our Movement. Our book does not say that Christ is man, but that Christ presents the indestructible man. That’s clear, isn’t it? That answers the question as to whether Christ and any man would be the same thing.

Question (by student): What about patients who refuse to study?

Answer: If a person did not want to read, I would still take his case. In fact, that may show more naturalness of thought than being buried in books all the time. I don’t like them too “good”! The others are often the best material to work with. You can’t judge people by how much reading they do. And you never have any right to condemn. As Ruskin said, condemnation and damnation mean the same thing. You can’t help anybody by damning him. Condemnation and penalty are mortal beliefs, incidental to mortal mind entirely. God never condemned, and He never instituted penalties. All God does is to bless, not blame. The sinner is usually easier to heal than the self-righteous one. One of the best things to see for a patient is that he is not under penalty. When a man has struck bottom, he is ready to listen; whereas an inexperienced person who has been protected all his life, may be very difficult to get to.

To declare that a person has got to suffer for sin is malpractice. God does not provide for either sin or suffering. One of the chief requirements of Christian Science practice, if not the chief one, is the ability to forget sin. God has no consciousness of sin, and the slightest sense of condemnation would make proper treatment impossible. The sinful sense of things has no place in the absoluteness of divine Science. One cannot practice Christian Science while admitting the opposite of perfect Principle and perfect idea. You must establish that there never was a sinner and nobody ever committed any sins, so that there never was a first sin or a first sinner. “There is no spiritual idea to sin,” would not be a good statement, for that would be denying the spiritual idea. You can say, “The spiritual idea cannot be touched by sin,” because sin is a lie, and has nothing to do with the spiritual idea or the spiritual idea with it. Sin does not exist in the entire range of reality.

Let us not get to feeling so holy that when we see someone full of joy and spontaneity, we are apt to say, “He is not doing his work!” He may be the only one who is working, as a matter of fact. Our work is not always to be saying, “Don’t!” Our work is knowing. We are not to be telling our patients what to do. To treat a case means to handle the claims of error in a case, and not the person. The impersonal error is met with the impersonal Truth. Treatment rests upon absolute facts. While the practitioner should heal by teaching and teach by healing, he must demonstrate great wisdom in what he says. Some statements we make to ourselves, or even to other Scientists, we cannot always make to outsiders. To make absolute statements casually, even among ourselves and not from the standpoint of scientific demonstration, is wrong. Do not say, but know, “I AM, God” — not “I am God”!

More and more, gain this correct attitude of the one Mind, because there is nothing else. Then you will find that over-elaboration will cease, yet sufficient elaboration will take place. To know good is what we have to do. Inspiration is our natural being, and we must claim it in this work. You must be happy. An unhappy or disturbed Christian Scientist cannot heal. Maintain joy throughout your work and in your lives. A real treatment is not an argument of contention, but of dominion. When confronted by big problems, just stop and smile inside. What you are thinking is the dominating influence, and it will dissipate error.

Question (by a student): Mrs. Eddy writes that, confronted by a sick person, the healer mentally says “You are well and you know it,” supporting his statement by silent and audible explanation and so on.

Answer: We have been over this ground. This would be personal treatment; and the danger it involves is that if you used error instead of Truth, you would have hypnotism. But not all her followers could follow along with the more absolute and final understanding of Christian Science before trying to put it into practice. We must start now to “meet every adverse circumstance as its master.” Write that out and put it on your desk where you can see it frequently!

This question about personal work is like the question of arguing. One can go only as far as one’s belief permits. The best treatment in Christian Science is where the pure sense of divine Being is so completely affirmed, where consciousness is so flooded with spiritual light, that there is no need for argument. This is the acme of Christian Science, and far better than any system of arguments. But until the practitioner arrives at the point where he can get absolute realization without argument, he is going to have to argue. His treatment must provide a thorough defense in the letter and be correct in statement. You do not apply Science; your treatment is Science. When treatment is nothing less than God, it has the power, dominion and presence of God, and there is no limit to its results.

Get your unity with God. Unity without personal pride. Get more and more the realization that there is one consciousness. That is the whole thing. Don’t reach out for that presence; it is within. Absence of God is but ignorance of God. Realization is the natural consciousness of God’s presence. Exalt your Science and forget yourself.

Your treatment must know enough to know that it is good. Look out for the tendency to just say, “It will work out all right.” That is faith-cure. Little good can come out of such slipshod treatment. “Trusting in God” is the mere mental indolence of old theology. There is no security in that kind of trusting. Trust in what you know, for what you know is one with God.

In the absence of immediate realization, correct affirmation and denial is the way of demonstration. Establish the facts of God and man in your consciousness, and maintain them throughout your argument. Be sure that your argument does not imply an opponent or something opposed to God, good. Argument is for the sole purpose of establishing that there is nothing besides good, and its object is to arrive at some measure of realization. The method is different according to the individual Scientist and his progress.

Disease in any form is never more than a belief. Take cognizance of it as a belief, but only as a belief. You do not have to change matter. Just the belief. Resolving the error into thought is only one step. Get it into thought and finish it up there. Make it nothing. The definition of error is nothing, as I have pointed out before. If you can’t heal quickly, heal persistently!

In addressing the patient audibly or inaudibly, know the Truth. As he goes along, you should expect to heal the case as it is being stated to you. But don’t be curious. The patient doesn’t have to confess to you. Mrs. Eddy says that it is mental quackery to make disease real and then try to heal it. It is also quackery to think that your patient is mortal and then try to treat him. Guard your thought regarding your patient. You must never, never have a mortal thought about a patient. If you find you are treating a material body, stop right there. Science is the Science of Mind, and it operates only in the realm of thought to dispose of false belief. The Word of God is the Word of Truth, absolute good, and it carries within itself the power of fulfillment. This healing presence requires no medium other than itself, and could have none. Mind acts by the directness of its own omnipresence and the immutability of its own law.

In our present understanding of Christian Science we must analyze the claim because only in that way do we perceive scientifically. Mortal mind is a process more or less, and the truth must be declared relative to the supposition or false belief. Analyze the false claims, then offset them with correct statements, and realize Truth. When a treatment is given, the practitioner brings to bear against some specific lie all the knowledge of Truth he has acquired since he first began to study Science. Such treatment is not a practitioner thinking about a patient; it is Truth handling error.

The counterfact must be absolutely spiritual. Truth is the counterfact, or counteridea, to the case. You must resolve things into thoughts, see these beliefs as inversions of reality, and then realize the absolute Truth. See first the error as a belief, then see the belief as nothing. By lifting your thought above error or disease and contending persistently for Truth — the Christ idea or counterfact — you destroy error. If you do not handle the error as a mere secondary expression of the primary error, mortal mind, you are not handling it at all. If you permit your thought to be darkened to the extent that you believe you have to actually contend with some difficulty having substance, law or power, you are not working correctly.

Your conviction and faith in your understanding, gives your treatment invincibility. A patient is always helped by the practitioner’s faith in his own ability to demonstrate Christian Science. In giving a treatment, see that it is well-defined, forceful, scientific, exact. We don’t argue to resist error, but to know its nothingness. Let your thought be as big and as free as you can. The more nearly you think as God thinks, the better the treatment will be. If you know the Truth, the Truth will make you free. In handling a case, it is better not to think too much about results, for when you are thinking about results that are material, you cannot get such good results. Let consciousness be redeemed, and Principle will then take care of its own results.

Never let “how long?” enter the case. Perfection is the ever-present now.

Anything you can perceive in the realm of Truth, you can demonstrate in the realm of human need. Treatment does not consist of thoughts about God; it consists of being in God and constitutes, as far as the patient is concerned, the very presence of God. One of the greatest things in a practitioner’s life is that he identifies himself with Mind, and gets his intelligence as Mind. He says: “My Mind will show me; my Mind will guide and help me.” Go to God about everything. You will have to cultivate inspired thinking and never lose your inspiration. You must constantly improve in the letter, and argue in such a manner that error cannot find a loophole in your argument. But the ideal is always, of course, pure realization. “A short prayer seldom goes astray.”

God is Mind, the source, substance and condition of all being, the Soul and theLife of man, the only cause and ever-present entity; and man is one with, and inseparable from God, as His expression of perfection and completeness. Man is the perfection of divine Being expressed. His identity is ever maintained in peace, completeness, harmony and Love. The divine man is God’s idea, without beginning of years or end of days. He is not subject to sin and sickness, to age or death. He is coexistent with God, divine Principle, in whom he has his being.

The divine Mind does not argue, but knows. It is only a human being that needs to argue. But he must be very clear about his argument, so that he can rise to the state of consciousness where there is nothing to deny. By reversal error always indicates something real and divine, never something to be destroyed. There is no cause for error, no law under which it can operate, no substance in which it can appear or which it can control. The only cause is God. God’s law is the only law, and that annuls every other law. The only substance is Mind. Declare the perfection of substance. The main thing is that there is no mortal mind. In proportion as you see this, you will master the case. The claims of mortal mind are all one. None of them are true, but they have a semblance of reality which must be met instead of waved aside.

The practice of Christian Science does not involve thought transference in any form. Thoughts are not projected to patients. The ideas which constitute a true statement, are our being in the divine Mind. They have all the characteristics and prerogatives of the one Mind. They are necessarily omnipresent, and there could be no place where they would fail to show forth their original being and the immutable law of their being.

The treatment will accomplish its purpose just in the ratio that we know the affirmations, instead of merely making them. You can gain understanding in such a way that, if the whole world were opposed in any given case, you could heal it just the same. Your statements must be made in such a way that you reach the truth of Being in some degree, and realize your being is God-sustained and revealed through what you know.

What you say is the law to whatever you are considering. What you announce is law to what requires your attention. Where you establish the divine fact, there is just one thing, the eternal spiritual Truth; and everything you say has that around it and in back of it. Then everything you say is one infinite divine substance. Of course, you must take cognizance of the human sense of things. The connection between the human and the spiritual, is that there is no other existence than the spiritual. There are not two existences; there is but one. And the divine and perfect one is the only one. This one spiritual existence is humanly evident in activity, law, demonstration.

The treatment that is one with God knows no restrictions, and its power is infinite to establish harmony wherever it seems to be absent. Absence of Truth and good are obviously impossible to one who knows the nature of Mind. Divine Science humanly illustrated will give good, sound judgment when you declare infinite wisdom as presence and expression. Then we will not be deceived in the name of good, as the whole world outside of Christian Science is. There is a difference in people, and it is our business to detect the difference. I earnestly urge you to be alert and not disregard the claim that there is evil abroad in the world and that it can do anything in the name of good.

You cannot wave aside, but must handle the claim that another treatment will be necessary to meet the case. If you expect to have to treat your patient tomorrow, you are perpetuating the claim. This is nothing but animal magnetism. Your treatment should be systematic and logical but, at the same time, inspired. It must never be limited or restrained. Whatever the claim is, handle it specifically. If a person is angry, don’t tell him he will have to get over his anger before he can be healed. His disease is his anger. Handle that. A specific error needs a specific treatment. You don’t substitute a finite idea for a specific error. You find out that the specific idea is all there is.

You can’t displace rheumatism with God; but rheumatism disappears when you realize God, and that the only law there is is perfection. How this is done depends upon your own point of progress. But the word rheumatism might have some place in your treatment. All there is to the disease is its name; but you might deny specifically all that it might signify to the patient or to the general thought of mankind. The names of some diseases fill the world with error, and the names of these diseases are all there is to them.

Cancer and tuberculosis are examples. All there is to tumor is its name. Error and animal magnetism are just names. There is nothing to them. So with many diseases. That needs to be seen in this way in order to be unseen.

You may be called upon for help in a disease that you know nothing about; that possibly even the doctors know nothing at all about. If there is something that you need to know to handle it clearly, it will appear. If the name of the disease is given, just know there is not any such thing. What you need to know to make specific denials, will come to light.

All you ever have to know about a particular claim, is that there is nothing like that particular claim in good. Everything you need comes to you in the ordinary way — maybe in a newspaper article or in something that you overhear said here or there. You remember the case of typhoid we had in our family some years ago, when little was known about that particular disease, and I did not know what it was even supposed to be, and that newspaper item about it caught my eye in a streetcar, after which I was able to work a little more clearly about it. We had not been making much progress up to that point, but afterward the case was soon met.

Question (by pupil): The law does not permit us to diagnose disease, yet the law requires us to report infectious diseases to the authorities. What are we to do?

Answer: You would have to have a doctor to pronounce a case infectious. And we do not have a doctor in every case by any means. Like people outside of ChristianScience, though, if you have reason to consider a disease infectious, you call in theHealth Officer, and he makes the diagnosis. But remember that even a doctor does not report a case as infectious until he has had time to observe its developments long enough to be sure of a diagnosis.

First do your work. There may then be no necessity for calling in the HealthOfficer. Are you going to say, “Here is a case of infection,” and just leave it there? Heal it immediately! If you do this, there is nothing left to report. If you have demonstrated that there is no infection immediately there is certainly nothing to report, for nothing has happened there. If a case is healed immediately and there is no evidence left of any claim of disease, are we going then to record something that doesn’t exist even to human sense, and which we know never did actually exist anyway? Always abide by the law, but never assume the prerogatives of a physician.

Question (by a student): Should we demand that our children be exempted from physical examinations in the schools?

Answer: Well, that all depends. The children of some Christian Scientists should be examined! (Laughter) Parents should see that their children’s bodily needs are taken care of, and they should teach their children to take care of themselves. That is only being civilized. Mrs. Eddy writes that we should not be patient with a speck of dirt within or without the body, and that indicates something in the way of normal hygiene, doesn’t it? She says exercise common sense and common humanity. I know of a case where the child of an ignorant and thoughtless woman was examined at school and a serious defect uncovered which would have caused serious trouble in time. It was then handled inChristian Science, and the next examination revealed nothing wrong.

Question (by student): What about vaccination?

Answer: During an epidemic in the Philippines, it is said that Bliss Knapp and his family were not troubled by demands for inoculation, although everybody else on shipboard had to submit. There is protective activity in Truth. When one of my sons was going to school, I objected to his being vaccinated. This school principal informed me that they must have some form of a certificate to cover, and I said, well, I’d write one! So, as my son’s practitioner I wrote out a certificate. And it worked. It worked for four years. Finally, though, the Superintendent called me up to say that he was sorry, but something else would have to be done, as this was being looked upon as “irregular.” So my son was vaccinated. His mother and I both knew it wouldn’t “take” — and it didn’t! But he was given a doctor’s certificate, and that was all that was required.

Question (by student): A law has recently been passed in my community requiring a certificate, but this is issued only after a successful vaccination. As I am a school teacher down there, I had to respond or stay away from school. I complied with the law by staying away.

Answer: In a case like that, I think I’d find a doctor who would give me a certificate! If they say it must take, then that is their belief, and they must admit that it takes.

Children’s cases often come under medical law, but the case is yours, no matter how many doctors there are in it.

Don’t let them slide along, but be super-diligent. Always take care of the parents first (in your work), for their fear is the first thing you are confronted with. Realize what is true about the child and get rid of the notion of material parents. Father-Mother God is the only Parent. Every idea of God is one with its infinite and divine Principle, has the nature and character and continuity of that divine Principle, and a child is just as much that idea as a grown person is. That idea of God we call “man.” We say everything is the idea of Mind, and it is Mind’s idea of Himself. That is quite a different thing than a human being’s idea of Mind. The selfhood of infinity is being expressed always in perfection in every detail.

Parents and guardians should begin with themselves first. They should gain dominion over themselves before they attempt to discipline the child. Then the child’s demonstration will not be delayed. The child needs to assume some responsibility, and to learn to stand on his own feet. But in cases of childhood sicknesses, the parents’ fear is usually the only thing you have to meet.

Now I want each one of you to give some thought to treatment. In fact, I want you to come prepared to give an audible treatment in Class here tomorrow. On any claim. It doesn’t matter. And it needn’t be difficult. You can write it out if you prefer and read it here. Or you can just give it as it comes to you at the time. We are here to learn to apply Christian Science practically, you know.

Wednesday, August 12 (Ninth Day)

Before we begin our treatments, are there any questions?

Question (by student): Is Mr. Kimball’s book (Articles and Lectures on Christian Science published by the Kimball heirs) “authorized literature”?

Answer: “Authorized literature” is an expression nowhere to be found in Mrs. Eddy’s writings. It seems to have been popularized about the time of the legal controversy in Boston over the Publishing House. The words loyal and disloyal were badly overworked then too, so that they have become badly worn and very much damaged. The Manual does not speak of “authorized literature” but of “correct literature.” Then whatever is correct in the light of Mrs. Eddy’s writings would be permissible anywhere. Certainly Mr. Kimball’s writings, published by his family, is correct literature. Nobody could deny that. From cover to cover this book reveals the Christ, and represents a clear and competent analysis of the life and works of Mary Baker Eddy. If there is any propriety in the use of such an expression as “authorized Christian Science literature,” then it may be applied without hesitancy to this book. One could not read it and fail to become a more conscientious student of Mrs. Eddy’s writings. For five years Mr. Kimball taught Normal classes under Mrs. Eddy’s appointment before resigning. He could have continued on, and Mrs. Eddy would have preferred this. At the request of the Kimball family, I wrote a short biography of Mr. Kimball for Appleton’s Encyclopedia, and this is now used as the introduction to the Kimball book.

