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Chapter 4 – Addresses – Science And The Senses

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         Substance of my Address at the National Convention in Chicago,

             June 13, 1888

9     The National Christian Scientist Association has

         brought us together to minister and to be ministered

         unto; mutually to aid one another in finding ways and

12    means for helping the whole human family; to quicken

         and extend the interest already felt in a higher mode of

         medicine; to watch with eager joy the individual growth

15    of Christian Scientists, and the progress of our common

         Cause in Chicago, — the miracle of the Occident. We

         come to strengthen and perpetuate our organizations

18    and institutions; and to find strength in union, — strength

         to build up, through God’s right hand, that pure and

         undefiled religion whose Science demonstrates God and

21    the perfectibility of man. This purpose is immense,

         and it must begin with individual growth, a “consum-

         mation devoutly to be wished.” The lives of all re-

24    formers attest the authenticity of their mission, and call

         the world to acknowledge its divine Principle. Truly

         is it written: —

27          “Thou must be true thyself, if thou the truth would’st teach;

            Thy heart must overflow, if thou another’s heart would’st


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1     Science is absolute and final. It is revolutionary in

         its very nature; for it upsets all that is not upright.

3     It annuls false evidence, and saith to the five material

         senses, “Having eyes ye see not, and ears ye hear not;

         neither can you understand.” To weave one thread of

6     Science through the looms of time, is a miracle in itself.

         The risk is stupendous. It cost Galileo, what? This

         awful price: the temporary loss of his self-respect. His

9     fear overcame his loyalty; the courage of his convictions

         fell before it. Fear is the weapon in the hands of


12    Men and women of the nineteenth century, are you

         called to voice a higher order of Science? Then obey

         this call. Go, if you must, to the dungeon or the scaf-

15    fold, but take not back the words of Truth. How many

         are there ready to suffer for a righteous cause, to stand

         a long siege, take the front rank, face the foe, and be

18    in the battle every day?

         In no other one thing seemed Jesus of Nazareth more

         divine than in his faith in the immortality of his words.

21    He said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my

         words shall not pass away;” and they have not. The

         winds of time sweep clean the centuries, but they can

24    never bear into oblivion his words. They still live, and

         to-morrow speak louder than to-day. They are to-day

         as the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Make

27    straight God’s paths; make way for health, holiness,

         universal harmony, and come up hither.” The gran-

         deur of the word, the power of Truth, is again casting

30    out evils and healing the sick; and it is whispered, “This

         is Science.”

         Jesus taught by the wayside, in humble homes. He

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1     spake of Truth and Love to artless listeners and dull

         disciples. His immortal words were articulated in a

3     decaying language, and then left to the providence of

         God. Christian Science was to interpret them; and

         woman, “last at the cross,” was to awaken the dull senses,

6     intoxicated with pleasure or pain, to the infinite mean-

         ing of those words.

         Past, present, future, will show the word and might of

9     Truth — healing the sick and reclaiming the sinner —

         so long as there remains a claim of error for Truth to

         deny or to destroy. Love’s labors are not lost. The

12    five personal senses, that grasp neither the meaning nor

         the magnitude of self-abnegation, may lose sight thereof;

         but Science voices unselfish love, unfolds infinite good,

15    leads on irresistible forces, and will finally show the fruits

         of Love. Human reason is inaccurate; and the scope

         of the senses is inadequate to grasp the word of Truth,

18    and teach the eternal.

         Science speaks when the senses are silent, and then

         the evermore of Truth is triumphant. The spiritual mon-

21    itor understood is coincidence of the divine with the

         human, the acme of Christian Science. Pure humanity,

         friendship, home, the interchange of love, bring to earth

24    a foretaste of heaven. They unite terrestrial and celes-

         tial joys, and crown them with blessings infinite.

         The Christian Scientist loves man more because he

27    loves God most. He understands this Principle, — Love.

