Association Addresses

by Bicknell Young

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Association Address for 1910

The greatest need of the Christian Scientists today is to become thoroughly Christianized. They possess a measure of Christian knowledge and the power of demonstrating it. To them, much is given and consequently of them much is required. Their responsibilities are individual and universal and cannot be delegated or ignored. They can heal the sick and overcome evil in any and every form. They can bring to light proper and legitimate business, and they can carry it on successfully. They can lessen the seeming influence and presence of evil and even overcome it. They can demonstrate Christian Science. Wherever they may be and whatever they may be doing, the demand upon them is that they shall demonstrate it.

As students, we have learned of the power and presence which is good. We have learned that there is no other power or presence. We may rely upon our knowledge and we should do so with absolute confidence. That knowledge is not a person. It is not personal. It is not our personality nor that of some other man or woman. The knowledge of God is our individuality which is being awakened through Christ. Christ is Truth, truth about God, man and the universe; and in order to have the proof of that truth, there must be the practical application of it to the material belief or claim concerning the universe and man.

One needs to do very little in a personal way in order to accomplish the greatest possible good for mankind. In fact, the work of a Christian Scientist is one of impersonal endeavor. Nothing that he could do personally would add or take away one jot from the law or power or substance of the universe.

Our textbook declares: “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” All power, law, substance, action, and presence are in and of Mind.

In the endeavor to proceed along the line of pure Science, some pitfalls seem to spread for the unwary, and these we should be warned against. Perceiving that Christian Science is no respecter of persons, the student needs to see clearly what that means. It is true that Christian Science is in the realm of thought, not of persons or matter, but the student of Christian Science must perceive that a sense of personality is not to be overcome, either in himself or in others, by becoming so disgusted with personality as to loathe it; and that to entertain a sense or feeling of disgust towards any such belief or beliefs, tends to perpetuate personal sense by making it appear real.

We must eventually perceive that personality, including all that relates to it, is merely a false concept of something which is true, and that a false concept can be dissipated only by a true concept. Neither disgust nor hate can eliminate a mistake, but Science can and will do so.

Personality can be real only in relation to infinity, and we do not know what that may mean, and can never know except by understanding the ideas which reveal infinity.

I must remind you again that knowledge is not a large mass of anything or something. It consists solely of ideas, and these ideas and their activity are reflection, man.

Let me mention two other phases of erroneous belief which tend to retard progress. One of these is seen in the instance where a pretty clear understanding of Christian Science is gained and then becomes darkened to some extent by an assumption of superiority or of great knowledge. The other is seen where a false concept of humility appears. These are opposite phases of belief, but they have a common belief of origin in fear, due to misunderstanding of the true operation of Science. In the first instance, the error may be augmented by the common tendency to seek a hero, a tendency sometimes seen even among Christian Scientists. Human thought is still much like Israel of old which insisted upon having a king to rule over them, and as a consequence got Saul.

Orthodox theology seems largely responsible for the second phase of belief, a remnant of which may sometimes be found even among Christian Scientists by maintaining a wrong sense of religion and calling it humility.

All these exaggerated forms of belief should be avoided both in ourselves and in others. We are not doing our best for others by encouraging their conceit or their ignorance.

We must remember that the new birth appears through Christ and continues through Christ. Remember also that so long as thought of personality is aroused, even by the use of the word “Christ,” so long indeed as you think of Jesus whenever you hear the word “Christ,” just so long as you are ignorant of Christ. Christ is Truth. True or correct ideas appearing as consciousness and dissipating wrong beliefs, constitute the healing and saving Christ. You must rapidly reach the point of spiritual perception wherein the word “Christ” never arouses a thought of any personality, not even that of Jesus, for that is exactly what he enjoined.

Understanding is heaven. Understanding is also man. Dominion and healing unction are spontaneous and natural and inevitable to understanding. It is only a mortal who thinks he has understanding that ever becomes conceited or humble in an improper sense. Understanding is naturally confident and naturally humble, but does not stop to think that it is either one. It does not think of itself.

Another thing which retards progress is holding on to a personal sense of Christian Science in such a manner as to make it, or rather endeavor to make it, an adjunct to our education. Now, Christian Science is Christian knowledge, Christ knowledge. It is above all, and is all in all. It is not a part of one’s education, but all of it, for it includes all real knowledge, and in the domain of human learning, sifts the false from the true. This fact discerned does not justify us in being ignorant of human history events but enables us to place them in their right categories and to perceive their metaphysical import, which is indeed their sole value. Really, Christian Scientists should be the most accurately informed of all persons and the most mentally alert.

What one knows of Principle, substance, law, constitutes his true selfhood. Personal sense involving either conceit or false humility is always a condition of fear.

Man is mental, a state of receptivity, responsiveness, appreciation and poise. Knowledge alone is doing things.

In order that our healing work shall not be prevented nor interfered with, we must necessarily grow in the demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science. Mortal mind claims to be advancing, and even asserting itself as advancing, in the subtle beliefs and practices of evil mental influence. This claim is met in Christian Science practice by the fact that man, the image of God, is reflection, and is consequently infinite progression.

True ideas spring from the very throne of grace and are naturally buoyant, always seeking the altitude of their divine source. Thus, the demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science is ever at hand, like the kingdom of Heaven. It is an inalienable right. It belongs to every Christian Scientist. It belongs to you as a right. It must be first claimed and then exercised.

Communion with God is more natural than breathing, for breathing, as humanly understood, is a material function, while communion with God, with good, is the divine and inevitable provision for man. Indeed in a certain proper sense, communion with God is man.

Opportunity is then natural and ever present. You have always the opportunity to demonstrate Christian Science, and with that opportunity, coincident with it indeed, are all power and law and availability.

Principle, power, law and opportunity are all that we need, and we don’t even need them because they are omnipresent. God does not know a need, but is infinite supply; “While they are yet speaking, I will answer.” (Isa. 65:24)

Wherever God is, there also is man. Wherever man is, there is God expressed, for man is the expression of God. It is the recognition of this inseparable relationship which is essential in true Christian Science practice.

You are not to treat a sick man, or woman, or child; you are not to believe that disease and sin are realities which may be removed by treatment. You are not even to accept the suggestion that man believes himself to be sick. You are to know that man is forever well and knows that he is well, and you are to eliminate the beliefs which depict themselves as disease or sin, or as man having disease or tendencies or capacities of mind or body with which to sin, or know or experience disease.

In every instance, it is belief which is to be overcome, and the field of endeavor is your own thought, or what is ordinarily called your consciousness. There you handle the false claims and all that claims to be the patient’s thought or belief, knowing well that you are not healing a patient but that you are eliminating a false belief which is without a believer or person or any law or substance. You must fully get rid of the belief that one person is healing another, or trying to do so. You need not fear to leave yourself out of the treatment, and indeed, the chances are that unless you do so, it would have little value. It is equally wise to say you need not fear to leave the patient out of the treatment and that to retain a sense of a personal patient only adds to the claim. Here, however, one should avoid indefiniteness or vagueness. A belief of disease or sin is a specific belief or many specific beliefs, as the case may be, and there must be specific thought operating as law through a Christian Science treatment in order to offset the belief or beliefs.

There is nothing more in a treatment than that which is clearly and consciously put in it. No person is either helpful or helped by striving for a state of emotional altitude. Clear thinking is in accordance with Principle, Mind. When you give a treatment, reason accurately; meet every belief as mere fear. While there is no occasion to think of yourself or of the patient, yet you must not ignore the different phases of belief or fear which claim to be patient or pain or belief that would assert themselves as claims of pain or disease.

Clearly then, Christian Science healing is the action of pure knowledge; consequently, one of the most important things for the practitioner to do is to declare that he can heal the sick, simply because all that is real or true about him is the understanding of God which necessarily heals. Furthermore, malpractice is constantly declaring that Christian Science cannot heal and shall not heal; and this malicious effort, claiming to have mentality and mental influence, must be met.

At present, when handling serious cases or what are considered to be incurable diseases, practitioners have found it necessary to meet all phases of malpractice by a well-defined, clear and detailed mental argument resulting in a sense of peace, freedom, certainty and dominion.

From much experience, I am convinced that rarely is a student as spiritually-minded as to rise in one thought above all the beliefs of malpractice and thus avoid or obviate the necessity for a treatment in detail in reference to malpractice. Therefore, I am convinced that the full and clear handling of the belief of malpractice is the safe way. Remember, however, that all error is belief or illusion. Never permit any statement in your treatment which would give the remotest semblance of reality to malpractice. It is always belief without a believer, and even when that belief, clearly uncovered, brings to light a malpractitioner, it is still belief without a believer.

Always handle the fear of malpractice by clearly seeing that there is only one Mind, and that therefore, the belief of many minds is only illusion, and all the beliefs of malicious mental influence are illusions, since there can be no such thing as thought transference for there is only one Mind.

Your treatment is worthy of respect and honor. You need have no sense of false modesty concerning it. It is the very word of God. It is God with you. Honor your treatment, and give it glory and power, for it is the presence of God. Understanding your treatment, in this way, you will give better treatments as you go along day by day.

The demand upon us is that we shall break the claims of inertia and stagnation. These phases of belief are nothing but malpractice. You cannot be stagnated mesmerically or hypnotically; and in your daily work, I advise you to so declare.

It is also well for you to understand that you cannot be prevented from doing all the good which you are capable of doing, and let me add that you are capable of doing good infinitely. It is not necessary for me to remind you that I urge upon my students the necessity for sane and sensible thought and action. I should consider it wicked to arouse a wrong or ambitious desire in your hearts. On the other hand, do not permit any form of error to prevent you from doing good. Do not permit your most commendable modesty to be used against your progress and demonstration. I have never felt that it is necessary for my students to get into offices in churches. I believe that they have been glad to avoid any temptation which would lead them to desire office or official work. I hope that they will continue to be discreet in this respect. On the other hand, do not mentally accept any suggestion derogatory to your power to do good.

You are loving, and therefore, you are strong, and you must so affirm. In our textbook, we learn that Love is the only power in the universe. You can therefore do your work with great confidence. In the face of every belief or argument of error which would claim to restrict your activity, you may remember the promise in the Bible: “My grace is sufficient for thee.” (II Cor. 12:9) That is, the knowledge of God is sufficient to meet every belief or claim.

Such treatment is unlabored. It is not necessary to make a great mental effort. On the contrary, it is a mistake to do so. You will sometimes hear a student say that he cannot concentrate in his mind. The only Mind there is requires no concentration. When it is perceived clearly that the one Mind is our Mind, the student will fall into natural and scientific habit of consecutive and logical thought. He will know that such thought does not originate in the belief that brains have intelligence, but comes from the divine Mind. Such thought will be recognized as possessing inherent power. It could not possibly be made more powerful by an effort of the will or of the brain, nor by any other effort. It simply is God’s presence and must be God’s manifestation. Treating in this manner, fatigue becomes impossible; whereas making an effort of the brain at what is called concentration is quite frequently attended with unnatural sleepiness and fatigue.

Do not accept the suggestion that you cannot heal the sick or make any other proper and necessary demonstration. Remember what it is that does the work.

Avoid unwise or unscientific remarks. There is much gossip among Christian Scientists. I ask you to avoid it and refuse to be drawn into it. Talk or even thought about people is useless, and generally speaking, it adds to their beliefs of burdens. Never mention patients to other patients or at all. Let your ethics be at least as pure as those of the medical and legal professions. Avoid any remark which might tend to discourage or which might promote fear. Even when visiting with each other, let your conversation be on the right side. It is your business to help people into heaven, not to retard their course thitherward.

No evil prophecy should ever come from any part of a Christian Scientist’s thought.

Even if it were true that pride or some other sin were at the root of some belief of suffering, even then, the thing to do is to see that the claim is not man, but mortal mind. To tell a patient who is manifesting fear in the way of lack and disease that he must come down to utter poverty in order to humble his pride is not Christian Science.

A prophecy of evil, however carefully worded, would be productive of evil if it were productive of anything. Fortunately, it is mere malpractice and can do nothing, having no mind nor influence.

Besides this, the sin of pride is no worse than other sins. Even if it were, it is not to be destroyed by added suffering but by Science. Pride is merely a phase of fear. Fear is to be removed by Christian Science. In the metaphysical process involved, get rid of the fear and you won’t need to trouble much about the pride. It is a sad, not to say reprehensible, human belief which wants someone to be punished rather than redeemed, but such is the general belief of mortal mind, and even Christian Scientists sometimes seem to entertain it.

Let me urge upon you the necessity of scientifically “forgetting those things which are behind.” (Phil. 3:13) You should not habitually, or at all, remember seeming failures. Above all, if someone comes for help or even advice or a word of encouragement, do not permit yourself to utter anything else than absolute Christian Science. Our confidence is in God. We have no other.

Let us once more speak of church work. Having taken part in the elections of your church officers and readers, sustain them all with your understanding. It is not wise, however, to yield too readily to the views and opinions of others. Be respectful and considerate in all the relationships of human existence, but do not abrogate your right to think for yourselves and express your thoughts whenever it is right and proper to do so. Principle alone should govern us. If someone in a church meeting stands for Principle and its government, do not permit fear or any other ignoble suggestion to prevent you from sustaining what you believe to be right. Let us remember, however, in relation to church work, that because a mistake has been made, it does not necessarily follow that the one who made it is to be permanently blamed. The sooner you see a mistake as unreal, the better for you and all concerned. In any event, the person who is in error is the worst victim, and I must again remind you that mortal mind is the only culprit. To see this clearly and lift all condemnation from your fellow man or woman is true Christianity.

One other point in relation to church work demands some thought. We have seen the evils of personal domination and much has been done to eliminate them. It would not be wise to swing to some other extreme. It is true that our churches must have democratic government, not anarchy. After all, we need only the demonstration of Christian Science in everything we do. All human government is inadequate and unsatisfactory. Mortal mind is not good and can never do anything or devise any system which is good. The Christian Science church is founded upon divine Principle, but as an organization it deals with human beliefs. It will become perfect when every Christian Scientist having named the name of Christ, becomes absolutely Christianized, and governs himself by divine Principle.

Having discerned this, let us here resolve to take a new hold upon our church membership, let us be alert to its privileges and duties, and let this wakefulness and watchfulness include our relationship to The Mother Church.

Let us declare and know that we can be and are influenced only by the divine Mind; that we have a right to wisdom, knowledge, Love and can manifest this right in all relationships, including that of the church.

Let your daily work include the understanding that the demonstration of Christian Science cannot be interfered with, either individually or collectively.

When in your practice you find yourself face to face with serious or threatening conditions, or when the situation seems desperate, remember what God is. Remember in that instant that God is far nearer and more available than any human sense of persons or things. Remember at that very moment that you can turn to God with absolute certainty of finding the help you need. Let your faith be supreme. In Science and Health (p. 50), Mrs. Eddy says, “The appeal of Jesus was made to both his divine Principle, the God who is Love, and to himself, Love’s pure idea.”

Please study the whole paragraph. You will thereby discern still more clearly that the kingdom of heaven is truly within.

No effort at thought projections will ever enable one to find God, or commune with Mind; God is Mind. We can only know Mind through, and by means of, thought, and thought is within. In this way, we see that God is more present than even our own sense of material existence.

Resist every suggestion which would tend to interfere with your calm knowledge and cheerful expectancy.

Even though error claims that Christian Science practice has failed in some instances or instance, do not array yourself on that side, but deny that belief just as you would any other. Surely you see clearly that these beliefs of malpractice are abortive in the sight of God. They have all failed and will fail. “No weapon that is formed against thee (the spiritual idea) shall prosper.” (Isa. 54:17) No such belief of weapon can prosper. Let your realization or declaration cover all the phases of the belief of malpractice including mortal mind’s claim of religion in all phases.

Do not permit any form of error to intervene in your legitimate endeavor to help mankind individually or collectively. Even though the error argues that your own demonstration is incomplete or that you have a sense of want or sorrow, still be ready to do the healing work, and at any rate, declare and maintain the Truth.

There is only one infinite Mind. It is complete, perfect, and eternal substance. It is the substance of man’s being, of every man’s being. Even though a human sense of life seems to be interrupted and friends seem to pass from our sight and knowledge, they cannot lose that substance nor get beyond or outside of the infinite Mind. Our demonstration of that fact will help even those who seem to have died.

Whether one seems to be here or there; whether material sense says one is alive or dead, is of less importance than the fact that Life can be, and must be, demonstrated, and that all the workers who seem to have left us cannot possibly get beyond or outside of infinity, and that consequently, they and we are still working together.

Cling to these facts, let them inspire you with courage and perseverance. In due time, even material sense will have to bow, and will bow, to the fact that Life is Spirit and is uninterrupted, harmonious and eternal. Read daily from lines 9-15, page 304, of Science and Health and demonstrate the wonderful verity therein set forth.

Beware of anything which mortal mind calls good. The evil belief which claims to be good and which today seems to be externalized in the largest and most aggressive organization in the world, could not exist an hour but for the supposition generally prevalent that it does good.

Even ordinary education enables one to recognize what mortal mind calls evil, but only Christian Science gives one the perception which uncovers mortal mind completely and shows its good to be just as unreal as its evil, and very often much more deceptive.

When Christian Scientists turn to the theories and diagnoses of materia medica, the impelling influence is the belief that mortal mind can do something which Christian Science cannot do, or which the present understanding of Christian Scientists cannot do. Nevertheless, we should remember what our textbook says: “If patients fail to experience the healing power of Christian Science, and think they can be benefited by certain ordinary physical methods of medical treatment, then the Mind-physician should give up such cases, and leave invalids free to resort to whatever other systems they fancy will afford relief.” (Science and Health 443:14-19)

While we should not condemn any person for taking any course which seems to be wise and right under given circumstances, yet it is clear that Christian Scientists will have to get beyond the points of seeking medical help or advice. We need that absolute faith, which combined with correct metaphysical treatments, moves mountains, and we can get it. Its attainment is dependent upon sincere desire and complete consecration.

Know the truth about law. The laws of so-called ethics and the laws of mortal mind in the name of science, philosophy and religion, are all based upon the belief of necessity for punishment. They all include the penalties and retribution which are associated with human concepts of right and wrong. Mortal mind depicts its so-called creation after its own nature. Its conception of substance is matter. Consequently, its so-called man appears to be a material body.

Mortal mind declares that man must inevitably sin and then provides a law by which he must suffer penalty for sinning. According to mortal mind, man is begotten and born of the flesh, and there is a penalty for that belief. You will find that by handling this belief of penalty, you can often lift a claim for a patient instantly. Remember that the fact of spiritual perfection and completeness alone constitutes the standard of judgment, and is the basis of the only law there is in relation to man or body.

In your practice, set aside the beliefs which have been permitted to grow upon the thought of Christian Scientists. There is no law of reversal or relapse. The belief of any such law is utterly false and powerless. God is all there is to your treatment, and God cannot be reversed. The healing accomplished is permanent every step of the way. It is held in place step by step by that same power which, although invisible to human sense, is universally acknowledged to be the source and substance of all action, motion and force which is the Principle of adhesion, cohesion, attraction, gravitation and every other true phenomenon.

Christian Science declares and illustrates all the possibilities of good. No sin or disease is powerful. No sin or disease has any hold or any power or influence with which to acquire or maintain a hold. No sin or disease is so far advanced that it cannot be overcome by Christian Science. Remember always that it is never too late. Christian Science is a remedy to human ills, knows no space or occupancy. It reaches places in human belief, which means also in the so-called body, where surgeon’s knives can never go, and it does harmoniously, easily, and quickly all that they could ever claim to do.

In all this work, let us illustrate the oneness of Mind. Refuse to be separated or divided or turned against each other or against other Christian Scientists. Let us stand together and stand with Christian Scientists, no matter what may be their faults or ours, until we present one solid front to the seeming onslaught of error.

Our textbook declares: “…man is image.” (Science and Health 73:10) Though material sense depicts man as material body, the fact remains that man is now spiritual. His true spiritual sense of being is his body, and it is permanent, perfect and universal. Human sense attempts to imitate the oneness of man and body by giving to each person a private material sense of body, and thereby involves him in the fear of sin and disease incidental to such an erroneous belief.

Christian Science declares that there is one infinite Mind, which is our mind, your mind, my mind. It declares that there is one infinite body, our body, your body, my body. Even though we may not fully understand this, yet the statement of the fact induces an immediate sense of peace and confidence. It establishes thought upon the rock. It removes the contention incidental to the belief of many bodies. It shows that the blessings occurring to one belong to all, that man and body are one, that man can never be separated from the appreciation or activity or embodiment of the divine ideas which show forth the Mind which is good, and prove that Mind is our redeemer, and that our redeemer is a living redeemer and is now redeeming us.

Association Address for 1911

The possibilities of Christian Science demonstration are greater today than ever before, simply because we are more alive to the divine facts and less influenced by fear and belief.

We are learning, even though it be somewhat tardily, that whatever divine Science declares must be claimed by us as our own. We are learning not merely to anticipate but to possess peace. We are awakening in the divine likeness and are beginning to affirm that fact and to know that there is no other likeness and no other seeming likeness. We are, indeed, seeing more clearly than ever before that God has never made any other provision for us than satisfaction, and that it is to be attained, not merely after a while, but now, since Science does not involve time but only Truth and the demonstration of Truth.

In Christian Science the rule is always, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Rest is not basic in Christian Science, but incidental to the demonstration of it. We have learned that consciousness is God; therefore, consciousness is divine, and the ideas that constitute consciousness are divine. When one perceives these ideas, he begins to awaken, and when he entertains them, and because of them, rejects false beliefs, he is awake. Thought thus poised is conscious, active thought; and being one with divine consciousness, it is veritably under the shadow of the Almighty, in the secret place of the Most High, and is the only rest.

When our Leader discovered Christian Science, she discovered that which is eternally true. It was always true; but it was never demonstrable until she learned the definite Principle of it and saw that this Principle is Mind, omnipotence, the one God. Other people, both religious and scientific, had declared that God is intelligent or has mind, but Mrs. Eddy removed the false sense of personality from our concept of God, and thereby gave us a freer, broader, nobler concept, and one which is capable of being perceived more and more clearly all the time. Inevitably her declaration that “God is Mind” tends to uplift the general thought as to the power of true mental action. It not only did this, however, but it also brought to light the claim of wrong mental influence, and the demonstration of Christian Science has aroused this claim to its greatest effort.

Mrs. Eddy’s chapter “Apocalypse” uncovers this false claim in all its belief of subtlety. And in another chapter, she says, “…the higher truth lifts her voice, the louder will error scream, until its inarticulate sound is forever silenced in oblivion.” (S&H 97:23)

Her explanations show clearly that one of the demonstrations of actual Christian Science in human consciousness is the uncovering of the more subtle and wicked phases of human belief. That we should learn something of the belief of malpractice was a necessity, and today the necessity of recognizing the claim or belief of malpractice, and especially the necessity for handling it intelligently, is more imperative than ever before.

The intelligent handling of this belief is the way of deliverance. It is the straight and narrow path, and such intelligent handling is based upon a statement in Science and Health (p. 405) which is, “The basic error is mortal mind.” Now, as Mind is immortal and is God, it is clear that there is no other mind than immortal Mind, God, and it is equally clear that there is no other mental influence than that of Mind, God.

Our Leader very clearly shows in all her works that the expression “mortal mind” is used to indicate a false claim or belief. We should not forget this. Every condition of sin or disease is but a phase of this false claim. All that appears in the way of resistance to Truth or has ever appeared, is this false claim.

While the expression “mortal mind” seems a contradiction, yet in the light of Christian Science, nothing could be more helpful in enabling us to perceive the utter falsity of every form of evil. All that is called malpractice should be carefully analyzed and reduced to its native nothingness, — mortal mind. That people places, things, organizations, events, circumstances, occasions are involved, in belief, in wrong practice or malpractice, should, therefore, in no way deceive us. We should not at any time lose sight of the fact that mortal mind is the culprit, merely because it presents to us deceptive pictures of persons and things with the intention of involving us in personal controversy of personal thought.

One who manifests such an evil belief is the worst victim of that belief. The perception of this fact should not, however, cause any false pity. The claim is not a person, but on the contrary, is nobody and nothing. We cannot afford to be deceived by malpractice calling itself a person or personal mind, especially when under the guise of personality and appearing to be personality or personal mind, it asserts itself to be Christian Science, and sometimes uses all the deceptive arts of correct statement and protestations of love and loyalty, for the purpose of misleading Christian Scientists and destroying their demonstrable understanding of Christian Science.

A person who manifests malpractice is not the son of God, but can be described as the son of perdition. Nevertheless, it is the business of Christian Scientists to see the unreality of such a mentality. Mind alone is the author of the universe and has made no provision for evil of any kind, nor for the transmission of evil, and for this reason evil cannot be transmitted. When this is clearly perceived, the nothingness of mental malpractice in any given instance is immediately proved.

If one feels that he has discovered the particular phase of malpractice which claims to be disease, or claims to be affecting any special case, or retarding a demonstration in a given instance, then he should remember that his work is not accomplished until he perceives the nothingness of malpractice, including its claim of having a channel and the belief that it has any power or is persistent.

If the belief of malpractice appears in the way of any strange phenomena, then the Christian Science practitioner needs to more clearly perceive that there is nothing mysterious about Mind or its manifestations; and knowing the perfection of Mind, and its omnipotence, he cannot be mentally tampered with. Neither can he be touched by an argument of mental derangement or aberration, or in any way be affected or reached.

The claim of mental malpractice is not handled so long as the signs of discord continue. The practitioner needs to be awake and he needs to declare and prove that his knowledge of Christian Science is God with him, and that the law of that relationship constitutes immunity from suggestion of any kind.

A progressive Christian Scientist is handling the claim of malpractice from the poise and peace of absolute God, and his position is that there is no mental malpractice, there is only one Mind. Mortal mind is mere negation or impossibility.

The immanence of divine Mind is the revelation of Christian Science, but the immanence of the divine man is equally the revelation of Christian Science. It is recorded that our Leader once said, “Knowing is being,” and certain it is that we are what we know, and what we know is all there is of us. Our declaration and denials in Christian Science are educational as well as healing. They educate by bringing to light the right ideas of God and law, and of the relationship of man to God and the law of God to man. They heal because they enable us to maintain these ideas, — ideas which themselves originate in God and naturally have the power and presence of their divine origin. When we really know the Truth, we are able to recognize the belief of malpractice which asserts itself as disease or sin, and immediately dissipate it as a false claim, and thus we are made free.

Animal magnetism in any of its so-called phases is mere mortal mind. It is never law, manifestation, nor existence. It is a belief without a believer. When one sees clearly (and we shall all do so more and more), he handles animal magnetism with confidence and rapidity.

As this work goes on, there is less in our thought of a personal or violent nature. Evil has ceased to find lodgment there. Envy and hatred, revenge and fear are no longer elements of our mentality. “Divine Love alone governs man,” and then one rises to a point where he can appreciate, and even repeat, the saying of Jesus, “For the prince of this world cometh and hath nothing in me.” This point must be reached, for clearly the belief of or in malpractice could not touch any human being if it did not find in the thought of that human being some response to its suggestion. For this reason, we should cast out fear and refuse to entertain bitterness, disappointment, or disgust. “It is error even to murmur or to be angry over sin.” (S&H 369:32) Any kind of indignation or perturbation is but another phase of error and tends to perpetuate error.

The Christian Scientist must be aware of all such things. He needs to know the Truth and handle the error. If he descends to the level of error long enough to contend with it, he is less scientific than he should be. A treatment should not be a contention with error. What we call denial should not be of such a nature to build up in our thought something to be denied. A clear discernment of truth involves a denial of error; but in order to be purely scientific, and fully effectual, the denial must be so spontaneous as to reduce the claim of evil first to a false claim, and second to nothingness.

Let me urge upon you the necessity of understanding the word spontaneity. All healing is really God with us. The divine Mind which heals through Christian Science heals because it asserts itself as intelligence, Principle, law, through right thought which has natural power, and which thereby disposes of the wrong belief. It is not labored; and for that reason, while our treatment should be persistent and continuous if necessary, in any given case, it should not be irksome. The more sure we are, the better the treatment. The divine Mind does not labor; it knows.

“…if mortals claimed no other Mind and accepted no other, sin would be unknown.” (S&H 469:19) It is clear that disease would be equally unknown, for sin is basically but a belief of separation from good, and this belief involves and perpetuates the belief of disease and suffering.

The spontaneity of the divine Mind needs to be recognized. Our expectation should stand upon such recognition. The joy of Christian Science healing work is so great that no words can exaggerate the happiness which comes through the ability to heal the sick. The spontaneity of that work should, however, be our experience more and more. We should remember that we are to be happy. We should remember that we are happy. It is our mission to be having a good time all the time. The healing which is done through any other mental condition is more or less laborious, and to the extent that it is laborious, it is not the best that we are capable of.

“The unlabored motion of the divine energy” is true metaphysical healing. But while this is true, and indeed far more true than we at present realize, on the other hand, we are not relieved of any proper responsibility. “The government shall be upon His shoulder” indicates that the right idea is supreme, but it does not imply that one may merely sit back and do nothing. He must seek the right idea and maintain it.

Such expressions as “Oh, Love will take care of it,” or “Love will provide,” are only slight alterations of theological belief. Love is active as idea, and therefore, one may easily find out just how far Love is taking care of anything by asking himself to what extent he is recognizing and proving Love to be the only presence or power. Our textbook says, “Love is reflected in love,” and that indicates clearly the way, and the only way, in which Love takes care of anything.

The declaration that stands for absolute Truth must be made intelligently, and the consequent denials of any or every form of error must be sufficiently specific to dispose of the error. We should not, therefore, assume any responsibility lightly or without due consideration. Those who come to us for healing and whom we accept as patients should be healed. We are not engaged in anything experimental; no patients should ever be taken experimentally. Merely treating patients is not all there is to healing work.

One must expect to heal completely and perfectly in every instance, or better still, must be able to perceive the perfection and completeness of man so clearly that the belief of disease never appears to have any evidence or claim of reality. Such treatment is Truth and operates irresistibly as the law of Truth. Under it, disease disappears.

One will treat patients successfully when he has attained through pure metaphysics that mental attitude which brings patients to him properly. A mere desire for patients does not necessarily indicate that one is properly equipped to heal them. Indeed, it might indicate the contrary, for a desire to have patients to heal would involve one in a belief that there is something to be healed, — a belief which would immediately tend to make his efforts either labored or abortive.

The legitimate desire of a Christian Scientist is Christ knowledge. Let us seek that knowledge; let it do what it will to us and with us. It is the omnipotence and omnipresence of good. It can only result in good for us and for all mankind.

With this in view and having no other desire, we shall find that we have already done much healing even though we have had few patients; and if this unselfish attitude be attained fully and maintained purely, it will bring to us the patients who ought to come and who will be healed.

Whenever a Christian Science practitioner has gained this point of view, and not forsaken it, nor swerved from the direction in which it indicates, he invariably has been a successful healer of disease, and generally speaking, has found his time fully occupied with legitimate Christian Science practice.

There are some incidental details, and one of them is the question of compensation. A Christian Science practitioner is not doing his work as well as it should be done if the people who come to him do not pay for his services. Generally speaking, such an experience is due to a misapprehension of the word “compassion.” Compassion is the most beautiful of all human qualities. It is inseparable from strength. It embodies all that is desirable or essential in the word “pity,” but it includes none of the weakness which is generally associated with that word. One who pities is virtually robbed by his pity and may be robbing others. If he believes that people are poor, his thought will tend to perpetuate rather than heal that belief. The only correct position that one must assume and maintain is the abundance of the legitimate heritage of man. The only man there is, is the image and likeness of that abundance. He does not know, and never can experience, anything like poverty or want or lack. If a practitioner descends from that point of view long enough to pity anybody, in that moment he has lost to some degree the power which would obliterate all necessity for pity.

Now while this is the true mental state of a true practitioner, I am sure you will not misunderstand me nor conclude that I am advocating an utter disregard of human want and woe. There are times when the only thing to do is to give something in the way of money or other material so-called help to someone who is in want; but if the giving is instigated by mere human pity, it has no value beyond the present sense of relief which it affords; whereas, if it is instigated by the compassion which is one with Christ, it carries something far beyond the mere act which is apparent to the senses.

For this reason, I would not say that one should refuse to take indigent patients, but I do say that when one’s practice is largely confined to such cases, there is something wrong with the basic view, and one needs to look within himself and handle the claim. Sometimes such conditions are imposed upon a practitioner, and especially a young practitioner, through the efforts of ignorant or malicious malpractice, and one should certainly be sufficiently awake to detect that error and handle it intelligently and effectually.

True Christian Science should not be restricted nor confined within a limited area. All human experiences are to be regenerated through the conscious knowledge that the only legitimate and real experiences are not human, but divine. This conscious knowledge is Christ knowledge. Christ declares the divine law. Christ also shows that this law is not only a law to divine experiences or ideas, but through Christian Science education and practice, is also the divine law and enforcement of divine law to any or every human experience or belief. We should bring all our experiences and endeavors under the influence of divine law.

To suppose that Christian Science practice is confined to healing people of disease is erroneous. It is quite as much concerned with one’s business or profession as with one’s health. No sphere of activity presents a greater opportunity for Christian Science demonstration than business. In it, a man or a woman requires knowledge, tact, foresight, executive ability, and other qualities, all of which constitute wisdom. Wisdom is man’s birthright and can therefore be demonstrated through Christian Science.

A Christian Science business man should know his divine rights so that he can easily recognize the opportunity which is a ceaseless presence, and avail himself of it. The so-called laws of mortal mind which are supposed to be associated with trade and commerce no longer frighten one who has named the name of Christian Science, and who, through demonstration of it, is rising daily into a higher consciousness. The beliefs of fear, worry, and anxiety no longer form any portion of his thought or existence. He has learned that the only business there is, is the activity of Principle. He learns that the beliefs of demand and supply can at once be resolved into supply only, since that only is the scientific fact; and that competition is impossible, since Principle, good, has no competitor and ideas can never impinge upon nor interfere with each other.

There is a legitimate business for every Christian Science business man or woman, and for thousands who are not Christian Scientists as yet. Business is not dominated by belief; it is not controlled by fear in the form of greed and dishonesty. Business is founded on Principle; and even now, through the power of that Principle, through the very activity and presence of the only God, the habits and ways of business are being turned and overturned. In business, as in everything else, Principle alone governs, which means that through Christian Science practice, the right idea is governing business. Now, here we have as elsewhere, a legitimate opportunity for the exercise of the Christ knowledge, Christian Science. As I have already indicated, however, the demands upon us are imperative. These demands can only be met through a union of gentleness and strength. When one begins to conduct his life according to such knowledge, he, perhaps for the first time, understands what Jesus meant when he directed his disciples to go as sheep among wolves and to have no fear.

This is the way in which the Christian Science business man must go forth. He rises above any sense of fear because he knows there is nothing to fear. All the conditions which confront him are mythical, or in the nature of an illusion, and without entity or power in any way to harm his work in belief. Knowing this, he can well afford to be fearless. Principle, understood and demonstrated, makes him wise unto salvation, and wise unto salvation of his business. It uncovers to him all the tricks of trade and enables him to thwart them and carry on trade without any tricks. In this way, a business or professional man may be in Christian Science practice quite as legitimately as though he were keeping office for the purpose of receiving and treating the sick.

Our occupation will be revealed in proportion as we occupy ourselves. No one can say he is without occupation if he be a Christian Scientist. In any event, he could never do better than to know the Truth for the whole world. If he finds that he has nothing to do, he can immediately change that belief, for there is everything to do in the way of good. So long as he is confronted with the belief of a material world, he has something to do. So long as there seems to be any disease or sorrow or suffering or death within the range of his cognition, he cannot legitimately say that he has nothing to do. Any Christian Scientist could spend hours of every day, or even all the hours of the day and many of the night, in maintaining the absolute facts of Christian Science, and he would be doing incalculable good. Besides this, if one were to continue in that way, there would come a time when inevitably the sinning and suffering would come to him for help.

The history of Jesus indicated clearly the mental progress which often preceded the evidence of healing. He was about his Father’s business — that is, he was about the business of divine Principle; and so thoroughly was he about it that the healing was a complete experience with him and was accomplished without failure.

When we are working for a patient, we often arrive at a point where we forget ourselves. We are declaring, first what God is, and second, the nature, beauty, continuity and joy of His image and likeness, and indeed, of the whole universe; and we find that presently all of a material selfhood has been set aside, at least for the time being. Evidently, Truth is asserting itself by means of the ideas which are one with it. If one who is so engaged is conscious of any inharmony or disease, Truth rejects it and obliterates it, and we say the healing has been accomplished. Now, this is the work to be done regardless of the belief of the coming or not coming of patients. There are no persons involved. With Jesus no persons were involved. There are no persons to be healed. There are no sick, sinning or suffering people. The whole claim is a dream of material sense, and so clearly did Jesus know that fact, that multitudes came to be healed and were healed. They were healed because of what had already happened to Jesus within; and so it will be with us whenever Christ is within.

We sometimes say that we wish we could do better work; we wish we could do better healing. The only answer to this desire is to know what does the work. A wish to do better indicates an awakening and is a legitimate human wish, but it is no part of that which heals. Divine Mind does not know a wish to do better healing. Divine Mind is both presence and ability. A wish to do better healing should be handled as a claim, for it implies separation between Mind and idea. The true idea is one with God. It heals irresistibly by removing the belief of disease and the claim of evidence of disease. It is the Christ, the truth about any wish as a claim of personal sense and desire, or of self-pity; — a Christian Scientist immediately does better.

It seems unlikely that Jesus could ever have entertained a desire to do instantaneous healing. What he knew could not fail to heal. Indeed, knowing the Truth heals whether the time be the first or twentieth century. A desire to accomplish instantaneous healing is as human as any other desire. True knowledge, however, is not human, for knowing is divine. Knowing is not concerned with the belief as to when it shall heal; and when knowing heals, the healing takes place at the right time and stands like the Rock of Ages. Indeed, in a certain way, it is the Rock of Ages.

Our textbook says that “desire is prayer”; but in a hundred places, it shows to the student who has gotten beyond the beginning of Christian Science that man is not a state of desire but a state of possession. To him, Principle is always saying, “Son, all that I have is thine.”

Christian Science not only declares what man is, but it also declares that each one of us is that man. We should beware of any thought of affirmation which might tend to arouse or perpetuate any sense of separation between God and man. A false sense is all there is to the claim of separation since the divine idea is absolutely essential to the divine Mind. It is not presumptuous for us to understand that each one of us, in his true nature, belongs to God, and for that reason we should understand that divine Love not only provides for us and sustains us, but cannot do otherwise.

Notwithstanding some measure of education in Christian Science, and the persistent declaration of the unity of God and man, we are still apt, on account of old theological beliefs, to think of ourselves as separate from God; and for the same reason we are apt to think of God as somewhere else than here, and to believe that in some way or other, man is influenced by God without being one with God. Now, we may as well understand once and for all that the only God there is, is Mind, and is therefore presence; and to us that presence is knowledge which consists of ideas revealing, illustrating, and proving their oneness with Mind; and these ideas and their activity constitute man or body.

Sometimes Christian Scientists acquire habits of expression and cling to them long after thought has grown beyond the words. We should beware of this also. True thought really has its origin in divine intelligence, the one Mind. Mind is the infinite wisdom and Love, and is manifested. It delineates itself. We can trust God in utterance as well as in thought, and therefore, we can trust God to give a treatment. All there is to a treatment is God with us. We cannot need to have more than omnipotence, omnipresence, and omniscience; and we can have nothing less in a genuine Christian Science treatment.

One of the expressions which we not uncommonly hear is something after this nature: “Love gave me so and so,” or “Love has provided me with this or with that.” Now, while these expressions are sometimes humanly comforting, yet from the standpoint of absolute Science, they tend to cloud thought and consequently perpetuate this same false claim of separation between God and man. The fact is, Love is not giving man anything. Man is like Love, and for that reason, his inheritance is infinite. He has all things. It is knowing this unity which is the real Christ, and this provides for us all. To put Love off somewhere, and then try to think that Love has something for us, as though it were separate from us, is not strict Christian Science. The whole business of man is to show forth. He is the showing forth of Love and Life and health and strength and perfect being, and no human being will show forth more love than he has, — one might even say, more love than he is, — and man is but Love expressed.

The claim of inability to exercise divine power, including the lack of clearness and force in thought and expression, as well as the temptation of sin and vice, is all mental. It is a belief that there is something wrong with man’s mind. Truth, Christ, discloses the true nature of Mind and its sinlessness, improves what one calls his mind and restores it to normal action. The claim or belief that disease and pain appear in that substratum of mortal mind which we call the body, is a belief that there is something the matter with man’s body, and the truth about man’s body restores health and normal action. It is, therefore, most important for you to know what Mind is and what body is. The likeness of Mind is body or embodiment. The belief of identity in what is called material man is that which is called his body, and the real identity of the real man is seen as perfect, indestructible, harmonious, real body.

Observe the following quotations from Science and Health (p. 465:17): “Principle and its idea is one”; also (p. 106:9): “Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth, and Love.” And (p. 125:16-17): “Reflecting God’s government, man is self-governed.” Observe here the expression “self-governed” and see the responsibility that rests upon Christian Scientists and the demands upon them that they shall awake and recognize that they themselves must be that showing forth which is the son of God. Also, carefully consider that portion of “Recapitulation” which is in answer to the question: “What are body and soul?”

The apprehension of spiritual Truth is a necessity. This necessity is provided in Science and Health which sets forth an infinite science, and therefore, must be studied more thoroughly and understood more and more correctly, until every belief or claim of evil is dissipated.

In the light of the understanding which this book gives, the true meaning of the Bible is more clearly seen; and so the Bible becomes helpful to us instead of a barrier, as it often seems to be in the old way. We are not, however, saved by merely reading or memorizing statements of Truth. Salvation comes through Christ, and Christ is exact knowledge. The exact Truth about man and the universe is the Truth that is to make free, as Jesus said. For this reason, Science and Health is priceless in value. To us, the way of deliverance from the whole belief of evil is to understand that book and thereby demonstrate the unfailing power of Christian Science.

So-called matter is a false condition of mortal thoughts or beliefs. All that we ordinarily call our body is but a belief. Science and Health says it is the “substratum of mortal mind” (371:2) and declares in many places the utter unreality of the belief.

Now, as Christian Science arouses human consciousness to the discernment and demonstration of true ideas, those ideas constitute consciousness, and thus consciousness ceases to be human. False beliefs seem to constitute our body; but body is not material and so we find our identity, our true body, and thereby heal ourselves of beliefs of diseases. Disease is only a belief that there is something wrong with body. Christian Science teaches that the real body is always all right. When once this process begins, it goes on and on, and it will never cease until every belief is reduced to it native nothingness.

Our study of the Bible should not hinder what Science and Health calls the “passage from sense to Soul.” We find ourselves tempted to cling to the mere historical sayings of the Bible, and we are apt to think that persons, at any rate in the Bible, are important; whereas the truth is that there, as elsewhere, Principle alone has value, and the apprehension and demonstration of it there, as elsewhere, indicates individuality, which is the true meaning, or spiritual sense, of what is ordinarily called personality.

The use of the personal pronouns in the Bible sometimes tends to keep up a personal, rather than a scientific, sense on the meaning to be conveyed. God is always referred to as He or Him; and yet the personal pronoun He or Him gives very little idea of the infinite One, because we associate those personal pronouns with human beings; and very frequently when we use them to mean God, our thought is tempted to humanize the concept of God.

Then, in the sayings of Jesus, wherein he speaks of the son as being one with the Father, the old prejudices of theological beliefs are apt to assert themselves, and induce one to think of the material Jesus as the son of God, rather than to remember that the divine idea embodying or including all right ideas is ever the son of God.

Jesus must have meant this, although those who heard him understood him but slightly. He knew that God is Mind. To the Samaritan woman he said, according to the Revised version, “God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.” When he declared, “I and my Father are one,” he meant exactly what we mean when we declare what man is, although he proved his understanding to be beyond anything that we have yet attained. When he said, “The son can do nothing of himself, but whatsoever the Father doeth that doeth the Son likewise,” he declared reflection; and Mrs. Eddy, discerning these things, has given us the true idea of man as the image of God. Now, remember that the idea of God is not included. It is not a man with an idea. The idea itself is man.

Anything which appears in our Sunday Lesson, or in any other study that we may make of the Bible, is of little value to us unless it be understood metaphysically; and here we should also remember that true metaphysics is not found in metaphors and parables. Metaphors and parables are merely illustrations. They help us to understand metaphysics; but we must rise in thought to see above the parable and metaphor, for otherwise we are in danger of substituting a material illustration for the divine fact which it is intended to illustrate.

Education never consists in mere paraphernalia. This fact is as true in Christian Science education as in any other kind. Clear thought must be the substance of clear expression. Even what is called good style in writing can never be attained merely by studying words and phrases and endeavoring to combine them in an effective way. One who thinks clearly may possibly express himself ungrammatically because of lack of what is ordinarily called education, but he will make himself understood, and that is the first necessity of good style.

So, in Christian Science, if we avoid the pitfalls of illogical thinking, we shall not only express ourselves clearly, but by means of clear thought and expression we shall learn to heal unfailingly.

As has been already intimated here, we should remember that Christian Science demonstration is many sided. If your duty calls you into some official position in church work, it would be foolish to refuse to do the work. Consider the whole question carefully, however, and see that if it be true demonstration to undertake it, then you shall see it through. Do not be tempted to stop and resign after the first few hard knocks. One may rise to a place where there are no knocks, — if I may use that expression, — and should do so. It does not seem to me in keeping with Christian Science that one should take up church work, or any other kind of Christian Science work, and then drop it simply because of the difficulties involved. Jesus said, “No man having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the Kingdom of God.”

Our demonstration, however, as we very well know, is to be made over objectionable human characteristics quite as much as over disease. Perhaps there is no branch of work which affords greater opportunity for one to overcome evil beliefs of character than what is called church work, especially if one happens to be elected to some office; for then he almost invariably has an opportunity of recognizing faults in himself of which he was not previously aware. They may at first appear to him to be faults in other people, and the appearance may be to some extent true, but he will find, before he finishes his task, that demonstration is to be made within his own consciousness; and that being made there his task becomes easy, even though the other parties still appear to retain some of their objectionable characteristics.

One who would engage in church work must really know what Love is and not fail to prove what he knows. There is no branch of work or activity wherein there is greater temptation to be discouraged. Mrs. Eddy says our good will be evil spoken of, and this is the cross which we must bear. (S&H 254) She also indicates in many places that, when we rise above the fear and resentment and self-pity which often come in such experiences, then we find that we have no cross at all.

In a certain sense we are soldiers of Christ; and as such, we must stand as good soldiers should. There are times when Christian Scientists should neither slumber nor sleep, even in belief, until a claim or belief in disease yields to the divine Christ. We cannot too earnestly seek the way of deliverance; and yet, we cannot too constantly remember that the real essence of that way is to know that God and man are complete and perfect, and that man and the universe are sustained forever in completeness and perfection by the immutable law of that infinite God who is good, and that consequently, there is nothing to be delivered from.

The divine Christ, which is the irresistible healing power, is this certainty as to the nature and presence of true being. Our successes in healing are encouraging, but the failures which we encounter, force us to an attitude of affirmation and realization, rather than that of denial only. There is danger to the Cause, and therefore to mankind, in the experiences of only partial success. It is malpractice, and can and must be annulled. The healing must be done more unfailingly. There must be no failures in Christian Science practice because genuine Christian Science cannot fail. And true watching and praying is for the purpose of attaining this unfailing power. Whenever, in any case, you reach a point which you call realization, — which means simply that you know that there is nothing to heal, nothing that could be ill, no presence or manifestation to such false beliefs, — then you find that the case is healed. In every instance, the divine Truth or Christ brings to light that which is eternally true and dissipates the false belief. The Christ is always the truth about everything. No belief can stand before the Christ. Christ is always the affluence of Love, and as such, is the irresistible law of annulment of malpractice.

Another matter which I wish to mention to you in connection with church work is teaching in the Sunday School. There is no more important work to be done than this. The children have a right to correct instruction, but they do not always get it. The more literal study of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes tends to a wrong conception of God and law, and I need hardly say to you that a wrong conception of God is worse than none at all. (To gain the right conception of God, and maintain it in the face of all evidence of material sense, is Christian Science practice.) If the children are to do the work in the future which is expected of them, they should not be started in the wrong manner and made to walk, so to speak, with one foot on the right path and the other on the edge of a precipice.

The first of the Ten Commandments is a scientific statement; the other ones constitute a human concept of law involving rewards and punishments. The children need to know this. While it is true that mistakes of any kind ultimate in some kind of discomfort or suffering; yet God has nothing to do with either the mistakes or the penalties which are often attached to them. God’s law maintains man in perfection.

As I have had some inquiry lately concerning this most important branch of our work, I am going to embody here some statements regarding Sunday School work made to various students in answer to their inquiries.

The only teacher in Christian Science is the divine Mind; consequently, that infinite Mind, ever present and ever active, and revealing itself unmistakably through right ideas, is the teacher in the Sunday School. The understanding of what is the real teacher, the only teacher, awakens thought. It helps us in all our human relationships. It arouses a more pure and unselfish desire and higher attainments on the part of those who are delegated to teach the children. It enables them to demonstrate true wisdom and tact in teaching.

When it comes to Christian Science, we are all children. Those who are grown up need to be more childlike, more receptive; and those who are called children, like those who are grown up, need to be helped from the standpoint of their own experience, whether they be great or small. In the daily life of the children will be found something which to them will illustrate the power of divine Principle, Love.

I most earnestly advise you not to bring up any points in teaching on which there might be a difference of opinion. The word “body” is not generally understood even by Christian Scientists. Anything I have told my students on this point needs to be understood and demonstrated by them rather than taught; and for that reason, I most earnestly recommend that great care be exercised in using words which are generally associated with material beliefs. You are always safe in bringing to the children the understanding that every thought which declares God aright originates in God, and has the natural power of God. The children need to perceive this. Through this understanding, they will know more of the divine Christ which heals and saves.

In this connection, it is most important to explain that the word “God” is only a word, and that, because of wrong education, it has been incorrectly understood. Then the children will see why it is that we use the words “love,” “good,” “mind,” “truth,” and “spirit.” They will more and more clearly see what the word “God” actually means through the constant use of these other words. For this reason, the children should be taught to use these words habitually in making their own demonstrations. The way of scientific thought is the way of deliverance for them just as it is for grown people.

You, as teachers in the Sunday School, must see what Paul meant when he said, “The law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did, by which we draw nigh unto God.” It is necessary to explain to the children that such an expression as “I the Lord am a jealous God” indicates a merely human concept of God; and yet good is jealous, in the sense that it knows no evil and permits none.

The object of teaching the Ten Commandments, or any part of the Bible, is that the children shall be able to perceive the true idea which constitutes the basis of both science and religion. They must see that the Bible indicates a certain amount of perception on the part of human beings as to what God is, and as to what God does; and that in the days when that compilation was written, a human being who perceived anything true concerning God was in the habit of saying, “Thus saith the Lord,” or something equivalent to that. It should also be observed that those who saw evil and thought that its seeming activity was real, often ascribed it to God with equal conviction.

Much of this is already familiar to many of you, and I am sure you will use discretion and rely upon demonstration in order that the children may not be misled concerning Christian Science. I may say to you, although I would not have you say it to anyone else without adequate explanation, that God never said many of the things which are ascribed to God in the Bible; but many of the expressions that are contained in the Bible are in the nature of Truth, and when Truth was perceived, people were justified in saying, “Thus saith the Lord.” The word “Lord” in the Bible very often, not to say generally, means nothing more than one’s thought or highest conception of Deity. It indicates sometimes the understanding, and sometimes the belief, of the person speaking or spoken of. It does not mean Deity or Principle in a scientific sense.

Let me urge upon you, in this connection, the necessity for great care in making any statement which might seem unusual. Take pains to explain the basis of your thought before you utter the thought itself. Good teaching along any line consists in so awakening the thought of the student that he discovers for himself what you would have him know; then you may put the fact involved in some concrete form.

In answer to a question upon another point, let me say that it does not seem to me in the matter of good pedagogy to prepare questions the week before and give them to the pupils. Christian Science teaching must be spontaneous and progressive, and anything which would tend to keep it in a rut would take from its value.

Let me add one more word in this connection, and that is that those who are engaged in teaching in the Sunday School are in exactly the same position in which other accredited teachers of Christian Science stand. They have a great trust committed to their care. One of the chief difficulties in Sunday School is the finding of competent teachers. This difficulty should be handled by all workers and removed. Then when teachers have taken up this work, they should be awake and ready to resist and overcome the many plausible suggestions of malpractice designed to make them indifferent or irregular, and even arguing that they want to give up or must do so. Those who undertake this work and who are called unmistakably by Principle, — by the divine Principle which they are demonstrating, — will not be swerved from the line of duty by any such subtle suggestions of evil.

I wish to call your attention to another point which has appeared and been voiced in the name of Christian Science. I am sure that I shall not be misunderstood when I say that Life is the eternal mandate of Mind, just as our textbook declares. There is no provision for any kind of death, any more than there is for disease and sin. It is necessary for us to understand this. It would be a matter of regret if we should discover after a while that some thought of ours concerning this belief had in some manner hindered or hampered somebody’s demonstration over it.

The beliefs of old theology recur in human thought. They need to be recognized, not fostered. The suggestion that there is anything good or normal or proper in the passing on of any person is old theology, and is based upon an utter misconception of God and man. It is irreligious, unscientific, unchristian, and utterly untrue. To say that someone has done a good work and has gone to his reward is the utterance of animal magnetism, and should be so recognized and totally denied, and if necessary, audibly denounced. To say that someone has finished his work, and that is a reason for that person’s passing away, is a travesty on Christian Science. The legitimate outcome of a finished career is not death but ascension, and there is no other legitimate outcome, and no other outcome is a complete demonstration of Christian Science.

This is a point which I have felt impelled to touch upon; but I think that it ought to be kept entirely within your own thought and that you should not speak of it outside, but merely begin to understand and demonstrate more fully the life which is eternal.

No one will be able to make progress who is lacking in respect and love for those who have stood in the forefront and have resisted, and have shown us how to resist the claim of error. No one can claim more for himself than the immediate demonstration which he is able to make; but nevertheless, we must in justice to ourselves and in justice to our Leader, who has taught us the way of Christian Science demonstration, refuse to be deceived by anything that mortal mind presents to us, and especially when it would claim to explain its iniquity by calling it Christian Science. Truth has come to destroy every kind of error; and we must continue to watch and pray in the right way and maintain the Truth under all circumstances, until the fact that there is no death is proved in raising the dead and in the prevention of the belief of death.

I wish to revert to another phase of our subject already touched upon. It is well for us to remind each other frequently that every kind of mental malpractice is only what is called mortal mind. Now, in its false claim of entity, mortal mind depicts its concepts of man and declares him to be made by God, and that he is a sinner, and therefore, he must be saved; and provides a process called salvation, involving trials, punishment, long waiting, and even death, by which he will presumably be saved. This process involves the perpetuity of the belief of evil, and that’s the subtlety of the so-called religion which mortal mind evolves and which is known as Roman Catholicism. Its false postulate is a God who could know evil; in other words, a wicked God, who created a sinner or a damned man and who provides for his salvation by means of a person, a priest. No more wretched picture could be presented for human consideration. It is engaged in belief, in all the hypnotic devices known to occultism and other forms of evil and aggressive malpractice. Christian Scientists have need to recognize the basic error (which is utterly without entity) and in that way to deprive this false belief of any seeming being. The lie about God and man is a mere creature of belief. It has nothing upon which to subsist. There is no place to it, no cause, consequently no effect, no law, but utter lawlessness which means self-destruction.

We need to gauge our conduct in accordance with our perception of Truth. Christian Science teaches us to reject error, not to exploit it. It shows us that error never did any good and cannot do any; and such an affirmation hastens the work of depriving all error of any seeming power, entity, or influence.

I ask my students never to speak of this form of malpractice, or of any form, as though it had real existence. Nothing which is ever said about malpractice of any kind, including Roman Catholicism, should give it the least semblance of reality or being. To say that this or any other form of malpractice should not be named in a treatment because it strikes back or may strike back, is to virtually declare that malpractice or Roman Catholicism is real, and that is precisely what it wants us to do. It is anomalous for Christian Scientists to get together and talk about this form of error, and say how much it has done in belief. I advise you never to speak of it except when you do so briefly for the purpose of analyzing it as a false claim.

If Christian Scientists over the world will cease to speak of this claim of error, it will soon cease to even seem to have any existence. In view of what we know of Christian Science, it is surprising that students should ever waste their time talking about mental malpractice in this or any other form. Beware of any kind of suggestion which would tend to make you excuse yourself for such a habit. All such conversation is but the effort of mental suggestion, and we must be awake and not respond to the suggestion. It is our business to enter heaven and stay there; and from that realm, under the shadow of the Almighty, at the very throne of grace and on it, handle with absolute security, and with peace which means dominion, every phrase of error that mortal mind may present.

Be alert, be active, be vigilant, be brave. Take part in those things which stand for general improvement. By this I do not mean that a Christian Science practitioner, or one who is an active Christian Scientist, can enter upon the work which mortal mind calls charities and politics and bury himself in it; but there are some legitimate efforts and organizations which in a way stand as a general outward fortification aiding the cause of Christian Science. Among these is the League for Medical Freedom, and there may be other organizations. But at any rate, this particular one has served to awaken thought and arouse it from its lethargy concerning a hypnotic influence which today is striving to make itself a universal power under the pretense of care for the health of human beings. We should, at least, be awake enough to do our part in sustaining and supporting any legitimate effort so long as it is carried on in an unobjectionable manner.

Christian Science treatment is the glory of God, the dominion, power, and law of God. It is also the glory or glorifying of man; man who is the reflection of God, the kingdom of God, the power of God, expressed, verified, attested; the divine image, the only man. This oneness of God and man, this unity of being, is the divine presence. It is the divine manifestation. It is the eternal fact.

Anything which we would claim for man at all, we must claim for ourselves now; there is no other time. Now and eternity are one. The true Christ revealing the real God shows forth the real man. Deliverance comes through education. Enlightenment is redemption. Yet, our real being is not in need of education out of the belief of disease, nor of redemption from the belief of sin. An individual is not two, not both the son of God and a sinner. Neither has he both a spiritual body and a material body. Every individual is an individual expression of Mind, and his body is a concrete example of infinite and indestructible substance, Mind. It is this oneness and perfection which we must recognize and maintain, for it is thus that Christ saves to the uttermost.

Association Address for 1912

Many questions naturally come up to be answered in Christian Science. “How does one demonstrate a practice?” or “I wish I had something to do in Christian Science,” or “I haven’t anything to do because I am quite well myself and I have no patients,” or some similar remarks or questions.

Now, one who would demonstrate a practice must not begin by outlining the nature of that practice. If one starts out with the idea that it must be in one direction only, there may be delay or many uncertainties. To enter upon Christian Science work, one need only become a Christian Scientist, and keep on becoming a better one all the time. To such a person, Christian Science work will come inevitably.

The Bible speaks of “the preparations of the heart in man.” (Prov. 16:1) And nothing is more important than this daily preparation on our part. All legitimate practice is the inevitable result of discerning and demonstrating in our own consciousness some measure of the truth which operates as the law of God. Christian Science has been aptly described as “the redeemer of consciousness,” and it is necessarily, therefore, the redeemer of the thought or consciousness, primarily, of the Christian Scientist.

Let us remember that the work of the practitioner is not to do something to a person or a condition. His work is to know. It may be said that his mission can never be to change anything which really exists; but on the contrary, to know that which really exists and to know the law of that which really exists so well that his knowing changes conditions of belief from inharmony to harmony. The essential thing is to have such an understanding of Truth as enables one to take cognizance of error without admitting any reality in it. Such understanding will not start out with the belief or notion that there is something which needs to be changed or improved. Understanding is sufficient unto itself and sufficient for any possible situation, belief, or claim. “My grace is sufficient for thee,” (2 Cor. 12:9) is not only a promise but a law. To the extent that one who becomes a Christian Scientist and recognizes the nature of this grace, or law, and claims it as his heritage, he is preparing himself for the work which such recognition will inevitably bring to him.

A desire to have patients to heal would be an erroneous desire and would tend to perpetuate the belief of disease. The desire to know there are no patients, nothing to be healed, nobody to be saved, no sin to be forsaken, no offense to be forgiven, no disease to be overcome, is a legitimate desire, and would tend to heal anybody and everybody.

It is important for us to make a clear distinction between that which is and that which is not Christian Science. Genuine Christian Science practice is the most important work in which any human being can possibly be engaged; and he may practice Christian Science in its absolute purity regardless of whether he is known as a practitioner or not. Christian Science is not restricted to any place or person. There is no condition or position to which it belongs exclusively. Like Love, as described by our Leader, it is “impartial and universal in its adaptations and bestowals.”

For this reason it will be seen that to attain a practice in Christian Science, one must begin the right way, and must continue in the right way, if he would make a success of his work. If he fails to handle for himself the general beliefs which present themselves to him daily and perhaps even hourly, there is no proof that he would be likely to succeed in handling specific cases of disease.

A treatment in Christian Science consists of thoughts and operates as law. These thoughts are the reflection of Principle. The Christian Scientist, recognizing this, knows that such thoughts are not robbed of their power or law, though they appear to be his own thoughts; but on the contrary, are thereby given concrete evidence of their influence. They are not his personal or finite thoughts. To limit their power to what appears to be a Christian Scientist would, of course, be a mistake. To exalt their power and give it all the presence, wisdom, action and influence which belong to Deity, is a manifest duty. One need not be afraid that, by glorifying his treatment, he is thereby glorifying himself; manifestly, if he is thinking of himself, no treatment is going on. If, on the other hand, he is thinking those thoughts which are one with God, he is either forgetting or has forgotten himself; and in thus excluding all material sense, he is similar to that manifestation of “God with us” (Matt. 1:23) which was prophesied by Isaiah and so wonderfully exemplified in Christ Jesus.

Under any given circumstances one is justified in asking himself, “What would God do here? How will Love act here? What will be the decision of Mind here?”

We are constantly declaring the infinitude of Mind. Can we even imagine that the infinite is limited in thought and action? To see, even in some slight degree, that the infinite is unlimited, is infinite, ought to remove at once a lot of limitations from our work. Christian Science treatment is too often belittled in the thought of the Christian Scientist. We cannot possibly take views that are too big. We should avoid all limited thought of God or man. Sometimes one wonders what may be meant by the expression often heard, “Well, I tried to see him…,” or “I saw him as the child of God.” Clearly, it would not be correct to try to replace an erroneous mental image, which we call a material man or woman, with another image which we call “the child of God.” Really, we do not see in any specific instance the person as a child of God; but we must see, through the enlightenment of Christian Science, — man, unlimited, unconditioned, unrestricted, unfettered, free; the sublime evidence of divine Principle and everywhere present like that Principle. This results in unseeing the beliefs of a material man, and this is the true treatment of Christian Science.

Consecration in its correct sense is essential. It is not old theology. It is that of the new birth, which our Leader says begins with time and goes on through eternity. This consecration is not a thing of mere outward conduct. It does not mean seriousness in the sense of sadness. It means that active knowledge which comes to be so clear that it is natural, and which constantly declares God aright. It is a state of conscious integrity, a realization of the unity of Being, the oneness of Mind and idea. Real consecration is not a person who is consecrated; it has nothing to do with a person. It is itself like God. The essential thing with a Christian Scientist is this consecration.

A Christian Scientist who is awakening in this likeness will find himself equal to the demands of the hour. He will act in the living present, and will not be anticipating any future difficulties. Knowing what to do at this instant, he will conclude that it will be possible for him to know what to do always. Finding and proving now his unity with God, he will not believe that there will ever be any time when that unity can be less or appear to be less.

The object of Christian Science is to prove the power of God in human affairs. That is why Christian Science was revealed. That is what the Holy Ghost or Comforter is. It is therefore important for us to see that not only must we understand the Truth, but that we must demonstrate it humanly. Sometimes we are apt to be too transcendental in our statements. We not infrequently declare the power of Truth, and declare that in Truth there is no error and no action of error, and that in Truth there is no disease, no person who is ill or who can be ill, and no illness of any kind; and while these statements are all perfectly true, they do not necessarily constitute an effective treatment, even when accompanied by the numerous denials which they inevitably entail. The fact is, that Christian Science treatment would be robbed of its intention if the spiritual harmony failed to be humanly evident.

It is necessary for one to know that the treatment which declares a fact operates as divine law, — that it enforces the divine law in human experience. The best way to do this is to know that there is no separation of Mind and idea. This is the divine law of perfection to man, body and universe. This is divine law to the belief of discord or disease or sin, through Christian Science treatment; therefore, it is not only essential that the treatment should declare that there is no disease in Truth, but it is essential that the treatment should declare that the law of the divine Mind to the divine idea is also the law to every and any belief about that idea, and because of this treatment, and its law, the belief has no continuity. We should affirm and know that Christian Science treatment removes all the belief of disease and all evidence of such belief. This declaration is essential because malpractice is constantly declaring the reverse.

Nothing is more important to us as Christian Scientists than that we should be thoroughly practical. All idea of separation needs to be done away with. All idea of one person treating another person needs to be done away with. We shall not be getting all that we have a right to get out of our understanding of Christian Science until we let that understanding ascend in every instance to the very throne of grace and reside there in assurance and power. We need to declare the unity of God and the unity of all that is good. We need not fear, and should not fear, to assume the rights and prerogatives that belong to understanding in Christian Science. If we were in a belief of old theology almost any of the statements of Christian Science would seem wrong, but we have been born again and we know what we declare is true.

What we know of God, is one with God. The knowledge of God, of Principle, of infinite Truth, is exactly the same knowledge now that it was in the time of Jesus. It was his knowledge, his Christ knowledge; it is our knowledge also, our Christ knowledge. The same ideas which constitute the enlightenment which we call Christ Jesus, should constitute our thought and all that may be called the incentive and governing power in our daily lives. As truth is the essential nature and intelligence of Being, it is the essential thing in the human thought and conduct. The more absolutely a Christian Scientist understands truth and abides in it, the better practitioner he becomes. His demonstration must necessarily rest upon that which is radical.

Erroneous appearances are corrected in proportion as Christian Science is demonstrated. Make a full demonstration and everything appears to be (what in reality it is already) all right. There must be not only the affirmation of truth and the consequent denial error, but the realization of harmony, and this must be so absolute that it produces a change of evidence. Such a realization must be recognized as law and enforced as law, not through a mental effort on the part of the practitioner, but as oneness with that which is the source, substance, activity and power of all law. To be told that we must think and act as if we were God might be misleading and might, to some people, sound shocking; but what would be the objection to saying we must think and act as though we were good? And if we were saying this, it would be exactly the same as the other, — not that man is ever the infinite Principle which is God.

If the whole of the human race were thinking and acting as though they were good, would it deprive them of any reverence toward Principle? Would it improve the human race or make it worse? Would anybody become God, or be in danger of thinking he could become God because he was constantly declaring and knowing that he himself, in his true nature, is the image of good, the very likeness of good, the evidence that God is?

Christian Science cannot be fully demonstrated until this divine oneness with Principle is recognized and maintained fearlessly. The tendency to hold aloof and to assume a false humility is today retarding the work. In the Message for 1901, p. 23, Mrs. Eddy said under “Questionable Metaphysics,” “If Christian Scientists only would admit that God is Spirit and infinite, yet that God has an opposite and that the infinite is not all; that God is good and infinite, yet that evil exists and is real, — thence it would follow that evil must either exist in good, or exist outside of the infinite, —they would be in peace with the schools.

“This departure, however, from the scientific statement, the divine Principle, rule, or demonstration of Christian Science, results as would a change of the denominations of mathematics; and you cannot demonstrate Christian Science except on its fixed Principle and given rule, according to the Master’s teaching and proof. He was ultra; he was a reformer; he laid the axe at the root of all error, amalgamation, and compounds. He used no material medicine, nor recommended it, and taught his disciples and followers to do likewise; therefore he demonstrated his power over matter, sin, disease, and death, as no other person has ever demonstrated it.”

We have lately heard much in our periodicals of the absolute and relative, and it is well for us to remember that Christian Scientists speaking ordinarily among themselves, and to the public at large, must talk more or less from the standpoint of those who listen. We must acknowledge that so far as the evidence of the senses is concerned, there is much in the way of error or evil confronting every one; but when the practitioner has made this concession in order to explain Christian Science to those who do not understand it, he has gone far enough. His own thought, when handling the beliefs of sin or disease for himself or for others, must have no compromise with it. It is not concerned with anything relative. It is the reflection of the absolute. He may be able to begin the explanation of Christian Science to an inquirer by calling the attention of that person to many material phenomena and to the contradictory nature of the evidence of the senses. Indeed, much of our literature does this kind of helpful work, and our lecturers and many other phases of our propaganda are associated more or less with this kind of an effort; but the healing of the sick is necessarily done in the realm of Mind. It is not relative, but absolute. One who takes this stand and maintains it consistently in all his work, will be likely to give a simple but adequate explanation when called upon to do so to any inquirer who may be seeking the light.

The foundation of all teaching must necessarily be clear understanding, and every practitioner is more or less teaching Christian Science in that he is explaining something of it to those who come to him for help. The fact that every capable practitioner tells his patients something concerning Christian Science finally helps those patients to become Christian Scientists themselves.

We musts be alive to all the suggestions of evil, and accept none of them. All malpractice is but an attempt on the part of a false claim to have itself recognized as if it were something. All correct handling of malpractice consists in the unfailing capacity to recognize it as nothing. I feel that I must again remind you that malpractice is neither person, place, thing, event, or law, but is always a false claim, in all its phases. The normal human being is an indication of the divine man, but a malpractitioner is no such indication. While it is true that no Christian Scientist should ever hate anybody or anything, and could not even hate evil, yet it is also true that he could not love evil. He cannot afford either hate or love to give any reality to evil at all.

Some assumption of authority or power by the medical profession, or some violation of law of the medical profession, or some violation of law on the part of officials who should obey law, or — worst of all, — some unkind or unchristian thought, remark or act on the part of Christian Scientists, and many other beliefs, constitute the temptation to which we may be subjected. When disgust or resentment is aroused within us by something which appears to have happened outside of us, we ought to see where the trouble is and proceed to root out that disgust and resentment. Disgust, indignation, or perturbation do not handle evil, but tend to give it reality in our thought, and this should never happen. On the other hand, when nothing which would tend to perpetuate evil finds any response in us, then we are gaining poise which constitutes the “peace that passeth all understanding.”

We are not likely to be tempted only in the ordinary way. We are liable to be attacked on that side which is called moral and good. We need to be aware of what mortal mind calls righteousness quite as much as what it calls unrighteousness. Indeed, the former is more subtle and is much more likely to deceive us. We find in our experience that earnest workers, and even old workers, will warn us of evil much more frequently than they remind us of good, and that they would sometimes accuse us of being asleep because we refuse to become righteously indignant. But we who have the name of Christ and are demonstrating that name, we who have seen something of the glory of real being, and who have in some degree awakened in that likeness, cannot afford to be moved by such subtleties of suggestion.

There are other situations in which the Christian Scientist may find himself more or less involved, which should also be considered and handled as possible temptations.

The League of Medical Freedom has been a useful organization; but at its best, it was a human expedient. It was not the pure practice of Christian Science, although through the demonstration of Christian Science, this League has done an amount of work and accomplished a measure of good which would not have been possible to it in an ordinary way. Among other things, it has been the means of encouraging the Christian Scientists and has revealed to them that their strength and influence are humanly recognized. They supplied practically all the funds, and through their impersonal views of evil succeeded in restraining mortal mind in its claim to be good and to do good, — at least sufficiently to maintain decency and give a measure of dignity to the work of the League. Now, all this was in the nature of demonstration. The officers of the League who are Christian Scientists have done well. They have proved their capacity and have generally maintained a clear, uncontaminated attitude of pure Christianity, sometimes under very trying circumstances.

It might well be said that in allying ourselves with the advocates of various systems of healing of a material nature, we simply took advantage of certain human characteristics in order to place an outer wall of defense around the Cause at a time when it appeared to be assailed on every side. It is clear now that we need not go in this way, and it would be unwise to do so, especially in view of the fact that we would run the risk of dragging the Christian Science movement into some sort of political relationship, or the greater risk of making it a political tool.

It goes without saying, that we should never in our thought or acts degrade this movement in any way. While individual Christian Scientists may be politicians, and while, without doubt, the demonstration of Christian Science will take many of them into offices of trust and importance, yet our movement is in no wise a political movement, and no attempt must ever succeed that tries to make it such a thing. We have one mission, and it is all-sufficient, and that is the redemption of mankind. We are Christian Scientists; we cannot do things in the old way. We are, however, practical men and women, and when a legislature or any body of persons assumes to enact law or regulation conflicting with our rights, we shall protest in a practical way, and make our protests heard and felt by means of all the rightful influence at our command; but, back of all that which may appear to be outward effort or organization, is the incisive and sustaining power and presence of Principle. We cannot depend upon the means and methods of ordinary thought. Our strength and refuge is the Most High God. We look unto Mind as infinite wisdom to supply us with sufficient human wisdom to meet any condition that may seem to arise. We cannot accept the views of those who believe in the reality of evil, neither can we join with them in their endeavors to work from such a false standpoint.

The reality of good and the unreality of evil is the revelation of Christian Science. For a Christian Scientist to think or speak of evil as though it were real, or for him to make evil seem real by thinking or speaking about it unnecessarily, comes dangerously near being “spiritual wickedness in high places.”

In all the affairs of life, we need to recognize the naturalness and infallibility of divine wisdom. The theories and superstitions of old theology are still prevalent and not altogether absent from the thought of many Christian Scientists. The halfway position of what was formerly called humility is a stumbling block in the way of progress. It is well to be humble, — indeed, without humility, demonstration in Christian Science is impossible — but mistaken humility is not useful nor even praise-worthy since it is but ill-conceived self-assertiveness.

True humility forces us to exalt the divine idea. It was this fact which made Jesus so objectionable to those who took a limited and personal view of God, and it was this fact which gave him extraordinary power over sin and disease. We need to exalt the divine idea. We need to recognize the power which resides naturally and inevitably in the facts set forth in the statements of Christian Science. We should let that power assert itself.

A mere mental effort to be humble is not the way in which to be humble. To lose sight of material selfhood naturally, because of the understanding of Christian Science, is true humility. The really humble person does not think anything about being humble and would probably be very much surprised if anybody told him that he was humble. True humility is a state of instant and constant receptivity and expectation. Being the natural acceptance of Christian Science and the activity of its practice, true humility does not doubt that the ideas which declare God aright have their source in God and so, are the basis of spiritual and divine wisdom in human affairs. Such humility is unerring wisdom and spontaneous healing influence.

The Christian Scientist who is becoming constantly more sure that Truth is the absolute nature of power, substance, intelligence and law, becomes constantly more radical in his reliance upon that measure of truth which he understands and thus gains a greater measure. “…unto every one that hath shall be given….” (Matt. 25:29)

There is another point which it may be well to touch upon here because it seems to be an insistent question, and that is the relationship which Christian Scientists should maintain toward those who fall into the hands of materia medica.

It is needless to say that Christian Science practitioners do not practice in conjunction with medical practitioners, and that patients who desire both medicine and Christian Science should be left to medicine entirely, until such time as they are ready to take a stand. There are circumstances, however, in which a Christian Science practitioner feels that he would hardly be justified in leaving a person entirely without the help which Christian Science alone gives; and in this connection I wish to say something which I am sure you will take pains to understand correctly.

It has not been altogether uncommon for the Christian Scientists to despair of a person who they heard had turned away from Christian Science to materia medica; but the Christian Scientist who is thoroughly alert cannot afford to be caught in that way. After a patient has decided to give up Christian Science treatment, the practitioner is quite right in feeling that he is not personally responsible for the patient, and that he does not need to be on hand at the beck and call of the one whom he has been treating. In his own thought he has to meet the whole belief so clearly that his realization of the truth and denial of the whole error, including all the fluctuation of belief, might heal the case even though it had fallen into the hands of a medical practitioner.