Question (by same student): Aren’t some students apt to lean too much on these books and upon notes?

Answer: They lean upon Science and Health, and that’s a book! And doesn’t Mrs.

Eddy say that books based upon hers are useful? (Science and Health) And I would not object to people taking notes if they found that desirable. Mind is omnipresent regardless of notes, but there are unquestionably times when something you have written down may come as a healing message by reminding you of the divine facts. Who is to say that you cannot have such things? Even the Journal and the Sentinel must be read intelligently; that is, with discrimination. It is not a question of reading critically, but of reading thoughtfully. But you must exercise discrimination. If you do this, you will not waste too much time on stereotyped statements or articles, whether “authorized” or “unauthorized.” Paul spoke of “the milk of the word,” but are we never to get to the meat? He might have added that if we go on endlessly feeding on the milk, we are not showing good judgment or even common sense. You can’t afford to spend your time reading about Christian Science. Christian Science does not have to be advertised; it needs to be demonstrated.

And now I think it is about time we got to the treatments we have prepared.

(Mr. Young here called on the members of the Class, one at a time, to rise and give a verbal treatment. A few of the treatments were written out; more were given extemporaneously; in several instances a student would ask Mr. Young to name some disease for handling. One student, Mrs. Maude Johnson, was too shy to recite and was excused. During the recitations Mr. Young offered no criticisms and very, very few comments. Such remarks as he made are given below.)

In handling a sprained ankle, be sure to handle, “No accidents in Mind.”

Dissociate the specific thing from matter and see it as idea.

Question (by student): What is the essential claim of a “cold”?

Answer: The main thing is to see the truth about substance. Once I had to sing when I had a severe cold in the head, but there came such a clear realization of what substance is, that it was gone, just like that — (Snapping his fingers). I had taken out my handkerchief, but was healed before I had a chance to use it. It was not a cold in the head, but mesmerism.

“Malicious mental malpractice” means an intentional mental activity to harm.

“Ignorant malpractice” is the general false belief of mankind. Every false belief is malpracticing upon itself, and upon all the others, all the time. This hinges upon matter.

The fact is that body is made of Spirit. It is all ideas coordinating in perfect relationship. If you find you are one body and that body is Spirit, malpractice cannot touch you. Mortal mind can only malpractice on what it can conceive of, and it cannot conceive of the divine body.

When there is something wrong with the head, find out in a simple way what head actually means. It could have nothing the matter with it. It simply signifies the Principle of all being. And you could say that.

When there are specific fears, handle them specifically.

If you are starting out on a journey, set aside the belief that you must get there by some material means. This will protect the journey.

It doesn’t hurt to revert to the ABC’s of treatment frequently.

Make nothing of error, but do this so thoroughly that there can be no doubt about its nothingness.

Real thinking is presence rather than persons.

Question (by student): Can we think of circulation as “the healing currents ofTruth”?

Answer: Mrs. Eddy uses a number of expressions that are wonderfully educational which we must be careful not to use in a superstitious way. If it helps you to say “vital currents,” to realize the action of Truth, that is all right. But all vitality is Life, and that isn’t a current at all.

Question (by student): Is blood an idea?

Answer: Blood is the idea of Life. The claim that blood is a thing, is a false claim.

Life is the only thing. The idea, then, is that Life is and is perfect. That is not exactly a current is it? You must bring every statement to the point of Principle and idea. I think I would leave out these figures of speech that are sometimes used in the name of Science. We must guard sometimes against the tendency to imagery.

Question (by student): Would you handle the claim of acidity in rheumatism? Answer: If I believed acidity had anything to do with rheumatism, I would handle acidity. Rheumatism has been healed without handling acidity. Even if acidity was supposed to be the cause of rheumatism, you might handle the claim of rheumatism without knowing that, because the nature of treatment may be so much the allness of good that it would cover everything and uncover anything you ought to know specifically.

(During the oral recitations, many of the students showed a surprising familiarity with characteristic Bicknell Young precepts and phraseology. Of course, as this recorder learned later, a vast amount of Bicknell Young material has long been in wide circulation throughout the Field among the older students, in addition to which several of the students — such as Norman Holmes — were the children of veteran Bicknell Young class-taught students.)

One cannot make a scientific statement without coming under its influence. We will have sufficient confidence in our treatment if we but recognize that it is Mind’s manifestation, God’s expression. This would be the divine Christ entering the arena of human consciousness, where false belief holds sway, dissipating these errors with the law of effortless, divine presence. Mind expresses itself immediately, without any intermediary. It expresses itself not through but as idea. Doubt has no place in omniscience. The mere assumption of understanding is folly, but the failure to recognize what you know is worse.

The infinitude of good is the only Mind, and this infinitude is all that constitutes being. It is the divine Principle of everything that exists, the source, substance, the activity, the law of every circumstance, of every event, of every thought and every attainment. There is no other mind. There is no mortal mind nor minds. There is no such mind to originate any wrong or evil belief, and no such mind to believe it. Mortal mind is without being, without self-existence or derived existence, and it has no place, space or occupancy, since infinite Mind is the whole of Being. It has no means or method and cannot act in belief when the divine Christ denies its false claim to being. It has no evidence whatever, and cannot operate under any belief at all to influence or deceive mankind. Christian Science treatment is the dominion of God manifest as the Christ.


Now let us get on with our treatments. (Recitations resumed)

After you have given a treatment, forget it. Of course, sometimes they won’t let you forget it! But give your treatment well, and in the oneness of Being see that treatment establishing itself as and in God, thus all right so far as man is concerned. That a treatment is for the purpose of extinguishing a false claim in all its aspects, requires that you give the treatment in detail because of its many aspects. But the only value of the treatment is that part of it which is God.

This question of treating all the time sometimes has to be handled. Some patients cannot believe that they are getting well unless they are sure someone is treating them every minute. Sometimes you have to cut it off — even if you have to leave town! But handle their fear that they are not being treated all the time, and that they will not get well unless they are being constantly treated.

But don’t say what some people say: “The work is done,” when there is no evidence of its being done. So long as the evidence is contrary to what your treatment is supposed to establish, the work is not finished. People say, “I know right then that the demonstration was made.” How about that, when the patient is still sick? The patient might very well say, “That’s fine for you, but how about me?” (Laughter)

(Edwin Manta’s “treatment” proved to be an exhaustive composition of perhaps several hundred words, certainly very much more elaborate than any of the others given. Finally he sat down and Fred Vincent was called upon to recite. At the conclusion of his brief and succinct “treatment,” Mr. Vincent paused, then said: “And if that didn’t do the job, I’d turn the patient over to Mr. Manta!” This brought quite a laugh from all.)

Question (by a student): Even if we do not understand Science, we can always hear the voice of God, can’t we?

Answer: Remember that “the voice of God” is all inside. It isn’t like somebody talking to you out loud. We must not get that idea. Being loving and being reverent is fine, but remember that Science alone demonstrates Truth. The lady who introduced my lecture at Eighth Church here, told quite a story in her little speech about “voices.” She said she was sitting in her home one evening when a voice came to her, just as clearly, telling her to get up and go over to the other side of the room. She said she was obedient. No sooner had she seated herself across the room than a bullet crashed through the window and buried itself in the chair she had just left right where her head had been! Well! I spent the entire lecture straightening that out. God doesn’t know anything about bullets. Divine Principle does not work that way. We must get away from such superstitions.

When anything came to the olden prophets they always said, “Thus saith the Lord.” But it was all within. What about their prophecies? They were simply looking into mortal mind and telling us what they saw there. What unfolded later was already there. We are more concerned with the prophecy of good. Read Mrs. Eddy’s prophecy on page 125 of Science and Health. It is literally true. “The florist will find his flower before its seed.” Why it is there now! It doesn’t have to go through a process. Man isn’t a baby that grows up; he is at the point of maturity, the point of perfection, now.

Question (by student): What is meant by the scripture, “Before they call, I will answer”?

Answer: What you need humanly, you have divinely already.

Question (by student): What did Jesus mean when he said that “whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven”?

Answer: That is virtually what you are doing in every treatment. Heaven is harmony, a state of being, and you do not go anywhere for that. What you “bind on earth” is what you establish in the realm of human consciousness, so that it stands as part of your heaven. What you loose in the way of mortal-mind fears and material concepts is what you destroy, so that the consciousness of harmony stands. That must be the meaning.

Now to get back to this question of continuing treatment. Don’t look, so much as to know. Forget time in your work. Don’t treat continuously. If later you feel the need to do some work, you can do it then. You will have to use your own judgment, and treat as often as you think necessary.

In treating you are not engaged in a fight. The nothingness of error can be demonstrated without a fight. A friend of mine had a large mole on her face which disturbed her very much. One day she was reading in Science and Health that beauty is a thing of Life which dwells forever in eternal Mind. When she looked into the glass to put on her veil, she had a realization of this truth so clearly that she never thought of the mole again. Then one day she noticed that it had entirely disappeared. The operation of Truth is as simple as that. And its operation is like that.

Our Science requires clearness of thought and thinking so consecutive as to arrive at a conclusion that is final. This is something more than intellectuality. Christian Science requires a recognition of the divine nature, and that means that our own thought has to be divine in some degree. Treatment is not theorizing; it has to be Life, unswerving Principle, Love itself. We are involved in a Science that requires far nobler and more useful and more practical thinking than the world has been accustomed to understand or to carry on. The only I AM is the only Mind there is, and that Mind declares itself in a Christian Science treatment. Or else it (the treatment) is no good.

Question (by student): Don’t we have to handle chemicalization?

Answer: Chemicalization is a term used by Mrs. Eddy in referring to the mental chemistry of fermentation and transformation as thought changes from one base to another. This chemicalization is a form of mental disturbance, and sometimes produces an aggravation of the physical condition. Sometimes a patient has to be told what the phenomenon is, but I would never say anything which might frighten a patient. Get them instead to rejoice.

Look up your references on chemicalization. All human beings chemicalize, but man does not. God does not know of chemicalization. The change that takes place is something going on in the way of ideas in that thing called the consciousness of a human being. The Truth that is present encounters old habits, and it sometimes appears to be quite violent. Sometimes, after the first treatment, all you have to do is to handle this perturbation. There is nothing more perturbing than to be told there is no matter, or that matter has no life, truth, intelligence or substance, and so forth. Until further education takes place, it may continue to be perturbing. When experience comes and you don’t know why, often just handling chemicalization meets it. We all chemicalize. It would be well to let old beliefs go by. We don’t have to cling to beliefs outgrown. It is better to understand the new than to cling to the old.

We must get a new sense of right and wrong. The old moral law is not necessarily God’s law. Penalty and reward are human concepts. You must reject orthodox beliefs for divine understanding; then you have a certain view which is nothing less than God. There is only one moral law really — the law of perfection. The law of sin and death is a spurious law. The law of chemicalization is not divine; and if it is handled as false law, the disturbance ceases.

The great thing in practice is to be a real practitioner, and the real practitioner is found in that realization of oneness that is our true Being. There is but one I or Us, so that the person who is undertaking to demonstrate Science, must progress to the point where he understands that he is one with infinite, omnipotent Mind.

The human sense of things is offended when the divine sense is appearing. Something in the way of divine ideas redeeming the human consciousness, is what is going on, so that it is sometimes necessary to allay the chemicalization, which results from treatment, by handling it specifically. When thought is endeavoring to find God but is still considering all that appears of other things, there is chemicalization. Willingness to relinquish old beliefs is sufficient to handle the phenomenon in ourselves — and sometimes in others. See what God is and be!

Even when chemicalization is severe, it is not real; and you must maintain this in order to break the mesmerism. This is effective in a very practical way. Even when we work without argument, chemicalization does appear and must be handled. In one case I was realizing the Truth only, without using any argument at all, and the case seemed to get worse. But I was calm because I knew what it was. That met it.

Question (by student): Does chemicalization cause insomnia?

Answer: It could. But you have very few cases of what might be called bona-fide insomnia. Usually it is stomach trouble or heart trouble or some other organic difficulty, and more often it is simply worry over some problem that keeps one awake. Then it wouldn’t be insomonia you were treating, would it?

If, though, you had a person who was suffering from bona-fide insomnia, how would you treat it? Know that ever-conscious Mind never sleeps. That is the only way to make a man sleep — if he really needs to sleep. It is believed that a person could not possibly go on without sleep, but fear is the only thing that ever keeps anyone from sleeping when he ought to sleep. Ascertain that the actions of the body are quite normal.

You don’t want to be deceived into working against insomnia when that is not the claim. If you are going to treat specifically, it is certainly better not to treat the wrong thing! And you may have to give just a general treatment that covers everything more or less.

Sometimes insomnia is supposed to be a hereditary belief, and sometimes it is supposed to be due to overwork. In any case, all you have got to meet is fear. Think of man as the image and likeness of that which never slumbers nor sleeps. If you think of material man and his supposed need for sleep, you will keep him awake.

Question (by student): It is often said that we have to handle ambition in every case of insomnia. Is that true?

Answer: That sort of thing is often done in the name of Christian Science, but it is not scientific. You can’t tabulate diseases that way. You can’t handle a cold by looking down your list to “Cold: anger,” and then handle anger. Mrs. Eddy denounced that sort of thing more than once. She told Mr. Kimball she had sent word to a prominent New York teacher (Augusta Stetson) that if such practices didn’t stop, she would put a provision in the Manual against it.

Sometimes when you are treating a case, things come out that might be denominated “sin,” but mortal mind is always the basic error. If it is not clear to you what to handle specifically, then don’t assume anything. Handle the patient from the standpoint of God. You will never receive any argument or confusion or uncertainty from anything real.

You always have to deal with fear, of course. Fear is at the bottom of hatred and malice, for no one would attack another except for fear. That is all that makes nations fight each other. Ignorance is always a state of fear. Divine wisdom makes you unafraid. Fear is ignorance of good, God. Pain is always fear. And so is hate. There is nothing to limitation but fear. Mortal mind is fear and fears everything. When you are handling fear, forget the person and handle fear as a generic claim without any personality. The basic error is mortal mind, not a person. Fear is the substance of mortal mind; and when you say there is no mortal mind, it is the same as saying that there isn’t any fear.

In some cases you will have to handle the claim that a man is unconsciously afraid, because there is the belief that there are fears with us that we do not recognize, which can express themselves in some way or another. Our materiality is a state of unconscious fear. Materiality is the only thing that is subject to affliction, but it is only the substratum of mortal mind, and not matter. Being is Spirit. Spiritual existence is all that is. Then there is no matter body. See that the claim of fear is without original cause, without natural or derived existence or expression, no part of Mind or being, that it forms no part of body, consciousness or estate. It never existed in Mind, in Truth, or even a belief. Therefore it does not exist at all. There is only one Mind, one God, good, and this Mind that is infinite consciousness, the consciousness of man, of all that is, is not a state of fear, but is a divine state of conscious, joyous, spiritual being.

Be careful in talking to a patient that you do not ask any questions which might create fear. When you encounter fear in a case, just know that it doesn’t matter because you know that your knowing extends to all that you are cognizant of, and there is no fear, however seemingly great, that can stand before understanding. In the light of what you know, there is no occasion to be afraid. Fear cannot do anything. The true courage that is based upon knowing is like a kite: every contrary wind sends it higher.

Thieves and liars are always afraid. A drunkard should always be treated for cowardice. And this applies to other forms of vice. Moral perversions are always due to fear. The man who drinks or uses drugs or indulges in anything abnormal is trying to bolster some weakness in his character — some weakness that he is not always entirely aware of. Don’t ever condemn him; heal him.

Principle, as the only standard of thought and action, is the remedy for fear.

Principle is the only Life of anything that lives, or anything that seems to live, or anything that thinks, or anybody that seems to be conscious or unconscious, and that is never afraid.

[INTERMISSION] The following took place during intermission:

Question (by Arthur Corey): Mr. Young, you have just mentioned moral perversions and abnormal indulgences, and practitioners tell me these things often come up in the practice.

Answer: Sex difficulties of great variety are not, of course, uncommon. Mortal mind, being the claim of duality, would have two sexes. It follows that sex craving is the inevitable desire to find completeness, and this it seeks in the union of the opposite sexes, believing thereby to perpetuate itself. This is regarded as normal. Anything else would be objectionable. In handling those claims, it must be seen that man is not the victim of desire, but the child of satisfaction.

But we cannot outline for our patients. The individual is sometimes yielding to things which he had best yield to, in some measure. Jesus said, in some instances, “Suffer it to be so now.” There must never, never, be any condemnation. Righteous indignation is never righteous. The practitioner must never permit himself to be shocked at anything that is brought to him. Great wisdom is needed in such matters, but even greater compassion is the thing.

