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Watching Point 79

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79 — WATCH lest you accept one of the four suggestions which handled the five foolish virgins: (1) That man’s spiritual light was once lit, but now it has gone out. (2) That it is possible for it ever to go out. (3) That man’s supply of spiritual oil that comes from infinite Mind can be limited.

(4) That it is possible to enter into a permanent consciousness of the Christ as the true selfhood of man, through the light that is borrowed from another.

In reality the five foolish virgins had unlimited spiritual oil given them by God; hence it must have been mesmerism that deceived them into believing that it was limited. The solution to their problem certainly was not to borrow oil, since God’s demand is that each one gain for himself the recognition of where the oil comes from. Error can never rob anyone of his spiritual understanding. It can only suggest that he has lost it, or that it has given out. Before mortal man will lose his mortality, he must learn to protect himself and stand guard against such a false belief.

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