With us, it is not so essential to question the effect of our thought in any given instance, as to know whether it is correct. When a patient turns to Christian Science for help, the practitioner has to meet the belief that man is ill, or that any man is ill, or that any man believes he is ill, or that there is any mortal mind to believe such a thing, or any law by which any such belief could exist, or any place or any kind of substance or matter in which any such belief could be manifested. When he is doing that, and denying systematically and thoroughly anything which may further appear regarding the specific case, he is doing as well as he can do for the patient.

Now, if there is added to the ordinary belief of disease which seems to be the patient, — anything in the way of family complications, — they are to be handled exactly in a like manner. If it be the fear on the part of a husband or wife who is not a Christian Scientist, or a father or mother or relative, or if it be the position of relatives or the violent hatred of someone towards Christian Science, or the jealousy of a doctor, or any other phase of error, the practitioner is to meet all such beliefs with the calm assurance of the presence and omnipotence of divine Love; and when he is doing these things, and doing them faithfully and honestly, he is handling the case to the best of his ability.

Now, if the fear, either of the patient or of the relatives, should prevail to such an extent that a doctor is called in, the case simply assumes a new phase. The Christian Science practitioner is not altogether freed from responsibility because of this new phase of the case. He cannot wash his hands of the situation. He should not neglect to know, whenever his thought in any way reverts to the case, that man is the manifestation of perfect Principle and the very expression of Life. To do less than this would be to neglect a manifest duty, even though circumstances have compelled the Christian Science practitioner to withdraw.

Suppose under such circumstances that the patient does get well, is there any harm done? Suppose that a patient does turn from Christian Science to material remedies; surely any Christian Scientist would still want the patient to get well. It would not be Christian Science to want the patient to do anything else than get well, whether the patient takes material remedies or whether he is treated by Christian Science. Sometimes thought is so very small in regard to these matters that some are apt to fear if a Christian Scientist thinks correctly about a given case which may be in the hands of doctors, the patient might get well and Christian Science have no credit.

It is not, however, a question of patients or doctors, or how Christian Science is thought of, whether it has the credit or anything of that kind; the question to us is, are we getting into heaven and staying there? Are we accepting the beliefs of sin and disease in one instance and denying them in another; or are we uniformly rejecting such beliefs and such suggestions, and in no instance accepting them, whatever may be their appearance?

Now, we need not fear the result so far as the Cause of Christian Science is concerned. If we are really Christian Scientists, the Cause will be all right, for the Cause is not something which exists as a separate entity from the thought of the Christian Scientists. All there is to the Cause is the thought of the Christian Scientists, and what they are thinking determines the vitality of the Cause. If their thought in relation to a thing shall become more vigorously Christlike, then in that event the Cause of Christian Science receives new stimulus, its activity is enlarged, and its wonderful work inevitably recognized.

In another similar case, where a Christian Scientist is, by family circumstances, compelled to accept medical treatment, it would be manifestly inhuman to leave that Christian Scientist without any vestige of hope from Christian Science. Perhaps if suffering greatly in belief, such a one may not be able to do the work, and there should be an assurance given him by the practitioner that no matter if difficulties and circumstances over which the patient seems to have no control force him to take the treatment, — which he does not believe in, — someone will continue to specifically and thoroughly handle the whole of that which seems — and only seems — to be a dangerous situation.

“The law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple.” (Ps. 19:7) The real testimony of Truth appears through Christian Science healing, never to disappear. What God has established, even in our present experience, stands and is becoming all the time more and more sure.

It has been said that the New Testament in the Old is concealed, and the Old Testament in the New is revealed. It might be added that in Christian Science, God, Mind is demonstrated.

The natural joy and spontaneity of the divine Mind must appear. Not infrequently we doubt the nature of such appearing simply because it seems to be our own personal thought. Now manifestly, when Christ shall appear, according to the Apostle, “…then shall ye also appear with him in glory.” (Col. 3:4)

We ought to recognize the naturalness of God. The more conscientiously one seeks to know God, good, and to reflect and express the divine Mind only, the easier it is for one to forget the claim of mortal selfhood. No pride or self-exaltation can ever knock at the door of that individual consciousness which is the reflection of the divine consciousness. One who can really demonstrate Christian Science must necessarily have risen above that fear which presents itself in self-seeking or any kind of human pride. Indeed, one who is seeking in a selfish way is not finding, but losing, both opportunity and heritage. God is with us only insofar as our thought is image and likeness. On the other hand, thought which is self-exaltation or self-seeking is ignorant of God; and whether it assumes form either of self-glorification or self-condemnation, it is not the presence of Mind, God, but a belief of the absence of God, Mind. We need to know, — and we can know — omnipotence, God, because omnipotence is all the presence there is, and it consequently is the only presence we need or can possibly have.

Now, do not spoil this statement by saying “Of course, this means that in reality good is the only presence we have or use.” The word reality is most useful in explaining and teaching Christian Science, but the use of it by Christian Scientists should be restricted to the realm of explanation. To use it frequently to one’s self when endeavoring to demonstrate Christian Science implies some belief on the part of the practitioner in the existence of something else than reality.

Truth means reality; error is not the name of something else which is real also. Error is necessarily unreal, and whenever the term error is used, we should at once understand its meaning. To restrict our knowledge, or limit its effect by saying, “Oh, of course, we are all right in Truth,” or “We are all right in reality,” implies the mental reservation which prevents demonstration. All being is Spirit and spiritual. Even now that false concept which we call our material body, would be all right and perfectly harmonious and healthy if we would but know that it is not a thing to be made right, but is a belief about our divine body which is already right, and forever right. The fact that our body is already and forever all right, is both the law and the substance to any sense of body which we or any person or all persons may entertain. Christ is “The divine manifestation of God, which comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (S&H 583:10) That is, to correct the error, not to destroy the body.

Again, in Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy quotes from Colossians 3:4, “When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.” Now, if one should always continue to read that paragraph in the future tense, or read it as implying an experience or realization to be gained some time in the future, would he ever attain the desirable mental and bodily harmony which it depicts? Might he not, therefore, risk conflicting with another statement in Science and Health, “‘Now,’ cried the apostle, ‘is the accepted time; behold now is the day of salvation;’ — meaning, not that now men must prepare for a future-world salvation, or safety, but that now is the time in which to experience that salvation in spirit and in life.” (Science and Health 39:18)

Let the truth be more positive all the time. Utterly refuse to believe anything else than truth. Such a mental attitude is like God, and consequently has the power of God.

Read and consider carefully the works and words of Jesus and the apostles, and observe that such an attitude is the Saviour of all that seems to constitute human consciousness, either subjectively or objectively. Consciousness is not to be lost but transformed. This transformation should be much more rapid and entirely free from painful chemicalization. It is well for us to accept truth now, rather than to wait. In Romans, we read, “For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.” (Rom. 8:22-23)

Here is indicated the change of human belief, and here is also briefly indicated the painful experience of that belief, in “waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of the body.” Then why wait? Paul saw clearly those spiritual facts which were to change human conditions, but Christian Science in his time was not absolutely revealed. He did not know, and could not know, the Principle or process by which all beliefs were to be met, and this belief of painful chemicalization is one that is to be met; whereas, Paul still had at times the idea that it was to be endured.

If the redemption of the body be a question, then waiting also is belief or claim. If salvation be NOW, as the same apostle in another place declared, why cultivate the habit of waiting, which is mere human belief rather than that of knowing the truth, which is immediate deliverance and redemption? Furthermore, in the same epistle, Paul writes (Rom. 8:28), “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Here we find the unity of Being affirmed. Then in the next verse (29-30) he states, “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the first born among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.” This shows that every divine idea is foreknown, predestined, justified, and glorified. No wonder Paul also says further on, “If God be for us, who can be against us?”

The fears and beliefs of a false sense of being in general human thought are as flagrant as they ever were. When Jesus asserted the naturalness and universality of Life, that condition of belief which in the New Testament is called the Jews, came to him with the insistent question, “Art thou greater than our father Abraham which is dead? and the prophets are dead: Whom makest thou thyself?” (John 8:53) His final answer was the demonstration of the fact that the sense of human life is not greater and more powerful than the fact of divine Life, and could not, therefore, claim a power impossible to divinity itself, viz., the power both to live and die. He saw utter falsity of such an assumption and proved that falsity for all men and all time. It is our business to maintain that which he proved.

We shall never help the human race to awake in the likeness of Life eternal by joining in the chorus of Jews: “Abraham and the prophets are dead, who makest thou thyself?”

We are to be saved not by error, but by Truth, and there is no process to salvation except the one of unswerving allegiance to both the idea and the ideals of Truth.

It seems almost unnecessary to again call attention to the fact that a Christian Science treatment is based upon Principle as eternal life, and can never include any statement or thought that could by any remote possibility induce something unlike a normal manifestation of life. Any supposition that Christian Science could operate contrary to Life and its eternal presence and law is utterly false, and any treatment given for any other purpose than that of bringing forth and maintaining a correct, healthy and normal sense of Life, would not be Christian Science.


If we would have a good Christian Science church doing all of which such an organization is capable, and above all, fulfilling its mission of “casting out devils” or error and healing the sick, then we must understand more clearly all the time the import of the first part of the definition which declares the church to be “the structure of Truth and Love.”

The essential thing in a church is that condition of thought which is the reflection of divine Principle and a demonstration of it, in all the relationships of life. In Colossians, Chapter 1, Paul speaks of the human consciousness, and in the 15th verse mentions it as the image of the invisible God. Going on further to speak of Christ or Truth in the 18th verse, he writes, “he is the head of the body, the church,” and in the 2nd chapter, 17th verse, he says, “The body is Christ.” It would appear, therefore, that Christ is both the head and the body of the church; and we know in Christian Science that the practical Christ is the truth which we are demonstrating in our own lives. This one Christ, then, is the real body of the Christian Science church. It is this that gives it strength and health and continuity and growth and power. It is this that gives it legitimate influence in the world. We can see then, just how much of a body any Christian Science church really possesses by observing to what extent its members are demonstrating Christ, Truth. A Christian Science church should, therefore, not be seeking members primarily. Not numbers but quality constitutes the real nature of such a church. Numbers will be inevitably ours in this Cause when we are more Christ-like, more devoted, more sincerely given to the work of Christian Science.

In this connection, I feel impelled to speak of one or two tendencies which very often retard the real growth of a Christian Science church. One of these, and perhaps the most flagrant, is gossip. Talk about people is useless, and it can scarcely ever be engaged in without in some measure running into malpractice; even friendly gossip is objectionable. We expect to have our friends and have them more abundantly and have them eternally. It is part of the very business of Christian Science to arouse more love and make it more enduring, so that it shall eventually be seen that divine Love, which could not know cessation nor anything to influence or interfere with it, is the true basis of friendship; but to talk about people unnecessarily does not in any way tend to perpetuate the natural and harmonious relationship of human beings. Besides this, any kind of gossip, which may be about people or not, is undesirable, — and I might add that it shows bad taste and manners.

The habit of speaking about malpractice unnecessarily was touched upon last year. It was shown that by such habit, we tend to give to malpractice some belief of power. Now if it be undesirable to indulge in such a habit in one direction, it is equally so in every direction. To speak about the difficulties of the church in any such way as would tend to perpetuate difficulties, is malpractice upon the church and upon the movement, and I earnestly ask my students to cease all such talk. We have quite enough to do to overcome in ourselves all sinful tendencies. We have quite enough to do to maintain the right idea of church without constantly introducing into thought, or permitting it to be introduced, that which is in the nature of poison concerning the church.

Again, if any students are engaged in church work, and especially on church boards, it is their duty to avoid forming opinions in advance as to what shall be the action of the board on any given question. It is not uncommon in our experience to find that two or more members of a church board meet and discuss questions concerning the board work, and even make decisions as to what should finally be the action of the board. All such things are wholly wrong. It would be permissible, of course, for a Christian Scientist engaged in board work, — or any kind of church work, — meeting another member also engaged in similar work, to call his attention to some problem which might be confronting the church as a whole, or the board specifically. It might be well for people so meeting to remind each other of the necessity for earnest Christian Science work upon these problems; but anything beyond this is not permissible. If workers so engaged would avoid the temptation to form opinions outside of board meetings and simply confine themselves to unselfish scientific work, they would find that the members of a board could meet together in the one Mind, — having handled the error individually, — and make decisions through the influence and power of that one Mind demonstrated that are wholly impossible when mere opinions of one or two persons are introduced, then when the endeavor is made, as it generally is, to force these opinions through under the claim of demonstration.

Someone may say, “Well, other members of the board meet in groups and discuss and form plans, and why should not I and some other friends do the same thing, and thus endeavor to offset some evil tendency?” If you will be awake, you will meet all such suggestions of self-justification for wrong action. Even though somebody else does wrong, a Christian Scientist cannot say that justified him also in wrong doing. Although some Christian Scientists carry on this board work in an incorrect way, that does not justify any of you as Christian Scientists endeavoring to do something of a similar nature. There is one Principle and we cannot operate contrary to that and expect to achieve any kind of peace or satisfaction.

If all the people who are on church boards would work in the manner above indicated, and reject the temptation to discuss church problems in private groups, the whole movement would be redeemed from many of its present difficulties, and the sick would be healed far more easily than at present. If even a few will do that, they will inevitably remove some of the bad habits prevailing in our church work.

The healing power is infinite as presence and influence. Stop to consider the word “infinite” for a moment and ask yourself if there are any limitations to the possibilities of a Science which declares the Principle and rule of the infinite. We are beginning to change the finite beliefs of fear and mortality for the infinite facts of divinity and immortality. Let us more and more have confidence in the power of God. Let us trust God more and more in all our ways. Let us trust God in our church work. Let us even have the confidence to trust God in our own work, for Mind alone is influence and presence and there is only one Mind. Refuse under any and all circumstances to fall under the mesmeric belief that there is more than one Mind or that your opinion is the one Mind.

In protecting the church or any of its work, we should declare that the Cause is established through the demonstration of infinite wisdom; that it stands as the power of God among men; that it is sustained by the power of God among men; that it is sustained by the wisdom in which it originates, and that all of its activities are carried on by the divine Principle which is omniaction; that it knows nor restrictions of time or space, and can know none; that Christian Science is bigger than all time and all space; that it exists by divine ordination and its work is carried on according to divine law; that a building or Reading Room as matter would be useless. The value of a building or Reading Room is to be found in the spiritual idea concerning it; and in proportion as this idea is maintained, it will be seen that such a building or Reading Room is not, properly speaking, a place or thing nor a mere so-called channel, but is the evidence of the demonstration of the very presence of good and of the activity of good. It is not separate in any way from Divinity, but is ever one with Divinity. The law to the divine fact and all that constitutes the Church of Christ, Scientist is a law to all the belief that we call a place, and name a church or a Reading Room or what not. This law is a law of protection, a law of supply, a law of Love and Life to all that constitutes the activity of what is called church. The only attraction in the world is Christian Science, for it is the revelation of the unity of God and man, the oneness of Mind and idea. The Reading Room or Wednesday evening meeting, or lecture, or any service or endeavor, through the wisdom by which it is established, and the law by which it is maintained, is meeting all the demands upon it and completely fulfilling its part in the redemptive mission of Christian Science.

Let us cease to restrict the power of Christian Science. Be willing to acknowledge its influence in all things and know that there is no other influence. Avoid condemnation of any kind. Especially refrain from speaking of error unnecessarily. If difficulties arise or failures seem to occur, seek more diligently the Principle and rule of Christian Science. Uniform success is possible and better healing is a necessity. When recognizing the errors which seem to belong to a person, it is not enough to say they are impersonal; it is essential to know that they are impersonal. Jesus healed the sick unfailingly and quickly for the reason that he had already healed himself of the belief that man was personal. When a patient presented himself to Jesus, the mentality of Jesus was already clear enough to recognize that the patient was only a false mental image and that the true image consisted of the divine facts of being.


While it is true that Christian Science treatment is mental treatment, it is also true that mental treatment is not always Christian Science, even when it is so called. A Christian Science practitioner must not for an instant accept either matter or disease as real. He must avoid also any tendency to merely mentalize disease. It is not enough to see that disease is only belief; it is essential to see that it is nothing. He must avoid accepting mental pictures of sin and disease. If tempted in this way, he must handle it as a silent argument of malpractice which thereby seeks to induce the practitioner to retard or reverse his own work. Do not blame yourself or the patient if there is not a speedy recovery. It is no use to waste time or thought in this way. Instead of that, seek to learn the Principle and rule more thoroughly. Do not waste time or become wordy in your treatment. Arrive promptly at the realization which heals. Train yourself to habits of clear, consecutive thinking. Discipline the thinking power when it wanders; brings it back to its task, just as you would an unruly child, and you will soon find that it wanders no more.

The power of Christian Science treatment is in the realization which results from working in Christian Science. The realization will be clear in proportion as the thought is in the nature of omnipotence and law. When a Christian Scientist deals with a thing from the standpoint of omnipotence, his work is not confined or limited. It will not seem incredible to him that the universal beliefs of mankind should begin to yield to Christian Science. We should cultivate a larger view, for if we continue to maintain an attitude of limitation and continue to believe that legitimate practice of Christian Science is in any degree limited, we are apt to find that this limited view leads to limited results, even in treating specific cases; whereas the mental attitude like omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence, makes our practice in the highest degree progressive and satisfactory.

On more than one occasion, our Leader admonished her followers to pray for mankind, and the Daily Prayer in the Manual indicates that this is a duty on our part. With those who are progressively demonstrating Christian Science, this daily prayer cannot be confined to any mere formula, but must take on larger aspects and results. We shall find ourselves greatly benefited by cultivating a desire to benefit mankind universally. We shall find that we can handle many of the vexatious problems that mortal mind presents on every hand, and as a result, not only improve human beliefs, but also broaden our own views and ennoble our own characters.

A celebrated agnostic once wrote, “The world is my country and to do good my religion,” and in so doing, showed his thought was more broadly religious than many orthodox believers. We may paraphrase his saying and recognize that the world is our patient and to do good our joy and duty.

We are confronted on every hand with the belief of law; laws of fear and disease and discord and sin prevail in general human thought and education. We must face all this false belief of law with that which is actually law, and which, being divine, is irresistible. This we can do through daily work. What is ordinarily called a day is a measurement of time. In Science and Health, we read, “Time is a mortal thought, the divisor of which is the solar year. Eternity is God’s measurement of Soul-filled years.” (S&H 598:30) Also, “day” is defined as “The irradiance of Life; light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love. ‘And the evening and the morning were the first day.’ (Gen. i:5.) The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God’s day, and ‘there shall be no night there.’” (S&H 584:1)

From this standpoint, we can handle every day the universal conditions of sin and disease; and in so doing we can and should establish the law of Truth, Life, and Love for all mankind. We can so clearly understand this law and its inherent energy and universal application, that all men will turn to Christian Science for healing and redemption.

Association Address for 1914

We are engaged in the practice of Christian Science. As we are engaged in the best thing in the world, our conduct must be the best conduct that there is. In order to carry on the work in a businesslike way, we are obliged sometimes to do some thing that is not absolutely scientific. It is necessary always to have a standard of conduct. In Christian Science, have the highest.

To give a treatment is a wonderful, a glorious thing, but to send a bill is a rather disagreeable thing, but it is just as important a part of your work in this practice. There must be an acknowledgement on the part of the person who is the recipient of the blessing. Paying shows gratitude; it need not necessarily be payment in money, but it may manifest more love, more consideration, more helpfulness.

If sending a bill for treatment, it is very important to be above suspicion and reproach. Say and do nothing that is contrary to the highest ethics. It is both ethically correct and legally right for a Christian Scientist to charge for his work. Do not over nor under charge; the rule about it is found in Miscellany, page 237. Charge as a family physician, not as a specialist. Even your own family will pay. Christian Scientists who are making headway but are not able to pay, may be treated without charging. If a patient recovers, that is the best recognition. Give no wrong impression; take great care of giving it. Give up so-called weekly treatment. You are malpracticing on your very treatment by weekly work or price.

We are not expecting all that we should of Christian Science by giving treatment by the week. Expect and have instantaneous results. Do not have anything dangling around. We expect that our treatments will have immediate effect and the claim will be immediately overcome by the understanding that we have. Give your treatments one at a time, for one person at a time; treatment should be paid for one at a time, not by the week. You cannot possibly charge for every treatment that you give a patient during the course of treatment; be reasonable and sensible. You have to do work for that patient in order to protect yourself and grow, so you cannot charge him for your own growth and blessing.

Anything that is done without thought is worthless. Do not think it necessary to read the entire lesson as one might count beads. Read the lesson well and a little at a time. Concentrate to the extent of doing a thing thoroughly. The lesson study is not superstition.

Be a rule for yourself, but not for others. Do not expect that another must do everything your way, — let him alone. It is no use to force a person to be holy; he will only become good through demonstration.

If one is demonstrating that understanding which he should do in reading the lesson, then he is getting somewhere. He is getting the understanding of divine unity and eliminating the beliefs of mortal mind. Christian Science is the abundance of the infinite brought to the human consciousness.

Christian Science has nothing to do with place nor people. It is Science, and is demonstrated by means of mental power. Understanding is understanding. It is not necessarily with one who has been associated with or lived in the house of our Leader. This does not mean that he knows all that is in heaven or on earth. There was no power nor special dispensation given to anyone by man. The only thing or understanding man can have comes from God. Be perfectly sure of it.

The only way that the cloak was received on Elisha’s shoulders was not because of Elijah, but of God. (1 Kings 19:19) Elisha had to wake up and insist for it in order to receive it. His cloak was understanding. Now, the disciples of Jesus who had the greatest opportunity to understand, did not understand. Sometimes sentimentalism goes a long way with us, and we are apt to think the sentimental feeling is something wonderful. If you are sentimental, you are weak. Be practical, straight forward, sane. Do not associate with places or circumstances. Get rid of superstition. At any rate, get rid of all that you can, and do not have any kind of superstition of any sort hanging around. If you have superstition hanging around in the name of good, you are also liable to have it in the name of bad.

Christian Science is understanding and demonstration. To rave over such circumstances is sentimentalism. Sentimentalism does not count with us; it is not wonderful. Sentimentalism to a great extent is emotionalism, and there is nothing in it. Do not be misguided by a person with “high thoughts.” They may be too high to be scientific, in that they are purely material aspirations and aims. Do not think that one is holy, because he has “high thoughts.” It is demonstration that counts.

We need to see more and more clearly that the whole work of Christian Science is Mind; Mind Science — not matter science. The things that we do humanly, must be improved by what we know. None of the things that we are doing humanly constitute the kingdom of God.

If you go to church on Sunday morning, you are not necessarily going to heaven. One may stay at home and be in heaven. There is not on earth today a Christian Science church that is what it ought to be, — not one. The church is not by any means all that it should be. The church is an organization, as far as we are humanly aware of it. It will become church insofar as Christian Scientists demonstrate the exact fact that constitutes church. It is all in Mind. None of the things that we are thinking humanly constitute the kingdom of heaven.

There is no matter. The belief that you call matter is a state of limitation, and should you get rid of the limitation entirely, you would have no matter. Mortal mind’s sense of substance is what is called matter; and as mortal mind is a finite claim, that demonstration is right in the limited sense of things, which by means of demonstration gradually yields its claim of limitation. By demonstration right where pain seems to be, harmony is manifested. The demonstration must appear just where the inharmony seemed to be manifested.

Nine-tenths of the church members are only members; one tenth workers. The Cause of Christian Science is the united way. In regard to church membership, belonging to a church does not do anyone any good unless he is demonstrating the Truth. In fact, it might make a man far worse and he may seem to have a harder time being a member of a church unless he works and is active. Otherwise, for his own sake and for the sake of the organization, he had better not join. With a little bit of an idea of Christian Science, one is more likely to be perverted in church than out of it. A person may be a very young Scientist and be a splendid worker, or be a very old one and be a very poor worker.

Be loving in accepting persons; be willing to take in the earnest worker even if he is only taking his preliminary steps in Science. The question is not time, but how much does he know, and how firmly is he holding to the facts and rejecting the evidences of his senses. In any event, we must remember that this work is to be carried on by persons in spite of the fact that we do not believe in personality. Frequently, the whole demonstration is finding somebody capable of doing something, and the only way that you can find him is to find out that there is no personality in the Divine Mind.

There are lots of people who want to do church work. It is all right to want to do something right, but he may not be suited for a church position because he wants it. The person who thinks that he wants to be this or that is pretty sure to be the one not to have it; but the man who forgets all about his own understanding and ability and is demonstrating Christian Science, and has no personal aim or desire, he is quite likely to be capable. A person may be very spiritual and doing fine work even if he is not a member of a church. It is no use to elect someone who is utterly ignorant to do anything, because he does not know how. Rotation in office does not mean to put in incapable people, and to stick to any office for years is to limit the operation of Mind.

Do not make a person Reader or Director just for personal reasons or because of superstition in regard to rotation in office. Rotation in office might lead to elevating someone who should not be elevated. At the same time, it will in other cases, prevent one person holding office years and years and getting to think that he knows it all, and that because of his years of experience, there is no one else who can do the thing as well. Understanding supplies all offices.

If a person forgets all about being somebody, and devotes his time to the understanding of Christian Science, if he forgets such a thing as a desire and seeks only the kingdom of heaven and sees abundant good and abundant blessings, such a person will heal the sick, raise the dead, without any desire to be great or famous.

The greatest human being that ever lived was Jesus, and he had no desire to be great. He did not have time to want to be somebody; he was too active. He was not at all afraid that somebody was going to get his position; he was not afraid that he was going to lose his job. See the Science of being in each man as the divine image. He is the divine God in that he is exactly as if he were standing there in place of the Creator, as though Mind were itself declaring itself and saying, “I am” forever, and that is the only divine man, and that man is great because he cannot help but be, and cannot by any possible chance lose any of the characteristics of his divine being. The divine Mind is always its own source of supply. If we work in this way, church work will be greatly minimized.

Before you have a meeting, find out what God is, and let the meeting be God. Better never have a meeting if not so. There will always be different views and different ways of seeing things, and this is right. There is no standing still in heaven. In the kingdom of heaven, we will not be mentally atrophied; we will always be individual. There will always be open, frank, honest discussions. Everyone should be encouraged to talk freely.

Get rid of your feelings; do not be hurt. You may and can disagree with an old student, even a student of our Leader, without the disagreeing being animal magnetism. You could have a discussion or disagreement with an old student and still be in the right.

There will never come a time when we shall not find that we are being constantly uplifted, being clarified in thought by that association which is divine. There will be constant stimulation as we demonstrate the infinite Mind. We can claim the right to know and reflect the divine Mind this instant. There is nothing the matter with Mind and there never will be. It does not reside anywhere particularly. It is infinite, universal, and it is ours by natural right or law. We know that we can think as well as anybody and we must claim that; we must not be afraid to stand by what we know of advanced Science, nor must we hesitate to listen to the statement advanced by another Christian Scientist. He may be the way for us to gain a fuller understanding. Be humble. Although some ideas may seem to come from someone else, they are actually from God, and we can be instructed and blessed by true knowledge coming from God. We are here to be awake and to know. In the ordinary acceptance of the word, I do not believe in “righteousness.” So often it means superstition, old theology and old beliefs about God and man. Materiality is not spirituality.

There is only one thing as a claim, and that is matter. That is a generic claim. It constitutes all that there is to mortal mind as substance or a claim of it, — one generic claim which is not divided up into good and bad. Humanly speaking, some things are more degrading than others, but the whole claim of materiality is sin. The man who steals and lies is a sinner; so is the man who eats and sleeps, but we can get along without stealing and lying, and we can get along as harmoniously as possible with sleeping and eating. These normal conditions must be seen as beliefs.

If the human race had half a chance, it would not have a pain. Pain is not normal, — it is not legitimate. The normal conditions of matter must also be seen as beliefs. Even if you get a demonstration, it is only a better belief; but in your understanding it is the Kingdom of God. If you accept it merely as human sense, and say that it is only a belief, it may not hold; but if you see it as demonstration of infinite harmony, and it is held where it is made, it will stand there forever. You cannot have such a thing as a return of an old belief. Where could you get it? There is no such thing.

The Christ is already delivering us.

Hold to the thought that there is no death, and stand and say, “I know.” We have got to get away from the belief that death is inevitable. Declare, “I know and I am not afraid to know.” This must come and you have got to do your part to prove it.

What is this thing that calls itself our thought and sits around and says, “When Christian Science is fully demonstrated, we shall not die”? It will not be fully demonstrated until somebody says, “There is no death,” and sticks to it and holds on and finds that there is none. How many are there who are really ready to take a stand and say, “I know and I am not afraid to know.” This Science of Life has got to be demonstrated, and it makes no difference what anybody has done or not done, — or what everybody has done, — you ought to do better, much better than anybody ever did. It is perfectly true that we received this revelation from Mrs. Eddy. Yet Christian Scientists do not know enough to be grateful to Mrs. Eddy. They speak gratitude, but they must demonstrate it. Words are nothing in this thing. Even though Mrs. Eddy had failed to do something, does it justify you in failing? Jesus said, “Greater works than these….” And Mrs. Eddy constantly said, “This work must be demonstrated.”

Mortals accept suggestions, as for instance, they insist that either they are growing old or somebody else is. What is that but slow death? Do not submit to it; do not lose your faculties and ability. Progress.

The Christian Scientist’s thought is vastly improved. They are the ones who are responsible for the world today and everything that is happening in it. There is no middle ground. When the Christian Scientist fails to hold to the Truth, how can we expect others to hold to it? It is far worse not to stick to the Truth after you once see it, than not to know it.

You hear a lot of stuff about the absolute and the relative. The relative is what you talk about. The absolute is the only thing that can be demonstrated. Among ourselves, we must strengthen and help each other. We come together so that, through our communion, we might know more of the way of demonstrating it. You can talk relatively, but in your treatment, you must deal absolutely, and only with the absolute; make no concessions to error.

Remember that you cannot force right on the public, but stick to the right yourself, always. Your own thought must be along the line of the absolute. Do not fear to make it so. In church work stand for the right, and in your human relations do the best that you can. When you cannot get others to see what is right, you can keep on knowing it. Heal the sick from the absolute, knowing the power and presence of the divine Mind.

We will never get where we ought to be unless we are abreast of the times. Read, rise along the lines of better beliefs of human education, etc. Appreciate the improved beliefs along such lines; have books and read them. Christian Science literature of itself will not help you; having your nose always in them is mesmerism. Science and Health and the Bible — the actual books — will not bless you nor anyone, but the ideas that they contain will bless and heal everyone.

We are not going to be good by being too good. You are not necessarily humble because you make yourself a door mat. Humility is the natural state of being; it is the very indication that constitutes the character of man.

Knowing what God is, is true humility. That which you know is the divine idea. Humility is reflection and there is no other. What we need to know is what God is, and in that knowing you are humble. The assumption of so-called humility, self-denial, abnegation and immolation in the ordinary sense is foolish. Jesus reached the very acme of humility when he seemed to most to be proud. He said, “I and my Father are one.” That which you know, is one with the divine Mind. The right idea is ever one with infinity and is humble when reflecting infinity. To the extent that right ideas constitute your mentality, you are humble. True humility is more important than what appears on the surface. Moses was only humble because he knew what God is.

Without any doubt at all, and without any possibility of controversy, the divine intelligence is the intelligence of man. It is his rightful, legitimate way of thinking. Man never ought to think in any other way than intelligently and divinely. One thing is absolutely true, gloriously true, and that is, when you think with that divine intelligence, you are finding that your divine thinker or consciousness is able to do all things well, — in business, in healing, in all things. You will understand that passage in the Bible, “He doeth all things well” (according to His will).

Know that nothing can take from you what you know, — protect your understanding. There is only one Mind, our Mind. Man is the very representative, or evidence of Mind. True humility makes you to understand, makes you to assume the intelligence, the rights and prerogative of the divine Mind in healing a case. It makes you the very evidence of presence and power and law. False humility is apart from God. Humility finds no difficulty in setting aside self, because the one who is humble never thinks of himself to remember that he is even humble; he is too active following Truth. One who thinks himself humble is not humble. The real knowing knows. What we know is what we are and it is “at one” with God, and is just like God and it is “God with us.” Protect your knowing. When that condition appears it makes that wonderful thing that we call a Christian Science practitioner. One knows with that supreme confidence who heals the cases that come to him legitimately, and he never permits any other kind of cases to come.

The practitioner who knows, has humility. Anything that you know, you know.

Do not let anybody make you believe that you do not know something that you actually know — like twice two is four. You could not have the Science of Mind without the Science of ideas; and the Science of Mind being infinite, the Science of ideas is the same. You have to know that, and you can never escape that fact. You know you have a body; you know you have a hand. What you know about body nobody can possibly take from you, and you must know that fact as well as knowing that you know something.

Mind and ideas are simply correlated. You cannot have Mind without ideas. There never will be in this world any such thing as Mind without ideas. Mind and its ideas are forever one; they are correlated. They are that divine relationship which can find no separation. You must have a real body and real organs in order to have a counterfeit. The universe exists as ideas, as ideas as a whole and ideas in relation. Everything exists as idea and everything exists. When you demonstrate step by step, you demonstrate the kingdom of heaven. You will always be somebody all the time. There will never be an instant when you will be without body, without conscious identity and individuality, not an instant. If you were not to have a body eternally, you would not have one now in belief.

When you demonstrate the kingdom of heaven, there will be no time when there is a vacuum. There never will be a time when you shall have anything contrary to Life. You will always have Life in abundance. This is irrefutable, because it is the Science of Being. You cannot have anything wrong — a boil, a pain, a sorrow. They are not divine ideas and do not belong to man. There never will be a time when you will not have hands, never a time when you will not have eyes in their proper meaning. We have all things; things are thoughts, ideas.

The whole treatment of Christian Science is on the positive and not on the negative side. We handle the negation, but we declare the Truth. Everything that constitutes being exists now and forever, and if you had not a head properly, you would not have one in belief. You declare the positive fact of being. The positive facts of being are what you must consider; what is true, is the only question.

Science and Health is full of the facts that the divine creation consists of ideas. “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” This instant you and I exist wholly in the realm of mentality, — this instant, wholly substantial and indestructible.

Throughout Science and Health you find the word “man” to express both the spiritual and the material. Mortals use “man” to designate personality; and Science uses “man” to designate ideas. We exist spiritually, not materially. In our divine individuality, we are in the image and likeness of Mind. While we consider ourselves as mortals — as human personality — we use personality to designate “man.” We say it, but mean our divine nature. As a matter of fact, what you call your body is nothing more than a human sense of one’s identity. Identity is infinite; so, of course, there is no material body. It is a claim; but identity is eternal, consequently body is eternal. You have all got it. It constitutes your “at one with God.” You are in infinity and have infinite possession of all things. That is your identity NOW — not presently — but NOW. In this possession you are righteous forever more. There is no other body except the divine body and that is ours.

I want you to stop being afraid, and if I can induce you to do so, I am going to induce you to stop being afraid. I hope that you are all awakening to the fact that the Christian Science textbook is not a book of mere references. The same sentence at different times has a different meaning, because of your demonstration. Parts of Science and Health are explanation, other parts pure Science. Study for the Science, let it become a part of you. The treatment that healed a case today must be improved tomorrow to heal the next case. Progress is the law of God. Each time you read a line in the textbook, it should have a higher and holier meaning, because of each succeeding experience and demonstration. Illumination must ever come to us.

Maintain in thought a divine model. The only thing that constitutes the divine model, is not outside, but inside. The only spiritual man is that which you are knowing of God. The thinking is the spiritual man. There is none other; and that one does not stop thinking, but is eternally conscious or thinking. Even now you have awakened to immortality, but not to materiality, for there is none. If it is legitimate for you to say that man is spiritual, it is legitimate to say that eyes are spiritual in their true meaning. It is legitimate to say that lungs are spiritual in their true meaning. They are fixed eternal facts that have their being in substance. The substance of Being is. The moment that you know what God is, to that extent the material body is subject to the divine law. You will always be Life in evidence.

If it is necessary to have a sense of substance to exist humanly, do you think that it will be possible to have no sense of substance to exist spiritually? You could not exist if there were not substance. Matter is only a belief about substance. It does not exist as an entity, as actuality. It has no being. There is no matter, but there is one glorious, immaculate body, expressing dominion and law. Jesus proved it. That is the divine man and you are that man. Everything of man is governed by the divine Mind. This is the law of Mind to man or everything that seems to be his body or his organs.

I insist that you shall lay hold of Life eternal and stop laying hold of those things that constitute nothing but death. We are to awaken more and more, and in the awakening find ourselves abundantly satisfied. Even now you have awakened to eternal life. To the eternal NOW.

If a man comes to be treated for stomach disease, what right have you to treat him if he has no stomach? The result of a treatment that says there is no stomach, would be to destroy the manifestation of stomach and not the disease. Stomach exists, but the disease does not. All that exists is idea. If he has no stomach, he has nothing to treat. He has a stomach. The law of the divine Mind to the idea is the only law. What claims to be a physical claim becomes amendable to the divine law. Every physical action is governed by what you know. Every organ and function of man is governed by the divine Mind, and this is the law through Christian Science to that which claims to be a human being. Everything of man is governed by the divine Mind. This is the law of Mind to man or anything that seems to be his body or his organs.

The law of existence to the divine idea in your treatment is a law of correction to any belief that may appear. The law of the divine Mind to the divine idea is, through Christian Science treatment, the law of correction to inharmonious beliefs. The law that governs the divine idea, corrects the belief. Do not call the belief a symbol; it is a lie about the belief. The treatment gets rid of mortal beliefs governing the body, replacing them with divine Mind that governs the belief. The thing that really heals is to know the oneness and perfection of being of the divine Mind and the divine idea. To make a correction is a good thing, but the thing that tops it all is to know that we are already perfect. The thing that heals is to know that already we are perfect in good, already and forever. The very thing that you want to know, all the time, is that God did not make a single mistake and left nothing to be improved. There is nothing in the realm of infinite being as a man that needs to be healed of anything. A full realization of this fact would make you a busy and successful practitioner. The claim that there is a mortal man is a claim. Mortal mind is the basic error. Eliminate pride and personality.

You must not only get the patient out of the way, but the practitioner also. He is always in the way. Everything that you could possibly legitimately try to heal exists as a fact. Anything that you are trying to heal in belief could not possibly be a legitimate matter for your consideration or treatment, unless it exists as a fact. Everything that you treat for a human being is simply a false belief about something that exists divinely. You never could treat a boil, but you would know the truth about neck. Disease is not a thing to be treated. Disease is merely a belief. You do not treat disease; you treat the belief that there is disease. Mortal mind in its attempt to imitate substance, gets that thing that we call matter. You have a claim of depletion of blood, give the patient better blood in belief. He must have better blood. It is proper for him to have proper blood. If your treatment is right, the manifestation will be better and more blood, not less. The Son of man came not to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.

Bacteria is only a theory created by medical science. We may assume things to be which do not exist. Bacteria is not a legitimate part of body. Doctors have created germs.

Have you a hand? Yes, a spiritual one. It is a spiritual idea. Do not outline nor delineate anything. Anything, which in human existence is worthy of being considered a legitimate part of man, must have an original. It must exist as a divine fact or idea. Existence is perfect; it cannot be conceived otherwise than perfect as cause and effect. Now, if I have a hand at all, it is because there is one. It would not be proper to have sight if there were none. If there were no substance, there would be no matter. God has to have sight. Eye exists divinely. Infinite possession of all things is your body now.

If there were never anything to imitate, how could there be an imitation? But the real thing is spiritual. Even your hand is a faculty; it is not matter.

It is of use because of its availability. Sight exists as function, as faculty. It cannot be destroyed. God has to have it. If you find that there is a disease of the eye, you would not handle the claim if you ignored the eye. You have not been mesmerized. Get rid of the thought that you have been; get rid of anything that is not legitimate, but get a perfect body. You have blood, but you have not got a boil, pain or inflammation, legitimately, so get rid of it; but you have got a neck, a stomach, an eye legitimately and you heal them.

Knowing is omniscience. Knowing is what counts. The only omniscience that there is, is where the practitioner is. If he is any good, his knowing is just as though he were God. The knowing is God, but not as though taking a little power and plastering it on a patient. The treatment is God, and if it is not God, it is not a treatment.

Jerusalem is not a place; it is consciousness. (II Chron. 6:5-8) David, son of God, is not a man, but understanding, that which knows. The oneness of God, man, universe: (Zech. 12:8; Ezek. 37:24-28) Midst — the place where you are thinking. Children of Israel — not a mental image, but consciousness. There is no matter, no material children, but the things that you are thinking.

Where is God? Right where you are thinking. Thinking is consciousness, is one; one consciousness and that one consciousness is infinite and sufficient. The divine consciousness is equal to every demand. It is an infinite supply of infinite wisdom, infinite Love, and it does not need anything else. Your consciousness is one and there is none other. One Mind includes one everything; one Mind implies infinite identity, infinite individuality. It cannot have duplicates. Heart is enough heart for everyone. When you find divine heart, — and there is none other, — you will never have palpitation. Everything is infinite; therefore, it has to be one. If they come saying they are blind, we say, “sight is.” It is one. It is the infinite idea belonging to an infinite creation, and everybody has it infinitely.

There is never an instant when the human being will not know himself better all the time, because all that there is going on is divine being. He is exchanging false beliefs for divine concepts. There is the fine line that eventually fades out, before the final disappearance of all matter comes with the enlightenment which clarifies us. The fact of being is the real man; but in the working out of the claim of error, disease and sin will all disappear as a claim.

There is one forever body, one complete and satisfactory state of existence where, in knowing God, we know each other forever, and there is where we dwell. Life is all right, and everything that constitutes it is all right. Never absent from your post, etc. What is organic life, etc. (Misc. 82:15; 116:26; 56:3-24) Life is inorganic, infinite Spirit. If Life or Spirit were organic, disorganization would destroy Spirit and annihilate man.

Mind has form. It knows something that we humanly misinterpret and call form. (S&H 531) There will be no such thing as a moment of cessation. There will be no time when there will cease to be both mentality and body. The human being will know himself always. In knowing God, we know each other forever. You will always know me. Man is transformed, but he still appears to be human. None of us will deny but that we and many of our friends have been “made over” — transformed by Science. But all error disappears. Transformation comes by changing of the human to the spiritual concept or consciousness. Being transformed is not a thing going on but the divine Mind, the fact of being, the real man manifesting itself. (See chapter on “Science, Theology, Medicine” in Science and Health.)

Dominion over matter precedes obliteration of matter. Christian Science has come that we might have dominion over material existence. Your material body will become subject to what you know about God in Christian Science. Body will become subject to what you know about God in the degree that you recognize God as substance — not matter.

Jesus Christ is an example of the person who knows from inception that he is mental and never is human. Its value is when Christian Science gets inside and transforms and still appears to be human. Jesus knew both the facts of being and law. Know facts and prove them. There are many things that you can and must do, that up to this time we have thought we could not prove. We have got to prove the highest Truth that there is. We have accepted the suggestion that we cannot prove lots of things, and the only way to prove them is to break the claim of suggestion that we cannot prove them. The only way to get into heaven is to break the claim that says that we are not there now, that we are somewhere else. You are not going somewhere; there is not a spiritual man dangling around somewhere to be assumed after a while. You are spiritual and in heaven. You cannot delineate the divine Mind, but you have Mind.

We cannot find man by searching for man; we only find man by knowing God. The evidence of God is man, body. Infinite possession of all things is your body now. The more that we know of God, the more we know of man. Your own consciousness is God. If the word “God” gives a sense of limitation, stop using the word “God,” use “Good” or “Mind.” In your treatment you do not have to know all that mortal mind says that it is. The patient may say, “I know it (disease) is all in my consciousness.” The practitioner says, “None of these things are in your consciousness, because your consciousness is God.” Claim your consciousness. Claim your source of being. Think of consciousness as your consciousness. The divine consciousness is within itself and is all inclusive.

Heat, cold, fears, etc., are they in your consciousness? No. Handle it as a claim. You might handle a disease which nobody told you anything about and heal it without knowing anything about it. Have more confidence that you can heal a disease of which you know nothing, — of which the doctors know nothing. That which constitutes Being is power and law, and is law to everything that you handle. The calm and ever-increasing certainty of man’s real being constitutes your progress. Do not take anything from man. Give everything to him, because that is his right. He has an arm, a hand, a body. “Man is properly self-governed only when he is guided rightly and governed by his Maker, divine Truth and Love.” (S&H 106:9) You will notice that he is governed by himself. Remember it says, “self-governed.” Learn to see and to understand every word in a sentence. Do not slide over them as of no importance. “Man is self-governed.”

The only consciousness that there is, the only Mind, the only intelligence, the only action, the only power and law, is your Mind right now, and heals everything. “Mystery, miracle, sin, and death will disappear when it becomes fairly understood that the divine Mind controls man and man has no Mind but God.” (S&H 319:17) Many things that you call good and necessary are but so many falsities. A distant God is the only thing that is the matter with anybody. The present God is all that there is. Man has the present power to rid self of every superstition. Man was never born materially, was never so begot. The law to your absolute being is the law to your primary sense of being, whether you believe that you have a material body or not, but you will not demonstrate this unless you take that stand and hold it.

Put out lots of philosophy, old theology and superstition. The divine Mind is constantly and instantly your available Mind. Everything in the universe is an idea; therefore, glorify it as an idea from the infinitesimal to immensity. All things have their place because they are thoughts and not things.

The law of progress is an infinite, irresistible law and you cannot escape it in practice. It is to be every ready to say and think the things that constitute the infinite Mind. You cannot go back.

What helped and satisfied you yesterday is not enough; there is nothing to go back to. You must know God better today than yesterday. You must read Science and Health with greater understanding today than yesterday. You must be awake and not asleep; be ready to be the recipient of divine blessings. Do not limit yourself. You can know every instant exactly what to do and how to do it. Your understanding is not limited; you have got to handle everything. You cannot handle merely disease; you have to heal the world.


There seems to be an example of human turmoil in belief, and to the extent that we believe it and talk about it, it is in us. We cannot possibly get rid of war somewhere else but where we are thinking. As long as we have this turmoil in the Christian Science Movement, we will not put war out of the world. Until the Christian Science churches get more peace, they need not expect a cessation in human experience. Let us have peace. In it resides the only calm assurance that constitutes the only real Mind.

Misunderstanding and contention are hatred, whether between two people or two nations. Does it make any difference whether it is one person or two persons that are manifesting hate? Hatred is impersonal. Hatred is war. Handle hate and not personality. If it is a billion persons manifesting, hate, handle hate; Love knows no fear — never heard of fear.

I like you to be loving, but it is not loving when it is just affection. Love is not afraid. Love says, “I am, and I am in heaven, for I am the glorification of infinite being.” Ideas glorify God by saying, “I am”; Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” And we are one, and we are only one when we say, “I am.” There is only one Mind, my Mind, your Mind, my body, your body. This is the brotherhood of man. What constitutes my body — it makes no difference whether it is a foot or a hand, or an eye, — that idea, that expression, is my body, your body. It is at peace and is wholly and entirely well. Hand, foot, eye glorify God in saying, “I am.” That which man reflects is to him his real being. The sunset is no less my body than my foot, and it is far more beautiful. Because my foot seems to be nearer does not make it any more a part of my body because of that. The universe is the body. Good is its own. Be assured of your embodiment. You are the evidence of the one substance; in it there is no pain, only presence. That of which you are conscious is forever your body. We must be assured of our divine embodiment, and there never will be a time when we are not gladly saying, and more gladly, “I am.”

God is primary substance, and you are the very evidence and presence of that substance. In that substance, there is no pain; in that substance, there is no disintegration, no loss. In that substance, there is only presence, and it simply is, and your knowing is, your isness, your oneness; therefore be, and by being, heal the sick. You very presence, omniscience, knows enough to know that there is no disease, and no disease or belief of disease can reside in that presence. When God said to Moses, “I am,” it was Moses’ discernment of Him. “I am” is my Mind, my consciousness, my natural being. “I am” is the power with which I have my being. Moses said, “I am hath sent me.” The Bible was describing what was taking place in consciousness. Moses did not lose “I am.” He encountered tremendous odds, but he did not lose “I am.” We can do likewise. Today you may go forth under tremendous odds, but do not lose “I am.” There are no competitors, no comparisons.

The Bible is only a book. It is a compilation of ancient writings All the writers were not so wise that they could not make mistakes. They did make mistakes; the interpreters are not wise at all. All the translations have been made on the basis that man is a worm. Christian Science corrects this. The translations were often controlled by a class of men who taught a wicked God, a damned man, and a priest between. Christian Science, your enlightenment, will constantly overcome these false beliefs.

Today we have the human belief called war. Where is war? Not in God. “War in Heaven” means only the contest between Christian Science and hypnotism. (See Rev. 12:7-10.) The light that is in you must be light, your dominion, my dominion, our dominion.

If we wish to gain something in a selfish way, we have lost the Principle. God is not desire, there is no power except God. Principle does not want to heal the sick, it can’t help it. Jesus was the presence that cannot do otherwise than heal the sick. Jesus did not have the desire to heal the sick, — he healed!

War is where you are thinking. Learn war no more; learn peace. Divinity is your own being. Magnify that fact and stand for it, and the nations will stop warring; something will happen. In spite of everything, nations change because of human greed. I do not know how the chemicalization will be; we cannot outline. The Christ is the Redeemer, the Saviour; and Christ must be yours. We can know nothing of war; we know nothing of war even from a human standpoint; this is a good thing. It may be demonstration. To ourselves, the whole thing is a religious war because it is an attempt of mortal mind to govern the earth. It is all fear, jealousy, etc. Know the omnipotence of God and know that it is not confined to this city or to this continent. This government of ours, Christian Science, is uniting us.

It makes no difference to God where error appears to be; there, right there, God is. Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which cannot be measured nor numbered. And it shall come to pass that in the place where it was said unto them, “Ye are not my people,” right there, it shall be said unto them, “Ye are the sons of the living God.” (Hos. 1:10) And so, right there in Europe where, according to the laws of the country, our friends have to go to war, right there they have divine right to freedom.

“Ye are the sons of the living God.” These people over there are the sons of the living God. The living God knows His sons cannot be killed by anything. There, our friends are as safe as here or anywhere. Those of our friends who by reason of the laws of their country must go to war for their ruler have a divine right to protection. Not a hair of their heads shall be touched. We must know enough to know that those who have named the name of Christ in Christian Science have a right to expect protection at all times. Man is governed and sustained by God. They are not capable of being injured nor killed, and not a hair of their heads will be injured, neither in belief nor at all. Know every day that our understanding operates as though it were to us and to those people the very presence of God. Make this a law; we certainly have a right to protect Christian Scientists.

When Jesus was walking in their midst, and John said, “Behold the Lamb of God,” he was not looking at matter; and now those people may find that presence and that Saviour, and you and I are making that work easier for them to find. It is a phase of demonology, this tearing at each other’s throats. What is it? Why, that thing called war in heaven. (Rev. 12:7, 8) Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon prevailed not, neither was his place found any more in heaven — nor in earth. We are Michael. The claim of influence on the part of hypnotism was destroyed and is destroyed. Take hold, be workers, not drones. Your thought is helping or hindering, so take mighty good care what you are thinking. We are not human beings but divine, and with one Mind. If you are going to help, know that the human race is not human anyway. There are not a lot of people with human bodies; they are all infinite ideas, all operating to the glory of God, good. Yet the number of the children shall be as the sands of the sea. The Science of God is greater than the sands of the sea. There is nothing going on in Europe but the evidence of the senses. Nevertheless, they will stop being killed if you do your work. Appearances must cease and the afflictive conditions have to cease.

You say business is bad because of war. The war had nothing to do with it; business is one and it is all right. If your business had what God gave to it, then nothing in Europe nor anywhere can touch it. As far as your own business is concerned, it is not subject to wrong influence, nor to what mortal mind says that it is subject to. Suppose that you have something the matter with you, will mortal mind say that you have something the matter with you? When you treat disease, do you take the side of mortal mind? No, you take nothing but God. Suppose that it is your business. Has your business anything except what God gave it? If it has what God gave to it or made it in spite of what appears, your business will go on. That which is in your own thought will stem the tide of belief; and if there seems to be cessation in business, never mind. Sometimes to stop a business for a time is demonstration.

There is no war in us, in God, only in mortal mind. Where is “me”? Where I am thinking. It is the divine Christ, the Saviour now. Know this, and find the nothingness of human turmoil, and thus find peace. Wherever Christian Scientists are, there is my peace and law. “My peace I give unto you.” “Let not your heart be troubled.” “Come unto me all ye that labour.” There is peace in spite of human turmoil. Do not be mesmerized by believing something is happening over there in Europe. In that which is divine, find the nothingness of that which is not divine and you will have dominion.

Know that fear, being no part of the divine Mind, is not preventing any demonstration at all. Because divine Mind is not afraid and to the extent that my own thought is like to it, it is more powerful than all the fear of the human race. Being is one; it cannot be at war with itself. Being is infinite; therefore, there is nothing outside to strike at this Mind.

Handle prophecies that you read in the Bible so that they shall not come to pass, because now is received that divine presence which does away with the necessity for extreme chemicalization. Then everybody believed and said that they would come to pass. Now, Christian Science comes and says that mortal mind is to be self-extinct, and there will be no suffering to the human race, and no need of chemicalization. The ancient writers wrote what they saw in mortal mind and prophesied what must be the inevitable result.

The Son of God is the Christ. The son of man — the human evidence of Christian Science, the human evidence is the demonstration. (Matt. 13:26) The son of man comes in great glory. There must come, it seems, a kind of climax to that chemicalization, but the ideas which you maintain shall be saved. When ye shall see anything by the evidence of the senses, stand in the holy place. There is absolute necessity of chemicalization to those who accept the prophecies without the promises and that the promises are remote. The prophecies may come at any time. (Matt. 24:30) And there shall appear the sign of the Son of man (the human evidence of the demonstration of Christian Science) in heaven, and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn (chemicalize), and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

The Son of God is the Christ — the power that works; the Son of man is the manifestation of the work. Clouds mean mistiness. Then shall they acknowledge the power which seemed mysterious. Christian Science shall hold mortal mind in abeyance. It is a belief instigated by malpractice, and Christian Scientists are availing themselves of the remedy; and each one of you, by doing it, is doing it for the whole world.

As we meet annually there is always much to be thought of; consider what has been said. We see more clearly how each one of us has his own right to demonstrate his own individuality, — how each one has the power to prove the power. Consider all that you do as study; let it be from the standpoint of the divine Mind. You are learning that you are divine instead of human.

While you are independent, you will work in harmony with the divine Mind and its ideas showing forth the right relationship and abundant harmony of companionship and all that it means. In knowing God, you know each other forever.

Study Science and make it your own. Take it to heart and let it be yourself. Let that divine power, that removes human beliefs, operate. Let that take place hourly. Establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

In this Science of being, God is rejoicing, and man is also rejoicing, happy, beautiful all the time, and that is the divine man; and with that consciousness exercise forbearance and love. Do not accept evil in any form as your consciousness. Reject it all the time and find that it is natural for you to be just like God, good. Then you will heal the sick and keep them well. Then they will be healed by God and stay well forever.

Association Address for 1915

Christian Science Treatment

There are several particular points which I wish to touch upon under this heading. One of these relates to instances where more than one person is asked to treat a case. Probably if every practitioner or Christian Scientist who happened to know about a case in Christian Science were to be so well poised in the one Mind as to think and know only the Truth, it would not be objectionable for many persons to be engaged in working for a patient; but even then, nothing would be gained, and as it is, the risk is too great. So long as thought is not wholly impersonal, it is, to say the least, most unwise to have several practitioners at work on a case. The safer way is for one practitioner to handle it; and if others, including family and friends know about it, those who are Christian Scientists should be especially careful to keep hands off. Where the case is seemingly dangerous, if the practitioner is not meeting it, a change should be made.

The care of the sick who are under Christian Science treatment is another matter of practical interest and importance. It concerns not only the Christian Scientist, but the public at large, and not infrequently constitutes a question so vital to the outsider that his acceptance or rejection of Christian Science, at least temporarily, may hinge upon it. Just how far it is proper to permit patients to go in having comforts and conveniences that are insisted upon in medical practice is a question constantly recurring to us. There was a time when it was deemed unscientific by some practitioners for a patient to have even a nurse. However, that attitude has been outgrown, to the extent that it existed, and, of course, with the better class of Christian Science workers, it never did have any weight.

Other questions which relate merely to personal comfort used to come up much more insistently than they do now. I believe that all along the line we are learning to give less and less power to matter, and that consequently we no longer feel that we are sacrificing to other gods when we permit patients to have such comforts as would ordinarily be given them by humane people, and which we should desire for ourselves.

Still, notwithstanding that we are considerably enlightened beyond what we formerly were, a teacher is frequently asked whether it is scientific to do this or that for a patient, and one can see that the fear still exists, that in some mysterious way, the power of God is less available in proportion as the patient is more comfortable. Now I wish to say once and for all that I do not take this view, and it is not right that one should be condemned by Christian Scientists because he insists that a patient should have as good care under Christian Science treatment as he would have under any other.

Another point upon which advice is frequently sought relates to instances in which practitioners are asked to aid people who wish to have surgical operations performed. Here general advice or opinion is utterly useless. Experience has shown that there are some cases of this kind which cannot be refused. They constitute pretty heavy crosses for Christian Scientists to bear, but in some instances to refuse to help people so placed would be to utterly fail to manifest that compassion for the suffering of others without which no person could lay any just claim to the right to practice Christian Science. It may be that person is being tried far beyond anything that may outwardly appear, and that under the stress of unprecedented difficulties, he may have to yield for a moment in some ways in order to have an opportunity to succeed later on in more important ones.

Science and Health, (444:7-10): “If Christian Scientists ever fail to receive aid from other Scientists, — their brethren upon whom they may call, — God will still guide them into the right use of temporary and eternal means.” I am aware that these remarks seem to qualify our work in some respects. It is as though we were introducing degrees of comparison into that practice whose Principle is wholly incomparable. Nevertheless, one is frequently asked about such things. Each case differs from every other. Circumstances, conditions, difficulties vary according to that extraordinary variety which mortal mind claims for itself and by which it seeks, as well as by all other means, to pattern the infinite.

After all, the important thing is for the practitioner to understand “the spirit” he is of. We must lift thought above that which appears in every instance. The presence of a practitioner on a case ought to be equivalent to the presence of God. This, of course, means that the practitioner must be wise enough and scientific enough to rise above the belief of practitioner and patient. Knowing that Mind is all, he will have no great difficulty in affirming and understanding that neither the doctor nor his medicine can do any harm. A true Christian Science treatment means the very presence of divine intelligence. The practitioner, therefore, will not assume the right to mentally treat the doctor. He will only know the divine intelligence or Mind, and that there is nothing unlike that Mind going on in this case or elsewhere. In every instance of this kind, all fear must be set aside and the laws of belief as they appear must be annulled.

As to whether practitioners should take such cases is something to be decided by themselves; but I think it safe to say that they would be unwise to do so habitually, and that the instances in which they find themselves so involved should be exceedingly rare, and should be the result of the actual demonstration of Truth in behalf of humanity.

In any event, one must watch not to be deceived by patients who want to continue with material methods and have Christian Science treatment at the same time. Many an honest and earnest practitioner has had his Gethsemane of discouragement and self-condemnation because he was not meeting a case that he never should have taken.

The difficulty of deciding what constitutes a legitimate Christian Science case will be lessened in exact proportion to the practitioner’s increasing spiritual discernment. Mrs. Eddy points out unmistakably the necessity for spiritualization of thought. She shows that the one who knows the Truth most clearly will uncover the error most quickly, and this fact should not be perverted, as it sometimes is, to mean that one who is the most busy in talking about error is the most spiritually minded. Spiritual-mindedness is ordinarily such a misleading expression that we need to consider it, weigh it, and understand it thoroughly. It has been associated solely with religion, but it belongs to Science even more. It comes in Christian Science, or perhaps to speak more accurately, it comes as Christian Science.

There was a certain great philosopher who said that most people think about thinking instead of really thinking. This was meant, no doubt, to condemn the prevailing systems of education, and we know that many of them are worthy of condemnation; but to think about thinking is better than not to think at all. In a certain way, it may be said that this is what the Christian Scientist does in the beginning. He perceives the thoughts which reveal God. At first, they enable him to think about God; and for a long time, that is about as far as his thinking goes.

Much of the Bible displays this kind of thought. It is uplifting and encouraging, but it is not spiritual-mindedness. Revelation, as understood in old theology, does not heal the sick nor assure an immediate and complete salvation for the sinner. It depicts a distant God and teaches that everything good is still a long way off. This is because revelation in this old sense was supposed to be something occurring to some particular person through the special dispensation of Providence. It was thought to refer to something which God could either withhold or give; whereas Christian Science unmistakably shows that revelation is the very nature of God and the inherent state of man. By means of it, we are no longer either rejecting our blessings or holding them at arm’s length, but are learning to receive them.

Christian Science is revelation, and while there is but one Revelator of it, the revelation is for all mankind. Our books, including the Bible, are full of it. We must study those books more thoroughly and systematically. We must think more clearly and consecutively when studying the Lesson Sermon. Enlightenment is what we are seeking. We shall gain it, and are gaining it, in the proportion that we claim it by perceiving that it is infinite and infinitely ours. As it comes to us more and more through the ideas which reveal God, it becomes hourly more natural. Clear thoughts constitute the revelation of Christian Science. They are not mysterious nor emotional. They are really more natural than any other thoughts. They constitute spiritual-mindedness, which is real and helpful only in proportion that it is absolutely clear thinking.

In all these questions that come up for practitioners to decide, — and which appear to be growing daily more complicated, — this clearness, this freedom from superstition and mysticism, this thinking which is worthy of the name, really constitutes the spiritual-mindedness which gives the practitioner wisdom and courage with which to decide upon his course in any and every instance.

The so-called problems of human existence are always apt to appear complicated. Truth alone is simple. We are confronted with difficulties. They diminish and vanish in the presence of Truth. Truth must come in our own consciousness, or, to speak more accurately, as our own consciousness. For this reason, it is available to us; and for this reason, it is all ours all of the time. It uncovers error as nothingness. It never makes error real. Error alone gives reality to error. Truth robbing error of reality, robs it of seeming power. We should remember this. It is especially helpful to do so in these times, for the conflicting conditions of human belief are so acute and painful that no other attitude than this can give us peace.

Spiritual-mindedness is but another name for enlightenment or true education. Divine ideas constitute Mind or indestructible substance. These ideas are first explained to us by thoughts which are more or less limited or human, but Science and Health (p. 468) says, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.” It also says (on page 123), “Divine Science, rising above physical theories, excludes matter, resolves things into thoughts, and replaces the objects of material sense with spiritual ideas.” One who reads these passages carefully cannot fail to see that they declare divine Science to be wholly constructive. One distinctly says that all things exist, and the other, that appearances are to be resolved into thoughts and the objects of material sense replaced with spiritual ideas. None of these passages say that anything is to be destroyed. “Ideas are tangible and real to immortal consciousness, and they have the advantage of being eternal.” (S&H, p. 279)

Through human education, we have never really known a creation at all. The goal of everything has been mortality. In Christian Science, we are coming into our own. We are awakening to the creation which is, and the most active factor in this awakening is the reasoning faculty.

The ordinary mentality of a person is more or less irresponsible. It is not really thinking. It in no way represents Mind. It seldom is connective or logical, but is generally uncertain, fugitive, flitting, often contradictory and always more or less afraid. Yet thinking, based upon divine Principle, must necessarily make the greatest thinkers in the world.

As we learn to think according to Mind, so that our thinking is really the phenomenon of Mind, we shall find the real power and law of Christian Science. Those who are gaining in this respect and are alert workers in Christian Science not only see the glorious possibilities of Truth as revealed in Christian Science, but recognize the dangers that threaten to delay or prevent the full demonstration of it. These dangers may appear not only in what is called evil, but even more persistently and subtly in what is ordinarily called good. We know enough, generally speaking, to recognize our sinful tendencies and resist them, and of course every Christian Scientist needs to do this. He must handle the belief that he might be handled by error, and might even be so deceived as to believe that it is the Truth, and be thereby induced to stand for error instead of Truth. He cannot afford to ignore this possibility, nor leave it out of his daily work; but when he has done all this, he has not done the best that can be done for himself nor others if he thinks that error means only what the world calls sin or disease. In the light of Christian Science, error often means the beliefs which go under the name of religion, ethics or righteousness, for these beliefs constitute a suppressed state of human consciousness, and hide that serene freedom of the divine Mind which reveals the divine body, making the healing of the human body both possible and easy.

We cannot too frequently remember that treatment in Christian Science cannot be wholly described in words nor expressed in set terms or by a set method. The Principle of Christian Science is infinite, and therefore, the rule or treatment is capable of infinite expansion. In Science and Health, treatment is everywhere explained but nowhere formulated. The nature of it is ever increasing enlightenment for which no set terms could exist.

In Christian Science class teaching, the object is first to arouse the students to a fuller realization of Principle, then to a recognition of the subtler forms of error, and to give such a clear exposition of the rule of Christian Science and such a systematic method of thinking Truth and thereby rejecting error, that the student’s constant attitude is spontaneously one of treatment.

This objective is not fully attained with all students, but to the extent that it is attained in any instance, it is because the student has become a thinker. He has learned how to exercise the reasoning faculty in the highest manner. He has learned that one must have a method of spiritual Science, otherwise it would not be Science, but only what religion has always been, — mere belief and emotion. He learns to affirm the truth about God. By means of this, he discerns the truth about creation, the truth about law and substance. Constantly he perceives more clearly the erroneous belief called matter, and takes cognizance of the claims of evil in a way that would have been impossible without such instruction. He analyzes evil, sees that it has no foundation or principle, discerns that it is without truth or law, and perceives that it is without substance, being, or real evidence.

This mental process is Christian Science treatment. It has been inadequately described as the “affirmation of Truth and the denial of error,” but a person who associates treatment with mere affirmation and denial and goes no further has learned little or nothing of its progressive and infinite character. A true Christian Science treatment is measureless power and law. It is illumination, revelation, instant, constant, eternal. Set phrases are objectionable and mere routine is mechanical rather than spiritual; yet unless we are in the habit of stating Truth to ourselves, and conversely in the habit of analyzing error adequately, we are likely to become indefinite and careless, and lose the very keynote of Christian Science treatment.

It seems, therefore, that we are more or less between two difficulties. On the one hand that of routine, set ways, set phrases, on the other hand, that of careless thought, illogical expressions, indefinite terms. We must steer clear of both. The way of reason, which is pure logic, must ever strengthen each step. Contrary to all previous religions and doctrines, Christian Science shows and makes practical the relationship of reason and revelation. As we very well know, this reasoning faculty must first be appealed to or awakened according to the mentality of the student. As one’s education goes on in Christian Science, however, the reasoning faculty is more and more highly exercised. It has found a divine Principle. It thus becomes more intelligent until, step by step, more and more, the processes are forgotten or laid aside for the very presence of intelligence itself.

The essential thing, whether it be the ideal way of spontaneous coming of Truth and rejection of error, is to have the treatment so practical and real that it shall accomplish the purpose in view. The purpose is always to bless. The object may be to heal or remove a belief of disease. It may be to help an individual person, or just as legitimately to lift the burden of a general belief, or the fear of impending national disaster.

Given sincerity and devotion, without which no person can claim to be a Christian Scientist, that person who thinks most clearly and has the largest view is best equipped for Christian Science practice. He is the one whose concept of Being is most like Being. His treatment most resembles reality and so disposes of the beliefs which claim to sit in the place of Being.

Such a thinker, gaining constantly in capacity and grandeur of thought and action, finds himself ceaselessly instructed, even by what is called the material world. He recognizes that it only misrepresents something real. He sees that the essential features of it are mental, though erroneous. In this way, he gains in appreciation. He does not lose the beauty of the world, but he does lose a material sense of it. He does not look for an end of the world, nor expect any such thing. He no longer interprets the Bible’s prophecies as indicating the end of the world. He sees in the light of Christian Science that they only foretell the end of error, and that the only thing which can disappear or be destroyed is not the world, but the false beliefs about the world. Wars and rumors of wars bring no terror to his heart. He would be glad if they were humanly impossible, but he recognizes that they have no real existence or history. He is gaining in spiritual‑mindedness.

Christian Science treatment rests upon reality. There is no destructive thought in it. The power to overcome evil is in exact proportion to the clearness with which the treatment analyzes the claims of evil and shows their nothingness. The process of destroying evil through Christian Science treatment is not a destructive process, paradoxical as that may sound. The more clearly divine facts appear, the more surely do erroneous experiences disappear.

The bigness of a treatment and the proportionate power of it are evident to the one who is willing not only to recognize the divine Mind, but to show forth the divine body. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 477), “Identity is the reflection of Spirit, the reflection in multifarious forms of the living Principle, Love. Soul is the substance, Life, and intelligence of man, which is individualized, but not in matter. Soul can never reflect anything inferior to Spirit.” Without continued identity, happiness would be inconceivable, but above that fact is the still more primary one that infinite identity is essential to infinite Principle. Of course, the divine body cannot appear to the material senses, and therefore the rules of thought and conduct based upon those senses are wrong, and they are wrong not only morally, but physically, because the physical troubles which humanity seems to manifest and suffer are due quite as much to the wrong sense of body — man, as they are to a wrong conception of Soul — God.

The declaration of Christian Science is, there is one Mind. That being the exact Truth, we must do away with fear of each other, for the one embodiment or true brotherhood of man cannot be metaphysically discerned nor humanly demonstrated so long as fear constitutes the basis of human relationship and conduct. We can understand body so perfectly as to perceive the unreality of all this claim of separation, and we can show forth embodiment in the mental realm so scientifically that those who depend wholly upon their senses for evidence are forced to acknowledge Christian Science healing.

Man is consciousness. The material appearance which is called his body is a part of him, not the whole of him. It seems to be his identity, but in a larger way all the incidents of human existence together with many things that he knows about but has never seen, are also parts of his identity. In a certain way, the sunset belongs to him as much as some function of his own body. This fact illustrates the true grandeur of man. It shows that he is embodiment. It brings to light the responsibility resting upon the Christian Scientist: “If man is governed by the law of divine Mind, his body is in submission to everlasting Life and Truth and Love.” (S&H p. 216) Mrs. Eddy also writes (on page 367), “A Christian Scientist occupies the place at this period of which Jesus spoke to his disciples, when he said: ‘Ye are the salt of the earth.’ ‘Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.’” These passages become clearer as we recognize the real spiritual meaning of body, and they show how big a treatment really ought to be.

If Christian Scientists are the light of the world, then they must rise to all the requirements and responsibilities which the word “light” implies. They must not hamper themselves nor others by clinging to any thoughts or beliefs that have been outgrown. They must be willing to include the earth and all that constitutes the world, for if they be worthy to be called the light of the world, they are bigger than the world and can control it. Such work, however, cannot be done if one clings in the slightest degree to the old theory of an absent God, or to the belief that heaven and earth, God and man, are separate from each other. “Principle and its idea is one….” (Science and Health 465:17) Christian Science based upon the oneness of Mind and idea, God and man, shows unmistakably that there is no separation between heaven and earth, since all the experiences of being are included in the divine Principle, Love. God is no more separate from earth than from heaven. The belief of separation from God is a false sense, and that false sense is all there is to a material earth or anything else material. The new heaven and new earth must be recognized before they can appear. Christian Science reveals them. It can only do so in the realm of thought or Mind. As this new heaven and new earth become more substantive, the evidence of the senses which depicts a discordant world is less real. In particular instances, it fades out and goes to nothingness and we have that evidence of the Kingdom of God which is called Christian Science healing. That is the new earth.

True embodiment, or real body, must be without limitations. Think what it would mean to be free from limitations. The activity and freedom of wild animals, the movements of birds in the air, fishes in the water, all indicate something of the unrestrained nature of true being and real body. Man, who is above all things, must necessarily be the very acme of freedom from limitation. Think what it would mean to know all things accurately, to do all things perfectly, to think in unmeasured ways, to express thought with all the power, joy and beauty of the divine Mind.

Without limitation man is free from the belief of matter. If you were this instant free from all limitations would you be less tangible than you are now? The tangible and enduring nature of man is far greater than anything that we can see or be cognizant of materially. To gain the ideas that reveal man’s true identity is an inspiring thing, but when these ideas are accepted wholly, and the beliefs and appearances that depict man as material are rejected wholly, then we have the real man, tangible and eternal.

This is the kind of education that enables one to give a real Christian Science treatment. Such a treatment is not to substitute Truth for error, as though error were something, but it is to realize Truth as All‑in‑all. It is not a fight with error. No real Christian Science treatment is ever a fight. The nature of it is omniscience, to which there is no contention. The Bible asks, “Wilt thou contend with the Almighty?” That would be quite as reasonable as to suppose that the Almighty contends with something.

Hampered by our own beliefs, we still are apt to find it difficult to give a Christian Science treatment that is in itself the actual presence of the Almighty. Nevertheless, this is the only kind of a treatment which is really a Christian Science treatment, and it is the only kind that we ever ought to give. This kind of a treatment is not afraid. It operates with such power and law that even if there still appears to be fear on the part of either practitioner or patient, its effects are entirely annulled.

When a practitioner represents such treatment, he will know what to do all of the time. No situation can arise to disturb the calmness and power with which he handles a case. His presence on a case necessarily inspires unlimited confidence on the part of all connected with it. Having no doubt himself as to the power which is being exercised in behalf of the patient, he leaves no opportunity for doubt in the thought of the patient. We have often observed the great confidence which some doctors show in the sick room and the consequent confidence which they inspire, yet they had nothing but human belief and its so‑called laws to sustain them. Think what a difference between their work and ours! How immeasurably greater should be our confidence!

If we cannot take charge of a case in this way, then we need to prepare ourselves more fully in Christian Science before entering upon the healing work. It is unquestionably true that some people are more naturally fitted for this work than others are, but it is equally true that everyone who enters upon it must overcome such defects in himself as might tend against success. One cannot exercise dominion unless he has it. Dominion is purely spiritual. There is none when one is thinking of himself falsely. When thought has its being in the divine Mind, there is no false self to think of. This is what is meant by the expression that the practitioner must get rid of the practitioner.

Humility is a word greatly misunderstood. Really a person is only humble when he is so fully occupied as to not remember himself at all. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” He thus defined humility. We have to know the truth; Truth constitutes Being, and Being is wholly harmonious. It includes all happiness, supply, and infinite peace. Nothing is left out of Being that could beautify or glorify existence. To seek God earnestly is our duty and is essential as a mental process in true education; but to know God is far more important, for it is a mental state which corresponds to Mind. As I have already pointed out, the first effect of Christian Science is to awaken thought concerning God. Thoughts about God as revealed in Christian Science are helpful and always healing in their tendency; but we cannot rest there. I think that I shall not be saying too much when I call attention to the belief that many have been inclined to rest there. We should remember that thoughts about God constitute the mere vestibule of Christian Science. Wonderful works are done in that vestibule, but it is only Christian Science itself that is to save mankind. Consequently, we must go beyond the vestibule, and this requires a fearless willingness to look forward rather than backward. We are hampered by contemplating our achievements and still more by holding to stereotyped expressions in Christian Science.

The vestibule of which I have spoken is more or less human. It has the light of faith and does much because of that. But our experience shows that work accomplished in this way is also more or less resisted by the beliefs of mortal mind, simply because such work partakes to some extent of mortal mind; and even though the process of it is on the right side, it is in the realm of belief where resistance seems to exist. The opposition of malpractice is made possible only where treatment has not risen to the full realization of divinity. This constitutes another reason for advancement. We should remember that the only treatment which is immune from attack is not the one which merely declares God, but the one which is God. The very nature of our work is so progressive that, in most instances, we fail to keep up with it. Our Leader warns us against clinging to positions outgrown, yet we are doing that all the time. Let us get beyond the vestibule of Science. Let us have not mere statements about God in our treatment, but let us have God Himself, and let this occur spontaneously and naturally.

Jesus said, “All things that the Father hath are mine.” (John 16:15) To the extent that we are Christian Scientists, this statement is equally true of us. As the light of the world, we would be useless unless that light should “radiate and glow into noontide glory.” (S&H p. 367) Like other people, we are thinking more or less of the conditions of the world as they appear at the present time. The question is, are we thinking more or less as other people think? Are we accepting material appearances? If so, then we are not the light of the world.