Question: Recently the newspaper reported the case of a woman athlete in Prague, (Zdenka Zoubkova), who had gradually become a man, and a prominent practitioner, mentioning this, said hermaphrodites were not too uncommon.

Answer: Oh, that would be impossible! Absolutely impossible! And if the practitioner knows that no such thing could possibly exist in the order of divine creation, such a thing could not continue to appear, or come into his practice. If he knows that such a thing is impossible, he will meet the case.

It is a mistake to speculate on what might come into one’s practice. If one does speculate, he might find a most undesirable element coming into his practice. Proceeding correctly, he will be led to handle rightly anything that presents itself to him.


You can embrace mankind in your thought with a sense of great compassion, but you cannot like everything you see in the world. If you did, it would not be very helpful. You have to distinguish between good and bad. I was talking to Mr. Kimball about this once. He was very kindly, and a lot of things were going on which were highly objectionable and not very pleasant. “Well,” he said, “I long ago knew I could love everybody, — but that if I liked everybody, there was something wrong with me!” What is perceived humanly is not always likable, but you can always love reality. You can love a person in his real being — if you understand he has no other being. There are lots of things I hope I don’t like! There may be lots of people you wouldn’t have anything to do with, except for the purpose of healing. You don’t have to like everybody to be kindly. Neither do you have to condemn. A practitioner must never let himself be shocked at anything which might be brought to him. And remember that self-righteousness is not righteousness.

Question (by a student): What is the difference between so-called incurable diseases and curable ones?

Answer: There is less fear of a disease believed to be curable. Any disease is curable, because Science is equal to any demand or need or occasion or event. It signifiesPrinciple and law. There isn’t any such thing as disease, and therefore no incurable disease. Scientific understanding is a law of annulment to all appearances of incurable disease, and it is the only law that pertains to it. Truth is greater than fear, and gradually the patient is less afraid as you begin to actually heal him. When I hadn’t been in Science very long, I was one day handling or trying to meet something with our children, and I realized that my fear was holding me. I decided that my fear was the claim, and realized that Truth had nothing to do with that. That met it.

Now the action of Truth on behalf of the human body, when one knows that body is infinite and spiritual without any doubt about it, means waste is eliminated properly, thoroughly and completely, leaving the body free from any bad effects from retained waste. When thought is so clear as to man’s spiritual being and the law of his being that the human body is forgotten in the realization of true being, this gives perfect digestion, perfect assimilation, perfect nutrition. Everything that does not belong to body is eliminated by the very power and presence of the divine law. In many diseases it is well to handle defective elimination.

In the denial of error it is logical to be specific and thorough. Make your consecutive denials so complete that the claim is reduced to nothingness. Make what you might call primary denials, and then lead up to a final denial that obliterates the claim.

Wrong beliefs are the only things that ever have to be eliminated. The only things in the universe are the things that are right, and the realization of this reaches us where we are, and redeems our body where it needs redemption. To realize infinity is the best way to handle elimination, for man and God are one in being, in quality, in character, in substance. There is not anything inside or outside of what appears to be a human body which is not subject to Christian Science. The treatment would be divine Mind operating through Christian Science as the law to every organ and to every belief of organ. If it were the kidneys, the bowels, the pores, the glands, or whatever it might be, the treatment would declare itself as law, obliterating the belief that any function could become defective so as not to rightly perform the duties belonging to it.

Realization that there are no material functions re-establishes normal functions. Arguing against malfunctioning, you need to establish the law of the divine Mind in such a way that you know that the false claim that there is some organ which is not working, is false; and is met by your understanding. Of course, the claim does not exist in the organ, but in mortal mind. You do not handle material body, but you handle human belief.

In the order of Science everything unfolds, progresses, and develops harmoniously, always from the standpoint of perfect function. All the incidents and activities of our life are manifestations of the Life that is God. All that man needs to know, or needs to have, or needs to do, is but an unfoldment of our divine nature, forever and ever appearing.

Body is the expression of Soul, and Soul owns its own body. It has a good one, and it is the only body, the only one anybody can ever have and the only one we are talking about. Anything contrary to that is false. So the claim that man is material, is a false claim. The claim that man can have indigestion, is a false claim, because there is nothing in him except that which is good. And there never will be anything else in him. He is not matter; his substance is the substance of infinite Mind. A realization of that would handle all the claims of indigestion, malnutrition, defective assimilation. It handles the claim that the organs won’t work. It handles everything.

The action of Truth on behalf of man is omni-action. This does not require time and is not subject to place. Its infinite law accomplishes its purpose without delay, and it cannot be interfered with by any claim of mortal-mind mentality. Know that mere belief cannot interfere with this treatment to reverse it, or in any way effectually deny it, or prevent it from accomplishing its purpose, which is healing, saving, redeeming. The claim that there is anything beside infinity is a false claim and it is obliterated by the declaration of Truth.

Thursday, August 13 (Tenth Day)

Before we pick up our treatments, are there any questions?

Question (by student): What about practitioners whose names are not listed in The Christian Science Journal?

Answer: God does not know whether a name is in the Journal or not! You do not have to be listed in the Journal in order to practice Christian Science. Wherever you are, in the business world or in the home, you can be applying your Science. There is opportunity for that every minute. Right here we are doing something more than appears. This activity is a healing activity; and if we would just put off the limitations of belief, we would find that it is a healing activity of universal effect.

Question (by student): What is the meaning of the Manual rule that female body shall be prepared for burial by a female if possible?

Answer: I think that was merely put in the interests of common decency.

Question (by student): That Manual provision about consulting an M.D. on ontology—could that mean a medical diagnosis?

Answer: It could. If you felt that it was needful, a diagnosis by a physician might be helpful. I have never had any occasion for this; but many practitioners who have had more experience in the practice than I have, found it desirable and perhaps useful to get a diagnosis occasionally. As a rule, I wouldn’t start out with that idea or mention it, of course, but would handle it as a suggestion. Physicians make mistakes sometimes in diagnoses, and you will find that sometimes you can discern humanly that such a mistake has been made. If they were all clamoring for a diagnosis, I would say, “Go ahead and have it.” The doctor can’t do any harm. But I would handle it.

Comment (by a student): Mr. Young, I regret to confess that I have had two major operations . . .

Answer: Well, you’re alive, aren’t you?

Question (by student): I knew a medical nurse who was sincerely studying Christian Science, and someone advised her to give up her medical nursing. She did — and she very nearly starved!

Answer: That is very poor advice, I’d say. It was evident that her understanding was not great enough to take her out of her old business and establish her in a new one. According to human belief, nursing under doctors is a legitimate occupation. It is certainly not the worst thing in the world to have to do. Anyway a nurse, by correct thinking, might often save a life which would otherwise be lost under such circumstances. That’s Christian work — and I can’t see why it isn’t Christian Science work. Of course, she would have to make her own decision. But she would have to continue her old work, it would seem to me, until through demonstration she found an opportunity to get into something else. Regardless of her desires from a human standpoint, she should work to know that she cannot be induced to do anything contrary to Principle by animal magnetism. If she knows that divine Principle will lead and show her the way, she will be peaceful and happy in continuing with her present work, or else she will be shown what other steps she could and should take.

Question (by student): If there are no nerves, how can we demonstrate that nerves are not diseased or impaired?

Answer: In the order of divine being there are no channels. Everything is direct.

Where Mrs. Eddy says there are no nerves in Mind and no mind in nerves, she is speaking materially. But the statement is far-reaching. The simple fact is that God is the direct being of everything that is. Everything is governed directly and eternally by the divine Spirit which constitutes the idea. That is the absolute fact in Science. In nervous prostration, the nervous system is all right. It isn’t made up of nerves. If there is anything true about it, it is Mind. Mind and its idea are the same substance. There is no distance or time to it. God is never absent from anything. His nature and being are expressed in everything that is. The claim is that here is Mind and there is something else. There is no space between Mind and idea, between head and foot. There is nothing to get out of order, if we define idea so that we have the actual idea, for the fact is that God is never absent from anything that is natural and normal. He is being expressed by everything that exists. God and foot are one infinite substance. Every idea is like that. If you know this, material sense can never talk back.

The question of brain-and-nerves is a modern superstition. You might say it is a product of what we call civilization, like “change of life.”

“Change of life” is a superstitious belief, a part of the complicated thing called brain-and-nerves. All the laws of materia medica might be handled without meeting it, unless you handle superstition. There is too much talk about it among women, and laws are thereby set up and accepted. It can be eliminated eventually — but not unless we quit talking about it. It is a claim of “civilization.” Savages do not have it at all. It is characterized by great sensitiveness, sometimes great intellectuality or great emotional sense. Emotionality is a complication of brain and nerves. In “change of life,” there is the belief that you lose something of your being. The thing is to get peace. All such things are built up. But it is a superstition, a female superstition generally, and has to be treated very largely as that. Superstitious fear.

Question (by student): An old worker told me that we should handle childbirth in connection with change of life.

Answer: Well, I can’t see that. It is perfectly proper for children to be born, since we don’t know enough to know that they are already here forever. There is only one way to handle obstetrical cases: simply know that man already exists and there is no matter. In the practice it is not necessary to know what physiology says. It may be of value, but it is not absolutely essential. Many practitioners have handled it without knowing the physiology of it. You only need to know the fundamental facts. “There is no matter,” does away with the material laws.

In a case of Mr. Kimball’s, pronounced hopeless by the doctors, the patient experienced no difficulty. When he was asked about it, Mr. Kimball said: “If I had believed anything came out, or from, or through, anything, I could not have done it.”

There are laws in most states covering obstetrical cases which require that the patient have a physician in attendance. In England, they call in a certain type of nurse instead. The Christian Science practitioner takes such cases along with the physician, if so desired. When we are associated with a physician or surgeon on a case — as in obstetrics, certain fractures, and so forth — we must know that the doctor cannot do any harm, and that nothing can prevent the demonstration of Christian Science.

Question (by student): There have been some articles in the papers about Mary Pickford being sued in connection with trying to buy Dr. Baker’s Obstetrical Notes from a Charles Cornell in Boston.

Answer: In one of the early Normal classes, a homeopathic physician by the name of Alfred E. Baker gave a few Lessons, but Mrs. Eddy soon stopped this. He was never clear in his metaphysics. Back in New York I was shown a book of Dr. Baker’s notes on “metaphysical obstetrics,” which I found to be objectionable in many respects.

In the course of the practice, the occasion arises every now and then where you cannot avoid some association with what is called medical science. In this state (Illinois), for instances, not only in obstetrical cases but in some others, we are obliged to work under the supervision of a doctor. You are not barred from taking cases of that kind simply because there is a physician in it. Indeed, it is a privilege, and we sometimes make very good friends with the physicians. Just because some unjust law requires a Christian Scientist to be under a doctor, he must not be abandoned by his fellow Scientists.

And there are other occasions. Sometimes the family of a patient will insist upon calling in a doctor. The patient is still entitled to Christian Science help. There are other things to be considered. An attitude of wisdom knows when to make concessions. Years ago, in England, I knew of a case where the wife of the patient was terribly perturbed because her husband did not have a doctor. The practitioner said, “Why go ahead and have a physician.” She added, “He can’t do any harm.” After the physician talked with the patient, he called the practitioner and said that he would not go on with the case without the practitioner, as the patient did not want him, and he actually feared the man might not recover if he knew he was not being treated by Christian Science. Evidently all this was part of the demonstration, for the man got well immediately. It would not have been the right thing to leave the poor man filled with fear because he was without the aid of Christian Science, or to deny the wife the comfort and freedom from fear that a doctor meant to her.

Of course, where they are primarily interested in materia medica and have the attitude that, “Well, Christian Science can’t hurt me, so I would like to have it also,” you are not likely to have very satisfactory result. The rule in such cases is to be found on page 443 of Science and Health. It has not changed, and it is not going to change.

Most of the state laws are very severe with regard to children’s diseases. If you do not readily demonstrate that there is no dangerous or contagious disease going on, a physician should be called in. The practitioner is not always to blame for what happens— but he should be, if he insists upon holding on when he is not getting results. We do not have to look to an excuse for any failure. Don’t just say it was the mother’s fear, or that the father wouldn’t give up his old theology, or that the aunt was full of materia medica. An excuse is not an explanation. In any occasion where I fail to bring out a case, I refuse to explain myself.

What you do about all these things in the practice, you have to determine largely by demonstration. A dogmatic attitude is not Science. You just have to do what seems wise and best under the circumstances. You are engaged in demonstrating Principle; and as you understand this, you will know what to do in any event. Mrs. Eddy herself, tried beyond endurance, resorted to narcotic drugs for the alleviation of suffering under pressure of severe conditions. But this was no reflection upon her understanding or upon the absolute Science which she taught. It is in accord with what she says in Science and Health on pages 444 and 464.

It is not for us to criticize or refuse to help those who, for some reason perhaps unknown, do not understand the requirements of absolute Science, or have not experienced the benefits sought. It is for us to smooth the way for them. In this endeavor, Christian Science gives us an ever-increasing portion of what might be called human wisdom. It would be inhuman to leave anyone without the help that only we can give.

If a doctor comes into a case, you consider his beliefs and all the beliefs ofmateria medica and the beliefs of the members of the family which might come up. The practitioner must be big enough to dominate the whole situation, for there is more to the disease than the sick man. The whole case is in your hands, including the doctors, the nurses, the hospitals. Work for yourself until you rise above it all. Do not condemn hospitals. They spring not from a human sense, but have some connection with that which we call Love. The patient is entitled to every comfort.

Taking a case under questionable circumstances, much depends upon the situation and more depends upon the patient. We can’t make hard and fast rules. If there has been a disastrous surgical operation, we should be able to take the case and rescue it. If we are associated with a physician, we should know that there are no mistakes, that he can’t make a mistake. Sometimes the doctor actually asks (the practitioner) for help; and, if he is sincere, it is right to help him.

The belief of a surgical operation is undesirable, and ought to be avoided in the practice of Christian Science; but if a patient found himself driven to the wall by beliefs over which he seemed to have no control, so that he was faced with either death or an operation, you would have no right to condemn him. The belief of an operation is better than the belief of death, isn’t it? If you are a good Christian Scientist, you will assure him you will stick by him. Christ was in the world saving the world, and not imputing their trespasses to them.

Generally speaking, a patient who wants both materia medica and ChristianScience treatment is not a good patient for us. On the other hand, if he would like to avoid these things, but is forced to them by conditions which he is unable to get control of, that cannot possibly prevent the demonstration of Christian Science in any case. In this way, our work is never combined with materia medica, but remains pure Christian Science.

Question (by student): Why are most Scientists less hesitant about turning to a dentist than to a physician or surgeon?

Answer: There are some things which Christian Scientists have not always been able to handle, and that is one of them. There was a rumor once that Mrs. Eddy had gone to a dentist and had been given something to relieve the pain. She acknowledged both and said she had surrendered to the dentist and let him do exactly as he wished. This is what she should have done. Then there was no resistance on his part.

If you can’t see without glasses, glasses are the demonstration. Then have glasses you can see with! I am more grateful for my glasses than almost anything else I have. I couldn’t get along without them. They enable me to read and write for hours comfortably.

Then if you need a dentist, it is a demonstration to have a good dentist. You go to a dentist partly to keep your teeth in good enough condition so that you won’t need dentistry. Teeth need care. It is a demonstration to have the right temporary means, as Mrs. Eddy says. (Science and Health 444:7-12) We are human beings in belief. That is what we appear to be. That is the reason Christian Science has come.

The old religions always said that the longing for satisfactory living was taken care of by “going to heaven,” but everything that really exists, already exists as good and you don’t have to go anywhere to get it. So in Science, as you declare good and reject what seems to hide it, there is something that helps morally and humanly, although we apparently are not spiritual. We appear to have to breathe materially, and we require exercise. Mr. Kimball used to say that even a counterfeit of God’s idea, to be a good counterfeit, would have to be active!

Activity is natural and normal. Athletes often make the mistake of dropping all exercise at once, instead of tapering off with it. You don’t assume something when it is not demonstrated. Some people say they have demonstrated over exercise — and then are all out of breath when they walk up a few stairs! It is wiser to make concessions and normal exercise, than to perhaps have to contend with beliefs of which you are not fully aware. You can’t just say, “I haven’t anything to do with this material body!” The demonstration of Principle in Christian Science, is the evidence of it in the human being. In all that is natural, in all that is normal, we have the demonstration of that which is divinely true.

Question (by student): What constitutes normality? What is the criterion?

Answer: Well, normality is different for different individuals. It is normal for us all to breathe, but it is not normal for us all to eat the same things. What is normal for one, may not be normal for another. You do not have to give a lot of advice as a practitioner. You can’t advise people about everything. Just help to bring about a more sane state of thinking. You wouldn’t advise a patient about investments; you would help him to demonstrate more intelligence. Advise less humanly and try more to bring about a realization of Christian Science.