         Who is sufficient for these things? Who remembers that

         patience, forgiveness, abiding faith, and affection, are

30    the symptoms by which our Father indicates the dif-

         ferent stages of man’s recovery from sin and his en-

         trance into Science? Who knows how the feeble lips

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1     are made eloquent, how hearts are inspired, how heal-

         ing becomes spontaneous, and how the divine Mind is

3     understood and demonstrated? He alone knows these

         wonders who is departing from the thraldom of the

         senses and accepting spiritual truth, — that which blesses

6     its adoption by the refinement of joy and the dismissal of


         Christian Science and the senses are at war. It is a

9     revolutionary struggle. We already have had two in

         this nation; and they began and ended in a contest for

         the true idea, for human liberty and rights. Now cometh

12    a third struggle; for the freedom of health, holiness, and

         the attainment of heaven.

         The scientific sense of being which establishes har-

15    mony, enters into no compromise with finiteness and

         feebleness. It undermines the foundations of mortality,

         of physical law, breaks their chains, and sets the captive

18    free, opening the doors for them that are bound.

         He who turns to the body for evidence, bases his con-

         clusions on mortality, on imperfection; but Science saith

21    to man, “God hath all-power.”

         The Science of omnipotence demonstrates but one

         power, and this power is good, not evil; not matter,

24    but Mind. This virtually destroys matter and evil, in-

         cluding sin and disease.

         If God is All, and God is good, it follows that all

27    must be good; and no other power, law, or intelligence

         can exist. On this proof rest premise and conclusion in

         Science, and the facts that disprove the evidence of the

30    senses.

         God is individual Mind. This one Mind and His

         individuality comprise the elements of all forms and

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         individualities, and prophesy the nature and stature of

         Christ, the ideal man.

3     A corporeal God, as often defined by lexicographers

         and scholastic theologians, is only an infinite finite being,

         an unlimited man, — a theory to me inconceivable. If

6     the unlimited and immortal Mind could originate in a

         limited body, Mind would be chained to finity, and the

         infinite forever finite.

9     In this limited and lower sense God is not personal.

         His infinity precludes the possibility of corporeal person-

         ality. His being is individual, but not physical.

12    God is like Himself and like nothing else. He is uni-

         versal and primitive. His character admits of no degrees

         of comparison. God is not part, but the whole. In His

15    individuality I recognize the loving, divine Father-Mother

         God. Infinite personality must be incorporeal.

         God’s ways are not ours. His pity is expressed in

18    modes above the human. His chastisements are the

         manifestations of Love. The sympathy of His eternal

         Mind is fully expressed in divine Science, which blots

21    out all our iniquities and heals all our diseases. Human

         pity often brings pain.

         Science supports harmony, denies suffering, and de-

24    stroys it with the divinity of Truth. Whatever seems mate-

         rial, seems thus only to the material senses, and is but the

         subjective state of mortal and material thought.

27    Science has inaugurated the irrepressible conflict be-

         tween sense and Soul. Mortal thought wars with this

         sense as one that beateth the air, but Science outmasters

30    it, and ends the warfare. This proves daily that “one

         on God’s side is a majority.”

         Science defines omnipresence as universality, that which

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1     precludes the presence of evil. This verity annuls the tes-

         timony of the senses, which say that sin is an evil power,

3     and substance is perishable. Intelligent Spirit, Soul, is

         substance, far more impregnable and solid than matter; for

         one is temporal, while the other is eternal, the ultimate

6     and predicate of being.

         Mortality, materiality, and destructive forces, such as

         sin, disease, and death, mortals virtually name substance;

9     but these are the substance of things not hoped for. For

         lack of knowing what substance is, the senses say vaguely:

         “The substance of life is sorrow and mortality; for who

12    knoweth the substance of good?” In Science, form and

         individuality are never lost, thoughts are outlined, indi-

         vidualized ideas, which dwell forever in the divine Mind

15    as tangible, true substance, because eternally conscious.

         Unlike mortal mind, which must be ever in bondage,

         the eternal Mind is free, unlimited, and knows not the

18    temporal.

         Neither does the temporal know the eternal. Mortal

         man, as mind or matter, is neither the pattern nor Maker

21    of immortal man. Any inference of the divine derived

         from the human, either as mind or body, hides the actual

         power, presence, and individuality of God.