In Christian Science, having learned to resolve things into thoughts, we ought not to have great difficulty in perceiving the nature of the error which has involved a large part of the world in turmoil and bloodshed. The human will is the most aggressive belief of mortal mind. Its very nature is to dominate. By means of this domination, mortality is perpetuated. Immortality is necessarily individual freedom. Ultimately, we shall have exemplified in some Christian Science church or organization such individual self‑government by divine Principle that rules will become obsolete. This will illustrate for humanity the true ideal of human government. It will make “Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” a present experience. But this Scientific government cannot appear so long as the human will is permitted to assert itself as persons or systems claiming the right, either under the name of good or evil, to dominate and control human beings.

The most comfortable human condition called government is generally the worst. Under it, all things are arranged for everybody. Everybody knows just what he may and may not do, according to law, and individual freedom is not only a misnomer, but an impossibility, because thought is ever restrained and restricted by such a system. Consequently, whether a government claims to be the very acme of paternalism and the perfection of it, or whether it be socialism and the perfection of that, it is equally wrong, because in either case human laws take the place of divine individuality. If such governments were to prevail, happiness and eternal life could never be demonstrated. Christian Science is the right government and the only one. It will, in due time, be the only government.

Mrs. Eddy speaks of the dominating tendencies of mortal mind. These tendencies are in evidence in a ruthless and cruel way today. The selfish interests which they engender are not to be seen exclusively in any part of the world. They constitute largely the world as it appears. The struggle which presents itself to us as war is merely a contention of beliefs. The humanizing influence of Christian Science has awakened better ideals, and the selfish interests of mortal mind fear that these ideals, gaining in influence, may prevail. Our work is to understand and exercise divine power in humanity’s behalf.

Without doubt, the First World War is unique in many respects, but in none is it so unique as in its mental aspects. One who observes carefully and understands Christian Science cannot doubt that there is mental work going on, and that its object is to perpetuate tyranny and extend the influence of a wretched and murderous system under the name of religion. It is not a very encouraging phase of the present situation to find all nations showing consideration, at least outwardly, to the head and center of the Catholic Church. We would not be awake and would not be doing our duty if we did not recognize the claim of hypnotism in the present struggle. It resolves the present struggle more or less into one question, and that is, whether hypnotism or pure Christianity shall prevail.

To say that right must win is begging the question. Christian Science makes it possible for right to prevail, but this means that there must be Christian Scientists. It is not something which prevails merely because it is right. It prevails because it is scientific and therefore requires demonstration, and this means that there must be somebody to demonstrate it. This is why we are the light of the world in the degree that we are that light. We cannot outline, but we can know the Truth. It will change many things for all nations, whether they be on one side or the other. The world will never again be as it has been in belief. The very heavens of belief are being shaken. Our treatment, then, taking cognizance of hypnotism, must destroy it and its effects, and relieve both those who practice it and those upon whom it is practiced. We must always remember that the hypnotist is the person who is the most thoroughly hypnotized, for he is the one who most believes in hypnotism.

It seems very difficult at times to avoid a feeling of resentment toward many of the phases of belief which have recently appeared under the name of war, but to yield to resentment would be to lose the power to handle and prevail over war. Besides this, it should not surprise Christian Scientists to find that mortal mind will do anything in order to accomplish its purpose. We shall not be able to overcome the evil that threatens unless we understand the unreality of mortal mind, and this unreality should be seen most thoroughly in handling malpractice.

Nothing that I have written in this paper should be construed as a recommendation to ignore the belief of malicious malpractice. Those who try to do that are always more or less in danger of losing that alertness which characterizes a real worker in Christian Science. What I have to call your attention to particularly regarding this claim is the danger of personalizing it. This is difficult to avoid, because mortal mind claims that there can be no thought without a thinker, and that the human being is the thinker. Consequently, when mortal mind asserts itself as malicious malpractice, it always requires — and is obliged to have — some person or persons who think incorrectly or evilly, as the case may be. Whenever the claim of malicious malpractice is uncovered, one is apt to discover the person or persons who are manifesting it. Sometimes they claim to be loyal Christian Scientists, and not infrequently, such people are convinced that they are right, and maintain their attitudes of condemnation or their declarations of inevitable suffering or penalty toward those with whom they disagree, with all the earnestness and energy of fanaticism. It is not always so easy, under such circumstances, to see the impersonality of the claim of malicious malpractice, but it is absolutely essential to do so, for otherwise the claim itself is not handled. You may have to argue with yourself to see the utter unreality of the many ramifications of the belief of malicious malpractice. Indeed, you will have to do so, not infrequently, but be sure that the goal that you are seeking is heaven. Be sure that when your treatment is accomplished, heaven is yours. Be sure that when you attain it, you have no doubt about it, and that you maintain it, permitting no suggestions to perturb your thought or threaten your harmony. This is what the command means, “Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.”

Seeing that our only hope is God, then more and more we need to attain a mental state which is really spiritual, for in that, God is our Saviour. There is no limit to the salvation of God, nothing too difficult, nothing too late to be accomplished by Mind; but that same Mind which is God is also Love, and this fact cannot be forgotten for a single instant by those who expect to succeed in Christian Science.

The fact that some of the very highest human characteristics are being brought out in the present struggle is about the only hopeful aspect of it. The self‑sacrifice displayed on the part of thousands of men and women is an inspiring thing. Many characters are being redeemed. Earnestness of purpose, awakened ideals, purer desires, will all constitute the soil for the right kind of seed. Our opportunities are boundless. Let us awaken more and more to them in every direction.

The need for help appears to be a universal claim. For that reason, we have to be more universal in our thought. This fact does not relieve us of any responsibility or legitimate effort in healing specific diseases or individual cases. We have both the power and the duty to gain in understanding until that understanding is equal to any and every emergency. Our view must be noble beyond human conception. Our expectation must be commensurate with the Science which has awakened it. We must be radical in our thinking. We must see that there is no matter, no materialism, no mortality. We must not only note the fact that God is Life, we must be that fact. In this way, we shall not be afraid to handle the belief of death. It is the all‑important thing to handle.

God is our natural Life — there is none other. That life is continuous and all the evidences of it should be continuous. We must first perceive this fact and then maintain it; otherwise, how shall we hope to prove it? We have had many harrowing experiences, because we have not known enough to avoid them.

I can see a danger that is becoming more or less evident in our ranks. It lies in the tendency of our workers to take on some old theological beliefs in regard to the belief of death. To accept or hold to the belief that death is not to be overcome on this plane of existence is to deny the work of Jesus. Furthermore, it is as though one were to declare that a mortal state of existence is real and that an immortal state could only be gained through death; and worse than all, it is as though one were to deny Christian Science healing, for in every case in which Christian Science has healed an incurable disease, it has overcome death. We need to remember this. Practically every Christian Scientist knows of such cases, and in the light of them, he will not join in this belief which today tends to destroy the very foundation of the Science of Life.

The right way is to discard all this talk about different planes of existence. It is all error. There is only one existence and only one plane of existence. The practical and efficacious teaching of Christian Science impels us to handle everything right where we are, and handle it as though we never expected to be anywhere else. As a matter of fact, we never shall be anywhere else. Being is not a question of place. Being is mental, spiritual. Place is secondary, not primary. If we had no consciousness, we would not be aware of any place.

We speak of our surroundings, but we should remember that we include them. All the possibilities of Being are ours now. They all belong to us and they are all good, for Being includes no evil possibilities. Everything that could be thought of in the way of peace, blessedness, comfort, satisfaction, companionship, love, is ours by inalienable right and law. In proportion as Being takes the place of belief, we shall stop this appearance of coming and going. The first death has already happened, in that it is but the belief that life is material including the evidence of that belief. Christian Science is now overcoming that first death. We must affirm and know that our individual resurrection has begun. The definition of resurrection, from Science and Health (p. 593) reads, “Spiritualization of thought; a new and higher idea of immortality, or spiritual existence; material belief yielding to spiritual understanding.”

It is procrastination, the tendency to postpone all good things, that threatens the Cause of Christian Science. Life is wholly harmonious. We should not postpone Life nor think that it is to be demonstrated somewhere else or on another plane of existence, any more than we would postpone health upon the same theory. Let us not be prevented from taking this radical attitude through the fear that we shall not be able to demonstrate it. Handle that fear. Handle all that goes with it, including the belief that mortal mind has said, and still says, that though the Christian Scientists say that life is continuous and that there is no death, they have not been able to prove it, and therefore their teaching is ridiculous.

Remember that mortal mind could not argue with you in any instance. Even if you prove your power over death, as many of you have done in healing incurable diseases, mortal mind either discredits your proof, misinterprets it, or hates you for producing it. Consequently, it makes no difference what mortal mind may say in reference to this radical stand which I recommend you to take and to maintain. You cannot please what is called mortal mind, and I earnestly hope that none of you are trying to do so. That which will make you happy, prosperous, and give you grand and noble work to do and make you capable of doing it, is Christian Science founded upon the divine Principle which is Life. We are living now, and that means that we shall always live, for the simple reason that there is nothing else to do. We cannot die, even if we would, for Life is the eternal Principle, Mind, the substance of existence. Now, as this is the fact, it would be utter madness to assume that it cannot be demonstrated anywhere, seeing that a fact is not subject to time or place.

The Bible says, “Call upon me, and I will answer.” This “me” is not somewhere separate from thought. This “me” is the one Ego, the one of whom Jesus spoke when he said, “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” It is as though the Bible had said, “Call upon Life and Life will answer,” and as though Jesus had said, “Come unto Life.” Lift your treatment above the thoughts that are merely about God, Life, Principle. Beautiful as they are, they do not compare in these respects with the facts which are Life, God, Principle. The facts, when they are exclusively ours, clothe us with the dignity, majesty and might of the Mind which is Life. They constitute the omnipotence which meets the claim of disease and death.

I urge you to take this radical view and hold it and refuse to chemicalize about it. Paul (in Heb.12:18) warns against the chemicalization which students sometimes go through in gaining and maintaining clearer understandings of Christian Science. From verses 22‑27 of the same Chapter, he shows that the right idea of Being lifts experience above any necessity for such chemicalization.

Insist upon Life; it is the primary law of nature, the nature of which is one with God. There is no other law. All so‑called laws that are contrary to it are unreal. Going to the bedside of pain or suffering to demonstrate Life, you demonstrate health. The right idea of Being has come to you — “That they might have Life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Association Address for 1916

An Association Letter on Christian Science to Bicknell Young Students Meeting in London, England 1916

Dear Friends, you are enlisted in the Cause of Christian Science with one single object in view, that is, the redemption of the human race. Incidental to this redemption, and essential to it, is the healing of disease and salvation from sin through the practice of Christian Science. Unity of purpose is most desirable. Without it there could be no human evidence to prove that there is one Mind. Thought and action having a divine basis indicates the naturalness of divine power, and tends to illustrate the availableness of that power. To the extent that we know God as Mind, are we becoming Christianly scientific, such Christianity binding us together as no other influence in the world could possibly do. Our recurring Pentecostal days are therefore not confined to these annual meetings, but are, in a way, our daily experience. We are finding more and more, that the companionship born of Love is not subject to time, place, or distance. Nor is it subject to any other belief, but is rather in the nature of the pure presence of Mind, our Father‑Mother God.

Owing to the present international complications, it is impossible to write as freely in detail as I should like to do, but I know that with your constant study and practice of Christian Science you will be able to utilize what may be here set down, and gain from it whatever help this occasion is intended to give. It is my purpose to review a good deal of what you have already been taught in Class, and in meetings similar to this one. It can never do any harm to follow a course of this kind since we can never too frequently remind ourselves and each other, of the basic facts of Christian Science, and of the method by which these facts are to be demonstrated. The Principle of Christian Science is one, and the method of Christian Science is invariable. However much human beings may differ in their apprehension of the Principle, and in their view of what constitutes the method, Principle and method still can never be touched in their inherent nature. It is for us then to understand the divine Principle, and to grasp, and to utilize the method more thoroughly.

Ideas constitute all education. Christian Science education is no exception. We learn it through discovering thoughts, and we must continue to discover thoughts forever, seeing that they are the phenomena of Mind, God, and must therefore be infinite. “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation...” is a statement of infinite Science. (S&H 468:10-11) It expresses the basic fact of Mary Baker Eddy’s profound discovery. The manifestation of one Mind is necessarily in ideas. But the word “idea” may be properly used with two significations, differing somewhat from each other. We have to remember this fact because it is particularly relevant to Christian Science. Idea is not only the means of enlightenment, but idea is also the substance of enlightenment. Through Mrs. Eddy’s revelation we have not only found out what are merely explanatory, but soon, and in some cases, even instantly, thoughts have a much greater value. To have any value at all, speaking scientifically, they must have their basis and being in Truth.

In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy says; “Truth is the intelligence of immortal Mind.” (S&H 282:26) In proportion as it is seen that ideas which reveal God as Mind, Principle, also have their being in Mind, Principle, just in that proportion do omnipresence and omniscience become real and practical. In just the same way, and in just the same proportion, one begins to prove that the Biblical statements to the effect that “God is our strength and salvation,” are not born of mere religious fervor, but are actual facts, like those of arithmetic. (Rev. 12:10)

We are not merely to perceive the right idea of God, although such presumption is an essential step, and highly educational. We are to see that the right idea has the same substance as the Mind in which it has its origin and being. Idea not only reveals Mind, but is the presence and law of Mind. We need to get used to this fact. God has been kept at a great distance through the misconception that went under the name of “reverence” in old religious teaching. Even now the same misconception so pervades much of the religious instruction of the day, that our way seems too familiar to people accustomed to such views. Naturally, therefore, we have to exercise some care in explaining Christian Science. It would not be helpful to do otherwise. We must try to employ such explanations as will break down fear. Really, the so-called “reverence” of old theology is irreverent and might even be properly called sacrilegious, because it involves fantastic human conceptions concerning Deity, many of them ignoble in a human sense and some of them even reprehensible.

In the demonstration, something more than ideas which are explanatory is required. Otherwise we could not truthfully say that God heals the sick in Christian Science. For this reason we need to remember constantly that everything in the universe exists as an idea of the divine Mind. Demonstrable Science is always very positive. It rests upon Principle. Its propositions are necessarily affirmative. These, as they are demonstrated, deny or reject anything that is contrary to the Truth that these propositions set forth. We are engaged in demonstrating that which is eternally true. When we heal a person who is ill, we prove something, and that which we prove is that man is naturally well, even though the proof should be only slight, or perhaps, speaking ordinarily, unimportant. In this way, the smallest of demonstrations in Christian Science become tremendously important, and we must never belittle their importance, although it is sometimes unwise to mention them. The standpoint of every demonstration is the perfection of God and man. This means the perfection of everything that constitutes man, and this in turn means that there is not anything about man that could deteriorate or be impaired, injured or destroyed. Everything that man is, everything he KNOWS, everything he DOES, has its being in the one Mind as an idea.

For this reason every normal condition in the human body exists as an idea, and every organ of the human body exists as an idea. If any organ has any function, — and practically every organ does, — then that function exists as a spiritual idea. If one were to see it so clearly that all thought, memory, picture or evidence of matter were displaced or obliterated, then in that instant such an organ or function would be restored to health. Stating this in another way, one may say that to “see” an organ or function as spiritual, and therefore perfect, would be all that is necessary in order to heal it. To attempt to outline such an organ or function, or to think of it materially and then call it an idea, would be the most gross kind of error. Nothing can improve being. Being is Principle and idea; Christian Science does not teach us to improve being. It first reveals being and then illustrates it.

Through Christian Science we really learn to be. In this connection, remember that every organ or function existing in Mind as an idea has its mission to perform in the infinite order of Science. It exists as the evidence and presence of Mind; it cannot be other than harmonious, active and always conscious. Just because Mind is primarily consciousness, — and must therefore be Life, — just for that reason, idea existing as the phenomenon of Mind is ever conscious, and therefore ever alive.

Get rid of the thoughts incidental to belief and human education. Do not fear to be rid of them. Place no limitations upon ideas. Even in ordinary education, what are called true ideas cannot be limited. In Christian Science education this is more strikingly true. Remembering that every organ of the human body is only some misconception and misrepresentation of a divine idea, see to it that you do not limit that idea. You cannot picture it, — nobody can, — that is the prerogative of God alone; but you can declare the fact, and obliterate it from consciousness, especially when giving a treatment. Erase all the mental pictures which you call the body, or anything that appears to be on it, or in it!

No idea is ever a part of personal sense. It is immeasurable, which means infinite, and it is consequently indestructible, or eternal. It is never affected by disease or disintegration, nor is it subject to any fear or belief. Now, if this be scientifically true, as it inexorably is, concerning every organ and function, is it not equally true concerning that which embodies organ or function? Can you demonstrate the fact that an organ or function of the body is spiritual if you hold to the belief that the body itself is material? While there may be some misunderstanding concerning body, as I have mentioned on previous occasions, yet there can be no question on the part of any earnest, conscientious student of Christian Science as to the fact that there must be individual reflection of the one divine embodiment of right ideas and their activity.

Incidental to this reflection, and constituting its very nature, is harmony, heaven. Consequently, organs and functions being spiritually understood are never afflictive to themselves or to each other. They are always blessed by the divine Mind in which they have their being, and by reflecting that Mind they reciprocally bless each other. For this reason no organ or function ever interferes with any other organ or function. Neither does any organ or function suppress or repress any other. Neither does any impinge upon any other or adhere to it. Neither is there any inharmonious adhesion. Mrs. Eddy says “Adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are properties of Mind,” (S&H 124:20), and this scientific fact is just as available to you in healing disease as it is in explaining the universe. While we remember such facts, we should not limit their usefulness. We may enlarge the application of a scientific fact ad infinitum!

What is true of ideas as we have been considering them is equally true of them in a larger sense. They not only never conflict with each other, but they never by any chance compete with each other as men or nations. The divine Mind is the divine relationship. There is nothing true about the transmission of ideas except that they are never transmitted and never require any medium or channel for transmission, because from their very nature they are omnipresent like their divine cause. There is neither time nor distance between Mind and ideas. They exist together as substance, and their being is oneness.

In our explanation of how Christian Science healing is accomplished, we are sometimes forced to use expressions that are not entirely satisfactory to ourselves. We know better than any other students of the Bible in the world what Jesus meant when he said, “I can of mine own self do nothing.” In trying to explain the same thing, we sometimes hear it said that one is a channel for good, and perhaps the expression is justified by the necessity of some explanation that can be understood by the immature or unprepared thought; yet the fact is that good expresses itself, and is its own presence, substance and law. Consequently, it is its own evidence. God is Himself to all His own ideas. “The Lord is mindful of His own.” There are no mediums or channels in Science. This fact, when demonstrated disposes of many beliefs, and especially of those connected with what mortal mind calls “nerves.”

In the textbook we read; “There nerve in Mind, and no mind in nerve;...” (Science and Health 113:28-30) That there is no mind in nerve is the same proposition as that there is no sensation in matter, and we have little difficulty with that side of the statement; but that there is “no nerve in Mind” seems like annihilation until we carefully study it as a proposition, and perceive its incontrovertible truth. This point, although touched upon on previous occasions, perhaps needs to be more clearly understood.

What is called a material nerve is a part of the belief of material body. A material body is but mortal mind’s conception and expression of man. Mortal mind is but a claim of separation, a claim of something apart from infinite divine Mind. Because it is a claim of separation, it is always separation in all its phases, and is therefore cooperating both as a belief of cause and as a belief of effect.

In Science, Mind is God, and Mind is the thinking capacity always. As God, Mind is self-existent entity, Principle, Soul, Spirit, Life, Love. It is all-embracing, all-impelling, all-directing, omniscience. In so-called mortal mind the thinking capacity, according to universal human belief, is located in, or dependent upon, the brain. According to this same belief, thought originates in the brain, and if any part of the human body is to be moved or if it has any action consciously or unconsciously, mortal mind declares that the brain is the source of all such movement or action, and that when it desires to communicate with any part of the body, consciously or unconsciously, there is a set of nerves which perform this service, and another set which carries back the reply. Thus we see a material telegraphic system set up according to belief between brain and organs, functions and actions — of the so-called material body.

In Science such a system is seen to be impossible, because Mind and idea are never separated. The divine will of the one is the equally divine action of the other. To say there is no nerve in Mind is equivalent to the statement on page 465, line 17 of the textbook Science and Health that says “Principle and its idea is one...” — although the latter statement is immeasurably more far reaching. The fact that Mind and idea are inseparable as substance, Truth, good, Love, is a complete denial of the claim that there are channels or mediums of action, power or communication. Mind and idea exist together. This fact is what you need to know and understand; it is all there is to nerve or nerves.

We may illustrate this by remembering that in handling the claim of insomnia we may always affirm divine consciousness that neither slumbers nor sleeps, and repudiates the mesmeric claim called sleep. We see that men could no more sleep or cease to be conscious than God could cease to be consciousness, and when we see that clearly for any patient suffering from insomnia, he sleeps normally, and he is healed. In the same way, nerve being merely a claim of separation between Mind and idea needs to be repudiated as such a claim in order that nerves may be normal. Nerve is not like the hand or eye. These organs and their functions exist in the divine Mind as ideas, inseparable from that Mind, and the same in substance — that substance being Spirit.

We cannot outline such ideas nor distinctly state in human terms what they are, but what is called “nerve” or “the nervous system,” can be understood more clearly because it is separation; it is clearly a lie about the fact that Mind and idea are inseparable! This fact then — Mind and idea inseparable — is nerve and all the truth there is to any nerve or nervous system. In proportion as you are willing to see this fact, — “Mind and idea inseparable,” — and maintain it, establishing it in Principle and demonstrating it as law, you will have a nervous system immune from nervous diseases.

To aid us in this, let us get rid of the thought of channels or avenues even for good. Good does not require them. Good as Mind acts immediately. Human beings seeing this action speak of a worker or practitioner who is doing much good, and while this is a legitimate and proper acknowledgment that should always be made, yet the fact remains that Good is the only thing that ever does any “good”! Thus, ideas are not only enlightening, they are sustaining and healing, because of their divine nature, and as mentality changes under such educational influence, it should be respected and reverenced even though it appears to be our own mentality — for it is the Christ nature.

To revert somewhat, the word “idea” should not be applied to everything that mortal mind chooses to invent, and especially when its inventions are associated with disease, or other destructive elements or beliefs. To illustrate what I mean, let us call your attention to the belief of such things as germs, bacilli and microbes. There was a time not so far remote when mortal mind did not ascribe its so-called diseases to the presence of such “things,” yet it had diseases then as now. Indeed, diseases are necessary to mortal mind. It could not be mortal and would be reduced to its native nothingness if it were deprived of its destructive elements. In the attempt that mortals make to rid themselves of disease, we see at any rate, that the desire for life could not be hidden under the claim of appearance of materiality. Because that desire exists and protests against the presence of disease, the human race is constantly engaged in a struggle for health, a word which may be used to include about everything that would constitute human peace. Mortal mind, however, knows no way of healing contrary to its own nature. Mrs. Eddy says; “If mortal mind knew how to be better, it would be better.” (S&H 186:29-30) In the same way, and for the same implied reason, its system of healing constitutes a travesty. Considering it necessary to satisfy thought as to the course of disease, it has invented many theories, — the germ or microbe theory being one of many.

For that reason, no germ or microbe is a normal belief. Humanly speaking, the human body could get along without them. I say this while recognizing that the same theory includes a theory to the effect that there are certain germs and bacilli that destroy so-called “germs” of disease. This, however, is only a part of the same theory, and there are thousands of physicians who disbelieve in the germ theory of disease entirely.

No parasite of any kind is ever an idea of God. In the infinite order of Science there cannot be such a thing as a parasite; all such beliefs, and the evidence of such beliefs, misrepresent the fact that ideas are all sustained directly by the divine Mind, that is ever conscious of these ideas. You would not say that the germ or bacillus is a part of disease, and disease is not even a normal state of human existence. It does not signify something real or eternal because it is not normal. The confusion upon this point, if any exists, may be due to the statement that Love is the only means by which to overcome a germ, a microbe, or a parasite or any other belief that appears to be inimical to comfort and health.

In a certain way it may be said that in order to do away with a parasite we must love, because it is clearly true that hate would perpetuate all there is to a parasite, and it is clearly true and demonstrable that love would do away with everything that is parasitical. I am not prepared to say what such a realization would do to the parasites themselves, since it is impossible for us to outline the action of Truth. The main thing to know, however, is that Love has power and action in such cases, and one needs only to test this statement in order to prove it.

In your daily work take a more decided stand; then when necessary, maintain that correct attitude in your church work and in other activities of the Christian Science movement. It is, however, in the healing of the sick especially important that a radical reliance upon the affirmative facts of being should be constantly and unswervingly maintained. To merely reach out, as it were, and mentally endeavor to take a little of the divine Mind and put it in or on a patient, or in or on one’s self, as the case might be, is not real Christian Science treatment. Possibly many of us did something of that kind when we did not know how to proceed in a better way. Paul says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child,” (I Cor. 13:11) and we should prove what he further said to the effect of putting away “childish things.” We cannot too often remember the words in our textbook, to the effect, that we should not cling to positions outgrown. Too often we delay our progress by trying to treat a case today in the same way by which we healed one yesterday, when the fact is that no such thing can be done in Christian Science.

Nearly all words habitually used in religious instruction have taken on higher meanings. Mrs. Eddy employs them in their fundamental and truer signification. Spirit is one of these. In Christian Science it means the indestructible nature of God and man. There is never anything shadowy about Spirit. It can never be contained or included in anything because it is infinite. Old theology is permeated by mystery and materiality. Even some articles in our own literature are not entirely free from it. Not everything that appears in our literature is purely scientific, and yet our periodicals are splendid. We need to read them with discrimination. Some of our writers in using the new tongue have not entirely disassociated themselves from the old meaning, and especially is this true regarding the thought that religious dogma and erring scientific systems have attached to the word “God.” Too often students have merely changed their nomenclature while still retaining many of their false views.

This is particularly true of what may be called “good” in mortal mind. I have previously pointed out to you that certain erring conditions called “religion and science” could not continue to exist another day if the human race would cease to associate them with charity, kindness, and goodness. Earnest Christian Science students should not be deceived by the mere appearance of “good,” or a more material claim that certain things are good or even relatively good. In getting the full meaning of the word “Spirit,” we are constantly helped in this conscious endeavor to maintain pure Science. We must strive to understand the Science of Christianity.

Everything that tends to objectivity, or to objectify God, must be done away with. Christian Science, in proportion as it is understood, obliterates all remoteness concerning Deity, and all distance between God and man. Revealing as it does, one God, it reveals one consciousness, which is Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Power, and Principle — whose very being is Law, because it is omnipotence. Although Mrs. Eddy was obliged to prove Christian Science, establishing it by experimentation, the Science itself is absolute, not experimental. We should see this, and move forward, upward, beyond the mere experimental methods of beginners.

Happily, we have at any rate discerned enough of true Science to see clearly that divine thinking is the only natural kind of thinking, and the only kind of thinking that is worthy of man. All the beliefs and fears incidental to the false claim that mind is mortal, are unnatural and unreal. All the theories, thoughts and experiences of sin and disease are nothing but error, and having once been dissipated through Truth, they should never be recalled. Although error constitutes the bulk of human opinions, it does not gain in power or in proportion to its bulk. Indeed, it should be seen clearly that error multiplied is thereby only weakened. We need not have any perturbation because certain forms of erroneous belief claim to be active and influential. The striking and reassuring thing in Christian Science practice is that a single person, with even a slight understanding of Christian Science, may in a given instance set aside all material claims to power and law, and annul the opinions, the beliefs of the whole human race, in regard to a given case of disease or sin! Many of you have had experiences coinciding with this assertion. In the light of them you gained the true meaning of omnipotence, and proved in a large measure the naturalness of Truth and its laws. It is thus that we are educated in the immanence of God, and the consequence is the immanence of man.

Do not hesitate to recognize this “man” as yourself. See that this self, this wonderful somethingness of Divine Science, is the idea of Love, and one with it. “…Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.” (Jn. 1:29) Incidental to such practice is the rejection of the claim of materiality. Mrs. Eddy says that mortals are material “falsities.” We should not fear to proceed along such lines as will enable us to lose sight of a material falsity. In order to do this, it is not necessary to take a violent mental attitude toward materiality. Such a method would not tend to spiritualize us in any way. To hate a material falsity would be to make it real.

The way to handle error is not an exaggerated mental state. The only way in which error can be handled is the scientific way. The more clearly we know the truth, the less likely we are to either hate or love those things. Do not hesitate to see the utter unreality of the claim that man is material and seemingly ill. One side of this belief is just as untrue as the other. If you see the unreality of material personality, you will soon have a normal, happy human being, working in Christian Science for the redemption of mankind, in place of a patient. Mary Baker Eddy has this to say in the textbook: “The denial of material selfhood aids the discernment of man’s spiritual and eternal individuality, and destroys the erroneous knowledge gained from matter or through what are termed the material senses.” (Science and Health 91:17-21) I suggest you also read page 396, lines 5-13, of the textbook, for further enlightenment.

In this connection let us remind ourselves again that Truth is both instructive and demonstrable. Radical reliance upon it, however, takes us above the realm of instruction. To know the Truth is the positive way of Science. It involves the rejection in thought of all that appears to be material. To the material senses this appears as annihilation, but in Science it is revelation, obliterating nothing but error. Our sense of existence is always to be more real and more satisfactory, and will be so in the measure that the spiritual senses, through Christian Science practice, become more and more our habitual mentality.

Really, our work is all healing work, no matter what we may appear to be doing in this movement. No matter how simple or unobtrusive our duties may be — our work is to heal. The Christian Science church was established to heal. There was no church prior to the time that Mrs. Eddy established this movement that healed either itself or its members. The Christian Science church heals, and it heals what we call “church organization.” We must take part in this healing. As an organization, it partakes of the faults incidental to organizations. We shall be obliged to overcome these faults before the Kingdom of God can be established on earth, and we should therefore not be disturbed when we come face to face with them (the faults), either in ourselves or in other church members.

Some of us need to expand in this respect. We are too small, and sometimes we think that a very little discord in some church organization is a much more serious thing than it is even in belief. In any event, let us be active and faithful in the church work, for this work is essential to the welfare and salvation of us all. Our Cause is established. It maintains the truth of Christian Science, and prevents the adulteration of our literature. If there were no other reasons than those for the existence of our movement, they would be sufficient. But there are other reasons far more important, and the primary one is that the world is dominated in a great measure by an erroneous organization ostensibly established for the good of mankind, but really maintained to perpetuate mental and spiritual slavery! To offset this, we must have pure education — an organization founded upon divine Principle, instead of mere human pride and power.

Experience has proved and is proving every day, more conclusively, the fact that the world is tired of being deceived in the name of good, and more especially in the name of salvation. Mortal mind depicts its man as a mortal, seeing that it cannot do otherwise; but the unquenchable longing for immortality cannot be stifled by the claim of mortality. In order to satisfy this longing for immortality, mortal mind offers a mere promise contingent upon a future state of existence. Thousands of people recognize that such theories are more than unsatisfactory. No wonder they are turning to Christian Science, wherein there is not only the assurance, but the proof that salvation is to be attained step by step through the demonstration of the divine facts of being. All mortal mind’s theories are founded upon death as an essential feature of salvation. To believe that we must die in order to really live is as preposterous as that we must lie in order to be truthful!

Christian Science is unique because it is founded entirely upon life. It requires no argument to show that theories such as I have mentioned, would be inevitably opposed to Christian Science. Their mission is to perpetuate death, for if it were done away with, such theories would cease to exist. You may be sure that such systems do not want you to prevent death, nor do they want you or anyone else to overcome it. If work of that kind should become habitual, where would “they” be? History shows that mere human organizations have never been able to maintain themselves against evil. When evil could not dominate them from the outside, it has managed to do so by getting on the inside. For that reason, the human race cannot hope to overcome organizational evil except through the united efforts of those who constitute a true, legitimate organization founded upon divine Principle, and who are ever sustained by its presence, power, and law.

Nevertheless, the divine strength that underlies this kind of organization must be humanly demonstrated. For this reason the very highest grade of intelligence which can be enlisted in this movement is none too high. If called upon to do church work ourselves, we should try to detach our judgment from anything like a desire, either to do or not to do such work. We should consider whether we are suited to it, or as well suited to it as someone else who is available. It is unwise not to take cognizance of our own ability or lack of it when something as important as church work is under consideration. Besides this we all have a certain influence, and this influence is increased through our demonstration of Christian Science. We should carefully handle the possibility that we might exert a strong influence, and having done so, we should know that we cannot be debarred from exerting a right influence for the benefit of the cause of mankind.

As I have already stated, we are all practitioners, and our fellow church members and acquaintances in the church, may ask us something concerning church government. It could not be wrong to show them what the church means, and how to “work” for it, neither could it be wrong to tell them that their duty, when voting for church officials, is to carefully select such people as are most likely to be useful to the Cause. Young church members, and sometimes even those of greater experience, are apt to think that almost anyone will do for a church officer, or sometimes they are even handled to believe that the church offices should be distributed irrespective of the adaptability or fitness. It seems to me that the last-named error is one which all of us should denounce in every possible way, and upon every occasion. This movement has to be carried on by individuals. They should be selected through demonstration. They should have greater wisdom, more resourcefulness, finer capacity, clearer judgment, and better executive ability than any other people in the world because they are doing the most important work in the world!

All of these qualities belong to Mind; they can be demonstrated, and it is far better to select the persons for church office who have demonstrated some or all of these qualities, than it is to select those who think they have them naturally — without ever having them put to the test in Christian Science work. When all is said, however, it is almost obvious that there are some things connected with the movement that require special adaptability, and special talents. Surely no person would display much good sense if he undertook to do something for which he was totally unsuited, either by so-called nature, or through demonstration.

One thing more in this regard. If you accept a church office, do not try to please mortal mind. Do not even try to please what you call church members. Simply do right, and then stand for the right through thick and thin. I should add here, that if what you have done is right, and it is assailed, you must defend it with all your understanding; the same is true of work that may be done by someone else. Sometimes there is too much of a tendency to sit back and let a wrong go by in church work. There have been instances where actual wrong has been allowed to obtain the seeming consent of a majority of church members at a church meeting, simply because some others, although they recognized the “wrong,” hesitated or dreaded to stand for the “right”! I am bound to say to you that a member of a church who has not the courage to stand for the right is an unworthy member, and in a certain way will have to answer for something in his own conscience, unless he mends his way. One other point, and that is that church work should be systematic and very thorough — but it should NEVER be allowed to get into a rut! The right way of conducting a church requires system, but the right way is also infinite and its system is not a limited thing — it is a ceaseless unfoldment!

The nature of mortal mind is error, that is, utter falsity. It cannot approach Truth or be like it in the least degree. Disease or discord of any kind is always a lie. The only possible remedy is the Truth. For that reason there can never be any healing for the human race, other than Christian Science! It has been said that Christian Science is the “redeemer of consciousness.” It requires processes of thought, so that these are essential to progress, but the true thinking capacity, in divine Mind, primary infinite consciousness, requires no processes at all. It is spontaneity’s very selfhood. When our treatment is really God, when it is so clear to the divine consciousness that any evidence or belief contrary to that consciousness is instantly rejected and annulled — then mere process of thought has ceased to play a part in Christian Science practice.

We need to improve ourselves immensely in this respect, but we have not yet reached the ideal of Christian Science practice wherein the treatment, and the recovery are equally instant and spontaneous. While we are striving for this ideal way, let us improve our method. Above all, let us not be deceived by the belief that the statement of a fact constitutes the realization of it. Our Leader in her works, admonishes us to the effect that we must be radical in our reliance upon Spirit. This necessarily requires the rejection of matter and material appearances, as well as so-called law. Let us not therefore fear to deny all materiality for ourselves, as well as for others. Indeed, if one fears at all to do this, he should experiment first upon himself, rather than upon others; by so doing one is sure to find that his own health and happiness has been greatly improved. The basis of such a denial is the affirmation that man consists of spiritual ideas, not of matter, and that his body, or identity, is necessarily a compound idea, including right ideas and their activity. We are not to disappear, but we are to appear more and more forever! The false appearance is to give place to the true. In I John we read, “…when he shall appear, we shall be like him;…” (I Jn.3:2) This shows that the right idea constitutes the divine man and his appearance.

In this redemption of consciousness nothing is left out. It is as applicable to one’s business or daily occupation as to one’s body. Business is all God’s business, there isn’t any other. The trouble with the human race is that it thinks there is some other business and consequently, has devoted itself to a lot of material beliefs, that, when they have achieved their very best results, are still unsatisfactory. None of them bring permanent peace or happiness or life. Indeed, all of them are inevitably associated with death and destruction. They are rescued from such association through Christian Science sooner or later. When this is true, and it generally is, you may be sure that something has happened to the business, in that man’s, or woman’s case, only in the proportion that something has happened to consciousness. The fears of mortal mind about business, constitute mortal mind’s law to business. They are always more or less afflictive and contradictory!

The “redeemer of consciousness” will take care of all that, being the only thing that will do it. In no other way will a man have dominion over his business. Furthermore, he cannot get such dominion over his business through selfishness. Sometime or other, he will have to wake up, and find out that all the business there is, is God’s business, that it is good, that its laws are inexorable and righteous — that there isn’t one side to it. In the words of the renown Shakespeare, “It blesses him that gives and him that takes.” Any other view of business or occupation is destined to go out through Christian Science and anyone who looks at the world today can see that is what is happening; there is no other explanation of this change than that Christian Science is causing it to happen!

The cause of the universe is the power, substance, and law thereof. That cause is Principle, Mind, thinking capacity — the divine consciousness, ever conscious of its own ideas, ever sustaining them in their divine integrity and perfection. We do not have to do anything to creation, and it would be foolish for us to attempt anything of that kind. The most we are doing might be described as elimination. We are reducing wrong beliefs to their native nothingness, casting them into the bottomless pit. Among these wrong beliefs may be found malpractice of every nature — all the forms of aggressive mental suggestion. These are not of God, but are merely human inventions. We must not neglect to place them in their proper category. Never let them enter the realm of the real, keep them in the realm of illusion. They have brought enough misery upon a large portion of the human race in the guise of war. It would be immeasurably a greater misfortune if they were permitted to bring about a foundationless and wicked peace.

As the cause of the universe is the law, power, and substance thereof, remember that in the ratio of your oneness with Mind are you to exercise that law, reflect that power, and be the evidence of that substance. The Bible relates over and over that God is our helper. In Christian Science that becomes literally true. Whatever may appear to be the human need, a realization that the only Helper or help is God, divine Principle, will meet that human need. In one instance it may be workers that are needed, in another instance it may be money, but beyond the possibility of failure, a realization of the fact that divine Principle is the source, the sustaining intelligence of man — this realization, will meet the difficulty! Do not postpone your right and ability to think divinely. NOW is the time to do it. Attain eternality. It should not be postponed an instant! There is no meaning to the word “eternal” as long as we think or believe that it refers to the future, or that it is contingent upon time, place, circumstance, event or environment. Nor does it refer to coming or going, living or dying in matter — none of these things are relevant.

If you would gain the privilege of eternal life, you must perceive that it belongs to all creation, and you must cease to malpractice on yourselves and other people in regard to life. On a previous occasion I reminded you that a Christian Scientist going to the bedside of a “sick” person, yet holding the thought that while that person might recover in this instance, but that he would surely die some time, would not be practicing genuine Christian Science, however much he might be striving to give a Christian Science treatment. It is very essential that we watch our thinking under such circumstances, if we would be healers. Such wrong thinking on the part of a Christian Scientist is inexcusable!

For the same reasons we should be particularly careful about accepting the belief of old age, either for ourselves or for others. Perhaps we scarcely realize that one of the most common habits of erroneous belief is to guess or surmise the age of all the people one meets! This is a kind of reciprocal evil that works ill for all concerned! If the thought of any person’s age in belief comes to you, you should handle that thought, and that suggestion just as you would handle the suggestion of death or disease! Indeed, the most incurable of all so-called disease is old age, for according to mortal mind, it is an unavoidable experience to those whose years extend beyond a certain time span. For this reason handle it, reject it, reduce it to its native nothingness; remember that no-one can be any older than God, and it is impossible to be any younger than God. Drop “old age” and all the beliefs — suggestions of it — into the bottomless pit, together with malpractice and everything else that maketh or worketh a lie. There is only one kind of life and that is immortal life. It never grows old and it never dies. Christian Science not only teaches this fact, but proves it by irrefutable logic.

Furthermore, Christian Science presents evidence of this fact by healing diseases that are called “incurable.” We are apt to think that death is a kind of secondary thing, a mere consequence of disease and other destructive elements; indeed it seems to be so, and if we accepted only the evidence of the senses, we could have no other view of so-called death. In the analysis which is provided by Christian Science, however, all forms of evil are clearly revealed. Their deceptive aspects are removed, they are no longer mysterious, either as to priority or relationship. Really, if we remember Mrs. Eddy’s statement in “Christian Science Practice” per the textbook, “The basic error is mortal mind,” (Science and Health 405:1), we shall have no difficulty in discerning that materiality as a belief precedes all destructive elements, and that they only came about in order that mortal mind might fulfill its mission. Jesus said that mortal mind was a murderer from the beginning.

What we are doing then really has a different aspect from what it appears to have. Our practice concerns itself wholly with redemption. We are eliminating destructive elements. All evil is in the nature of ignorance, which immediately expresses itself as fear. In the practice of Christian Science, we reduce the fear, gradually reaching the ignorance that produced it, and then step by step, resisting the other phases of mortality, we establish life instead of death for all mankind. Thus, we are constantly overcoming the belief of death. Every case healed in Christian Science, and especially those cases which are considered incurable from the standpoint of medicine, illustrates the power of Christian Science to overcome what in the Bible is called the last enemy — but that which is seen to be the first and only enemy — mortality!

Life is the primary fact and death the primary error or lie about the fact. The very nature of life is opposed to death. There never can be any death in Life, neither is there any kind of life that ever produces or experiences death. The claim that living creatures can get into the body and procure death must be met, not as germs and microbes, but as mere belief or mental suggestion; thus, you handle it when you know that Life is infinite, continuous, immutable, immortal, complete and harmonious. It never produces anything unlike itself. There is no death in Life, no death from Life, no death to Life, NO death anywhere — for Life is God, and God is All! Therefore, Life is All.

To BE means to be alive, and Mind is all that ever lives. In our practice we must be wide awake, ready to recognize any condition that might obstruct or delay the healing. In demonstrating the primary facts of life for every patient, we are able to uncover many phases of mortality. When these come to light, they should not be left in thought or consciousness, either of the patient or practitioner. Doctors learn not to be deceived by mere appearance. We are not so accustomed to see “illness” as Doctors are — and sometimes when we think a patient is better, a Doctor would say that the patient is worse. In medical practice, a change of treatment often brings about a temporary improvement. According to mortal mind, almost any change of treatment may do this. The evidence of improvement should be so unmistakable to the practitioner that it cannot be touched by anything mortal mind might say, even when favorable.

It is not uncommon to hear practitioners say that the patient was getting along very well, but suddenly had a setback. What you need to do then, is to handle the case more thoroughly when the patient is getting along very well, for not infrequently that is the dangerous time, even according to medical science. There have been many instances where much better results would have been accomplished if the practitioners had been alert to the deceptive conditions of a case, and especially in instances where there was progress according to the evidence of the senses. In this regard, I advise you always to handle the belief that you may be handled by error! If you do not handle the belief that you might be deceived in the apparent improvement of the patient, you will find that occasionally you may be so deceived! There must, of course, be a change of evidence. Such a result is inevitable when there is a radical change of consciousness, but sometimes what we call a change of consciousness is only a state of mental exaltation brought about by the perception of the wonderful and beautiful facts of Christian Science. We must remember that realization is something far more definite, practical, and absolute than mere exaltation, however pleasant and inspiring the latter may be! There must be realization of the facts.

In the healing work one has to be spiritually minded, which means one has to be practical, and especially so watchful that he can find means to circumvent the enemy every step of the way. Actually there should never be a single failure in Christian Science practice. This Science does not provide for failures. It is based upon immutable, immediate Principle; its very nature is success. When you are able to give clear treatments in any specific case, and some progress is being made in the case, when thought is clear so that you feel you have handled the case thoroughly, including all that might obstruct or delay the work, and its results — then it is well to consider, to affirm this fact: evidence is never absent, remote or hidden. Evidence is real, tangible, present, harmonious, and complete. Such is the law of Principle, and this law is demonstrated in Christian Science healing. Affirm that your treatment demonstrates this law. When you thus establish the evidence of healing, it partakes of its divine Principle, and there will be no relapse.

Place no limitations upon consciousness. We need this unlimited breadth of view in Christian Science. Small views and timid work have very little to do with infinity. In the same connection it is well for us sometimes to consider our own capabilities — our measure of understanding. Not every person who becomes a Christian Scientist is suited to Christian Science practice. Many earnest and honest Christian Scientists are not yet fit to assume the immense responsibility involved in this practice professionally. A mere emotional state of mind, however high it may appear to be, will not do the work. If you expect to enter upon this practice, making it your professional career or work, ask yourself, “Have I the fortitude to stand in the evil day, and having done all, still to stand? Am I equipped with the mental and moral qualities essential to success in Christian Science practice?” If the answer should be “No, not yet,” then patiently await the time when the answer shall be changed to the affirmative. This does not mean that one is to cease thinking. On the contrary, we are to think more clearly, more profoundly every instant.

A Christian Scientist is a scientific thinker, and whether he is engaged in the practice of healing the sick or not, he is inevitably a thinker. Christian Scientists are destined to be the greatest thinkers in the world. All science, art, all forms of education, all business and every profession, are feeling the touch of Christian Science. The opportunities to demonstrate Christian Science in every walk of life are boundless, and ever present. We can, therefore, cheerfully pursue our occupations, whatever they may be, knowing all the time that nothing can be outside of Spirit and Its laws, for Spirit is infinite.

If mortal mind says, “I cannot think, I am darkened,” or “I cannot give a treatment,” disagree with it immediately. Never permit error to assert itself as though it were your thinking or your thoughts. In this way you will soon be free from any suggestion that you cannot work, or that you are less clear than formerly. We need particularly to guard against any tendency that might induce us to accept suggestions, voicing them as though they had any place in us or as though we had originated them.

Now, my dear students and friends, because we know the Truth, you will forgive me if I momentarily refer to appearances that are unlike the Truth. In spite of everything that looks and seems hard to bear, divine Principle is even now, as always, governing its own creation. We are engaged in education. It is our mission to get humanity out of the beliefs that enslave it. You are doing wonderfully well in this respect. During these two years of terrific trial you have stood nobly for the divine facts of being, and you have refused to involve yourselves, mentally or otherwise, in anything base or ignoble. Your letters are full of good cheer, full of Truth. They indicate mentality at peace with God and man. You have seen, and continue to see that error is the only thing that is troubling the human race, and you have proved that wherever Love is demonstrated, Love is the protection.

No one knows how much you have done for your country; perhaps no one can know, but one thing you do know, and that is that you have exalted your own thought of your country, and have thereby been able to protect and preserve yourselves and many others against fear and malice. After all, ignorance, all forms of error, including malice and mental suggestion are wicked, and poor humanity is the victim of them. Even people who are not Christian Scientists say that the present war is one of ideas. It would be more accurate to say that it is a war of beliefs. Some of these beliefs are better than others because they resemble divine Principle more than do some other beliefs; they have more strength and vitality and they will prevail, provided some human beings see that those beliefs are only indications of Principle, and provided they and others rise even higher, demonstrating the Truth, rather than improved beliefs of mankind. The world needs education, and that need is not confined to what you call your enemy!

Temporarily, it often happens that punishment precedes education, simply because human beings, deceived as they are by error, are not always ready to be corrected until they find that error produces discomfort and disaster. We cannot correct the whole of mortal mind in a moment. To redeem our own consciousness is our chief work. In proportion as we do that, the opportunity to help others, and the ability to help them, will increase a hundredfold. When we remember that we ourselves have only lately learned not to hate person, we can see how much remains to be done for those who have not been educated in an opposite way. Nothing but Love will help them and the rest of mankind. Love is not only the fulfilling of the law, it is the law, and it is the completeness of protection.

Real self-abnegation is incidental to the demonstration of divine Love. Such self-abnegation is not a conscious effort, it is not seen or found where one is making conscious sacrifices. High as that is, true self-abnegation is much higher; it is utter forgetfulness of all that constitutes materiality. It is that pure mental state where thought is the only phenomenon. This is illustrated in thousands of instances today in a most striking manner. When one sees how much has been accomplished in the way of unity of thought, purpose and action under the stress of a great national danger, one cannot but consider what might be accomplished for the human race if all Christian Scientists were united as thoroughly and as thoroughly devoted to the warfare against illusions of mortal mind. Let us then continue to look and walk thitherward in this endeavor.

Through all that you encounter, regardless of the many and sudden changes or alterations — you are demonstrating Love. That is the important thing. Love is all there is to enclose being. It constitutes being, and for that reason being is always satisfactory. In working in Christian Science we are only awakening ourselves and others. If we knew enough just to BE, we would heal every case and accomplish wonders for mankind. In conclusion I want to stress one more important thought — divine treatment is far more than even the very best method of profound thinking — that is, no words can describe its spontaneity, and there are none which are adequate to represent or fully set forth the glory and grandeur of that conscious identity with Love. This “conscious identity” with divine Love is what constitutes a real Christian Science treatment. Mrs. Eddy sums it up this way; “…divine Love will accomplish what all the powers of earth combined can never prevent being accomplished — the advent of divine healing and its divine Science.” (My. 308:1-4)

Association Address for 1918

Nobody is to be resurrected before our eyes until we get ready to see resurrection. It is all a question of consciousness.

If there is anything true about man, he is the evidence of omnipresence and he will never be anything less than present.

The first thing in all this claim of turmoil, — the railroad strike, — is to find your peace and find it utterly. Then use your judgment and do what seems best for you to do, and recognize that you have to use your judgment; but use your Science and keep using it and let your judgment become greater and finer and more real because of your Science, so that your human judgment will be the best human judgment on earth. That is the demonstration of Christian Science. Then, if you had to decide anything, you would decide it better than anybody because you know more than mortal mind knows. Divine wisdom is not absent. Its very nature is presence. It does not know how to be anywhere but here and everywhere; consequently, the only thing required of us is, that we shall seek that wisdom, or to be more accurate, reflect it, and give proof, — a human proof, — of divine wisdom’s presence, justice, poise, and clearness, so that at any time we can consider all the human phases of any question (that which mortal mind says is true) and see clearly through it and beyond it and above it and realize the fact that we can even see what it might try to do, and to the extent that it is necessary, can absolutely prevent any disastrous thing from being done, because we are born of the Spirit. Jesus said, “…ye are of this world; I am not of this world.” (John 8:23) We have something more important to do than to all the time accede to the judgment and claims of mortal mind; we are not obliged to say “Yes, it is so” or “Amen.” We are obliged to see it not thus. In all these questions that come up to see daily, more or less, we need this certainty as to what we are, and what we are doing.

The time is past when we should sit down and merely contend in a kind of hopeless way to give a treatment, saying, “Well, I will give a treatment, but I do not think it will do any good. As to the strike, I am handling ‘strike’ and the ‘world,’ but of course I cannot do anything to it.” Now, if that is the attitude, of course you will get the results of such a belief, but it only requires a change of attitude to get a better result; and so, in all these things, it is not well to believe we are slaves to circumstances. We are free. There are a great many things that we can think of even humanly; stand for these, for they indicate something that is divine. They indicate it at least, so we might as well stand on the best side of human endeavor; but do not stand with human endeavor and depend on that, but rather with divine Principle. Let us have something going on all the time, that is real — the presence of God — and not be a bit afraid.

I have been saying a good deal lately, —because it is comforting, — “Get used to God.” The Bible says, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Ps. 46:1) But you have to get far beyond the ordinary interpretation of that, to get anything out of it. A distant God is no refuge and no strength to help, because he is not present. The only God there is, is present. There is no absence to God. It is an inconceivable thing, — absence in the relation to God. The very word God precludes the thought of absence. You cannot look in any authentic work of reference in the world and find absence associated with the word God. Always present…ALWAYS. And yet, human thought finds God so unnatural that it put God away off; and so in their sickness and troubles human beings do not turn to God. They turn to something that is entirely human and find more trouble, and they will keep on finding it, because that is the nature of mortal mind, until trouble becomes so troublesome that the human race is willing to be saved by the only thing that can possibly save it, — the divine Mind.

Now, the divine Mind cannot save you individually or collectively unless you get it. It is a question of thinking, and we have to do some extraordinarily good thinking to be saved. It does not matter so much ordinarily speaking, what people conclude, as it does how they think.

The supposititious human mind would say it would be impossible to be really thinking all the time; but I want to say to you, that the divine Consciousness is ever conscious and there is never a time when it ceases to be conscious of a single idea in its infinite creation. And that means you and I, who are awake to that, are not going to be afraid to think always.

Now, there is nothing going on when one is swinging between right and wrong. Thinking right one moment and swinging over to the wrong on the other, and never finding anything like Principle, is not thinking. We let somebody else think for us a great deal of the time. I want you to stop doing that. Think for yourself. Whether you have a belief that your thinking is not adequate along all lines, or not, begin thinking for yourself about everything. You have a right to do it, and don’t let outside influences overwhelm you and perhaps prevent your growing in understanding. It is absolutely important that you should find your own individuality. God cannot get along without you, just has to have you forever, and you do not find it in belief, but you do find it in that superb freedom which means the presence of God, the divine Consciousness, where thought is in accord with Principle, and where it is fearlessly maintaining itself because it knows itself. It is one in that which it originates. This is particularly applicable to times like these, when people are more or less touched by their feelings politically, socially, etc. Especially these times when our feelings are often more or less disturbed, when things seem to be going more or less awry, and we are apt to feel resentful, especially when we see that forces which ought to be on the side of Principle are merely on the side of trickery. When we see, for instance, the medical profession organized as a great political force, we are apt to feel resentful. But after all let us take care that we do not do anything of that kind. Suppose we had immense power in the world. Suppose we, as a Movement, were so placed that we had thousands of votes, — I tell you, — you and I would have to watch. We would be tempted, and we are not entirely free from it now. But if this Movement were to be degraded to a mere political machine, what in the world would happen to the world? It would be the most awful thing that ever happened.

You see it is our business to find our individuality, not to become a machine. There isn’t anyone who has a right to tell you: “You think this way.” It is your divine right to find out the Science of Life and demonstrate it by your thinking; and the whole trend of Christian Science teaching is to awaken you to that fact, and to give you your independence, your liberty, your freedom of thought and action. That is what the Christian Science Church means; that is where its strength lies, — in the understanding of Christian Scientists. It has not a bit of strength beyond that.

Now, for that reason we need to be all the time right on our job, and our job is to know the truth though we might be engaged in ordinary occupations. But the first thing in the whole universe is what? Just what the Bible says: “In the beginning God…” (Genesis 1:1) And the only thought primarily and secondarily that is true, is that which reveals Him or relates to Him. Consequently, no matter what we are engaged in, we are really engaged in making a demonstration in Christian Science, and there are some people right out there in France fighting in the front on both sides, that are making as good a demonstration as they are able to in Christian Science. Why? Because the things they have been humanly unable to avoid cannot be left to their own laws or beliefs, but have to be handled as a claim by those who understand Christian Science. They are handling it to the best of their knowledge. And there are thousands of people out there fighting who are as good as we are, and there are some of them that might claim justly to be better, — humanly speaking, — because they have displayed a wonderful self-abnegation. Now, think what it would mean to our Movement if everybody who has named the name of Christian Science, were as self-sacrificing as those people. I do not mean that you have to give up everything. That is not self-sacrifice, but you have to get it by knowing that you have it, not by wishing for it. There must come to the human being that extraordinary thing in which he really forgets that he is there, that he is simply demonstrating the Truth, and then he is really there, because that is divine, that is real life. That is real being in the ordinary work of Christian Science which we are called upon to do. We have difficulties, of course. We are not beyond that end. Sometimes we have a great many, and what a wonderful thing it is that we have something to help us out of them.

Now, the tendency of some of our organization is to go upon the assumption that something is being done when it is not being done. This is something that ought to be handled. They will say, “Love will do it,” and so forth. Without demonstrating the least Love, they will go and have a great church. They will run in debt for lot. They will say, “We are going right on, etc.” The fact is, we are engaged in a Science and not in a mere assumption that divine Love is going to do something. The fact is, that divine Love never does a thing; it just simply is, and its eternal “ISNESS” includes all that anyone could possibly desire. The whole question in any church is not to be sentimental, but to be scientific. Christian Science has come to save mankind, and the Church is the instrument. If it is going to accomplish this work, those who know how to work, and know what the Christ is, and who think clearly and are able to forget themselves through self-abnegation, will have to carry on the work; and if you are of this kind, you will have to face it. If you have enlightenment, you will have to stand in high positions. It will mean that you will have to stand, and stand when it is difficult to stand, and you will have to maintain what you understand in the face of severe criticism; and I say to you, if you were to shirk it, sometime you will have to answer for it in your own consciousness.

This character business has to begin inside. It is easy to say quite beautiful things, but it is a different thing to prove them. When Jesus was tempted, he rejected the temptation; he did not accept it.

Now, in infinity there isn’t any place where atmosphere is oppressive. There is no inside nor outside to that which is actually true, except that these words may be relative in some way; and certainly where Truth is being demonstrated, the atmosphere is better than any place in the world and more comfortable. You see, that whatever you are doing in Christian Science, you realize that it is different from anything you ever did in the old way, and you know it. On any occasion, every time you go to church, for instance, and take part in that service — that is, doing it yourself, — you are either knowing the Truth or believing the error. When you go to church you are responsible in a certain way as the reader is, and in a certain way you have just as much to do, as he can do nothing more than know the Truth and certainly you ought to do nothing less. So, any occasion is to be approached in a different way than the old way. There is a tendency on the part of some individuals to be hypercritical, and often when a church is being quite well run, persons will make it hard for the officials by criticizing them unjustly. If anything comes up, don’t talk about it; it is better to write a little note to the Board and perhaps they can explain it to you so you will see there is not any trouble at all. And as you go about your daily work as Christian Scientists you will find that “…old things are passed away; behold all things are become new,” (II Cor. 5:17), and you won’t find that the “new heaven” and the “new earth” (Rev. 21:1) is a remote possibility. It will be a daily experience.

You see, there is one Mind, but it has to be demonstrated and you have Christian Science with which to demonstrate it. It is a necessity. There always was one Mind; there never was a time when there wasn’t one Mind. There never will be. There never was a time when there were two minds, nor a time when there were many people with many minds. There always was the son of God with one Mind. The revelation of Christian Science not only brings that fact to light, a fact that has been dimly perceived by the early prophets, but it goes further than that; it makes the fact demonstrable in human affairs in Christian Science.

Now, our getting together once a year seems something like a Pentecostal day — and it is — because it is a demonstration on the part of us all, and it is certainly a beautiful occasion; but we are getting together all the time, in proportion that you and I are demonstrating Christian Science according to its Principle and rule. There isn’t any time or distance in Infinity. We could not possibly be other than one in our knowing and endeavor and in our effort to understand and demonstrate the Truth.

Now, there is always one Principle, always one method. There is some understanding as to what constitutes the method, but not anybody, by any means, that has named the name of Christian Science can say that he has fully demonstrated it, — nobody, fully. But we can see that at the basis of all being there is divine Principle; that it would be entirely impossible to exist if there were not a cause. Primary existence is self-existence, and that is God or Principle. A person would not begin to think at any time, — if he thought logically, — without seeing that Principle is God; that the basic fact of all phenomena is that there is one basic Principle.

Now, those facts are ideas, but the word “idea,” in a way, has two meanings; because an idea not only tells you about something, but also an idea IS; and to the extent that you have any truth, an idea is the Truth, which is substance, and which is everything. The idea is both enlightenment and substance. You see it gives you enlightenment; but it also gives you life, because it is real being, it is the evidence of life, it is the very manifestation or revelation of it, and you can see it yourself. If one were to change all the thoughts or beliefs and give them up, — just resolving everything into mentality for a moment, give up all the old thoughts and fears and all that constitutes mortal mind, — if one could obliterate in the light of some of the facts which reveal God, those things, then those facts which reveal God, would constitute his consciousness and his being. If you were to change everything in the way of belief and fears, and find facts wholly in the realm of mentality, that mentality would be in the image and likeness of God because it would reveal facts which not only reveal Mind, but is God with you. This is the way to get eternal Life. Of course, it is really ours. There is not any other kind of Life than eternal consciousness. There are not two kinds of Life, there is only one kind; there never were two; there never will be; always one. The supposition or belief that there is any other life than one Life is all you have to do with. You have not got to overcome some actual thing. It is always a belief that you are obliterating. You are doing it because of the fact of Science and demonstrating it.

Now, there is one Life, that is all there is, because the divine Principle which is the basis of all that can possibly exist must necessarily be one, and must be the life of all things. Therefore, there is no other Life. Get this fact fixed in consciousness, and do not approach any kind of a subject, never go to any what you call problem or at any time go to a case for the purpose of treating it, without that fact firmly fixed in thought, — namely, that there is one Life. Just stop this belief that there are two lives or two kinds of Life. You can do it. There are enough of you here to change the world right now, and if you break that belief that you cannot, you can do it for each other and for all in a very great measure. However, in line with this, there must be much change in our attitude.

I mentioned last year the claim so many people have, a kind of underground feeling that no matter how much they do for a patient, ultimately that patient will die, sometime he will die in belief. That is what everybody thinks and it is wrong thinking. There is no healing in that. You may do a lot of metaphysical work and heal somebody, but the healing is a bigger thing than that. There must come into the thought of the Christian Scientist in his practice, this inevitable and irresistible fact, that Life IS and you cannot do anything to it. It just IS. There is not anyone who can do anything to it; and you are here to establish the evidence that nothing can seem to kill it.

Of course, we are doing the best we can. We are doing something all the time. Yes, we are, we are raising the dead; that is sure all the time. You never healed a case that was called incurable without raising the dead, because that person was certainly doomed to death so far as mortal mind was concerned; and you came in, and with your understanding you lifted all that belief of mortal mind. See what a wonderful power you have, how glorious and natural it is, and how spontaneous and lawful in its action and presence. Why, to think that you and I, just ordinary human beings can so avail ourselves of the Christ, that the Christ still raises the dead! It is wonderful and beautiful. Do not doubt it!

Why, we think of death as a secondary claim. We say that disease produces death. Not at all. It is death that produces disease. Mortal mind starts out as death though it claims to be life. The first thing it does to anything that it gives being to, in belief, is to stamp it with destruction. Whether it is a material thing or a matter person, the first thing mortal mind ever does is to put on it death. Death is the thing. That is why mortal mind exists as a claim; and so, it gets disease in order to accomplish death. The primary thing in mortal mind is death. There are a lot of tricks through which it operates in belief, and one of the common and universal tricks is to say that everybody after a certain number of years will manifest age.

Watch yourself. You come here year after year and say, “How much older Mr. So-and-so is!” Watch! You will find yourself doing it. How much nearer death, that is what it means. There is no age, no more than there is death. Age is the most incurable of all diseases according to human belief. People may get over everything, but they are sure to succumb to age, according to human belief. Are you going to take part in it? Or are you going to take part in the demonstration that will handle the claim? There isn’t a human being in this room who needs to get any older, and he doesn’t need to get as old as he is. It is not a question of years. Eternity is all there is. There is no time, and eternity is our being. You cannot escape it no matter what you do. Life is necessarily endless, without beginning. It does not know how to start or even finish, never did know, never can know. It just is. That is your life and everybody’s life; you will have the human evidence so that you yourself will not be so mesmerized when you see your friends, and that will help them.

If you break the mesmerism when you look at them, you will find their appearance is better than it was when you were mesmerized by the thought that everybody is growing old. Let us not meet year after year and then go away and do the same old things. Let us have that creation that is ever new. God does not know how to do anything except in the right way, and everything is ceaseless unfoldment. His creation is ever new. If it is ever new, it certainly is never old. You could not be any older than God if you tried, and never any younger. The primary claim is not disease; it is death. I don’t mean that when you go to a patient that you being immediately a mental onslaught on death; but begin, or rather continue, that attitude that is Life and let it handle death. Let what you know handle death. Don’t handle it. The mere willful statement that “there is no death” does not handle it. The understanding that is itself so alive that it could not possibly believe in anything contrary to its own aliveness will handle death. “…behold, I am alive for evermore…” (Rev. 1:18) That is the thing that will handle death.

That is exactly what is meant by the saying of John in the book of Revelation. Here is that unity with Life that can no more know death than God can know death. Now, we are not boasting. I would not have you boast, but we know there is greater freedom to be attained here. When error suggests to you a little fear of your being so radical on this point, and that you might not be able to prove it, turn on it and say, “Of course, you will never be able to prove it, — you are the devil.” That which is Christian Science proves itself because the Principle is the irresistible presence of God, and it does not know how to fail. That is your attitude.

Now you see in all ways omnipotence and omnipresence because it is a natural state. One is not approaching his problems as though they were problems. Do not build up problems and say, “I applied Christian Science to my problem.” You never would get there that way. It isn’t the way. What really takes place is that you found you made the demonstration when you found out that you had no problem. As long as you had a problem, you had one, and that is all there is to it. The thing that takes care of what seems to be a problem is to find out that there isn’t one, because all that Mind has done is in the nature of scientific manifestation of Divine Intelligence which after its divine nature is ever uttering itself “I am,” and which finds in its own nature nothing that is unlike itself, and it knows no problem. The human being so enlightened can go and come to anything he has to come to, and encounter any difficulty with a wisdom and superb confidence, not in himself as a human being, but in that which he knows, so that instead of a mere human being with diversity of opinions and beliefs, there is really coming forth, or being shown forth humanly, that which saves and heals and becomes his consciousness, and it is the Christ. Do not doubt it. It is just as much the Christ when it comes to you as when it came to Jesus, and there is not a bit of difference. The only difference is the degree. As yet, we do not fully accept the revelation which Mrs. Eddy has given to the world and see, in the grandeur and the beauty and the power of it, our deliverance.

You do not heal the sick legitimately in Christian Science by rubbing a treatment on them, or putting it in them materially. That is not the way, and you know it isn’t. Yet we have all passed through that kind of a sea, in a way. We have all done something to a certain extent, because enlightenment was not sufficient. Paul says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (I Cor. 13:11) Let us put away all childish things. The true treatment in Christian Science is not merely a mental treatment. It is not something we are doing to somebody; and in a certain way you are not doing anything to anybody. You are not doing a thing to that patient but finding out when, and what, and who, he is; and you are establishing the law of his being by your treatment so irresistibly that the evidence appears even humanly and he says, “I am a well man.” Nothing in heaven or earth can escape the divine fact, and no claim to consciousness can possibly be so dense, but that it has to acknowledge that God can heal the sick.

Now, in the treatment and all the work you do in this way, you will find that the difficulties vanish in proportion as the treatment is really of the right kind. Sometimes you will find, — perhaps all of us do, — that there is something in one’s own consciousness that one really ought to tackle with great understanding and courage; that it is not always somebody else one needs to know the truth about, but that not infrequently we need to know the truth about ourselves if we are going to heal as the apostles said, “…Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name.” (Luke 10:17) They meant that by the same kind of thinking He was doing, devils were subject unto them. They could not have meant anything else. There was nothing else. There was nothing mysterious about the work of Jesus Christ, but that which was Jesus Christ could heal anybody, because it was mentality and not personality, and it is always mentality.

Now, a temptation we have when we look inside ourselves is this: that we discover something which, in the light of Christian Science, does not seem quite nice and we feel a little perturbation. One says, “Well, isn’t that terrible? I have made an examination of myself and found that I am not a good man!” What would you do if you found two multiplied by two equals five in your account? Why even those who have been at it a long time sometimes feel badly when they have made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. I have made a few myself. It does a lot of good to know right away that the Principle of all being will correct the error; correct that mistake in such a manner that it shall never happen again is law to yourself, so that you can make no mistake. Then know that the law of Truth is operating in such a way that you can make none. If you still make some, still go at it and eliminate the law that you can make mistakes, by establishing the fact that Principle never makes any. This is the way, and there is no other way, of salvation.

The “theoretical” salvation of old theology is the worst business that ever was. You may be sure that a system founded upon death does not want you to raise the dead. Where would their teaching be if that got to be a religion and everybody was going around raising the dead? Where would the Christian Church, so-called, be? Roman Catholicism is the claim of death. According to all religions that ever were established, you have got to die. Do you think they like a religion which comes to establish the fact that you have got to live and that salvation is dependent upon life and nothing else? You have got, in a certain way, to recognize that position. It appears to be true, — just as true as the human body, just as true as that you ate your lunch, just as true as that you breathe material air, — at least that true. The claims of mortal mind are all one. They are none of them true, but they have the semblance of truth, and they have to be met; and consequently, a working Christian Scientist cannot gracefully lay them aside. Therefore, in our experience as Christian Scientists, we are doing this, we are finding the Truth, we are recognizing it, we are gaining it as our mentality in such a measure that it acts as law, and delivers us, and perhaps overcomes some universal danger in a given instance. Know that you and I can get this understanding in such a measure that if the whole world were opposed to you in a given case, you could heal it just the same. You have proved this, — the omnipotence of God, in many instances, — notwithstanding the claims of evil.

You will find that your understanding, your Christ, has done something for you that it did for Him, and it will do more, the more you get it. You see there is a relationship to be made here; a recognition to be gained. All our treatments should rest in the realization of the perfection of Mind and idea, — their intelligence, their unbroken unity and continuity, the fact that they exist together and nothing can get them apart. There is no distance between Mind and idea, no space, no time, nothing between them; they just are.

Now, the propositions of Science are necessarily affirmative; they are not negative. There is no science based on a negative proposition. To start in with, “There is no,” is not a scientific way of starting in; and yet, a treatment may begin with a denial because the mental attitude is such that it is an affirmation in its nature, and the first thing it does is to reject something that is contrary. So, you might, in any given instance, make a denial which would make a splendid treatment, but you cannot make a denial that would be any treatment if it did not have a foundation. In any instance where a person is face to face with danger, and all he had time to say was “it can’t do it” with understanding, it could meet the claim and frequently it does. But that declaration would not have any power nor any effect were it not for the fact that there was a foundation of true knowing. The person would not stop to analyze it, but the knowing immediately asserts itself, and it is the knowing that is in heaven all the time with God; it acts that way, — acts as God would act, — because the presence of God means no presence to the belief or claim of animal magnetism.

Now, every treatment that you give is founded on the fact of “…perfect God and perfect man….” (Science and Health 259:13) You stand there. The whole demonstration of Christian Science, to the extent that it has been made, is on that basis, — perfection; that all is, nothing has to be created; everything is. You cannot create anything. Mrs. Eddy did not even create Christian Science. She discovered it; but the divine science of being always has been or she could not have understood that science and made the science of relationship between Mind and idea humanly demonstrable. This is Christian Science. Nothing is possible unless all things exist and exist in perfection; they cannot possibly exist otherwise, for they are the evidence of self-existence and consequently they are eternal. Everything that man is, — everything that he knows, everything that he does — has its being in divine Mind. If it were possible for him to turn his hand over, — if that action has its basis in something that is divine and eternal, and it has, — then, it is because that divine omniaction, which is God, is turning that hand over, and nothing is interfering with its being turned. And when your understanding begins to come to you and you begin to perceive the immanence of God, — that His presence is the only natural and primal fact of all creation, that it cannot be escaped, because it is, — as you get that, you discover the immanence of man and you begin to find out that you, in your real being, stand for God, and finding that out, you must recognize it. “Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world,” (John 1:29), and be sure that you behold it. Now it takes away the sins of the world. Recognize that and learn to forgive.

Learn to forgive. I have seen some wonderful forgiveness. I have seen people sort of overlook faults and forgive in a way things that have been done, and overlook them; but until people become Christian Scientists, they do not know how to forgive sin at all, and they never forgive one, outside of Christian Science. I have seen, in repeated instances, people absolutely wronged, according to human belief, as wronged as anybody could be, rising to the point where they forgave it so thoroughly that the other person was healed, and it is going on right along. A wonderful thing, too, for you cannot heal disease without forgiving sin. No person can go around in this Movement all the time tacking some fault upon somebody else, and then expect to heal. It is not the way. We have got to see that the faults of human beings are their misfortunes just as much as their diseases. It is the same false claim, and the claim is mortal mind and its claim to be a creator.

In working in this way, — as you may and must, — you will find that, even in the church, work becomes far easier, and you will have to recognize something about our Church and its Movement that sometimes even Christian Scientists forget. We are apt to think that we do not have to go to church very often, and it will be all right. To assume that we ought not to, and that it is not necessary, or something of that sort might be, — and probably is, — the argument of malpractice, because this Church is the only hope of the human race. I am not a bit prone to make much of organization, but that which enslaves the race is the greatest organization in the world, and tries to hold the human race in a grip that will never let up. All the systems that have ever been devised to overcome that claim of the greatest organization in the world, — that tried to hold the human race, — have failed. Either that organization has been able to overcome it from the outside, or introduce on the inside some element that serves to disintegrate them. That is the history of every effort that has been made to overthrow this organization that would keep the race in ignorance and mental slavery.

Now, something has to be done. So long as human organization could not succeed, there had to be some needed effort, some concerted endeavor that would rest upon a basis that could not be shaken. Mrs. Eddy established that organization whose purpose it is to overcome visible evil in such a way that it shall have no visibility and no invisibility. Now, that work requires attention. It does not mean that we have got to become all wrought up about malpractice or think that we have got to devote all our time to talking about it. Never talk about it; say nothing. There is an old saying: “Keep still and saw wood,” and that is a very good saying in a way. Don’t talk about malpractice, absolutely never, never! Don’t make any exceptions, and then you will be all right. If it is necessary at any time to call attention to something, it can be done in a proper way. Every claim of malpractice in the world is founded upon a mere supposition, and there isn’t any one of them that has any foundation at all. There is no system of malpractice in this world that has the least truth in it; every one is a lie. Now, a lie, Mrs. Eddy says, has only one chance of being understood, — somebody believes it to be true. “A lie has only one chance of successful deception, — to be accounted true.” (Unity of Good, 17:1-2) Some people have believed that certain forms of error are true, and these forms of error are perpetuated because some people believe them to be true. You only have to handle the claim that Roman Catholicism does good; you do not have to handle the claim that Roman Catholicism does evil. This work is something that one must do because he sees the subtlety of the claim. You are not here to be deceived.

Now, it is a strange thing that Christian Science should deliver to us the glory of God and, at the same time, the depths of iniquity to be recognized. It is a strange thing, but it is the best thing that ever happened to the human race, because other systems are theoretically delivering to the human race the glory of God, and the human race is just what it was, — except that it is a little worse off. But here comes something, — Christian Science, — that delivers to you the glory of God and says, “What does that mean to you? How does it operate? Has it any Principle in it? Any power? Has it any manifestation? Can it do anything to anything unlike it?” And the answer comes right away, “Whose glory of God?” and begins to obliterate the belief of power of evil in our lives; not by glossing it all over, by calling some of it good and some of it evil, but by recognizing mortal mind as the basic error, one generic belief, a lie about God. Every form of error in belief is but a phase of the basic error. Consequently, the basic error is what you have got to handle, and its phenomena; and when you handle it, it is necessary to be alert. I do not want you to devote all your time to handling God. That will handle the malpractice. But there are instances in which the Christian Scientist is safer if he just recognizes that there is an opposition to that which he knows, — the inevitable opposition of mortal mind, of systems based on death, to a system based upon life and not death. If mortal mind does not want you to live, there never was any state of mortal mind in belief that, under the guise of science, enables prolonging life; but mortal mind says, “I can prolong it a little, but after a while disintegration.” There is no future to salvation. The only salvation there is, is just right now, right where you are thinking. It either is or is not. If it is, it does not mean that you should go around comfortably and not do any work, because wherever you are, either you are handling something or you are not handling it.