Question (by student): Isn’t vegetarianism an abnormal trend?

Answer: Some people think they’re better off by simply eating vegetables. But that hasn’t anything to do with spirituality certainly. I have never known anyone who believed that way who had a fundamental understanding of Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy ate meat always. Several of my friends who thought they were being more spiritual by eating no meat went to Europe years ago, and on the boat, on the way over, they made so much noise about eating vegetables that they were the object of most undesirable attention by the other passengers. These exaggerated views are not exactly normal. Most people who have them are cranks in other ways, too.

Question (by student): How do you answer patients about dieting?

Answer: It is a question of normal eating. They ate different things in Jesus’ time than we do today. A laborer would not eat the same as you would. We may choose what we want without being on a diet. We do that in restaurants. We don’t just go into a restaurant and say, “Bring me anything!” We decide what we want. If a certain food bothered me, I wouldn’t eat it. Much is dependent upon the individual, but almost everyone considers certain foods in regard to weight. If someone is overweight and is inclined to eat too much of a certain kind of food to satisfy the appetite, some metaphysical work should be done on it. You may have to eat to live, but you do not have to live to eat! Of course there are other causes in belief for overweight and under-weight.

Our book (Science and Health) indicates that it would be a part of the demonstration to get the right temporary means if we have to have temporary means. That we have to take care of ourselves materially, is a present necessity with demonstration of present necessities. This demonstration is the evidence of divine presence in the human being. We are still breathing materially or we wouldn’t be here! And you will go on breathing forever.

If we didn’t seem to be in this human sense of things, Jesus wouldn’t have appeared on earth. There would have been no reason for his appearing. Here is this thing that we call ourselves, and it is actual to us. We must be sensible. I see people who believe that sitting in a room giving treatments sixteen hours a day makes them holy. They could give just as good a treatment out in the open air! I don’t believe in relying on exercise; it is just a matter of joy and activity manifested humanly as God’s ideas run and disport themselves, to quote our book.

When you come right down to it, eating is actually more of a sin than drinking whisky! We do grant that we can get along without whisky, but we can’t get along without eating. And that is giving life and substance to matter, isn’t it? Still, if one had nothing to eat, it would be a demonstration to get something to eat. But we shouldn’t make too much of these things, or get an exaggerated ideas about them. A good general rule, perhaps, is to satisfy your hunger but never try to satisfy your appetite.

Sometimes in cases of excessive weight, it is wise to handle false appetite. Question (by student): Don’t they have laws in Ohio which discriminate againstChristian Scientists?

Answer: Some years ago — I believe it was in Sandusky, but I’m not sure — a practitioner was arrested in the case of a child’s death. The parents appealed to the Court and, although they were at first ruled against, they were all finally released. The doctors in Ohio were very much aroused and went before the State Legislature to demand a curb on Christian Science practice. While the Scientists had some representation before the Legislators, it was very inadequate, and the doctors succeeded in securing the passage of these laws against us in the practice of our religion. Later Scientists went again before that Legislature, but they had hired a lawyer who was not a Christian Scientist and he attempted to define Christian Science. He was there to define the law, not Christian Science. You can imagine how he lost ground. That was just animal magnetism. We still must demonstrate justice. Because of that one unfortunate case which the current laws made it impossible for them to prosecute, the Legislators were persuaded to pass the law you refer to. God did not pass it, so we must know the truth about Legislature and legislation.

The great thing in these difficult situations, is to maintain your spiritual poise, your peace of mind. You can do this if you just handle everything from the standpoint of God. Let not those Scientists who entertain exaggerated or extreme views of what is meant by “radical reliance on Truth,” pride themselves that theirs is the only radical reliance. We must not lower our standard, but our standard is perfect Principle, Principle is Love, and Love is never intolerant, critical or condemnatory. Principle, Love, demonstrated, means common sense and common humanity exercised in our practice. It is foolish to tell people to get out of bed until they are able to. Be sensible.

Now let us get on with our treatments. . . .

(The pupils are called upon individually to rise and recite.) [INTERMISSION]

Question (by student): How would you handle vermin?

Answer: Vermin sometimes appears where things are not perfectly clean. Where cleanliness is vermin seldom appears. But it is not always a case of uncleanliness. If vermin persists after there is a thorough cleaning, know there isn’t anything that doesn’t represent Love. It is the only thing. The one cause, Love, does not produce pestilence. I remember one time when Second Church was over on Halsted Street. I was reading with Miss Ewing (Ruth Ewing, daughter of Judge Ewing). The flies were a terrible nuisance, but they did not light on us. We saw that there was nothing that did not represent Love. Only what God has arranged is going on in His universe. As a result, they could not be pestiferous.

Interjection (by student): A friend of mine told me that he complained to his landlady about vermin in the house, and she said it was all in his own thinking! He said he thought she had something to do with it!

Answer: Very possibly!

Question (by another student): Did you hear about the case where the woman got rid of her roaches — which all went downstairs to her neighbor’s apartment?

Answer: (laughing): That would not be a demonstration of Christian Science, of course.

There used to be a Swedish maid who often testified at Second Church. She had a

very thick accent, but some of the things she said were very good. She told about getting rid of roaches through Christian Science at the house where she worked. One of the neighboring families heard about it and asked her how she did it. She said she just had to learn to love the roaches, instead of hating them. The neighbors asked her do the job for them, but she said they’d have do their own loving!

One of the mountaineers out West who took care of the pack-horses for us was a very capable young man, but without much education. When we rode up to where the snow was on the mountains and the sun came up warmly, great big mosquitoes came out in swarms. He would go after them vigorously, slapping himself here and there and grabbing at them in the air before they could light. Often he would say, “I wonder what they et before I got here?” An interesting question at that, and there is something in it to be considered.

Interjection (by Arthur Corey): Margaret Macdonald, who lived at Pleasant View for a long time, told me that Mrs. Eddy had them use insecticides in her house to get rid of pests and vermin.

Answer: Yes, I understand that is true. We must not take an extreme and unreasonable view of these things. I could not say that you should never take any means to get rid of pests. You have to do what seems best. We must be increasingly radical in our work, but a certain attitude of wisdom must characterize our efforts. We do what we can. Meanwhile our mental attitude has a lot to do with our comfort and peace in this world. Some time or other it is going to be established beyond all question that ChristianScience can free us from those things, and that it can prevent any such nuisances from having any part in our experience.

Question (by student): What about germs?

Answer: Germs are supposed to be something that you can’t account for which is the cause of something that you are trying to account for! The belief is that these things produce disease. Now we have one cause, and there is no effect from any other cause. Then anything that seems to have any other effect could not be other than supposititious. The only cause does not produce disease. Any other cause is non-existent. Then anything that claims to have the power to produce disease, ceases to have the power to produce anything opposed to the only cause. In this way only can we love our enemies — by finding out that we haven’t any.

Question (by student): Patients often come with the problem of loneliness.

Wouldn’t it be a demonstration to find satisfying companionship?

Answer: Yes. Companionship and marriage are something like the divine completeness.

Question (by student): How should we regard marriage metaphysically?

Interjection (by Edwin Manta): Doesn’t Mrs. Eddy say to stay out of people’s marital affairs?

Answer: Marriage, as I have said, is something like the divine completeness. From the human standpoint it entails obligations and responsibilities. Mrs. Eddy says that there cannot be harmony where this is not recognized.

Scientifically, divine being is declared to be the male and female of God’s creating. Gender ordinarily means kind. God is defined as Father-Mother, and this is in accordance with reason and revelation, and something of this is seen in everyday experience. Nothing that the imagination can picture, is anything like God. Mrs. Eddy says that God is not definable as a whole, but the ideas she sets forth show us what God is. We are not going to float around without any identity! Not personalities, but ideas. The human follow me.” This means to deny the material sense of identity.

Here we are. We know each other. We will know one another better when we know more. Even now, as Christian Scientists, we know one another better than we could if we were not Christian Scientists, because we behold the real man more and more. The real man and the real body are synonymous terms for that which is divinely expressing Mind. Man is body and body is man, which is identified and individualized as himself, herself, meaning forever himself, herself.

This is something so unusual in education that I advise my students to be cautious, to wait. And yet we are not waiting. Open up and expand and demonstrate what you know. Man expresses all of the eternal, spiritual qualities of God, but man is not corporeal. God has not one material quality; therefore man cannot reflect matter or materiality. The divine qualities expressed in spiritual man cannot be lost or impaired, because being spiritual and God-given, they remain perfect and indestructible throughout all time.

It follows inexorably that man includes all that can properly be meant by the words sons and daughters, male and female, or what would ordinarily be called man and woman. When Mrs. Eddy speaks of man and woman in Science, she speaks of them as ideas. In the generic sense there is one man, because Principle, God, is infinite and therefore one. Generically man is not two, but one, for he is the image and exact likeness of Father-Mother God. In this sense, we never refer to male and female as separated individuals going on forever. There is one Father-Mother; not one Father and one Mother, but one complete, self-existent entity infinitely manifested. For the reason that God, divine Principle is one, so are we one. Each one of us is one in completeness and perfection and, taken all together, we are one in Principle. Therefore we are one individually and one generically.

The individual man can have no restriction of intelligence, life, love, opportunity, or anything else; and all individuals represent and express the ideals of an infinite Mind. It is necessary to establish the right idea of God as the real man, and necessary to see that the individuality of God has to have infinite expression. Father-Mother is just one divine nature, just one divine entity or infinite Principle in Mind, Love, and not a divided state of being. But because He must have infinite expression, you have infinite individuals. Because man expresses all that God is, he is not a state of longing, consciously or unconsciously. He is a state of completeness wherein there is no matter, hence no desire, no want, no strife; just the unfolding of infinite ideas ever appearing, ever glorifying and praising God, and all reflected in individual man. So, in Christian Science, companionship between male and female is satisfactory in proportion to its true oneness, its spiritual unity or blending of ideas.

These things we cannot talk much about, but we must understand them ourselves. We couldn’t, for example, go into such subjects in a Sunday school class of course, as we have been doing here. And we do not need to. But if we understand our subject well enough, we will find a way to answer the questions which are bound to come up, and to answer them to the satisfaction even of those youngsters in whom these things are beginning to stir disturbingly. If you use discretion, you will not experience any difficulty. Just think it out for yourself first, and then just know.

[MARRIAGE: When Edna Kimball Wait read this transcription of the Bicknell Young 1936 Class, she volunteered this statement: “The teachers are forbidden to teach on the subject of marriage or any allied subject in their classes.” This may explain something of Mr. Young’s occasional ambiguity above, and something too of the apparently veiled inferences. The official ban mentioned by Mrs. Wait is understandable in view of the disruptions and scandals which tore the young movement throughout its beginning years, fostered by the ever-solidifying trend toward celibacy in the teaching. In her classes, Mrs. Eddy taught that a virgin could bear a child spiritually conceived — until her famous pupil, Josephine Woodbury, publicly claimed this very achievement for herself and brought down a storm. Loyal Julia Field-King’s teaching of what Mrs. Eddy had originally taught but now repudiated, brought her fall from grace and banishment to England. Augusta Stetson’s advocating of celibacy was but one of many other examples which should have faded out when Mrs. Eddy denounced agamogenesis in the later editions of Science and Health (in a thinly veiled reference to Mrs. Woodbury). Lack of a forthright official position on this touchy subject has permitted the incubation of many oddball views on sex and childbirth, so that unrestricted teaching on this score could not well be countenanced. “Sex” remains today in the Christian Science doghouse, with Herbert Eustace heading up the guard.]

The real man is both generic and individual, and the individual man is generic. Man is the generic term. Man signifies individual man, while generic man is the ideal of infinite Being infinitely expressed, which means that the complete, eternal idea of God’s man includes all identities. The generic term man signifies the complete nature of the individual man. This is a tremendous phase of Christian Science. It is a question all the time of proving and demonstrating in order to arrive at a realization of generic man. If at any moment you would arrive at that realization, you could say to anything in the nature of error, “Depart from me, I never knew you,” and it is gone, because that realization is your individual selfhood, one with God, speaking with authority, having dominion, expressing omniscience itself from the standpoint of our human experience.

It is a tremendous thing to have even the slightest realization of the true man, of generic man, the sacredness, grandeur, immeasurability of his character, of his thought, including all identities. All that we call identity is included in the term generic man, and the generic term man is just as great, and far more important to the individual, because it is that divine selfhood.

Question (by student): How do we explain the implication in Miscellaneous

Writings (60:23-3) that there are as many identities as there are mortal bodies?

Answer: You could not number the infinite. Mortal mind claims that it is infinite, but its infinity means a great number of things. This is not infinity. Mortals think you can number mortals. Even in physical science matter fades out, and then where are your mortals? Nevertheless, everything in the realm of matter or mortal mind indicates something in the divine order of infinite being.

Generic man includes all this. This, in my opinion, is a phase of the subject of Christian Science that is incapable of being illustrated by an example, or by anything in the nature of what we ordinarily call illustration. A good many points in Christian Science can be made a little clearer by using some ordinary illustration to help out in that line. Here no illustration serves. There is no point of contact with anything human.

It is a complete obliteration of the false belief that man has any other consciousness than that of the divine consciousness, or any other being than that of the divine nature. The belief and the term generic man do not find a place together. But the realization of what man really is, coming clearly to you, has a tremendous effect upon what man appears to be and changes that appearance. That is the activity, as you know, of the Christ. Let me say that generic man is the ideal of infinite Mind, God, Spirit, Principle, Love, forever unfolding more and more. One unique, individual Being infinitely expressed. All the identities that we call men are included in the term generic man. All individuality, all the peculiarities of individual being are included, all the originality of infinite Mind, all of anything that sets forth the divine nature, are included in man individually, generically considered.

Generic man is an individual expression of infinity. That is, the term generic man means that because the individual man has nothing left out of him, his possibilities are immeasurable. In a way, too, that is explained here in that today one says we are here. Is it possible one could have his own identity, always be himself, be individual, and the other man have his too, and yet each one enjoy all individuality, all that the other enjoys? The answer is that we are doing it now in a way. You know some things that I don’t know — a good many I should say! — and if I have the opportunity of being with you, conversing and exchanging ideas, why in the exchange of ideas I have them all.

You have the opportunity with others or with me, and in that exchange we all have all ideas. The compound idea comprises and includes all ideas. So in a way you are illustrating that now in your own experience. Only, of course, in the infinite order of Science that is infinitely adjusted to infinite law, the whole thing operates with the utmost freedom, and will forever unfold and show increasing satisfaction.

Right here we are doing something much, much more than appears. There is much more to this event than mere education, learning. Time is something tremendous in the way of knowing, if there is anything at all to this event. There are only thirty-one of us here, but that is enough, even according to human experience, to bring about a revolution humanly. There is something to consider when you say there are thirty-one of us knowing the Truth here. It is not the weight of thirty-one opinions, but it constitutes the possibility that the human race many learn to think like God, and that consequently they can by that means attain their divine being and show it forth.

First individually and then collectively, we thirty-one people begin to show forth our divine being in our ability to heal disease and sickness, to assuage and overcome sorrow, to abolish poverty, to extinguish enmity, to do away with all enslavement, to bring about the harmony of God as a normal, natural state of human affairs. It means that if thirty-one can get it, then thirty-one thousand people can get it, and that thirty-one million can do it. But the thirty-one have to do it first. Because of that, you have to do it individually and collectively, because you are the thirty-one. There is something occurring here that is individual and collective. We have helped each other. That has been possible because there is one Mind. And we are helping the world. I have seen events like this that have had an effect on world conditions.

Friday, August 14 (Eleventh Day)

Mrs. Eddy writes that consciousness is God. Consciousness is fundamental. The only self-evident thing in the universe, is consciousness. Even on a ship out in the middle of the ocean, you have to see that you are not in the ocean, but that the ocean is in you. I told this to a friend of mine who was going on a voyage, and was most afraid of being seasick. He had always been violently ill on every trip he had ever made over, the water. I said: “The water can’t do anything to you. You are not in it. It is in you.” He never had a bit of trouble from that time on. It proved to be a rough voyage, but he never experienced any nausea at all.

If you think you are in anything, you are subject to it. If you think you are in an organization, you are subject to it instead of Principle. “The structure of Truth and Love” (as Mrs. Eddy defines Church in the absolute) is really the universe, isn’t it? It is nothing less. You can’t “go to church.” You take the church with you! Unless the church is inside of you, you’ll never get inside the church. And if you have the church inside of you, nothing that takes place inside the church, humanly speaking, can affect your church. You do not come to the real church; you always have it with you.

This does not mean that the human element does not enter into the deliberations of church members. Why right in the beginning there was a church tiff; and Mrs. Eddy found it necessary to wipe out the whole thing, and establish it in such a way that it could not be destroyed by mere quarreling. So in setting up the Mother Church government, she had to find a way to protect it from the caprices of the multitude for the time being, for she found its very existence even then threatened by the controversies of its contending members. She was unable to see how this could be done practically without establishing a self-perpetuating board of directors.