24    Jesus’ personality in the flesh, so far as material sense

         could discern it, was like that of other men; but Science

         exchanges this human concept of Jesus for the divine

27    ideal, his spiritual individuality that reflected the Im-

         manuel, or “God with us.” This God was not outlined.

         He was too mighty for that. He was eternal Life, infinite

30    Truth and Love. The individuality is embraced in Mind,

         therefore is forever with the Father. Hence the Scrip-

         ture, “I am a God at hand, saith the Lord.” Even while

Page 104

1     his personality was on earth and in anguish, his individual

         being, the Christ, was at rest in the eternal harmony.

3     His unseen individuality, so superior to that which was

         seen, was not subject to the temptations of the flesh, to

         laws material, to death, or the grave. Formed and gov-

6     erned by God, this individuality was safe in the substance

         of Soul, the substance of Spirit, — yea, the substance of

         God, the one inclusive good.

9     In Science all being is individual; for individuality is

         endless in the calculus of forms and numbers. Herein

         sin is miraculous and supernatural; for it is not in the

12    nature of God, and good is forever good. Accord-

         ing to Christian Science, perfection is normal, — not

         miraculous. Clothed, and in its right Mind, man’s

15    individuality is sinless, deathless, harmonious, eternal.

         His materiality, clad in a false mentality, wages feeble

         fight with his individuality, — his physical senses with

18    his spiritual senses. The latter move in God’s grooves

         of Science: the former revolve in their own orbits, and

         must stand the friction of false selfhood until self-

21    destroyed.

         In obedience to the divine nature, man’s individuality

         reflects the divine law and order of being. How shall

24    we reach our true selves? Through Love. The Prin-

         ciple of Christian Science is Love, and its idea represents

         Love. This divine Principle and idea are demonstrated,

27    in healing, to be God and the real man.

         Who wants to be mortal, or would not gain the true

         ideal of Life and recover his own individuality? I will

30    love, if another hates. I will gain a balance on the side of

         good, my true being. This alone gives me the forces of

         God wherewith to overcome all error. On this rests the

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1     implicit faith engendered by Christian Science, which

         appeals intelligently to the facts of man’s spirituality, in-

3     dividuality, to disdain the fears and destroy the discords

         of this material personality.

         On our Master’s individual demonstrations over sin,

6     sickness, and death, rested the anathema of priesthood

         and the senses; yet this demonstration is the foundation

         of Christian Science. His physical sufferings, which

9     came from the testimony of the senses, were over when

         he resumed his individual spiritual being, after showing

         us the way to escape from the material body.

12    Science would have no conflict with Life or common

         sense, if this sense were consistently sensible. Man’s real

         life or existence is in harmony with Life and its glorious

15    phenomena. It upholds being, and destroys the too

         common sense of its opposites — death, disease, and sin.

         Christian Science is an everlasting victor, and vanquish-

18    ment is unknown to the omnipresent Truth. I must ever

         follow this line of light and battle.

         Christian Science is my only ideal; and the individual

21    and his ideal can never be severed. If either is misunder-

         stood or maligned, it eclipses the other with the shadow

         cast by this error.

24    Truth destroys error. Nothing appears to the physi-

         cal senses but their own subjective state of thought. The

         senses join issue with error, and pity what has no right

27    either to be pitied or to exist, and what does not exist in

         Science. Destroy the thought of sin, sickness, death, and

         you destroy their existence. “Whatsoever a man soweth,

30    that shall he also reap.”

         Because God is Mind, and this Mind is good, all

         is good and all is Mind. God is the sum total of the

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1     universe. Then what and where are sin, sickness, and


3     Christian Science and Christian Scientists will, must,

         have a history; and if I could write the history in poor

         parody on Tennyson’s grand verse, it would read

6     thus: —

         Traitors to right of them,

         M. D.’s to left of them,

9         Priestcraft in front of them,

         Volleyed and thundered!

         Into the jaws of hate,

12        Out through the door of Love,

         On to the blest above,

         Marched the one hundred.

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