I want you to be comfortable and happy. You cannot handle error unless you are happy. There must be that kind of spontaneous feeling in your consciousness which delivers to us the glory of God. God with us! Just the natural way of thinking, — the very presence of Being, — and in that presence find your own presence. If you have to take cognizance of something that is wrong, let that presence take care of that which is wrong and it will say, “I never knew you,” to all evil. Let that presence of God take care of evil; but in the process of gaining that realization so that evil fades out, you will find it necessary to say to yourself now and again, when something appears: “This is not pain, this is not disease; this is not sorrow or trouble; this is mental malpractice.” It is not mental malpractice producing the disease. Don’t get that twisted. The pain or the disease itself is malpractice. It is not producing it. It is the belief that is the claim. Therefore, do not beat around the bush and find the cause for the error, but see the error as evil, not as cause and not as effect, but as error and its name is malpractice.

Then when you handle that, see that it is nothing but a phase of the basic error that mind is mortal, when Mind is God, immortal; and as you begin to take hold of that, don’t be afraid. See clearly what you are doing, and see this, that there isn’t any malpractice. Don’t find yourself all tied up with so many kinds of denials, that you don’t know where you are at, and see this — that there is not any malpractice; malicious mental malpractice is a belief. It never had any being, either as one thing or another. It is not a system of salvation; it is a system of damnation. Because there is no damnation provided for in the whole eternality of Good, it is not doing anything because as a system of damnation, it is only nothing; and mental malpractice as a claim, never had any origin, does not exist by any power of its own, nor by any virtue that has been given it. It never had its being in God, Mind, Principle, Life, Spirit, Truth, Love. It is unknown to Being; it does not exist in Truth; and it has no power nor place nor presence, no kind of evidence or manifestation anywhere, either in Truth or in belief, or at all. Your understanding of that fact is a law, and is irresistible, overwhelming, absolutely present, powerful and a demonstrable law. Mental malpractice has no evidence at all and cannot claim pain, sorrow, trouble, nor anything else, but is utterly untrue and is without any being or evidence. Now, uncover it, but do not get yourselves involved; and when you uncover this claim, don’t be afraid that there is some belief of subtlety or anything of that kind. Say, “Why I can take care of that, it is easy,” because the Infinite is not subtle; it is plain, clear, open, free, ever proclaiming itself from the mountain top of thoughts, and as thought; and the Infinite Mind ever saying, “I am” even now, always, delivering its possibilities and its blessings to its own creation, more and more forever.

Self-abnegation is not losing anything; it is always getting something. The claim of human beings is, that they want something, and the fact that they want something is the reason that they never get it. In finding their oneness with Deity they find peace. If you had peace now and its infinity, and its infinite possibilities, would you want anything more? And the way to get peace is not the way of desire, for man is not a state of desire, but a state of possession. Let us not have any false peace. Above all, do not be all the time stroking the tiger, mortal mind. See how soft it is! What a beautiful coat…mortal mind has! It is bristling all the time. Do not make any mistake, be alive and alert and realize this one thing, that it is your privilege not to handle superficially, but thoroughly and break up this belief that there is superficial, or partial healing. Handle that absolutely. If you take a case, say to yourself, “This case is not going to be healed partially or superficially, or even with a semblance of healing; we are not going to have this wound healed on top; it has to be healed right down to the bottom.” And that which you know, is the law; and it does not matter how deep the wound is, or how hidden. It can go right down there, however deep that wound is, and heal that wound from the bottom, where it ought to be healed and not give a superficial healing which after a while breaks out again.

We all need that deeper healing. Don’t make any mistake about that. I do not want you to enter upon a state of self-condemnation, but you should recognize that we need that deeper healing, that wonderful thing which gives us unmistakable evidence that we are one with God, that that which we are thinking is God, and that we know that it is. And just as His presence would go to the bed of pain and obliterate the pain, go always and do the same thing with the same presence. What is your treatment? There is nothing to you or me except what we know of God, and if that is not the law to everything you are handling, it is not the law to anything.

Incidental to this uncovering of evil in many forms, there are two or three things I want to speak about particularly in relation to what is called the human body. The human body is a compound belief. It is called a material thing, but it is a belief, because Spirit could not make matter and would not, and matter could not make itself; and the only thing mortal mind has ever done is to claim it has substance. It has ponderosity, weight, and resistance, and other qualities of mortal mind. The properties of divine Mind are not material, and even ponderosity is not material. Weight is not material; and so really, adhesion, cohesion, and attraction are, as Mrs. Eddy says, properties of Mind and not of matter. This is not only useful in explaining beliefs, it is useful to you in healing disease. There is no adhesion except the adhesion of the infinite Mind, nor any cohesion that could possibly be afflictive to man; neither is there anything in the nature of adhesion or the law of gravitation or attraction that could in any way injure anyone. The belief that a person can stub his toe and fall is a false belief, and the old prophets discerned it so clearly that in the Psalms it says: “They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” (Psalm 91:12) For what shall bear you up? Something outside of you, consciousness. And it is one and infinite, because it is the only thing that will “bear thee up,” and it will always do it; and that consciousness does not need any channel or avenue or medium through which it can work. There are no channels. Mind and idea are directly associated. They have nothing between them. There is no distance between God and man; no space. There is no space between Mind and idea, consequently you have no material nervous system.

Mrs. Eddy says, “There is…no nerve in Mind.” (Science and Health 113:28-29) It seems like annihilation, but is it? When you begin to analyze it, you begin to see that mortal mind claims its mentality is located in the brain; and when it says that, it has mentality that has to be managed by that thought that is in the brain. And then it says it cannot do that unless it has one connection between the different organs. One set carrying the instructions to a certain organ or function to have it perform some act, and the other carrying back the information that it has done so. Thus, we have a perfect telegraphic system founded upon the belief of separation, because mortal mind is separation and nothing else.

There is no separation between Mind and idea. Get it fixed in thought so that you know it; so that you will never unknow it. Consequently, there is no channel, or avenue, or medium in the whole universe of God, — not one. The thing that has deceived you is that you have been obliged to say that you are a channel for good, but you are not a channel for good. To the extent that you exist, you are the evidence of it, not a channel. You are the very reflection of it. I do not mean that you are all of it, but you are it. There is no such thing as a channel; the divine Mind does not know one. If there is a channel or avenue in the divine Mind, it is quite different from what you mean when you say that you are a channel. Even Christ Jesus would not have appeared to the human race to be a mediator but for the fact that he was one with God, and that he knew that he was. He was not standing on the side of being a medium. He was standing in the one consciousness, and the human race took him to be a mediator between them and God. One is all that is going on; it is not two. You haven’t got two lives. You haven’t got two minds. You are not immortal and mortal. You are one. Now observe that here you are recognizing the unity of your being, and finding your being as one. Do not get lost in channels, nor mediums nor anything; drop all that and find yourself in what you know of God. Find God. Get used to God. That is all that there is to you or me or anybody, and all that needs to be, and infinitely more than appears to be.

Now finding that you do not need a system by which Mind shall transmit its thoughts to its own creation, not only do you not need it, but you cannot have it. In human belief, the body has a liver, and it has a brain, and the thought is supposed to be in the brain, and the thought in the brain is supposed to have, consciously or unconsciously, some kind of an effect on the liver, and in belief it has. Now what is the fact? It is that in Truth man has everything, and that in belief he has a liver and it is a legitimate one. He has a liver in Truth, and because he has a liver in Truth, he has the best one on earth, because he has the only one that is in heaven. Moreover, it is always working and doing the right thing, and can never do wrong. This standpoint heals the liver out of order; and it will elevate the understanding of at least the practitioner, to a point where he knows that his conscious unity with God is the law to the case, and that it obliterates the belief that there is a material liver out of order, and establishes the divine fact that there is a divine idea which is never out of order. Just doing the will of the Father, it does not know how to do anything unlike it. Claim it, and you will have the best liver on earth because the only one is in heaven.

Now the belief that liver is governed by a nervous system, or depends upon the nervous system or the brain, is a belief. One says, “It is a normal belief, and we could not get along without the nervous system”; but if we would get the right nervous system, we would have no trouble. What is it? Why, the claim of separation is the lie about it. The claim that there is Mind, and here is function or idea, or organ, and here is a system by which Mind communicates, is an absolute lie. Suppose you have a person suffering from insomnia, neither slumbers nor sleeps. Man never slumbers nor sleeps, because he is the absolute evidence of an infinite consciousness. He does not know how to sleep. That puts him to sleep, because you establish the fact about sleep, which is, that there isn’t any, and in this way, you get the demonstration.

Now there is a claim that there is separation between Mind and idea and that you have to have a telegraphic system to link up. Now is there any separation between Mind and Idea? NEVER! Then, the claim that there is a telegraphic system is not true, for this is the fact in relation to all being — that Mind and idea cannot be separated, — and is the law that they never shall be, and that they are forever performing the functions of being, because Mind is their presence and substance. It is not a telegraphic system, but the immediate presence of Mind, for its being is Mind; its substance, its evidence, and all there is to it, is Mind.

Now what is your nerve? The fact that Mind and idea are never separated or separable, but are always consciously coexistent and coeternal, is your nerve; and when you get that nerve, I promise you, you will have the best nervous system on earth. The nervous system is not any more true than sleep, and it hasn’t any more substance than sleep, because it is only a claim that there is something different from consciousness. But here is a specific thing with a nervous system, and the nervous system of the human race has been out of order most of the time, because even in Science we have been treating nerves as nothing, not finding the real nerve. When you recognize that one thing, that divine fact, that you and your Father cannot be separated and that every organ and function is infinite being saying, “I am,” you will see where your real nerve is, and what it is, and finding it right there, you will find a perfect nervous system in belief.

Nothing in the infinite system of true creation, or true science, is ever separated from its infinite Principle. Therefore, it does not require any telegraphic system. It is itself the evidence, the very presence of the divine Creator. It is always saying, “I am.” The difference between man and the divine Mind is, that man represents the divine Mind, self-existence, that is God. But self-existence is consciousness and is conscious of its own creation; and you, of course, know that man is the term that represents an evidence of a creative power. The expression is man, and the Principle is God, and none of us need be afraid that we will become God. Don’t be frightened about it when you learn to understand that the only “I am” is God, and man is the evidence of the divine self-existence, and is ever in evidence; and there never was a time when the divine self-existence, God, could get along without man. The fact is, Mind is self-existence, God, but self-existence is not existence without expression, man. You seek God forever, and forever demonstrating the infinite, demonstrating yourself, you will find the immanence of man as well as the immanence of God. That is the only thing that first awakens you, and you say, “Behold the Lamb of God,” the evidence of Love. “…Love wedded to its own spiritual idea.” (Science and Health 575:3)

There is nothing true about the transmission of ideas, except that they are never transmitted. There is no transmission of ideas. You see, you cannot get something between Truth and its expression. In Science such a theory as the nervous system, and the belief of it, is an utterly impossible thing. In Science it is impossible, but it means something. What is its meaning? It means that there is a divine idea; and as nearly as we can define it, it is the inseparability of Mind and expression. That is the idea back of the nerve, and that is all the real nerve is. So you can always say, “I have the best nerves; why my nerves are perfect.” Why? Because that which is my nerves and your nerves and everybody’s nerves, is the fact that everything that constitutes you or me is governed directly by the divine Mind. That is your nerve, your nervous system. So you see, systems of separation are impossible in Science. Mind and its idea are inseparable; and the divine will of the one, is the divine action of the other.

Now, a claim of the liver is a different claim. You have to take it up in a different way. Here is the claim that you have to have something to work the idea. Everything in the divine embodiment exists as an idea. You can say to anything that exists in the universe, “That is an idea that is governed directly by Mind.” That is the proper thing to say; but if you place, in belief, something between them, then you haven’t got an idea because, in the infinite order of Science we cannot have something between Mind and idea. So, if you have a belief that there is something between Mind and idea, — and if it signifies anything, — it signifies that there isn’t anything between Mind and idea. That is the definite signification; and while you cannot outline it, you can know exactly what the claim is — namely, the belief of separation, a telegraphic system, nerves. The Truth is the unity of Mind and idea and that is your nerves.

If you sleep too little, there is only one consciousness. If you sleep too much, there is only one consciousness. And as for memory, there is nothing left out of consciousness. Everything in it is always in it. Our divine nature is infinite unfoldment or progression. Mrs. Eddy says, “Infinite progression is concrete being, which finite mortals see and comprehend only as abstract glory.” (Miscellaneous Writings 82:15-16) The fact is that the divine Mind is all that anybody is, and he is one with his divine Principle, for man is one with God. We are proving that by eliminating some of the beliefs of evil from that divine sense of Being which is our true being. Now, that is what we are doing. To the extent that we can demonstrate, it will necessarily give us absolute poise, it will give us immunity from every disturbance or erroneous sense of body, from every disease. It will take care of what we call our nervous system. It will establish every function and organ normally and it will make us, — in proportion as we demonstrate it, — immune from disease and the circumstances that would cause disease and sin.

There is one thing you want to remember: the statement of the fact is not always the realization. We are working as Christian Scientists to grasp these great statements, and I am urging you to do that. Because as Paul says, “…when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (I Cor. 13:11) Put away some of the unnecessary methods and take on the fuller and deeper meaning of Christian Science, so that there shall be a kind of oneness in the work; so that the spontaneous action of Truth shall be coincidental with the appearance of health, so that when you give a treatment, there is a treatment given, and the healing appears right away. That is the spontaneous nature of Christian Science treatment. It is not a method; but while it is not a method, we have got to go on with improved methods, we know not how long. Finally you will observe that is the thing you will accomplish. There is something about it that the world would not call scientific, yet it is the most scientific thing there is, — spontaneity.

The germ theory is a medical theory; it is a theory of disease. The normal human body could get along perfectly well without germs. A germ does not represent anything; neither does a parasite represent anything, because Mind and idea never have to exist by means of something else. Everything exists as a manifestation of God, — everything. You would not say that disease represents anything, — it merely misrepresents health, — but you would not say there is any disease in the divine Mind. If anybody has a boil on his neck, you would not say that a boil represents anything in the divine Mind. His neck represents something, but not the boil. There never was a disease in Infinity. What we may call a normal human existence, to the extent that we can discern what the human being is, is one of the most difficult things to determine; but one thing is certain, disease is not even a part of it. It is not even a part of the human being. Disease is entirely abnormal; therefore, it does not represent or misrepresent anything. It simply is abnormal, and germs and everything about germs is abnormal. You do not have to think that germs are very small ideas of God. There are not small ideas of God. This does away with germs.

The theory of materia medica is that there are well germs and sick germs, and that the well germs act, while the sick germs can’t. There isn’t a thing to the germ theory but a theory. Handle bacilli the same way. The way to handle these things is from the standpoint of Mind, where you establish divine creation and its law. They only exist because of a theory. They had to be thought of first before you got them. There was a time when the very germ believed in now, could not be seen, because they had to be believed in before they could be seen.

What is called the human body, requires elimination and no human being can exist without elimination. If there is not a proper elimination process in the body, it either becomes diseased or it stops living. So far as the human body is concerned, it has to have elimination; otherwise the disease becomes acute and the body stops manifesting what is called life. The more perfect the elimination is, the better. I am bound to say to you that I think sometimes we have ignored that belief, and especially with young people, who have to be told something of that. We have let them go on the best way they could when they were Christian Scientists; and we have not known enough to see that, as long as we are contending with the claim that we have a material body, the best thing to do is to have it absolutely normal. You have to recognize the difference between normal beliefs and abnormal beliefs or evidence; and do away with abnormal beliefs.

Without doubt, many people who are not Christian Scientists manage to manifest a fair amount of health, because they, perhaps through some system they follow, take some pains to take care of themselves. In certain instances, they have some sort of care. They do not eat things they do not think they can take care of. They do not go on year after year without ever moving their arms or legs, or taking a full breath.

Now we cannot, and are not where we can, ignore the belief that it is better to have normal functions and normal elimination than it is to have an abnormal condition of the body. Consequently in helping others, especially young people who have nothing the matter with them and who ask, “Is there nothing we ought to know about the human body?” It is a good thing to say to them: “There are some things better in belief about the human body than others, and it is well for you to know and recognize the belief that there should be a perfect elimination process going on all the time.” And it is well to tell these young people what these beliefs are. If you find a person is paying no attention to that kind of a thing, it would be a desirable thing, it seems to me, — and certainly scientific, — to get him where he could be helped.

Now, as a matter of fact, the demonstration of Christian Science will always improve the elimination process. It will always improve the organs of elimination. If it is a real demonstration, it won’t do away with them. You will still have them in belief. You will have a better liver. You will still have a belief of liver for quite a long time, and I don’t know how long. Nobody is going to lose his liver, because he finds out there is a divine one; and if he is wise, he will know the truth in such a manner that that belief will never give him any further trouble. That liver will be performing its function and it will be the same with certain other organs which are there in belief for the sole purpose of elimination.

In the divine order of Science, there isn’t a thing to eliminate. A contrary thing? Yes, and the only thing that reveals this is Christian Science. Christian Science reveals it in a different way; it reveals it as a claim and shows that in meeting this claim, you progress step by step out of the claim of materiality, and that in making this progress out of materiality, you constantly eliminate disease and overcome functional disorder. So, if there is a lack of elimination, by finding out there is no elimination in Infinity, it will reveal that defective elimination is only a belief of mortal mind; and that as a false alarm, it hasn’t any entity, Truth, nor anything in the nature of law.

My treatment establishes the fact of man’s relationship to God; it establishes the fact that there is only the idea of divine Mind, boundless, beautiful; and by means of this fact, it establishes also the law of perfect elimination. Finding perfect Being and demonstrating its law, will take care of elimination, so that you can say that there is no obstruction; that there is no possibility of something there or anywhere that needs to be got out of the way, and that cannot be got out of the way. It will destroy the belief that there is something in the way, — the belief of any obstruction, the belief that there is a worn-out substance or diseased substance that ought to be removed because it is afflicted. Infinite Science understood operates as law in your treatment to produce perfect elimination. There is nothing needed, humanly speaking, to eliminate, because there is nothing the matter with its divinity. If the organ exists, it exists because of the activity that is its function. As a matter of fact, there could not be anything in the universe that is not active. You will observe, that you are handling claims of mortal mind, yet mortal mind is a myth.

Mrs. Eddy says, “I want to say this, that mortal mind is not quite the same as what we call the human mind.” Mrs. Eddy makes something of a distinction. The human mind, as Mrs. Eddy uses that expression, often indicates more the person who knows something of the Truth or is willing to perceive it. There is some mental quality that is not entirely mortal that is springing into being. There is a certain passage in Science and Health that has bearing upon this: “Now, as then, these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural. They are the sign of Immanuel, or ‘God with us,’ — a divine influence ever present in human consciousness and repeating itself, coming now as was promised aforetime, To preach deliverance to the captives [of sense], And recovering of sight to the blind, To set at liberty them that are bruised.” (Preface xi:14) The human mind does not express the divine Mind, but the human mind enlightened, is less dense than mere mortality. We can say, in a progress heavenward, that the human mind is improving; but it should be remembered that this mind is still a belief of limitation or limited thinking, and therefore, you cannot say that it is an expression of divine Mind. You can say, on the other hand, that the divine Mind expresses Itself and could not do otherwise.

Before going into the practice, analyze yourself very carefully; ask yourself the question as to whether you will stand at the latter day; whether you can sit up with a patient a long time and stand. “Am I fitted for it?” Unless you have demonstrated a certain strength, — what you might call a certain fiber, — you are not fitted for the work. Every treatment that you give must not be left hanging in the air. God does not need a treatment. It is not enough to say, “There is no disease in Truth; there is no suffering in Truth. Everything is all right.” It is not enough. Even a malpractitioner would say “Amen” to you; and that would not handle his malpractice if you stayed there. What you have to say is the Truth of being. It is that Mind and idea are perfect and ever correlated, and that the law of their being is one law. This treatment establishes that law in belief, so that what is called belief does not escape you. Don’t let it go around and miss your treatment. Here is the law of divine and infinite Being. It is your Christian Science treatment. It is evoked in Christian Science treatment and as law it operates. It operates also in the Truth because there never has been a place in Infinity where this law has not been in operation. This treatment establishes that law, its operation. This treatment establishes that law, its operation and its evidence, and there is no point nor place where it is not established.

There is no space, place, nor occupancy where it is not going on now. It operates not only as Truth and in Truth, but as the presence and power of God in His own infinite kingdom. And through this treatment it operates so that the belief cannot escape its operation, so that error cannot possibly escape the law even though it says it is true in belief. Error cannot escape the law you establish in Christian Science treatment by saying, “I am true in belief, I am pain in belief, or I am a belief in pain.” See that your treatment does not miss that.

No matter what belief says, no matter what its claim may be, it cannot separate man from God: and it cannot separate anybody from this treatment which heals and saves. “And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.” (John 3:13) The demonstration of Christian Science is always in heaven, for the soul of man is in heaven. Now, remember that, because I tell you it is one of the best things in our practice.

Your demonstration (treatment) in any given instance is in heaven. Hold it right there; it can no more get out of heaven than heaven can get out of God, or God out of heaven. The human mind seeing the proof of Christian Science will even say, as it says in the Bible, “…and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.” (Matthew 24:30) It will appear to be mysterious to the human mind, and yet it acknowledges the power and glory. And such will say, “There is a demonstration in Christian Science. They heal the sick. I do not know how, but they do it.” But the Christian Scientist KNOWS, and he knows that there was something besides that which appeared to have happened. If he is wise, he will know that the healing which has taken place will stand because it is the evidence of God’s presence. He will know that although it appears to be an improved human belief, in reality, it is a step heavenward for all concerned. He will know that that consciousness is free from many of its burdens; that fear, which has been overwhelming, is in some measure mitigated; that perhaps depreciation, or self-exaltation, or perhaps what may be called self-abnegation in a wrong way, have been removed. He will see clearly that here has been accomplished something that is purely mental and purely spiritual; and as power and presence, and as Mind, it is law and it is evidence. He will see that the evidence, though not recognized materially as divine evidence, but merely as an improved condition of health, shall not fail nor be disturbed “…till he have set judgment in the earth,” (Isaiah 42:4), and that nothing shall occur there other than the divine evidence, because that person has had Christian Science treatment and is not an ordinary person any more.

Something different has gone on, — something different, entirely different from materiality, — because the practitioner has seen that the body is spiritual, not material. He has seen that Mind is Spirit, and His embodiment must be like it, and all the infinite ideas that comprise the infinite expression (body) must ever be one with Mind in which they have their being; and he has established that law for what appears to be a patient. By doing so, he has been willing to get rid of self, for otherwise, he would not be a practitioner. He has lost the sense of self in a higher sense that is a revelation of the presence of God; and in so doing, he has got rid of the practitioner and immediately is a healthier person. And in a similar way he has denied the materiality of man and seen that man could never be other than the actual spiritual evidence of Spirit, in all substance, tangibility, beauty and holiness, power, glory, availability, purity and intelligence, in all that means good, truth, love and pure being. This is the real man.

There is no matter at all; and one must not be afraid to say there is no matter, either for oneself or for someone else. And one must not be afraid to say daily, “There is no matter,” nor be afraid to know that one has not got a material body; nor be afraid to know that one is absolutely spiritual. One must say it and know it, as nothing so improves the material body as to know that one has not got one. As the Christian Scientist goes on day by day, meeting these claims for others as well as for himself, he is doing a wonderful thing. He is not only perceiving power and principle, but he is establishing evidence upon a divine foundation which can never be shaken. It is spiritual evidence; and when somebody says, “He is just better — that doesn’t mean much — he might have got better by something else,” you, who are awake, will say, “I don’t see it that way. The evidence is ‘God with us.’ It is a sure proof that God has been revealed to man, and that Christian Science is a revelation.”

When Mrs. Eddy saw that Truth is demonstrable through mental process, that gradually the process would fade out in the light of realization, which is spontaneity itself, and true Christian Science treatment, she saw something that could be proved, and proved it. And although she had to make some experimentations in order to prove it, we do not have to make any experiments because we see that the Science, — though she had to establish it by experimentation, — is in itself absolute; and having been so established, it is our duty to maintain it by the absolute power and presence which constitutes its Principle and law.

Now, my friends, — and you are very much my friends, — when you assemble on these occasions, the love which unites has not ceased because you go to your several homes, and begin anew the demonstration of Christian Science from a standpoint higher than you had when you came here. For whatever has been said here by you or me, has been an evidence of the divine Presence, and that Presence does not cease because we scatter to our various homes. We are still in one Mind. There is still one power and law, and we are really one body. Do not forget it. Think of it in such a way that your own consciousness, enlightened as it is, and improving every day by your study and practice, shall ever be an evidence that God is with men, ever saving through His divine Christ.

And as you go on in this work, learn also to exercise judgment and wisdom as Love, for Love and wisdom are one. And day by day, hour by hour maintain the attitude of Christian Science, for you and I possess the greatest privilege that can ever be given to human beings, — the privilege of being Christian Scientists. Be real ones. I know you want to be, and I know you are in a very good measure, for I know your splendid thinking and the splendid results of it. But be ready to stand even more firmly than you have stood, with greater wisdom and more Love. Be great, and ready to establish thought as power and law and Principle and Presence in and out of Church, and in all of the affairs of human existence. Be ready to redeem your business; to know that all that constitutes its activity can be corrected by divine Principle, and that you will never make another mistake. Be ready all the time to accede all rights to other people, and to see that others have the right to think about all things.

But your divine duty and privilege is to know the Truth. And be sure that in your business, as in everything else, if you think rightly, there will be revealed to you unmistakably the progressive steps that you are to take. And if you need combination, they are already made in the divine Mind. If you need capital, it is there without measure; and if you find that your business is not paying, then get it where it ought to be, — in thought, — and it will pay a hundredfold. And if you have the greater business of healing the sick, know that you are also expressing divine Principle, and it knows no limitations, and because you are one with it, it is giving you all things. Love not only meets every human need, but anticipates it; and long before a need can be felt, Love has provided for it. You only need to love in order to have all things in abundance, and you will find peace and be in heaven where you belong.

Association Address for 1920

The experience through which we have passed during the last year, and are still passing, shows that Christian Scientists, as a class, are not so well poised as could be reasonably expected of them. The whole trend of Christian Science is so unmistakably in accord with the wisdom that is infinite and unmoved, that one might almost be surprised to find so little of that wisdom displayed. Perhaps it is best for us, in this hour, to turn away from what seems to be church problems and endeavor to anchor our hope and expectation in that which is perfect and enduring.

In this connection, and in all other connections, we can well afford to cease the mere gossip which has been more or less prevalent. If we concerned ourselves with personal views and the ways and means of mortal mind, we would endanger our understanding of the healing Christ. For instance, we do not need to know what other persons are doing about the literature and their cards in the Journal. In a hundred years from now –– nay, in five years from now –– nobody will care anything about such comparatively trivial matters, and each one who is wise will have done his best according to the understanding he had.

Christian Science is not really touched by these things. It is the Science of Life, an incomparably noble entity, real living shown by those who are earnestly demonstrating it. At the present time, many Christian Scientists are getting much less out of Christian Science than they ought to get, because they do not always remember that Truth is not relative; it is absolute. Yielding to personal views, and participating in them, does not, therefore, aid the demonstration of Truth. I am aware that this may sound somewhat critical of the attitudes of fellow students, but here, in this meeting of my own students, I feel that it is not only my privilege, but my duty, to speak freely.

I recognize the difficulties encountered by students and church workers in deciding which of two courses it is best to take, when both are in the realm of belief. Naturally, we are called upon every day to make similar decisions, but as they do not pertain to such great issues as are involved in the Christian Science movement, we use the best judgment that we have, and in a common way, choose what seems to be the best course; and then, putting these matters behind us, we go forward in our daily affairs unperturbed. In a certain sense, we need to follow exactly the same course in regard to the Christian Science movement. I do not mean by this that we should be casual about it, nor that we should fail to recognize the vast importance and mission; but I do feel that a great deal more steadiness could be manifested with advantage to all concerned, and with much more credit and strength to the movement itself.

The great majority of Christian Scientists unquestionably desires to carry on this movement according to the plan and purpose of our Leader. That desire will be realized much more fully through the right kind of metaphysical work, than it could possibly be through activities instigated sometimes by intense feeling, and, not infrequently, carried on to the exclusion of love and good will. Men and women have a right to entertain different views. If some Christian Scientists are being handled by error, it is a misfortune; but, in belief, there are always some such people — and no one can ever say that he himself is utterly untouched by the suggestion of error.

Help is not given to such people by constant declarations to the effect that they are in error, or that they are asleep, or that they are the tools of mental malpractice, and particularly Roman Catholicism. Our opportunities and ability for observation and for searching out the hearts of men are not so great as to make our judgment unerring, and this is especially true when that judgment is itself unsteadied, or perhaps even toppling, under the influence of malpractice which parades in the name of zeal.

Of course, we should never be lacking in genuine enthusiasm. Everything that we can do to aid our Cause, to sustain and strengthen and perpetuate that movement which Mary Baker Eddy established with such devotion and self-sacrifice, we should do. For that reason, when deciding which course is the right one, no human element should be permitted to intervene. Calm certainty, arrived at through understanding and judgment and the energy springing from them, should impel and guide our actions. As we begin to think more clearly along such lines and to regain the grandeur of outlook which, in some instances, we seem to have lost, we shall see the way open to a speedy termination of controversies among Christian Scientists.

In the meantime, each person must necessarily decide many questions for himself. His teacher cannot decide them. His church cannot decide them. They are individual. A solution of them can only be found through searching one’s heart in the light of the profound study of our Leader’s works, including the Manual. Common sense and common honesty guide a person in ordinary matters and are not less available to us in fulfilling our duties to the Cause of Christian Science.

Churches are human organizations. A branch church is a government by majority. A majority may sometimes be wrong; but we have all learned through much experience that even if the majority be sometimes wrong, the government by majority is the best plan that can be thought of in a democratic organization. Therefore, when the majority has come to a decision in regard to such a thing, as for instance, distribution of literature or cancellations of church subscriptions, it would seem reasonable for the majority to let the decision prevail without complaint or protest. On the other hand, heated discussions on personalities are sheer animal magnetism and should be protested against by any true Christian Scientist.

A church has the right, through a majority of its members, to pass such resolution as may seem in accord with the view of the majority in support of The Mother Church, and of the Board of Directors, and while in some instances the wording of resolutions of this kind has been lacking in both delicacy and dignity, the resolutions themselves were well meant, and such action was proper. But when a majority, not satisfied with such legitimate action, seeks to impose its opinions upon individuals of the church, as for instance, when resolutions for the cancellation of subscriptions have embodied a clause recommending church members to cancel their individual subscriptions and remove their cards from the Journal, it is action erroneously taken, for it goes beyond its province and opens up a wide area for malicious malpractice.

The best interests of the Cause can never be either fostered or developed by such means. Christian Science is purely educational. It is retarded, not advanced, by coercive and aggressive methods. They do not belong to Christian Science. They are absolutely contrary to its teachings. We had better wait weeks, months, or years for others to see the right course than to force them to take it before they are able to see it, because the human will is not transformed into an angel when employed under the excuse of doing something, or of forcing something, to be done “for the good of the Cause.” It is always animal magnetism, and nothing could be worse than that Christian Scientists should yield themselves to its aggressive domination.

Every experienced church worker knows that when perfect patience (the realization that all things exist in perfection and completeness) is reached, there is no more waiting, but the only Mind is decision and action. The human will is sin. It has its inevitable reactions, unless Christian Science intervenes. It is not so long since we were urged to believe that to be really loyal one must read every word of our periodicals, including the advertisements in the Monitor. This is human will. I cannot therefore advise as to individual action. One should arrive at a decision through the individual demonstration of Christian Science. The tendency to seek advice on such matters is based on the inherent inertia of mortal mind. Science requires that we shall think, and there is no escape from that elevating and redemptive necessity. It is the great and only thing constantly required of us. It is the truly ceaseless prayer.

When we demonstrate the one Mind, — or in the measure that we do so, — we shall be united and happy, and there is no other way. To this end all that I shall say is directed, however far afield in places it may, at first glance, seem to go.

First of all, let us remember that the movement could not have been assailed if it had been kept in heaven where it belongs. It is really of God, not of man. Its foundation and superstructure are Spirit, not matter. It is not a personal thing, it is not constituted of persons, and yet it must be carried on by persons. This is an essential characteristic of Christianity. It always reaches the human sense of life. Otherwise it could not be redemptive. A redeemed person, or one who is joyfully and unwaveringly undergoing redemption in Christian Science, is being God-ordained and God-crowned daily, and is worthy of respect and even reverence, whoever and whatever he or she may be. We have a great body of such people who can and do heal the sick in the way –– and the only way –– to really provide for all the needs and contingencies that may arise in our movement, and in this way only can it be made immune from attack.

Boston is not heaven; nor is it even a kind of Mecca. Outwardly, according to the senses, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; but Boston is a claim rather than a demonstration; and Christian Scientists who have journeyed thither expecting to find harmony have not found it, because harmony is to be found only in and through a redeemed consciousness by means of Christian Science. Seeking it thus, we shall find that Boston may and must be benefited, but it is not the source of such a demonstration. Neither is a person suddenly endowed with infallibility because of being called to assume official position in The Mother Church. Let us rid ourselves of superstitions. Self-interest, pride, ambition and a pervading taint of old theology have persistently kept this movement from deepening its foundations, and from raising its pinnacle to a God-crowned height. The belief that there are many minds is still accepted by the majority of Christian Scientists. Yet any true thinker must see that the existence of one infinite Mind is the basic fact of all creation. It is not a convenient theory invented by Mrs. Eddy. She did not invent it. She perceived the fact and gave it to the world; and this fact –– one Mind, self-existent, infinite, immaculate, immortal –– is so absolutely and incontrovertibly true that no one can successfully question it. In the light of this fact, mortal mind evolving the belief of many minds is a fiction, and this, Christian Scientists should see and maintain persistently, scientifically, and unfalteringly.

Mrs. Eddy clearly points out that one Mind is the being, and therefore, the substance of all phenomena. We cannot too frequently assert this. It offsets the efforts of error in every instance. At this present time it is especially applicable to our Cause, and is all that one Cause includes. One Mind, one substance, means one body in which all members are united and reciprocally active, showing forth individually the Love that is Father-Mother. When the evidence of the senses is different from this, the remedy is not to be found in excitement or anger. It will not be attained through rupturing human relationships, nor by tearing asunder the bonds of friendship, nor by distrust, nor by recrimination. Science produces none of these phenomena, and no Scientist can afford to entertain or take part in these beliefs for a single instant. This refuge is even the Most High God, as the Bible declares; that is, the most high good (which merely means the good that is self-existent and untouched by fear or favor). This good is ours. We reflect it in the measure that we are it.

The Christian Science Church is fulfilling the purpose of its Founder just in proportion that the Christian Scientists, who constitute it, are both awake and united in the demonstration of the one Mind, divine Principle, Love. It has been said before, and cannot be said too often, that our Cause consists of the demonstrable understanding of the Christian Scientists. Now, demonstrable understanding is absolute unity, and unity does not mean subservience to human opinions; but on the contrary, implies and requires individual freedom of thought and action, based upon and impelled by the law of the one Mind.

There is no demand upon Christian Scientists to suppress their talents, but rather to rise to a full and practical realization and possession of the infinite talent and infinite genius of true Being. “Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind.” (S&H 60:29) Christian Science is not the friend, but the foe, of mediocrity. It is not here to make all people alike on a low plane of concept, nor indeed to make them alike at all. Each one will be himself forever, and more and more himself. Variety, versatility, originality characterizes divine consciousness. Any attempt to suppress these divine qualities would be erroneous, and would tend to delay rather than to accelerate the demonstration of unity.

It must be remembered that divine qualities appear in human beings only in the measure that human beings individually attain unselfishness, honesty, and self-forgetfulness; just as Mrs. Eddy clearly points out in her works. To strengthen our Cause then, each one of us needs to examine himself, not for the purpose of mere introspection, but for the greater purpose of demonstrating the true selfhood, wherein finite self is forgotten and man is found the very evidence of infinite Mind.

No great stretch of imagination is required in order that one may see what the Cause of Christian Science might easily be. Let us not, however, spend a moment in regretting that there is a falling short of the ideal. You who are members of churches have the power to save your churches from unwise, unscientific, or unchristian plans or actions. You only need to know what the Church of God is, and to maintain that knowing with the sense of omnipresence and omnipotence in order to thwart erroneous views and impulsions. To do this, one need not say much. In fact, it is better, generally speaking, to say nothing. A silent demonstration of this Mind may go on progressively until a church is rescued from folly.

Sometimes, however, one must speak. And at such times –– God’s times –– there should be no fear and no compromise with the human will. Much of our work in Christian Science must be done in this way. To talk about it, while it is being done, only arouses certain enmity of mortal mind that would thwart or delay a legitimate outcome. And here we have to recognize that while some, perhaps, do not talk enough, others habitually talk too much. I mean by this that there has been a tendency on the part of some Christian Scientists to exaggerate, and this tendency has exactly the same impulsion as that one which induces Christian Scientists to get together and talk about error. The thing to be done is far more scientific than talking; and being scientific, it requires tremendous devotion on the part of Christian Scientists. For instance, they do not need to talk about malpractice, but they do need to handle it.

In this connection, it is well to recognize that a certain organization with immense ramifications is actively and ceaselessly engaged in the endeavor, through mental work, to destroy the Christian Science organization. A material organization, such as that one is, fears any manifestations of influence or power on the part of anything which is based on absolute right. That organization does not estimate Christian Science correctly in the slightest degree, and to properly handle this malpractice, we must see that its fear is older than human history, and is really due to a dim perception of its own extinction. While we would not and should not sacrifice anything like intelligence to error, we can recognize that its claim to be intelligent is sufficient to enable it to perceive and dread the coming of the impersonal Christ.

It would be unwise for us to suppose that the efforts of this particular thing are new, or that its endeavor to enter the realm of Science and poison the atmosphere thereof is recent. Without doubt, this subtle system of suggestion has been at work for many years and has been trying to take advantage of the human characteristics of the individuals who were active in, or responsible for, this carrying on of our organization. In belief, it has aroused and fostered suspicion to such an extent that even earnest workers in Christian Science are made to distrust each other. I am in the habit of saying that I would rather be deceived now and again than to be continually suspicious. The latter state would preclude anything like happiness or peace.

Let us not forget that we have a basis of trusting each other, and the rule of being requires us to do so. To live, in belief, in a contrary way would be to show forth the exact opposite of Christian Science demonstration. Let us not be afraid of each other. Even if it seems to be true that certain persons, — through perversion of thought, such as ambition, selfishness, greed, or some other unfortunate so-called natural qualities of the human mind, — yield themselves to baneful suggestions, our thought should not be arrayed against such persons. It stands, and must stand, for Principle, Love; and so standing it extinguishes the false claims of malpractice in such an impersonal way as to aid in the rescue of the person who has yielded himself to malpractice. In this way, the safety and immunity from attack on the part of the object of malpractice is assured. I do not mean to convey the impression that faults of a serious nature should be ignored; but our understanding of Christian Science must not be subjected to any of the theories of mortal mind regarding evil persons. They are one and all misled persons, and mortal mind –– or, especially, animal magnetism –– is the culprit.

Through all this, let us not fail to see also that condemnation is exactly the same word as damnation. We would hesitate to damn anybody, when at the same time we are apt to condemn a good many people. Remember that a falsehood is condemned by its very nature, and a liar is only a lie claiming to have personality. We cannot handle it as a liar, but we can handle it as a lie, for by so doing, we extinguish it; and at the same time we do not dethrone our Christ by permitting thought to descend into the hell of personal condemnation. Man can never be condemned in Christian Science. No human being can ever be legitimately condemned, but the error which human beings express should always be condemned, even to the point of extinguishment or nothingness; and the lie or claim that there is a person, place or thing through which, or by which, the error of malpractice can exert influence or operate as law, or that there is any person or thing upon which it can produce an impact, must be recognized and annulled.

The legal contention in which the two Boards at headquarters are engaged could easily be traced to certain elements of mortal mind, and if those elements had been recognized and disposed of years ago, we would not find ourselves in the present predicament. But let us not, in considering the history of error, speak of it a moment longer than is necessary for us to recognize and handle it. We only need to see clearly and remember constantly what Mrs. Eddy says on page 405 of Science and Health, “The basic error is mortal mind.”

In this connection, we need also to remember that belief is all there is to the believer, or to one who is acting erroneously. So, also, knowing is all there is to a knower, and all there needs to be. This tends to rescue the believer by utterly disposing of the belief; and in handling the claim of mental malpractice for the church, one should broaden one’s thought so as to include one’s country, race, and the whole of mankind. This can only be effectually done by rising above fear and personal responsibility. One’s consciousness, — infinite and boundless, — necessarily embodies the Cause of Christian Science, and in so doing also embodies all the churches and activities of the movement.

We must avoid stereotyped utterance of Christian Science statements. Mrs. Eddy in one place speaks of the “doling of arguments,” etc. Real Christian Science is a continuous revelation, based upon and sustained by the natural and inevitable divine presence and power. The “church of the first born,” (Heb. 12:23) is the association in thought (that is: the oneness) of Christian Scientists, for they are the first born.

A part of the demonstration required by the congregation and membership is the understanding of the Lesson Sermon. So long as that is going on, the church itself, as an organization, is humanly safe. In this connection it is to be observed that some of the Lesson Sermons are better than others. Of course, one who studies with the clear discrimination which should characterize every student of Christian Science, cannot fail to see that some are inadequate or obscure in development; others clearly concern themselves too much with elaboration of details; others, perhaps, seem to associate penalties with God. But on the other hand, many of them, — and indeed most of them, — are constructed with grand appreciation of Christian Science developed metaphysically, and if demonstrated by the congregation, would heal the sick and raise the dead.

In this connection, we should have in mind that when important action is to be taken, the effectiveness of it will depend upon discerning the right time for it. Do not let anybody, or any number of persons, force your judgment or your vote by the specious plea that you or the church must act at once; and of course, do not try to force your opinions upon others. Rather be insistent upon the Science itself, and when the time for action has arrived, refuse to be swerved. March forward in one phalanx to the attainment of a perfect purpose.

You will, I feel sure, pardon a personal reference because it illustrates an important point. I remember an instance in which one of our family was under a severe claim, and the condition was not only serious, but threatening. My wife and sister and myself were in the room at the time, and we were working to the best of our understanding of Christian Science and had already seen in the same case some wonderful demonstrations. At this moment there seemed to be need of more light and need of uncovering more clearly the error in the case. Suddenly my sister, as if inspired (and we believe she was so) exclaimed: “Christian Science is true; it is Truth itself. It was revealed and given to the world by its Discoverer and Founder, who was the one and only person who knew enough to discover it. It is the law of God and the power and presence of God in, and to, this case (age).” The claim was met almost instantly, as a result of this declaration and of the realization that went with it. On more than one occasion in the years that have intervened since then, I have found that a similar realization has served to extinguish threatening beliefs, even in relation to the Cause of Christian Science.

Christian Science is of God. This fact is not new to you, but think what it means. The philosophy, science, education, and especially the theology of mankind have hidden the naturalness of the presence of God. In spite of the study of Christian Science, very few (even in our own ranks) fearlessly press onward and upward in this direction. The tendency to doubt the divine presence is the brand of mortality, but we have broken away from mortal mind.

It means something for one to realize the naturalness of the presence of God. It first means that we cannot drift along in a haphazard way. It also means that one cannot possibly desire anything for himself that he would not be equally glad to have bestowed upon a neighbor, or even his enemy, in belief. There is no other way of demonstrating the presence of God than this. It consequently requires the rejection of all inertia. It prohibits staleness in thought and action. One infinite presence is Life. Humanly demonstrated, it means industry, decision, and energy. We need to get used to God’s presence. In this way we shall soon become used to the absence of disease and sin and death, and find their absence natural.

Infinity is oneness: let us think and act accordingly. Such an attitude on the part of the Christian Scientist finds him constantly prepared. He is a genuine follower of Jesus in this respect; and just here, it is well to remember that the healing work which Jesus did, was — according to the record, — nearly always done without delay. “He knew of but one Mind, and laid no claim to any other,” Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health. He knew consciousness is unlimited and all-inclusive. Demonstrating it more and more up to the very ascension, it was, as his individual proof of divine Science, the veritable Christ, Immanuel, God with us. It was health itself, wholeness, being, so that those who came to be healed, virtually came because they were healed already. They could not have done otherwise. Earnest students need to consider this fact. They are much more capable of proving it in their own practice than they generally believe themselves to be; for while a mere assumption of understanding is folly, failure to recognize what your teaching means, and what you have attained, and may attain, through it, is more.

Mind and its law, discerned and made operative, is your own. Be sure that you have clearly discerned that one Mind, its law and operation in your behalf, is the Christ, a practical thing in your own consciousness which can be realized and experienced through Science. Do not admit within yourselves that the understanding of Christian Scientists is not great enough to enable them to heal certain claims, or that it is not grand enough to raise the dead. Malpractice takes advantage of such admissions, and we may thereby be led to injure those whom we would bless.

It scarcely needs to be pointed out that there is no such theory as thought transference, and that such a theory never enters into the practice of Christian Science. If the treatment is really Science, then it is the mandate of Mind, Love, establishing one consciousness for practitioner and patient. This is the fact which all should recognize, for by means of it one learns to heal through the real Science of Mind, the Science of Omnipresence. There is never a moment when a Christian Scientist can afford to lose sight of the perfect rule: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Matt. 10:19) It makes Omniscience practical, and keeps the practitioner confident and successful.

Health is all that is needed. It is also all that is desired, since it means wholeness. Individual health, or health of our Cause, the health of mankind, enlist the attention and activity of all true Christian Scientists. The most important thing that is going on is the healing of the sick, and especially the healing of the cases that, according to mortal mind, are hopeless. There is some tendency to forget this, a tendency which is, perhaps, accentuated by the lingering miasma, that, to some extent, pervades the Wednesday evening meetings –– the miasma of old theology. There is too much talk about spiritual uplift. Anybody who has been at all familiar with the ordinary Evangelical churches knows that they had a lot of what they called the spiritual uplift, and if Christian Science brought only what was once meant by a spiritual uplift, it could not possibly accomplish the work that belongs to it. If the spiritual uplift does not heal disease, it is not the true kind.

Health is to be established through Science. There is no other way. What this Science is, Mrs. Eddy has clearly set forth in her works, and through our study of them we begin to understand that this same Science is in the Bible, although it is hidden there, especially in the Old Testament, and can only be found by conscientious and persistent digging. Science is based upon Mind, Principle, Life, Love, expressed in infinite ideas coexistent with this Mind, dependent upon it, and therefore interdependent and reciprocal, and operating together through and by means of the law of this one Mind.

And just here I wish to review a point that is assailed by malpractice because malpractice fears it. It is that everything exists; and, as Mind is the cause of all, everything exists as an idea. This is set forth in Mrs. Eddy’s works beyond all question, and the Bible is full of it when we have eyes to see it. God’s universe is an infinite idea, consisting of ideas in their divine order, and each infinite because of its eternal existence in Mind.

On page 336 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes: “The divine Ego, or individuality, is reflected in all spiritual individuality from the infinitesimal to the infinite.” She declares in many places that Mind, consciousness, is both primal and final. It is both the source and the goal of all being. It is infinite as cause and cannot be less than that as effect, and this fact implies and requires infinite ideas both as to quality and quantity. Of these ideas, individual man is the greatest. Mrs. Eddy declares that he includes all right ideas, and a careful study of her works shows that this fact has a deeper meaning than is generally gained by a mere repetition of the words which express it. We can perhaps see this more clearly if we consider for a moment that the meaning of the word “infinite” is beyond anything that the human mind can conceive of. It can be applied only to God and His creation. It is utterly inappropriate as generally used in material science, because so-called material science is a limited concept of science; but the Science of Infinity can have no limitation.

Infinity knows no beginning nor ending. Infinity cannot be conceived of as arriving at a point where nothing more could appear, or where nothing more could be known. Therefore, while Christian Science requires a process (for otherwise mankind could not get hold of it), its rules cannot be fully stated by material terms, but must be apprehended spiritually. As we rise higher and higher in the discernment of Principle, Love, the process, or modus operandi, is more and more spiritualized; consequently, any supposition that Christian Science treatment primarily rests upon denial is puerile. In Miscellaneous Writings (p. 24), Mrs. Eddy says of Christian Science, “It is not a search after wisdom, it is wisdom.”

Such being the nature and character of Science, its method is after its nature. It reveals creation, the infinity of being. It proclaims, with irrefutable logic, that all things exist in Mind as Mind, and announces a scientific fact and philosophical truism when it declares: “All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made.” (John 1:3) To recognize creation in this way is essential to Christian Science, because the healing of the sick is brought about by the power of Truth and the availability of its law. In Science and Health (p. 525), Mrs. Eddy writes: “Everything good or worthy, God made. Whatever is valueless or baneful, He did not make, – hence its unreality.” As to what is good (which is always a question with mortal mind), one need only ask himself whether the thing in question would be universally beneficial. Unless it fulfills this requirement, then although a counterfeit, it serves to indicate the existence of a divine idea. Take, for instance, the various means of conveyance and transportation. See how they illustrate the advancement of thought along these lines, and thereby prove that the idea is the thing. What we, however, learn to do in Christian Science is to see that an idea cannot be humanly outlined, and this fact, being scientific, is at once demonstrable in ways utterly unknown to any other science.

To illustrate: a human being thinks himself to be in a railway train, yet the train is a part of his own consciousness, — is, therefore, to be found in his consciousness. Everything depends upon this knowing. Understanding is constantly affirmative. The train exists as a divine idea, and not as matter. It is not starting from one place and going to another; but, being a divine idea, it is always present everywhere, and always doing the right thing; and, being an evidence of omnipresence, it is not subject to a false sense of time, and is, consequently, always on time. Its relationships are divine, divinely sustained, maintained, and perpetuated, and a realization of this, is protection.

Mind is one; it must always express itself in oneness, and therefore, every idea is one infinite idea. Mortal mind conceives this oneness falsely, and can only duplicate and multiply its false concept; but oneness understood and demonstrated makes a perfect relationship between all trains, so that none could possibly ever conflict or collide with or interfere with another.

Now all this comes about through the recognition of man’s true being, and of his veritable identity, or body, which is the real individual man. Everything that we really know is a part of the divine embodiment. Our body is grand beyond all human conception, and immeasurable because it is infinite. Thus man, reflecting God in this inclusive way, exercises dominion through the divine will of God which is pure blessedness.

I have before pointed out to you the fact that there is a great confusion regarding true humility. It is generally associated with, or considered to be synonymous with, mere modesty. Now modesty in a human being is commendable and, of course, some of us should even face it; but humility is a divine idea. It is a recognition of the allness of God. It is even more than that, because it is Omniscience asserting itself as understanding and declaring “I am.” With unfailing confidence and power, such humility enables the practitioner to keep himself entirely out of a case, and to keep the divine Christ entirely in. It not only brings Truth to bear upon error, but it floods the situation with the light of Truth in such a manner as to utterly dispel and exclude the claim of error. It enables devotion to the case upon the basis that the patient, having called for help, is appealing to the omnipresence of God, and the practitioner knows enough to know that no supposition of any other presence can appear in the case.

This is the same kind of authority that Jesus exercised, and belongs to us quite as much as to him. He tried to make the disciples understand it. This impersonality of his understanding is also our heritage. We must claim it in order to have it. In the study of the New Testament, you may observe that Jesus acted as possessing divine power and authority –– a perfectly natural thing to do in Christian Science, but utterly mysterious to orthodox churches (which have therefore concluded that Jesus was God). There is nothing in their theology that could make them understand the God-like dominion given to man in Science; but we who are Christian Scientists should recognize and hasten to acquire this purely scientific consciousness. Nothing else can possibly give the requisite confidence to a sincere practitioner.

You are Christian Scientists. That fact implies watchfulness. Be prepared always. Never admit that evil in any form has reality. At the same time, never ignore evil, and do not fear to handle a so-called disease by name –– especially if your realization does not dispose of it instantly. I shall not mention the ordinary beliefs of law that surround and constitute cases of illness; but let us take cognizance of the more subtle, and I believe more important, phases of error which tend to cloud the understanding of the practitioner and delay or thwart the healing of the sick.

First, let me revert to the fact that mortal mind, and its false sense of creation, constitutes the primal lie. Therefore, normal conditions of human existence are counterfeits of something real –– that is, of spiritual facts or ideas. Of course, a counterfeit is a lie, and human consciousness consists of counterfeits. One first sees this when Christian Science logically shows him that Truth expresses only perfection, and thereby learns to detect and reverse the evidence of the material senses. By this recognition and reversal of the counterfeit, we take our first steps. It has been said that a lie is necessarily a lie about something. While this is true, it is not sufficiently explanatory, because mortal mind, as the chief and primal liar, not only lies about creation, but lies about its own conception of creation. Its concept of man is a material personality. Mortal mind claims that this personality is not only man, but that man may be sick and die. It consists of contradictions and absurdities. A normally healthful human being may be called a counterfeit, but disease in the human being is a lie about the counterfeit; consequently, there are secondary lies as well as primary, and while disease might be called a lie about health – and no doubt it is that – still in regard to a human being it is a lie about him.

We have, therefore, to be somewhat careful to denominate everything that we experience humanly as a counterfeit of something divine; but we are perfectly safe when we hold to the statement that the concept of man and the universe as material and mortal is a counterfeit, a false concept, or a lie about the real man and the real universe, and everything baneful to be observed in the so-called universe of mortal mind is a lie about that counterfeit. We find, therefore, that human existence is practically a network of falsehoods and, in a way, may be illustrated by a hypothetical instance of an untruthful person who soon involves himself in a network of untruths.

What we need to see is the real nature of God, for in thought and in thought alone, we find the real man. “Science reverses the false testimony of the physical senses, and by this reversal mortals arrive at the fundamental facts of being.” “…these evils are not Spirit, for there is no evil in Spirit.” “…there can be no reality in aught which does not proceed from this great and only cause. Sin, sickness, disease, and death belong not to the Science of being. They are the errors, which presuppose the absence of Truth, Life or Love.” (S&H 120:7-8; 207:1-2; 207:21-26)

Keep in view the affirmative nature of Christian Science. It is based upon something very real. In fact it is based upon allness. Even when a treatment begins with a denial, as it often does, that denial is founded upon Truth itself, and the affirmative nature of Truth is shown in whatever form the specific treatment (if it be a true treatment) may take. Furthermore, this affirmation is in accord always with infinity, and the denial is effective just because of that fact, for infinity excludes its unlikeness –– mortality. Infinity is one, and always asserts itself after its own nature. It forever unfolds itself. It always says I am, and consequently is always individual. Without the recognition of this fact, any true understanding of infinity is impossible.

Again, in this connection as in all others, we must recognize the oneness of all being. Otherwise, we are still apt to be held in the old belief of a God in one place and man in another –– a theory which caused old theology to attempt to bridge the chasm and get man into the same place where God was. As a matter of fact, neither God nor man could really be in any place, since consciousness, Mind, God, includes and is never included, and man in this image, his at-one-ment, includes as the individual reflection of consciousness the lesser phenomena of Mind, not omitting even space.

In this way, a Christian Scientist gains a fuller sense of his own identity, or body, and thereby finds that the human sense of body is greatly invigorated and freed. Again, you may observe in this fact how it is that “Christ comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” There can be no fear that such an attitude would tend to so generalize treatment as to rob it of its specific effect, because the more our thought is expanded to an appreciation and approximation of the immeasurable magnitude of true being and its law, the more it proves the omnipotence of Mind, and thereby approaches the infallibility of true Science.

In this connection, one should see that there are no generalizations in Science, except in mere statement for the sake of convenience or by way of preliminary instruction. Science demands perfection of detail. A perfect universe is inconceivable without it. For this reason, when one is treating by argument, a mere recognition of the universal perfection of God’s creation may not be sufficiently specific to meet a claim. Just because the identity of every creature is an essential element of God’s universe, a treatment must be specific, and it must be clearly seen that being, and the law of being, which constitutes the basis and activity of the treatment, illustrate and prove the one consciousness, and restore and sustain that identity, which is the heritage of the patient quite as much as of the practitioner.

As we obtain a more stable understanding and unwavering realization, the one body will become more real to us, and personal and church disagreements less frequent, and finally impossible, and thereby quite a large measure of heaven on earth will come to Christian Scientists, just as they have a right to expect. This is not a question of time, and the less time you take in reaching this pure realization, the better for all concerned. It is most important that it should be reached, however, and the church, or body of Christ, be kept pure in your consciousness, for thereby church members may find that the human sense of their own bodies is reciprocally blessed.

In this way alone can the church eventually be made to show forth the characteristics of the divine body. The healing work and the church work are bound up together; they are held in one body. As already pointed out, this body is the real church, the united demonstration of Science. Such demonstration all must take part in. It also protects the church building, just in the same way that human bodies are protected by correct metaphysical practice. This protection should extend itself so as to cover our church properties and all of them and our legal rights pertaining to them, so that they may be used perpetually and exclusively for the purpose of Christian Science.

There is no way of founding or protecting or perpetuating a Christian Science church except through healing the sick. Of the two things – that is, church work so-called (such as the routine of attending meetings of boards and the meticulous details of business) and the work of a practitioner, –– the latter is infinitely more important. In fact, the latter cannot be dispensed with, whereas a great deal of the former might be dispensed with without any appreciable loss to mankind. Perhaps it is the mission of churches to take the immature elements, which largely constitute our churches, and gradually educate them in Christian Science; but in order to do this the church workers must be genuine healers of the sick, with the true scientific realization that the only real Mind or consciousness of man is God. Mrs. Eddy says, on page 319 of Science and Health, “…man has no Mind but God.”

In this connection, we cannot too frequently be reminded of the fact that Christian Science is purely a metaphysical system. For that reason, we must avoid entertaining or accepting even for a moment the images of disease, or that malpractice claims to prevent or retard the healing work by projecting upon the thought of the practitioner just such images. Mrs. Eddy shows in Science and Health that we should not treat the material body, nor even consider the symptoms. Our work is to discern the error by understanding the Truth, and to do this in such a clear way that we handle and dispose of the error as error and not as a physical disease. In Science and Health we learn beyond all question that there are no physical diseases. There is no matter. Body is not matter. There are no material bodies.

These seeming phenomena are all the mental images which mortal mind projects upon itself, and we have to remember that, because they are all mental, it would be utterly foolish to be impressed with the suggestion of their tangibility. The object of our education is largely to dispose of this claim of material substantiality, tangibility, ponderosity and resistance. We cannot do this so long as we think of disease as existing in a material body, because no one can heal the sick by means of true Science without first learning that true identity, or body, is spiritual, and that it consists of divine ideas and their activity, and not of material organs and functions, and their supposed laws and relationships. “The myriad forms of mortal thought, made manifest as matter, are not more distinct nor real to the material senses than are the Soul-created forms to the spiritual sense, which cognizes Life as permanent. Undisturbed amid the jarring testimony of the material senses, Science, still enthroned, is unfolding to mortals the immutable, harmonious, divine Principle, –– is unfolding Life and the universe, ever present and eternal.” (S&H 306:21)

In speaking of the purely scientific method employed by Jesus, Mrs. Eddy says, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the Saviour saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick.” (S&H 476:32) I need not point out to the true and conscientious student that to behold the perfect man in Science is not an effort or a function of the human organization, although too frequently Christian Scientists speak as if it were. They think of that material point in a space, — which mortal mind calls man, — as error (and of course it is error), and there they try to replace it with another imaginary point in space, which they call spiritual man. It need hardly be said that such a way as that is utterly erroneous.

Mrs. Eddy writes, “We know no more of man as the true likeness, than we know of God.” (S&H 258:16) It would be perfectly correct for us to say, in the light of that statement, that we know just as much of man as we know of God. In fact, knowing God is man, and it is not only oneself, but also the other men and women. We cannot limit this knowing, this real man.

This “I am that I am” (Exo. 3:14) is the name for all, and is an infinite idea, embodying all the characteristics and qualities of Father-Mother God, the source, substance, presence and law of all real being. This real man is not in a limited or finite sense of coming or going. Reflecting God, he includes all that distance and time really mean. Nothing is remote to him, and a recognition of this fact on the part of a human being tends to remove limitation and separation.

On page 90 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes, “Divest yourself of the thought that there can be substance in matter, and the movements and transitions now possible for mortal mind will be found to be equally possible for the body. Then being will be recognized as spiritual, and death will be obsolete, though now some insist that death is the necessary prelude to immortality.” This is a statement of pure Science, or omniscience, the natural spontaneous presence and law of divine Mind.

In the light of such teachings, the grandeur of the real man and what Mrs. Eddy calls “the infinite range of his thought” begin to be clear and practical to the earnest student. The question as to what a divine idea actually is, is answered by Mrs. Eddy on page 88 of Science and Health in the words, “To love one’s neighbor as one’s self, is a divine idea.” Let us see what that means. A human being, according to the sense, is a mixture of conflicting beliefs, and shows that what is called a mortal is simply mortal mind.

With the revelation of Christian Science, instruction and enlightenment take the place of mere belief, fear decreases, and a more normal state of human existence begins to appear. True ideas are immortal. They transform consciousness and demonstrate individual man. Therefore, to the extent that we love our neighbor as ourselves, we are divine instead of human, and immortal instead of mortal.

Suppose that a human being, instead of appearing to be a state of material consciousness, including material organs and functions, were to gradually gain as his mentality, ideas such as this: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (Matt. 19:19) And suppose these were gradually to become so real to him that no other thoughts and no consciousness of matter or material things could be entertained. Would one cease to have a body simply because one had, through Science, gained the true idea that constitutes both identity and immortality, instead of retaining the beliefs that are called a material body? The way out of trouble is here made so obvious that it seems strange that we should attempt to find any other way and call it Christian Science.

You may be sure that this is the way out of all difficulties which beset the Christian Science movement. The expression and feeling of resentment towards those who are not carrying out the directions given in the Manual of our church, do not help them or us, and do not help the Cause. To put such people in the category of enemies is of no assistance. Jesus taught us to love our enemies, though he certainly did not say we must love evil. He saw and said that human beings do not and cannot always justly judge each other, and he knew that the law of Love alone could bring about a demonstration of divine wisdom, clarifying and elevating human judgment. “The only justice of which I feel at present capable, is mercy and charity toward every one, –– just so far as one and all permit me to exercise these sentiments toward them, –– taking special care to mind my own business. The falsehood, ingratitude, misjudgment and sharp return of evil for good –– yes, the real wrongs, (if wrong can be real) which I have long endured at the hands of others –– have most happily wrought for me the law of loving mine enemies. This law I now urge upon the solemn consideration of all Christian Scientists. Jesus said, ‘If ye love them which love you, what thank have ye? For sinners also love those that love them.’” (Miscellaneous Writings 13:1-12)

If there is actually such a thing as a bad person, if it is true there is a sinner or a sin, if it is true that anybody has ever sinned or has ever been sick, if it is true that anybody has ever died or that anybody is dead or that there is any death, then hopelessness is all there is for the human race. But we know and have been able to prove the unreality of sin, disease and death; and in the same way, we know that the Cause of Christian Science is not subject to fear, and is not in the realm where it can receive an attack, or where malpractice could claim any presence within or without.

Real Christian Scientists are the only people who know enough to think about the redemption of mankind. Mrs. Eddy speaks of this fact when quoting from the Bible in Science and Health, saying, “Ye are the light of the world.” (Matt.5:14) But we are not the light unless we are real Christian Scientists. He who knows that all is Mind knows also that the severe chemicalization through which the world is passing is due to at least a partial demonstration of the Science of Mind. She taught students how they failed in their duty, not only to our movement, but to the race, in that they have not always taken cognizance of the severe chemicalization. It is to be recognized in this connection that malpractice, and especially Roman Catholicism, would inevitably take advantage of the resulting human fear to again, in the words of the quotation, “plunge this world into chaos and old night.” (S&H 372:6) Mrs. Eddy prophetically declared that this attempt would end in failure, but that undoubtedly implies that she expected great things of Christian Scientists.

Occultism teaches that there is power in evil thought. Theosophy claims to teach its students to resist evil, but only succeeds in making them more fearful. Christian Science alone, of all the teachings that have been given to the world, shows that evil, no matter what form of activity it may appear to have, is an utter illusion, and that Truth demonstrated in our own consciousness enables us to obliterate both the so-called appearance and laws of evil. While the human evidence of demonstration is not all there is to demonstration, it is an essential thing. For this reason, if for none other, devote some time every day to self-protection. You should live a normal life so-called, giving yourself opportunity and time not only for working in Christian Science, but for recreation, also. We are not at the point in our demonstration where we can totally ignore the requirement of ordinary existence. We must still eat food, and must have air to breathe, and both the food and air should be the very best. The demonstration of Christian Science is not primarily to get along with poor food, poor surroundings, poor air (although if by circumstances we were compelled to confront such conditions, we know that we could do so fearlessly and without injury); but rather to achieve and to maintain our demonstration upon the perfection of being, and let its law improve human conditions and make retrogression impossible.

A glorified sense of life rather than a departing sense of it, is the need today. We must accept literally the statement, “I (the right idea of being) am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.” For yourself, and in treating others, make the affirmations as to divine presence, as consciousness, — the consciousness of man, — because it is the only consciousness. As you realize this, you will have the proof that this realization is protecting the human being.

The Christ, prior to the time of Jesus, was thought of either as an abstraction or a suppositional and impossible personality. The tendency in some quarters is to restore the abstraction in the endeavor, perhaps, to do away with the thought of an impossible personality. Let us remember that all there is to anything or anybody is Mind. It is all there need be. All there is to any of us, is what we know of God and of His creation and His law. This is all there was to Jesus. No human personality is anything to be accounted of, outside or apart from, the character of the person. Mrs. Eddy says, “Jesus demonstrated Christ.” That brief statement explains both Jesus and Christ. He showed how this demonstration can take place and what it can accomplish. The method of it remained to be discovered and given to the world at a later time.

All this must be recognized by a Christian Scientist in order that he may be awake and progressive. We are to be saved by Christ, but more specifically as human beings. We are to be saved by Christ Jesus, as the apostle says, simply because Jesus proved the fact that a human being may understand Truth so clearly and practically as to virtually be it, thereby exercising now and here the dominion of Mind, Principle, Love.

Therefore, ascend into the mountain of God. Refuse to descend into the rubbish and mores of personal feelings, personal views, personal controversy, and personal gossip. The way of deliverance is Science. There is no other way. Do not merely say Principle, but live it.

Association Address for 1921

Organizations are necessary. This Association is part of the redemptive plan. This getting together means a lot more than appears on the surface. There is one Mind, and whenever that can be illustrated, then you have the redemptive tendency going on. More and more it is necessary that Christian Scientists should realize the dominion, power, and extension, so to speak, of concrete thinking which they possess, because the difficulties we have, individually, are more or less universal. More men today are in business anxiety, or in a state of anxiety regarding their business, because of universal conditions.

If men will meet their business anxieties, and overcome them, it will be because in some degree they have met the claim universally. Therefore, they are not only doing good themselves in meeting it, but are helping everybody, which is what we want to do. Thought cannot be restricted in its influence if it is correct thought. It does not just go a little way, and it does not merely act in an area which you can measure, for it has no measure.

In regard to problems which are national and international, I would have you who are earnest workers consider your own possibilities. We have gotten beyond the point where we can live just unto ourselves as individuals. Every individual is more or less responsible for the whole of humanity, not alone for his own affairs. We must see that Christian Science has come to turn and overturn, and we have got to appreciate that something must take place to mitigate the evident chemicalization.

The constant endeavor of malpractice to create friction between nations, and the predictions that such friction will lead to terrible wars, — as if we had not had enough of that already, — cannot be ignored. These are matters we cannot ignore, and if we do, we are not performing our duty to mankind. It is not as though we were organizing some little system that is not universal. Actually, we have come into the understanding of infinite power, and it is adequate, perfect, and quite able to bring about harmony between nations as well as in families.

However, the power by which that shall be accomplished must be by the prayer of Christian Scientists. A nation must have its individuality, or it is not good. The generic man is not weak individually, and so when we have the federation of the world, it will have to be with strong nations; and they will have to be strong morally, and not merely physically.

As for the man who predicted the war with Japan next year, one thing is sure — everything is the result of thought that happens in the world. That being so, if that thought is really, fully conscious of such dangers, and predicts them, and shows how they are to come to pass, and if it is left without any kind of consideration on the part of those who understand how to meet its suggestions, then that thought seems to have power.

When such a prophecy is presented, something should occur within our own mental vision, where Science is being announced and its Principle is being declared, which will offset that prophecy, and all the beliefs that are said to justify it. You cannot handle a thing of that kind by merely saying, “There is no war.” Many of us said that in 1914, but in belief it did not stop the worst war that ever was.

One of the essential efforts of Christian Scientists is to meet the difficulty when it presents itself, if you cannot wholly obliterate it beforehand. It is sound wisdom and good sense that we should demonstrate the wisdom that comes along from God. That seems to be in line with Christian Science demonstration.

Something has got to occur that will make people see that, according to belief, a nation that is not prepared can be attacked by a nation that is prepared. It seems, though, that we should be able to awaken the nation to its dangers along this line of belief. Getting a nation prepared for an attack is just what we as Christian Scientists do in our Legislature when a bill unfavorable to us is about to be passed. We send men to defend our cause and our rights. Let us do the best we can to bring about a mental condition that is alert. We must be minute men and women.


Recurring annual meetings serve to remind us of the duties that belong to unity of thought and action and that sweeten and perpetuate the joys of understanding. It is well to remember that our coming together year after year is not a repetition. We are not engaged in doing the same thing over and over again. While it is true God is without variableness or shadow of turning, it is equally true that God, divine Principle, expresses Himself infinitely. Consequently, the ideas which express, reveal Principle, are ever unfolding. What is called the human mind or mortal mind repeats itself. The divine Mind is original in every expression, from the infinitesimal to immensity, and it is versatile, so that it never does the same thing in the same way twice. Nothing is new to the infinity of God. The Bible points out infinite identity, and therefore, man is progressive, original unfoldment, unhampered by any sense of limitation.

We are bound to find peace in this way. There is no other way in which it can be found. Progress, humanly speaking, brought about by Christian Science, involves change, — change of thought, in action, and in evidence. Christian Science has come to make this change in us and in the whole world. We know how to rejoice in that fact, and are hastening to avail ourselves of this Science. Mortal mind requires mortal man as its expression. It could not conceive of man otherwise; yet, in the light of Christian Science there is no such thing as mortality. Immortality demands recognition on our part before it can become our conscious experience. Spiritual facts are eternal from the very nature of divine Principle. We must seek and possess them in order to put off mortality and put on immortality. They declare the perfection of both cause and effect. They are easily recognized but not so easily maintained. When we perceive them, we should lay hold of them with no uncertain grasp. With you who are earnest active students, I need not go into an elaborate analysis of what we call human life or human existence. Suffice it to say that it is made up of some so-called good beliefs, and that the so-called good beliefs are often much more misleading than the bad ones. Truth rejects them all, whether they are called good or bad. The more radical this work is, the more certain are we to find the desired results in improved human conditions.

Such results would be more uniform if the student would refrain from the tendency to outline them. Perhaps this is a difficult requirement, and it is so because it is purely scientific. Any blessings that we try to outline or imagine are far less than our heritage. This shows, if anything was needed to show, that human education has not been scientific. Science is divine and can bring out divine results only. The phenomena of divine Science are perfect and eternal, and therefore, any attempt to conceive them humanly tends to hide the scientific action of Mind, and therefore delays or prevents demonstration.

Science reveals the creation that actually exists; the creation that has enduring substance in every detail. This creation is already perfect, and therefore infinitely beautiful and satisfactory. “The substance, Life, intelligence, Truth, and Love, which constitute Deity, are reflected by His creation; and when we subordinate the false testimony of the corporeal sense to the facts of Science, we shall see this true likeness and reflection everywhere.” (Science and Health 516:4) As we follow the course thus indicated, we find ourselves from time to time lifted to familiar heights. Such steps in progress become helpful as we learn to calmly await the influx of Truth which brings the assurance that that same omnipotence which gave us strength to overcome the difficulties of the ascending path, sustains us in the unaccustomed or new light of these and other heights yet to be attained. Recognizing the practical value of Christian Science we are wise to expect every good thing from it. Science can and will do immeasurably more for us than it has done, if we remove mere finite wish, hope, or desire, and permit the impersonal Truth, through its own scientific presence and law, to announce and provide the beauty and abundance of its own creation.

Change in mind, body, or other human conditions occurring through such action will be found stimulating and helpful. It is unwise to take the kingdom of heaven by violence or to hesitate to calmly and persistently claim it. Our persistence is not aided by rushing forward one moment and stopping the next, but my moving steadily forward. This course is accomplished by the serene resistless energy of Spirit which rejects error adequately and finally.

Progress in these respects may be aided by metaphysical retrospection which may possibly reveal the reason for the seeming obstructions which we have encountered. Prominent among them is the claim of reverence as taught in old theology, which was generally based upon theories concerning the nature and character of God that was anything but reverential. They made the presence of God impossible of realization or demonstration; and misguided by such theories people thought and talked of God in a way that was unreasonable and therefore unchristian. It cannot be said that we Christian Scientists have entirely overcome the tendencies resulting from such incorrect education. We call God by a new name, Mind, and then we are tempted by the old beliefs to hold this Mind at a great distance. We have changed the nomenclature. We all declare God to be the Infinite One. We assert according to the teachings of Christian Science that this one Mind embraces, constitutes, and governs the universe and impelled by the old reverential attitude, we hesitate to claim the fact that the one Mind is our Mind. In order that we may be strengthened in this regard I wish to call your attention particularly to the irrefutable logic upon which that statement rests.

The power to think has never been explained materially. Without arguing the point to you who are Christian Scientists I may state that it can never be explained materially. The capacity to think or that condition which we all consciousness, including the reasoning faculty, can be explained only in Christian Science wherein divine Mind is recognized as natural, inevitable, self-existent, the great First Cause, and the only One. Our conscious ability to think proves this, for mental processes would be impossible without the basic fact of self-existent intelligence, Mind. Not that these processes always represent Mind, either fundamentally in conception or secondarily in operation, but whether they represent or fail to represent the divine intelligence, it is an incontrovertible fact that mentality cannot be accounted for on any other basis than that of One Infinite Mind. I am elaborating this point in order that you may be induced to recognize and accept the one Mind with less reservation than has been your habit. If by any means, I could induce you to accept it without any reservation at all, my happiness would be greatly augmented because you would be secure. Respect and reverence do not mean distance and separation. They do not signify an approach to the throne of grace along the avenue of fear and trembling. When Mrs. Eddy used the word Mind to define God, she also used the word Love. To approach the throne of grace means to approach the throne of Love. Fear and trembling are not found in the way that leads thereto.

The God who is Mind, Love, the natural intelligence of the universe, is neither distant from His own manifestation nor objectively reflected. Thoughts which reveal Mind have the substance, being, and action of Mind, and are the law of Mind. I wish to state all this because I find that students sometimes hear words instead of ideas and that they often hesitate to claim that they can think divinely; and in some instances they seem to fear that by claiming the right to think divinely they may fall into some error of thought or statement. Yet, Mrs. Eddy constantly asserts that there is only one Mind. Why should we fear to claim it? Observe the following passages from the textbook and many others of similar import: “Divine Science explains the abstract statement that there is one Mind by the following self-evident proposition: If God, or good, is real, then evil, the unlikeness of God, is unreal. And evil can only seem to be real by giving reality to the unreal. The children of God have but one Mind.” (Science and Health 470:11-16) “Mystery, miracle, sin, and death will disappear when it becomes fairly understood that the divine Mind controls man and man has no Mind but God.” (Science and Health 319:17) “Mind is the I am…” (Science and Health 336:1 only) “If sin makes sinners, Truth and Love alone can unmake them. If a sense of disease produces suffering and a sense of ease antidotes suffering, disease is mental, not material. Hence the fact that the human mind alone suffers, is sick, and that the divine Mind alone heals.” (Science and Health 270:26) The statement that “God is Mind,” or that “God is Love,” or any other statement concerning Deity expresses an idea. Such statements are primarily educational, but in Christian Science they have a much higher mission than that of mere instruction, Every practicing Christian Scientist — and there are no other real Christian Scientists — has proved for himself that ideas similar to those we are entertaining, though differently expressed, came to the prophets and to the apostles, and Jesus the Christ, by way of inspiration rather than logic or reason.