In this respect, The Mother Church government is like that of the Roman Catholic Church. How else could Mrs. Eddy protect her church from the caprices of the multitude? She does not say The Mother Church has a democratic government, but that the government of the branch churches should be democratic. And she defines democracy as government by the consent of the governed.

The second part of Mrs. Eddy’s definition of Church, in the glossary of Science

and Health, refers of course to the human organization. The human organization is designed to show forth its divine prototype, the spiritual idea. But it is not that prototype, although many members do not seem to understand this vital distinction.

Question (by Mabel Simpson): If behind the visible church is the divine idea church, then the Roman Catholic Church would have behind it the divine idea, would it not?

Answer: Not at all. There is nothing behind the Roman Catholic Church!

Referring to the human organization of The Mother Church, Mr. Kimball often said that Mrs. Eddy could never have had a church if she had waited for saints, that she had to start with sinners! It is the human element which gets into trouble. In ancient times, it was said that a man could save a city. A man can save his church. Having the church within, everything that I seem to encounter in church experiences is subject to infinite good, God. In this work, the thing to do is to have within myself that wonderful church which is the consciousness of the infinitude of God, the divine, infinite effect of the one cause.

Divine understanding reveals to me both the Principle and the idea of infinitude in every experience. The Mind that is God, is the Mind of man, my Mind, and the only Mind. Whatever doubt or fear or uncertainty assails consciousness, here is my refuge and strength —the one infinite Mind having done all things well and maintaining perfection eternally. Knowing this, whatever I seem to encounter, things must begin to move, to straighten out. In church committee meetings and in church business-meeting discussions— where talk gets on a very low plane sometimes — even without saying a word, something begins to happen that is less afflictive, less discordant because of what I have within me. This does not mean that I should not say to others, when things are going very badly, “Let us remember the spirit we are of!”

But the real work is done in my own consciousness, where I know what is going on and hold to the truth that the only action is divine, having its place in God, sustained and maintained by infinite Spirit, the divine substance and presence, the only impulsion of which is Love. This infinite Mind includes all place and provides everything that place means. This is the Holy Ghost. Working from the standpoint of absolute Science, getting self-feeling out of the way entirely, any demonstration can follow in church difficulties. Jesus’ disciples asked him if they should not cast down fire upon the opposers, but he rebuked them, saying, “Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of!” (Luke 9)

When asked about the unity manifested in the Chicago field, Mr. Kimball said: “Well, we got together years ago and rubbed the corners off!” Until his statement, Mrs. Eddy had not said anything about the branch churches being democratic.

I hope none of my students think that everything which happens inside a church is demonstration. If so, he is not familiar with the history of our Church. More than one rascal has held high office, because one of the difficulties of democracy is that it very often elevates people who are unfitted for the posts. The “glad hander,” for instance, is likely to go right up, although he is no more fit to serve on a board of directors than a new-born babe. And yet we do want and must have democratic government. It is the only way we can establish self-government on the part of everyone who is in Science.

Question (by student): Speaking of politics in and out of the church, an old worker (Irene Shantz of Chicago) told me recently that we were disloyal if we did not follow The Christian Science Monitor and vote Republican in the coming election.

Answer: The Monitor is not the Word of God. Where do such things come from?

The Monitor is a newspaper, and its editorials are not supposed to be anything more than the opinions of its editors. Metaphysically, a newspaper is not a tree, and a tree is not a news-paper. At any rate, anyone who knows anything about Christian Science knows that it teaches everyone to think for himself, to reach his own decisions — even if his decisions do not appear to some to be demonstrations.

Question (by student): The Monitor has been consistently cool toward PresidentRoosevelt, and suggests that he does not properly respect the sacredness of the UnitedStates Constitution.

Answer: The Constitution is not necessarily any more sacred than any other material document. It is divine exactly in proportion as it expresses divinity. If it were entirely divine, it would not be apprehensible to humanity. It is appreciable to human sense, because it does partake of the human. Otherwise it would be of no practical value to us. Mrs. Eddy’s statement that neither absolute good nor absolute evil could be visible, imports that whatever we see here we see because of its human or material aspect.

During any election the thing to realize is that something is going on here that is God, that is government, that is governing divinely. If the voter will be so actuated by the demonstration of that divine Principle, he will do what he has to do with perfect wisdom, which is divine Love. This is true whether it be a national election or a branch church election of officers. But the demonstration of wisdom involves the ability to discriminate. There are sinners in all societies. During the seven years that the Massachusetts Metaphysical College was open, Mrs. Eddy taught over four thousand students there, she tells us; yet at the first Association meeting of her pupils it was evident that all who really remained loyal and faithful were a mere three or four hundred.

When it comes to electing Readers, the whole question rests upon their sincerity, whether they are so sincere that they forget themselves when they read. You do not have to caress your words when you read! Read right out from the shoulder, as if you were raising the dead — for that’s what you are doing, if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. And don’t read apologetically. You didn’t write either Science and Health or the Bible, so you don’t have to apologize for them! And you don’t have to dramatize the Bible when you read it, because the Bible is drama already. In a case of self-consciousness, just stop and think: What is this? There is only one Mind. This will meet the claim of self-consciousness immediately. The question of a Christian Scientist entering public life, is a question of whether he has gained enough ascendancy over the testimony of the senses to ride the waves, instead of being overwhelmed by them.

In the beginning all the churches began as “somebody’s” following. Every single church was somebody’s church. There was Mrs. Stetson’s church, and Mrs. Lathrop’s church, and so on, and even Mrs. Eddy spoke of them in this way in the beginning. The Chicago church was the first to leave this custom behind. There wasn’t a church in New York City which did not belong to somebody, but in the Chicago field thirty or forty of Mrs. Eddy’s students got together and drew up a sort of a covenant, agreeing to work together for one church without any personal leadership. So it was not started on the usual personal wish or upon some dissatisfaction. This is a historical fact.

Still, Chicago had no sooner started its church than it had trouble, and had to fire two of its preachers who were students of Mrs. Eddy! Get a bunch of people together, and things begin to happen! There was a tiff in the Lynn group even before The Mother Church was thought of. Mrs. Eddy found she had to write the Manual to correct and enable Christian Scientists to get along with each other, saying sadly she had hoped they would never need such rules.

Only that church which is founded on the healing Christ, is of any value. Mrs. Eddy said that her only purpose in establishing the organization was to revive the lost element of healing on earth. The church would be of no use if we did not have healing; and, of course, the only way to have healing is to establish the Truth in individual consciousness. The builders of the Chicago church had all been healed. The Christian Science movement is not the church organization, but a healing system. Human beings find church services desirable; but if the healing ceased, ours would become like any other church. I do not mean the healing in the services, but the healing of the individual members, whether of themselves or of others. Not only healing of disease, but all healing.

An organization has its value, but it also has its dangers. On my last trip toEurope, I observed that the people over there in our churches think church first; whereas formerly, when the Christian Science movement was rapidly growing over there, it was the healing first. There has to be an awakening to begin with. The church is not the thing. Science is the thing. To put church first is to put the cart before the horse, and you won’t go very fast that way — except in the wrong direction! The Christian Science Church serves a purpose because it is a visible thing that mortal mind respects. And, too, human beings like a place to go to that represents what they stand for. And it has furnished protection. It is said by some that without the protection and prestige of the Church, we would have no public practitioners today.

Question (by student): A leading practitioner told me the other day she felt she wasn’t healing as she should, and went to her teacher (Frank Leonard) to tell him she was going to withdraw her name from the Journal. She was told that “all the practitioners whose names are listed in the Journal are thereby protected and cannot fail in their healing work.”

Answer: The Mother Church and the branch churches have been able in many instances to give legal protection to members, through advice and prestige, where there was prosecution. But human organization does not confer immunity through some mysterious metaphysical or theological power to its members.

A good many years ago, when I was Committee on Publication for this state, I personally had the opportunity to see that sometimes just the standing of our organization was great enough to offset prejudice, when our members were being tried in courts of law. When our organization entered the cases, mortal mind began to retreat. Mortal mind is always a terrible bluff; and when it sees somebody standing up for the victim, it backs down. But if the person has to stand alone, it keeps right at it. You just come into court with eight or ten people who look as if they know something, including a lawyer or two and some books on law, and mortal mind is likely to say, “This is something I didn’t count on, because I didn’t know these people had any influence or power.”

But if your question refers to metaphysical protection the answer is No. While the organization exercises considerable influence in the world through its immensity, there is nothing mysterious about that. We must not suppose there is some kind of mysterious exemption from all the evils of the world provided by mere membership. Our church does not teach that membership is anything in the nature of a ticket to heaven.

How much special protection you have depends not upon organization, but upon how much of a Christian Scientist you are. The only question is: Do we understand Christian Science or not? The church work is secondary. Even on a committee, the routine work accomplishes nothing unless it is done from the standpoint of demonstration. The human organization should accomplish something practical, but this happens only when the members go to church, not to get something, but to take the church with them.

The Christian Science Church is not the Christian Science Cause. We are really the Christian Science Cause. Our organization should do credit to the Cause, but this can only happen if you let your consciousness be “the temple of the living God.” I lay great stress not on being a church member, but on being a Christian Scientist!

One should accept church work if it comes by way of demonstration; but you do not have to accept everything that someone else wants you to. You may not even be able to accept being a Reader or a Director under certain circumstances. Even attendance is a matter of demonstration. You attend church by your understanding. That is the only way you can attend church. Else it doesn’t mean anything to you, or to the Cause, for you to go there.

The churches are necessarily made up of all kinds of people. We, ourselves, are“all kinds of people.” All who join the church are not wholly redeemed. When we know this, we will not put people in office who are unfitted for it, and who will go down under it. Judgment should be based on Principle, not on human influence or personal appeal. When an election comes on, our work as church members is to demonstrate.

Question (by student): Is the whole truth in the Bible or is the Bible not complete without Science and Health?

Answer: The Truth is not in the Bible. Truth existed before the Bible was. You don’t find Truth in any book. But the book may enable us to understand Truth. That is what we use the book for. It would be nothing but animal magnetism to believe any book contains the Truth. A book may set forth ideas. Learn to use books, not to worship them. Worship God, not a book. We had to have a book, and we are grateful for it, but we have to claim what we understand as the actuality of Being.

Question (by student): What is meant by the “Saturday meetings”?

Answer: When Mrs. Young and I first became interested in Christian Science, we used to gather with a number of other Scientists in the Inter-Ocean Building here in Chicago and talk over the International Sunday School Lesson for the week. That was what was used in our church before the Christian Science Quarterly came along. Mr. Kimball presided and, on the whole, these sessions were wonderful. Of course there were some funny interpretations, and sometimes animal magnetism talked like everything! But Mr. Kimball’s wisdom was equal to the occasion, and when things got pretty thick he would say, “Well, now, what is it that we are doing? What is fundamental for us to do? What is the reason for our meeting?” And then he would go on to unfold Christian Science in his own extraordinary way. It was a great experience.

Question (by student): What about testimonials?

Answer: I think we should all be ready to give a testimony whenever there is need for it. As church members there is a certain responsibility that falls upon us. When I was a boy I had a broken nose, and I enjoyed telling about it everywhere. It made me feel like a hero! Well, we mustn’t let such things influence us in the Wednesday meetings. Sometimes people are inclined to make themselves pretty big through some distinguishing experience. We glorify God not just by reciting experiences, but by being a light unto the world. That means helping others. That’s why we testify to the healing power of Christian Science. Just talking to be talking is not what Mrs. Eddy had in mind when she arranged for these services.

And don’t encourage children to testify, either in the regular church services or in the Sunday school. If you do, you make little liars out of them! They make up anything.

I remember when the Wednesday meetings were set aside for testimonies — they were Friday meetings at first — I said, “Oh, my!” Some pretty funny things come up sometimes when people get up to talk. But the wisdom of Mrs. Eddy’s provision has proven itself. When we do speak, we should use judgment. Stories about finding lost articles do not usually give the right impression to those who have come there. The healing is the main thing — the healing of disease, and so forth.

Whenever the testimonies begin to go to cats and dogs, we should be prepared to get up and say a few well-chosen words to get things back on an even keel. Nothing in the way of a rebuke ever, but something that brings out the power and the dignity of true Christian Science practice. It is better for corrections to come from the floor in this way than for the Reader to have to say anything. However this is all a matter of demonstration. There are no rules you can go by.

If we keep our inner serenity things will straighten out. One Wednesday evening, I was reading in Second Church when the lights went out. It was very dark, and I could hardly see the people in the auditorium. I just stopped and knew the Truth. The see-er and the seen are one. I realized there was nothing outside that one consciousness in the way of a book or anything else. I was able to go right ahead and finish reading my Scriptural selections. But as I closed the Bible, I could just feel the tension. In those days we did not yet have the large-print Readers’ edition of Science and Health such as the Readers use nowadays — although large-print Bibles could be had and we did use them on the platform. I could just hear the people saying, “Well, now when he comes to that fine print in Science and Health he won’t be able to read a word!” But I went right ahead and completed the reading without a mishap! It was wonderful thing to see, when belief said it was impossible.

There are some things, of course, that we cannot very well tell in a public testimonial meeting. They would not be accepted. One of the greatest things I ever heard, could not very well be told. I knew a woman who fell into the lake out at the end of the Municipal Pier here in Chicago, and she couldn’t swim. The water is very deep there, and she went right down. Her feet became entangled in some wire on the bottom, and she could not get free for nearly half an hour. She said she just continued calmly to know that God was her Life, and that nothing could happen to her that was not good. At last she freed herself and rose to the surface, where she was pulled out of the water none the worse for wear. While this is true, it is not the kind of story that most people would find it easy to accept, and it might stir up incredulity and resentment. Then again, maybe not. It is always a matter of demonstration — the demonstration of wisdom.

Question (by student): In this line, could you tell us of your experience with the horse falling down the mountainside?

Answer: I went on a camping trip in Yosemite Park about 1921 with three otherChristian Scientists. We spent three weeks camping under the stars and riding through the mountains. When we had been out about a week, we met a student of mine from Berkeley, California; and he said he knew our guide and felt the trip with us would help him, as he needed Science. It was not certain there would be any opportunity to say anything on Science, but I said the guide might see something on the trip. And he did!

In a few more days, we came to a place called Parker’s Pass, which appeared very steep. The trail looked like crossmarks on a perpendicular surface. Well, it wasn’t perpendicular, but it was very steep when we got there, and the path was just wide enough for the horses’ feet. About seven thousand feet up, we had to stop to chop away some ice blocking our path. One of the horses toppled over the edge of the trail, her feet got tangled in the reins and she began to roll over and over down the sheer side of this steep mountain.

I suppose the other Scientists were handling the claim. Anyway, I began to talk to the horse, calling her by name. “You are all right and just where you ought to be in Mind!” She manifested great fear because she was going like the wind. She struck a ledge and then slid over that to another about fifty feet below, struck a great rock and lay there, appearing to be dead. It was a trying moment. All the other horses were excited and frightened. I continued to talk to that horse. The first thing you know, she got right up. Her leg was hanging — like that (illustrating) — and the guide said she would have to be killed. “She’s done for. Her leg’s broken. She must be in great pain.” I said, “Don’t you think the divine Love that save that creature’s life is able to mitigate the suffering?”

It took an hour and a half to get her back up to where we were, but she walked.

Her leg was badly swollen, and she had some very bad cuts about the side of her head. We pulled the skin together as much as we could and wiped off her shoulder and side. The guide was afraid of blood-poisoning and all the other things. He said, “You can’t do anything for her now.”

But when we came back that way ten days later, that horse was the healthiest creature in the whole bunch! And when her owner was told that she had fallen down the mountain, he said he could see a few scars, but that she was in splendid condition. “That was a real miracle,” the guide said. The experience was, of course, greater than anything any of us could have said about Christian Science.

Would you tell a story like that at a Wednesday evening meeting? I wonder.

Question (by student): When we see a very bad appointment coming up in our church, should we say nothing?

Answer: Well, if you say anything, it had better be the result of demonstration! Electioneering and politics do no good. But we cannot work if we get our eyes fixed on that error either. Sometimes we have to stand for a long time; but we must declare forPrinciple, if we would establish divine government in our selection and election. This is not always easy. Mrs. Eddy felt that in The Mother Church she must set up a government that is not left to the judgment of a large number of people. But a different situation prevails in the branch churches of course. What we must do, is to handle all error from Principle, not human opinion — therefore without indignation — if we would demonstrate the powerlessness of evil opinions and the dominion of Science, instead of the domination of personalities and cliques.

Question (by student): What does the Manual mean where it says that prayer should be for the congregation exclusively?

Answer: No sooner was the church started than Mrs. Eddy found that practitioners were treating their absent patients during the period set aside for silent prayer. The rule means that you should take part in the service, instead of treating a lot of patients when you are there. We attend church by our understanding. Understanding is attendance.

