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Chapter 4 – Addresses – Christian Science In Tremont Temple

From Miscellaneous Writings by

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         FROM the platform of the Monday lectureship in

3     Tremont Temple, on Monday, March 16, 1885, as

         will be seen by what follows, Reverend Mary Baker G.

         Eddy was presented to Mr. Cook’s audience, and allowed

6     ten minutes in which to reply to his public letter con-

         demning her doctrines; which reply was taken in full by

         a shorthand reporter who was present, and is transcribed

9     below.

         Mrs. Eddy responding, said: —

         As the time so kindly allotted me is insufficient for

12    even a synopsis of Christian Science, I shall confine my-

         self to questions and answers.

         Am I a spiritualist?

15    I am not, and never was. I understand the impossi-

         bility of intercommunion between the so-called dead and

         living. There have always attended my life phenomena

18    of an uncommon order, which spiritualists have mis-

         called mediumship; but I clearly understand that no

         human agencies were employed, — that the divine Mind

21    reveals itself to humanity through spiritual law. And

         to such as are “waiting for the adoption, to wit, the re-

         demption of our body,” Christian Science reveals the in-

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1     finitude of divinity and the way of man’s salvation from

         sickness and death, as wrought out by Jesus, who robbed

3     the grave of victory and death of its sting. I understand

         that God is an ever-present help in all times of trouble, —

         have found Him so; and would have no other gods, no

6     remedies in drugs, no material medicine.

         Do I believe in a personal God?

         I believe in God as the Supreme Being. I know not

9     what the person of omnipotence and omnipresence is,

         or what the infinite includes; therefore, I worship that

         of which I can conceive, first, as a loving Father and

12    Mother; then, as thought ascends the scale of being to

         diviner consciousness, God becomes to me, as to the

         apostle who declared it, “God is Love,” — divine Prin-

15    ciple, — which I worship; and “after the manner of my

         fathers, so worship I God.”

         Do I believe in the atonement of Christ?

18    I do; and this atonement becomes more to me since

         it includes man’s redemption from sickness as well as

         from sin. I reverence and adore Christ as never before.

21    It brings to my sense, and to the sense of all who en-

         tertain this understanding of the Science of God, a whole


24    How is the healing done in Christian Science?

         This answer includes too much to give you any con-

         clusive idea in a brief explanation. I can name some

27    means by which it is not done.

         It is not one mind acting upon another mind; it is

         not the transference of human images of thought to

30    other minds; it is not supported by the evidence before

         the personal senses, — Science contradicts this evidence;

         it is not of the flesh, but of the Spirit. It is Christ come

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1     to destroy the power of the flesh; it is Truth over error;

         that understood, gives man ability to rise above the evi-

3     dence of the senses, take hold of the eternal energies of

         Truth, and destroy mortal discord with immortal har-

         mony, — the grand verities of being. It is not one mortal

6     thought transmitted to another’s thought from the human

         mind that holds within itself all evil.

         Our Master said of one of his students, “He is a devil,”

9     and repudiated the idea of casting out devils through

         Beelzebub. Erring human mind is by no means a de-

         sirable or efficacious healer. Such suppositional healing

12    I deprecate. It is in no way allied to divine power. All

         human control is animal magnetism, more despicable

         than all other methods of treating disease.

15    Christian Science is not a remedy of faith alone, but

         combines faith with understanding, through which we

         may touch the hem of His garment; and know that om-

18    nipotence has all power. “I am the Lord, and there is

         none else, there is no God beside me.”

         Is there a personal man?

21    The Scriptures inform us that man was made in the

         image and likeness of God. I commend the Icelandic

         translation: “He created man in the image and likeness

24    of Mind, in the image and likeness of Mind created

         He him.” To my sense, we have not seen all of man;

         he is more than personal sense can cognize, who is the

27    image and likeness of the infinite. I have not seen a

         perfect man in mind or body, — and such must be the

         personality of him who is the true likeness: the lost

30    image is not this personality, and corporeal man is this

         lost image; hence, it doth not appear what is the real

         personality of man. The only cause for making this

Page 98

1     question of personality a point, or of any importance, is

         that man’s perfect model should be held in mind, whereby

3     to improve his present condition; that his contemplation

         regarding himself should turn away from inharmony, sick-

         ness, and sin, to that which is the image of his Maker.

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