The greatest work which they are recorded to have done can be accounted for only by the fact that they placed less distance or perhaps no distance between such ideas and their source. To them, thoughts which revealed God involved God, yet it cannot be said that they lacked reverence. Their reverence was so natural that what appeared to be their own thought was the very presence and power of God.

Mrs. Eddy’s works constantly teach the inseparability of God and man. In the early years of her mission, it appeared to be that some merely intellectual students, humanly ambitious, and lacking in conscientious discernment of the true import of her revelation, perverted her teaching to the extent that a very grievous error crept into the field under the name of Christian Science. It was the reverse of Mrs. Eddy’s instructions concerning the unity of God and man. It eventuated in the confusion of the two terms, so that some taught their students to quote “I am God,” not from the standpoint of God, of omnipotence, but from that of mere personal sense. For that reason, in revising Science and Health from time to time, our Leader took particular pains to distinguish between God and man. That anyone should have misinterpreted her instructions, even in the earliest time, and should have called such conclusions Christian Science, can only be accounted for by the recognition of that claim which has ever sought to crucify the Christ, Truth, — a claim which Mrs. Eddy designated by the words “animal magnetism.”

The faithful students of our Leader, recognizing the error above mentioned, and endeavoring as they always have done, to perpetuate her teachings unadulterated, were in their turn prone to accentuate the difference between God and man, Principle and idea. A unity which is the very keynote of scientific divine healing, thus often seemed lost.

It has been said, especially by those who feared the possible spread of erroneous teachings, that it is not necessary to know anything about God or to know God. Now let me repeat, perhaps in a different way, what I have often said before, — the knowledge of God is man. Therefore, if one says it is not necessary to know God and not necessary to concern himself about man, the answer is this: to know God is man. The fact that knowing is all that there is to us is not readily accepted, because belief and material education do not enthrone Mind or knowing, but on the contrary, insist that Mind and knowing are subservient to personality. “Remember, brain is not mind.” (Science and Health 372:1 only)

Notwithstanding such unequivocal statements and many more of like character to be found in Science and Health and Mrs. Eddy’s other works, some Christian Scientists believe that they are thinking by means of matter. They accept the general opinion to the effect that all human beings are thinking on the inside of a material body. And they are too dull to regard the contrary as the teachings of Christian Science, except as a theory to be ultimately accepted and demonstrated. It cannot be too often pointed out that the so-called minds of mortals untouched by Christian Science are almost exclusively composed of human beliefs and opinions which have no divine basis whatsoever, but they are not evolved by matter.

Thoughts are all outside of the belief which we call the human body. Mrs. Eddy clearly points out the absurdity of the theory that thoughts could be in matter. Her use of the word Mind, Soul, Spirit, is the primal or original one rather than the one or ones attached to those words by ordinary religious or philosophical opinions. The fact that Christian Science is of God must be honestly proved much more generally than it has been. Ideas which reveal God are not merely instructive. They are to be taken more absolutely as representing God, an attitude which is purely scientific and is the great need of the hour.

By such realization every difficulty or danger that confronts us or our Cause will vanish. Christian Scientists have no doubt of this fact that the divine Mind heals. Perhaps even among ordinary Christians there could rarely be one who would deny this fact. The more carefully we study the works and words of Jesus, the more clearly we perceive (see) that fact as going on with him. He recognized the immutable power and law of the one Mind in the same practical way in which the ordinary person recognizes what he calls his own mind. He did not reject his conception of the divine nature, but on the contrary said, “I and MY Father are one.” (John 10:30) He thus rejected so completely the claim of a finite personality and mind that Mind, God, came to be his own Mind.

The method of Christian Science, as is well known, is twofold. That is to say, it consists of the affirmation of Truth and the denial of error. The procrastinations which seem to frequently pertain to our practice are largely due to the inadequacy of the denial. This is equivalent to saying the denial of error, — be the error disease or sin or poverty or any other form of fear, — is not a contention with error, it is not merely an argument. Now, I would not be misunderstood here. I trust that nobody will fail to see that I am not advocating the thought that we are as yet far enough along to entirely do away with the argument in our healing work. What I wish to make clear is that the treatment, whether it be given along the lines of argument or whether it be more nearly the divine unction of Spirit, should be recognized as the operation of the activity of divine Mind. It is not a practitioner who gives a treatment. A practitioner retaining a personal sense of responsibility and laboring, laboriously making the affirmations and denials of Christian Science, may heal the case because of his sincerity of faith, and have something of the divine nature; but the real Christian Science treatment occurs when Mind, affirming Itself, excludes the sense of the practitioner and of a patient, and Truth, which is the intelligence of immortal Mind, obliterates error. “Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of existence. Cause does not exist in matter, in mortal mind, or in physical forms.” (Science and Health 262:30) In this way of working, the confidence which characterizes some of the ancients may be ours. In this way with Christian Science to instruct us, we ought to have all the inspiration which enabled them to say, “Thus saith the Lord.”

Jesus said, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” (John 5:17) This was like the declaration of a necessity or a duty resting upon every Christian Scientist.

One must gain understanding not so much by seeking understanding, as one does by seeking God.

The statement already quoted and the one made by Paul that Jesus thought it not robbery to make himself equal with God, does not imply self-exaltation, but rather self-abnegation. They mean one Mind, not Mind and understanding of Mind; but the understanding which is Mind, both in substance and action. It is the naturalness of divine consciousness which needs to be more clearly recognized by Christian Science practitioners today.

To be clear upon this point one must eliminate all the things that we ordinarily associate with the word reflection. It is not enough to say that man reflects God; we must make the other statement as made in Mrs. Eddy’s works and see that man is not an objectified thing reflecting God, Mind. Reflection itself is all that can ever reflect God.

For this reason we must clearly perceive the fact that man is reflection. The one consciousness, individually demonstrated, is individual man. Mrs. Eddy says, “The divine understanding reigns, is all, and there is no other consciousness.” (Science and Health 536:8)

The treatment which builds up or revives the error periodically in order to deny it, is wanting in the essential characteristics of pure Christian Science. Such a denial is not really a denial. Mrs. Eddy says, “The sick are not healed merely by declaring there is no sickness, but by knowing that there is none.” (Science and Health 447:27) This does not debar us from making correct declarations, nor does it imply that we should not affirm the Truth even though we perceive it in an intellectual way only. At times saying that a claim or belief of any suffering or sin, or any other form of error, is not true, may be the very best that we can do. Let it be said that the best we can do is commendable, even if it is not the best that can be done. We need to avoid a mere routine of words. Let us remember that the appearance of a claim, or the call for help, is but the opportunity to rise into higher and holier consciousness. “To succeed in healing, you must conquer your own fears as well as those of your patients, and rise into higher and holier consciousness.” (Science and Health 419:28) A Christian Science treatment does not create error. The error that it brings to the surface was there from the beginning of mortal mind. Mortal mind is characterized by beginnings and endings; for the reason that it has the one, it will have the other. Mind, God, neither begins nor ends. The violent upheavals that sometimes accompany the uncovering of error should not alarm us. The “Peace, be still” of divine Love allays the tremor even of a world. What we need to do is to reach the point where we see error as neither cause nor effect. Until then, however much we may have denied the error, it is not really denied.

In this connection let me touch upon a point which may be called correlative. It relates to the rejection of a claim of a material body. Students sometimes ask, “Why should we deny disease and then deny materiality?” They quite logically say if disease pertains to a material body, the denial of a claim that there is a material body is a denial of the disease. This is true; but the claim of disease is wholly in the realm of thought, or mortal mind. Consequently, the denial of a material body, in order to be effective in scientific treatment, must go still further and be a denial of mortal mind, or the material mentality which asserts the disease.

Mrs. Eddy warns us against treating matter. The best way to heed her warning is to get rid of matter by getting rid of mortal mind. Fortunately we are greatly assisted in doing this, because she points out clearly that mortal mind and body combine as one. An intelligent denial or rejection of mortal mind is therefore sufficient denial of what is called a material body.

In our work, the essential thing is to recognize that Christian Science is purely metaphysical healing. That fact we should never permit ourselves to lose sight of. No true treatment in Christian Science can possibly associate itself with matter as an entity. A Christian Science treatment means the nonentity of matter. It makes no difference what the claim may be, it must be handled wholly as mental. Even if a physician has made a diagnosis of the case and pictured its physical aspects and declared its material law, the whole claim is still to be handled as false mentality exclusively.

If there is inflammation, it is in the realm of belief. If there is swelling or congestion, suppuration, hemorrhage, or any other physical manifestation, it is to be handled and healed in the realm of mortal mind. For this reason, be exceedingly alert.

An example of true Christian Science treatment came to my notice not long ago, when a patient who was under observation of a physician (because of fear of the family), telephoned that the doctor predicted a crisis at a certain time. The practitioner responded with, “There will be no crisis.” And there was none. But what I wish to call attention to is, that he handled that claim by means of that simple denial. It met the claim because back of it was the very presence of God, or the practitioner’s understanding of Christian Science. It would not be sacrilegious to ask ourselves what God would say if it were possible for Him to hear a prediction of a crisis and to answer accordingly. Generally speaking, we are afraid to do this. If someone urges us not only to think about Mind, but as Mind thinks, as God thinks, we are apt to revert to our old former superstitions and permit the old false sense of reverence to exclaim or protest against such a way. It aids us a good deal, and comforts us not a little in the endeavor to move along these better lines, if we realize that God is a word which means Love, — means good, means Truth. We might ask ourselves, “Would there be any objection to my thinking about God, but exactly as God thinks; not merely about Love and Truth, but exactly as Love and Truth, Mind?” By such simple ways one may learn something of the simple method of Christ Jesus, and become a far more useful Christian Science practitioner. “When mortal man blends his thoughts of existence with the spiritual and works only as God works, he will no longer grope in the dark and cling to earth because he has not tasted heaven.” (Science and Health 263:7-10)

I have come to see more and more of late that the treatment against malpractice, — and especially the treatment that is designed to meet the claim that there are malpractitioners, — needs to be handled far more scientifically than has been generally the case. It is not recorded, and it will never be, that anything other than Love can remove hate. We are apt to blame those who do not agree with us or who act contrary to what we believe right, but such a course will not help them or us. We are admonished to love our enemies. The reason for this admonition was purely scientific, notwithstanding that it has generally been lost sight of in the mere sentiment attached to the word “love.” Mrs. Eddy shows in her article, “Love Your Enemies” (Miscellaneous Writings 8), that there is no other way that we can lose our enemies. She also, throughout her writings, has shown that there is no other way by which to annul the belief that we are hated by anyone. As a man is spiritual and perfect, a false picture of a man depicting himself as material and imperfect, should not be given any reality, whether it appears as a sick man or a sinning man, whether the claim be a kind man materially bound, or a wicked man materially bound, the remedy is one and the same under all circumstances. If we believe that people are trying to injure us, we give to that effort of error all that it would demand of us.

The right way is that of Christ Jesus. Mrs. Eddy asks in Science and Health, “Was it just for Jesus to suffer?” And answers, “No; but it was inevitable, for not otherwise could he show us the way and the power of Truth.” (40:17-19) It is clear that he was not only maintaining the Truth because it is divine, but he knew that if error could gain a response after its own manner from him it would thereby accomplish its purpose. He permitted all sorts of indignities to be heaped upon him in order to prove his own power to maintain the poise of divine being. Maintaining his poise under the stress of all circumstances, however severe, he showed that mortal mind could not accomplish anything, even by crucifixion; in fact, mortal mind proved the futility of itself and its method. There is a tremendous lesson for all of us in this.

The Bible implies that Jesus suffered once and for all. The fact is, he did everything once for all. Nobody should have suffered again, or sinned or died. The poise of true being should have been maintained after his example. Those who are buffeted, slandered, misunderstood or ostracized need to remember all this. The question is not what mortal mind thinks, but what really is true. The attempt of error is invariably to dethrone the Christ, or to deface whatever one is able to reflect of the Christ.

To maintain the Christ, Truth, is not only the way of spirituality, but it is the way of true intellectuality. Clear thinking is what we all desire, if we are wise. In the measure that we are clear, we are scientific. In just that measure, we are in an unassailable position. The temptation to be moved either by praise or blame, can be met by clear thinking only, for the great question is not what pleases or displeases people, but what is actually in accordance with Principle.

We need to remember that as yet it is quite likely that our best work is done when we find ourselves placed under the stress of circumstances. Possibly, we, one and all, need some buffeting now and again. Such experiences enable us to find out whether we are moved by what mortal mind may present.

In relation to our Movement and general church activities, we need especially to arrive at the goal of unshakeable peace. Things that come up have to be met intelligently. The mere repetition of even the most radical statement is not sufficient. Things have to be done in church and decisions arrived at and carried out. To this end Christian Scientists are called upon to take part in the work of church boards, committees, or some other kind of work, and ordinary intelligence is the only thing required, in order that the work be done in the best way. This does not mean that scientific demonstration should be lacking. The fact is that what is called human intelligence ought to improve constantly through the study and demonstration of Christian Science; and therefore, the work of an organization should constantly improve because the human quality of intelligence which directs it should be improved, and thereby give way to the unerring intelligence of divine Mind. Let us exercise our right and power to be guided in human affairs by divine wisdom.

In the controversies which have disturbed our Movement in the last few years, nothing has been more needed than what may be called some common sense. Many of the things which have been said and done had no basis at all. They could not be explained metaphysically. The queer assertions in the name of Christian Science that have gone out into the field, often ostensibly supported by elaborate citations from the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s works, simply show how necessary it is for us to be constantly on guard. Some of you will remember that I quoted from Revelation 3:11 the words, “…hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown,” and it is not out of place that I quote it again.

The Science of Life requires on our part the most constant watchfulness. Most of us have gained enough through Christian Science to prevent us from constantly accepting suggestions of sin and disease; but there are very few Christian Scientists who do not accept the suggestion of death, directly or remotely. They would consider it very unscientific to coincide with the ordinary doctrines of physiology and materia medica; but they will accept the thought of passing on as a necessity, and the event, perhaps, as a scientific experience. I am not going to excuse myself for any radical views on this or any part of my subject. We have quite enough in the way of excuses. Everybody is either thinking them or uttering them. Regardless of what mortal mind either thinks or says, regardless of what the majority of Christian Scientists think or say, or regardless of what you have been thinking or saying, the declaration that should accompany us every hour and largely form our conscious thought and the unconscious operation of faculties and functions is: “Life is God — there is no death.”

The fact that the world wants to hear that statement made, and is trying to believe it from a dim interpretation of prophetic utterances, has been illustrated in a remarkable manner by the vast audiences which have assembled in both England and America to hear a man declare: “There are thousands of people alive today who will never die,” and to listen to his justification of his declarations from citations from the Bible, spiritually interpreted according to the measure of light which he possesses. Mrs. Eddy declares, “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation….” (Science and Health 468:10-11) In that statement she covers everything. Christian Scientists recognize it to be an irrefutable statement verified more and more every day in their actual experience. They perceive more and more that her affirmations on reality enable them to verify her affirmations on error or unreality. In proving her statements regarding the one, they are hourly proving her statement regarding the other. Her teaching makes it clear that all true phenomena are mental; so that all false phenomena are falsely mental. She is persistent and unequivocal on both of these points. She shows us that in proportion that we follow this purely metaphysical way, we find ourselves going into the possession of the Christ understanding and able to treat disease of whatever nature quickly and completely.

I do not need to point out to you that she constantly iterates and reiterates the fact that Life is not in matter. She tells us in unmistakable terms that even that which is called human life, — which is, of course, a belief in life apart from God, — has involved itself in the secondary belief that this so-called life is in the material body. If you carefully study the subject of Life in Mrs. Eddy’s works, you will find yourself freed of the general theory that we are in belief living inside a material body. As a result, you will have a freer sense of life, and you will be ready to perceive what life really is, and where it is, much more clearly than ever before. We can perhaps begin to perceive something of our need in this decision when we remember that in spite of our study, and in spite of many Lesson Sermons we have heard in our churches upon the subject of Life, the majority of Christian Scientists believe much more in death than they do in Life. They accept the general mesmerism to the effect that the only certain thing that there is about existence is death. They need to change it, and see that the only certain thing there is to existence is Life, and that it makes no difference, and does not change this fact one iota, that Life happens to be called human, and appears to be material and temporal. We need to know that a scientific fact is not changed, either in its source, substance, or law, by any testimony that is not in accord with it. Furthermore, we need to understand that the revelation of Christian Science to the human race means that everything that is divinely true can be humanly demonstrated. This, of course, requires that the human sense of things shall be subjugated and obliterated in order that the divine or spiritual sense may appear. The chief difficulty that we have is the universal conviction that everything of this kind takes time, and it may be centuries before Science, — especially the Science of Life, — is understood sufficiently so that the race can learn how to live, and can learn how to avoid death. As a matter of fact, it does not take any time at all. It takes understanding, and understanding subjugates time and recognizes its nothingness.

In a way it is not only interesting but highly encouraging to hear that according to Einstein’s theory, time is the fourth dimension in mathematics. Physical research is forcing the human intellect to discern metaphysical fact, even though these facts are still interpreted by such theories in a material way. Our books are persistent in their affirmation of the fact that divine Principle, intelligence, Mind, is Life. This statement, “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself,” (John 5:26), affirms the fact that understanding is alive forevermore, and for exactly the same reason.

The importance of grounding ourselves thoroughly in the knowledge and understanding of Life cannot be exaggerated. Every case has to be handled, more or less, through the understanding of the Science of Life. Disease, and all other human disasters and troubles, are but the paraphernalia of mortal mind by which mortal mind seeks to accomplish its mission of destruction. In view of all this, — and in view of which is set forth in Mrs. Eddy’s works, — a Christian Scientist should not believe any more in death than he believes in the necessity of sin and disease. If you take this radical attitude, through the understanding which comes to you by means of thorough study on the subject, you will find your healing ability tremendously enhanced, and you will find you can heal any cases instantaneously where formerly similar cases seemed to require a long time and much work before recovery took place.

To build upon the rock, Christ, the unshakable foundation, for the metaphysical healing of physical disease one must be able to see that because the phenomena of Life is infinite, and consequently, it is Principle, self-existent and eternal. “Now, as then, signs and wonders are wrought in the metaphysical healing of physical disease; but these signs are only to demonstrate its divine origin, — to attest the reality of the higher mission of the Christ-power to take away the sins of the world.” (Science and Health 150:12) This perfection, acquired by means of reasoning and verified by revelation in the Bible and our Leader’s works, gives us a possessive sense of Life itself, a sense which we may correctly call a spiritual sense. “Spiritual sense is a conscious, constant capacity to understand God. It shows the superiority of faith by works over faith in words. Its ideas are expressed only in ‘new tongues;’ and these are interpreted by the translation of the spiritual original into the language which human thought can comprehend.” (Science and Health 209:31)

In handling the claim of disease and death, one should not ignore the claim of lack of any kind. Truth is already true, and is demonstrated in the measure that we actually know this fact. The claim of insufficient income, so long associated with Christian Science practice, should be disposed of. As we come more naturally into possession, we shall have astounding results. Everything in the universe belongs to God. It has its being, its substance, and all its activities, whatever they may be, in the one divine Principle. In the same way everything in the universe belongs to us, for each one of us is an individual expression of infinity, and consequently possesses all the glories of heaven and earth. When we see that it is only the false testimony of material sense that seems to hide our heritage, we will be more keenly alert to reject that testimony. There is no separation between God and man, between Principle and idea, infinity and infinite expression. Fear of poverty or lack is all there is to the claim of poverty.

Absolute confidence in the fact that our real Mind, or Life, or Principle, is abundantly providing for us, just as certainly as we ourselves, humanly speaking, would abundantly provide for ourselves if we had power to do so, serves to break the lack. Practically, this claim is met for Christian Scientists in the measure that their understanding is free from the superstitions and fears that have crept into the field of Christian Science. There seem to be a good many incapable practitioners. There are some dishonest ones. There are some ostensibly practicing Christian Science who do not understand it at all. All these elements combine, in belief, to limit both the practice and the proper remuneration which should come from such practice when it is carried on legitimately. It sometimes happens that an unwritten rule, as to the proper charge for treatment, will prevail in some fields year after year; and not infrequently, fees were established twenty-five or thirty years ago, which are maintained today, although conditions are entirely different.

Now, I hope and believe that none of you will ever be guilty of making extravagant charges for Christian Science treatment; but you have a perfect right to make legitimate charges and you do not have to be bound by what other people are doing. We could hardly expect to experience the result of our metaphysical work, in the way of receiving compensation for it, unless we are willing to recognize its value ourselves.

Be sure that what you think is practically what Christ Jesus thought, and you will then be fearless and will be appreciative of that thinking, and will be willing that those who come to you for help shall express in wholesome, generous, and practical manner, their appreciation.

In the scientific analysis which Christian Science provides and enables us to employ, we perceive that the divine Mind is the healer of disease, and we see exactly how a treatment given by a practitioner operates to heal a case. We see that a true practitioner entirely loses sight of himself in the realization of the presence and power of God; and we thereby understand that a true treatment in Christian Science is the presence of God, which presence is the divine Christ, Truth, acting according to power and law. We see that the divine Mind is the only Mind, and it is consequently, not only the mind of the practitioner, but the Mind of the patient as well, which fact disposes of any question as to how the treatment reaches the patient.

In a true treatment it is recognized that Mind, intelligence, Principle, is Life; and if it is Mind, Life, which the practitioner realizes, then it is one life, and only one — in the measure that he loses sight of the material selfhood. It is the life that must operate according to its divine nature. It cannot fail to help and heal in every instance. The human evidence of the healing, step by step, may differ from that which the patient or practitioner thinks necessary, but the results are sure to be satisfactory. One might almost say to himself, when called to the bedside of a sick or dying person, “If I were Life, and were called to a situation like this, what would I say to it?” The answer would be in all probability a wonderful Christian Science treatment.

Mrs. Eddy writes, “Mind, not matter, is the creator. Love, the divine Principle, is the Father and Mother of the universe, including man.” (Science and Health 256:6) This quotation refers to the unity and completeness of all being, and of every individual instance of being in the whole universe. Nothing is more important than this inspiring fact. The Science of Being requires and rests upon completeness; the fullness of what Mrs. Eddy says in the Glossary defined in the words, “There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence…” (Science and Health 588:11-12) As this divine Principle is Infinite, it is always one. Its characteristics must necessarily be infinite and infinitely glorious, one Father-Mother, not one Father and one Mother, but one complete self-existent entity infinitely manifested. For the reason that God, divine Principle, is one, so we are one individually and one generically. Because of the revelation of this fact, Christian Science, unlike other systems of philosophy and religion, is consistent throughout.

Mrs. Eddy says, “The woman in the Apocalypse symbolizes generic man, the spiritual idea of God…” (Science and Health 561:22-23) She illustrates the coincidence of God and man as the divine Principle and idea. She writes, “Man, made in His likeness, possesses and reflects God’s dominion over all the earth. Man and woman as coexistent and eternal with God forever reflect, in glorified quality, the infinite Father-Mother God.” (Science and Health 516:19) These citations show that the terms man and woman signify ideas, which must necessarily be the case, since the creative Principle is Mind. As ideas, they characterize the divine man, a fact which is fully verified by the following passage, “Life, Truth, and Love constitute the triune Person called God, — that is, the triply divine Principle, Love. They represent a trinity in unity, three in one, — the same in essence, though multiform in office: God the Father-Mother; Christ the spiritual idea of sonship; divine Science or the Holy Comforter. These three express in divine Science the threefold, essential nature of the infinite. They also indicate the divine Principle of scientific being, the intelligent relation of God to man and the universe.” (Science and Health 331:26) All these statements serve to confirm the necessity for reflection on our part. “Man, made in His likeness, possesses and reflects God’s dominion over all the earth,” already cited, is a passage which indicates both our privilege and duty.

A false sense of Life separates us from God and from each other. This false sense is to be supplanted by the true sense of Life. Students speak of the difficulty of practice and often ask advice in relation thereto. One of the most common complaints is that the patient often gets better, or feels great improvement; but more or less often, improvement is not maintained, nor is the recovery complete. Besides this, it is sometimes said, that the steps in healing are not maintained as progressively as they should be. To meet this difficulty, it should be remembered that everything which appears in connection with the case is important. We are too apt to think that we are to handle the main features, and very often we let some thought or expression that ought to be corrected pass without notice. Many a case is delayed in recovery because of some seemingly little thing, — a thing that neither patient nor practitioner would consider worth mentioning.

“We approach God, or Life, in proportion to our spirituality, our fidelity to Truth and Love; and in that ratio we know all human need and are able to discern the thought of the sick and the sinning for the purpose of healing them.” (Science and Health 95:6-10) We should bear this in mind when results from our treatment are not forthcoming. At such times we need to be ceaselessly insistent in knowing the truth of being. What we are thinking of the case must be the law to the case. As you read the accounts of the healings accomplished by Jesus, you will see more and more clearly that his power to speak and act with authority rested upon the unswerving recognition that Mind and reflection are one, and that one, Mind; that is to say, he got himself entirely out of the way. He could restore the withered hand because he knew that Mind, the one Mind, his Mind, was the only Mind, and that its authority was without competition. He could restore the dead body of Lazarus because Mind, Life, which was the Mind, Life, of Jesus, was also the Life and Mind of Lazarus, and it called with unimpeachable authority and resistless power, “Come forth.”

Our sins consist mostly of doubt and fear. We have the power to put them aside. “Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.” (Acts 3:19) To get rid of doubt concerning our ability to understand and reflect the divine presence, is to get rid of sin.

The primal sin is fear. Fear is the root of all sin and vice in the world. Fear is the characteristic of the false sense of creation, a sense of separation, a sense of division, not of unity. Mrs. Eddy says, “The allness of Deity is His oneness.” (Science and Health 267:5-6)

To know the allness of God is your rightful privilege and your active, operative redeemer at all times. This knowledge, this knowing, is never disturbed, never perturbed. Knowing knows its own. It is itself and excludes all suggestion of anything contrary to its divine nature. When variance, emulation, condemnation, recrimination appear, it calmly says, “I never knew you.”

The real meaning of the Church of Christ, Scientist, is to be found in this same knowing. By its very nature it is the Church of Peace, and at the same time the church of infinite activity.

To rise above a sense of material selfhood is a wonderful thing. Such an experience improves the health as nothing else can. It does not mean the destruction of the human body, but it does mean a far more harmonious body. It is the way of deliverance from the beliefs which enslave human beings through the false sense of body.

The finite sense which restricts us to material form and claims to limit our actions and our thoughts should be constantly rejected. It is nothing but error. Everything included in consciousness belongs to body so that everything that a human mind believes is more or less humanly embodied. They believe in disease, and therefore in belief, they embody disease. Just in the proportion that we gain and embody, or become conscious of, the divine facts of being, those facts will exclude beliefs of disease and sin. Consequently, we gain health and are able to bring it to others by gaining the real body. This real body consists of ideas. Do not be afraid to see this fact and stand for it.

We gain something by thinking about Truth, but the invisible Christ is Truth. Let us forsake the halfway position. Let us work, be real Christian Scientists. We shall be more practical in every way in everyday affairs than we are now, and we shall be far more practical in the most practical of occupations, — the healing art.

Immortal Soul, Mind, our God, and therefore our Mind, or Soul, requires immortal body. This identity of being is completeness, satisfaction. This is the only mind that we need and have. We cannot depict it, but we can and should claim it; for by so doing we are gaining in the demonstration of God and man, the ever-living Principle and ever-living idea. “For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself.” (John 5:26)

To hasten this consummation, we can at least cease to hate, cease to condemn, cease to judge. We can obey this admonition more absolutely by letting our conversation be, “…yea, yea, and nay, nay.” (II Corinthians 1:17) We can rise, and should rise, above the realm where belief and fear are constantly contending with their own concepts. The healing work, if properly carried on, will meet all seeming opposition and restore harmony.

Association Address for 1925

Our Association has one object and only one, and that is to learn Christian Science and learn it better and demonstrate it more fully. The object of all our endeavor is to understand and to grow in the understanding that there is one infinite Power, wholly good, and that in the realm of being, or existence, there is no other power.

To attain a certain sense, a spiritual sense, of the certainty of the imminence and availability of this power is the object of our meeting here. The other things we do in a human way are incidental and necessary, but they should not at any time hide the main issue or the main object.

The tendency of Christian Scientists to be influenced by something all the time cannot be wholly ignored. In a certain way, Christian Scientists are more subject to mental influence than other people are, because Christian Scientists are more mental than other people are; and, unless their mentality is guarded by the very presence of the infinite Mind, or unless it partakes of the nature of the infinite Mind, what they call their minds are much more likely to be touched by suggestion than they were before.

The constant tendency to revert to old things and old sayings and old beliefs is something that just keeps this movement on the edge of achievement, but never quite able to achieve. The beliefs of human beings, and especially their belief of goodness, or their beliefs in goodness, are just like the chains of slavery.

Old theology is a part of the mental equipment of every human being no matter if he has never had any religion. I had none myself, and yet I found out when I became a Christian Scientist that I was full of old theology, for everything that religion meant has that old stuff in it, — that belief of a distant power, and longing to understand something, and the reaching out, etc. Now, as a matter of fact, some of the best workers in Christian Science are held back by that stuff.

Live Truth, don’t just look at it. Truth is not something to contemplate; Truth is the only intelligence there is. You can’t contemplate it; you are it! Stop this contemplation. Do not rest under the belief that you must be a channel for good. Get rid of the channel. Good does not require a channel. Good is All. The only reason that you and I possess intelligence is that we may show forth the nature of true being. You don’t show it forth by thinking about it or contemplating it or being a channel for it.

There are no planes of existence. There is no such thing as a plane here or a plane there. There is one existence, — there is no other; nothing going on but Mind, Life, Spirit, Principle, Truth, Love.

Designate error as error and never talk about it as if it were Truth.

Regeneration is a human experience. You don’t have to regenerate God; therefore, you don’t have to regenerate man. Man requires no regeneration. You don’t have to redeem him; you only have to find out that you are that man. You don’t have to be regenerated, because in your real being, you are exactly like God.

Nobody is going to be regenerated by passing on. There is no death, so nobody dies and you have to stand for that. If you don’t stand for it, you are not really a Christian Scientist, for you can’t go to a patient and treat him, thinking that he will die sometime. I know that mortal mind says that everybody is going to die; but if you are going to accept what mortal mind says, you are not a Christian Scientist. We must find out that everybody is going to live NOW, not after a while.

This minute you are alive and you are a million times more alive than you were last year, because you know more and have demonstrated more. It is what you know that is alive. The Bible says, “…alive for evermore.” (Revelation 1:18) That is the thing to know, and we must know it better than we ever have known it. Stand for life all the time. Treat your patients for Life. Know they cannot lose it, that they cannot change or pass away. The belief that they can must healed and cast out.

“…the natural order of heaven comes down to earth.” (Science and Health 118:31) Heaven is to be known now; it comes down to earth. “…but the great facts of Life, rightly understood, defeat this triad of errors, contradict their false witnesses, and reveal the kingdom of heaven, — the actual reign of harmony on earth.” (Science and Health 122:4-7) Not somewhere else, right here. Refer to the following quotations from Science and Health, pages 174 and 281 respectively: “The thunder of Sinai and the Sermon on the Mount are pursuing and will overtake the ages, rebuking in their course all error and proclaiming the kingdom of heaven on earth.” “…the understanding by which we enter into the kingdom of Truth on earth and learn that Spirit is infinite and supreme.”

There isn’t something or somewhere that isn’t to be known now and demonstrated here. There are no planes in now, so let’s stop that forevermore.

You have got to maintain what is; at the same time that you have to make concessions in the way of statement or explanations to those who do not understand. But the less you do of that the better, because almost everybody can understand that Christian Science declares that there is something right in the universe, something eternally right, something that does not know how to go wrong, something that is eternal and true, and that something is Principle, God, and that is the standpoint from which every demonstration is made in Christian Science. You do not go out to it or climb ladders to get it; you proceed from it to demonstrate Christian Science. You must stop this business of introducing old theology into Christian Science.

Jesus didn’t grow from the standpoint of coming up from anything; he grew from the standpoint that everything is now all right. “Infinite progression is concrete being…” (Miscellaneous Writings 82:20) That statement is full of encouragement for us because it shows us the very nature of man, that he could not stop or cease to be, and he must be a state of infinite progression because the Principle or Life of all things is infinity, and infinity can never cease, never begin. Therefore, man, who is the image of infinity, must be in a state of spiritual progress, for that is what man is. He does not progress from the mortal or material to the spiritual. That is the human sense of things and is what we call demonstrating Christian Science. When the human being is lifted out of some material sense and is able to see and demonstrate something of his own being, — and that is only possible because man, being exactly like God, is exactly like Infinity, — he is ever progressing from the standpoint, not of imperfection, but of perfection.

When you want to improve a human being, realize that man is already established in perfection, and realize that from that standpoint he is forever unfolding as the image of Infinite Spirit, of Mind, of Love, and the human being will then seem to progress from error to Truth under that divine realization. “Infinite progression is concrete being, which finite mortals see and comprehend only as abstract glory.” (Miscellaneous Writings 82:20-21) There is no postponed eternality.

In the Bible you will find both truth and error. Do not rest under the supposition that the Bible is a holy book. Ideas are holy. Books cannot be holy. A book is animal magnetism, a belief in matter. There is nothing holy about the compilation we call the Bible. The only thing that is holy about it, is holiness; but where you find something that isn’t holy or right or good, it isn’t made so by being in the Bible. The Bible is nearly all error and a little truth.

If the Bible had never been, Christian Science would still be. If Jesus had never existed, Christian Science would still be Christian Science. If the Bible had never been, there would still be a Science of Being which would sometime or other have been discovered, even if there had been no Bible. Our textbook says, “…we take the inspired Word of the Bible.…” (Science and Health 497:3-4) It doesn’t say, “We take the Bible.”

You are thinking this instant because God is Mind, and if there were no Mind, no God, we couldn’t think in any way. Infinity expressing itself is one infinite Science. Infinity is the eternal is-ness. You cannot do anything to Infinity. You cannot do anything about it, except to know. It has to have a Science.

It is impossible that God could exist without existing as law, as order, as supreme arrangement, plan and purpose, as everything that means the ultimate of satisfaction. God could not be otherwise. Infinity, God, must of necessity have an Infinite Science, a Principle. God is that Principle, or rule, and that rule is invariable, inviolable.

Nobody can break that rule. No mind exists in the universe contrary to the Divine Mind. No mind operates in such a manner as to produce inaction, overaction, diseased action. There can be no other thing going on in an immeasurable universe than an Infinite Science, governing everything according to the Principle of that Science.

Get understanding. The action of this Science in humanity’s behalf is the way of understanding. Therefore, the Bible urges upon us the necessity of seeking understanding. You don’t find understanding by seeking it from the low to the high; you ascend all the time, you don’t descend. And from the standpoint of permanent ascension you look up to that which demands your attention and governs it by supreme presence and law, and that is Science.

Christian Science is the science of everything. To make that practical, you have only to hold to Principle, then proceed as idea. This knowing is the sanctuary. “…the sanctuary of the Lord shall be in the midst thereof.” (Ezekiel 48:10)

The thing we have to remember is the fact that a lot of earnest men and women striving to do right is a wonderful thing, even if they do not always see clearly the operation of divine Principle. It is very essential that we should maintain the spiritual fact in relation to the church and not be so much disturbed by the material evidence.

If people do get into our church who do not belong, in due time they will be redeemed or will get out. Don’t worry about it. The only church there is, is all right; and eventually the error will have to be entirely eliminated. Your chief business is to love and you have to do that under circumstances sometimes that would tempt you to do everything except love.

Error is often unrebuked and that is because of fear, the fear of losing favor. Now, our movement is growing and we are consistently in danger of having people who are not sincere, not honest, etc. Above all, as church members, do not be afraid to stand for the church of God. If you stand for that, you will find that the church which appears to be a material organization will flourish and progress, and will be the means of blessing many people.

Do not be influenced by sentimentality. I cannot see any place in Christian Science for sentimentality. I see an awful lot of sentimentality in the church. Love is not sentimentality.

I cannot see that a person can exactly get into the practice. The practice in a certain way gets into them. It seems to be that when spiritual understanding is so accurate that a human being is entirely subservient to that understanding, he is in the practice, for it has become his real life…it has become my real life….

Everybody in this room is a Christian Science practitioner, and I am perfectly sure that practically everybody is a good one. If you take any patients at all, that is the chief thing; everything else is less important. You must be very careful not to let anything in the way of social engagements or amusements enter in to disturb the work.

In the practice, the tendency is either to assume responsibility or to avoid it. Neither way is right. We do not want to gain the idea that we personally can heal a case, but we do not, on the other hand, want to be irresponsible.

When you permit your thought to be turned so awry that you believe that you have to contend with some difficulty and that the difficulty has substance, and law, and power, and intelligence, then you are not handling it correctly. Whatever the error is, it has no substance or intelligence, whether the error be lack, or pain, or hatred, or revenge, or opposition. It has no substance other than supposition. and the supposition has no supposer. The belief has no believer, for the believer is a belief, and that is all there is to a believer.

Mortal mind attempts to pattern Infinity by having a lot of minds, so as to have someone wondering what is going to become of his mind. The thing he calls his mind needs correction, however good it may seem to be. The belief that it is better needs to be corrected; even more, if he has a great sense of mental power, and that belief is sure to lead him astray at some time. Nearly always very clever people are subject to that belief, — flattery, — and that is the way Roman Catholicism works its way today into influential circles and gains a certain seeming power in the affairs of man.

Everybody is a genius in the sight of God, and there is no other sight. Every person is a genius because he has got one Infinite Mind and he knows everything as an individual; and as an individual, he is expressing individuality, the grandeur of the Infinite Mind. Do not doubt this, but let that spontaneous spark of genius show in your thinking. Do not let anything persuade you that there is anything you cannot know.

Man thinks as Mind, speaks as Mind, acts as Mind, walks as Mind, and cannot do otherwise. He sees as Mind, smells as Mind, and, not only that, he feels as Mind. The feeling that says to him that he can feel a pain is untrue. He cannot feel a pain, for feeling is a spiritual sense that cannot possibly transmit a pain to man. Every sense is a spiritual sense, so that a person should walk and talk and even digest his food through the demonstration of Mind. “Mortals must look beyond fading, finite forms, if they would gain the true sense of things. Where shall the gaze rest but in the unsearchable realm of Mind? We must look where we would walk, and we must act as possessing all power from Him in whom we have our being.” (Science and Health 264:7)

The fact is that he cannot demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven unless he demonstrates beauty in everything. There isn’t an ugly thing in the Kingdom of Heaven, — not one idea that does not show forth Infinite Soul, which means Infinite Countenance, Grandeur, something we rejoice to see and we shall always see it, and we must have the evidence more and more, and the evidence must accumulate and be more and more desirable.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the Kingdom of beauty. Be sure of that; so, we need not think that we can ignore the beauty of the material earth. The beauty is not material. We associate matter with the beauty, but the beauty is eternal and that eternality will appear in the measure that we cease to associate matter and personality with that beauty.

These characteristics are not qualities, but they belong to Being. They belong to God. You cannot be the image of God by trying to be the image of God. You can only be the image of God by thinking as Mind, and that thinking now is the image of God. You don’t have to wait.

Demonstration is a word that signifies both progress and proof. Being is already and forever perfect, and cannot be improved or improve. Being is already perfect in every detail and cannot improve, neither can it be improved. The imperfect belief is but a counterfeit of the spiritual fact of creation. This spiritual fact perceived in the demonstration of Christian Science is the Soul of man which is in Heaven.

A Christian Scientist does not have to change his occupation in order to get to Heaven. He has to change his belief. Let his occupation go on. We cannot all be practitioners right away in a minute; the world has to have its business men. Things have to be bought and sold and the world cannot get along without these, and it is a wonderful thing that Christian Scientists are doing these things, and the thought of Christian Scientists is helping the whole world. Do all to the glory of God. Do all in the demonstration of good.

Look up — Not down: Don’t ask a blessing at the table. It is wrong when people stand up for the benediction for them to bow their heads. What are you doing with your head like that? True thankfulness is straight thinking. You are responsible for your thinking. Think as if you were the only thinker in the Universe, and as if the Universe had to be carried on by your thinking.

The great objection to being all the time in a state of gratitude is that you are all the time reviving your troubles to remember how much you have to be grateful for. Yesterday is always coming up, — last week, last year, etc. But if you keep going back, when are you going forward? Now, there never was a yesterday, and in the last analysis, you never were yesterday. A false sense of existence sat in the place of God and said you were a sinner and a sick man, and it is a lie.

I don’t mean you must stop giving testimonies, but give better ones. Give them in a way that you convey the idea of Omnipotence and Omnipresence, because there never was any-thing else. The Christian Science movement has got to be carried on, and you have got to carry it forward yourself with an enthusiasm that is never asleep. The divine Mind never sleeps nor slumbers; it can’t. “If we array thought in mortal vestures, it must lose its immortal nature.” (Science and Health 260:28) Let us have the testimonies that are truly alive, so that people who are inclined to be dead shall be aroused by that testimony. “…let the dead bury the dead.” (Matthew 8:22) They themselves must beware of joining that great body of living dead. Have nothing to do with that; it is part of old theology.

It is sometimes supposed by some people that there is a kind of evolution going on. That it evolves itself through a belief of Truth until it becomes Divine. That is theology, — the belief that matter can become spirit sometime or other; the belief that error finally becomes Truth. Christian Science is the doctrine of perfection. It is the absolute Science of infinite perfect Being brought to light in such a way that all human beings can demonstrate this infinite perfect Being in their lives, in the measure that they apprehend the Infinite and Perfect, and abide by the laws of the Infinite and Perfect.

The steps by which they see the evidence of this understanding may be called improvement, or improved beliefs, but that does not mean that we shall gradually turn matter into Spirit. We never get a single improved belief in Christian Science except through understanding the unreality of matter and the unreality of an improved belief. The reality is that the idea exists as perfection forever.

You have a right to express Truth according to your own understanding. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and let the Divine Mind be, — just let it be, — so, that when you think out from material body to the material world, embrace the Universe. Think that way; you’ll like it, and when you have any patients, they will like it.

Think as if you were the only person in the Universe and the Universe depended on your thinking. It is going to be wonderful weather today, — good for corn, good for wheat, equally good for both. This day the weather will be good for both, for it is God’s weather and it is going on until everything that needs to be harmonious is harmonious through the Divine Law.

You cannot possibly avoid the responsibility of your own understanding, individuality. Your individuality is the very expression, the very evidence of God, man, the full representation of Mind. There will be a certain individuality and spontaneity about it. It will give you a certain place in the material world, just as you have your individual place in the Universe of Mind. You will find that it is operating to give you what is natural to you in human affairs, and that place will be a blessing. It may not be prominent. It is a good thing to be out of the spotlight, — most desirable. The spotlight is not, by any means, the light of Heaven; it is human beings’ exaltation of personality.

Even Christian Scientists are inclined to fear the absolute spiritual being. They say, “If I am wholly spiritual, I won’t be tangible, I won’t see myself.” We shall see each other in a much better way. Our seeing is going to be better seeing, our hearing better hearing. All senses better senses; and, by means of them, we will never discern anything about ourselves or anybody else except perfection.

There is no disease; there is no pain; there is nothing the matter with the hearing; nothing the matter with the sight. All is well. One perfect body removes fear of two bodies. A normal, healthy, happy, alert, progressive Christian Scientist, one body, one interest, one concern, one Being expressed in everyone’s body. Therefore, we must love one another, for Love constitutes the one and only body; and Love revealing and constituting the one and only body, is the one and only Mind, the Mind which heals the sick.

All people who study Christian Science undergo a mental and moral change, and sometimes it is more violent and more prolonged with good people than with so-called bad people. Chemicalization is a claim that we cannot ignore. Sometimes we go on working and do not know what the matter is, and then wake up to the handling of chemicalization. Mrs. Eddy says, “Thus endeth the conflict between the flesh and Spirit.” (Science and Health 567:12) Now, as a matter of fact, there is the belief, just as there is the belief of human beings, so it is the belief or thought of human beings that they can chemicalize.

See clearly that there can be no chemicalization, because infinite Mind is all and does not contain anything that can chemicalize. Deny all the beliefs that seem to be the product of chemicalization and see that chemicalization cannot produce a product. See the naturalness of good.

Self-protection means an all-embracing consciousness from which no event of interest to mankind can be excluded. Self-protection is to be alert, but not to be anxious; to be clear, and yet not to be too keen in doing something, instead of knowing something. See clearly that your understanding sets aside, offsets, and nullifies false prophecy.

I ask you not to judge. Christian Scientists’ judgments are more severe than the judgment of the average person. Be sure the Christly spirit pervades all. Avoid suspicion. Be sure to know that your treatment is not a mere mental projection, but is the healing power of Divine Law, which heals, and sustains that healing.

The way to give a treatment is to recognize one Mind, so that you know the patient hasn’t got a mind separate from this one Mind; that he hasn’t got a body separate from the one Mind; that there isn’t a body in the universe separate from the one Mind, consequently there is no mind nor body that can be sick. He is receiving the treatment because the one Mind is announcing Itself individually as himself.

Never discuss the age of anyone.

Understand your business, then gain your dominion; and your dominion consists of improving every detail. Know that nothing but good is going on. Everything that appears to be going on is already done, but you have to know it. Then it may appear that you have to do a great many things in connection with that knowing, but it is your knowing that makes your doing valuable; and your knowing is a certain dominion which is your divine right, and is your possession, if you are willing to claim it.

A Christian Scientist in business should know what he is doing all the time; and, above all, he should gain that calm sense of things which enables him to carry on his business without any fatigue. There should never be a sense of fatigue, because it is his privilege to know that Mind is not fatigued, and Mind is the only thing that is going on in that business. A Christian Scientist in business should know that he cannot be induced to overreach himself, cannot be flattered into buying what he does not want, what he ought not to take that would be of no use to him. He cannot be handled by animal magnetism. He has a right to be loving and just, but he needs to know what Love is.

In business we are so apt to associate money with it, that we think that money is business. Money is not essential to business because business went on before there was any money. Money is only a medium of exchange. We don’t need to be afraid of money or afraid about it. If business is based upon Principle, then it has its capital; but it isn’t based upon Principle unless it is a legitimate business, unless it promises something in the way of success, and that means that it must pay, and that it must pay those who carry it on and those who invest in it. Honesty, sincerity, and Principle are the capital. A man must not be a slave to business.

Men and women are the sons and daughters of God. Man is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas. Man is not two, not a male and a female, but one; he is the image, the exact likeness of God. Even in human experience, companionship between the male and female is satisfactory in proportion to the oneness; such oneness is the blending of ideas. Ideas must always be distinct, otherwise they will not blend, but will interfere with each other. There must be blending of ideas, not mixing of ideas. We are gaining our identity; we are not like one another, we are eternally like God, one individuality.

You will realize that in yourself you may increase your understanding in such a manner as to be more conscious of every person’s individual being; and as you become more conscious of the individual being of your friend or neighbor or wife or husband or son or daughter or father or mother, you — as individual consciousness — will be showing forth the body of God, the complete body of being. It is not visible to the material sense, but it is apprehensible in divine Science, and appears as your spiritual sense of Being unfolds through your growing understanding of Christian Science.

Do not be afraid of it. Do not fear that you are going to lose something or lack something, or that in some way or other, when you find your completeness, you won’t be satisfied because you have always wanted your completeness in somebody else. In this completeness you find complete satisfaction, and in this completeness, you find one body, one wonderful body showing forth the Infinity of one Mind, demonstrating the one Mind among men as one body.

Doing that individually, you will not lose your sense of body but will gain it so much more fully that your present sense of body will be subject to your understanding. You will say to it: “Be healthy!” And it will be healthy, and mortal mind will not be able to say to it “Be unhealthy,” because your demonstration of one Mind and realization of one body becomes the law to your sense of body.

The belief of mortals has always been afflictive in that it has always had unsatisfactory desires; and that no matter what mortal mind does to satisfy itself, it is never satisfied. Observe this: that just a slight realization of our real being satisfies as we were never capable of being satisfied before, because that realization of our own Being is a present possibility; and consequently in that measure, our Divine Body, — or our real individuality — appears spiritually, is discerned, and we see that it means happiness for ourselves and for all mankind.

Be willing to see this and do not be afraid to see it, — this one body, one entity, expressed in infinite identity, or what appears to be infinite body, or bodies. Every person will be himself forever; and he can’t avoid being himself, for God could not be infinite if one of us could be left out of creation. We can see how important we are, and yet we are not important at all unless we do the thinking which constitutes the human illustration of the Divine Power.

Let your thoughts be a law of substance to every idea, so that every idea that is revealed to you has continuity, power, the Divine Nature. As you think in this way you become a kind of law to everything you think of.

According to Christian Science the only real senses of man are spiritual. Thought passes from God to man, but neither sensation nor report goes back from the material body to Mind. If your treatment is Divine Mind, and you give a treatment to yourself, then no report can come back from the material body saying, “I don’t feel so well.” It cannot say anything. Mind says everything to its one body, and when you say what Mind says, it is as though God were saying it, then no report can come back. It cannot say anything back. The intercommunion is always from God to His idea, man, and man does not come back and say to God, “I don’t like what you are doing.” Man does not come back and say to God: “I am deaf to all this splendid music you have made for me.”

Man does exactly what God tells him to do and nothing else. God is his Mind, his Consciousness, his Principle, his absolute Soul, his Life, and he has no other; and consequently, when your treatment is that, then you establish that Divine Power so unmistakably that nothing can resist, or say to it, “What doest thou?” or in any way resist the harmony and peace that the Divine Mind provides in a treatment. Mind is the substance of all thoughts, the power and presence of every idea.

I have said a good deal about the necessity of gaining and maintaining one infinite Consciousness; but there is a necessity for saying it, because this world has got to be helped more than it is being helped at present by Christian Science, and it cannot be helped unless Christian Scientists are more scientific. They must cease to be moved by the old beliefs that were violated in the name of Christian Science, the same old queer metaphysical notions along the line of metaphysical thought, the same old notions which pass from one generation to another absolutely preventing the demonstration of Christian Science.

Why not let all that go, and why not, after all these years, decide that you will practice Christian Science as Mind-Science, as the Science of the one Mind, the only Mind; that you will study to understand that one Mind, and seek to understand that Mind; that you will be that one Mind, and permit your understanding to humanly show forth the power and law of the Divine Mind. Why not? If we are willing to do this, our practice, no matter what our occupation may be, will be quite a new thing, and we will see in a short time, a wonderful change in human consciousness.

Are you aware that there are five hundred people meeting here today? Why, that is more than enough to bring about a revolution in human government. A revolution was once brought about by three hundred people, and it wasn’t a good revolution, either. Five hundred people knowing the Truth!!! It isn’t the weight of five hundred people; it is the fact that the possibility that the human race may learn to think like God, and still be the human race, and that, in consequence of that thinking, they can obtain their divine Being and show it forth in their ability to heal disease and overcome sorrow, abolish poverty, overcome tyranny and slavery, and bring about a normal, natural state of human affairs, the government of good, first individually, then collectively. For five hundred people, five thousand people, five hundred thousand people, five million people can do it; but the five hundred have got to do it first, and because they have to do it, you have to do it, because you are the five hundred.

For that reason I am placing upon you today greater responsibilities than I have ever given you, and yet it is the same old one, — watch your thinking. See that it must be like Good, like God, all the time in order to have power. See that your thinking is so clear that you cannot, as a thinker, be mesmerized or hypnotized or handled at any time by any form of animal magnetism. Be clear, but do not be foolish or frightened. See that your thinking must resemble Good, or God, and that is the only thinking, that is the real thinking.

See that the beliefs of animal magnetism, hypnotism, mental malpractice, are mere beliefs. There is no mental malpractice. There are no mental minds, there are no malpractitioners; they are not true. See how frequently people go down by the belief that somebody is malpracticing. That is a belief; there is no malpractice. There is only one Infinite Mind, and that is Love, and there is no other Mind. You can handle malpractice as a belief, not as malpractice.

Let us be awake and be Christian Scientists and show Christian Science to be what it is. “…my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30) Our responsibility is that of right thinking and it removes all the burdens; it gives you joy, and gladness, and abundance of good, and health that cannot be touched by diseases. Health that is so perfect that it is absolutely the image and likeness of God, and remains so constantly that you have it now and henceforth and forevermore. Health is as permanent as the power which produces it. Health is the thing you have all the time when you establish it through Christian Science. Stand for the best there is; for that is sufficient to overcome all evil and bring about the Kingdom of Heaven now, and enables us to keep it forever.

Association Address for 1926

We shall learn not only to admire and appreciate the beautiful but to live it. Mrs. Eddy says, “In Science man is the offspring of Spirit. The beautiful, good, and pure constitute his ancestry.” (Science and Health 63:6-7)

Each individual, reflecting Mind by thinking as Mind, possesses true ideas exactly as though he were the originator and sole possessor of them. Thus, every idea, however grand, and whatever may be its place in the order of Infinity, is possessed by all of us individually.

Mrs. Eddy says, “Spiritually interpreted, rocks and mountains stand for solid and grand ideas.” (Science and Health 511:24-25) Yet according to the testimony of the senses, what is called matter, rocks and mountains, like everything else material, often have some destructive possibilities associated with them. Consequently, they are normal only to the extent that they arouse and awaken solid and grand ideas.

This ability to recognize that a human belief or a material object is wholly different from the divine idea, is the firmament, and it needs to be kept clear. Certain conveniences for moving about from one point to another in what we call space are not actually true, because in Infinity every idea is everywhere and there is no need to, — nor, indeed, any possibility of — moving anything about; and there is no space in the ordinary meaning of the word. Yet, a train or an automobile or an airplane is useful; and in this sense of utility, counterfeits an idea that is ever present and belonging to everybody. “Everything good or worthy, God made. Whatever is valueless or baneful, He did not make, — hence its unreality.” (Science and Health 525:20-22)

So, it is seen that if one possesses a whole railroad system or a million automobiles or airplanes, he can protect and harmoniously govern them, and preserve and render them useful because of his realization that everything which really exists, exists as idea, not matter; that space and time are limitations of error; that all ideas are ever present, and that they are governed by divine law, and are eternally and harmoniously active by reason of their source, being, and substance in Principle.

It is a very important thing to Christian Scientists to see clearly that the idea is entirely different from the thing. Things are not even counterfeits sometimes. Sometimes to some extent they may be; but in a counterfeit, there is some resemblance to the original, whereas things often bear no resemblance whatever to the original. In handling the matter of trains it is important to see that these things that move do not represent Omnipresence, which does not move, but do represent that which is Omniaction. Moreover, it is very important to see that every idea is where it ought to be, doing exactly what it ought to do. There is no law or power in the universe that can change the relationship of divine Principle and idea. It is ever there and always will be there and all you have to do is to demonstrate it. Consequently, if you have to go from one place to another, the best thing to do is to find out that you are there already. I do not mean you will not have to go humanly. I do mean that the divine fact will operate as a law to remove limitation and financial beliefs and do away with the finite sense that says you cannot do it, and you will find that you can do what it is the thing for you to do. What I have just said is highly important.

I am tired of people saying, “Well, I will do that if it is right.” A person demonstrating is going along in a given way. If he has eliminated pride, foolishness, desires, false impressions, then he is demonstrating Principle. In that degree — and in that degree only, — he will go along. He goes along in confidence and is right. There will always be some suggestion to say “if.” Don’t have any “if”; that spoils the whole thing.

Mind is ceaseless action, and this fact is law to everything. “Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action.” (Science and Health 283:4-6) Under this law our processes of thought improve and will improve more rapidly in proportion to our recognition of the fact that the divine law is instantaneous in enactment and enforcement. That is to say, real law requires neither time nor process, and the more we disassociate time and process from the law of our treatments, the better for us and for our patients.

We need to recognize fearlessly that what we call the material body is a falsehood. It is a lie about man — a lie about ourselves individually and collectively. It represents body as an aggregation of material organs and functions. It, therefore, misrepresents body. In Science and Health page 302:3-4 Mrs. Eddy says: “The material body and mind are temporal, but the real man is spiritual and eternal.” On page 280:26, she says: “…man has a sensationless body.” In Miscellany page 218:11 she says: “The spiritual body, the incorporeal idea, came with the ascension.” The less you think of yourself materially and the more you know spiritual facts and make them yourself, the better and the healthier you will be.

Christian Science shows that man’s identity, body, is never material nor organic but is a spiritual, individual, compound idea. Nothing can be omitted or taken from this divine idea. Nothing in it or of it can ever be out of place or out of position or misplaced. Nothing in it or of it can deteriorate, weaken, or cease. Nothing contrary to Principle can ever happen to this divine embodiment. Idea is eternally perfect and its ceaseless activity is a concomitant fact. This is all there is, and all we need to know, concerning any so-called organ or function.

These points are of inestimable value in our practice. “All is infinite Mind…” (Science and Health 468:10) is wonderful, inspiring, profound, and far reaching beyond our present comprehension; but the words which follow — “…and its infinite manifestation, for God is All-in-all” (468:10-11), — appeal to us even more, because they seem to concern us more intimately. “For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hope, Because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.” (Romans 8:20, 21) “Knowing that Soul and its attributes were forever manifested through man, the Master healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, feet to the lame, thus bringing to light the scientific action of the divine Mind on human minds and bodies and giving a better understanding of Soul and salvation.” (Science and Health 210:11-16) Especially observe the expression, “on human minds and bodies.”

To say, “God is Mind,” appears at first to be only a statement expressing a new idea. In the old way it would be considered constructive solely; but through study and practice the idea thus expressed becomes the basis, incentive, and perhaps, the very warp and woof of our conscious thinking and the law to our present sense of body. A statement thus rises much higher than the realm of mere instruction. It has the substance which it expresses, the reality and power of Principle. Mrs. Eddy unequivocally declares that, “The myriad forms of mortal thought, made manifest as matter, are not more distinct nor real to the material senses than are the Soul-created forms to spiritual sense….” (Science and Health 306:21-24)

When the Bible says that God gave man dominion, it clearly signifies that the reflection of intelligence or Mind, called man in the first chapter of Genesis, includes as his own identity or body, right ideas and their activity, for right ideas must of necessity be ever active, ever living. The dominion given to man implies and requires affirmation. If you are asked to heal the appearance or belief called a sick or injured man, you do not say, “There is no man.” You do say and know that man is spiritual and that there is no matter. So, if called upon to meet the belief of a turbulent or stormy sea, you would know that everything, even the sea, exists as idea and not as matter. God governs the real and only earth, including the sea. We gain and express this government in the proportion that our thinking approximates Mind.

“Sin existed as false claim before the human concept of sin was formed...” (Retrospection and Introspection 67:1-2) The belief of separation from God, — which is the primal false claim or sin, — existed or stated itself, or claims existence, prior to its expression which is matter. So, the claim that we are constantly handling is not matter but mortal mind, and mortal mind is the primal lie, because there is One Mind. For this reason we need to say that we are not material. Do not be afraid to say it for those you love. You have to find that out. See that those you love are not what they seem materially. When you say that, you do not lose those you love, — you gain them and preserve their lives, which is the object of Christian Science treatment. The more clearly you see that your fellow students are not material, the better work the members of this Association will do, and the more perfect and lasing will be their work.

Incidentally, we see that the real man has no material beliefs and does not need a belief called the sea in order to go from one place to another. He includes place, even every place, and is there already. In this he reflects omnipresence. Knowing this, we can remove many seeming obstacles and limitations, and we can also control the inharmonious beliefs attendant upon the primal belief that the ocean is matter and that it is subject to laws which man cannot control.

Again, in reference to another point, ideas are eternally associated in divine Science, but material personalities are not, and do not exist in divine Science. When a seeming separation occurs between people, the endeavor to assuage sorrow is apt to induce us to make statements that are questionable. The fact is that any thought that depicts mortality, or any experience which indicates mortality, is already and forever separated from God. This is all there is to any belief of separation. On the other hand, every thought that shows forth immortality is characteristic of the real man from whom separation is impossible. Mind knows us as we really are — knows us as ideas and continues so to know us. “…then shall I know even as also I am known.” (I Corinthians 13:12) It is thus that we really know one another. There is no coming nor going, no primary nor secondary beginning, no interruption in divine knowing. This is the way to meet the belief of separation.

Refuse to be anxious about friends or members of your own family who have long known of Science and its benefits and yet who do not fully accept it. Especially avoid all anxiety concerning the children or young people, for anxiety of any kind adds to the original claim, whatever that claim may happen to be. Perhaps a mother is worried because some of her children who have been in the Sunday School seem to have lost their keen interest in Christian Science. It may be that that mother is thus forced to become more of a Scientist herself. Such an experience may lead her to a clearer realization of the Truth. It may bring her to perceive more clearly than ever before that what seems to her to be her child, is in reality a divine idea of the infinite Mind; that this idea is inevitably, eternally associated with divine Principle, and that there can be no deflection from that divine association or oneness, whatever may be the material evidence to the contrary. Carry this idea out also for yourselves in the daily work of protection.

Mortal mind depicts persons as material bodies which inevitably, according to the so-called law of belief, deteriorate, disintegrate, and disappear. This is what is called the gradual, or as the case may be, rapid extinction of material life. It need not be said that it is practically a universal belief. If we believe that this deterioration is taking place in others and that they are going through the process of growing old, how can we hope to handle such beliefs for ourselves? We should not permit mortal mind to make laws for us, and to be strong in this respect demands that we should consistently maintain the law of the divine Mind.

Medical science makes much of what is called cellular tissue and, holding it basic to material existence, declares that faulty or insufficient elimination causes disintegration of cellular tissue instead of renewal. There is no disintegration, deterioration, or failure; no gradual nor rapid extinction of Life. Life is Mind, Principle.

The work of self-protection should not be neglected. Being has no beginning. No one ever began. Our being is Good, God, eternality. In handling the suggestions of astrology, horoscopy, and other beliefs of luck and fatalism, we are to know their utter unreality, in view of the fact that we were never born at all and never could be. Father-Mother God, Mind, conceives and continues to conceive us in ever unfolding perfection.

“Neither animal magnetism nor hypnotism enters into the practice of Christian Science, in which truth cannot be reversed, but the reverse of error is true. An improved belief cannot retrograde. When Christ changes a belief of sin or of sickness into a better belief, then belief melts into spiritual understanding, and sin, disease, and death disappear.” (Science and Health 442:16-22) Know that you cannot be robbed of improved beliefs. Hold improved beliefs not by personal sense, but by divine power. Omnipotence would hold the improved belief; it would not let go of it. Hold the improved belief as though you could not let go of it, because it is held by Omnipresent divine power. It is divine power that you are exercising all the time, not a human treatment. Christian Science is divine power, and that is what is going on. Know also that you cannot be induced mesmerically to retain any offensive belief, or any belief inimical to the health and welfare of the body. Man is as immortal and continuous as God. He is also as safe as God. He cannot die any more than God can die, nor experience anything that would lead to death. There is no death. The law of being is continuity now and forever. To come under this law it is necessary that a human being should accept and actually live those characteristics that constitute immortality. “…love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Romans 13:10)

“An improved belief cannot retrograde.” (Science and Health 442:19) When Christ heals, it is spiritual understanding. You have had that experience, but generally it has been the experience of the practitioner more than of the patient. In that connection, there is something which I wish to say, which perhaps if carelessly read might deceive people and give a sort of an impression that we go on from improved beliefs until finally the improved belief becomes a divine fact. Now, the work is the other way — the divine fact is all the time the fact. The improved belief is the human demonstration of the divine fact. To the human sense divine power is available to human beings, — that having been demonstrated by Jesus in its fullness. Don’t get it the wrong way, because you must see all the time that, however the belief improves, it is still a belief, and you have to see that very clearly in order not to be deceived.

Demonstrate over business. We have seen people get a job and then lie down as if in heaven. He is not in heaven because he has a job. What must be done, must still be done. And then, though you and I attain the ability to accomplish the resurrection, or raise people from the dead this moment, we could never stop there; we would have to go on to the place where there was nobody to raise. There is no building up from matter to Spirit. That is theosophy, not Christian Science. Matter is unreal. Spirit is the real. Make it clear to yourself. Then, as these beliefs improve you will not be deceived. Don’t be so thankful that you go to sleep. Being thankful; express that thankfulness in the Wednesday evening meeting. Be alive! When does a mortal become immortal? NEVER. The mortal never becomes immortal. There is only the immortal man. The claim, and belief, and lie that depicts man as mortal is false from beginning to end. No matter how good he is, he is still a lie. The fact is that even when the human body is healed, you have got to watch out to see that you do not rest there.

Many years ago an article appeared, and I am told it stated this: “God does not know a sick body.” That implied that God knew a well material body. Mrs. Eddy said something about that to those who were responsible for it. There was something implied there that was entirely wrong. God never heard of a well material body. The activity of right ideas must ever be known to the Mind that conceives them, and in that sense, it controls its own body and owns it.

In the measure that your thought approaches the divine Intelligence, the supreme Consciousness, in that measure you lose the finite sense of a limited body, and step by step you find out that what you call your body is much healthier. Also you will discover that all the things you call your consciousness are governed by the divine power. As a result, you are less anxious. When something comes along that looks big, and you say, “I will take care of that right away,” you will find that you have the law and power on your side. That is body.

Time is a factor of mortality and is error. Mrs. Eddy writes: “Never record ages.” (Science and Health 246:17) This is more important than we have thought it to be. Yesterday, last week, last year, twenty years ago, it makes no difference which, because they are all the same. Even while we speak the moment is gone and exists no more. This shows the unreality of time. All that is, is now. There is nothing before or after. Now is the minute, the week, the century. Now is exactly our age. We cannot be older nor younger than now. Mrs. Eddy says, “Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion…” (Science and Health 68:27) Consequently, the way of Science is not that of getting, but of knowing. “Christian Science translates Mind, God, to mortals. It is the infinite calculus defining the line, plane, space, and fourth dimension of Spirit. It absolutely refutes the amalgamation, transmigration, absorption, or annihilation of individuality. It shows the impossibility of transmitting human ills, or evil, from one individual to another; that all true thoughts revolve in God’s orbits: they come from God and return to Him, — and untruths belong not to His creation, therefore these are null and void. It hath no peer, no competitor, for it dwelleth in Him besides whom ‘there is none other.’” (Miscellaneous Writings 22:10) It is important to see this. As we set ourselves to the task, we shall inevitably discern more clearly than we have done the meaning of the word individuality.

Mrs. Eddy says that Christian Science is not absorption. Some of the Eastern philosophies or religions define infinity as accretion and picture the final absorption of all identities into one so-called complete entity. Nothing could be more contrary to the true meaning of Infinity. The finite cannot be rendered infinite by any attempt of the imagination to increase the size of the finite. The infinite has no measure and can never have any. There is no danger of its becoming extinct through infinite expression. The very nature of divine Principle, the life of all that lives, is to live, and to live means to be and to express. Without expression there is no evidence of life or of being.

Individuality is essential not only as Cause but in effect, otherwise there would be no infinity. Infinite individuality necessarily has infinite expression. Consequently, each one of us as Mind’s idea is, and will be, himself forever. Humanly speaking, no one is this self; yet one’s understanding awakened in Christian Science, and gradually surmounting and extinguishing the beliefs of mortal mind, is this real selfhood appearing. Not one of us can be spared from God’s creation. Not a single idea can be omitted from infinity. This is true in every detail. The identity of man is a fixed fact, forever, even establishing the identity of animals. Anything that attempts to destroy the identity of anything is not a scientific operation.

Some things indicate a divine idea better than others. The natural object manifests the divine idea better than the manufactured object, because the natural object has its identity in belief. The manufactured object destroys a lot of identity in belief in order to have any identity at all. For that reason it may be said that rocks and mountains represent solid ideas. A tree may be considered the counterfeit of the divine idea. A table is an idea humanly speaking, but it is manufactured. Now, we have to see that everything that constitutes utility in the object is all there is to the object. A table exists only because it is beautiful, useful, or both, or otherwise it never would have come to pass. Utility misrepresents the fact that already and forever God hath done all things well. That is all that is true about a tree or table, or anything. You have that idea right now. Everything exists in perfection. That is the idea. We must remember that we cannot undertake to absolutely specify what is the divine idea, nor what a material object misrepresents specifically.

In regard to the organs of the human body, if you see that the divine body is all right, and that nothing can get out of order, you can prove that fact in your demonstration, and that is all you need to know. Mind has always been infinite. It is not going to be. IT IS. Avoid entanglements. Pure metaphysics is very clear. You don’t need to get into something. In the measure that you demonstrate supreme intelligence you will know more of God and His creation and reflect it in your own life. All the grandeur you are, you must live, not merely think about it.

Recognizing individuality in others as well as in ourselves, it is much easier for us to unite with others in the demonstration of the one infinite Mind. In this demonstration we shall see that there are no conflicting interests, no opinions, prejudices, traditions or beliefs. Mind, God, is not merely the most wise, but is the only wise, just as the Bible says.

Our identity, our spiritual, tangible selfhood, is infinitely diversified “from the nature of its inexhaustible source.” (Science and Health 507:29) And all this diversity and originality make up the harmony of being in Principle.

Every Scientist in the world, as well as the rest of mankind, should be blessed by our meeting annually, and they will be, just in the measure that we really come together; come in the one Mind, Principle, Love, come according to our individual understanding.

It is not pleasant to speak of unpleasant beliefs, but I would not be fulfilling my duty if I ignored them. We, — and I mean the members of this Association, — do not love each other as much as we should. The taint of suspicion among us is sometimes observable. Now, of course, I am not expecting immediate perfection in students. I cannot claim to have reached any such altitude myself, but I do see that improvement is essential in our thought of each other, and that even in thinking about people who are not Christian Scientists we need to be more careful not to load them with additional burdens. This work is necessarily self-redemptive. Our thought about people constitutes in some measure what we call our consciousness. This we need to see when we consider the faults of co-workers or fellow students, the faults of mankind, or even our own faults.

Everything that is true is in our favor, individually and reciprocally. The untrue, the unreal, the illusion, is all that is against us, and its so-called power and law are untrue. The truth of God and man comes in Christian Science and there is no matter nor personal minds to it or about it. Mrs. Eddy says, “Truth is the intelligence of immortal Mind.” (Science and Health 282:26) It acts as Mind, if we think it, instead of merely thinking about it. The fear that we entertain is sometimes in regard to the things that might happen, not only to ourselves, but also to mankind; and there is a kind of fluctuating fear, which comes and goes, and is always present. The fear of war. I wish you would consider that a little more than you do. You ought not to ignore this fear, because there are people who believe that we are bound to have another war pretty soon, and there are people who are perfectly sure that we will have one some time.

Christian Scientists are sometimes influenced by animal magnetism to interfere with one another. Consider what this means. Here is revealed and established the Science of universal health and happiness, and the very people to whom it is given are induced to block their own progress in it by entertaining personal beliefs about one another. We can unite with all Christian Scientists in affirming and maintaining divine Principle. See the power of this, the law of it, the possibility of it.

The fear of war still besets mankind, and the belief in the recurrence of war is more or less general. To establish peace among ourselves becomes, therefore, a matter of the highest importance for the universal welfare. We should by united front prove the power of the Christian religion, scientifically understood and demonstrated, to offset and nullify the fears and suspicions and superstitions of mankind.

Our personal work should extend its influence far beyond our personal environment. Anything that would act as a germ of suspicion, anything that as such could be fostered in the name of religion or psychology, should not be permitted to gain place or power in human consciousness. To illustrate by a specific instance: a kind of propaganda is being carried on in the western part of America, and especially in Canada, to the effect that the Bible indicates through prophecy that another war is imminent and that it will surely take place in 1928. While a thing of that kind is perhaps more or less local, still it shows the inherent superstition of mortal mind, and indicates more than it actually illustrates.

Of course, real Christian Scientists understand the nature of prophecy. Foreseeing evil is but the ability to discern what already exists in mortal mind, and, if it stops there, is not only valueless but may lead to highly objectionable results, in belief, by serving the purposes of mental malpractice. If we can foresee evil, we can, through Christian Science work, prevent evil from happening, and this is exactly what we should do.

We Christian Scientists in America, remote as we were from the scene of the recent strike, have the keenest appreciation of the work done by the Christian Scientists in England. That industrial upheaval involving so many elements of mortal mind, presented a seeming problem of gigantic proportions. To have the Christian Scientists in England meet this problem so promptly and thoroughly is an event for universal congratulations. It means that no so-called problem is too big for Principle to solve, and it means also that there are Christian Scientists whose understanding of Christian Science is comprehensive enough to meet and overcome a national or even international difficulty through Mind. As a consequence, the so-called industrial strike in England will be recorded as one of the most remarkable events in history. Not so much because of itself, as because of the fact that it went nine days without any serious disorder and without violence.

To those who have eyes to see, all this means that England is good spiritual soil, and that the seed has been, and is, well sown. Incidentally, it may be well to remark that such results do not come about through religious fervor or enthusiasm, but through that knowing which is as calm, as sure, as the presence of God; and to all intents and purposes, in such a case, is the presence of God.

Reverting to the subject of prophecy for a moment, it is an easy matter for those who are perverted by fanatical views to find their justification in the Bible. We have had occasion to observe such tendencies on the part of those breaking away from the Christian Science movement; and it is to be observed in some instances threats of punishment and disaster founded upon Biblical passages have been published against loyal members of The Mother Church. I do not wish to infer that we should make much of such a thing, but it would not be wise to utterly ignore any form of mental malpractice.

In regard to malpractice, do not permit yourselves to be used by mortal mind. Refuse to believe in evil. Do not announce anything as true, or believe anything to be true, unless it is in its nature a blessing to yourself and to all others. Of course, I quite understand that in ordinary conversation one cannot restrict his utterance in just this way, but he can, and must, keep his thinking straight.

The method of Christian Science is in all respects diametrically opposite to that of any form of malpractice. “Divine Mind is the only cause or Principle of existence.” (Science and Health 262:30-31) Hold to this and you will thereby see that any other seeming cause is nothing more nor less than malpractice and should be disposed of as such.

The common habit of holding to error and voicing it is most reprehensible. You may remember that I spoke particularly of this last year. We are improving but still very faulty in this respect. How often we hear some Christian Scientist say, “When this pain comes,” etc. Perhaps a treatment designed to obliterate the error has just been given, yet here the patient, a Christian Scientist, stands mentally and audibly against the treatment. Obviously, such a person needs to be healed of something besides pain, and this habit is more common with so-called workers than with beginners. A Christian Scientist has no more right to malpractice upon himself than he has to malpractice upon another; and if this fact were observed by Christian Scientists, much suffering would be obviated.

In Science and Health, page 207:20-23, Mrs. Eddy says: “There is but one primal cause. Therefore there can be no effect from any other cause, and there can be no reality in aught which does not proceed from this great and only cause.” And on page 275:14-15, she says: “All substance, intelligence, wisdom, being, immortality, cause, and effect belong to God.”

Notice the words “cause and effect belong to God.” Sometimes we are greatly concerned about uncovering error; and of course, error must not be permitted to remain hidden and thereby delay the healing of the case. But when the error is uncovered, we not infrequently misinterpret this desirable result. For instance, if we discover hatred in the patient, we are apt to regard this as the cause of the suffering and handle it as such; whereas, “All cause and effect belong to God.” Therefore, hatred is not a cause nor an effect, but only a lie; and the suffering is not therefore caused by the hatred, but the suffering and the hatred are one false belief, — a belief of a cause and effect apart from God, Good.

You, thus, simplify your work and make it more effective, for as “All cause and effect belong to God,” any belief of cause or effect that is unlike Good is mere malpractice without being, or law, or evidence, or space, or place, or occupancy. Anything that needs to be done to the human body can be done by the law of this fact — “All cause and effect belong to God.” Anything that needs to be eliminated from the body or from a situation, anything that needs to be restored, can be eliminated or restored, as the case may require, by this law.

Infinity is perfection. It never fails to be its own law to its own creation, and cannot be unlike itself as effect any more than it can be unlike itself as cause.