Indifference must never enter into church service. The revelation will come to you when you know that divine Principle is the source of all being, and is the substance of it. The members are just as responsible for the services as the Readers are. And they get something out of it in the measure that they put something into it.

Question (by student): Why do we kneel at Communion Service?

Answer: There is only one communion and it is oneness with divine Principle.

But we have to go along with the human being to a certain extent. Mrs. Eddy did away with kneeling at The Mother Church when she discontinued Communion Service there.

Question (by student): Why were the Communion Services stopped in Boston? Answer: Because they were turning into pilgrimages like going to Mecca.

Question (by student): Archibald McLellan once wrote in the Sentinel that the more modest and less imposing the church edifice the more spiritual the thought behind it, and vice versa. The Mother Church edifice is anything but modest and unimposing.

Answer: If Mr. McLellan had said a church should not try to outdo some other church, he would have been all right. The trouble is that in church building the tendency is to make a good deal of what they deal with outwardly, instead of what they are doing inwardly. “Erect church alone to worship God.” Pride and human ambition hide spirituality. If we are tempted to make a showing, we must get over that temptation. Big buildings are hard to maintain, and where they are not well attended, they are not built upon healing.

There is only one way to get members and that is by healing. When you heal, you have members. Getting them any other way is error. That is something you cannot say everywhere, but we must see it. There will be plenty of applications when the healing is going on.

And we mustn’t be too hard on those who apply. We can protect our church from disturbing elements without establishing hard and inflexible rules of admission. I knew of an instance where one church had ninety-seven questions to be asked of each candidate by the Board. Nine would have been more than enough. Any personal questions are absolutely outrageous. It does not take many questions to see whether they are free of other denominations and of any “isms,” and a demonstrating Scientist will never mistake an adventurer for an earnest student. Mrs. Eddy said that anyone who is absolutely convinced of Christian Science and trusts in it, should be admitted to church membership.

Question (by student): It is said the article “Ways That Are Vain” by Mrs. Eddy(Miscellany 210) refers to Roman Catholicism. Is this true?

Answer: “Ways That Are Vain” was a necessary uncovering for things that were going on in our church at the time it was written. It is historical. It is all right. But remember: it is historical. One does not have to dig into it. But to read it is all right. It might have been written for Roman Catholicism, but there is nothing in it to indicate that. It would apply to it — and to other things.


Anyone who has not been in church work does not know himself. There is nothing so chastening as church work. The individual has to learn to discipline himself, and this should be apparent from the start. There is nothing that enables one to find out the weaknesses in his own character so much as church experience.

In selecting the place for the Reading Room consider where Reading Rooms have been most used. Rightly understood, the Reading Room isn’t a place; it is that part of the incident of the reflection of the impersonal Christ that comes in Christian Science, bringing to mankind a recognition of the Christ and the ability to understand the Christ. It has its place in God, and that sustained and maintained by infinite Spirit, the divine substance and presence. And that should be demonstrated to such a degree that one could not go to a Christian Science Reading Room without having some realization that it includes all place and provides everything that place means. That is the Holy Ghost, or divine Science. That’s what should be there, or it isn’t a genuine Christian Science Reading Room.

When the Board of Lectureship was started, people wondered about it. But it has proven an effective means of promoting Christian Science. Many people will go to a lecture who will not read. When a lecture is what it ought to be, it is not what it appears to be. You understand, if you are really demonstrating, that it is not merely human, but that it is a divine event humanly manifested. If all that relates to it is revelation, that which is revealed is apprehended, because there is only one Mind and the Mind of man is this Mind, and it is the Mind of all creatures. Declare that there is nobody indifferent to this revelation, because indifference does not exist in the whole of the infinity of divine being. There aren’t a lot of people here or any place who could be indifferent to God and His activity.

If you were to advertise, “Come and see God!” they would all be there! And that is what you are doing when you advertise a Christian Science lecture. This is what really goes on. When you work for a Christian Science lecture, don’t work from the standpoint of mortality or of human beings trying to work up something. Declare that here is the manifestation of infinite Being, and there is nothing finite. Attendance? Infinite man is ever here. You could not number it because there is nothing to number here with infinity.

If mortal mind says that the weather threatens, gain ascendancy over this. Who says so? What is that to God, to infinite, divine, ever-present, all-powerful, all-knowing Love? The only weather for a divine event is divine weather. You may not picture it, but you know it.

If you found that there was some opposition started to the lecture in the community, as there sometimes is, don’t be disturbed. Love them more. Never get any sense of being resentful or shocked at anything of that sort that is going on. Never, never entertain any feeling of indignation. The preparatory work for a Christian Science lecture is along the lines of absolute Science. The event is an event of infinity, divinity, though it appears to be human. You don’t treat the lecturer. There is nothing about the event that is human. Insist upon it. Do not get the idea that there is a human responsibility about it. “The government is upon His shoulders.” And yet there must be somebody who has responsibility about the work, and it should be properly organized with this in mind. You might consult with the former lecture committee as to the practical details.

But the primary work is to be done in one’s own consciousness, where one knows what the event is and demonstrates what he knows. One of the best things that you can do when you have something to do, is to know that it is already done.

Everything in the universe of God, is already established in its present place and way, and all relationships are now and forever divine and harmonious. This may seem fantastic to some, but we are Christian Scientists.

Question (by student): What about radio-casting lectures?

Answer: In the promulgation of Christian Science, we are on dangerous ground when we get into advertising. In taking to the radio, too, we are talking to someone we don’t see and don’t know. That alters the entire aspect of lecturing. In the beginning, the church flourished on healing, and it is continuing solely on that basis. The church work will go on all right when the Science is going on all right. The Science is the thing. The understanding which Christian Scientists have, which enables them to heal the sick, is all there is to the true church, and there isn’t anything to it but that. The early church grew out of this, and if this should cease to be, the church would cease to be. In organized efforts, this must not be lost sight of, or you will have no church either within or without.

There may be circumstances which make it impossible for one to accept a church duty that is exacting, such as a place on the board. Very often the domestic situation or the conditions of one’s employment make it unwise to assume some post; then these considerations are to be overcome prior to the acceptance of the church work. Tradition sets all board meetings to last half the night. That is not the will of God, but of animal magnetism. If you use common sense and get down to business, you can be through by ten o’clock. And don’t start out to make reforms!

As for church work, teaching in the Sunday school is the greatest privilege. In some churches, it is a rule to appoint only class-caught students to the Sunday school staff, on the assumption that they are better prepared to teach. This, of course, may or may not be so. Maybe it’s because it’s easier to choose them this way! It is less of a job, certainly, as it narrows the number down considerably of those qualified. The important thing is that those appointed have something of the pedagogy and of the art of ChristianScience as well as the Science. Pedagogy is the art of making yourself understood.

The child should get the idea of Principle and manifest it, even if he does not know the meaning of the word. Use simple words, though, and be sure that the child understands the terms used. The outstanding requirement is that the instruction be correct. The words can be understood by the children, but you must see that they understand them. Why one little girl was heard to say that she wanted to sing the hymn about the “Cross-eyed Bear”! What she referred to was “The Cross I Bear,” of course.

Get the children to understand that God is a word, not a thing, and that it is a word that can be understood; that it does not mean a picture; it is a word. Find out what that word means. One of the first things that children can be taught is the meaning of the words, “God is Love.” You might say: “You love your mother and your father, don’t you? Well, how is it that you do? Oh, you just love them: Well, that is something like God. He loves you. And it isn’t a person, but Love that loves you. The word God never means a person. Never. You do not say Him to mean a person, but you say Him because you want Love to be just as close to you as a person could be. And He is. Love is. God is.”

And teach the Ten Commandments in such a way that they do not mystify the children. Take the mystery out of religion and put the Science in. No use to memorize theCommandments. The only thing is the First Commandment anyway.

Children should not be invited to join the church when they have finished Sunday school. Be careful there.

Put yourself in the child’s place, if you would be understood, and you will know what to say. And at the period when children come to the age of adolescence, when things begin to come to them, vague stirrings that they do not understand or know what to do about, frank instruction about human conditions must be given them. Of course, you can’t handle such things in a Sunday school class always, but you can get the help of their parents. The great thing is to get the children to think for themselves primarily, for what any individual demonstrates is necessarily his own knowledge of anything. The desire to be understood is perhaps legitimate, but the knowledge that there is nothing that is not understood is the thing! The Truth is true, and there isn’t somebody who isn’t seeing it. That is what you must establish. The ability to teach must be demonstrated. In pedagogy, the art is more important that the science of it.

Sunday schools have never been properly provided for in the building of churches. Generally speaking, they have not been seen in their true importance. “Oh, yes, we have a Sunday school. It is in the basement!” Well, that’s not good enough. A church should provide adequately for its children. When a church is being built, the Sunday school accommodations should be one of the very first considerations. In planning this, the neighborhood and all the other local conditions should be considered.

Then they usually put the greenest, the newest and untrained teachers with the youngest students. The classes of the littlest children present the most difficult job of teaching. The job is not one of entertaining them. Sometimes people in charge get the idea that so far as the little ones are concerned the Sunday school is a place to just tell stories and keep them quiet for an hour. They are there to be taught Christian Science.

Question (by student): Our Sunday school committee comes around and checks up on what we are teaching all the time, and even though the members of the committee do not agree among themselves, they are constantly laying down rules about what we shall teach and how we shall teach it.

Answer: Live your own life and do not let anyone think for you. Do your own thinking. The Manual lays down the only rules about teaching. Follow that in all your church work, and you will be doing all right. But be yourself. There is no limitation to the possibilities of accomplishment for each one when he does his own thinking. When aChristian Scientist is working right, he is not limiting himself. Limited views lead to limited results. The mental attitude that is like omniscience, is the only correct attitude to produce results and make our work in all things in the highest degree successful. One need not be afraid that by glorifying his understanding within he is glorifying himself.

Manifestly he is not thinking about himself, but thinking Truth, when he is letting Truth declare itself within. There must be the conscious knowledge on the part of the ChristianScientist that something is going on because of what he knows, something in the way ofGod’s power and presence. This lifts him above the frail promises of human rules and controversies. This is the action of divine Science.

Question (by student): Some of the youngest pupils make demonstrations that put us adults to shame!

Answer: Yes, the childlike thought is responsive. Childlike purity is a great thing.

But don’t confuse this with childishness. As undisciplined child is as much mortal mind as any adult. Don’t ever get them into the habit of making up stories about their demonstrations in Sunday school classes, for they will make up anything to outdo each other! Childish nature is to exaggerate, and even to spin falsehoods to gain the limelight. Remember that they are not there anyway for a testimony meeting, but to be taught Christian Science and learn to apply it in their own lives.

See that the children get a good foundation in Science. That is what counts. The Manual says to teach them the Ten Commandments. It doesn’t say for them to learn the Commandments by rote and rattle them off. Teach them to understand the First Commandment and they will understand the rest of them then. The great thing is not memorizing, but understanding.

We can’t give Christian Science class instruction in Sunday school, such as we have been having here. We must temper the wind to the shorn lamb — and some of them seem to be clipped pretty close! There is no absolute rule in dealing with pupils. Every pupil is individual, and you have to deal with each case on its merits. Sometimes we have to be quite severe and sometimes not. What counts is the thinking back of it.

But who is to say just how far you can go in your teaching in any individual case? Rules will not do. You must decide for yourself what is best to say under different circumstances. It seems to me that the Sunday school is no place to talk about organized malpractice, about Roman Catholicism. and we don’t talk much about animal magnetism. When I was First Reader at The Mother Church, we were not permitted to use animal magnetism as a subject for our Wednesday evening selections.

Question (by student): The hymns teach the children a lot, don’t they? There is said to be so much healing in Mrs. Eddy’s hymns.

Answer: In the first place, Mrs. Eddy never wrote a hymn. She never wrote any music. If the general thought of a hymn has the spirit of Mrs. Eddy’s poems rightly, it may be helpful. But Science is the thing that is needed. Take that one about making channels for the streams of love! What could be more unscientific! What do you suppose God is doing while He is waiting for us to clear some channels for Him?

Question (by student): Don’t we ever have to show the children that Judaism is opposed to all that Christ stood for?

Answer: It would seem to me that the Sunday school class is not the place for denominational questions. We must be very careful that our children do not attach anything to the Jewish people. To start with, the great majority of these people (the Jews) do not know anything about the Jewish religion, and it cannot be said that they are in active opposition to Christian Science even when they are orthodox.

Question (by student): Just the other day I heard someone criticize our FirstReader severely, and then said: “We must never be afraid of criticism, but look out for the compliments! Animal magnetism would like to turn our heads with flattery!”

Answer: Yes, one encounters a very critical attitude with some who think they are just being strict Scientists. You don’t have to run around uncovering evil all the time.

And all of us need commendation when it is deserved.

Question (by student): Don’t we sometimes have to guard against being used to unload troubles on?

Answer: Many patients come to you just to pour out their troubles, but insist that they know the Truth. Then when you try to talk Truth to them, they sit there nodding in agreement without getting anything out of what you are saying. A long time ago when I was leaving a town in California where I had given a lecture the night before, a lady sat down next to me in the coach and introduced herself. “I got up early this morning to take the same train,” she said, “because I knew you would have to take this one and I wanted to meet you.” When I said that was very nice of her, she said: “You won’t think so by the time I get through talking!” And I didn’t! She seemed to have had about all the difficulties anybody ever had, and a lot that nobody ever had, and she poured out her troubles for several hours. Finally I said to her: “Now I want you to say a few things for me. Just say ‘God is good.’” “Oh, I know that, Mr. Young!” “Then say it.” “God is good.” “Say it as if you meant it. Say it as though you really knew it and didn’t know anything else.” She was quiet for a few moments, so I pressed her. “If you don’t say it with some expression that shows a measure of realization, I will have to terminate our conversation — and never resume it.”

Well, this woman finally began to say a few things that were true. Gradually I got her to saying only things that were true. Before we got to the end of the trip, she was knowing something instead of just believing. Later she wrote me that she was entirely all right. She had recovered physically and her numerous other troubles had straightened out.

You see, the whole thing was mesmerism, just plain self-mesmerism. There seemed to be no other way to break it. You encounter this sort of thing so frequently with the older workers. They get into a mental rut. Because they know about Science, they think they know Truth, and they don’t hear a thing you say. You’ve got to find some way to jar them out of their rut, to awaken them to realize Truth instead of thinking error. It isn’t always an easy thing to do. And it is not always the pleasantest thing to do.

Another thing you run into is this:

So many of these people say they are not any better, when the evidence is that they are practically well. I have seen more than one case where conditions were vastly improved from the previous month, and yet the patient would be complaining about no improvement. Something has to be done in such cases. Naturally we don’t want them to say there is improvement when there is none. We don’t expect anyone to say the demonstration has been made, when there is no evidence to show that it has been made. But good must be acknowledged whenever it appears, in whatever degree, or no one can go forward. You should be kind, but you should be firm; and sometimes you have to give them a good mental shaking-up. They may feel terribly hurt for the moment; but if it wakes them up, they will see it all right soon. Don’t try to do it all at once, but step by step.

We never get so far along in our Science that any of us cannot profit by going back to the basic facts of being. Sometimes that is the only way that we can gain the ascendancy. I might almost say that is always the only way. The basic facts of the Science of Being are not just for the beginner; they are for each and every one of us; and we cannot return to them too often.

Saturday, August 15 (Twelfth and Last Day)

In the morning, a Christian Scientist may affirm what God and man is. Rise up early and do some work! First affirm what God is, and stay with it so long that you can’t think of anything else. Then if anything else comes up, deal with it from that altitude. Of course, if you work against something, you’ve got something to work against. But handle specific phases of evil if they seem to require handling. Just remember that you can uncover error only as nothing. So if you make a denial, you make it only to gain a realization of God and your oneness with God. The object of denial in treatment is to clarify thought, and the time will come when you will not have to do this. In the education of a Christian Scientist, in order that he may gain the ascendancy, it is sometimes necessary to take cognizance, scientifically and helpfully, of that which has, properly speaking, no existence. Denial springs instinctively from the recognition that God, Mind is infinite, all, the only Mind of you, the only Mind of every creature which lives or seems to live. Establish your day in Mind at the very start, and you will find Mind unfolding its own events harmoniously and successfully throughout the day.

There is one Mind and that is All. Christian Science is the Science of this infinite Mind. The demonstrations of this Science humanly, depend upon the activity of thought, upon thought that is really inspired, thought that really has its inception in the one Mind even though it appears to be your thought or my thought. It has to appear as your thought or my thought; otherwise it could not be available humanly. Yet it does not originate in the mind that is not original, because thoughts that reveal God have their being in the one Mind.

Without any false humility, you can claim that these ideas which come so clearly that they lift us out of a sense of limitation, depression, sorrow, sin and death, have their being in the one infinite Mind, and are the one infinite Mind in expression. That is what made Jesus what he was. Yet he did not claim anything for himself that he would not claim for anyone else.

The Science of Being is like any other science that comes to human beings. It is to be apprehended and used humanly. Its Principle is not obvious to the human race, but it is discernible. It is discerned in the realm of thought and then constitutes the thought.

Humanly speaking, the only “beginning” is our awakening to the self-evident Principle of all things, Mind. Your own thinking is you. You are not a person who thinks. All the good qualities exist in Mind before they are manifested in human character. But it is not enough to manifest divine qualities. You must get beyond that in your thought. You must get the Principle of all things. Then the human manifestation is God saying, “I AM,” in every detail.

We are not here just to learn something. We are doing something here. Science is the law of God to His own creation. Here is the inevitable operation of Principle in an infinite universe and of every idea in that universe; and, as we see this, we are doing something about that universe and every idea in it. A person experiencing something of the I Am that is infinite Mind, is manifesting the law of infinite Mind to its every idea. And this should all have an effect that is universal, if our thinking is big enough to include the universe. We must assume the omnipresence, the omnipotence, the omniscience of our Mind, and take the whole thing in as our thought.

When you take the whole universe in with the dominion of Mind, you will be in exactly the same position that Jesus was when he handled everything. Mortal mind was the same in his time as now. It was the law of mortal mind that there was no way to feed all those people without material food; and yet he fed five thousand with material food, although there wasn’t anything in the way of material food to start with. Because his thought was big enough, the problem diminished to nothing. He knew enough to do it. They had fish and bread. Was it the real thing? They had plenty of it, and it was just as real as your breakfast on the table this morning. They ate food. It would otherwise have been no demonstration.

The means by which that demonstration occurred was Truth. Truth revealed the fact that man does not live by bread alone, but liveth by every word that preceedeth out of the mouth of God. Jesus knew that. He knew that man does not have to eat to live, but that his Life is God, that his source of life is infinite, that all the elements are infinite. So they had all the bread and fish they could eat.

Our book speaks of the action of the divine Mind on human minds and bodies. This action changes what is called human minds and changes what is called human bodies, because the divine Mind, operating through Truth by its own law, changes human consciousness. Human consciousness is all there is to human minds and bodies. In the same way, it changes business by changing the consciousness of those who are working correctly. By changing their sense of business, business begins to change. Business is not objective to you. It is something you think about. All there is to it, is something you know yourself. You have only to get yourself right with the confidence born of Science, the realization of Being now, then to show forth in your business everyday the perfection of Mind carrying it on with vigor and understanding, and even sometimes with what might appear to some people to be determination. The will of God is just as much done in business as anywhere else. It has to be done there.

Question (by student): But people should not come into Science for the loaves and fishes, should they?

Answer: I don’t go much for this notion you hear all the time in the Field. I came for the loaves and fishes, and I got them. Of course we come for the loaves and fishes.

The human being is dissatisfied — he would be a hopeless case if he were not — his dissatisfaction goes on and becomes very acute when he is hungry or when he is suffering. He wants to be fed or to get well, as the case may be. You can’t blame him for that. It is a perfectly legitimate thing to want to be fed and to want to get well. Maybe he has tried just about everything else, then he tries Christian Science, and he expects it to take care of his need.

There is not any more unpleasant disease than lack. The whole world is more or less under that belief, because even those that have millions of dollars are not satisfied. When you say he comes, then, just for the loaves and fishes, that he doesn’t want anything except a little comfort in matter, isn’t that malpractice? Lift him up.

What is it that says the whole world is under the belief of lack? It is fear, animal magnetism, which is all the time warning you against malpractice. The belief is all you have to handle. You don’t have to handle anything but a belief. No matter what it appears to be as malpractice, whether a thousand things or a million, all at one time, it makes no difference. There is nothing but the belief to handle that there is such a thing as a mind apart from God. You don’t have another thing to handle in any instance but the belief. Is there mortal mind? There is only one Mind. That is God.

The belief of a life apart from God, a material existence, is so strong that it resists Truth in almost every human being now and again. The resistance may appear to be things outside of himself, and they frequently do, but all that is going on is error resisting Truth, whether individual or collective. You will see this more and more as you look into human consciousness. You have to take cognizance of the belief that it is collective, or you could not explain many things that occur to people, giving them a good deal of trouble, for which they are in no way responsible. Social difficulties. National difficulties. Probably none of us is responsible for a war, but each one of us gets some of it. There is a universal claim or belief. Something that seems to be outside of our own individuality.

What we have to get to see is this: that the revelation of Christian Science enables us to differentiate between Truth and error, and gives us the power to establish Truth so clearly that the claims of error disappear. Consequently, anything that we do here or have done in the way of divine realization, having its basis in Truth and operating by its law, blesses us and, in some measure, blesses the whole of mankind. We must let our thought everyday extend more and more. We must become broader. Let us get rid of the frontiers of thought, and carry it beyond anything that could be in the way of limitation, knowing that we are the advance guard in the healing and saving of all mankind.

Question (by student): When a belief seems to cause death, wouldn’t that be the death of this belief as well as the belief of death?

Answer: Well, yes. Perhaps. But death is not the event that makes people better off. Science is the only thing that makes people better off.

Question (by student): If man is not material, why try to bring back anyone who dies?

Answer: The unreality of death is not demonstrated by attempting to prolong the

existence of a lie, but is the effort to apprehend Truth. So the purpose of Christian Science is to keep us around here — not because of our physical aspect, but rather in spite of it. Man never dies. We cannot compromise. We must stand all the time for the fact of immortality, and not cease standing. Clearly see and completely convince yourself that there is no death. The essential thing is always Science. The spiritual fact is always the scientific fact, and the spiritual fact is that there is no death. That we are alive at this very moment because God lives, is a fact that we can avail ourselves of in a most practical manner, and help others. If ever in doubt, say: What is Mind knowing? Is Mind passing on? Is progress dependent upon disaster?

Question (by student): They say when anybody passes on, you should work three days for resurrection? (Kimball is alleged to have said this in the Kratzer book, and quite possibly did do so, since old theological precepts prevailed among the early Christian Scientists and with Mrs. Eddy.)

Answer: Well, I don’t know that that is so. We must always stand for Life, and never stop standing for Life.

Question (by student): With all the services provided for in the Manual why is there no funeral service given?

Answer: Funerals are an echo of barbarism. I hope some day there will be no more “Christian Science funerals.” It is not wrong to have a funeral where people want a funeral. We have to go along. We can’t be extreme in such things. Always do the loving thing if there is any question.

Question (by student): Can we handle the belief of birth by handling the belief of death? Aren’t they both the same belief?

Answer: No. Birth, scientifically speaking, is the dawn of understanding. That does not mean that we are going to condemn babies, or that we will not go on having more of them. But we have to save babies by a more scientific demonstration so that human thought shall show forth something that is divine. Science does not destroy, but redeems, the human being. The more absolute you are as to life and death, the better your healing work. The more you understand beginnings and endings, the more you understand that which has no beginning or ending. If you were to ask infinity, “Were you ever born?” infinity would say, “I AM. I have no beginning and no end.”

The average Christian Scientist believes he doesn’t believe in death, but he goes right on believing that everyone “passes on.” passing on and death mean the same thing, even if one expression is a little less harsh than the other. No matter if all are soon to die around you, you have to hold to the fact that there is no death until you arrive — and you have to arrive.

Here was an extraordinary thing — divine Science. Nothing ever happened before that resembled it. Jesus prophesied it. We are engaged in the Science of Christianity and the essential thing always is the Science. People say, “Of course there is no death — but people do pass on!” Life and everything you could associate with ever-living, rests upon self-existence, continuity of being. Thought being one with Principle and acting as that Principle, is the revelation of Life eternal.

Sometimes when things get tiresome the temptation comes to think that death might better conditions. All there is to “passing on” is error. It isn’t legitimate to say we are a little better off. The only thing that makes people better off is Science, whether we like it or not. In accepting the belief of death people are not going to wake up immediately in full-blown spirituality, but continue in belief right where they left off. (Judge Bartelme was seen to shake her head at this.)

As Mrs. Eddy says, it stands to reason that we are not suddenly pardoned and pushed into heaven, but continue in material belief until we learn better. The way of learning is necessarily “suffering or Science.” You can’t get away from that.

Question (by student): If we continue in material belief exactly where we left off, do people go on eating and sleeping and so on after passing on?

Answer: So far as I know. I haven’t been there! But until the human consciousness is redeemed through Science, he goes on thinking materially. Mrs. Eddy says that this sense of human existence wears itself out, and yields itself to Truth. The first thing that happens to a person who has outgrown the old way of thought, is that he turns from human sense. Then he finds Christian Science; and, ultimately, he finds himself. So our Saviour is always the Christ, who saves us from everything unlike God, unlike Life, unlike Truth and Love. Spirit constitutes — that is, expresses itself as — man. Spirit doesn’t die, so man has nothing to die with. These scientific propositions are absolute Truth. We do exist and our existence is God. Even mathematics changes, but Truth never. We exist because God, Life, is self-existent. Then let it exist! Don’t believe there is anything unreal about yourself or anyone else.

Death is always erroneous and never accomplishes anything that is Science. We might die a thousand times and still be no better off, no less material, because that is material thinking. No human being will be without a belief of material body. It isn’t possible for anyone to exist without body. Soul must have expression. Human consciousness must undergo the transforming influence of Science so that Truth discerned supplants error. “Passing on” has nothing to do with being in this room or that room, nothing to do with one here and then we do not know where he is, and it isn’t a relinquishment of corporeality. It is a human belief without anything divine about it. Even when cremated, the human being still has a body. In the only record of anyone ever raising himself (from the dead), Jesus appeared to others after the resurrection as he did before the event. If we thought death would release us from matter, we would welcome it. But that is error. Death is the first and the last enemy. Life or existence in matter, the acceptance of mortality, is “the first death” referred to in the Bible.

You go into a public conveyance, and they wonder how old you are. That means: how long will you last? Even Christian Scientists discuss the ages of their lecturers! Is that a good business for Christian Scientists to be engaged in? It may not be “murder in the first degree,” but it’s murder all right!

And you can’t think, “I’ll treat this patient today and he will get better, but of course some day he will die.” It is essential to have the outlook of infinite Mind.

Treatment isn’t all one-sided; not everything rests with the practitioner. Jesus demanded something of the patient in the way of receptivity, and he detected receptivity where you or I might not see it. He did not demand that they all understand as much as he did, but he looked for that divine influence ever-present in human consciousness which our book speaks of.

When we say that in complete revelation there is no impediment to eternal bliss, we do not mean a material thing. But we must not go on waiting for it all the time. Paul said, “While we wait for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.” Well, if the adoption of your body is the redemption of your body, what are you waiting for? Adopt your body and have your redemption!

If you are a real Christian Scientist, you know that things don’t just happen. Everything going on in the world, or that seems to be going on, must be seen as incidents in the divine order of Science, governed by that Science, controlled by its law. To us, things are not happening in the old sense, but absolutely in the order of divine unfoldment. It is necessary for us to establish the divine consciousness as the natural, primal Principle of all the incidents of life, and let that divine consciousness, or Principle, operate through its law in everything we do and everything that we do humanly. That is the value of Christian Science. This is the way to maintain perfect poise.

Everyone in this class has a big job on his hands. You are beginning to see a mission far beyond anything you had perceived in the old way, and you are seeing that it is your privilege to meet this claim of universal mortal mind and save our world. Christian Science was not an accident. The revelation of Truth did not come by chance. It came because it must come at this time, and it was revealed in the only way it could be revealed. It came that the world might be saved.

As you see this more everyday, you will achieve more of that “peace which passeth understanding.” We must establish harmony, heaven, on earth. We can, through demonstration, all get along together until that perfect day. But when we say the lion and the lamb must lie down together we do not mean with the lamb inside!

We do not have to think of waiting all the time. Today is eternity. There is no beginning or ending to it. Today you must do something, and all you ever have to do is to know. In this knowing today there are no conflicting ideas, nothing going on in the way of selfish interests, nothing contrary to the harmony and peace and love of infinity. This is the unfoldment of all creation. Such an idea of day is immensely helpful if you get it the first thing in the morning. It is not a period of time, but all good accruing to man. This breaks the mesmerism of measurement, blesses man by perpetuating his sense of his divine nature revealing the source and substance and power of his dominion.

One more thing and then we will have a recess. Being members of this class you automatically become members of my Association. I suppose that is satisfactory to all of you! It is not an organization, but just the association of my students. We never had any organization. I don’t believe in that at all. I have appointed a secretary and a treasurer to help make the arrangements for our annual meetings, but that is not an organization. The London meeting is at the same time as ours here in Chicago, and I send them a paper to read over there. The students from England, Switzerland, Sweden and France usually attend the London meeting. But sometimes they get over here for our Chicago gathering. Students from Australia do not always get here, but some come alternate years. It has worked out very well.

Our Chicago meeting this year is very soon — too soon for many of you to get back to Chicago for it. At any rate, you have all had enough to think about for some time I’m sure. So I am going to invite this class to attend next year’s meeting, and then we can all be together.

During the past two weeks I have given each of you a private appointment to discuss your own special questions, so there will be no further appointments for that purpose at this time.


(The students had gotten together and appointed a committee — made up of Mary Bartelme, Elmer Gaites and Arthur Corey — to arrange for flowers for Mr. Young, and the large bunch of red roses was conspicuously displayed on a side table during the last day of the class.)

Closing Address (Uninterrupted by questions):

Christian Science is the Science of God, man and the universe, the revelation of the divine nature brought to humanity in such a way that humanity can begin the demonstration of the divine nature, the Christ.

The basis of all Science, under whatever name it may appear, is Mind. There is no possibility of Science without Mind. There is no natural science in anything postulated on matter. There is actually no “natural science” in that sense, for Science is only mental. That is obvious. Science could not possibly be conceived of without intelligence to conceive and formulate it. The difference, however, between Christian Science and that which is called science, is so great that it not only bears no resemblance, but actually bears no relationship to what is ordinarily called science. Ordinary “science” is dependent upon human thought, dependent upon observation through the senses and the conclusions drawn from such observations. Practically all human science is that — even the science of mathematics (though the science of mathematics is more related to and like metaphysics, and more metaphysical actually, than other human conceptions of science).

Music is sometimes spoken of as similar in certain respects to metaphysics, and is often used in illustrating metaphysics. However, music is not a science in the same way as mathematics, because music isn’t a fixed science as mathematics is. There is nothing about music as a science that might not change with a different conception of music. Art is the thing with music. But mathematics is the same in China as in the United States, while music certainly is not. So we can only see music as an illustration in a certain way. You might say, for instance, about error that a wrong note is no part of harmony, no part of a harmonious chord; that you might seek the meaning of the wrong note forever and never get it; that the only way that you could account for the wrong note would be to play the right one.

The Science of Mind is not the science of human thought calling itself Mind. It is the Science of that infinite, self-existent Entity. But by merely acknowledging its existence we do not thereby explain that Entity. Our existence is unquestionable. Then if we exist there must be existence. And if there is existence, we are acknowledging something that we may not see fully, may not fully explain. But just by existence we are acknowledging that there is existence, and that it must be or we wouldn’t exist. And thereby we are recognizing, by our very existence, that divine and infinite self-existence that we name God, the Mind that is without beginning or end. And this self-existence is self-expressed.

When we see the right idea of God, it doesn’t mean something a long way off from God, but simply constitutes the right idea of God. When we say man reflects God, we do not mean that something entirely unlike God reflects God. Thought that has any relationship to God and that in any way expresses God originates in God. So, when we say that God is Mind, we are saying something that is waking us, that is an awakening to us. And when it becomes more clear to us that we are not merely saying words — the thought itself having its being is the Infinite — it is displacing something that is mere believing. Then we find out something, and this thing has been expressed as “the redeemer of consciousness” — that is, the conscious creature is undergoing this change by which Truth displaces error.

Now in this scientific transition, the practical side and value of it lies in the ability which it gives to make a distinction between that which is Godlike and eternal and that which is temporal, finite and mortal. That is the way education proceeds and goes on in a lessening way. In a lessening way, because the educational process gradually ceases to be that of distinguishing between Truth and error, as more and more a conscious sense of the allness of God is appearing, is the presence of which error gains less and less of a hearing. And this is what goes on if we avail ourselves of our opportunities as we should.

The Science is always one and always perfect. Its law is that of perfection. It is clear that God must be perfect because there could be no meaning to the word God without that idea. And that perfection is divine law. That is a simple statement of divine law: it is always perfection. No other actual law exists, and no other actual law operates. As you see this more and more, you do not hesitate to not only perceive it, but to accept it as the law of your own being. Divine law is primarily natural law, and divine Science is primarily natural Science. Everything in the way of learning, everything in the way of science, art and literature, everything in the way of business, professions, everything that is done or could be done, will feel this redemptive Love; and eventually the whole aspect of human experience will undergo such a change that the human race will appear to be quite different from what it now appears to be.