Bear in mind, too, and take pains to make it clear, that thoughts are not sent in Christian Science. The practice of Christian Science does not involve thought transference in any form. The ideas which constitute a true treatment have their being in the one Mind. They have all the characteristics and prerogatives of the one Mind. They are necessarily omnipresent, and there cannot be a place where they can fail to show forth their original being and the immutable law of this being.

A Christian Science treatment should always accomplish its purpose. It does this just in the measure that we know its affirmations, instead of merely making them. When results are not forthcoming, it is not always necessary to go over the treatment again, but it is necessary to nullify the ordinary, as well as the aggressive, disbelief in Christian Science and the malpractice which says that Christian Science cannot produce results.

The belief of delay is no more real than the original belief for which the treatment was given. This suggestion of delay is to be extinguished by the law that everything is accomplished in and through Mind, and that the proof of this fact accompanies the affirmation of it and never retrogrades. Know this, and do not yield to the temptation to believe that there is something wrong or lacking in the original treatment.

We cannot ignore the claim that there is more or less constantly in evidence that which is a belief of malicious opposition to spirituality. The most ancient writings of the old Testament, intelligently read, show that the so-called chosen people were constantly warned against this by those who were enlightened enough to recognize it. Basically it is always the same claim: it is error opposed to Truth. Watch yourself. Don’t let any doubt come in as to the power of God to help you at any time. Avoid the tendency to think that there is something too big for your understanding. Grace is sufficient.

Do not permit any such seeming conflict to get started and go on within your own consciousness. Christian Scientists should not suffer in progressing, and they never would suffer in their path heavenward if the door of thought were kept closed against beliefs and fears often outgrown but sometimes revived by suggestions which awaken slumbering memories. However, we are not helpless even though we may have been off guard. We can expel and exclude evil suggestions by being alert and practical. We can say and know, “This is not my thought. I refuse to believe it or think it.” “The distinction between that which is and that which is not law, must be made by Mind and as Mind. Law is either a moral or an immoral force. The law of God is the law of Spirit, a moral and spiritual force of immortal and divine Mind.” (Miscellaneous Writings 257:6-10)

Mrs. Eddy writes, “In proportion as matter loses to human sense all entity as man, in that proportion does man become its master.” (Science and Health 369:5-7) Amplify this statement in all your work. See clearly that “as matter loses to human sense all entity as” circumstance, event, occasion, person, place, thing, law, church, activity, publication, — just in that proportion will all of these take on improved aspects and the enduring qualities of divine being.

It is frequently to be observed that Christian Scientists are willing to be scientific about some things, and are afraid, or forget, to be scientific about others. They reach a point where in relation to themselves and their patients, they are willing to take the passage above quoted “In proportion as matter,” etc., literally, and use it radically, and hesitate to do the same thing for the church; yet it is evident that the same thing needs to be done for the church.

The church of God, the idea of Mind, will never be demonstrated so long as we cling to the belief that it is material or that it has any of the characteristics of materiality. It is just as essential to see the nothingness of matter, or minds many, in regard to the church and the Cause, as it is to see the nothingness of matter or personal sense in regard to a patient. We know that doing this does not cause the patient to disappear, but on the contrary, improves him in health and in every other respect. We may be perfectly sure that the same purely scientific method will benefit the Cause and the Church and all of their activities.

People go down to Boston. They are afraid to see what The Mother Church is. They think what a beautiful church! They stand in awe of the whole thing. Splendid! But are you going to stop there? It is stopping there that is giving The Mother Church a tremendous amount of trouble. If all the people that belong to The Mother Church had been Mother Church members, we never would have had the trouble we have had. They worshipped the creature instead of the Creator. They stand in awe of the belief; whereas, the divine church exists eternally in the heavens and is being demonstrated by every true member. As that goes on, it is being protected, sustained, and its natural growth will go on for centuries and will cover all the earth. Don’t be afraid to say there is no matter in it. “In proportion as matter loses all entity as man,” — as church, as anything you can know materially, — in proportion as it loses all entity, as you see it as divine idea, you will take care of your church, and there is no other way to do it. You must remember that the Church of Christ Scientist is organized to protect Christian Science. It is the business of a Christian Science church to be a Christian Science church exclusively. It is not to advertise anything extraneous to its own work. See that Christian Science is not mistaught or misinterpreted and that there is no adulteration. It may not have a scientifically governed Board, but the church itself must be maintained as an idea exclusively; and the church that is busy must be maintained in its purpose, which is to perpetuate Christian Science.

One point should not be lost sight of for a single instant, and that is, that a Christian Science church is organized to perpetuate Christian Science. The tendency to regard the church in any other light is erroneous. It is the business of a Christian Science church to be a Christian Science church exclusively.

No real student of Christian Science approves of spurious literature or reads it. We have quite enough to read already without adding anything harmful. In the measure that our understanding approximates Principle we shall not lack wisdom with which to differentiate between the true and the false. Every human being will have to find out for himself what is Christian Science and what is not. If we could always be watched and directed, we would not need to be students, but we would never reach Christian Science nor demonstrate it.

It need not be said that Mrs. Eddy’s works constitute the only standard for instruction in Christian Science Mind healing. Whatever else is written is only an endeavor to amplify or perhaps explain in detail something which can be found in Science and Health or other works by Mrs. Eddy. Our progress depends upon studying her works. To read everything that appears in the Monitor and in the periodicals without exercising any judgment in the process would most certainly tend to curtail our opportunity to study them. If what we say is true of Science, you will find it somewhere in her works; and if you cannot find it, it ought not to be said.

Our education is not theoretical. It is acquired both by study and practice. The object of our educational endeavors is to “awake the slumbering capability of man.” (Message for 1900, 3:13-14) This awakening must go on. Consequently, our literature is designed not to tell us exactly what to think, but to arouse in us an ever developing and ascending capacity to think.

Our individual rights are of divine bestowal and we would be unworthy of them if we failed to maintain them stoutly. Each one of us must acquire independence of thought and judgment, based upon and springing from the discernment and demonstration of Principle. Suppose that nothing ever came from headquarters to admonish us in regard to one thing or another, could we admit for a moment that our welfare or progress would cease or even be retarded? Such an admission would be contrary to both the spirit and letter of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation.

We must remember that salvation belongs to humanity. Neither God nor God’s man needs salvation. It is we, limited and troubled by a limited sense of existence, who are to be saved from this false sense through the recognition and demonstration of our original being, which is Spirit.

The tendency to revert to old theological attitudes is to be found in such expressions as “Leave it to Him,” “Love will take care of it.” They are misleading and unscientific. Love will not take care of “it” nor of anything in that way. Love, Principle, will take care of these things of which we may be obliged to take cognizance, provided our cognition of them is that of Principle, Love, and not otherwise. Even the thought which reaches out to God may be a kind of temptation and tend to thwart the operation of actual Science, because Infinity does not reach out of itself, and there is nothing besides Infinity.

The truth about everything is the Christ which disposes of the error about everything. We are entitled to understand anything that anybody ever knew or could know. All the spiritual intuition, all the spontaneous, scientific discernment that characterized prophets and apostles and even Jesus himself, are the individual heritage of every one of us. In the wonderful seventeenth chapter of John, it is said that Jesus prayed to this effect: the exact words are, “Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me, be with me where I am.” (John 17:24) He claimed for them and for us the same ability that he himself possessed. They, on the other hand, thought that Jesus was praying that when he was in some place called heaven, they would be there. What he was saying was a treatment declaring that these men had the right to understand. Exactly what he understood, they could understand. “I will,” the divine will, that those who have come through this demonstration, through Mind, shall know exactly what I know, and know it as well as I know it.

We are impressed and encouraged by this fact, but no true student of Christian Science perceiving this would misconstrue it and thereby irreverently fail in appreciation of those whose lives have proved their oneness with God. They are the mountain peaks which, first appearing above the chaos of human belief, first caught the rays of inspiration.

When you see what has happened through Philosophy, Art, and Science, surely no person in the world, who understands the beautiful in human life, would fail in appreciation and gratitude. Today there are those extraordinary men and women, who if they only saw God through the understanding of Christian Science, would have in that, the fulfillment of their desires and hopes. They have a certain place in human existence and are demonstrating something in their vast understanding, often earnest and sincere. Some doctors are like that. Our mission, then, is to so live that little by little this light will extend and radiate, that they too shall see it and come in. That is the work among other things.

No person is ever to rule over you. There is a tendency to ascribe to Jesus characteristics he would not accept, or associate beliefs with him that he never associated with himself. The only ruler over man and the universe is God, Principle, Love. Mrs. Eddy never claimed to rule over us. On the contrary, she was and is our Leader, and she is revered by us as such, and that legitimate reverence is spreading beyond the movement of Christian Science and becoming a part of general thought and education. There is nothing in her teaching to justify a theory of personal rulership through the interpretations of Biblical passages. There is nothing in Christian Science to justify any such teaching as that the two lights spoken of in the first chapter of Genesis, — the greater light and the lesser light, — mean Mrs. Eddy and Jesus, and that they will always rule over us. There never was and never can be any authority for such a theory. It is contrary to Christian Science, wherein man is seen to be the expression of God.

What the world needs and really wants is to be healed by Christian Science. The activity of Omnipotence may properly be invoked for all things, — personal, racial, social, national, international, or what not. We need to see more clearly than we have seen that the power IS available. No evil is great enough or powerful enough to resist correct treatment. The Christian Scientists in England lately proved this fact.

Misled as we have been by wrong education as to what constitutes humility, we are very apt to limit the influence and power of the divine idea. The more one considers this tendency, the more objectionable he will find it, and the more clearly he will see that it is the result of the theory that thought is a kind of personal possession, or that it resides in a personal body. No student of mine should any longer be under such erroneous impressions. Personal desires and feelings have nothing to do with Being.

It must also be seen that the difficulties encountered in the practice of this Science are not all within ourselves. No person, in belief, represents the whole of mortal mind. Therefore, if he blames himself instead of correcting himself for his failures in practice, he is proceeding erroneously and will accomplish nothing favorable to himself or to others.

In the real practice of Christian Science, Mind sets aside and annuls the supposititious influence or power of human opinions, beliefs, and fears. Mrs. Eddy says, “It is not wise to take a halting and half-way position or to expect to work equally with Spirit and matter, Truth and error. There is but one way — namely, God and His idea — which leads to spiritual being. The scientific government of the body must be attained through the divine Mind. It is impossible to gain control over the body in any other way. On this fundamental point, timid conservatism is absolutely inadmissible.” (Science and Health 167:22-30) Observe here the sentence — “The scientific government of the body must be attained through the divine Mind,” — and also the statement that there is no other way to gain control over the body.

Quite generally this passage and similar ones in Mrs. Eddy’s works are supposed to have been written merely to condemn the use of material remedies. Doubtless something of this kind is implied, but there is something far more objectionable than material remedies. It is material thought. It is much more erroneous to believe that one is treating a sick man whom he may heal today but who will most assuredly die sometime, than it is to administer a drug, because such treatment, being mental, has a potency, in belief; and, in belief, a lasting effect, that no drug is thought to possess.

Real Science is at work only when man’s immortality is recognized, not as something to be attained, but as already and eternally existing. Mrs. Eddy writes: “Christian Science is absolute; it is neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it; it is at this point and must be practiced therefrom.” (Miscellany 242:5-7)

In the Glossary, Mrs. Eddy defines “I am” in the words: “God; incorporeal and eternal Mind; divine Principle; the only Ego.” (Science and Health 588:20) Further defining “I or Ego,” she writes: “There is but one I, or Us, but one divine Principle, or Mind, governing all existence…” (Science and Health 588:11-12) About all of the troubles of the human race may be traced directly or indirectly to a false material sense of the Ego. The story of Adam and Eve illustrates this false sense, and the subsequent human history in the Bible is the account of this false ego, wholly misled and misleading.

Mrs. Eddy therefore takes particular pains in her works to make it clear that I am is never represented by that which is finite, material, or mortal. The same realization of the unity of being that came to Moses in the thought, “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14), is made possible through Christian Science. The “I am that I am” does not mean anything that is mortal or material, does not mean personal perfection, does not mean anything that might be conceived as limited or finite; it means the one Mind, our Mind, the one Intelligence, our Intelligence, the one Life, our Life, the Divine Principle from which no one can ever be separated, or for an instant find himself unworthy, nor from which he could in any way be diverted or perverted. That is to make a purely scientific statement, and to make it is the only right thing to do; but to say to those who are unprepared to understand what you mean, something that is radical though absolutely true, but has not yet been explained, will often get you into trouble if it could. We would do well to avoid trouble by not making statements, but rather by thinking them and knowing them in such a way that they constitute “Immanuel, or God with us…” (Science and Health 34:7-8), God’s divine power.

In this connection you will perhaps recall that in our meetings here year after year one dominant note has prevailed, and that is the immanence of Mind, Spirit. To make this clear, to show its naturalness and all sufficiency has been our chief object. In the exact proportion that the realization of the one “I” or Ego is attained, mystery vanishes from religion, and Christianity is seen to be what it really originally and inevitably is, namely pure Science. Mrs. Eddy constantly affirms that the divine Mind alone is the healer of disease and of all other evils to which flesh is heir. A practitioner’s healing power is enhanced incalculably if he perceives the true meaning of this and has the wisdom and courage to permit this idea to unfold its divine nature and dominate his practice.

On page 27, lines 12-13 of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy quotes the saying of Jesus: “‘Destroy this temple [body], and in three days I [Spirit] will raise it up.’” Then she adds, “It is as if he had said: The I — the Life, substance, and intelligence of the universe — is not in matter to be destroyed.” (Science and Health 27:14)

To what extent, it is then sometimes asked, can one say I am? To what extent shall one permit his thought to take on the grandeur and power of divinity and announce the immutability and enforcement of the divine law in healing the sick? The only possible answer in the light of Mrs. Eddy’s revelation is, to the fullest extent of which one is capable; but there must be no mistake as to the meaning of I am. Spirit alone can really say I am. A finite, material sense reaching out beyond itself cannot properly say: “I am that I am,” but if pure Science is enthroned, and thought rises entirely above matter; if a case is taken rather as an opportunity than a task; if it is seen that Infinity is perfect and that there is nothing to be healed or saved; if all desires, even those that we call legitimate, have vanished in the realization of the “Adorable One”; then thought can say, “I am that I am.”

As we take steps toward this most desirable goal, we shall perceive that Principle, perfection, is the sole foundation and activity of Christian Science practice, and that its law of practice is infinite and unobstructed. Knowing the Truth will become habitual and practically ceaseless. We shall forsake the bondage of “positions outgrown.” We shall no longer strive to adjust our adult stride to infantile steps, and will refuse to revert to them. Paul says, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man; I put away childish things.” (I Corinthians 13:11)

The chief thing we come to do is to praise God and do His will. “…love is the fulfilling of the law.” (Romans 13:10) It is quickly apparent to the human being when he begins to have and experience a Christian Science practice — the power of Love. One can see that Mrs. Eddy does not exaggerate at all when she says that Love is the only thing that needs to be understood. If Love is understood and demonstrated, you don’t need to have any fear about death. You need not have any misgivings that mental malpractice will interfere with your practice. The whole thing is demonstrating Love, the Love that is God. Every difficulty that we encounter fades out in that presence, but the Presence must be our Presence. Of course, I do not mean physical or material, but it must be our consciousness. Divine Love is the only power in the universe. It will do everything — heal the sick, cast out devils, rescue those in distress, raise the dead, prevent dying. It is the new heaven and earth.

Love more. All the time love more, and then more; and don’t get any sentiment. Just Love. That Love which is teaching compassion wherein nobody is condemned, whereby nobody is for a single moment cast out of heaven, but is always being redeemed. There is nothing in the universe that can withstand the demonstration of Love, Infinite Love; and when you think it and say it, don’t get a wrong accent on it. Don’t make it too much like l-o-v-e, for that is not Love. When you really think and say Love, you don’t have to do something to your breath to say it, because your thought is so right nobody can escape the redeeming influence of that thought.

Once in a while a student will come and propound a good many questions, some of which I cannot answer, because they are too personal, so to speak. I would not pretend to answer them. As I understand teaching, the duty of the teacher is not to tell people what to do, but rather to tell them how to do it. What they must do, they have to find out. How they must do it, I am glad to help them. It is always the “how,” and that is indicated in the words of the Bible: “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High…” (Psalms 91:1)

Take away the personal sense of Being, and see that every thought that declares God right has its being in God, that it operates humanly in our behalf just as though a personal God were here to help.

There are a good many things in certain books of the Bible that are not easy to understand, but you could raise the dead even if you did not understand them. Through Mrs. Eddy’s revelation, we know the essential things. I don’t believe that there is any other book that you could read that would help you much. Every book that I have ever read was written by someone who adopted a theory and arrived at a conclusion based thereon. Mrs. Eddy did not adopt a theory; she perceived what Jesus perceived, and gave her interpretation. That is scientific but not theoretical. It is all thought. So, if you study, you will gain all you need.

How about the beasts? They are non-essential. They are not absolutely essential to the understanding of that book. Mrs. Eddy does not speak of them. So, if people ask you a lot of questions about those things, don’t be afraid to say: “I don’t know.” Read Mrs. Eddy’s books. Don’t be afraid to say: “I will look it up.” Take the concordances. It is wonderful what you can get out of their use.

These meetings should be Pentecostal. The whole world should feel something is being done, not by being heard, but by the expression of Christian Science in their own thought and life. And that is the chief object of these meetings.

Mrs. Eddy says, “If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous.” (Science and Health 411:10) We have read and reread this for years, but I venture to say that most of us have regarded it as a kind of promised land afar off. Mrs. Eddy did not put that statement in her book with any such thought. She meant it for us. She meant it for each of us. The desire that Christian Scientists should do better healing expressed by her so frequently in her works unquestionably indicates her hope that we shall learn to rid ourselves of restricted thought and set forms of affirmation and denial, and enter upon the practice of pure Science.

Christian Scientists are sometimes so fearful of not making the necessary denial of error that they never really deny it, but merely by a series of statements continue to build it up. Statements are of value only to the extent that they accomplish the intended purpose. Words properly used serve to awaken and stimulate thought until it rises to the altitude of Principle, the one Mind, the only Ego. When this occurs there need be no misgivings as to the denial of the error; it will have taken place with full effectiveness. Observe in the passage quoted from page 411 of Science and Health that after defining this way, Mrs. Eddy adds: “…this is the ultimatum, the scientific way….” It follows that any other way is not absolutely scientific.

Traditions are tenacious. Our tendency is to cling to them and unless we are fully awake, they seem to cling to us. Let us rid ourselves of them.

Our practice is not that of materiality. We are not mentally practicing on materiality. There is no matter to practice upon. Belief is all there is to matter. “All is infinite Mind…” (Science and Health 468:10), and conversely, all that appears to be matter is human belief.

It is, therefore, not proper for us to believe that we are treating a material body; neither is it proper for us to believe that we are treating a man who believes that he is sick. We have to recognize in our work the perfection of Being, and stand for that perfection throughout our treatment. This attitude excludes the element of uncertainty. It shows that there is no personal mind to create or conceive a sick body or a sick man. It shows that there is no personal mind which believes that it exists in a material body and that such material body is suffering. The only Mind there is, or can be, is God. The only body there is, is necessarily well. Therefore in healing the sick, we have to constantly remind ourselves of these facts, and see that our thought is in strict accord with them.

The real healing of the sick forgives the sinner by leaving no condemnation nor self-condemnation to rest upon him. His errors may be legion, but in the light of infinite Truth they first appear, then are seen to be nothing, and thus disappear. This course brings about repentance and reformation, not through the will of the practitioner, nor though his finite, conventional sense of right and wrong, but through the will of God, Good.

A Christian Scientist must accord perfection to everybody. He must see that the one Mind is the Ego to which not he alone may attain, but is also the primal, essential, eternal Ego of that which appears to be a patient.

It is this divine completeness from which no one can be excluded that constitutes the real animus and function of our work. In this infinity and unity of thought, and in the recognition of it as both action and law, without any encumbering machinery, completeness takes on new meaning. It has all the satisfaction of certainty and immanence indicated in the words of the prophet Isaiah (65:24):

“Before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.”

Association Address for 1929


The object of the Association meeting is always that of progress. We, Christian Scientists, are learning something of the divine Principle and law of all real being; but, learning something of it, we are not to rest in that first step, nor in any step –– whether it be first or further along. There never was a time when we could stand and say, “I have it all now and I don’t need to do a thing,” –– because the very necessity of the case is that human consciousness must first be awakened, and then redeemed. That means ceaseless work; and it means to go on forever. There never is, and there never will be, a time when you can rest on your oars and say: “I don’t have to think any more,” –– because thinking is all there is to any of us; and it is all there ever will be. Consequently, we have to think better forever!

The tendency is to do some things, and to neglect a lot of other things –– quite natural for the human mind. We get a notice of the Association meeting, and we don’t read it sometimes; and so we are surprised to find that the meeting is at the Drake Hotel instead of the other place –– or perhaps don’t find it. Besides that, occasionally letters are written to Mr. Young, asking why we can’t have the Association in England or in a pleasant time of the year when it is cool. Chicago will be delightfully cool up to the very day of our meeting, and then it gets hot. What does that? If we redeem consciousness, we had better redeem it along these lines. We had better bring our atmosphere with us. We do, anyhow, and we might as well bring the kind of weather we want. In the question of change of place; it seemed best to make the change. I believe we shall like it. Let us begin to like it right now. If there are any inconveniences here of any kind, I have a feeling that your change of thought in regard to them, as well as the change of place, will perhaps adjust the matter and you will feel all right.

I am convinced that there is no limit to the power of Christian Science. I believe you are convinced of that also, but sometimes we forget it. I know I do occasionally, much to my regret. I dare say, about everybody in this respect sometimes fails at a given moment to remember that “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation,” (Science and Health 468:10-11), and there is not another thing going on. The work of preparation for the Association is a thing that devolves upon each of us, because, after all, it is our Association, not my Association. It is the Association of the students; and they are supposed to come here fully prepared to take their part in it, which, of course under the circumstances, has to be mental. We have found from actual experience that someone has to carry on these meetings, and so the teacher carries them on, or whoever is delegated to do so in other instances. It seems to be the best way, and we have found it the best way from actual experience; but each one who comes does his part, or fails to do it, as the case may be. The Association is really the demonstration of the one Mind, for the one Mind is all the Mind there is. In doing that, one is not only preparing the way, but he is taking part in the very best and most practical manner. So, I ask you to consider these things, and mention, not only for this particular day, but for all future days of a similar nature, things of import to our Association.

The object of these gatherings is not social. I don’t mean that we should not be well-mannered among ourselves –– far from it –– or that we should fail to remember that we are brothers, gathered here as members of one Association. Even though we may be scarcely acquainted, or not acquainted at all –– ordinarily speaking, we are friends here and ought to associate ourselves together, and not wait for any introductions because that is really the right way. This exemplification of the ideal of the brotherhood of man is something that ought to take place in this Association, and in our churches; and it must take place, or else Christian Science will fail in its primary object, which is to establish that bond among human beings that will carry them along as one body, to the greater glorification of God and the redemption of mankind.

This kind of work requires on the part of each person a certain relinquishment. That is, a giving-up of the austerity that sometimes characterizes our ordinary point of view. To learn that everybody in the world is just as much the “Son of God” as I am, is something that is necessary for that person’s proper education; and it is necessary for every human being’s education. We cannot possibly gain the Kingdom of Heaven without finding that everybody else belongs there, and that everyone else is there already! It is best to begin with the proposition that everyone is there because that helps the individual in getting there, helping others also. These particular things, however, are only in the way of what is called the “pressing of the world,” although they touch human consciousness all the time, and they tend rather to retard its progress, or accelerate it, as the case may be.

There is no circumstance that is not subject to the law of Christian Science. There is no event that shall not be governed by the immutability of that divine law. The whole question is: Are we awake to that fact? And, are we demonstrating that law? It seems just about the time that the Association meeting is likely to occur that something else is occurring, or likely to occur; that the demands of business or something else are interfering, or likely to interfere, with the attendance here, or one’s duty in this regard! It is necessary for us to be aroused and alert in this matter and see that Christian Science is first. Our work as Christian Scientists is that it demands our first consideration. Our work as church members, as members of the Association, our work as practitioners, must be guarded all the time, and we must be alert enough to see that nothing can interfere with that work.

A practitioner has to be on call constantly. It is not given for him, or her, to have the privilege of ordinary human beings. He can’t say, “I am due at the office this morning, but I won’t be there. It does not matter.” It does matter! He has to be there, and in order to be there, he has to take care of his health. He has to take care of the means of his getting there, –– even if he walks there; he needs to know he can walk there. If he rides, the means by which he rides, –– car, or train, or bus, –– all of these things have to be considered by every individual who calls himself a Christian Science practitioner.

In the ordinary affairs of life, we are constantly encountering what mortal mind calls difficulties. They are less likely to appear if we ourselves are already arrayed against them. A person perhaps finds that he has achieved a certain amount of freedom in his life, –– that he is able to do what he has to do, that he is able to carry on his work in Christian Science without being constantly in demand in the way of engagements and various activities. Then he, like that man in the parable who built a barn, (Lk. 12:18-21), is apt to say, “I will build more and greater barns and fill them” –– and as the Bible says in translation, “This day will I require thy material sense of thee,” because a spiritual sense is the only thing that will do any good. And so it happens that Christian Scientists have to be alert enough beforehand so that nothing is interfering with the first duty, — that is, allegiance to God, which means demonstration of Science. That is the only allegiance to God that there is!

There are some other things I want to speak of, and want to speak of them because it is a necessity –– not because it is exactly a pleasure. I am sure that every person here knows that I do not ever intend to be personally critical or offensive, but there are matters that Christian Scientists –– certain students –– ought to be particularly alert to. Not infrequently students go to practitioners, or perhaps ask their teachers, for certain advice. Sometimes the advice is asked after the event. When the whole “event” has already happened, then they come and say, “What do you think of that?”, and generally something has happened that nobody could think very well of. If one is going to ask advice about a given situation or action, why not ask the advice in advance? On the very face of it, that seems reasonable, does it not? It is not much use to talk about the situation or the action, afterwards! About all that one can do then, is to try to help the person to handle, to take care of, provide for, things –– very unhappy things –– that have come about because of an unwise action or situation.

There are people of larger experience than some of us. There are people in the Christian Science movement who have been in it for quite a long while. Many of them have gone through things that some of us know nothing about. They have encountered much of the difficulties that we take cognizance of and that we must encounter in one way or another. But when one contemplates an action that has any relationship to the Movement in any way, it is only right and proper that he should take the opportunity to consult with someone who has been in the Movement at least long enough to know something about the intricacies of mortal mind in regard to the Movement.

There are a good many instances where this rule might be applied, and particularly today it might be applied to the tendency of private individuals to establish hospitals, sanitariums, or if you like, “sanatoriums.” It is questionable whether such action is desirable on the part of private individuals. I am not saying that these institutions are all wrong. Some of them may be doing a measure of good, but the question is not that. There is no way of knowing what they are doing. Established by private individuals, they are subject only to the laws of the state. The state law does not require rigid inspection of certain private institutions. Witness the institutions of the Roman Catholic Church, which are never inspected. Because there is an objection to inspecting that kind of institution, the state law is very lax in regard to such institutions. I don’t mean to imply that it would be of great value to have state inspection on the part of state officials. If an institution of that kind is established by the consensus of opinion, as with those of Christian Science, the Church, through its members, can know what is going on. But otherwise, there is no way of knowing what is going on, and it is not possible that a thing like that could be successful as it ought to be, if it is established for the purpose of doing good.

I receive many letters asking: “Do you know of this place, or that?” –– because circulars of these places are sent out to the Field. I can’t answer a word, because I don’t know a thing about them. I would have to go there and stay there, to find out anything about it, so would anyone else, because walking through a place does not always tell you what it is like.

Besides that, there are beliefs that the people endure, who undertake these endeavors, things which they themselves scarcely realize or understand, until they get involved. The beliefs come inevitably; and when they come, they are sometimes disconcerting, and require a good deal of Christian Science in order that they may be met, or handled. So all along the line it would be better if we would act wisely from the very start. Knowing that Christian Science is infinite wisdom, available to us, and all it requires on our part is actual work, mental work, that is, metaphysical work, actual declarations, actual denials with regard to ourselves, our desires, our hopes, our wishes, in order that we may be divinely directed. It seems as if anybody might be wise humanly –– infinitely wiser than we are at times in certain other areas.

We gain a certain point of understanding and achieve a result. There we stand sometimes, forgetting it is only a step. Then we gain a certain self-satisfaction in the step. How shall we attain the Kingdom? Satisfaction is the nature of Being; it is peace; it is Love; it is divine Principle, actually operating as the mind of the person –– and there is no other. A certain measure of happiness gained is something, but not something to rest in, because there is no limit to happiness. Besides that, progress is the law of infinity; and however much we may appreciate the present moment, it is but a promise. The law of Infinity proceeds always from the Infinite. There is no such thing as progress otherwise than from perfection. What we call progress humanly is not real progress. It is only achieving something step by step through our understanding, but it is not actual progress. Actual progress starts from perfection, and manifests perfection every step of the way. A human being who really has nailed this symbol upon his banner, the symbol of perfection, wants to remember that it proceeds from the Infinite Mind which is Perfection, and that he must consequently poise his thinking at the standpoint of Truth, Infinity. In order that this may come about, we should be much more natural from the standpoint of perfection. We must realize that it is natural to be perfect; and yet it does seem to us unnatural. Perfection admits of nothing unlike itself. It cannot at any time, by any chance engage in controversy, or conceive of condemnation. It does not know anything about penalty; nor will it ever hear of it. The poise of real thinking, that of perfection, demands much of us who are Christian Scientists; and it especially demands that we shall not belittle our intelligence in the ordinary, or extraordinary ways in which mortal mind chooses to show itself.

This intelligence of ours, such as we now possess, is something to be grateful for. It needs to be glorified. It can be, because originally it is Mind, God! Whatever it may have gone through, or however much it may appear to be unlike actual Truth, still the only way to account for it is that it has its being in the one Infinite Principle, Mind, Love. If we use it properly, it must be used in accordance with its divine origin. Starting from that, we must take it back to that point, if we wish to lift it up and let it stay there. I do not suggest by this, that we should not find some joy in our ordinary existence, or that we should be so terribly serious –– so extraordinarily religious –– so to speak, that we can never smile or laugh, and never enjoy a joke! By all means, tell jokes, make better ones, have a better time in a better way, but do avoid ordinary gossip; avoid the personal note and talk, about people! I can’t emphasize enough. Let your conversation be “in heaven,” as the Bible says in words to that effect. This does not mean that it shall be dull conversation. Heavenly conversation must be the liveliest thing that ever happens or will happen, because wit and humor belong there; and latitude of thought, originality, and versatility –– all of these are there by divine right. Claim them, and act as if you had them. You will have a much better time. The next time you go out to dinner, you will be more entertaining. There is nothing about this that is going to take away a desirable quality. On the contrary, it is helping to enhance the desirable qualities, improve them and make them more permanent, if you like, more inevitable.

Sometimes we get to a certain point and by means of absolute Truth achieve a certain freedom, and then we find that human thought says, “Thus far and no farther.” You can’t disregard that. We are human beings. We live among each other, as it were. We are more or less subject to the conventionalities of human existence. They are good for us; they are absolutely essential. We can’t get along without them. In some respects the human race today needs to revert to some of the conventions –– and it will; but it will be the most conventional thing that ever happened, when it does, because there is sure to be that other swing to the pendulum! We as Christian Scientists need to understand these things, for the good of all.

It is not always a pleasant thing to find out that the Infinite Principle Love, has brought us to a certain standpoint of demonstration and then says unto us, “You must not do it.” Supposing you could raise the dead every time you tried it. Do you think mortal minds would appreciate it? They would be angry, clear through –– and they would kill you if they could. We are doing that very thing, and doing it daily; the dead are raised; but perhaps in being raised they would not be exhibitive –– either in the raising or after –– and we must be able to offset the malice! That is an essential thing that must be done!

In this Science of ours we are dealing with the human element. That is what Science is for. If we were already in possession of the completeness and perfection of our being, it should be more in evidence. If we had demonstrated it completely and fully, so there would not be a limitation of human thought or action, (both thought and action being evidence of God), if we had attained that, there would be no reason for the revelation of Christian Science! Christian Science was revealed because of humanity –– not because of Divinity. God does not need it. The Science of God is forever established, is now going on. Christian Science is the discernment of that Science, and the demonstration of it humanly, always human.

You can’t then disregard the human element. It is there all the time. The practitioner in Christian Science works from the standpoint of absolute Principle to the extent that he, or she, is able to do it, and at the same time takes cognizance in a practical way of the human element, because that is the thing that is needed to be done. In doing that, we must avoid certain pit-falls. One of them is the tendency to be disgusted, to be indignant, to have an attitude like this: “I have tried and tried for twenty years, and I don’t seem to get anywhere? What’s the use?” You want to handle that “what’s the use” business! It is all wrong, and all that is wrong! It is not permitted that you and I shall know how long we shall be obliged to go on as good soldiers. We don’t know how long –– haven’t an idea. We have to count out the element of time, and forget that there is any such thing. Instead think: “I am knowing the Truth and knowing the Truth in such a way that there is a cheer about it, that it cannot be taken away –– a happiness nobody can touch, and no circumstance, or event, can interfere with.”

Again, I do not mean to imply that one should go to a funeral looking and acting as though it were a joyful event, but there should not be any unhappiness there. There should be calm and peace, plus the demonstration of the infinity of Life right there because that is what is required there. Then one of these days at some of these funerals, that corpse will rise. That has to be done also!

These greater questions, so to speak, call for more unfailing work of healing; and this will come about, is coming about, in the measure of our joy –– that no man, no thing, can take from us. That joy is not there when we feel indignant. It is not there when you get up in a church meeting, and however much you may be justified, say something bitter; for bitterness will not heal, even sweetness will not heal, but Love will, for Love is neither bitter nor sweet. Love is just eternality. Principle does not know how to do anything else or be anything else than kind. Yet this firmness of Love is one of the most disconcerting things that any human being ever encounters because he gets it where he lives, so to speak, and makes him live as he ought to, to be blunt about it.

Christian Science always demands the knowing of something, and that which you must know is that which Jesus has said you must know –– the Truth; but he did not say that you must know about the Truth. This is an essential step in our progress. He said, “Ye shall know the Truth.” It is not possible to know the Truth objectively. By that I mean, you can’t put IT over there and then say: “There’s the Truth”! This knowing has to be in what you and I call consciousness, and eventually we have to recognize that it is the only Consciousness there is –– the Truth itself; and you have to have the courage, the wisdom with which to assume that it is your consciousness; and then you have to stand there! Think on that and hold! Truth is Consciousness.

A practitioner of Christian Science sits in his office daily, and hour after hour so-called sick people –– “sick” in one way or another –– not necessarily bodily sick, come in and lay their troubles before him, or her. A very good habit then is for the practitioner to think like this: “What does God think about this or about that claim?” “Is that included in the infinite consciousness?” Get the habit of asking yourself: “What does God think or know about this (claim)?” –– because that is the Truth about it; and if you find that God does not think about it at all, then you will say to yourself, “Why, I do not think about it at all either, as it (the claim) delineates itself. That is not the way to ‘think’ it!” The claim says: “I am sick.” God says: “There is no such thing as the ‘I am’ that is sick.” The claim says: “I am a sinner.” But God says: “There is no such thing as the ‘I am’ that is a sinner.” The claim says: “There is a terrible mess in my financial affairs.” The one and only Mind says: “I never heard of that.” So, thus the practitioner, already equipped, before “they” speak, answers the call, just as the Bible says God does, and the practitioner is there standing for God!

Just because Christian Science is exactly what the term implies –– the Science of Christianity –– and just because Christianity is the way of redemption for the human race, then that Science, or the way or redemption for the human race, comes to the human race; that does not mean that the human race represents perfection. It does not mean that a material sense of life is the only sense of life. It does not mean that a material body is the only body, nor that what is called “mortal mind” is the real mind; but it does mean this: we do not represent, as material personality, the actual Principle of all being. We, at any rate, are here –– or somewhere –– we have a sense of existence, though it may appear to be, and is erroneous, in much of its happenings. Yet it is a sense of existence; and seeing that God is self-existent, and is eternal and perfect, it is clear that that sense of existence must be subsidiary to something in order that existence itself may finally show forth the divine nature. Christian Science declares: “Spirit is real; matter is unreal”; that spiritual existence is the only reality, and that material existence, if under the operation of Christian Science, is just as absolute and scientific as if that existence were what mortal mind calls real. Just as in mathematics, the problem presenting itself is real to the person who proceeds to solve it. The intricacies or difficulties of it are very real to him; yet, the fact is that the absolute principle of mathematics knows nothing of the difficulties or intricacies, but only the operation of divine law. That is seen to be the case in certain exceptional instances of the human mind. Certain human beings have been found who could immediately give you the solution of a problem without going through the mathematical process. To some extent, that is the privilege of Christian Scientists in the present day, –– for instance, where the thought is so free from materiality that inspiration takes the place of process, the person achieves the result without due process. That, in the last analysis, is the absolute scientific way. Mrs. Eddy says, as you remember, on page 411 of the textbook, “If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth…healing is instantaneous.” (Science and Health 411:10) This healing power is the absolute scientific way.

But while that is our privilege at times, and perhaps with some people it is more habitual than with others, the average practitioner, — indeed every Christian Scientist — needs to be able to handle or deny error in every aspect should the occasion demand that work. Should one find himself in such a mental state or physical position that realization seems slow or impossible without argument, he should be able to argue so well that realization springs forth as the very presence of the divine power of law to heal the case. Therefore, every Christian Scientist must know the letter of Christian Science, and employ it, when needed, to the full extent in overcoming evil’s claims.

The “letter” of Christian Science, employed in this way in argument, requires a certain perception that we should attain, if we do not find it without argument; and that perception is that every difficulty, every so-called disease, every erroneous condition that confronts the human being, is invariably a belief. It never is contained in matter. It never is a disease in or on the body. It never is in difficulties in what is called business. It is always a belief. It can never be properly argued against, except as a belief! When realization comes spontaneously so that the Allness of God is absolutely known, and nothing else appears in the whole realm of thought, and the healing takes place as a result –– it is because a belief has been annulled or annihilated. It may appear to be a condition or a circumstance or a person in the way of obstructing a demonstration. Even then it is always a belief.

Every human being is entitled to our scientific respect –– though he may not be, according to human standards, entitled to our human respect. Scientifically, we must respect him, or we do not respect ourselves. Scientifically, we must know –– however degraded he may seem to be –– that he is the son of God; and if he appears to be a person (I speak according to belief), who is seemingly obstructing or interfering with some legitimate demonstration, the correct knowledge of what he actually is, is the very best treatment, because it does away with the whole claim and actually puts it out of business. It takes quite a lot of Christianity to be a Christian Scientist. And it takes more than a measure of it to see perhaps hate, greed, malice, envy, revenge, or gossip going on –– and then “see” what appears to be a channel for it, is nothing less than man who hasn’t any other mind than God. It is the remedy in every instance, because there is not any other mind than God. For that very reason, no one has any other mind –– no matter what he seems to have.

To quote an interesting metaphysical point in Ezekiel 21, verse 27, we read “…I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it; and it shall be no more, until he come whose right it is; and I will give it him.” Now actually, that is what is taking place with us. There is that overturning of human consciousness and it is being redeemed. Paul says that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind. There is not any other way of transforming. Ezekiel says the same thing. That changing –– so that what is called “human belief” is not ignored, but is scientifically disposed of –– is exactly what he says there: “I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it...until he come whose right it is” (the divine idea).

The redeeming, of course, taking place in us, is not always a happy experience –– not because the divine Principle is undesirable, but because of human resistance which not infrequently is unconscious on the part of the person. It is sometimes a kind of universal thing because animal magnetism is not just the belief of one person. The beliefs of mortal mind, all beliefs –– the belief that there are men, women and children who are conscious, and are thinking, and that their thoughts go, travel, from one to the other, either by word of mouth or sometimes silently, or by the printed page or any other way –– all that, is animal magnetism; and to a certain extent no human being is exempt from its hypnotic suggestions. The only exemption lies in the realization of the one Mind as the One Mind, because the “One Mind” is exempt!

Among other things that require our attention in this particular regard are the suggestions of the material system called or known as “medical science.” I don’t believe doctors are noxious intentionally, but they are self-deceived. In some instances, as must be the case where there is a large number of people involved, there is lack of moral perception, a lack of Principle, and sometimes an absolute lack of understanding as to the mental health of patients, and how this mental state affects patients’ well-being. The consequence is that they are consciously or unconsciously engaged all the time in malpractice! Their thought is a state of malpractice because it is a material state –– and material thought is far more material than pig iron! The material thought of that great body of materia medica, who are otherwise humanly conscious, suggests erroneous thoughts all the time; suggestions of disease, incurable or malignant, using words that frighten the patients into mental states that could have been avoided, with proper understanding. There is not any other thing going on in these cases except the malpractice, so to speak, conscious or unconscious.

The particular phase of malicious animal magnetism that we call “medical science” means all the thought of those who believe in it. If we are not Christian Scientists, knowing that would be disconcerting because the average person would say, with reason, that he is worse off than when he thought these “diseases” were only material, and he would be. But a Christian Scientist knows that there is One Mind –– that that one Mind is God, Infinite and good. There is not a place in the universe where that Infinite Mind fails to be perceived as all Perfection. Consequently, the Christian Scientist knows that a body of human thought, however great it may be, if it is not in accord with Principle, can be nullified, and all of its suggestions utterly set aside in a given instance, or in all instances, and he should act accordingly.

One has to be big enough to do this. He has to be a good deal bigger than most of us are. He has to see that Infinite Mind requires on our part infinite thinking –– thinking that should be measured up to the infinite standard; and he won’t any longer concern himself with things that are injurious. Even if a Christian Scientist deals in human affairs, he will deal with them from the standpoint of Mind and Science in every instance, and thus he becomes less afraid. One of the old “hang-ups” of Christian Scientists is that they have been afraid to think as Mind –– and most of us are still afraid. Some of them would say, “You don’t presume to make yourself as God, do you?” But the more you strive in the direction of being God-like, the more power you have to do good. I think everyone would like to do that. You can’t be all the time looking up to a distant power. You can’t have the old sense of reverence. You can’t go on that way. God does not require that you should be reverent. Infinite Mind is its own consciousness. That is all it requires of you. God does not even require that we should be thankful, but it does a human being a lot of good to be thankful; and the more thankful he is, the better he is, because the more likely he is to accomplish good results!

We want to recognize the fact that Deity is above all these human beliefs. Realize that divine and infinite Mind, demonstrated, means that we ourselves have changed our religious thought and have gained an ethical standard which is far above that of any other system. Gaining that point, we begin to find that the divine power is natural, is always working, and that, humanly speaking, there would be the constant evidence of its working, if human beings could but get out of the way!

A man who came in to see me recently said, (I am not breaking any confidence in relating this) “I have come here to secure a position, and I am trying to demonstrate it. I am surprised that I cannot demonstrate what I know.” Well, I was not surprised. What was the trouble? Only one thing: “I cannot demonstrate what I know.” I said to him, “If you know enough, the knowing will demonstrate itself; and the only difficulty is that you get “I” in between. Nine cases out of ten may be analyzed in this way!

The fact of Being is one infinite Mind and Its infinite manifestation. Mind manifests Itself as idea, and the idea is never something that is thinking about an idea. Mind is just idea; and in the measure that a human being thinks about an idea, and thinks it as idea, the divine Power is available to him because Science is not a personal matter. It never will be. Science is as impersonal in the Science of Christianity, as it is in the science of numbers, or mathematics.

There are some notions that stand in the way of demonstration that have to be taken out of the way. One of them is the thought, “I am not good enough.” We ought to get that thought out of the way because nobody is good enough, as a person. If you are entertaining that thought regarding demonstration, the sooner you rid yourself of it, the better. There is no justification for that belief! It is the old self-condemnation belief, in another form. You will never be good enough until you declare that you are good enough, and mean it. That is, all there is to you is good because there cannot be anything else to you that God does not know about, and He knows all. If there is something to you that God does not know about supposedly, it is not real –– and it is not happening! Do not let this notion stand in your way. Remove it. The opposite point of view says: “I am better than other people.” This is just as bad, and likewise must be taken out of the way of demonstration.

The absolute rule of divine Principle can become a conscious habit of thought. It is wise to establish it as the habit for the day. I think in our present state of progress there is nothing better than to follow the example of Jacob who arose early, and sacrificed unto the Lord. I believe that human beings can well afford to do that, but our sacrifice is quite a new one — very different from anything that Jacob ever conceived of –– and yet he did the best he could. That habit of beginning the day correctly, and beginning every day correctly, is a good habit; and after a while you find out that nothing has a beginning –– not even the day –– and yet the habit is still there. But at any rate, try to acquire the habit of doing what you call your “work” early; and establish the divine law for every event of what seems a day. Let that law carry with it the Omnipotence of God –– conceive it as Principle. Permit it to operate by its own immutability. Give it the strength of your own integrity, and your own loyalty. Allow that law for the day to dominate every incident of the day, every circumstance, occasion, every event that belongs to the day. Realize that nothing shall occur in that day that does not belong to it, as a matter of your demonstrating the power of divine Principle. Know this day has divine Order, and it comes about scientifically. It does not begin or end. It has no night. It is eternal light, the radiance of Spirit, God.

Afternoon Session

I would remind you again, this afternoon, that the Infinite Consciousness does not have to remember. In fact, it never heard of the faculty called memory because it is ever-conscious, constantly knows its own. The Bible says, “…ever mindful of its own,” and there is never a moment in the whole of eternity when that is not true. In the measure that our understanding approximates that divine and infinite Consciousness, in that measure we will correct defective memory. We find that we can restore what appears to be a lost faculty or an impaired faculty with this understanding. It is most important that we should recognize our ability to accomplish these results, and operate according to that power and law of that Principle, which brings about these desirable results.

The chief thing we have to do as human beings is to pay attention, and attention is very different from concentration. The only Mind there is, is already concentrated. You can’t do anything to it, and if you try to do anything you would merely make an effort of the human will that would interfere with your legitimate mental power. Any effort of the brain in trying to remember something, is always futile, and is dangerous. The psychologists point out that mental workers are headed for disaster because they say that mental workers all work with the brain. So, if you are that kind of a mental worker or have any temptation to be that kind, you want to change and be a mental worker who works from the standpoint of the one Mind that is infinite and good, and whose plan, purpose, and accomplishment are already fulfilled.

An effort of the human brain in treating the sick or in doing anything else, even if it be a good endeavor –– is a wrong effort! If one pays strict attention, lovingly, gratefully –– because there is no other way to pay attention –– then one remembers without any effort. He may not remember all the words that are said in a given situation on recall, but why should he? We are not dealing with words except for the purpose of bringing to light the Truth. You don’t have to remember words. I would not try if I were you. Some people have a great faculty in recall. They can read something and remember the words almost exactly. There is no harm in this, but it is far better to remember the ideas, and if you wish to express them, clothe them in your own words. Then you have done something in the way of absolute understanding!

Form the habit of writing your thoughts down on paper. I would not always retain these items that are written, if I didn’t do this. I think it is a bad thing to have a desk full of assorted things that you never look at. Instead, write a little, then in a week or two, look over what you have written, and if it is not correct, correct it. Later in a week or so destroy it, and write or do something else. Go on writing these things, retain what is good. When I say “write,” I don’t necessarily mean write for the periodicals, though you may, if you wish and you have the ability. It is no use, however, to send a lot of articles to Boston that are ill-prepared. It is a lovely thing for everybody, including yourself, to read and enjoy good articles in the Christian Science periodicals, especially those submitted from the Field –– students like yourselves.

In reading something I have already written for the meeting of the students in London this afternoon, I shall digress here and there, and possibly I may repeat some of what I said this morning. I don’t think it will do any harm, however. As we go along, we will find that there is something to think about –– something perhaps that we can carefully accept and employ for the benefit of not only ourselves but others who come to us for help. Incidentally, it is interesting to note that this morning, before I left my room, I received a cablegram from the students who are meeting in London, sending their regards to all who are here today.

Christian Science makes divine Power available to human beings. It brings to light the very immanence of all the word “God” properly understood, ever meant or ever can mean. It shows that the infinity of Good –– with all the harmony that can be associated with heaven –– is the actual fact of existence. It sets aside anything in the way of postponement, and insists that the real event is now without a moment’s delay. Every good thing and every good experience belongs to us by divine right –– and, conversely, any evil thing, or any afflictive experience, does not belong to us. Thus, “the place thereof shall know it no more” forever.

Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, has written “The true sense of being and its eternal perfection should appear now, even as it will hereafter.” (Science and Health 550:12-14) In order that this may come to pass, much more in the way of progress than has yet taken place is required. The “human footsteps leading to perfection” mentioned on page 254 of Science and Health, line 1, must be far less faltering and far more scientific. Our study of Mrs. Eddy’s writings should enable us to take great strides, instead of the feeble flutterings which she deplores. We may well heed the example of steadfastness and devotion given to us by investigators in natural science and allied subjects; and we should at least be as free from old superstitions as they are. We must be so, in order to do the best that we are capable of doing, for ourselves and for others.

The true nature and animus of Christian Science may not be perceived at once. As yet Christian Scientists do not as a class fully consider that they are engaged in scientific work. They do not as yet fully appreciate the fact that Christianity must be a Science. This is because the first appeal of Christian Science is to the religious instinct or consciousness. This appeal to increased spirituality results in improved beliefs about God, which in turn, though encouraging and helpful, are found inadequate to meet the demands of Science, and must give place to demonstrable facts. “It has been said, and truly, that Christianity must be Science, and Science must be Christianity, else one or the other is false and useless; but neither is unimportant or untrue, and they are alike in demonstration.” (Science and Health 135:21-25)

Christian Science is true theology Science. Religion and speculation disappear from true theology to make for progressive, provable Truth, which is not of religion, but is religion. This “religion” of ours is necessarily exacting because it proceeds from Principle, and operates as divine law. When this point is fully realized, we cannot fail to see that Christianity is the Science of Life; and is therefore unquestionably the one important Science for all living creatures. “The animate should be governed by God alone.” (Science and Health 409:19)

Mary Baker Eddy tells us that she gained her first inspiration from the Bible, and that the impartations of Mind came to her during and through the study of that book. As students of Christian Science, we also gain much from the study of the Holy Bible. But how much would we have gained if the Christian Science textbook Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, had never been written for our instruction? The fact is, that with all the study of good men and women for centuries, the Bible as the “way of life” was not thereby discerned. This way had to come scientifically. That is to say –– through scientific discovery; and it could come only when human thought, calling itself religion, became sufficiently attenuated, because of the proofs of its own inadequacy, through centuries of disappointed hopes and ceaseless suffering –– to permit the revelation of Christ-Science to appear!

In studying the Bible, no Christian Scientist should fail to remember “The Spirit we are of.” Otherwise, such study would be valueless, or worse than valueless –– for it gives a falsely reverential sense of religion, which is harmful. The fact is, that the study of the Bible is helpful when we recognize the Science therein, and one does not permit one’s self to be led astray, either by symbolism or by the general mesmeric belief which attaches itself to that book in the name of religion. There is enough condemnation in the Bible to sink a ship — or to sink all ships, so far as that is concerned, — if an understanding of the Law of God, though slightly recognized, did not serve to keep them afloat. The condemnation is there. Therefore, there is no other book in the world that requires so much discrimination on the part of the student!

When this discrimination is lacking, such study is questionable. I am not advocating a neglect of Bible study. Quite the contrary. I wish students might carry it on far more thoroughly, and might have better results than they have yet been able to have. The irrefutable unity of Mind and idea runs through all the Bible. And conversely, the denial of matter is constantly going on through the whole Biblical account. This, however, does not appear on the surface. It is by no means obvious in the Bible. One must dig for it; and he must take his Science with him all of the time. Besides this, one who is an earnest and intelligent student cannot fail to perceive that the Bible announces error as if error were true and real. Only here and there does it proclaim the spiritual facts which, if properly understood, enables one to nullify the error that seems to be there in far greater proportion than the Truth.

No doubt if we had the original manuscript of the Old Testament, we should find that, as Mrs. Eddy implies, “they” were far less definite in drawing the complete line of demarcation between Truth and error. Nevertheless, that line is revealed in Christian Science and by means of it we may, and must, study the Bible with care, intelligently. Let me repeat; the central point of all our study and endeavor is the Allness of Spirit, of God, of Good, and the consequent completeness and perfection of the universe –– and conversely, the nothingness of matter and of evil. Therefore, properly understood, the Bible is all in the present tense. It reveals the eternality, and therefore, the perfection of God, man, and the universe. Thus, we do not have to create anything. We do not actually have to do anything, for God, the only Mind, hath already done all things perfectly well. Every idea of infinity is primarily and forever as perfect as its source, and is forever unfolding itself according to immutable law.

In this connection, let us remember that every science deals with certain phenomena. Christian Science is no exception. It brings to light the spiritual facts of real being, and then shows how these facts may be utilized in dealing with the material beliefs of human existence. The errors which Christian Science enables us to correct, are not material persons, things, circumstances, or events, but are all beliefs –– matter being the primary belief. Every statement that we make must touch human conditions with the redemptive and healing power of Mind, in order to be in line with genuine Christian Science. Therefore, we can read the Bible intelligently only in the measure that we set aside all personality, and the limitations of place and time. Saint Paul admonished us to have the mind which was also in Christ Jesus. Mrs. Eddy defines the little preposition “in” in the following words: “In. A term obsolete in Science if used with reference to Spirit, or Deity.” (Science and Health 588:22-23) Think on that.

Consequently, interpreting that expression as it should be interpreted, we may see that Jesus acted from the standpoint of the divine Mind, and as the divine Mind. That is why he was called “the Christ.” In order to be real Christians, we must understand this, and avail ourselves of divine power in exactly the same way. We must know how and why Christ “comes to the flesh to destroy incarnate error.” (Science and Health 583:10-11) To doubt our knowing, would be in the highest sense, irreverent, because it would be virtually a denial of the Christ. Words in Christian Science take on enlarged and instructive meanings, and should be carefully studied and pondered.

This is as true of those words which define error as those that explain Truth. Thus, we find that the word “disease” acquires a multitude of evil beliefs; that is to say, a multitude of pains, sorrows, anxieties, desires, frustrated ambition, disappointed hopes, lack, and fear –– whose name might be called “legion.” They are all from the utterly perverted sense of the Ego, all paraphernalia of the error that defines life as in and of matter, thereby obstructing the upward pathway of struggling humanity. The beacon of hope that daily attains more and more the effulgence of absolute assurance is the advancing idea of really progressive thinking, transforming human lives and human living with the divine Being. This requires the recognition and removal of mental barriers. It is not enough to contemplate facts. We must know them. Mere exaltation of thought is not a Scientific mental state.

Christian Science is not chiefly a proven religion, but mainly Science. Knowing Mind and being Mind are one and the same thing in our practice. A patient calling for aid, is not asking for human help, but for divine help. If we are to help him, and heal him in Science, we are to do it from that one standpoint. There is no escape from this divine Oneness. Mrs. Eddy writes in the textbook: “We classify disease as error, which nothing but Truth or Mind can heal, and this Mind must be divine, not human.” (Science and Health 483:5-6)

Principle is God, and this divine Principle is not less than straight because it is, and must be, inevitably Love. It neither goes up or down. Thought which approximates this divine Power has this stable and steady characteristic. The Bible states: “…all nations shall flow unto it.” (Isa. 2:2) Therefore, to avoid any exaltation on the one hand and routine on the other, is the aim of our educational endeavors. The least reversion to old beliefs is objectionable and sometimes disastrous!

Science is not a personal matter. Primarily it exists as the law of Principle and idea –– the law of Mind to man and the universe. Consequently, the less our thought is involved in personality, the more certain and prompt are our demonstrations. Put this to the test, if you will. Deal with some particular error wholly as error. Utilize Truth and its law only, setting aside all thoughts of persons either as practitioner or patient –– just as you would if you were demonstrating a problem in mathematics. Working in this way, more and more persistently, you will find yourself advancing by leaps and bounds, with results more immediate and permanent. Such an experience is enlightening in every way. It helps us to understand the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science far better than any personal view could ever do!

The word “spiritual” takes on a new meaning when Science is seen to operate irrespective of persons. Gaining this higher understanding of the word, we can understand Mrs. Eddy as one who was naturally spiritually-minded. She was exceptionally gifted spiritually. She was the first to discern Spirit as the only tangible Substance. Because she perceived the magnitude of that discovery, she courageously and wisely took her stand for that very fact. She stood in opposition to the universal beliefs of mankind which, from the beginning, conceived matter as the only “substance.” Her mission established the necessity for a demonstration, on her part, that we are not required to make. In fact, she made it for us. In her book No and Yes, page 34, she wrote: “Physical torture affords but a slight illustration of the pangs which come to one upon whom the world of sense falls with its leaden weight in the endeavor to crush out of a career its divine destiny.”

Mary Baker Eddy’s manifest duty was to establish the cause of Christian Science, and provide for its perpetuation. The deceit, conceit, ignorance, and arrogance, of that which Jesus described as “a murderer from the beginning,” the un-God-like traits of mortal mind were aroused and arrayed against the revelation of the divine idea that she brought to light. But she had taken her stand, and she continued “to hold” against this seeming error, with the Truth!

Jesus not only knew the Truth, but he knew more about error than anybody else had ever been able to perceive. Mrs. Eddy resembled him exactly in this respect. She would not have been the Discoverer of Christian Science if she had not been spiritually equipped with this discernment. Like the ancient prophets, she saw things in mortal mind utterly unperceivable by others. By way of illustration, let me relate that at the time of the World’s Fair in Chicago, Christian Science was given a full hearing before the Congress of Religions. Afterwards Mr. Kimball told me that Mrs. Eddy said to him that she foresaw it would be years before mortal mind would recover from the chemicalization thereby brought about; and that Christian Scientists, as a body, seemed ill prepared to nullify that claim. This shows us that Mrs. Eddy had to stand, not only against the errors of the day, but also against that of tomorrow, and that she did stand through many years against conditions of which none of us could possibly conceive.

When assailed beyond endurance, and beyond the ability of her helpers to render aid, she is said to have resorted to material drugs to alleviate pain –– to enable her to continue her work. The directors of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts, in a recent statement in the Christian Science Sentinel, with which you are doubtless familiar, admitted this to be the case. This admission seems to have come to Christian Scientists as something of a shock, and the reason is not difficult to understand. It is found in the tendency of mortal mind to insist upon exalting personality rather than Principle. In her works, Mrs. Eddy repeatedly calls attention to this tendency, and deplores it in no uncertain terms. And Christian Scientists, strictly committed to divine Principle alone, seem to have been unable to avoid that pitfall. They have often been disposed to deify personality. We have no means of knowing how afflictive it may have been to dear Mrs. Eddy!

No person is reverenced by being canonized. According to history, many of the canonized or sainted, were either crucified or burned at the stake. Mrs. Eddy’s position in the world would have been burdensome and unbearable but for divine support. She was obliged to maintain strictly the fact that she was the Discoverer of Christian Science, in order to transmit her discovery inviolate to the world. The world at large, with its customary ignorance of the real facts, could only believe that her attitude was one of ambition and pride. They knew nothing, and from their standpoint of education, could know nothing of what was actually going on. On the other hand, the followers of Mrs. Eddy failed to heed her admonition to the effect that Science has nothing to do with persons. Mind alone is the source of all Science. Mind alone demonstrates Science. Even now, after years of study and work, many are held in the old mental habit of placing personality first with Mind subordinate to it; whereas, the divine Mind comes first all the time, and everything that really exists is subsidiary to, and corroborative of, the divine Mind.

We are so incorrectly reverential from the standpoint of old religious theology and other training, that we hesitate to claim our divine rights. We still believe that Jesus and Mary Baker Eddy knew something that we may not be privileged to know, but they did not believe this. Jesus said to his disciples, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do, because I go unto my Father.” (Jn. 14:12)

Mrs. Eddy in her works again and again expresses the hope that Christian Scientists will awaken to a full realization of pure Science and unhesitatingly avail themselves of the Omnipotence of Good. She writes, “Truth is won through Science or suffering: O vain mortals! which shall it be?” (Miscellaneous Writings 362:27) With a peculiarity that seems unbelievable, Christian Scientists seem to often fall into, — if not actually to choose, — the way of suffering. In spite of all this, we are learning. What is ordinarily called the perspective of time, has aided us somewhat. Nearly twenty years of experience without Mrs. Eddy’s personal Leadership have served to teach us what we otherwise seemed loath to learn. We begin to perceive that it does not belittle Mrs. Eddy’s achievement to recognize that though she was the most spiritually-minded of human beings, and though hers was the greatest of Discoveries, she was –– like ourselves –– a human being. Like ourselves, she was tempted by certain human beliefs incident to so-called material existence. Our compassionate interest in her should be enhanced by this recognition.

The revelation of Christian Science, and the establishment of the Cause of Christian Science, were the most momentous achievements in the history of the human race. Mrs. Eddy was the sole author of them, but these events were not more personal with her than the healing of the sick is personal with us. Divine events, translated humanly, give to human history all the permanence that it can ever have. Therefore, Christian Scientists need have no doubt of Mrs. Eddy’s reputation and place in history. Both are fixed and unassailable, above all personal sense. There she stands, as unique incident, explaining the real “Immaculate Conception” and the birth of the Divine Idea, the impersonal Christ!

Real intelligence, starting from Principle, concerns itself with the majestic unfoldment of Truth, transforming the so-called human consciousness. Such being the case, we can well afford to view with unmoved equanimity the effort of malpractice to disrupt or destroy the Cause of Christian Science. All that such efforts can ever accomplish or have ever accomplished, is to force Christian Scientists to higher attainments and further demonstration. We have had to learn many lessons. We are still in the process of learning, but we are not left helpless. We have gained something of the “conscious, constant capacity to understand God.” (Science and Health 209:31) It is thus that you will remember Mrs. Eddy defines spiritual sense. It is all ours by divine right. We only need to claim it and be it. Wrong education and superstition alone hinder us, and we ought to know enough to set them aside.

There is nothing in store for us that may not be a pleasant experience. Nothing that is really blessing can ever be dependent upon waiting for death. All the health, happiness, and abundance that we could possibly desire, and far more than we can possibly conceive of, are ours by divine right. To know this in the right way constitutes the only means of attaining such infinite satisfaction and divine assurance. The understanding of God is man; and this man is ourselves –– each of us is this man. Now, God is all there is to us, and all there need be. If thought descends from the highest state of this divine knowing, and concerns itself with longing and human desire, then to that extent Science is lacking; and material sense, taking its place, announces itself as the law of delay or postponement. This would make our salvation dependent upon theoretical beliefs of sorrow and death.

“…perfection should appear now…” (Science and Health 550:13) It can only appear by claiming it correctly and ceaselessly. The possibilities of the present proof of this perfection are beyond the powers of human estimation. We have as yet but a slight conception of the supreme satisfaction that Science, properly understood and lived, has in store for us at the present moment. One infinite Mind precludes the possibility of many, or any, personal minds. We are so familiar with the statement that there is only one Mind, we are apt to say and believe it more or less nebulously. We must awaken and abolish this tendency. One infinite Mind is all the Mind there is or can ever be. It is wholly Good and it is man. It is the only power, the only presence, the only action. It is Principle, the only Life and the source, activity, and power of the only law. It is Spirit, the only substance, tangible, real, and there is no other Mind or Consciousness!

This divine and only Mind provides and presents its own evidence. Any testimony contrary to this infinite Mind is mere belief, or theory. It is without any foundation or activity. The error is as unreal as the belief. Even the most wicked person in the world has in reality no other mind than God, the divine Mind, and you must see and know this before you will entertain the least thought concerning the person, however criminal or degraded he may seem to be. If we claim the divine Mind only for ourselves and fail to see Its Infinity or universality, how can we be sure that the One Mind is available for our own particular case?

Prevailing religious beliefs involve the necessity of looking up to God –– but Christian Scientists are not always exempt from this archaic view of “religion.” We need to beware of it. Christian Science requires that we shall look out from God, from Mind, and have no other outlook. This is the only true revelation. Mrs. Eddy writes: “Human philosophy has made God manlike. Christian Science makes man Godlike. The first is error; the latter is truth.” (Science and Health 269:9-11) Further on she writes: “Do Christian Scientists seek Truth as Simon sought the Saviour, through material conservatism and for personal homage? Jesus told Simon that such seekers as he gave small reward in return for the spiritual purgation which came through the Messiah. If Christian Scientists are like Simon, then it must be said of them also that they love little.” (Science and Health 364:17)

Our calling is the demonstration in our lives of the operation of divine Principle, healing the sick, and saving the sinner. It is Principle alone that is the judge, and the judgment of Principle is ever favorable to the sinner and the sufferer, for the judgment of Principle is Love. The whole Field of Christian Science, from the so-called least unto the so-called greatest, is constantly affirming the power and law of divine Principle. Not infrequently this affirmation is the mere utterance of words, having little conscious meaning to the person uttering them. Nevertheless such words, so uttered, are in accordance with the intelligence of Principle. The individual may continue to think and act personally most of the time. He may look to personality, and in a certain sense be tempted to indulge in hero-worship; but the constant iteration and reiteration of an operative Principle is itself destructive to personal habits of thought, and has a transforming influence.

The hidden animus of certain deflections from Christian Science attempting to attack our Cause in various ways, has lately come to light. This is matter for congratulation rather than for fear on our part, because it serves to show the public the real nature of the false claim! Regarding this, Mrs. Eddy has written: “We may well be perplexed at human fear; and still more astounded at hatred, which lifts its hydra head, showing its horns in the many inventions of evil. But why should we stand aghast at nothingness?” (Science and Health 563:4-7)

The uncovering of error does not mean that we should accept the error. It was not truth, but error that crucified Jesus. The martyrdom of many sincere people came about through their belief that what they could not or did not avoid, must be accepted as if it were God-ordained. This is true today in our present thought, with many of us, at least. Because many Christian Scientists, in reviewing the incidents of human history, are likely to say: “Well, if Mrs. Eddy, or so-and-so, could not overcome or prevent the last ‘enemy,’ it is useless for anyone else to try to do so.” In that subtle suggestion lies the very means by which we would be undone! There are no personalities involved. Life is the divine fact. Life is Principle. It cannot die. It has never died. Nobody ever passed away, or had anything with which to pass away, or pass on. That which is, ever is. It is a question only of a person discovering that which is, maintaining it regardless of material appearances, and irrespective of human beliefs. This must be done!

We are not here to accept the lie about anybody or anything. It does not help them. It did not help Jesus or the disciples to believe that he was slain on the cross; for he had understanding enough to overcome the beliefs, even of the disciples. It took much understanding, but his understanding was equal to the event. Likewise, the understanding of Christian Scientists is equal to the event of demonstrating Life now, if they will exercise it and cease to expect the reverse. There is no other way. Sometime and somewhere, you will have to do it, and the longer you put it off, the more difficult it becomes.

As I remarked previously, the martyrdom of many sincere men and women came about through their belief that what they could not, or did not avoid, should be accepted as if it were God-ordained. That Mrs. Eddy took an entirely different view is evident from certain passages in her writings. For example, in her Miscellaneous Writings, page 83, line 21-4, in answer to the question: “Why did Jesus call himself ‘the Son of man’?” she quotes from the Bible thusly: “In John xvii. he declared his sonship with God: ‘These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify Thy Son, that Thy Son also may glorify Thee.’ The hour had come for the avowal of this great truth, and for the proof of his eternal Life and sonship. Jesus’ wisdom ofttimes was shown by his forbearing to speak, as well as by speaking, the whole truth. Haply he waited for a preparation of the human heart to receive startling announcements.”

In the first edition of Miscellaneous Writings, the next sentence in the quotation above read as follows: “Had wisdom characterized all his sayings, he would not have prophesied his own death and thereby hastened it, or caused it.” Doubtless recognizing that this statement might be offensive to prevailing religious thought, Mrs. Eddy changed it to read as in the present edition, “This wisdom, which characterized his sayings, did not prophesy his death, and thereby hasten or permit it.” The meaning however, is exactly the same. It shows that the greatest character in the world, Jesus himself, the greatest of all, was a human being, enlightened by pure Science, and experiencing that wonderful thing Mrs. Eddy describes on page 12 of the textbook, which I have already given you for reference: “A mere request that God will heal the sick has no power to gain more of the divine presence than is always at hand. The beneficial effect of such prayer for the sick is on the human mind, making it act more powerfully on the body through a blind faith in God. This, however, is one belief casting out another, –– a belief in the unknown casting out a belief in sickness. It is neither Science nor Truth which acts through blind belief, nor is it the human understanding of the divine healing Principle as manifested in Jesus.” There is more to the above citation than appears on the surface. Think on this. (Science and Health 12:2-13)

The spiritual insight of the prophet Isaiah enabled him to perceive what might be called the line of least resistance, and to foretell just how mortal mind would permit the personal representative of the Christ to appear. The people of his race, as well as Jesus himself, believed in the inspired nature of that prophecy. Jesus was so convinced of its truth that we find, in the New Testament constant repetition of the words, “That the Scriptures might be fulfilled.”

“Jesus demonstrated Christ.” (Science and Health 332:19) These words lift the whole veil of mystery from off the words and works of Jesus. They serve to impersonalize Truth and show unmistakably that everyone can demonstrate the Christ, and that it must be done. The ancient Christians thought that this involved martyrdom. They believed in martyrdom, consequently they experienced martyrdom. It seems that Christian Scientists, in many instances, come under the same belief. Yet they are taught that Christian Science comes to destroy all error, and no one, properly instructed, can believe for an instant that martyrdom is anything else but error!

In the paragraph following the one previously quoted above, from the text of Miscellaneous Writings, page 84, line 7-9, Mrs. Eddy continues: “The disciples and prophets thrust disputed points on minds unprepared for them. This cost them (disciples/prophets) their lives, and the world’s temporary esteem.” All that is merely human history, but nevertheless contains a lesson for all Christian Scientists –– and was so intended. Think on this. In Proverbs we read: “Doth not wisdom cry? and understanding put forth her voice? Blessed is the man that heareth me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoso findeth me findeth life, and shall obtain favour of the Lord.” (Prov. 8:1, 34, 35)

Throughout the textbook, Science and Health, divine Principle, Mind, is declared to be the sole substance and law to every condition or circumstance. Incidentally, the divine wisdom set forth in this book provides for an increased and ever-increasing preparation of what might be called “human wisdom,” for those who are willing to receive it.

It is interesting and thought-provoking that Mrs. Eddy was led to put certain passages in her book, but she apparently felt it was important and needed. Such excerpts as the following:

  1. On page 464 she writes: “If from an injury or from any cause, a Christian Scientist were seized with pain so violent that he could not treat himself mentally, –– and the Scientists had failed to relieve him, –– the sufferer could call a surgeon, who would give him a hypodermic injection, then, when the belief of pain was lulled, he could handle his own case mentally. Thus it is that we ‘prove all things; [and] hold fast that which is good.’” (Science and Health 464:13-20)

  2. “If Christian Scientists ever fail to receive aid from other Scientists, –– their brethren upon whom they may call, –– God will still guide them into the right use of temporary and eternal means. Step by step will those who trust Him find that ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’” (Science and Health 444:7-12)

  3. “If patients fail to experience the healing power of Christian Science, and think they can be benefited by certain ordinary physical methods of medical treatment, then the Mind-physician should give up such cases, and leave invalids free to resort to whatever other systems they fancy will afford relief.” (Science and Health 443:14-19)

Concerning these excerpts, let me remind you that on previous occasions of this kind, your attention has been called to the necessity of constant mental alertness in the study of Mrs. Eddy’s works and the Bible. We should seek to learn, to recognize and demonstrate the absolute Science that is set forth in these Eddy books. In order to do this, you must perceive that some statements are scientifically of greater value than others. Some statements are clearly intended to awaken us to a higher and more scientific perception of Truth. Others are intended to smooth the way for those who have turned to Christian Science for healing, and who as yet, for some reason, known or unknown, may not have experienced the benefit sought. It is not pretended that any one of the passages herein last quoted, represents Christian Science in its true or actual practice! They were placed in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy because she saw the necessity for them to be there. But –– let me repeat –– it would be the height of folly for anyone to assume that they indicate the absolute operation of Truth in healing disease. That Mrs. Eddy herself, under pressure of alleviation of suffering, in any way constitutes a criterion for the absolute practice of Christian Science.

In closing I wish to quote again from Science and Health, page 109, line 4-10, as a way of summary: “Christian Science reveals incontrovertibly that Mind is All-in-all, that the only realities are the divine Mind and idea. This great fact is not, however, seen to be supported by sensible evidence, until its divine Principle is demonstrated by healing the sick and thus proved absolute and divine. This proof once seen, no other conclusion can be reached.”

Good afternoon, may you be blessed in coming here today.

Association Address for 1930

“Christian Science”

We are not engaged in a religious endeavor in the ordinary sense. Christian Science is the religion of all religions; but more than that, it is a Science, and you must think and act scientifically. You cannot go on in the old orthodox way anymore, as it won’t get you anywhere.

We are Christian Scientists, and it is important that we should remember that all of the time. We sometimes are tempted to forget it, or are tempted to feel that we must make a good many concessions to our friends, so-called “mortal minders.” We do things that they do, because otherwise we might give an impression that we are not liberal or liberally minded, or something of that nature. However, after a good many years of observation of these things, I am absolutely led to the conclusion that we never make a good impression by any such a course of action.

The world knows that you are a Christian Scientist; everybody knows it, even if you don’t say a word about it. There is something about you that conveys an impression that is quite different from that which surrounds the ordinary personality. It is proper this should be so. You can’t avoid it, and you do not want to avoid it. They expect things of you that they would not expect of anyone else. They expect you to stand for Principle. They do not expect you to take a drink of an intoxicating liquor, even if it might be embarrassing to refuse, and they respect you because you refuse. They would not respect you if you accepted, because they can only respect you if you stand for what they think Christian Science stands for.

I do not mention this because any wide spread or flagrant error of this kind is going on, but I do know that perhaps here and there among Christian Scientists, — and I am not speaking entirely of our Association, — we find people a little too inclined to concede something along these lines and to say, “Well, under the circumstances I thought it was better to go along with the crowd than to call attention to myself.” One doesn’t have to call any attention to himself. He can take some very discreet ways of getting out of a difficulty of that kind, without making a show. If, however, he has to make a show of it, I don’t see any other way than for him to stand for what he, or she, knows to be true; and that is divine Principle.

In this stage of proceedings, as far as Christian Scientists are concerned, they are prohibitionists. It is not the best word in the world, and it has come to have certain aspects undesirable; but as we are Christian Scientists, we have to take a stand for Principle in our lives. In practical everyday experience, we conform to what we call “prohibition” at present, and I believe it will always be so in some proper form.

Now, I am under no illusion about this. In the infinite Mind, there is nothing prohibited. Speaking from the standpoint of pure Science, there isn’t anything in the whole infinity of good that could be prohibited; so from the standpoint of Principle, there is no such law as the law of prohibition. But when divine Principle begins to operate in human consciousness, it does certain things to the human being that are more or less relative instead of being absolute. The human being is a belief. He is not God’s man. I am telling you what you know, but we have to call attention to what we know sometimes. A human being is a belief until something happens to him in the realm of Mind or Spirit, then he no longer is an ordinary human being, for a change takes place. He is no longer the same belief, as something is going on in the demonstration of Christian Science. This is defined by Mary Baker Eddy’s definition of the “Children of Israel” in the Glossary of our textbook, page 583.

That is what you are, what you really are –– the idea of God. Every person is that, but in the realm where Science is operative, in the realm of human experience, in the progressive way in which we are going on, you may be — and you are, — defined in that statement, and more or less visibly so. People who don’t know you are a Christian Scientist recognize something different, and generally speaking, they approve of it very much. They may say, “He has improved very much.” But perhaps they doubt if they could be improved, because very generally speaking, people don’t think they need such improving themselves. That is, until something happens to awaken them.

Now, in consequence of this, I think we should all be absolute prohibitionists, and I believe that we all are. However, I would have you all very clear on this point –– that the way to handle the claim is not the way that people are generally prone to take. When you heal disease you get a realization of the spiritual nature of man. You refuse to believe any creature is material. You reject matter. Now you can’t possibly handle any question that comes up in any other way.