We ourselves undergo this redemptive process, and our characters change. And when we begin to understand this Science better, the change in our characters will affect our health and our appearance, bringing about desirable changes — restoration where there has been loss or lack of health, abundance where there has been lack. The very kingdom of God on earth!

Everything depends upon this Science, and this Science depends upon understanding. That it may be available to human experience depends upon the understanding of Christian Scientists. When Scientists falter before some demand upon them in the way of mental progress, they need to strengthen themselves by what we have been doing here — that is, by affirmation in words of the exact character and nature of God, they further the recognition of the divine, redemptive, compassionate Christ as their own sense of being.

And there must be the willingness to let Mind reveal itself in such a way that they are not afraid to understand that this Mind is their Mind. This infinite Mind reveals itself in everything, from the infinitesimal to the immeasurable (and “infinitesimal” and “immeasurable” are human expressions, mortal-mind expressions, than which we have nothing better to try and indicate something of the infinity of God’s creation). In the ordinary phase of human existence, we suppose that there are things that appear to be infinitesimal, that there appears to be space immeasurable. So we observe in what is called “the natural universe” a counterfeit of the spiritual universe. Therefore we use these words to perhaps make us realize that infinite creation has all the qualities seen dimly in what we call “the natural world.”

Now, everything is glorifying God. That is the nature of Being. That is to say, no idea exists of itself; it exists because of Principle, because of infinity, because of the Mind that is Love and that is Father-Mother. And that Mind which is Father-Mother is just as tender, just as gentle, just as just, and just as much concerned with every creature in the universe as with Himself. The Being of infinity cannot be less than infinite Love. And infinite Love is infinitely loving. Every creature in the universe is manifesting this divine nature. And there isn’t one idea so infinitesimal (to use a human expression) but that it is glorifying God, because it could not be there or anywhere if it did not represent God.

With that view of things we ourselves are less likely to err in our estimation of one another and of mankind, and less likely to make the mistake of being perhaps severe and of judging severely because things do not measure up to our standard of what we call right conduct.

Nevertheless our standard of right conduct should be adhered to. And it is a high standard, “a glorious high throne,” as the Bible says. So a Christian Scientist is in this position: that if he thinks he is carried off his feet, or if he is tempted to be carried off his feet, to actually think evil of anybody, and perhaps cherish that thought and accept the suggestion of condemnation and enter upon it (either for himself or towards somebody else), he is more of a sinner than the average person; because the very fact that he has this standard of thought and conduct makes him more subject to that evil influence if he indulges it.

For that same reason a Christian Scientist cannot afford to measure any human conduct merely by a human standard. The standard is divine Principle, and it must be maintained in one’s own consciousness. Outwardly and in everyday affairs there is something here to be considered, for if this realization and this requirement should be misinterpreted, it might render a human less valuable as a human being. And that would not be a demonstration. I have seen that happen in business, where businessmen were very capable, very able to distinguish between that which was acceptable and that which was not, very clever at character discernment and discrimination. I have seen some of these men become as “soft” through their interpretation of Christian Science applied, that in a little while they were no good, no good at all, in business, and very often moving on to failure.

But Christian Science works, and does something different from this that is wonderful. As far as our relationship to human beings is concerned, it might make us appear to be less loving than we were before, for the strength that it gives to character makes us appear adamant to the attempts of error to assert itself in any way. We are adamant. We could not consistently be otherwise. In our contact with the world in daily life, the thing that mortal mind respects is that which it sees — strength. As that little humorous magazine Life used to have it: “Be good, but don’t be easy!” One of the things that people finally had to respect in Mrs. Eddy, was that extraordinary strength that they hardly associated with a woman, and for a long time were loathe to acknowledge.

But Mrs. Eddy had that, and she didn’t let mortal mind beat her. Why, in the earliest days, when it tried to take what she had written and misuse it, she fought it out, and she won. Then those people who wanted to misinterpret and misuse her works said: “Why Mrs. Eddy talks love, but she doesn’t manifest any!” Because she didn’t manifest the kind of love that they wanted her to manifest, and permit them to do things that were wrong.

The everyday contact with the world has got to be happy as far as the Christian Scientist is concerned, but there are times when the outward appearance and aspect should be that which mortal mind can understand: a kind of sternness on the exterior, though all right inside, in order that it may stand the outside looking perhaps threatening to one who hopes to put something over in the wrong way.

It is also true with everyday Christian Scientists who don’t encounter the rough and tumble of the business life. For instance, several days ago a man with a pleasing appearance and manner walked into the office of a Christian Science practitioner, and explained that he was a Christian Science lecturer. He said he was not lecturing just now. After a few pleasantries he explained that he was not well acquainted here and asked if the practitioner would oblige him by cashing his check. This practitioner, being an alert Scientist, saw through his deceit and called the police. It developed that this self-styled lecturer was a paroled convict.

Such alertness as this is a demonstration of Christian Science. And if it doesn’t work that way, it is because we are not quite Christian Scientists yet. If we have the realization of Mind, nobody could deceive us anywhere. Love isn’t a mere sentiment. It isn’t even a kind feeling — although a kind feeling would exist with anyone who knew Love. Love is that supreme sense of self-existence of infinite Being that couldn’t possibly be touched by anything that would be contrary to Love.

In all that we do and with all that we see, we cannot too often get back to the basic facts of being — namely, that God, Mind, being All-in-all, is all there is to everything that exists or seems to exist. What you call the material universe, is the divine creation dimly seen and incorrectly interpreted. It matters not how dimly and distorted is the mountain through the mist, it is still the mountain you see, in spite of the mist.

In the demonstration of Christian Science day by day, what you have been asked to do here will be found helpful — that is, something in the way of affirmation and denial. You don’t have to do just that. What is called the letter of Christian Science is essential to the necessary education of Christian Scientists. Nobody should be stuck at the letter of this Science, but it is there to strengthen and support. There are times when just saying things in the way of argument, is the best one can do. But the practice of Christian Science is just divine Mind. Exactly. Our Mind. And the correct way to handle anything is from the standpoint of God — not from the standpoint about God.

Such being the case, the thing that we need to do is not to permit something to influence us that is different from that. In Revelation we read: “Hold fast that which thou hast that no man take thy crown.” If one has the understanding of Mind and learns Truth from the standpoint of omnipotence, as Jesus said he did, then even if somebody of such experience should admonish him that he has Truth in a different way, he ought not to be envious. Still, if you should ever need help, if possible find somebody who works in the same way that you work. Don’t go in an offhand way and pick up some practitioner that you know nothing about and who possibly isn’t working at all as you work, for there is then the belief of some confliction, and the work isn’t so readily or successfully done.

If one is necessary, it is better to obtain a practitioner who has views that correspond in some degree to our own in this matter. This is not clannishness. I don’t mean you are obliged to have one of your own Association. But if a member of your Association was available and you were uncertain of the other at hand, I think this should be something to consider. In selecting a practitioner one should use judgment. And I say selecting a practitioner, because you can’t go at it as a hit and miss proposition, you know. Frankly, there are some practitioners listed in The Christian Science Journal that I wouldn’t have treat me. In fact, if I knew that certain of them were treating me, I’d handle animal magnetism! There was, of course, no provision made for examining practitioners. And if there were, who would examine them? Selecting a practitioner is as much a matter of demonstration as anything else. Certainly not everyone is of the same caliber. Christian Science enables you to discern character, and requires that you discriminate in every single instance, and then act accordingly.

In this work that you are doing do not get a funny kind of a man representing God, but remember that everything you know of God, knowing it as God, knows it as man, and is yourself. This is not a person, but understanding. And this divine and impersonal understanding is the Christ. Therefore the apologetic attitude is impossible in Science, implying as it does belief is the reality of evil. Divine understanding does not know evil.

Anything which associates Christian Science with denomination or in any way would identify it as a denominational belief, is most dangerous. It is not the same. It is the very life and soul of Christianity. Do not talk about the denominations getting together. Christian Science is not a denomination.

Mrs. Eddy says that she used no other book than the Bible when she was progressively experiencing inspiration. That is exactly the fact — progressively experiencing inspiration. A careful perusal of her writings shows that her healing was not sufficient in itself to clarify and formulate her discovery. Through the many editions of Science and Health, we are able to observe the progressive unfoldment of divine omnipotence and to discriminate between the human and what is divine. We also must revise our thoughts day by day to make them more Godlike, in order that the divine omnipotence may be more apparent in perfect healing and the naturalness of divinity is disclosed.

There were many editions of Science and Health. There is no objection to reading them. Mrs. Eddy never put a ban on anything she ever wrote. What she said was to study her recent book. I would not say, “Don’t use this or that book.” Intelligent people will be intelligent with the use of books. Anyone who dared to tell you what to read or what not to read, would clearly be exceeding his authority. That would be invading your mental privacy and usurping your sovereign power to think for yourself and act rightly from the standpoint of demonstration.

When one is ready for Christian Science, Christian Science comes to him. When one is ready, a simple statement of Truth usually suffices, and any attempt to explain more fully seems futile. Those who have reached the same point, will understand without much explanation; while those who have not, could not possibly understand, no matter how elaborate the explanation might be.

Principle, God, inevitably manifests Himself. Therefore the manifestation depends upon our claiming our oneness. This attitude of pure Science should be deeply and prayerfully realized — that is, scientifically, is and as Christian Science. Such an attitude, when gained, has a certain sacredness. That is to say, it is deep within one’s consciousness.

If we acknowledge effects primarily, and that is what the majority of people appear to be doing, we cannot possibly obtain them, because in that way we separate effect from cause. Effects from Principle may be divine and permanent even though they appear to be human and material. Everything that happens in Christian Science, if it is an actual demonstration of Christian Science, is a divine event; and you want to hold it there. It is just as divine an event as if God suddenly projected it into human belief — which He could not do, because it already exists as God.

When cause is understood and demonstrated effects are divine and permanent, even though they appear to be human and material. The reason for this is found in the fact that cause and effect, God and man, exist as one substance and cannot exist otherwise.

In Christian Science, Father is defined as the one, eternal Mind or Life, the Principle that is commonly called God. You must lift that thought above the meaning of the word Father as ordinarily interpreted. It signifies God’s constant interest in His own creation, which he could not possibly cease to have for a moment. Oneness cannot be manifested except as One. And this One, or oneness, of divine Being, is true of both God and body in every way that Mind can signify.

In the measure that Soul is understood, body is explained. Although it is sometimes asserted there isn’t any body, let me remind you again that Science and Health says that Mind does everything for the body. You can use the word substance instead of body if you want to. It means the same thing. And it is a very good way of putting it, it seems to me.

If you find a Christian Scientist who knows absolutely what body is, you find a practitioner who works unfailingly. Because Soul is infinite, it is just as much our individual Soul as when we thought Soul was supposed to be indwelling in the body. Our Soul is not divorced from body ever. This is one of the very metaphysical phases of Science that we perhaps talk too much about. You don’t teach Sunday school children what body is; you teach them what God is. There is nothing mysterious about Christian Science; but, without adequate explanation given, it seems mysterious. There is nothing mysterious about Truth except to those who don’t understand Truth. I don’t think I’d discuss the subject of body with students of other associations.

Idea is the real body. Man and body are the one infinite idea. The human sense of things is that of a material body. The only thing wrong with everybody is matter; but if you go to matter to find out what is the matter, why then everything is matter! In the measure that inspiration and Science co-ordinate and explain to one what body actually is, in that measure you find that you demonstrate that body which is perfect. But you never do this by thinking of the imperfect body, or by thinking of matter, or by treating matter. Christian Science work is purely metaphysical. You deal wholly with belief and never with matter. Knowing the Truth is man, and that is body.

In the handling of sin, we are successful in the exact ratio that mortal mind is seen to be the basic error. And the error is neither Mind nor body. Mrs. Eddy says that the greatest wrong is but a supposititious opposite of the highest right. Mortal mind is that greatest wrong. She says that the world is even now becoming the arena for conflicting forces of discord and dismay, but that all errors will eventually yield to understanding and Spirit reign. The sins — dishonesty, hypocrisy, falsehood, sensuality, envy, hate, revenge, lust, etcetera — may be humanly classified as sins, and if they are not checked they will fulfill the things of mortal mind. The sole object of analyzing evil is that we may be enlightened to see and prove the nothingness of evil.

It has been said that we have failed in our effort to prevent war, but this is not true. We are not primarily engaged in the preventing of war, but in the demonstration of Spirit, Principle. What is called war seems to involve so much of what is called mortal mind, and so much of what we call mortals that, unless we are exceedingly alert, we could do little about it. Thought must never be permitted to take on the character of a mental conflict — as it would if it were of that early type of worker who was all affirmation and denial. Wisdom must be exercised in entering into anything in the nature of a conflict.

The Christian Scientist recognizes a power that others know nothing of, and even though this is not fully understood, the iteration and reiteration does something for the Scientist that cannot be understood by other people. It is most important for us to remember this.

Gaining more of the dominion that belongs to man, thought expands more and more, and consciousness includes what is called the universe and their dim perception of this is what the astronomers call the expanding universe. Mortal mind, interpreting things erroneously, is dismayed by them. But such interpretations are mere assumptions based upon things wholly material.

The dominion of man is appearing more and more as we increasingly understand it.


About the Author

Bicknell Young was an outstanding teacher and lecturer during the early years of the movement. Reading his papers is like sitting down and having a long talk with a very fine practitioner and teacher. As a rule, his papers are not focused on any special subject, but cover a wide range of information that answer many questions one has about Christian Science. Mr. Young was often very absolute in his teaching, and yet very practical in his insistence on our demonstrating this Science.

He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1856 — the youngest of eleven children. His father, Joseph Young, was a brother of Brigham Young, and his family was prominent in the Mormon church.

As a boy, Bicknell Young was a brilliant student. He was also gifted with a beautiful voice and a natural talent for music. He studied voice and piano with the best teachers in Salt Lake City, before traveling abroad to study. In 1879, he was granted admission to the National School of Music and then the Royal College of Music, both in London, England. While at the Royal College, he met Eliza Mazzucato, a talented and cultured woman whose grandfather was Alberto Mazzucato, of Milan, Italy. Alberto was a composer and the director for many years of La Scala, the Conservatory of Music in Milan. During his tenure, La Scala became the center for gatherings of many young composers from all over Europe.

While studying piano in London, Elisa taught music and on occasion was an accompanist for the Swedish soprano, Jenny Lind. After Mr. Young completed his training, he and Elisa were married. They later had three sons.

Mr. Young’s career included concerts and operas. While in London he performed several times before the Prince of Wales. Reviews gave highest praise for his performances.

Mr. and Mrs. Young left England in 1885 to open a music school in Salt Lake City. They remained there for the next two years holding classes and giving concerts. The review of one of Mr. Young’s performances in The Salt Lake Tribune reports: “The house was awed to silence by his masterly rendition of this glorious piece of vocalization. His rich, resonant rounded notes came forth with a purity and sweetness and cadence that always bespeaks at once the greatness of the artist.”

The talents of Mr. and Mrs. Young brought unusual style and grace to Salt Lake City. But despite the adulation of the music patrons there, the couple moved to Omaha, Nebraska, and then, in 1890, to Chicago, Illinois. The Youngs were widely acclaimed as both teachers and performers. They held chairs at the Auborium Conservatory, and toured the country giving concerts.

Shortly after arriving in Chicago, Mr. Young became gravely ill. When the doctors were unable to help him, someone referred him to a Christian Science practitioner, and he was completely healed. As a result, Mr. and Mrs. Young took up the study of Christian Science. Although raised in the Mormon faith, Mr. Young separated himself from the church at an early age and claimed to be an agnostic until his healing in Christian Science.

The Youngs became members of First Church in Chicago, where Mr. Young was appointed soloist. When Second Church, Chicago, was organized they transferred their membership, and Mr. Young was elected First Reader. In 1895, the Youngs had Primary Class with Edward Kimball, and Mr. Young was appointed Committee on Publication for Illinois. In 1901, they attended Mr. Kimball’s Normal Classand Mr. Young became a teacher. During the 1890s, his mother and many of his sisters and relatives were converted to Christian Science. His mother was a member of his first class.

In 1903, he was appointed to the Board of Lectureship. From then until 1928 Mr. Young lectured throughout the world, except for the three years when he was First Reader of The Mother Church (1917-1920). Mr. Young lectured in the Albert Hall in London to 9,900 people. He was the first lecturer to make a round-the-world tour.

In 1909 Mrs. Eddy requested the Youngs to take up residence in England, and they remained there for four years, visiting every church and society in the European Field. He returned briefly to Boston to teach the Normal Class of 1910. He resigned from the Lecture Board in 1927, but he was recalled four years later and served until 1936. In 1937 he again taught the Normal Class. At the time of his passing in 1938, he was known as the “Dean of Christian Science Teachers.”