Prohibition is not wholly good. It is a makeshift, and it is a poor one. It is the best that poor humanity can do at present. The right thing would be for every person to be temperate and wise. Eventually, it will come that way. The extreme chemicalization of human thought in this country will force human beings to do the things they should have done, and that is to behave themselves individually according to Principle. It has got to happen. Laws will never make us good. It has been tried for many centuries in many ways, and always forcing the human being back to the recognition that individual character must be established on Principle. There isn’t any other way. But at present (1930), we stand by the law of Prohibition. It is our job, and we have got to do it. Now, I have something else I must say. It is important in our work. The lack of sincerity on the part of our legislators is one of the crying evils of our legislative system, and the result of that is seen in the prohibition law. If Congress had seen fit to make the buyer culpable with the seller, prohibition would not be what it is today. Now, why didn’t they? One doesn’t want to ask why. At any rate, the law of prohibition is failing because it doesn’t prohibit. It does not prohibit the buyer, and that is something that will have to come about by our work. We must realize that divine Principle is operating in the laws of our country, and whether they will or not, human beings must make laws according to Principle and not according to political theories.

In a certain sense, of course, good prohibits evil, and when you demonstrate good in your thinking, living it individually, it naturally obliges you to reject the suggestions of evil; and that is a part of the process we go through in redeeming our character. We thus gain the kingdom of heaven within.

There are a great many books being written about Christian Science. Some of them are very favorable, while most of them are more or less unfavorable entirely, or in parts. Some of them make statements that show that mortal mind, even in opposition, is somehow touched by what Christian Science is doing, especially with some of the wonderful statements Mrs. Eddy makes in regard to this Science. I do not recommend you read these books. I don’t see what you gain by reading books that are antagonistic to the rule and Principle which we are demonstrating. However, I do say, that I do not prohibit any member of this Association from reading some of these books, if he thinks that thereby he is gaining in the understanding not only of Principle, which we all need most, but is gaining some view of mortal mind that enables him to see more clearly its utter nothingness. If one can gain in that way, I certainly would not forbid it, but I do say that, generally speaking, you waste your time when you read books that are written “about” Christian Science.

This is true quite as much when the books are sometimes considered to be favorable as well as unfavorable, and especially when these books are given over largely to the interpretation of Mrs. Eddy’s writings, or when they are explanatory of Mrs. Eddy’s works. They are always misleading. I haven’t read all of them by any means, but some of those I have read have enabled me to judge those I have not read, and I believe it is even worse to read some of those that are considered favorable to Mrs. Eddy’s writings than to read those which are unfavorable. It is worse to be misled as to what Science is, than it is to have someone come right out and say face to face to you, “I don’t like your Christian Science.”

In the interpretation of such a symbolic work as Mrs. Eddy’s Christ and Christmas, I remember that about fifteen years ago the offshoot of the apostasy of Christian Science that sprung up in England was founded upon the interpretation of Christ and Christmas. I believe that any of you can find out what this profound work means on your own. I do not believe you have to read one of these books to find out about it. I do not believe there is a student of mine who is not able, if he devotes himself to the task, to find out what Christ and Christmas means. I also believe that every student who is interested in that poem can find out through prayer and fasting. I do not mean that materially, but exacting what Mrs. Eddy means without reading any books about it. At any rate, I would like to have everyone make the attempt or try it.

Today in the world of Science, which represents a tremendous body of thought as you very well know, there are things going on every minute that are extraordinarily interesting. They are not only interesting; they are highly instructive. Things that are instructive for Christian Scientists. I do believe it is well for Christian Scientists to cultivate that side of themselves, — that is, the ability to see what the intellectual world is thinking about in these days, and what it is striving for. I do not mean by this, that one should devote his whole time to the study of outside things –– far from it –– but from the standpoint of the realization of the one Mind. Do not fail to consider what is going on in the realm of the intellectual world that is a part of the realm of mortal mind, a very superior part. Therefore, I do feel that we Christian Scientists can well afford to be the most alert and the best-informed people in the world.

That very element, that is called the highest in the world, is stirred by Christian Science as never before. They are troubled more or less by constant iteration and reiteration that there is but “one Mind” only. Do you think there is anything in the world of human experience that can escape your constant realization of that tremendous fact? And if there is nothing that can escape this great fact, you have to take cognizance of that particular phase of mortal mind that is called the “educated” part of the human race. You cannot pooh-pooh it because it is nothing to them.

These so-called educated individuals are beginning to understand that all is Mind, and wonder in a state of disturbance. They cannot imagine themselves without matter. They are ready for Christian Science, and would take it, if properly presented, but they will not take it in the old “funny” way. They will not take it mixed with a lot of old theological statements –– sort of honeydew stuff. What you say, you have got to say correctly to these individuals. You may not always be able to explain, — you can’t always explain, — but a statement must always be straight from the shoulder and it cannot be mixed with something unlike it. There is not a thing in old theology that is like Christian Science, not one thing from start to finish –– not a single thing! I do not mean by that statement, that there were not people in old theology who were unmoved by Principle, but they were moved by Principle in spite of what they believed, and not because of it.

The fact is, there is one basic, fundamental Principle of all being revealed in Christian Science. It is not only revealed, but it is the actual living Principle. It is their Life; it is your Life; whether they know it or not. It is your business to know it. What is true is their Mind, your Mind, everybody’s Mind. Is there any other Mind? According to Mary Baker Eddy, “Mystery, miracle, sin, and death will disappear when it becomes fairly understood that the divine Mind controls man and man has no Mind but God.” (Science and Health 319:17-20) Mrs. Young once said, “Knowing ‘man has no Mind but God’ is the greatest self-denial that could be made.”

In the daily work of a Christian Scientist, there are a great many things that should at least be thought of. We must take cognizance of many things that are not entirely personal problems. In fact, the less you deal directly with your personal problems, the more power you have in dealing with them. That may sound like an awkward sentence, but I hope it is clear. In other words, or to put it differently, very often when you are struggling with something that seems to relate to yourself wholly, and you lift your thought far above –– because of some circumstance or need –– you are forced to handle the universal claims of mortal mind; not infrequently you find that you have succeeded in handling the very thing that was troubling you, and with which you have been struggling for some time. The more you deal with what you call the problems of human existence, and deal with it from the standpoint of omniscience, the more successful you will find that you are in dealing with your own personal problems.

Now, have I made myself clear? Because the bigger the Science is, the better it works; and the bigger your understanding is, the more powerful it becomes. I am not advocating by this, that if someone should call you to treat him for disease, that you should immediately begin treating the world’s court. I do not mean anything like that; but I do mean that the temptation, when a patient calls a practitioner, is that the practitioner treats the patient, which is all right as far as it goes, but if the thought is so small that it hasn’t anything more in it than the patient, then the practitioner hasn’t put much Science in it either. It may work, sometimes it does, it is astonishing; but it is not the “real” thing, so to speak.

The real treatment is always from the standpoint of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, and omni-action; that naturally is all there is to knowing. Omnipresence is all there is to substance, anybody’s substance, everybody’s substance, all there is to body, all there ever can be. Omnipotence is all there is to Mind, all there needs to be. But if thought is still reaching out, going from one human being to another human being, well, it works sometimes, because if it is correct, it is more or less scientific, but it is not pure Christian Science. I have spoken of this a great many times, and you may think too many; but it is a great thing and our progress in this respect is the most important thing for us to consider this day.

It necessarily involves us in the consideration of how a treatment works; and the more we study Mrs. Eddy’s works with serious attention, — which we should do, — the more we see that a treatment is the direct action of the infinite Mind. This is true notwithstanding the fact that the infinite Mind knows nothing of the belief that somebody is suffering. Still, the treatment is the direct action of the infinite Mind. Mrs. Eddy mentions this in several places in Science and Health. She says in many places that Mind, — using a capital “M,” — controls the body, heals the body, governs man, and other such statements. How does Mind do this? Something must be going on in the way of thought to make it really true that Mind does all these things.

However, do you get, through your constant reiteration of certain truth statements –– which should all the time expand in their meaning to you –– you do constantly progress in the realization of omnipresence, and that is absolute substance. That is the fact that I want you to understand. Omnipresence signifies the substance of everything that exists. That which makes a thing effective in a given instance is the work of the practitioner, or the person who is doing the “work.” If one is handling claims or beliefs for himself, or if he is doing what is called his own “work,” then his realization becomes some kind of a law to the case. If it is a clear realization of the omnipotence of Good or God, one can understand that the law operates most satisfactorily. It always does. If it is not too clear, it does not operate satisfactorily. If it is clouded, it operates in a clouded way.

Now, it is the privilege of every person to be absolutely clear in Christian Science. There is no excuse, because the statements of Science made in a proper way will, at any time, clarify the thought of a human being if he persists in it. There may be times when physical suffering dims the understanding, in belief; but a persistent endeavor to know and declare exact facts, an endeavor made manifest in the exact denial of the error, will clear the thought of the human being. I know this to be true. The chief difficulty is, that when a person who is unaccustomed to physical suffering –– if he has gone along smoothly for a long time without any physical problems –– gets a sudden pain, he is apt for a moment, unless very wide awake, to think or say, “Where did this pain come from?” or “That’s that old thing again,” (or new thing), as the case may be. Whereas the thing he should have done at the moment, was to face that “thing” as error entirely outside of himself, with nothing to do with himself as a Son of God –– utterly untrue and not happening to him.

If one begins in that way, he very often learns that he is not laid on a bed of suffering. One must meet the error before it gets a chance to mesmerize him, or her. These are fundamental things. We have spoken of them many times, but I find they are always just as helpful and useful as anything else I might say.

In the realization of what man is actually, there is sometimes wanting an element that, in the measure that it is gained, is tremendously effective in healing disease. It is that of “tangibility.” When you say to yourself “man is divine idea,” even if you gain that realization of tangibility, you will add to the effectiveness of that part of the treatment.

The tendency of human thought, associated as it is with a sense of material existence, is always incorrect. When you use the word “spirit” –– the human being associated as he is and educated in the beliefs of matter –– “spirit” seems to him something he can only imagine, and that not too clearly. Consequently, when you declare the tangibility of Spirit (God) and its manifestation, there comes the temptation to think of something that has no form and no substance. In other words, one might think, “I cannot see it, and I cannot hear or even think of it. What is it?”

There is a point that is very helpful in the elucidation of the idea “education.” Mrs. Eddy declares constantly that man is the idea of God. Has anyone an idea of God? Everyone has. Then, that idea is man. Everybody here “sees” God as Mind –– that, too, is man. Idea “Mind” never began, never ends, can never get sick, can never know anything about so-called “bad” business, never feels afraid, because in the whole realm of Its infinity there isn’t any fear. There is everything to love and nothing to fear. Just one idea –– God is Mind –– but there it is; and should that idea, or any other that is of the same nature, become the whole of consciousness at this moment, you would be immortal. Now, the way of immortality is quite evident; it is the way of spirituality, the way of pure Science!

There isn’t anything in infinity that will ever cease. It must unfold more and more in beauty and grandeur, and an idea having its birth in infinity, understood by you, is YOU to all intents and purposes. It heals the sick because it is the very omnipotence Itself –– Its own Infinity.

This tangibility of the divine idea is something we can dwell upon as much as we choose and be immeasurably benefited. When you perceive something that is true and it comes by way of revelation, and you verify it by a legitimate process of reasoning so that you know that scientifically it is right, that which you perceive becomes to you absolute redemption. It is taking it entirely out of the realm of matter. It is taking it into the realm of Spirit and showing the person who thinks, that that is his realm and the only one.

Now, you can’t say that an idea that has such value at the present moment, in our present state of understanding –– an idea that so redeems us, so takes us out of all the troubles and turmoils of existence –– you can’t possibly believe that such an idea has no tangibility. But one says, “I can’t see it with my eyes, where is it?” Is the trouble with the eyes or with the idea? Because if eyes have anything to do with seeing, they will always have something to do with seeing. If there is an association of seeing and eyes, then seeing and eyes are one, and the law of the Divine Mind that “sees” Its own creation in absolute perfection, forever unfolding –– that same Mind constitutes all there is to eyes and to seeing. It not only governs eyes, it is eyes, and your understanding of that becomes a law. What kind of a law? A law of healing to sight. If it be taken into absolute understanding that Mind sees, hears, and knows, giving to every faculty Its own omnipotence, then your realization of that fact operates as a law. It will act as a law to do whatever is needful to any faculty. If the faculty is interfered with or even destroyed, that understanding operating as divine law can restore that faculty and will restore it.

It is in the human experience where Science needs to operate. God does not need Christian Science; that is, He does not need to practice it. The Infinite is already established in perfection. The infinite creation already exists in infinity and is infinitely perfect, ever unfolding, ever revealing Itself according to Its infinite nature that is the divine Mind or Principle that we call “God” in Science. Now, that can be made much more effective in your daily life than you are in the habit of believing. Much depends upon your attitude of thought, — whether you as a thinker, so to speak, are thinking, or are conscious not only of the fact that the Infinite Mind is the only God, but whether you are willing to be conscious of that fact. Here the thing that intervenes is that which I have mentioned already. That is, the religious thought of mankind –– thought which would almost demand reverence in the wrong way. A reverence towards something that does not exist; towards a power that is impossible; reverence towards something that is incorrectly defined.

Reverence is one of the characteristics of a Christian Scientist. There is nobody in the world so reverential, and his reverence is adequate and valuable just in the measure that it assumes the nature of consciousness. That is, rises above the old theory that there is something objective to ourselves that we must feel a reverence for. But permitting our own understanding to show forth the nature of Love –– that is the right way, and there is no other way. That old way must be discarded; it doesn’t belong to us. The new way, — and it is ever “new” every moment, — is that of permitting your thought to have its source in Infinity, to permit your mind to reject the limitations of finite sense and rise to the realization of Spiritual being. To that extent consider what faces you, and handle every claim with the clear understanding, or dominion of good. Not human will or human desire, but dominion of God, in which, and by which, all are equally blessed.

In doing this you will be gratified more and more by the results because you are not thinking of results, and then you get the best results in the world. Even in healing disease, practitioners are sometimes too prone to look for results. Principle operating will take care of Its own results. It never fails to do this; but a human being giving mental treatment and thinking of results, fails to avail himself of omnipotence just in that measure. The whole thing is summed up in the words which Mr. Kimball gave us some years ago: “Christian Science is the redeemer of consciousness.” Now, let it redeem consciousness. We take part in that process because we are constantly seeking, not ourselves, not even the real man, but seeking the ever-unfolding idea of the real God, and finding in that unfoldment –– ourselves.

This is especially applicable to the everyday business life; and I want to say, that in all this business excitement that we have been through in the last seven or eight months, every Christian Scientist ought to come out of that experience immeasurably blessed. Every Christian Scientist who is a business man, or is in any way associated with business –– because he has learned something, he ought to have learned perhaps without so much trouble –– will not be so easily deceived in the future. He will not look so much towards the things of sense, but will seek the things of Science, through Science and its Principle, and he will find them unfailingly. This whole question of the ups and downs of business is mesmerism, and the Christian Scientist understanding Principle does not need to be touched by this mesmerism directly or indirectly. He has the power to be above it, so that everything he has to do with –– if he seeks the Principle of it – will be safe as heaven, and that is truly safe.

In a recent issue of a Sunday newspaper published in the United States, there appeared an announcement by a certain professor of physics in a well-known university. The professor having the distinction of being a Nobel Prize winner at one time. The article was to the effect that the “new” physics admits the possibility of mind acting upon matter, and suggests that the thoughts of men are perhaps the most important things in the world. Many statements of a similar character have been made by other distinguished physical scientists in recent years.

Mary Baker Eddy said the same thing from an immeasurably higher standpoint and in a much more scientific and helpful way, more than fifty years ago; yet none of those who have come to agree with her have manifested the grace to acknowledge the fact. In view of this, it is interesting to note the recent charges that Mrs. Eddy was a plagiarist. As a matter of fact, literature is full of instances of plagiarism, and there is certainly no more plagiarism than that of exploiting the ideas of another person as if they were one’s own.

It appears to be true, however, that Mrs. Eddy, like many other writers, did in one or two instances, use the words of another author. It is not pretended that anything of this kind is found in Science and Health, but it is alleged that there is at least one instance in one of her other writings which would justify the charge. That instance, when examined, is found to be unimportant, because the passage is not explanatory of Science but merely corroborative. It seems quite likely that Mrs. Eddy learned many literary passages by heart in her school days, just as many of us did, and in later years like many lesser individuals, in one instance at least, used almost the exact words of another author.

When one observes, as one may easily do, that in hundreds of instances preachers and writers theoretically adopt Mrs. Eddy’s views and often use her exact words without giving her the slightest credit, one naturally concludes that in this matter of plagiarism, she is far more sinned against than sinning.

The same thing holds true in some form or other in all the attacks that have been made upon her. There was a time in England, when certain learned men in high standing would not so much as admit that the words “Christian Science” meant anything, divinely or humanly. Today (1930) they are writing books about it and Mrs. Eddy. Something has happened. It is not difficult to see what it is that has happened. We, who understand Christian Science, know that it is inevitable and that it will continue to be inevitable. “It” is explained only by the fact that Christian Science not only heals the sick, but, when properly understood, satisfies the heart and the intellect as no other system has ever done.

With all the advancement to be observed in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, and with all the promises which these great sciences hold out to mankind, one thing all important is always lacking; it is that of satisfaction, happiness. Not one of the generally accepted scientific systems of the age makes any pretense that it can “bind up the broken hearted,” and at the same time and by the same token, sufferings incidental to a material sense of existence. Christian Science is original and unique in this, as well as in other aspects.

It has become proverbial in our Movement that when attacks are violent and accumulative, it is a sure sign that human consciousness is being stirred, with the invariable result of improvement both individual and collective. While we comfort ourselves in this way, we should not, however, make the mistake of misinterpreting the onslaughts of animal magnetism, nor should we make the greater mistake of congratulating ourselves upon victory while the battle is still on.

Christian Science will continue to stand as Science. If it could fall, it would be because we Christian Scientists failed to recognize and practice it as true Science. We may as well face this fact. We are not only intimately associated with the Movement; we are the Movement! The demand that we justify the word “Science” by our practice in healing the sick, and still more by our daily lives, is insistent and incessant. We have discerned in some measure at least, that the success of our practice depends upon the attainment of a certain attitude, not merely of vision, but of being. It is only by maintaining that attitude and by pressing onward and upwards evermore to greater understanding that we Christian Scientists shall be able to answer the questions, and thereby nullify the criticisms of intellectuality.

Unquestionably, it is desirable that we should do this. The people who stand for the most advanced culture and achievement in science, art, and literature have great influence in the very field where Christian Science carries on its redemptive mission –– that of human consciousness! But aside from the influence which such advanced phases of mortal mind might exert, there remains the fact that what is considered “best,” humanly speaking, is often more self-deceived than that which is, humanly speaking, “inferior.” It ought to be clear to anyone that the best is just as worthy of salvation as the poor, or inferior. I do not mean by this that we Christian Scientists should make distinctions between persons in carrying on our healing work, our redemptive work. To do so would be unwise and uncharitable. It would tend to thwart the desirable result. Christian Science must be practiced as true Science.

Our intelligence, our mental alertness, founded upon Spirit, divine Principle, and above all, the pure Christianity of our purpose and conduct, are the means by which we may influence mankind and carry out most successfully our Leader’s desire, as expressed in her own words as follows: “…drink with me the living waters of the spirit of my life-purpose, –– to impress humanity with the genuine recognition of practical, operative Christian Science.” (Miscellaneous Writings 207:3-6) To this end, the citadel of our understanding must be strengthened and protected constantly. The source of both our strength and protection is far higher than mere routine of affirmation and denial. These may and do serve a useful purpose. They are means to an end, and because of their usefulness we should certainly improve our ability to use them. Our first steps in pure metaphysics were made possible only through the simple device of affirming the Truth and denying the error. This will always be a necessary part of the Christian Scientist’s education, and progress in the utilization of this. The letter of Science is absolutely essential.

Mrs. Eddy also speaks of the fact that a higher standpoint is attainable constantly, and likens it to light which emits light. She writes, “There will be greater mental opposition to the spiritual, scientific meaning of the Scriptures than there has ever been since the Christian era began.” (Science and Health 534:24-26) Such seems to be the situation today, notwithstanding the increasing interest in, and growth of, Christian Science. In view of this, it is evident that our light must constantly emit more light with which to dispel the darkness claiming to express itself as opposition.

Correct analysis shows that opposition to the spiritual idea throughout the ages is always the same. It is mortal mind’s fear of extinction. Jesus knew this when he declared that mortal mind was a murderer from the beginning. We may as well recognize that from its very nature, it must be the same unto the end. We also know there is an end, and that in every instance, where Christian Science is operative, or preliminarily to enlighten human consciousness –– in order that these desirable events should be more frequent and more unfailing –– the end or extinction of opposition is invariably demonstrated.

The recent attacks on Mrs. Eddy are unmistakable in purpose. They are intended to divert the widespread and ever-increasing interest, by the way in which certain books that have been published, strive to make harmless personal traits appear as faults of conduct and character. But “they” cannot discredit this good woman. Disclosures to the effect that Mrs. Eddy had human characteristics that are more or less common to us all, have not however, shaken the faith of Christian Scientists, nor slackened the public interest in the subject of Christian Science. On the contrary, the Christian Scientists, admitting themselves to be only human beings, are more strongly than ever attracted to Mrs. Eddy by discovering that she was also a human being. They have thereby gained in sympathy for her and they have not lost in reverence. They are reminded anew of her admonition not to think or speak of her too highly, and her definite requirement to follow her only so far as she follows Christ. (Message for ’01 34:25-26)

Through all the years preceding her discovery, the desire for good and the predominating influence of good in her own consciousness were operating to fit her for the reception of the discovery or revelation which she gave to the world. She wrote that God, or Good, was preparing her for this revelation. Though she may have owed something to circumstance and to certain mental contacts that went on during the process of preparation, that which she called “Christian Science,” in unchangeable Principle and definite rule, was unquestionably her own exclusive discovery.

If recent attacks have tended to turn Christian Scientists from the temptation to mentally canonize Mrs. Eddy’s personality and to awaken them more fully to the meaning of her discovery, then those attacks have done more good than harm, which as I have already stated, is exactly what has always happened in this Movement.

Any personal sense of Mrs. Eddy or our Movement may be disturbing, but Christ, Truth is never disturbed. This Christ is the nature and activity of every true Christian Science treatment. Being the nature of God, it gives the treatment the character and the power of God. It thus becomes a law to every case, and operates to dispel the belief of disease, constructing or reconstructing according to the requirements. Consequently, your treatment must have this character of the wholeness of Mind in order to be constructive or reconstructive to the case, as the law to the case.

Mrs. Eddy writes in Unity of Good, “Jesus taught us to walk over, not into or with, the currents of matter, or mortal mind…He showed the need of changing this mind and its abortive laws. He demanded a change of consciousness and evidence, and effected this change through the higher laws of God…Jesus required neither cycles of time nor thought in order to mature fitness for perfection and its possibilities.” (Unity of Good 11:3-4; 9-12; 24-26) This was equally true in the multiplication of the loaves and fishes to feed the five thousand, as in the healing of disease. So it is today. The possibilities of Science immeasurably transcend our highest aspirations. In business and in church work, as well as in the healing of disease, genuine inspiration is divine power; whereas mere exaltation produces a deceptive state wherein conditions may appear to be right, in belief, when they are actually wrong in belief.

One of the objections raised by critics against Christian Science is that Christian Scientists are apt to be self-deceived because of their insistence upon the fact that everything is perfect now and forever, even when all the testimony of the senses is to the contrary. We should not ignore this criticism. Rightly considered it is helpful to us. It serves to remind us that we must demonstrate Science. We are quite as keen as any other Scientists could be, not only to avoid self-deception, but any other kind of deception.

A real student of Christian Science knows that he must persist in the affirmation of Truth, notwithstanding that all sense testimony is contrary thereto. He does not, however, assume that he has demonstrated Science until the testimony of the senses change favorably. Even then, he does not rest upon that favorable change, but instead, rests wholly upon the Principle and rule by which the change was brought about. It is this connection, by which “…the real reaches the unreal…” that concerns our welfare deeply all of the time. (Science and Health 350:29)

We must see that the law of Mind is really not so much a law as an inevitable state of divine Being. Thought which approximates this Being should be consciously recognized as the law to every situation, to any occupation and to any belief of business in which one may be engaged. Opportunities come to light under such treatment, and the beliefs of unfair competition cease to trouble that belief of business where someone is knowing –– realizing –– that passage in the Lord’s Prayer, “…Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven,” is the treatment of Mind, and as such, is the immutable law to the case. (Matt. 6:10)

Fear seems to trouble everybody to some extent, and yet fear is always of the future tense, which shows that it has no reality. Principle, as the only standard of thought and action, is the remedy for fear. There isn’t a person in this room who has any fear of anything at this instant. It is always for a future date. It shows absolutely that there is no fear, for that which does not now exist, certainly does not exist. Principle is the only life of anything that lives, anything that seems to live, anything that thinks, or anything that seems to think. The only life or existence of anything or anybody that seems to be conscious or unconscious –– is One divine Principle –– and that is never afraid.

A fellow Scientist recently said in the course of conversation, “It is far more important to know right is, than to try to know what is right.” I commend this to you as a rule for constant guidance. In the measure that you affirm and know right is, you will always know what to do, and you will not have to wonder or ask yourself what to do and when to do it. You will not have to wonder or ask yourself or anyone else what is the right thing to do, or what is the right and wise course to pursue. You will know.

The philosophers were not wrong in their theory that happiness is the chief aim of existence. They were wrong, however, in their finite and material conceptions of that aim, and in the means by which they believed it alone attainable. Many beautiful theories as to the way of happiness through unselfishness have been advanced by both religion and philosophy, but none of them have withstood the onslaughts incidental to the element of selfishness in the so-called “human nature.” Sometimes that which appears outwardly as unselfishness, is only self-deception. But unselfishness is the way to happiness. To devote oneself to the material welfare of others, is about the only measure for it that mortal mind possesses. In many instances, this is mere slavery for all concerned. The ones who are to be benefited by such devotion are held more firmly in their own erroneous beliefs, and the ones who show such devotion are often kept from the activity which would benefit everyone far more. As in all things, the life of Jesus exemplified true devotion and pure unselfishness. There never was a moment from the first recorded incident of importance –– that of contending with the doctors of religion, up to the time of the Ascension –– when he permitted any erroneous acceptance of what mortal mind called “good” to retard his progress. He knew that to show forth the “I am,” he must not be hampered by any sense of so-called duty or religion; because the most unselfish thing that could possibly happen, and the greatest devotion that he could show to the human race, were to appear through his full human demonstration of divine power.

The restrictive and false sense always says it is not possible at this time to follow his (Jesus) example, but Mind says nothing at all about this hour or any hour. Science is not to be counted as “time,” and even advanced physical science sets aside time as an element that no longer exists. What has time to do with us? We who have subscribed for eternity and nothing else? Science is available to break every belief. The power is not that of human will, but is that of the law of divine Principle. True being is found in divine Principle, the life of everything that lives, and Principle is Love which must of necessity be infinite happiness. Therefore, Principle must of necessity be individual and collective happiness.

The Apostle Paul said, “Rejoice…and again I say, Rejoice.” (Phil. 4:4) Now, one who is ill in belief may find it extremely difficult to rejoice, and of course, it would be absurd for one to rejoice because of illness; but to be able to rejoice in spite of illness constitutes an element conducive to recovery, because it is more in keeping with the facts of being.

An infinite Science must be forever unfolding. Therefore, our understanding of it must be forever unfolding, also. There is no future experience, however remote or ideal, that will constitute the acme or end of that understanding. In this, as in everything else, Infinity is without beginning and without end; but in the Bible we read, “…and his name shall be called Wonderful…,” and this is true of the divine idea –– every step of the way.

Inspiration must always be attended by reason, emanating from divine Principle. There is no other way by which human beings can be sure that words, and even elevated thoughts, ripen into the realization that heals the sick unfailingly. A desire to do good or to be good is commendable, but it is of little value scientifically. The divine Christ is supremely sure. In Prose Works, Mrs. Eddy writes, “Christian Science is absolute; it is neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it; it is at this point and must be practiced therefrom.” (Miscellany 242:5-7) Principle knows no point of pause or cessation; thus the treatment goes on unfolding as the mandate of infinite Mind.

We take cognizance of opposition not as a reality, but as a belief. The one Mind is the only Mind, and It cannot oppose Itself. Consequently, there is no reality to anything that appears to oppose the Science of Mind.

The fact that Christian Science denies that matter is neither power nor substance, at first excited the derision, and later the alarm, of the medical profession. Consequently, that profession has always arrayed itself against Christian Science. Even when it admits that what is called “mind,” which is what Mrs. Eddy designates scientifically as “mortal mind,” has something to do with disease; the system of materia medica as a whole –– whether it works physically or strives to work metaphysically, –– leaves “…the grand point untouched,” according to Mrs. Eddy. She further adds concerning such systems, “They never crown the power of Mind as the Messiah, nor do they carry the day against physical enemies, –– even to the extinction of all belief in matter, evil, disease, and death….” (Science and Health 116:14-17) This opposition to spiritual healing is not the fault of doctors, who are often in sympathy with our endeavors to alleviate suffering. The culprit is mortal mind!

The following excerpts are from a letter received from a friend not long since:

“I am sometimes surprised to find how far we have removed away from the ordinary views regarding health and how completely we reject the medical point of view.”

Then the letter adds in reference to a belief that had been overcome through Christian Science:

“Now I know quite well that to admit that claim or belief as really having occurred or as being liable to occur, or myself as having a body liable to such incidents, would be to predispose myself to just those things, and felt exceedingly glad that one is under no obligations at all to accept such things for oneself or indeed for anyone. But at present time there are few people except Christian Scientists who are even dimly aware of the necessity of reversing the suggestions of this kind. We have one of the most powerful professions, practically controlling human thought regarding disease, and not knowing enough to reverse the suggestions of disease or danger, unaware of the fundamentally mental nature of things, and unaware that error of thought can instantly be corrected by Truth; we have mankind almost absurdly docile in believing and reversing what this profession says.”

We cannot ignore that great body of belief called “the medical profession.” If all Christian Scientists were entirely free from resentment or indignation toward what the medical profession is doing, then we would have better results and a better chance of the medical professions acting in the way they should. Certainly, if Christian Scientists were more scientific in this matter, things would be better. They usually don’t think of it, or they stop thinking of it, just when they should go on thinking of it. They say, “Just see what the doctors are trying to do.” Now, these doctors cannot be exempt from the only influence in the universe, the divine Mind. There is only one thing that will bring it to bear upon the whole of mankind, and that is the righteous thought of right Christian Scientists; and righteous thought is not self-righteous thought. It does not sit in judgment, even on the doctors. It handles and nullifies even the influence of doctors. This is something that Christian Scientists need to think about a good deal more.

The system of materia medica, however influential and great it may appear to be, is not the only seeming channel for opposition against Christian Science. There are other beliefs to be recognized. Psychology, as ordinarily taught in schools and higher institutions of learning, is both subtle and misleading. Mrs. Eddy writes of psychology as the “Science of Spirit, God…” on page 369 of Science and Health; but as defined in the dictionary and as ordinarily thought and taught, it bears no resemblance to such a definition. It rests wholly upon the belief of material intelligence, and advocates the theory that such a claim of intelligence or mortal mind, can restore or redeem itself. It is utterly unlike Christian Science in every respect, and its theories are imposed upon young people –– who are required to study psychology as taught in nearly all public educational institutions in the United States and other countries. Psychology so taught does not differentiate between matter and mind, but does, on the contrary inculcate the notion that mind is dependent upon matter.

Our young people need to know how to offset such false theories and the confusion resulting from them. In order that they may know, the teaching in the Sunday School should be much more in depth and clearer than it often is, and absolutely correct as far as it goes. Sunday School pupils should understand that a Christian Scientist is all the time engaged in redeeming his own consciousness; that the effect is not confined to himself, but the result is incalculably widespread. These young students should come to understand that in the persistent endeavor to correct the testimony of the senses by the power of Truth, we bless others, and in turn, receive blessings immeasurable!

Astrology is another and more flagrant form of error, which is being forced upon public attention. Intelligent people formerly regarded it merely as a phase of ignorance and fear that characterized paganism, and which spread itself over the dark ages of European history. Today, however, it is surprising to find both believers and advocates of astrology among intelligent people! Mrs. Eddy writes in our textbook, “The planets have no more power over man than over his Maker, since God governs the universe; but man, reflecting God’s power, has dominion over all the earth and its hosts.” (Science and Health 102:12-15)

In considering this error, it is well to remember that when the stars or planets, or both, appear to human sight to be in certain relative positions, they are often, or perhaps always, millions of miles apart. At any rate, astronomical science shows that they are often so relatively remote that they exercise no appreciable pull upon each other through the so-called “law of attraction.” They were not in the relationship which human sight indicated, and they are never in any such relationship. This fact annuls all the claims of astrology at the outset. Nobody who really thinks can be deceived by such claims. Astrology is a mere belief to the effect that those material bodies exert an influence utterly impossible to them on any plane of thought. It is therefore a belief in a supposititious power and influence that does not exist, even in common belief. All of the so-called laws of horoscopy are fictitious and preposterous.

This is equally true about numerology, — the mesmeric influence of the relationship of numbers, or the study of the occult significance of numbers. (Webster’s dictionary) All of these things are being forced at this time upon human thought, and they seem to have the sanction of certain people who are highly intelligent. To see the utter falsity of these things is necessary when they appear.

This work is necessary because of the widespread belief in luck and fatalism, often springing from, and fostered by, the propaganda of astrology. An intelligent recognition and refection of this false claim is incidental to our practice, and among other things, it often serves to break the fear that threatens to engulf a human being when a series of misfortunes seem to have occurred. In handling this or any other false claim, the practitioner’s attitude is all important. To think or speak of any form of malpractice as a reality is metaphysically incorrect. Instead of handling the claim, it involves one in a mere mental controversy.

In the textbook, Mrs. Eddy has written, “It is the prerogative of the ever-present, divine Mind, and of thought which is in rapport with this Mind, to know the past, the present, and the future.” (Science and Health 84:11-13) The business debacle in the United States last autumn exemplified the necessity of a broader and fuller conception of this Science, which alone would have enabled us to exercise this prerogative by detecting in advance the plan of organized malpractice.

The speculative tendency always present in mortal mind was, in this instance, hypnotically ballooned, the purpose being to bring about a collapse in proportion to the inflation, and thereby discredit the present administration of the government in Washington, D.C. The intention should have been discerned and thwarted before the event, but the tendency of the world at large to rest upon the oars of victory, often seems to affect Christian Scientists quite as much as other people, and they were led to forget that what was gained at the polls through demonstration, must be maintained in the same way in order to have it a real milestone in the progressive improvement of human government.

An incident of that kind is important to us all. The effort of hypnotic suggestion is not confined to any one nation. It must and should be recognized as a universal false claim. It should be met for every nation and for every endeavor tending to national unity and international amity.

To press wrong beliefs upon human attention by all sorts of propaganda mostly concealed under misleading titles, is the process of organized evil. The fear which fathers the selfish interests that often actuates political life, furnishes abundant opportunity for such malpractice in its endeavor to frustrate the objects of conferences, however unselfishly promoted. To abolish the fear and to nullify the hypnotic endeavor, is the privilege which we may, and should, exercise through our understanding of the omnipotence and omnipresence of divine Principle –– quite as much in such cases, whatever their proportion –– as in the healing of a specific belief of disease. Much depends upon our own thought and our willingness to set aside prejudices or feelings, in what seems to be national necessities. These may be judged by Principle and dealt with accordingly.

Accepting Mrs. Eddy’s statement that the one Mind, God, “…reflects reality and divinity in individual spiritual man and things” (Science and Health 281:16-17), we recognize that individuality characterizes every divine idea. Neither man nor nations will ever lose anything of their divine individuality through the demonstration of Christian Science. Mortal mind, in despair with itself, and seeking relief from self-imposed bondage by the means of its own devices, illustrates its own futility. This is seen in the effort to bring peace and harmony through communistic standardization of education and work; but community of interests and endeavor cannot be established through suppression of individuality.

Principle is infinite individuality, and in our textbook we read, “The one Ego, the one Mind or Spirit called God, is infinite individuality…” (Ibid.) The demonstration of this would be the millennium. Here, music again serves to illustrate a point. A chord, or succession of chords, is musical only when every note is distinctly individual. So it is with men and things, for Infinity alone is perfection, and Infinity could not possibly confuse individuals because divine Individuality would be lost in so doing.

The surrender of individuality is not unselfishness, but quite the contrary, for divine individuality is the expression of Principle, Love, whose idea alone constitutes being. Thus “all are mine and all are thine” where divine Principle, Love, characterizes and individualizes every idea with Its own perfection.

Mrs. Eddy has said that each individual must fulfill his own mission in time and eternity. When this fact is discerned to be the law of divine Principle to human relationships, and when it shall be recognized as the correct basis of international conferences, international harmony shall have dawned.

While an evil intelligence is a scientific impossibility, it is nevertheless a belief which requires our attention in order that it may not, in any way, influence or deceive us. It is not one’s natural mind that entertains or suggests fear, disease, or disaster. The divine Mind, let it be repeated, is the only natural Mind, and nothing contrary to perfection can emanate therefrom. An approximation of this divine and only Mind, constitutes an alertness which shuts out all thoughts and suggestions contrary to one’s wellbeing. Evil in any form is never our own thinking. Mortal mind is always the culprit, and no circumstance or condition should blind us to this uncovering of error, nor induce us to say or think anything contrary to our own welfare. The demand upon us, in short, is that we shall be Christian Scientists all of the time. Final exemption from disease, sin, and death can be expected in no other way. Neither pain, poverty, nor the belief of fear of impending disaster, can ever do anything to the one who meets every phase of error thoroughly and persistently with the realized presence and power of divine Mind.

Patients who understand something of Christian Science should always be required to do their part; but, when the belief of suffering is extreme, it is not always wise to have them make an effort to treat themselves, as great physical suffering, in belief, sometimes makes it undesirable to require anything at all of them.

The purpose of practice is to dispose of evil beliefs. Truth cannot be changed, but, through its operative law, beliefs undergo changes that lead to the final extinction of all beliefs. Mrs. Eddy wrote in the textbook, “Jesus bore our infirmities; he knew the error of mortal belief, and ‘with his stripes [the rejection of error] we are healed.’” (Science and Health 20:14-16) She points out that error never understands even itself because there is no understanding to it. We are taught to analyze error solely for the purpose of rejecting and overcoming its false claims of influence and power. In correct metaphysical practice, such analysis is made solely from the standpoint of Truth, and is then satisfactory and final. This sometimes reveals hidden faults of character. We must understand that these appear only to disappear and that they should be denied just as thoroughly as the pain or any other belief associated with the case.

Even though the delay in the recovery may be due to some fault of the patient, stubbornly and sometimes secretly retained, — which indeed is not infrequently the case, — still, even this is but a claim to be handled, and we would not want to fall into the error of excusing ourselves by accusing the patient.

Anything anywhere, that appears to be contrary to infinite good is a false belief, and in the improved scientific procedure, by which Truth overcomes error, the denial is there to meet any turn which error may assume, however subtle. Even if a patient fails to respond to the Truth, that is also error, and is dealt with as error, wholly impersonal.

We are admonished to know the Truth, — not to merely know about the Truth. We must know the Truth exactly as Truth knows Itself.

Many beautiful passages in the Bible taken as promises are actual treatments. So accepted, they strengthen our realization of the power of Truth because they have the manifest authority of spiritual inspiration. Such Bible passages as, “The Lord shall reign forever…” (Ps. 146:10) and “The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters…”(Ps. 93:4), and many others of a similar character may constitute the very fiber of effective treatment, provided it is seen that the word “Lord” used in Science, ceases to have any remote or obscure signification. In its true meaning, the word “Lord” is as near to us as is our own thinking or realization of the Truth. As used in the Bible, it should often be understood to mean “Christ within,” the divine idea actively at work in, or as, consciousness. It is thus that the Christ, the actual irresistible Truth about everything, becomes a law to the case and heals the belief of disease.

Health, or any other good thing possessed humanly, should be protected and perpetuated. To leave health out of belief and place it in Spirit, where it originally is, and where it must really ever be, is the way of protection. Definite metaphysical work to this end is essential, and should not be neglected. It is essential.

We are seeing more and more clearly that wonderful thing –– the availableness of divine power in every human event, circumstance, –– and all that it means to human existence. The very presence of God is the real presence of every event, of every circumstance, and the only presence. This is true divinely and true humanly when you know it, and true humanly whether you know it or not.

The consensus of human opinion is still that of gross materialism. It claims all the power and influence that can be attached to the word “law.” It imposes itself, in belief, upon the consciousness of every human being, and insists that it is the thought of every human being. It is a state of ceaseless malpractice. The power that can annul all such pretensions and their suppositious effects is available to us, each and every instant. It is the divine Mind. “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” (Phil. 2:13)

According to Mary Baker Eddy, the universal claim of malpractice is often a “bland denial of Truth.” (Miscellaneous Writings 31:1), but it easily assumes violent forms, and is constantly opposed to all spiritual enlightenment and improvement. However healthy one may be, and even if one’s health has been gained through divine power, and so maintained, material belief prophecies and anticipates for the one in common with all others. It is the part of wisdom to take cognizance of this general trend of human opinion claiming to be law. Whether the health which we enjoy is called “material,” or whether it has been established by the Science of Mind, it should have the daily definite protection of the realization of the permanency and perfection of divine wholeness, real health. Most Christian Science workers neglect this self-protection. Such apathy is superinduced by malpractice, and is malpractice. Plausible excuses for it are not wanting, but they are valueless. The only thing that has value is the Science which annuls the malpractice and annihilates its claims to operate as law.

Such apathy is particularly noticeable in the belief that human bodies must deteriorate through age. In one of the earlier editions of Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy says that this hoary error would be more easily met if it were handled before it appears. This is true in regard to other deteriorating beliefs often stealthily at work in human consciousness. Science rightly practiced enables us to recognize them in their incipiency and to dispose of them before they have any claim of evidence, in belief. Science can and must master this belief. Christian Science shows that it is only the consensus of human opinion that gives to age all of its objectionable features.

Now, we Christian Scientists ourselves are acknowledged to present a great body of thought. So much is this the case, that our influence is recognized even by those who do not as yet associate that influence with divine power. Then, is it not reasonable to conclude that if they, themselves, instead of falling in with the general beliefs about age, were keen and persistent in opposing those beliefs according to Science, might and would be instrumental in destroying all that relates to this falsehood? This then, even when the belief has already presented its evidence? Observation shows that Christian Scientists are most universally engaged in malpractice upon themselves and upon each other in this matter of expecting deterioration and failure. Such things tempt one to join in the lament of the Psalmist. (Ps. 41:8-9) But we have the assurance of exemption from such malpractice in the twelfth verse.

Simplicity of procedure always characterizes Mind. The one infinite Mind must ever act with perfect directness. Therefore, the method by which Mind acts in healing disease must progressively become as direct and simple as Mind Itself. Realizing this fact, we recognize the standard which one sets for oneself when one enters upon the practice of Christian Science. We must also recognize that while this standard, if not unattainable, does require devotion and perseverance unswerving. The best way is that one where certain individuals are taken, as it were, by the “nape of the neck,” and put into the practice regardless of what else they may do. This is the best way. They were chosen, not merely called, and nobody can judge who are chosen. That is something that comes in the realm of Mind, as Mind, so unmistakably that you cannot possibly make a mistake about it.

I would say, ordinarily speaking, that everybody has ample opportunities to become a Christian Science practitioner. Ordinary occupations offer a splendid field for the demonstration of divine Principle. I cannot think of anything where divine Principle is more needed than in the ordinary experiences of daily life. “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common.” (Acts 10:15)

We are admonished in the Bible, “Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees.” (Isa. 35:3) That those who come to us for help should be correctly and simply instructed in Christian Science is a need more constantly apparent. There is today a more intelligent interest in the subject than formerly existed, hence the necessity for more intelligent guidance.

In this respect, and in others, many members of this Association are doing splendid work. They are following Mrs. Eddy’s advice to heal by teaching and to teach by healing. In doing so, wisdom should be justified of her children every instant. Such instruction is more like the work of the Sunday School. It may, and sometimes should, go on for a long time. It is unlike class teaching, where students have previously prepared themselves to cover a great deal of pure metaphysical ground in a short time.

In every instance, however, that which is taught should be exact in letter and in spirit, and those who come for healing and for instruction should be instructed. Time spent in discussing Christian Science or arguing about it, is more or less wasted. Give them straight Science, and anybody who is “straight,” whether child or adult, will get it, and those who are crooked will be made straight mentally, morally, and physically.

Whatever illustrations may be used should be apt and correctly instructive. The belief that one mind, so-called, can influence another, or that thought passes from one person to another, should never be inculcated. It is contrary to Christian Science, which rests upon the proposition that there is one infinite Mind, in which as Mrs. Eddy points out in Science and Health, “Not personal intercommunication but divine law is the communicator of truth, health, and harmony to earth and humanity.” (72:30-32)

The radio and broadcasting are so interesting that those who are not well grounded in Christian Science, may be tempted, and are tempted sometimes, to use them as exemplifying the method of this Science. But the correct practice of this Science bears no relationship whatsoever to anything that could be so illustrated. Whatever measure of power we may be able to demonstrate is the action solely of Principle, the one Mind, which from its very nature could not have thought transference in any form. To give any impression contrary to this fundamental fact by using the radio or broadcasting to illustrate treatment, is subversive of true Christian Science. However, there is nothing to be said against the radio and other such wonderful inventions and discoveries. They are breaking the barriers of time and space –– helping to prepare mankind for the reception of Mind Science. (Here read Miscellaneous Writings, page 25:32-8) Mrs. Eddy explains it well.

Much of the strengthening of the “weak hands and confirming of feeble knees” must be the patient’s own work. It is not always a pleasant thing to face our own failings or our weaknesses, but this must be done in order that they may be displaced by the permanent evidence of divine character. We are helped in this endeavor in the measure that we clearly discern, not only that Truth is impersonal, but that error is equally so, and then objectionable personal traits which are unknown to God, and equally unknown to the real man, disappear. This fact realized operates as a law of effacement to such beliefs.

Sometimes one is tempted to excuse rather than to overcome one’s faults or weaknesses by accepting the suggestion that they are hereditary. As a matter of fact, hereditary taint of whatever nature is no longer regarded as hopeless even by physical science. The science of biology, according to some books recently published, gives it an entirely different aspect. In belief we seem to have inherited some good qualities and some bad ones. The good ones may bear some relationship to Principle and thereby be sustained by our understanding of Principle. The bad ones must necessarily disappear by the same process; but let it be repeated, we must face them that this may happen; and let it be pointed out that Mrs. Eddy clearly tells us that there is a necessity of purifying even the gold of human character.

The power of Mind is equal to the task of rescuing us from any condition, however difficult or deplorable. Our faith in this divine power is helpful, and in some instances has seemed to be sufficient to accomplish results; but it is only Mind Itself that operates unfailingly and without regard to time, place, or circumstance. We are often beset by sheer materialism on the one side, and by purposeless and pointless idealism on the other. Christian Science is neither one nor the other. Science is always Science. Science is always Principle and rule, power and law, and as such, is in full operation now and always. Our understanding, rising above the material sense of things, makes Science humanly available. The clear realization of the presence, power, and law of divine Principle, is a state of perfect happiness. With most of us it still seems to be temporary and occasional, but permanency of such realization is attainable, and may be, and quite likely is, what is meant by the words in Hebrews, “There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.” (4:9)

In what is called business or professional life, a Christian Scientist may find abundant opportunities for seeking such realization whereby to demonstrate the redeeming influence of divine Principle in his affairs; and it becomes increasingly clear, as we go on in this work, that a business or professional man, whatever may be the nature of his occupation, must be a practitioner.

Our textbook, Science and Health, states that gradation of human belief and the classification of material phenomena, when totally reversed, serve to indicate the spiritual order of divine Science. This is most instructive and practical. Reversing the material appearances, one also reverses the beliefs of sin, disease, and death, with which such appearances are inextricably associated.

Truth cannot be reversed; it is immortal, unchangeable Principle. We practice Christian Science from this standpoint; and although the field of our practice is that of seeming imperfection, the only reality about Christian Science practice, or a Christian Science practitioner, is the realization that the divine Mind is perfection, infinity, and Its plan and purpose are already and forever accomplished in every detail.


It need hardly be said to a body of Christian Scientists, awake in the united consciousness of the one Mind, that all matter is belief. Even when it is beautiful, it is counterfeit, and at best only a promise. The beauty of anything depends very much upon the observer. One observer may invest a beautiful object with more beauty than another who is standing by his side. The beauty itself is something that, if it were understood would be as permanent as Soul; but the material subject, which is always a limited sense of being, is unreal, utterly unreal. However much we may have gained of pleasant, useful things or surroundings, we should not rest in them, but rather we should rest, and rest only, in the ceaseless realization of Soul, the source and substance of all we call peace, comfort, or beauty. Failing to do this, human pride threatens our demonstration, as Mrs. Eddy points out in Miscellaneous Writings.

Neither God nor the real man needs anything. Neither God nor the real man needs a practitioner. It is the human being alone for whom the practitioner may be, and will be, a veritable angel of light, when light, the divine Mind constitutes the source, substance, and law of his practice. The desire to do good is not uncommon, but the ability to do good is the conscious spiritual sense, which is the only reality of what appears to be a practitioner. Desire may even hold us from attainment and often does; but spiritual sense maintains the perfection of man and the universe as the only possible law to every condition. In the Bible we read, “Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.” (Jas. 1:18)

The primal sin is the belief that existence is material. This involves humanity in the secondary belief of seeking and never finding. In Ecclesiastes it states, “…the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.” (1:8) But further on we read, “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken from it.” (3:14)

The healing of disease comes through the real forgiveness of sin, which is the extinction of the law of belief that man is material, or a material body containing a personal mind. This is the actual denial of matter. In this way alone, can spiritual sense be gained, and its healing law of perfection be made effective for men and things, even though men and things still seem to be personal and material. When you heal the person of disease, he is still a person. That is a belief, but you heal him because he is not a person, subject to no law of a belief that mind is in matter, or that there is any matter body. Yet because you saw and knew what he actually was and is, he did not disappear; he got well. You did not want him to disappear in person as he is not a person –– he has not a finite form –– God knows him every minute, and that fact unfolded to that individual is his immortality.

The fundamental proposition of Christian Science was spiritually conceived. It is: God is Mind, infinite and perfect; and man and the universe, the infinite manifestation of Mind, is equally perfect with Mind. This fundamental proposition is true, and can be established by unanswerable logic by anyone who will reason from the standpoint of absolute Truth; but it is not according to the testimony of the material senses, and is not therefore obviously true, and is not universally recognized as being true.

Scientific propositions have to be stated before they can be tested; and this was the case in Christian Science quite as much as it would be with any other science. All of this may seem very elementary to us, but it is well to remind ourselves of that which is fundamental, and these annual meetings afford us the opportunity.

Creation is not going on in the ordinary sense. Man and the universe are infinite ideas. They co-exist with Mind, and being infinite are forever unfolding the immeasurable perfection and grandeur of Mind. According to Mrs. Eddy, “Creation is ever appearing, and must ever continue to appear from the nature of its inexhaustible source.” (Science and Health 507:28-29) Everything already is and is perfect now. Man is forever manifesting this perfection. Infinite ideas, through Science, supplant finite beliefs, and consciousness rises higher, as our Leader points out.

Lazarus came forth at the command of Jesus who raised him from the so-called “dead,” and the additional command was to loose him and let him go. The loosening of one who was bound in grave clothes should also mean to us the “loosening” of those beliefs that tend to bind everybody and everything with grave clothes of one kind or another. To loose everybody and everything from personal sense, and recognize them in their real being as ideas of Mind, or Spirit, seems difficult even for Christian Scientists.

The tendency of human affection, unredeemed by Christian Science, is to enslave all whom it touches, including those who are most affectionate; and yet, what would the human race be without human affection? In the words of the Bible it would be, “like the beasts that perish.” (Ps. 49:12) For this reason, human affection, which is the true element of civilization, has to be redeemed, not destroyed. The process of this redemption requires the recognition of individuality in children, and the necessity of establishing methods of control and discipline that have their strength in Principle, but which are also elastic enough to permit the individuality of Principle to appear.

The thing that hinders our endeavor to help those whom we love is the human will, manifested as the sense of ownership. There is a scientific distinction between possession and ownership. We possess divine ideas through understanding, and everybody else may possess them in the same way; whereas ownership implies exclusive possession. Back of the desire to own is the desire to control, and it threatens almost everything we do unless we can recognize and dispose of it!

Even when one mourns, it is not sorrow for the departed. The claim is nearly always sorrow for oneself. Seeing this, we may well ask ourselves what is this that I call love for my own? And one can see that it is often but a restricted sense of love. Mrs. Eddy writes, “Love is impartial and universal in its adaptation and bestowals.” (Science and Health 13:2-3) We might ask ourselves, “Would the world be worse or better off if we loved all the children as we love our own?” And if one doesn’t happen to have children, one might extend the question in reference to the object of affection, whoever or whatever it may be.

Principle alone is perfection, and Principle being the Alpha and Omega of all things, —that is to say, the wholeness of ideas, — perfection is the only destiny. The law of this perfection can be demonstrated so as to control every event and circumstance of which one is conscious. Every human being would be glad to avail himself of this fact if he knew how to do so.

The desire for dominion over the earth and everything else is practically universal, though not always recognized by, and in, one’s self; but the power by which such dominion is attainable is less keenly sought than desired, because it involves constant self-examination and reformation. Principle alone controls the universe, and we gain control of our own consciousness of the universe from the standpoint of Principle alone. This is, fundamentally, familiar ground to the Christian Scientists, but not so familiar but that they are tempted to stray, not merely into pastures new, but into pastures old, bare of nutrition and bringing forth nothing more than old beliefs of sin, sickness and death. Are not some of these pastures personal gossip, and the habit of condemnation rather than that of forgiveness?

In the chapter entitled “A Colloquy” in Mary Baker Eddy’s work, Unity of Good, page 21, she writes that the common habit of mankind was expressed by St. Paul where he says, “their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;…” (Rom. 2:15) The fact is that the Gentiles whom St. Paul says were a law unto themselves, were quite as much under the belief of mortal mind law as were the Hebrews who were taught to obey a formulated code. Real law is entirely different from such conceptions of law.

Mrs. Eddy also tells us that Christian Scientists who are taught to think and act from the standpoint of omnipotence should be a law unto themselves. An analysis of human existence shows that almost every conscious act of a human being, and much that goes on unconsciously in his belief of body, is subject to the general beliefs of mankind which –– though unformulated and unrecognized –– claim the power and prerogative of law, governing every organ and function of what seems to be body. It is therefore necessary that our recognition of the true source and nature of law be maintained, in order that the human beliefs and opinions that misgovern our present sense of body may be set aside and destroyed.

Mind and idea constitute divine being. Science is their irrefutable relationship. We find a constant necessity for some word to express this relationship, and the word “law” best serves the purpose. Therefore, we speak of the law of divine Principle to the divine idea. In this sense divine Principle is the law to every idea, and this becomes clear when we see that Mind, Principle, is Spirit, which constitutes every idea as substance. Utilization of the law of Mind to idea is the means by which Christian Science bridges the seeming clash between Truth and the human need; and thus the law of completeness, perfection and normal action becomes a law to the belief, whether the belief be lack, or sin, or disease, or death. “If Jesus awakened Lazarus from the dream, illusion, of death, this proved that the Christ could improve on a false sense.” (Science and Health 493:28-30)

There is the whole of Christian Science practice, or rather the whole of what Christian Science does when it is practiced. How shall we improve on the false sense? The law of Mind must be found to have influence on what is ordinarily called law. You wink your eye by law and not by matter. Every move you make is by law. Now, in the measure that the divine law is seen to be the only law, the human being recognizes that law and sees his realization of the only Mind, of the one Mind, as the very activity of that law.

What is called “trust in God” is, more frequently than not, mere mental indolence. Actually there is no trust in it, — that is to say, no security. For this reason metaphysical work, even in its very first steps, has great value. It arouses human consciousness and awakens it to a recognition of divine power, and the awakening is more rapid in the exact proportion that this real power is seen to be natural, primal, inevitable. There is no other really natural power. That this power is wholly good, and productive of no other element or event than that which is good, is evident. And “good” for everybody, is basic. But is the law of good so consciously active with us all that we are never caught napping, so that we never ascribe power to evil even in belief? Science makes no halfway demands. Principle makes Itself not only consistent but insistent, because It is ever-present, or rather ever-Presence.

When a Christian Scientist finds himself assailed by beliefs of suffering or disease, the speediest way to recovery is that of knowing and being the veritable activity of Mind, whereby body is controlled and perpetuated by Mind as idea, the uncontaminated and uncontaminable evidence of Mind. We may sometimes temporarily lose the conscious possession of health and need to regain it, but from the standpoint of Mind, — the only real standpoint, — our health is inevitable and we have it inevitably. The realization of this fact approximates the spiritual sense which is true being, and this spiritual sense, persistent and unqualified unswerving, is an unfailing law of recovery to the belief of body.

It is best always to meet every suggestion of inharmony before it has the opportunity to mesmerically fasten itself; but even when it has seemed to do so, it can be moved off, and as you know, Mrs. Eddy admonishes us that it should be. There is no such thing as too late; nevertheless, the admonition to, “Stand porter at the door of thought,” is of supreme importance to Christian Scientists. (Science and Health 392:24) It is apt to be lost sight of at the moment of need, unless we make it the habit when no apparent need exists. In everything that has to do with our practice, the allness of Spirit as actual substance should consciously be maintained. When the divine consciousness is attained in thought, and Its law is the treatment, practice is free from the element of laborious effort. Let me repeat: It is the human race, individually and collectively, — that is to say, the finite, material sense of mind and body, — that needs Christian Science. Mrs. Eddy’s works were written wholly for the purpose of meeting this need. It appears to be as deep, and sometimes as shallow, as human character itself; and human character extends back in belief to the basic error of life, substance, and intelligence in matter.

Truth is available, in the power and law of Its entirety, to change the belief and finally dispel it. This is the work demanded of us. In healing any case we are not required to accomplish the impossible. Divine power is always at hand, and Science makes this fact known to us. It makes the fact operative. We do not have to change the changeless, and do not wish to, because Principle is wholly in our favor, and in favor of everything that exists. We are only required to take cognizance, not of actualities, when healing disease, but of beliefs which appear to the senses to be actual and appear to be material conditions.

From the standpoint of Spirit we know that everything that appears to be material is but a direct or remote lie about a spiritual idea. This fact applies to ourselves, our patients, and our business –– even our church. Furthermore, this fact understood is constructive, because all is Mind, and when we recognize this and maintain it, thereby rejecting the testimony of the senses which depict everything as limited and finite, we put into operation scientifically, the law of Mind –– in behalf of that which appears to be material –– and thus relieve it from the spurious law of sin and death.

The law of Mind is that of progressive good to the so-called mind and body of a human being, and as such is a law of annulment and obliteration to the beliefs of progressive or recurring evil. “…and he shall reign for ever and ever” (Rev. 11:15), is not merely a promise in the Bible, it is a treatment. The Apostle Paul writes, “But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling-block, and unto the Greeks foolishness; But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” (I Cor. 1:23, 24) In our textbook, Mrs. Eddy writes, “St. Paul said: ‘For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.’ (I Cor. ii. 2.) Christian Science says: I am determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him glorified.” (Science and Health 200:25-29)

Some of the apostles in their endeavor to understand the Christ made much of the crucifixion, and this has been the habit of much of the Christian world for centuries. Mrs. Eddy on the contrary makes much, or everything, of the resurrection, as the above quotation shows. She wrote, “Jesus demonstrated Christ,” and we must understand that we can do the same thing. (Science and Health 332:19) Christ is the Truth about everything. Understood, this Truth dispels the error about everything. The basic error about everything is mortal mind, which is matter and personal minds, and our understanding of the right idea of God enables us to overcome the afflictive beliefs incidental to that basic error. An infinite Science is forever unfolding. Therefore, the Christ, Truth, and Its law of perfect being, become increasingly real because of progressive enlightenment. There is no future, however remote, that will constitute the acme or end of all things, or of anything; because the truth about everything is without beginning and without end.

It remains to be shown that Christian Scientists can demonstrate the Christ fully as exemplified by Jesus; nevertheless, our Christ is the same Christ. It is the same “I can of mine own self do nothing.” (Jn. 5:30) It is the same “I and my Father are one.” (Jn. 10:30) It is the same “I say unto thee, arise.” (Mk. 5:41) And this Saviour from the afflictive testimony of the material sense is the “Saviour” that Jesus preached and practiced. It is our Saviour now as it was his Saviour then. Carrying on our work in Science through this realization, we gain in self-respect, because self assumes entirely a different aspect when material beliefs are given up for spiritual ideas.

Mrs. Eddy writes in our textbook, “Christ expresses God’s spiritual, eternal nature.” (Science and Health 333:9) In the exact proportion that we properly understand and appreciate the Christ that is transforming us, we shall attain this eternal nature of God for every patient and for everything that comes within the range of our observation or consciousness. It is thus that the divine nature or Christ heals disease. This divine nature in our treatment banishes fear and the material beliefs of law; and the human body, so-called, thus relieved from false influences, resumes or attains a normal state of health spontaneously. The law of God to the real divine idea, body, thus becomes the law to the belief of body. Knowing this real man, real body, Jesus healed unfailingly, as Mrs. Eddy explains in Science and Health again and again. I recommend you read the following citations from the textbook:

Page 303:3-8

Page 475:16-18 (the conscious); 28-5

Page 265:10-15

Page 217:1-5

Page 71:5 only

Careful study and consideration of such passages reveals body as conscious identity, consciously active and divinely sustained and perpetuated. In consonance with this, Mrs. Eddy writes of the scientific, eternal consciousness of creation on page 263 of the Christian Science textbook. The idea of perfect, imperishable body appeals to us because it agrees with our instinctive desires; but just as we find the real man through knowing God, because knowing God is the “real man,” so we find the real body in the same way.

We seek God, Mind, and always find manifestation, man, real body, a conscious recognition of right ideas. We would not find man by seeking man, not perfect body by seeking body. It is Mind that constitutes and reveals idea as Its own expression of Its own selfhood. In the measure that our consciousness approximates the divine Mind, we individually express, or are, the expression of the real body; and in just that measure, the belief called the “human body,” comes under the immutable law of health and life. There is one body. It belongs to each one of us, or to speak more accurately, is each one of us, for clearly everyone may have the same idea and yet possess it individually, and just as much so as if he possessed it exclusively. Such is the difference between Spirit and matter.

If we have one Mind and one body, then it is perfectly clear that there is no condition, no difference of opinion, no clashing of desires, because it takes minds and so-called bodies to bring about a conflict of human opinions. Then someone says, “I would be just like everyone else.” When someone has a limited, finite sense of himself, he is unlike everyone else. Do you think he would lose his individuality when he expands in the Truth of being and finds out that he is unlimited and infinite?

Absolute reversal of error is the only way in which to manifest, in our present state of consciousness, the law of the real body, which body — instead of being a limited form consisting of material organs and functions, — is a divine inclusive idea embodying the immensity of divine ideas; and Science alone is the means by which such reversal of error can legitimately and successfully take place.

The human will has no part in this process. We are so accustomed to exercise this will, that we scarcely realize how constantly it projects itself into our thought and conduct, and even into our treatment. Every person should examine himself in this respect, and some of us need do this very thoroughly. What we want humanly, or what we humanly think is right, is apt to be elevated erroneously, and thereby displace the realization in our consciousness of the divine Principle which is always right, and which, when relied upon gives us perfect guidance.

Our resurrection, — and again I call your attention to this definition in the Glossary of Science and Health, — is possible this instant, because it is wholly spiritual. It naturally includes a resurrected consciousness of everything and everybody. We obscure right judgment and procrastinate this resurrection when the human will enters in; and this is particularly true of our thought or consciousness of other people. It is apt to be afflictive rather than helpful to those whom we are endeavoring to help.

In Prose Works, Mrs. Eddy writes of the new heaven and the new earth as, “the harmony of body and Mind.” (Miscellaneous Writings 86:21) To gain the new heaven and the new earth, or the harmony of body and Mind, is to correct or “redeem human consciousness.” Jesus said, “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” (Mk. 2:27) This is equally true of the church and all that the church means. Mrs. Eddy writes, “If our church is organized, it is to meet the demand, ‘Suffer it to be so now.’ The real Christian compact is love for one another. This bond is wholly spiritual and inviolate.” (Miscellaneous Writings 91:8-12) This statement is applicable to all human relationships. The action of our Churches is not always that of exact Christian Science. Sometimes it is human will; but to oppose such things with another human will, would make confusion more confounded. The remedy lies in our resurrection as defined by Mrs. Eddy, for Principle realized and lived inevitably meets, masters, and extinguishes the error, in common with other errors that may knock at the door of consciousness. Divine Principle, Love, is divine Selfhood. It is not only the Selfhood God is, but is equally the selfhood of man.

All is Mind, Mind is all. What we call the “material world” and “material bodies,” is all belief. Mind, Spirit, is the substance of ideas, and the eternal perpetuation of them. “Spirit is the life, substance, and continuity of all things.” (Science and Health 124:25-26) The only substance of so-called matter is a temporary, destructible belief. Body is not destructible and is never destroyed. Accepting our active infinite ideas of God as body, and persistently rejecting the belief that body is material in any of its aspects, we find the proof of the perfection of body in our present sense of body, which is thus exempted from the touch of malpractice.

Seeing that “the most High (God, Spirit, Truth) ruleth in the kingdom of men” (Dan. 4:17), is our refuge and strength; then our highest conception of God approaches our real selfhood, and when maintained, shows forth the fact that our refuge and our strength are here. Clinging to a finite sense of body will not do it. Claiming the one perfect Mind as our Mind, and Its body as our body, is the way –– for it is the way by which alone, one can experience the resuscitating law of life.

Jesus said, “I am not of this world.” (Jn. 8:23) We should know and say the same thing, for it is true. We are no longer of the world so-called of sin, disease, and death. We claim the One Mind as our Mind, fundamentally, eternally, and practically. We claim the one body as our body. Neither this Mind nor this body is of this world of fear and other material beliefs.

St. Paul writes “waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body.” (Rom. 8:23) Unscientific reading of the Scriptures, and undoubtedly unscientific translation and copying of various passages, often makes them appear wholly contrary to their real meaning. “Waiting” is not Christian knowledge, and all the interpretations of Scripture that advocate waiting are not anything less than animal magnetism. Everything that is true exists now and forever; waiting for it will never bring it to pass nor make it true in our experience, but knowing it will.

The description which St. Paul gives of the changes occurring in human consciousness through divine understanding in the same eighth chapter of Romans, is helpful when understood in the light of Christian Science; and this is true about everything we read in the Bible. Without Christian Science, the Bible is not understood and cannot be. With Christian Science, what Mrs. Eddy calls the “Science of the Scriptures” (Science and Health 139:23), may be discerned and thereby become what it was originally intended to be, — the means of salvation. I repeat, the Bible is not understood without Christian Science, and cannot be, so make no bones about this. You can stand for that. Christian Science makes the Bible lucid. Be kind about it, but do not be sweet and soft. What one knows, he knows; and another thing, — he or she has to stand for it, or else he, or she, is never himself or herself.

We are not of this false concept where the non-intelligent belief called matter is invested with intelligence, and falsely clothed with the power and influence called law. There is one Mind. Being the only Mind, It is necessarily the only mind that man can ever have. There is but one body, a divine idea, exactly like the one Mind and it is our real body. Neither this infinite Mind nor this infinite body is of this false sense of the world, for neither the divine Mind nor the divine body has any relationship to, nor cognizance of, material beliefs.

The divine Mind is not a postponed event. It is not something to wait for. It is the primal cause of substance of everything that actually is NOW. It is the ever-unfolding Principle, or Life, of everything that lives; and everything in the universe lives by virtue of this one Life, and lives forever. Thus, the divine body is a state of primal, eternal, immortality.

By acknowledging the one Mind, the one and only Ego, the one and only I am, we learn how to surrender the false beliefs, — sin, sickness, and death, — incidental to so-called personal minds. In the same way we surrender the false belief that there is a finite body-mind that can have such a belief of such a body, or be conscious of such a body.

Here is given to us the way of deliverance from the woes of material sense. To walk in this way ever onward and upward requires intelligence, boundless charity, and unfailing fidelity. We cannot play “fast and loose” with Principle on the one hand, nor can we on the other hand expect infinite Principle to act with the condemnatory rigidity of the human sense of right and wrong.

The glorious liberty of man is the spirit, and is Spirit. It has no relation to materiality and cannot in any way be associated with matter. The only body, the real body or Soul, is ours now, in all the grandeur and beauty of eternal perfection. It is not in the least affected by contrary appearances. It is perfect and indestructible, now and forever –– having it, and being it –– we find the indestructible and perfect characteristics of this one body operating as the immutable law of Christ upon the human sense of mind and body, and thereby bringing about the resurrection as defined by Mrs. Eddy in our textbook.

Take the clamps off your thinking. Let us ascend to the throne of grace and operate therefrom, as one intelligence, infinite, wholly good, incomparable. Take cognizance of every and all ideas. Nations, quite as much as individuals, come within the scope of this majestic all-inclusiveness. Anything and everything in individuals, families, churches, nations, and governments, that rests upon or springs from divine Principle, is preserved by that Principle, inevitably and eternally.

Human beings actuated by fear, pride, or ambition, misconceive the idea of the infinite, governing Principle, which is the reality of all governments. Ignorantly they try to make their misconceptions effective, but, “The Lord hath been mindful of us.” (Ps. 115:12) Principle ceaselessly cognizant of Its own idea, never ceases to be the power, the law, the life, and the endless unfoldment of that idea. The one great gift to us all, is intelligence, the power to think. Be glad for it, be grateful for it. Recognizing its divine source, unhampered by beliefs and fears. We may and should take advantage of our prerogative to establish the government of Christ for all nations.

In the twelfth chapter of Revelation, it says of the woman clothed with the sun that she “brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron.” (Rev. 12:5) The perfect unwavering idea of Principle. In interpreting this verse Mrs. Eddy wrote: “This immaculate idea, represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman, will baptize with fire; and the fiery baptism will burn up the chaff of error with the fervent heat of Truth and Love, melting and purifying even the gold of human character. After the stars sang together and all was primeval harmony, the material lie made war upon the spiritual idea; but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration, destroying sin, sickness, and death, and to be caught up unto God, –– to be found in its divine Principle.” (Science and Health 565:18-28)

“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” (Rev. 11:15)

Association Address for 1931

“Belief: Reversal, Relapse, Rebound”

In giving a Christian Science treatment, it is important to handle the forms of animal magnetism that claim to nullify the treatment. Such aggressive mental suggestions can be classified as reversal, relapse, and rebound.

Reversal: Belief claims to be a law of reversal to the unfolding idea called a Christian Science treatment. It declares as a law that every declaration of the fact of the unfolding idea shall produce an effect or phenomena exactly the reverse of that which it is supposed to produce. Does it reverse the unfolding idea? No! It doesn’t reverse anything. It is just the belief claiming to be mind-power, claiming to be a law laying down its claims of law to the Christian Science treatment, to the unfolding idea. It declares as law that the unfolding idea has the very reverse or opposite effect. Then you should declare that the unfolding idea, unfolding as your consciousness, as your treatment, is law, the only law to the belief; it is law and oper­ates as law to the belief claiming to be law and claiming to be phenomena; it operates as law to the belief of law and to its claim of producing phenomena. “It cannot be done,” is the law to the belief that it can do something. Job says, “Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.” (Job 22:28)

Any declaration of the fact is law, so that the fact is that belief cannot do a thing and the declaration of the fact is the operation of the law. In Isaiah 55:11 we read, “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.”

The declaration that there is no such law as the law of reversal to the unfolding idea and its power to produce phenomena, is law to the belief of a law, and to this or any belief of law, and annuls it. Balaam said, “Behold, I have received commandment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I cannot reverse it.” (Num. 23:20) In other words, “God hath blessed and I [the belief] cannot reverse it.” Continu­ing with this line of thought, “Because thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is come up into mine ears, therefore I will put my hook in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou camest.” (II Kings 19:28; Isa. 37:29) “By the way that he came, by the same shall he return, and shall not come into this city, saith the Lord.” (Isa. 37:34) In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes, “Neither animal magnetism nor hypnotism enters into the practice of Christian Science, in which truth cannot be reversed, but the reverse of error is true.” (Science and Health 442:16-18)

There is no reversal to unfoldment; there is no power that can reverse an unfoldment. Belief, then, would reverse the manifestation of a Christian Science treatment. The un­folding idea is already manifested, and cannot keep from manifesting itself. Hence, it has already been manifested; it destroys the belief that it could be kept from being manifested. It is already manifested, so the idea is ahead of the belief always. It is not until the idea is manifested that the belief claims to be a law against it.

Relapse: The belief claims to be a law of relapse to a Christian Science treatment. If a Christian Science treatment has already produced the phenomena of healing, the belief argues, in the face of the fact, that the healing shall relapse, and the case shall not stay healed. Belief declares that healing phenomena shall be changed, and there shall be a return of the old phenomena or visible belief. To handle this claim, you would declare that there is no such law as a relapse to a Christian Science treatment, the unfolding idea; but the unfolding idea is law, and the only law there is; and it operates as law to this belief of a law of relapse and its claims of determining phenomena.

This belief of a law of relapse was formulated years ago — that Christian Scientists should have relapses, or they should have irritation of the mucous membrane. Since the mucous membrane lines the body on the inside, it would claim to produce any phenomena from a cold, or inflammation of the mucous membrane, to any discordant phenomenon. There is no such law, and the declaration of the fact that there is no such law, renders the claim null and void.

The declaration that there is no such law, annuls its claims of a law of relapse and its claim of determining phenomena. If you had made it self-evidently apparent in healing a case the first time, that nothing had ever been sick, and therefore, nothing had ever been healed, do you think relapse ever could appear through any such belief? It cannot appear except through the belief that the claim had not really been healed.

This belief is one of mental assassination working to destroy the unfolding idea and its phenomena. Belief, claiming to be law, is always hatred of Divine Science. You can agree with the belief that nothing has ever been healed because nothing ever has been sick, and there is nothing that can suffer relapse. No belief can ever return because it never was. In Science and Health (442:19-29) Mrs. Eddy writes, “An improved belief cannot retro­grade. When Christ changes a belief of sin or of sickness into a better belief, then belief melts into spiritual understanding, and sin, disease, and death disappear. Christ, Truth, gives mortals temporary food and cloth­ing until the material, transformed with the ideal, disappears, and man is clothed and fed spiritually. St. Paul says, ‘Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling:’ Jesus said, ‘Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’ This truth is Christian Science.”

This liberated belief, claiming to be a law against a Christian Science treatment, needs to be reversed and replaced with the unfolding of the counterfact of the one law, the only law there is. The unfolding idea is law, and operates as law to the belief of a law called a law of relapse. There is no such law! The declaration that there is no such law, does away with the claim of any such law.

What would claim to be the phenomena of this belief claiming to operate as hatred of Divine Science, declaring, “The case shall relapse”? It would be a relapse of hatred of the unfolding idea, either as you or the practitioner. It would be a belief of hatred knocking at the door of consciousness, and if you or the practitioner could be made to doubt whether the case was fully healed; and so to fear and worry that it was not entirely healed and might reappear. Then you would be opening the door to the belief claiming to be law that it had not been healed. This would produce phenomena called depression, a discordant sense, an uncertain sense to make you discouraged and make the patient doubtful as to whether he was fully healed. If that belief is being entertained anywhere in consciousness, it could produce discordant phenomena in you or in the patient; the belief would be liable to be along the same line as before, or along the line that you were most familiar with.

“Unless the fever-picture, drawn by millions of mortals and imaged on the body through the belief that mind is in matter and discord is as real as harmony, is destroyed through Science, it may rest at length on some receptive thought, and become a fever case.” (Science and Health 379:29-2) Such an illness would not be the return of the old claim; it would be a brand-new claim. If the practitioner recognizes this, the old subtle claims of relapse would be done away with easily. The new claim is one of jealousy, envy, hatred, revenge, polarity against the unfolding idea formulated by your Christian Science treatment. Unless you recognize what it is at work in this malicious operation, it will tend to deceive you, claiming that you have not healed your patient –– that you did not know how to heal this patient or any other patient.

If it mesmerizes you to believe in relapse, and that every patient you ever had might relapse, it would be only because you had done such wonderful work, such beautiful healing, and that the belief is hating you. Then you would not try to heal the old trouble; you would not argue with this liberated belief, but would cast it out. “Depart from me, ye that work iniquity,” Jesus said. (Matt. 7:23) Relapse is not the old claim at all; it is a claim of hatred of Divine Science, in the form of envy, jealousy, and polarity to the unfolding idea. It would claim to produce phenomena of electrical vibration, so-called electrical phenomena, such as high blood-pressure, conflicting ideas acting as poison which would produce blood poisoning. If you did not recognize this belief, you might ask yourself, “Why can’t I heal?” (Nahum 3:19) “There is no healing of thy bruise; thy wound is grievous.”

Whenever you feel depressed or irritable at all, it is the hatred of the unfolding idea knocking at the door of your consciousness as hatred of you, because you are that “altogether lovely idea.” You do not have to heal the belief of bad disposition; there is only one disposition; the only disposition there is, is in heaven. Then do not waste time in self-condemnation. If there seems to be no unfoldment, it is hatred of the unfolding idea. Watch, and see that you do not let in the belief. Be smart enough to detect its game and not think of yourself as discouraged or depressed. Reverse the belief in hatred of divine metaphysics. That is all there is of the so-called disease.

Would seemingly harmless beliefs knock at the door of consciousness if the liberated belief was not sending them? No! If you handled the old claim instead of the belief in relapse, you would not be touching it at all. Relapse is just a new belief claiming to be a law. All there is to the case, as far as the practitioner is concerned, is the belief the practitioner is entertaining. Declare there is no such law of relapse, and that it cannot fool you. The declaration that it cannot fool you, keeps it from seeming to do so. It cannot do a thing, “Therefore the rule is, heal the sick when called upon for aid, and save the victims of the mental assassins.” (Science and Health 447:9-11)

The claim of more than one law needs to be replaced by the fact that the unfolding idea is the one infinite and omnipresent law, the only law there is. In Luke, (4:34, 41; 10:18) we read how Jesus was con­fronted with the devil saying, “Let us alone; what have we to do with thee, thou Jesus of Nazareth? art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God….And devils also came out of many, crying out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew that he was Christ.” “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

Divine Science is the only law. It is the law to itself and its phenomena, and it operates as law to every belief claiming to operate against the divine law. The belief says, as it said to Jesus, “I know thee who thou art; the Holy One of God.” It is then liberated from its ignorance and knows enough to know the unfolding idea. However, Isaiah wrote (54:17), “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” And in Nehemiah (4:17) we read, “They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.” The unfolding idea carried its vision in one hand and its weapon in the other. It is two-fold; it reveals the fact and exposes the belief. Paul wrote in Thessalonians (II Thes. 2:3-10), “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things? And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

Rebound: The belief claims to be a law of rebound. Rebound is the reverse of the fact. Just as the unfolding idea is not conscious of beliefs, but rejects them and causes the belief to rebound, to return whence it came, to rebound to itself, as it were, to rebound to its own nothingness and not determine any phenomena –– so, the belief claims to be a law of rebound to the unfolding idea, a law that the unfolding idea shall rebound upon itself, shall return whence it came, and not go forth with power where it is sent, to determine the phenomena of healing, or accomplish its purpose, or prosper in the way God sends it. “For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven, and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed to the sower, and bread to the eater: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.” (Isa. 55:10, 11)

The belief claims to operate as law that the belief shall go forth with power to accomplish its purpose, instead of the unfolding idea going forth with power to determine the outward and the actual phenomena. “Remembering the sweat of agony which fell in holy benediction on the grass of Gethsemane, shall the humblest disciple murmur when he drinks from the same cup, and think, or even wish, to escape the exalting ordeal of sin’s revenge on its destroyer?” (Science and Health 48:10-14) In other words, the law of rebound claims that a Christian Science treatment shall rebound on itself and not go where God sends it to heal the patient; but that the belief shall go where belief sends it and produce its phenomena on the patient, and that the unfolding idea shall not produce the phenomena of good on the patient, but shall produce the phenomena of good on the belief itself; that the person who is opposed to Christian Science shall get the benefit of the treatment, while the patient shall get all the discordant phenomena that the belief is putting forth. It uses the Christian Science treatment to work evil to the patient and to work good to the error. For example, two neighbors living side by side, one a Christian Scientist, and the other not, both seeming to be ill with con­sumption. The more treatment was given, the worse the Christian Scientist became, while the neighbor had a complete healing. This was a belief of a law of rebound. What was the problem? The practitioner did not know enough to recognize it was a claim of rebound to the Christian Scientist, to discern that which was probably being declared against Christian Science.

Cases are not healed because they are difficult, but because of the lack of scientific understanding. In Science and Health (92:21), Mrs. Eddy writes, “Uncover error, and it turns the lie upon you. Until the fact concerning error — namely, its nothingness — appears, the moral demand will not be met, and the ability to make nothing of error will be wanting. We should blush to call that real which is only a mistake. The foundation of evil is laid on a belief in something besides God. This belief tends to support two opposite powers, instead of urging the claims of Truth alone. The mistake of thinking that error can be real, when it is merely the absence of truth, leads to belief in the superiority of error.” “…but this only impelled the idea to rise to the zenith of demonstration...” (565:25) “As of old, evil still charges the spiritual idea with error’s own nature and methods. This malicious animal instinct, of which the dragon is the type, incites mortals to kill morally and physically even their fellow-mortals, and worse still, to charge the innocent with the crime. This last infirmity of sin will sink its perpetrator into a night without a star.” (564:3-9)

She also tells us in Miscellaneous Writings (83:27-12), “Jesus’ wisdom ofttimes was shown by his forbearing to speak, as well as by speaking, the whole truth. Haply he waited for a preparation of the human heart to receive startling an­nouncements. This wisdom, which characterized his sayings, did not prophesy his death, and thereby hasten or permit it. The disciples and prophets thrust disputed points on minds unprepared for them. This cost them their lives, and the world’s temporary esteem; but the prophecies were fulfilled, and their motives were rewarded by growth and more spiritual understanding, which dawns by degrees on mortals.”

If that consciousness in which you are uncovering error was not prepared to receive the uncovering, — if the belief was not yet ready to yield to the unfolding of the idea, — it might be a belief of rebounding back against your uncovering, a belief of polarity against yourself. You had better let the patient find out these things for himself, rather than to tell it to him. Uncovering error claims to set up a law of polarity. Do not uncover error humanly to anyone. Let the unfolding idea, the progressing, unfolding idea, bring these uncoverings to the individual. All that you are called upon to do is to get rid of the beliefs in your consciousness, and trust the unfolding idea to get rid of the beliefs in everyone’s consciousness. If you try to uncover the workings of error before another has seen the workings of error in his own experience, what you may say to the patient seems so big and so mysterious and so real, that he is liable to accept and take it in, — then discordant phenomena results. Let Truth uncover error through progressive unfoldment.

Next, the belief would like to cause the unfolding idea to rebound in the direction of the belief, and get the benefit; then it would claim to go forth against the unfolding idea in the form of discordant phenomena. This is the belief claiming to malpractice on the idea. If you uncover error humanly, when it is not ready to yield to the unfolding idea, the belief would rebound right against you; that is, a direct rebound.

Sometimes when you throw a ball, instead of its coming back directly to you, it glances off in some other direction. All that the individual consciousness includes in the radius of its think­ing, constitutes the individual — its home, children, husband, patients. Then suppose the belief claims to rebound against the practitioner, but she is keeping her thought free from error. Then it would glance off in the direction of some person in the radius of her thinking and produce discordant phenomena. This would be a belief claiming to rebound against the practitioner, and so against anyone included in her thinking; against anyone near and dear to her.

All there is to you is your thinking; so the protection of your thinking should include all those in the radius of your thinking. Practitioners should protect their patients from rebound. Any hatred of Divine Science would claim to rebound — rebound to God’s unfolding idea. The whole purpose of the belief is to keep the idea from unfolding. No so-called law of reversal, relapse, rebound, shall prosper; cast it out; do not try to heal it.

The beliefs were going out against Mrs. Eddy to break down her work and herself. She stood as the unfolding idea, cutting off the beliefs so they could not get into her consciousness to produce phenomena; but she told her students that they must guard against those beliefs that were going out against her; that they must not make any reality of them, but reverse them with the unfolding idea. The tendency was to feel indignant, but indignation would mean admitting the whole belief, and the beliefs intended against her might rebound against them.

Unidentified Beliefs: How shall we deal with beliefs that we do not know anything about or recognize? How would you deal with liberated beliefs? Hatred of the unfolding idea is all liberated belief. Would you reason with it? No. Cast it out and “flee as a bird to your mountain”! Gather yourself up in Love’s omnipresence. You do not have to do anything; just be in the “secret place of the Most High.” Belief does not know anything about you — what you are, or where you are. Gather yourself up in God, and neither animal magnetism, sin, disease, nor death can touch you. The realization of this fact is the full demonstration of the fact; but the declaration of the fact annuls the belief that animal magnetism can touch you. Realization –– declaration.

Protection: It is the conscious at-one-ment with God that protects. Mrs. Eddy has said that it is the activity of Love that heals the most difficult case. “Hold perpetually this thought, –– that it is the spiritual idea, the Holy Ghost and Christ, which enables you to demonstrate, with scientific certainty, the rule of healing, based upon its divine Principle, Love, underlying, overlying, and encompassing all true being.” (Science and Health 496:15-19) “When the illusion of sickness or sin tempts you, cling steadfastly to God and His idea. Allow nothing but His likeness to abide in your thought.” (Science and Health 495:14-16) “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.” (Prov. 3:5-8)

It is a great thing to learn to cut off the beliefs through conscious at-one-ment with God. You exist in God, the infinite Mind. “It was the living, palpitating presence of Christ, Truth, which healed the sick.” (Science and Health 351:13-15)

“The miracle of grace is no miracle to Love. Jesus demonstrated the inability of corporeality, as well as the infinite ability of Spirit, thus helping erring human sense to flee from its own convictions and seek safety in divine Science. Reason, rightly directed, serves to correct the errors of corporeal sense; but sin, sickness, and death will seem real (even as the experiences of the sleeping dream seem real) until the Science of man’s eternal harmony breaks their illusion with the unbroken reality of scientific being. Which of these two theories concerning man are you ready to accept? One is the mortal testimony, changing, dying, unreal. The other is the eternal and real evidence, bearing Truth’s signet, its lap piled high with immortal fruits. Our Master cast out devils (evils) and healed the sick. It should be said of his followers also, that they cast fear and all evil out of themselves and others and heal the sick. God will heal the sick through man, whenever man is governed by God. Truth casts out error now as surely as it did nineteen centuries ago. All of Truth is not understood; hence its healing power is not fully demonstrated. If sickness is true or the idea of Truth, you cannot destroy sickness, and it would be absurd to try. Then classify sickness and error as our Master did, when he spoke of the sick, ‘whom Satan hath bound,’ and find a sovereign antidote for error in the life-giving power of Truth acting on human belief, a power which opens the prison doors to such as are bound, and sets the captive free physically and morally.” (Science and Health 494:15-13)

“Love is the liberator.” (Science and Health 225:21 only)

“If Spirit or the power of divine Love bear witness to the truth, this is the ultimatum, the scientific way, and the healing is instantaneous.” (Science and Health 411:10-12)

Lamb of God. The spiritual idea of Love…” (Science and Health 590:9)

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb…” (Rev. 12:11)

Regeneration: Consciousness is not really healed until we experience that regeneration of consciousness which is the new birth. The consciousness that we are born of God, saves us from all beliefs. In Hebrews (11:6) we read, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

Doubt: Doubt is the belief that claims to cut off demonstration. Belief claims to have manifestation. Idea, unfolded, determines the outward and the actual. Then doubt would be a belief of reversing demonstration. It is recorded in Matthew 9:28, “And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord.” Jesus removed all doubt in the patients’ thought before he healed them. So it is a good thing to ask the patient who comes for treatment if he has faith that Christian Science will heal him, and be sure that you get doubt out of your own consciousness. If it is a difficult case, it is a good thing to get the whole family to admit that Christian Science can heal, getting them all to working together with you. Mr. Kimball said that doubt is the big gun of error. It is a belief of obstruction to your demonstration.

The Unfolding Idea: The unfolding idea is the law of God; it is the mightily working thought that everything that unfolds is law, and operates as law to itself and law to all its phenomena, the outward and actual phenomena, and it is law to all belief about it and to the so-called phenomena of belief. “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Rom. 8:2) “‘The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law,’ –– the law of mortal belief, at war with the facts of immortal Life, even with the spiritual law which says to the grave, ‘Where is thy victory?’ But ‘when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory.’” (Science and Health 496:20-27) “Question. –– Does Christian Science, or metaphysical healing, include medication, material hygiene, mesmerism, hypnotism, theosophy, or spiritualism? Answer. –– Not one of them is included in it. In divine Science, the supposed laws of matter yield to the law of Mind. What are termed natural science and material laws are the objective states of mortal mind.” (S&H 484:6-13) “Sickness, sin, and death, being inharmonious, do not originate in God nor belong to His government. His law, rightly understood, destroys them. Jesus furnished proofs of these statements.” (Science and Health 472:9-12)

“I am the unfolding idea, and as idea, I am the law. The words that I declare are law operating; the idea that unfolds as my consciousness is law operating.” Jesus always spoke with authority to the belief.

Because the unfolding idea is law, it is not under the law. Then you stand as the unfolding consciousness of good, and are not under the law. You ARE the law; and the declaration of the fact is the enforcement of the law and its phenomena. You, as the unfolding idea, are the enforcing of the law to every belief that is entertained in thought about you, whether you know what the belief is or not. You are a law to all the criticism or condemna­tion that might be entertained about you in thought, whether you know what the belief of criticism or condemnation may be. God is the only law, and the unfolding idea is the only law there is, and you are law as the unfolding idea, — a law to yourself and all your affairs and all phenomena. The textbook instructs us, “Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake.” (Science and Health 442:30)

Immunity From Malpractice: Knowing that you cannot be harmed, is the enforcing of the law. The declaration of the law, is the enforcing of the law. Mental malpractice is the liberated belief claiming to be Mind and able to harm you. We are never asleep when we seem to be asleep. Two times two is always operating. There is no law of obscuration to cloud your vision –– your unfoldment –– no belief that anything can obscure the unfolding idea.

There is no law of excommunication that belief can cut off your good or cut you off from good. There is no law that you can be cut off from communications with anyone or anything that would do you good, or cut off patients from getting you as a practitioner. There is no law to cut you off from anything to which you are properly entitled, or from proper recognition of what you stand for.

There is no law of displacement; no law that belief can take the place of the idea which is you. There is no law that can operate to put you out of your right place, or put you in a wrong place, or that belief can take your place and give it to someone else. Belief cannot be entertained in your consciousness to make you displace yourself, to take you out of a right place and put you in a wrong place.

There is no law of apostasy to turn you or anyone away from Truth, from God; or to turn anybody away from Christian Science; or to turn anyone away from you as a practitioner, or away from the good you have to express. Are there many trees or just ONE? The idea of one tree is enough, because it is infinite in its unfoldment.

Science and Health (94:28-18) records, “Our Master read mortal mind on a scientific basis, that of the omnipresence of Mind. An approximation of this discernment indicates spiritual growth and union with the infinite capacities of the one Mind. Jesus could injure no one by his Mind-reading. The effect of his Mind was always to heal and to save, and this is the only genuine Science of reading mortal mind. His holy motives and aims were traduced by the sinners of that period, as they would be to-day if Jesus were personally present. Paul said, ‘To be spiritually minded is life.’ We approach God, or Life, in proportion to our spirituality, our fidelity to Truth and Love; and in that ratio we know all human need and are able to discern the thought of the sick and the sinning for the purpose of healing them. Error of any kind cannot hide from the law of God. Whoever reaches this point of moral culture and goodness cannot injure others, and must do them good. The greater or lesser ability of a Christian Scientist to discern thought scientifically, depends upon his genuine spirituality. This kind of mind-reading is not clairvoyance, but it is important to success in healing, and is one of the special characteristics thereof.” In Miscellany (247:5-9) we read, “The church is the mouthpiece of Christian Science, — its law and gospel are according to Christ Jesus; its rules are health, holiness, and immortality, — equal rights and privileges, equality of the sexes, rotation in office.”

Liberated Belief: All belief can be summed up in one word, –– ignorance; so do away with it as a belief of ignorance — ignorance of the unfolding idea. All of liberated belief is ignorance. If it would be liberated from all of its ignorance, it would be the unfolding idea. All of liberated belief is the belief of human will-power, mind-power, –– the counterbelief of the counterfact of the unfolding idea. All belief is a belief of human will and mortal mind’s electrical vibrations that claim to produce phenomena, such as high blood pressure or any abnormal vibrations. All of belief is a belief of polarity. Then you would declare that the liberated belief cannot operate as a belief of electrical vibration, or a law of polarity. The belief of liberated will-power is called demonology. Another name for it is animal magnetism, or magnetic belief; and if the belief is malicious, we call it malicious animal magnetism; and if it is a liberated belief, we call it malicious malpractice.

All of belief is a belief of poison. Our attitude should be at-one-ment, not with the belief — with M.D., D.D., or R.C. — but with God. In the Manual of The Mother Church, we read, “Teachers shall instruct their pupils how to defend themselves against mental malpractice, never to return evil for evil, but to know the truth that makes free, and thus to be a law, not unto others, but to themselves.” (Art. 26., Sect.3)

If consciousness always recognized that belief was a belief, it would not accept it; and so belief has to come in the guise of a Prince to consciousness, as a right idea. If you recognize it as a belief, you will not stop to reason with it and convince yourself that it is not true; you will just cast it out! If it is not included in the one infinite Mind, it is not true, and you say, “Get thee hence!” If the belief claims to come persistently to you, declare, “I know what you are, and you know that I know what you are, and I know that you know that I know what you are!”

The fact is law to the belief. We read in Science and Health (373:12-15), “Healing is easier than teaching, if the teaching if faithfully done. The fear of disease and the love of sin are the sources of man’s enslavement.” “These opposite qualities are the tares and wheat, which never really mingle, though (to mortal sight) they grow side by side until the harvest; then, Science separates the wheat from the tares, through the realization of God as ever present and of man as reflecting the divine likeness.” (Science and Health 300:17-22) And in Miscellaneous Writings (214:25-2) we find this statement, “The Christian Scientist cannot heal the sick, and take error along with Truth, either in the recognition or approbation of it. This would prevent the possibility of destroying the tares: they must be separated from the wheat before they can be burned, and Jesus foretold the harvest hour and the final destruction of error through this very process, — the sifting and the fire.”

“Peals that should startle the slumbering thought from its erroneous dream are partially unheeded; but the last trump has not sounded, or this would not be so. Marvels, calamities, and sin will much more abound as truth urges upon mortals its resisted claims; but the awful daring of sin destroys sin, and foreshadows the triumph of truth. God will overturn, until ‘He come whose right it is.’ Longevity is increasing and the power of sin diminishing, for the world feels the alterative effect of truth through every pore. As the crude footprints of the past disappear from the dissolving paths of the present, we shall better understand the Science which governs these changes, and shall plant our feet on firmer ground.” (Science and Health 223:25-7)

False Metaphysics –– Separation: All that goes by the name false metaphysics is just a belief of disloyalty to Divine Science and to the Revelator, Mary Baker Eddy. “Man is not God, and God is not man. Again, God, or good, never made man capable of sin. It is the opposite of good — that is, evil — which seems to make men capable of wrong-doing. Hence, evil is but an illusion, and it has no real basis. Evil is a false belief. God is not its author. The supposititious parent of evil is a lie.” (Science and Health 480:19-25) “Therefore the rule is, heal the sick when called upon for aid, and save the victims of the mental assassins.” (Science and Health 447:9-11) “The inoculation of evil human thoughts ought to be understood and guarded against.” (Science and Health 449:20-21)

“Never fear the mental malpractitioner, the mental assassin, who, in attempting to rule mankind, tramples upon the divine Principle of metaphysics, for God is the only power. To succeed in healing, you must conquer your own fears as well as those of your patients, and rise into higher and holier consciousness. If it is found necessary to treat against relapse, know that disease or its symptoms cannot change forms, nor go from one part to another, for Truth destroys disease. There is no metastasis, no stoppage of harmonious action, no paralysis. Truth not error, Love not hate, Spirit not matter, governs man. If students do not readily heal themselves, they should early call an experienced Christian Scientist to aid them. If they are unwilling to do this for themselves, they need only to know that error cannot produce this unnatural reluctance.” (Science and Health 419:25-9)

False metaphysics is a belief called apostasy to Christian Science and its Revelator. It was liberated against Christian Science and its Revelator by a belief called apostasy because of the great distance between the belief and the unfolding idea; it was too great a distance for the belief to accept the idea; it was the Judas quality. All of belief called false metaphysics is the Judas-quality. Many false forms of Christian Science are abroad today –– Unity, New Thought, Home of Truth, and false Christian Science that has been emanating from New York by way of Annie C. Bill and John V. Dittemore; Walter’s teaching, Rawson, etc. Even though they use the teaching of Christian Science, it is not Divine Science, because all there is of it is the thought, and it is a thought of polarity to the unfolding idea. If such thought had been the unfolding idea, it would never have left Christian Science. You can never attach it to a person; it is hatred of the revelation; it is the Judas-quality of belief that has deceived consciousness into deceiving itself. It is a subtle belief, but the belief would have to come in the guise of a Prince –– a right idea –– to deceive you.

Belief, in order to be admitted into consciousness, would first have to get us to entertain harmless beliefs before we would entertain harmful ones. When belief knocks at the door of consciousness, it would have to find something within that seems to be at-one with the belief, –– such as pride, egotism, superiority; this is the way belief begins to set up operation in consciousness. Through belief of clairvoyance, it claims to find out what there is in consciousness that could be used as a channel to work through, and when it finds such beliefs, it uses them. The Judas-quality is the quality of thought that belief uses to produce disloyalty. If you had been set up in a high place, a prominent position in the movement, the more the beliefs would seek to gain entrance to corrupt and deceive you. Liberated beliefs will send all its beliefs to your door of consciousness to see if it can trip you up.

“Judas conspired against Jesus. The world’s ingratitude and hatred towards that just man effected his betrayal. The traitor’s price was thirty pieces of silver and the smiles of the Pharisees. He chose his time, when the people were in doubt concerning Jesus’ teachings. A period was approaching which would reveal the infinite distance between Judas and his Master. Judas Iscariot knew this. He knew that the great goodness of that Master placed a gulf between Jesus and his betrayer, and this spiritual distance inflamed Judas’ envy. The greed for gold strengthened his ingratitude, and for a time quieted his remorse. He knew that the world generally loves a lie better than Truth; and so he plotted the betrayal of Jesus in order to raise himself in popular estimation. His dark plot fell to the ground, and the traitor fell with it. The disciples’ desertion of their Master in his last earthly struggle was punished; each one came to a violent death except St. John, of whose death we have no record.” (Science and Health 47:10-30)

We are all put to the test to see if the unfolding idea can stand as our consciousness. So, this is the demonstration we must make; and we must know that the idea can make the demonstration. Idea is the only thing that can stand; the belief cannot. Envy is a belief of inflammation. The whole error of liberated belief, coming through ignorant beliefs such as doubt, fear, and so on, is intended to make Christian Scientists apostate to Christian Science. Judaism is a liberated belief as well as an ignorant one. It is a belief of polarity to the Christ idea — the unfolding idea. It is a very material belief, and it operates as liberated belief to corrupt the idea. Judaism stands as a belief of corruption in general, corrupting the idea; it is said that much of the claim of corruption is laid at the door of Judaism. It is a part of Jewish propaganda to corrupt salvation.

The unfolding idea uncovers the belief, and uncovers it as nothing. Belief claims to uncover belief, but it uncovers it as something.

Chemicalization: True chemicalization is a divine operation; it is the divine idea doing away with the belief, and revealing its nothingness. We should not fear the chemicalization resulting from our treatment. “This fermentation should not aggravate the disease, but should be as painless to man as to a fluid, since matter has no sensation and mortal mind only feels and sees materially.” (Science and Health 401:12-15) “Lulled by stupefying illusions, the world is asleep in the cradle of infancy, dreaming away the hours. Material sense does not unfold the facts of existence; but spiritual sense lifts human consciousness into eternal Truth. Humanity advances slowly out of sinning sense into spiritual understanding; unwillingness to learn all things rightly, binds Christendom with chains.” (Science and Health 95:28-3)

Painful chemicalization is resistance on the part of the belief to the divine idea. But it is the unfoldment doing it all, and not some awful thing happening. You should recognize it as idea, operating as law to the belief to dispel it. What is going on in the individual consciousness, is going on in the universal consciousness. The whole world is in a state of chemicalization, and some of it is painful; but it is the Truth doing it all; it isn’t the belief doing anything.

You would declare that belief is calling itself an evil mind, the liberated belief claiming to be Mind. It cannot operate even in belief, or at all through any kind of belief — a belief of Judaism, Japanese occultism, oriental priest craft, Roman Catholic priest craft, Christian Science priest craft, or materia medica. You would declare that belief, claiming to be Mind, cannot operate in belief, or at all, to produce any phenomena, because belief has no origin, no basic principle. It cannot operate as law or cause and it is not a lawmaker, hence cannot operate as law.

It has no substance, body function nor action, no place, nor position, no recognition, no organization to support it, no influence, and cannot operate as influence, control or so-called will-power. It has no subject or object, no subject on which to act, and no object on which to act; no medium or channel, no impress or impact. It cannot operate in belief, or at all, to obstruct or delay the unfolding idea.

It cannot operate as hatred of divine metaphysics, of The Mother Church, the Lesson Sermons, Lectures, lecturers, Wednesday evening meetings, or healing, or Mrs. Eddy’s writings or periodicals.

It cannot operate as envy of the unfolding idea, or jealousy, greed, slander, misrepresentation; it cannot discountenance the unfolding idea; it cannot operate through a belief of perversion or reversion; it cannot operate as penalty or curse; it cannot operate as poison, evil prediction, or as a destructive electrical vibration or force. It cannot operate as pest or to produce phenomena of pest, plague, drought, failure, or lack of success. The denial of error nullifies the error, and the declaration of the fact demonstrates the fact. “Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men” (Matt. 12:31), Jesus warned. The liberated belief is the claim of the unpardonable belief, the willful resistance to the unfolding idea. John wrote (I John 5:15-16), “And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.”

“Even the very dust of your city, which cleaveth on us, we do wipe off against you: notwithstanding be ye sure of this, that the kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.” (Luke 10:11) “In the Lord put I my trust: how say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?” (Psalm 11:1) Gather yourself up in the omnipresence of the unfolding idea of God, and refuse to reason with the willful belief. Mrs. Eddy has been quoted as saying, “God alone handles animal magnetism.”

Christian Science Treatment: “Our proportionate admission of the claims of good or of evil determines the harmony of our existence, — our health, our longevity, and our Christianity,” we read in Science and Health, 167:7-10. Christian Science treatment is the declaration of the fact about God; the realization of that fact about God which is reflected as the fact about everything. In a treatment, your only sense of practitioner and patient would be the unfolding idea; only the consciousness of the one unfolding idea is all that is going on either as practitioner or patient; otherwise it would be only a belief of thought transference. It is our conscious at-one-ment with God that saves us from all beliefs.

The realization that the one infinite consciousness knows itself only, shuts out all beliefs, and is reflected as your own infinite consciousness that knows itself only. The unfolding idea knows itself only, and so it does not know any beliefs. Thus in Miscellany (364:9-17) Mrs. Eddy writes, “Animal magnetism, hypnotism, etc., are disarmed by the practitioner who excludes from his own consciousness, and that of his patients, all sense of the realism of any other cause or effect save that which cometh from God. And he should teach his students to defend themselves from all evil, and to heal the sick, by recognizing the supremacy and allness of good. This epitomizes what heals all manner of sickness and disease, moral and physical.” And in the Scriptures (I John 4:17) we read, “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.” “Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?” (John 14:9)

The consciousness that everything and everybody exists as God’s reflection, as states and stages of consciousness or unfoldment, to human sense, saves us from malicious beliefs that knock at our door; saves us from the belief of polarity; while the belief in the existence of anything as material would open the door to all the other beliefs in the polarity credence. Our defense lies in seeing everybody as different states and stages of consciousness all going along in the same direction — not in polarity or opposite to each other, –– but in a state of at-one-ment, receiving the same unfoldment — M.D., D.D., R.C., and C.S. This saves us from the whole claim of polarity. But if we think of each other as material, it would open the door to the belief of polarity which results in the destruction to whatever it believes. “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” (Luke 10:18) “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock.” (Matt. 7:25)

In Science and Health (496:1-8) we find the following: “You will also learn that in Science there is no transfer of evil suggestions from one mortal to another, for there is but one Mind, and this ever-present omnipotent Mind is reflected by man and governs the entire universe. You will learn that in Christian Science the first duty is to obey God, to have one Mind, and to love another as yourself.” “Our Master read mortal mind on a scientific basis, that of the omnipresence of Mind. An approximation of this discernment indicates spiritual growth and union with the infinite capacities of the one Mind. Jesus could injure no one by his Mind-reading.” (Science and Health 94:28-32) “This Mind-reading is the opposite of clairvoyance. It is the illumination of the spiritual understanding which demonstrates the capacity of Soul, not of material sense. This Soul-sense comes to the human mind when the latter yields to the divine Mind. Such intuitions reveal whatever constitutes and perpetuates harmony, enabling one to do good, but not evil. You will reach the perfect Science of healing when you are able to read the human mind after this manner and discern the error you would destroy. The Samaritan woman said: ‘Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?’ It is recorded that Jesus, as he once journeyed with his students, ‘knew their thoughts,’ — read them scientifically. In like manner he discerned disease and healed the sick.” (Science and Health 85:1-18)

Liberated belief in our time claims that every prophecy has to be fulfilled; that all the evil prophecy announced as error shall have fulfillment, and as belief, calls Divine Science the error. Liberated belief claims to be mind-power, pronouncing these evil prophecies upon anything that does not stand for evil. Then that is the way you would protect Christian Science, by reversing the statements and replacing them.

“Invultuation”: Another method by which liberated belief claims to be mind-power and produce phenomena — by knocking at the door of consciousness to give it phenomena — is invultuation. The definition according to Webster: “Invultuation: A form of witchcraft in which an image of a person is made, usually of wax, and then stabbed with pins, thorns, or the like, or slowly melted before a fire; it being supposed that the person imaged will suffer injury or waste away in death in consequence. The superstition is as old as human culture, and spread through­out a great part of the world, still surviving even in Europe.”

“A courtier told Constantine that a mob had broken the head of his statue with stones. The emperor lifted his hands to his head, saying: ‘It is very surprising, but I don’t feel hurt in the least.’” (Miscellaneous Writings 224:7-10) Belief sets up an image which it calls you, and then does everything to that image which it would like to do to you. When it sets up and attacks a mental image of you, it is called mental manipulation. If some mental image seems to be in your consciousness and you cannot get rid of it either as malpractice, or suggestion, declare that malicious mental malpractice or liberated belief claiming to be mind-power, cannot keep that belief before your thought; cannot hold it before your thought to keep it there. Then you have uncovered the belief in just the way it claims to operate, and the belief cannot play the game any longer. That is the belief that the belief of clairvoyance comes from. Declare that belief cannot operate even in belief, or at all, as belief called ignorant animal magnetism, or as liberated belief called malicious animal magnetism, or as mental malpractice, to produce and determine any phenomena.

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is predicted not only by the so-called professional, but all of liberated belief practices it. Demonology is clairvoyance; it is the belief of human will-power which is the name for all of liberated belief. It sets up in its consciousness some erroneous mental picture of a person in thought just as a professional clairvoyant voices whatever comes to her thought. So mental malpractice or demonology sets up some mental picture of a person to be entertained in consciousness; it broadcasts this erroneous impression about that person whom belief would like to get rid of. It sends out that erroneous impression into circulation so as to get the impression about the worker entertained.

It claims to detect what there is of weakness and then preys upon that individual consciousness so as to break down the individual’s own unfolding idea, and then it puts out into the universal consciousness this impression of the person. Then you would heal the ignorant belief; but the willful belief that would not yield to the unfolding idea, you would cast out and protect yourself from it by gathering yourself up into the Omnipresence.

Horoscope: Belief claims that when this babe was born that the planets were ascending or descending and that his future history and experience will depend upon the relation of the planets to each other at that particular hour. That is the belief called horoscope –– astrology –– a belief of astronomy, or a belief about the universe, about the unfolding idea.

It is a good thing to know that the child existed long before the hour of the horoscope. This belief claims to operate as law, but is only the belief about the one Law, the unfolding idea; and all there is to a planet is the unfolding idea as the operation of law, the law of God, good. So, the babe as the unfolding idea is not under the law, the babe itself is law to everything in the radius of its thinking, or its consciousness. Mrs. Eddy assures us, “God holds man in the eternal bonds of Science, — in the immutable harmony of divine law. Man is a celestial; and in the spiritual universe he is forever individual and forever harmonious.” (No and Yes, 26:22-25) “Man is the offspring and idea of the Supreme Being, whose law is perfect and infinite. In obedience to this law, man is forever unfolding the endless beatitudes of Being; for he is the image and likeness of infinite Life, Truth, and Love.” (Miscellaneous Writings 82:15-19) “The planets have no more power over man than over his Maker, since God governs the universe; but man, reflecting God’s power, has dominion over all the earth and its hosts.” (Science and Health 102:12-15) “For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.” (Rom. 8:2)

Astrology is just a belief that the earth is material, a belief about the fact as the omnipresent idea of God. It should be handled by reversing with the fact for every babe and for yourself, everybody and your patients. The unfolding idea is the only law. It is itself a law to itself and to all the phenomena, and it operates as law to every belief that would operate as law against it. Belief denied is nullified; the idea declared is the idea demonstrated. All trouble comes from the basic belief that birth and existence are material; that Mind is material. Reverse horoscope in claims of chronic alcoholism, or any alcoholism. Handle the belief of spiritualism that perhaps some departed spirit wants to get rid of his belief of alcoholism; and so would try to get its belief imposed upon the consciousness that was receptive, so as to produce phenomena of alcoholism, called “control of an evil spirit.”

Mediumship: It might want to impose itself upon a Christian Scientist, because the latter would know how to heal it, thereby getting it healed through the healing of the Christian Scientist, –– healing the departed spirit of the same belief. Everything is a claim of mediumship. Horoscope claims to be a law in your experience whether you know about it or not. It claims to be irresistible, irrefutable.

Standing Porter: Auto-suggestion is the claim that belief originates in your own thinking. No belief ever originates in your own thinking. Watching means keeping out the beliefs that knock at the door. Praying means unfolding the idea. The belief called “disease” is only the phenomena of some belief that is entertained whether you know about it or not, and is not reversed. The outward and actual phenomena is the visible idea. The belief stands before the woman to devour the idea as soon as it is born. Beliefs presented to Christian Scientists are only to be eliminated. Disease is not a thing; it is only the phenomena of belief.

The unfolding of the idea is law; and the unfoldment of the idea is the operating of the law. And just as the unfolding of the idea is law to every belief about it, so the belief claims to be law and to operate as law to the unfolding idea. Just as the idea gives the belief a treatment, so the belief claims to give the idea a treatment. One is Christian Science and the other is malpractice. All of belief, then, is the belief against a Christian Science treatment. “And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends together: for before they were at enmity between themselves.” (Luke 23:12) Thus, all of false theology and false metaphysics combine as one belief against Divine Science (even as Pilate and Herod combined to destroy the Christ idea, the unfolding idea) in a determination to cast doubt on Christian Science healing. If Christian Science healing could be discredited, that would be the end of it. However, Christian Science will never be lost as long as it can be demonstrated; and it can be demonstrated as long as the Science of Truth and the Spirit of Truth are equally operative.

Mrs. Eddy writes in Science and Health (559:2-8), “Did this same book contain the revelation of Divine Science, the ‘right foot’ or dominant power of which was upon the sea, — upon elementary, latent error, the source of all error’s visible forms? The angel’s left foot was upon the earth; that is, a secondary power was exercised upon visible error and audible sin.” “Metaphysics resolves things into thoughts, and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.” (Science and Health 269:14-16) “Unless the fever-picture, drawn by millions of mortals and imaged on the body through the belief that mind is in matter and discord is as real as harmony, is destroyed through Science, it may rest at length on some receptive thought, and become a fever case, which ends in a belief called death, which belief must be finally conquered by eternal Life.” (Science and Health 379:29-4)

Protecting the Treatment: Reduce the phenomena as a thing, to a belief. Getting rid of the beliefs, gets rid of the phenomena. Liberated belief claims to be the one Mind with power to determine phenomena called animal magnetism or mental malpractice; but it cannot operate even according to belief –– or at all –– as malicious malpractice, as mind-power, as power to determine phenomena through any belief or claim of material causation, material substance, material action, or material law. It cannot operate through any ignorant belief called ignorant animal magnetism, such as hate, envy, jealousy, fear, doubt, prenatal influence, and so on. It cannot operate through any liberated belief called liberated animal magnetism, such as spiritualism, mediumship, psychology, astrology, theosophy, thought transference, false metaphysics, clairvoyance, so-called Christian Science, priest craft — either oriental or Roman Catholic, –– and all the rest. It cannot operate through any belief of laws of mental malpractice called laws of reversal, relapse, rebound, obstruction, obscuration, penalty, curse, or apostasy. Rebellion against the unfolding idea is the sin of witchcraft. “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. Because thou hast rejected the word of the Lord, he hath also rejected thee from being king.” (I Samuel 15:23) Because the lie has rejected the Word, it has no power. Absolutely none.

Knowing that God’s idea is protected (and that is what you are), protects you from the beliefs that are sent to your door by so-called human will-power, false metaphysics, Christian Science (falsely so-called), or Roman Catholi­cism, Judaism, clairvoyance, theosophy, and all forms of demonology. This protects you from the beliefs that are sent to your door as pronouncement of penalty, curse, evil prophecy, through the belief of perversion, invultuation, mental manipulation, or any other belief. Since all belief is liberated belief, it is a belief of polarity to the unfolding idea; and the biggest part of our practice is the work of protection from the liberated belief. It is the liberated belief that would like to kill through the ignorant belief; so your protection from it, is cutting off the liberated beliefs, and this is healing.

Nature of Man: Because God is all, man also is all by reflection. Does this deify man? No. We must be careful that we do not make man, God. All the false systems of thought claim to deify man, and make man all, instead of God. All false metaphysics deify man, because all of the false systems of thought do not recognize that the one infinite Mind is not material. Belief recognizes itself as the only mind; and saying it is all, really leaves God out. It is only the belief of a material god or a material will. “Man is God’s image and likeness; whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God’s reflection.” (Miscellaneous Writings 183:12-14) “Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.” (Ephesians 4:13)

Do these infinite ideas depend upon each other, or do they depend upon their source? Each idea is dependent on Mind, the source of Being. Then no idea is dependent on any other idea. Thus, man is not an organized being nor an organization, but unfoldment. If man were organic or material organization, then every part would depend upon every other part. Belief about man is that man is organic, dependent on man, instead of God. Man is not a material organization, but reflection, realization, unfoldment. Then man is Divine Science, because that is the revelation, –– the sum total –– of the unfolding idea.

Association Address for 1932

The chief thing that engages our attention naturally is the actual practice of Christian Science; but the fact is, that every earnest student of Christian Science is a practitioner of Christian Science. It is not absolutely essential that one should devote the whole time to what is called the healing of the sick in order that one should be a practitioner. The fact of being a practitioner is evident the moment that one affirms the Truth and denies the error, whatever the aspect of the error may be.

Very often we find that even students who have had considerable experience fail to carry on the requirements of this Science. They fail to obey the rule, and generally that happens under conditions that seem to them more or less overwhelming; but the fact is, that no condition is really overwhelming, and that the proper understanding of Christian Science will remove that belief that there are any such conditions.

The belief of opposition to Christian Science sometimes is admitted without a denial; yet a Christian Scientist could not possibly take cognizance of a thing of that kind if he were alert, without immediately making his denial of that false claim. Not very long ago someone spoke to me of the belief that in the Church where this person happened to be, there is a good deal of criticism. I asked this person if he had denied that there was any such thing as a church where there could be criticism, or fault finding, or any mind that could be capable of criticism or fault finding. I asked him how many minds there were. He answered, “Of course, only one.” I then asked him, “Do you believe it?” I found that he did not believe it, for if he had actually believed it, then he would not have admitted that other thing. That is just one instance.

Now, in the case of a person who came to me not very long ago and said, “I just find it impossible to realize the Truth,” I replied, “Have you denied that?” He had not denied it; he had gone on without making any denial of that, “I find it impossible to realize the Truth.” He was malpracticing upon his treatment and upon Christian Science, in spite of all that has been told by Mrs. Eddy, and by our teachers. By everything we know is true, we know that we should never permit an error to stand before us as if it were the Truth, but that we should recognize every error and deny it every time it appears or claims to be like the Truth.

It makes no difference what aspect that error may assume. It may say it is disease, it is sin, it is error. It may say, “You have treated the patient and the patient isn’t getting any better.” Are you going to admit that? Or are you going to say, “It would be impossible to give a treatment to a patient and not have him receive benefit from it.” If you admit that he is not getting better, are you practicing or malpracticing?

The attitude of the thought of the Christian Scientist is the most important thing in the world. Nobody else but a Christian Scientist knows enough to affirm the Truth and deny error. So-called mental manipulators affirm what they would like to have true and deny what they don’t like, but that is not Christian Science practice. Christian Science practice does not permit the practitioner to select what he would like to have true, and then try to bring it to pass; but rather shows him that in the light of Truth, certain human aspects are absolutely false and this must be denied. We have not reached that stage of understanding which will permit us to ignore anything, and I don’t think we shall ever reach a stage of understanding that will ever permit us to ignore anything.

A Christian Science treatment is not that. It obliges us to take cognizance of those things that require correction, — conditions of human life that are unlike the divine provision, or the divine plan, or purpose, and that are going on, not according to divine law, but according to a false sense of law. So, a Christian Scientist is not selecting what he would like to have true and bring it to pass. A so-called mental scientist tries to do that; a hypnotist is trying to do that; and a good many other “ists” and “isms” are trying to do that. The fact is, that the thing they would like to have come to pass ought not to come to pass.

A Christian Scientist is affirming what he knows to be true about God, man, the universe, and law, and is standing for the eternal spiritual Truth in his treatment. He does not know exactly how that will come out, but he knows that it will come out, according to Divine law, and that means harmony. He would not outline the results; he absolutely knows the result will be right, and nothing can make it otherwise; neither can there be anything that can prevent the evidence of this rightness at this very moment. But he does not pretend that with his human sense he can say just what that right is.

This is very important. In our work there is a tendency among human beings, such as we are, to try and make the demonstration of something — “I have been trying to make the demonstration of coming to Association.” Perfectly legitimate desire, and perfectly legitimate result, but one does not attain the result in that way. The fact is, that that which is Divine and true is now Divine and true. In proportion as the thought of the human being affirms and maintains the fact that there could not be any separation between God and man, — and there never is for a single moment, — just in that proportion will it be found that human beings who are engaged in the work of Christian Science and are mutually interested enough to assemble in order that Christian Science may become clearer to them, in that measure they will find themselves in that situation that seems so desirable. But one cannot make the demonstration by believing that something is going to happen which is not already true.

Someone says, “Well, I am knowing I will be in my right place.” He is wrong. His right place is in him, and he can never get in his right place by trying to imagine there is a place bigger than his understanding. His understanding includes all that place means, all that opportunity means, all that law means, all that Association means — all that everything means, because understanding is the Christ, — the nature of God and man is the Truth of Being. In the measure that it appears, these strange and queer notions and statements begin to disappear from the thought and habit of the Christian Scientist.

There is nothing greater than consciousness. Consciousness is primal, infinite, eternal, one with Mind. You could not possibly have anything larger; there is not anything larger. It is infinite; it is the infinity of all, — that is the divine Principle of Being and consciousness. Our own consciousness, so to speak, measures up to that standard just in the degree that we cut off all these bridges, all of these strange and fantastic expressions that have become habitual even with Christian Scientists, because these expressions bind us to the past, instead of opening up to us the present. They bind us to the past, make us struggle along with difficulties because we don’t seem to have much power to overcome them — but that past is an illusion of the senses, and the divine fact of Infinity is now ready to be demonstrated by anybody who will demonstrate it, and is the thing essential to our welfare.

As you speak of this question of being in your right place, I think I may elaborate that a little, if you don’t mind, because I am under the impression that that seems to be quite a difficult matter with many people. “Well, I just knew I was in my right place.” He could not know that, — he could believe it; but if he knew something, it would be that his right place was in him. That is the difference between believing and knowing. As I have said, consciousness is one and infinite, and the individual consciousness, so to speak, is but a reflection or expression of the Infinite consciousness that is all inclusive; and as the individual consciousness is just as inclusive as the original Infinite consciousness, all must be in order.

There is not a man in this universe that is less than the absolute expression of an infinite God. There is not a consciousness that is finite consciousness; there is a belief that there is, but there is only Consciousness, Infinite, and one, and it involves all things, includes the universe, perfect. What is called “place” is consciousness, and if one sees it that way, he is not seeking a place, he is seeking God, and inevitably the place will be manifested because that is incident to man’s being.

We do not find the reflection by seeking reflection.

In the measure that the actual Truth not only takes possession of consciousness but becomes consciousness, in that measure you find reflection; and in that measure you find the rejection of everything that would appear to be fearful, uncertain, doubtful, everything that would depict a world in which you are a mere pawn upon what you might call a great sport board where a game is going on in a very uncertain way. That has nothing to do with man nor with yourself. Even in this hour your selfhood is one with Infinite Good, and the thing that said it is not, is nothing but error.

It is not exactly that we are to be saved, but it is knowing that we are saved, that nothing operates to bring about what is called salvation, but through knowing there is salvation.

When we seek God, we inevitably find, not God, but man. Manifestation is always that which appears, and you can’t have God without a manifestation. Without manifestation there is no God.

Because the human race has admitted evil and believed in it, no wonder that all of its religion has been more or less atheistic; no wonder it believes that matter is real when it has no correct sense of God. They have been unwilling to declare that matter is unreal. They have not been willing to see it, but it is a thing that must be seen. The universe is spiritual and God is Spirit.

There is not any other universe except the spiritual universe. Any evidence which shows a universe unlike that, is false evidence, not to be believed at all. The claim or belief of a human being represents mortality and is always a false claim because it is not a human being. All being is divine. There is no other being.

Annually I write a letter to the students in London on the same day as we hold our meeting here, and as usual this has occurred this season also. I am reading this letter, or parts of it, whatever seems to be desirable. Naturally some parts of this letter are more appropriate for them than for ourselves, but I think you will find it all more or less helpful.

A repetition of admonition on these recurring occasions is unavoidable. Perhaps it is even desirable, because we have learned through experience that the ideas emanating from the Infinite source are not immediately understood in their full significance. In the course of progressive unfoldment, many statements iterated and reiterated, unfold their real meaning more and more and thereby assist us in our endeavor to demonstrate Christian Science in the full measure. Anything that we may say correctly concerning this practice is helpful even though we may have said it many times before. This is particularly true of beliefs that pertain to the handling of claims which seem to oppose the demonstration of Divine Power.

A great many things have been said, and a great many things are still to be said, about malpractice which do not tend to clarify the thought of Christian Scientists concerning the false claim. It is not necessary to mention them in detail. Any student here is aware that much time and much energy has been wasted, — and in some instances worse than wasted, — in the endeavor on the part of Christian Scientists to handle this particular error. There is always a correct way, and it is well for us to insist upon the fact that we can understand that way and follow it effectively. I am speaking of this because there are two divergencies, or what might be called differences of thought, concerning what is called malpractice. On one side we often find people looking here and there to discover some hidden thing, that they call mental malpractice. On the other side, we find people are sometimes prone to ignore that claim when they recognize it. Our aim should be absolute Science. In the measure that we attain that correct mentality, we shall find that we are able to recognize this or any other particular phase of error, and that our ability to handle it is coincident with our recognition of it as nothing.

Unquestionably, there are times when almost everybody (perhaps I ought to say everybody) finds it necessary to argue against this claim, but the argument is valueless unless it results in the clear realization of the nothingness of the error.

I have been almost surprised recently to meet students who are practitioners of long standing, and who believe that they must suffer for righteousness sake. Such a statement is an open doorway for all sorts of suggestions, and one who believes he must be protected because he is a Christian Scientist, needs to handle not malpractice directed against him, but his own mesmeric belief in malpractice.

The fact about this particular false claim is, that mesmerized by this claim, he believes that he is the object of its attention. It is not even humanly reasonable to suppose that here and there Christian Scientists are being selected by malpractitioners as the object of malpractice.

We need to remind ourselves frequently and clearly that all error is designated by the term “mortal mind.” Furthermore, we often find, or we may find, that what seems to be a personal difficulty ascribed to malpractice fades out when we see that the false claim designated as mortal mind is a supposition, unalterably opposed to the Divine Christ Truth; and that being nothing more than a supposition, it is unreal.

From much observation and not a little experience, I am convinced that this is the effectual way to handle mental malpractice. When one recognizes that Truth is one and Infinite, and that the Divine and only Mind is self-existent, we can see that the counterfeit of it claims itself to be one infinite and self-existent. This counterfeit naturally opposes that which threatens its claim of existence, and here in this fear of annihilation one may find the basic activity of all that is called malicious animal magnetism, or mental malpractice. Therefore, in handling this claim in any specific instance, one should permit thought to rise to the altitude of Omnipotence and Omnipresence and the Allness of God, so as to utterly annihilate any claim of law associated with the belief that there is some other mind than the one Mind. Nevertheless, we should constantly and consistently affirm the protective power of Omnipresence; but in order to do this, we must see that we are to take cognizance of beliefs that are contrary to the Truth that we understand. Protection against any possible belief of trouble of any nature whatever is always the work of a Christian Scientist. At the same time, it is incorrect, not to say foolish, for a Christian Scientist to imagine any sort of evil, and then proceed to work against the creation of his own imagination.

A realization of the unreality of matter and of material personality fulfills the metaphysical requirements of the Ninety-first Psalm and is adequate protection. The protection should be broad enough to cover all of what mortal mind calls possibilities, and specific enough to reject the false claim of law through which, and by which, animal magnetism claims to have influence or to exert influence.

The work should definitely annul the beliefs of medical science, together with the beliefs of undertakers and all other phases of error, which claim that every human being must ultimately fall into their hands.

The practice necessarily uncovers any and all error, but we cannot be reminded too frequently that the process by which this occurs should progressively become more spiritual. There needs to be less of the human element and more of the Divine Presence in the work of uncovering error. Besides this, errors are sometimes merely mistakes of human judgment; whereas, it is not infrequently the case that a practitioner does not feel that he has uncovered the error unless in so doing, some hidden vice or sin is discovered. This attitude is incorrect.

Sometimes human beings are suffering in belief from mere neglect of the human body, and this is indeed the case when patients are students of Christian science. The reason for this is not far to seek. It is found in the old beliefs which still cling to some Christian Scientists, and it appears in exaggerated forms under the guise of spiritual mindedness. St. Paul speaks of “…a shew of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body.” (Colossians 2:23) Unquestionably there are instances where Christian Scientists are the patients, where the error to be uncovered is nothing more subtle than that expressed by the words “neglecting of the body.”

According to human belief a human body requires food, rest, and exercise. Besides this, there must be perfect elimination if there is to be perfect health, and none of these requirements can be ignored by any wise Christian Scientist. We are very deeply interested in and devoted to the Cause of Christian Science, and we wish to hasten the time when all mankind shall know of Christian Science. In order to do this, Christian Scientists themselves should present unquestionable proof of the healing and protective results of their work. It is well for us perhaps to consider some of the beliefs which have hindered Christian Scientists. These beliefs are always associated with something that is fundamentally unlike Christian Science. Sometimes, what might be called a secondary consideration in Christian Science is elevated to the point of a primary consideration.

It is true that Christian Scientists do not believe in the use of drugs and do not use drugs, but sometimes people who have not used drugs for many years think that they are Christian Scientists because of that. But there are people in this world who are not Christian Scientists, who have never used drugs, who have never had a doctor for forty or fifty years. Such people exist. They are not Christian Scientists merely on that account. Neither are we Christian Scientists merely because we disbelieve in drugs. We are Christian Scientists for quite another reason; and when we are Christian Scientists for a real reason, we begin to see that these secondary things that are worth considering in our movement shall no longer be elevated to the first place in our Cause.

The important thing is spiritual understanding, the actual recognition of Divine Power and Presence as being so natural that nothing in Creation can escape it. The naturalness of Good is the thing that is primal to our work, — the naturalness of Good.

We are enlisted on the side of Spirit; matter is always unreal. Bear this constantly in mind. In doing so, our loyalty to the Cause of Christian Science will be strengthened constantly, and our helpfulness towards those who have the responsibility of carrying on the movement at headquarters will be progressively strengthened. It is important for Christian Scientists to strengthen each other, and this is particularly true when we consider the immense responsibility which rests upon those who are carrying on the work. In a proper sense we could not possibly be too loyal, but this proper sense is the Principle and the demonstration of it.

Christian Science does not need to be advertised. It needs to be demonstrated. It is possible that mistakes might be made with the best intentions, and mistakes are made with the best intentions. The grandeur and dignity of our movement should not at any time be sacrificed to the demand of popularity.

The Christian Scientist is not, in any event, if he is wise, all the time listening for either praise or blame. Neither in the movement should we listen for praise or blame, as collectively we cannot do what we could not do individually. For this reason, I think it is the proper thing for Christian Scientists to wake up and not immediately coincide with everything that they are told to do without any consideration for the Science itself; and we always have the right to ask “Who is telling us to do this or that?” I am speaking of this particularly because I am absolutely opposed to advertising Christian Science in any way; and I am certainly opposed to advertising it in the same breath, as it were, and in the same moment, almost, with tooth paste, etc. Tooth paste, etc., are all good things, but it is no proper place for a person to speak of Christian Science; and that is the reason, among others, why I think radio-casting a program half an hour or ten minutes is not correct. If it is to be carried on, the reading should be from the Bible and Science and Health with no comment, nothing else on the same program. There should be no advertisement, even of the Monitor, in a service of Christian Science. These things are undignified and improper. Pardon my speaking so definitely. The power of God will appear to be weakened, when such methods are resorted to, or approved of.

In this same way, loyalty to our Cause and the Christian Science Board of Directors will be weakened rather than strengthened. Our loyalty should rest upon Principle, must start from Principle, and it will then be strong and immutable as Principle, and have the divine quality of understanding helpfulness towards those who occupy the highest posts of responsibility that can at the present time fall to the lot of human beings. Again, this question of loyalty is important in relation to our literature. It need hardly be said that there is a difference between loyalty and a false sense of loyalty. Loyalty to our movement and the literature and the Publishing Society consists in our support both metaphysical and financial. Loyalty does not require we should accept anything that is written and published as if it were the very utterance of Truth.

Generally speaking, persons who write for our periodicals do not pretend to do anything more than express their own views of Truth and their own experience in demonstrating the Truth.

We use the term “Authorized Literature.” It is only meant to be used in order that we may distinguish, and the world may distinguish, between that which is correct and incorrect in Christian Science; but Christian Scientists are prone to use the word “authorized” as implying final authority. Mrs. Eddy’s works alone fulfill this requirement.

We should not lose our judgment in the study and practice of Christian Science, but rather improve it. It would be foolish to say that all that was published in our periodicals has equal value. No freedom of thought can be felt so long as we fail to use the best judgment we have in regard to everything. Even the statements in the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s works are not all of equal value, and are not meant to be of equal value. Besides that, anything that is written about Christian Science should be carefully considered rather than swallowed. It is the duty of Christian Scientists to cultivate correct judgment, demonstrating that judgment hour by hour from the standpoint of ever-present and ever available Wisdom, the one and only Mind. In this way alone is it possible for us to gain more of the naturalness of Divine Presence.

Everything in the name of religion or science that hides this naturalness procrastinates our deliverance from error. Much that is helpful to the public is not helpful to those far beyond in Science. St. Paul speaks of the milk of the word, and of the fact that some are not as ready as they should be for strong meat. “For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat. For every one that useth milk is unskilful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.” (Hebrews 5:12-13) He might have added that when they continue to feed upon the milk of the word, they are not showing good judgment, or very good sense. Besides that, mistakes are made in the name of Christian Science, and a student should have enough understanding to distinguish between correct and incorrect thought; and doubtless, many more things will be written about Christian Science than have yet appeared, and some of these things may bear the mark of what is called “Authorized.” Nevertheless, it becomes increasingly necessary to decide, as nearly as their understanding can operate as divine Mind, to discern whether statements are incorrect, or practically or wholly erroneous.

This God-given ability to understand Truth should not seem strange. This simplicity of the nature of God should make it clear that ideas which reveal God constitute both that man and that relation.

We appear often to be hampered by the beliefs of a personal thinker. We need to recognize more clearly that neither Mind nor thought depends upon person or any number of persons.

Students find themselves free from the limitations of personal sense in just the measure that they see consciousness is not included in personality, but is inclusive of anything that is true of personality. Mrs. Eddy writes, “…whatever is possible to God, is possible to man as God’s reflection.” (Miscellaneous Writings 183:13-14) Every idea of God is exactly like God, — so like, that you cannot tell the difference; so like, that if you saw that likeness you would not see anything but God. Just like that. So, there is nothing to reflect but God, and God does not reflect it.

That is definitely said in a passage that I referred to last year, — “The one Ego, the one Mind or Spirit called God, is infinite individuality, which supplies all form and comeliness and which reflects reality and divinity in individual spiritual man and things.” (Science and Health 281:14) Because God does His own reflecting, according to that, it seems to be most important, in using the word “reflection,” to forget all the things we ordinarily associate with the word “reflection.”

Ideas which emanate from Deity are reflection; they do not require a reflector except in order to help us. Science is the reflector.

To shut out this reflection by accepting the belief that we are mortals who must attain perfection is wrong. We are now reflection, immortals, and the only present apparent necessity is to reject and overcome every belief that depicts us as mortal. All of the malpractice of mortal mind hinges upon the belief of man’s mortality. The statement of malpractice is always that of mortality. To acknowledge in one moment that we are mortals, and then by making a few statements to expect in the next moment to overcome the malpractice of mortal mind is futile; but this is what Christian Scientists frequently and almost universally are trying to do.

To defend ourselves against evil is a necessity, but that necessity is less insistent, and requires less attention in the measure that we cease to malpractice on ourselves.

If we were actually mortal, then we never would be anything else. The fact is that we are immortals, and we never can be anything else, because we never have been anything else, and never will be anything else than immortals.

Much that is written comes dangerously near to malpractice, because the writers do not know enough to maintain the attitude of Truth when they are writing about error. Much that occurs in practice almost touches the point of being malpractice. It becomes very dangerously near to malpractice for a person to believe that another person is actually ill. It is very dangerously near to malpractice to believe that there is another person who is actually a sinner. For one person to believe that there is another person who is actually making a mistake, for one person to believe that there is another person who is actually doing wrong, — and perhaps malpractice, — is itself also dangerously near to malpractice.

We, who handle malpractice, must not malpractice. Yet the Truth is the only standpoint from which malpractice can be handled properly, and you cannot speak of it, and know about it, or say anything concerning it, in a proper way, except from the standpoint of the divine reality, perfection, wherein there is no malpractice. If you see that, you can talk about malpractice all you like because you are not saying anything that will give it reality. If you are thinking or saying anything that gives malpractice reality, you are then malpracticing.

Articles intended for the public require the utmost wisdom. Unquestionably, this could be done much more successfully than it has been done if those who write would free themselves from the tendency to adopt stereotyped expressions. Take, for instance, this thing that has gone on (and I am happy to say is not going on to such an extent) in the Wednesday evening meetings, where one often hears: “I am grateful to God, to Jesus the Way-shower, grateful to our Leader,” and so on. Some people hesitate to give a testimony unless they include that statement, for fear they were not going according to the Manual or something like that. We are all grateful for all of that. We would not be worthy to be called Christian Scientists if we were not grateful for that.

Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” (John 14:15) And the world of old religion went on, directing everybody to love Jesus. He never said it that way. He said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments.” He knew that is the only way to show love. Mrs. Eddy says the same thing in a number of statements. To be a Christian Scientist and to demonstrate Christian Science we don’t have to talk much about it.

In dealing with error, it is scientific to be practical and frank, to meet it without fear, and reject it without compromise.

All this is said, however, for one purpose only. Persons should not handicap themselves by clinging to false beliefs which appear to be religion. Besides, the demand upon us is insistent to rise higher and higher. We cannot rise from below. We can only rise from above. Nobody can ever find Mind by reaching out to it, or thinking up to it. We must think out from it. For there is only one Mind; and the thing that is really true and good and worthwhile is ONE Consciousness, — conscious of its own infinitude down to the least detail of that thinking. Nobody needs to be afraid about that. Nobody needs to be afraid he will become God because he is thinking like, and as, Mind, instead of about Mind. Man is not God. That will always be true. Knowing Infinity is not exactly the same as being Infinity; and yet, such knowing must of necessity act as if it were Infinity, and such knowing is reflection, the real man.

The object of instruction is to establish right ideas; the idea already exists and its realm is Infinity. Infinity or the Infinite is One; consequently, it is the very selfhood of divine simplicity. All the mysticism and uncertainty of human existence may be traced to the beliefs of more than one, or of many, minds. What is called the human mind, even at its best, is only a higher attenuation of mortal mind. We should not deceive ourselves, nor permit ourselves to be deceived, in regard to the human, and the Allness of the Infinite Mind. What is called human intelligence is only a counterfeit of Mind, and is not a reality. Anything that may be said about it that would give it the least aspect of reality is erroneously said. Whether you designate the belief that there is a mind apart from God in its more irresponsible phases as mortal mind, or in its less irresponsible phases as the human mind, does not in any way change the fact that there is One and only One Mind, which is God, the divine Mind.

Whenever human minds are enlightened by right ideas, it is misleading to assume that mortal mind or the human mind is entertaining right ideas; no such thing can occur. The term “mortal mind” designates the error of the belief that there is another mind than God. That error is not capable of receiving enlightenment. It is capable only of extinction. The human mind does not receive ideas of the Divine Mind.

Ideas of the Divine Mind are on the contrary the very presence of that Mind; and just in proportion to their presence, the beliefs of sin, sickness, and death, which constitute the human mind, have no existence.

The Great Image: “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.” (Daniel 2:43)

Clay does not mix with spiritual.

It is contrary to Christian Science to mix Truth and error. Truth excludes error. If there is any point of contract, then it is always that of expulsion, never of agreement. We shall never arrive at the infallible demonstration of Science, if we believe that the so-called human mind is becoming better. Such a statement makes possible a belief of relapse. What is actually occurring step by step is the demonstration of the one and only Mind, which would never become Mind because it is already and forever perfect.

In the course of demonstration, human beliefs take on less violent, or less offensive, or less afflictive aspects, and are consequently designated as improved or improving beliefs. The consensus of human beliefs does not change the fact about the statement.

Whenever Good appears, — anything that is unquestionably unselfish and of universal value in the thought or life of a human being, — you may think and hear said, that the human being has something good in him. It is not so. God is infinite and divine, and man and body are all divine and not human. These facts cannot be belittled by the belief that man and body are material. God appears here and there because of the naturalness of the Christ idea; and in spite of what is called circumstances or environment, it asserts itself according to its own naturalness, in instances where selfishness is not too dense. St. James puts this very clearly in the words, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights…” (James 1:17) The failure on the part of any earnest student to recognize this fact accounts for what may be called, and may appear to be called, failure in practice.

Science and Health sets forth on page 280 line 6: “All things beautiful and harmless are ideas of Mind.” On page 369 (ibid) line 5, Mrs. Eddy writes, “In proportion as matter loses to human sense all entity as man, in that proportion does man become its master. He enters into a diviner sense of the facts, and comprehends the theology of Jesus as demonstrated in healing the sick, raising the dead, and walking over the wave.”

Even the statements, “God is Mind,” “God is Principle,” “God is Love,” do not immediately bring to any of us equally the inevitable assurance of the Divine Presence. Not infrequently, these words — Mind, Principle, Love, — are simply changes of expression on the part of the one who utters them without a change of thought whatever. They still mean to him to pertain to an impossible figure, and consequently they still mean a very large and perfect God, and a very meager and incapable man, which he calls himself. Human thought still has a Great God and a very little man.

This very little sense of man naturally needs nothing so much as a denial, and there should be self-denial of material selfhood. Jesus commanded this, and Christian Science admits the necessity of it; but clearly it could not occur on a human plane and from a human standpoint. If it could so occur, it would mean the annihilation of the human being. Denial of the material selfhood only occurs scientifically, and therefore, redemptively when thought approximating the divine and Infinite Mind, looks out from Mind rather than up to it. Then Being is recognized in one Principle and idea, not only correlated but inseparable; and material personality — including birth, growth, maturity, decay, and death — is seen to be not only unreal, but impossible.

The natural grandeur, and majesty, and power of the Infinite Divine Principle, and its immutable law are unfailingly evidenced only as they are divinely realized. Such divine realization must appear to belong to a human being, but that appearance is deceptive. There is no human being involved; but on the contrary, divine Being is made apparent in spite of the claim that being is material or human.

We need to remind ourselves all the time of the one Infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.

The enlightenment of Jesus was not the human mind enlightened, but was the natural ever-presence of the Divine Mind, refuting all such limitations as are involved in the words “mortal” or “human.” Jesus exemplified the nature of the Christ, — God’s nature and presence, — and this inevitably dispelled the darkness called sin, disease, and death.

In the measure that we work as he worked, our methods continually improve. They are less and less labored, inevitably responsive to the nature of Mind. Mrs. Eddy spoke of the “unlabored motion of the divine energy…” (Science and Health 445:20) Jesus said, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.” (John 5:17) Mrs. Eddy writes, “When mortal man blends his thoughts of existence with the spiritual and works only as God works, he will no longer grope in the dark and cling to earth because he has not tasted heaven.” (Science and Health 263:7-10) When Jesus said, “My Father worketh hitherto, and I work,” he meant exactly that. In seeking this naturalness of true treatment, we must, however, not mistake legitimate or true treatment for exaltation. Right thinking is not mere casual thinking. It is nothing to do with the human imagination. Whenever the human imagination is involved, Science is lacking.

Exaltation must not be mistaken for actual knowing. Nevertheless, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17) Every idea of Good is born of God, has its being in God, and by its Divine presence is the law of God.

In this presence and by this law, a practitioner has Divine authority. Let us exercise it without fear. Humanity seems to be manifesting more fear today than ever before. Such being the claim, it is obvious that we must not ignore the belief of universal fear. An adequate denial of it is essential. A complete realization of the Allness of Love would be sufficient. It cannot be said, however, that Christian Scientists are constantly finding this realization in its completeness. When they fail or fall short of this realization, it is necessary that they should make a thorough and unassailable denial of error in detail, with the purpose of attaining thereby such a realization of the Allness of Love that fear in any form, or however much apparently magnified, may be utterly extinguished.

Completeness is the nature of Infinity both as cause and effect. Completeness of Infinity is utterly unlike the ordinary human interpretation of the word “completeness.” It is both individual and collective. It constitutes identity, or our individual conscious sense of the real body, the spiritual sense of the activity of right ideas. This is completeness and it reflects perfection, and perfection is the real definition of completeness in Science. Such identity or real understanding is essential. Completeness never means limitation. On the contrary, it signifies eternal unfoldment of right ideas and their divine activity. It is the divine body.

In the light of these purely metaphysical facts, no such thing as fear can be found. The affirmation of the Infinity of Love is always both enlightening and redemptive. Infinity is Love, and is Love as cause, and Love as effect — Love as Creator, and Love as creation. In this connection the activity of Mind, Love, Infinity, does not mean multiplication in the ordinary sense of the word. Let us remind ourselves that Infinity cannot do the same thing twice over. To believe any such thing about Infinity is to misunderstand Infinity, and to misunderstand Infinity is to misunderstand Love, which St. John says, “casteth out fear.” (I John 4:18) Infinity cannot be absorbed; it is already Infinity. Neither can it absorb; it is already Infinite. Infinity must be Love to be Infinity. It must pour forth and manifest itself, for otherwise it would stagnate and die. Therefore, thoughts which reveal the Divine Mind have their being in that Mind, act according to the unlabored motion of that Mind, and are the natural presence of that Love, and inevitably awaken a spiritual sense of love that dispels all fear and selfishness and makes us awaken to love all mankind and all other creatures. In this way we might even love our possessions; and if we really love them in the right way, we should have no fear about them, and should never lose them.

In this connection I wish to say something that has to do with our understanding of Christian Science. More and more we are recognizing that it is God that doeth all things well, and no other thing is occurring. God heals the sick and shows the naturalness of the Divine Presence that heals the sick through the exercise of Divine Intelligence. It is always God, and that is the natural Mind, the only natural Mind. The belief that we have minds apart from God is not natural. It is an imposition, a lie.

The belief that we have bodies different from the divine and Infinite body but which are equally harmonious, is a lie. We have no such bodies.

The belief that we are begotten, born, grown up into materiality, some of us grow old into materiality, is a lie. There is no such thing. If you believe it, you believe a lie. You can’t do that. You may accept all sorts of subterfuges, and if you do, you are entering upon something that will take you down.

Get rid of this; don’t believe that anybody is slated for death and the grave. Don’t believe that there is any such thing. There is not. There is no death. There is no grave, and there is no way of dying. Nothing that ever lived could die. Mrs. Eddy said it, but people don’t think of these things. They go and read some statements perhaps, not at all important, where she makes reference to religion and shows that it indicates something better than it used to mean, and they rest there. But she says, “There is no death, no inaction, diseased action, overaction, nor reaction.” (Science and Health 427:32) People say they believe in Mrs. Eddy, and read her book, and that they are Christian Scientists, and yet, they do not accept the fact that constitutes demonstrable knowledge.

Nobody can heal a person of disease if he believes that the person will die sometime, because that is not a healing way.

Anybody can heal another of disease if he knows that nobody ever can die because there is no death. If everybody believes that everybody must grow old and manifest decay, and that we are to become extinct just because of age, — because of the claim of disease called age, — then everybody is taking part in the belief, taking part in destruction.

If we don’t see a friend for a year, and wonder how he will look next year, watch out! Nearly every one of us is assailable on this. “I have not seen Mrs. So & So for a long time, I wonder how she looks?” The only thing to say is, “She looks exactly like God and can never look any other way.” If you believe anything else, you are not a Christian Scientist. I know that this sounds severe, but I don’t see any other way, do you?

There are some other things I want you to think about. Anybody who is familiar with the conditions which beset legislative bodies in the world today knows that such bodies are constantly subject to mental suggestion of all kinds. This is particularly true with the Congress of the United States, due to the belief of a vast country with innumerable and varied interests which appear to conflict with each other. Such a condition is a field for malpractice by means of human fears and arguments. Unity of action in accordance with pure Science, while difficult, is not wholly lacking today.

If these are the beliefs, and if we admit that they are contrary to the welfare of mankind, Christian Scientists should do something about them, and happily they are able to do much. They know that anything coming within the range of their consciousness can be dealt with; and they should know that the seeming magnitude of the claim has no terrors for them.

In all cases where hypnotism is at work in conditions such as I have indicated here, it will be found that the human will is imposing itself somewhere upon somebody in some such way as to bring to pass a certain human desire on the part of the person or the government he represents. In every instance where you find Congress being influenced in such ways as are apparently unwise and absurd, you will sometimes find that if you recognize that, “Here is a false claim of a will apart from God, and a desire to accomplish the will of greed, and envy, and perhaps mad ambition and pride, in operating hypnotically,” and you make a denial of that, you will find that you are helpful. You are not required to treat all the Congressmen. The fact that is important is that you handle your own sense of the thing that you have read about, or hear about, and begin to establish for yourself the fact that the Infinite Mind is governing even your Congress, your city if you like, your country, your world. Why not? And that that government is not your will.

It is not an effort on your part to impose your own opinion upon anybody. It is your divine understanding, the Christ redeeming the world, overcoming evil, bringing to light the naturalness of Good in behalf even of those who at present do not know there is any Good.

In every case when one is demonstrating Christian Science, it is well to take cognizance of the human will. It is an element that cannot be ignored and seems to be almost inevitable. In daily practice it often seems to be an ever-occurring thing, — “Up pops the human will.” This should be denied as a state of error; and you can deny the belief that in daily practice the human will pops up at the wrong time and seems to interfere with the demonstration. Deny that in such instances the human will assumes aspects that seem to be sweet tempered, charming, and perhaps delightful, and that we are apt to be misled by it because of that. I speak of this because it has important value for us. Merely human goodness, if relative goodness, unrecognized, will often deceive us and nullify our endeavors.

Resolving “…things into thoughts…” (Science and Health 123:14), as has been pointed out, is only a simple step. We must learn to take the greater step which is the actual practice of Mind-Science. This greater step has the power, and presence, or Mind’s selfhood, operative in a Christian Science treatment. As this power appears to be simply miraculous, we might lose the progressiveness of our way in the wonder of it, if we were not on our guard.

Now, to be inspired and yet practical is something of a problem to many good people; but the fact is that no one is ever inspired unless he is practical. All the mysticism generally associated with religion, disappears in Christian Science; therefore, many superstitions which have come to be associated with the practice of Christian Science must disappear. We cannot in our work be conscious of mere exaltation, for such exaltation or an exalted state of mortal mind is not actual inspiration. Such exaltation is deceptive, both subjectively and objectively, both to the person who experiences it, and the other who observes it.

Inspiration is Science, when it is genuine and rises above the mere routine of method and has the assurance, and direction and dependability of the modus operandi. It is most important for us to recognize that inspiration which is necessarily the characteristic of pure Science, and not the exhibition of merely superficial apprehension of divine Truth. The latter is always an exhibition of human will, however much that human will may be concealed behind a beautiful charming exterior. The former is the divine will already done and forever operating according to its own immutability.

Spiritual sense which is the presence of the Most High God, is our refuge and strength. Spiritual sense alone enables us to deal with such cases so wisely as to awaken a desire for redemption from self-deception. Invariably in such cases, there is some occultism, sometimes bordering on hypnotism, philosophies, or theosophic doctrine, even when the person may disclaim any interest in, or study of, such theories. The reason why I speak of this particularly, is that such cases present a certain element of danger to our movement, for they invariably present some measure of rebellion against The Mother Church and feel that they are above the need of help from organization.

Right here, though it may not be appropriate to say it, I will point out that there is no need to investigate everything that is going on. We do not need to know all about what hypnotism is doing, or how it is doing it. The Manual says we are not to study hypnotism, and for that reason we do not have to listen to some of the lessons and lectures that are given sometimes over the radio. We do not have to listen to, or hear all the error that people like to disclose in an effort to help themselves in a way that is hopeless. Mortal mind is today giving out a great deal of information, much of which is absolutely useless. Why should Christian Scientists try to get it?

What is the use of going to hear a lot of lectures about something that you know more about than the person who is lecturing? You know it is all error, and he does not know that. What would be the advantage of joining a club, and hearing every day this week or one day next week, a lecture on India from the standpoint of a Hindu? What would he know about India that he would be willing to tell you? Mighty little! What is the use of going to lectures that a doctor may give telling about how many terrible things are occurring? He does not know a thing about diseases. You know more than he will ever learn until he becomes a Christian Scientist. What do you think you are gaining?

I am merely stating these things in order that you may arrive at your own conclusions.

There is no question at all, but that the suggestion of a mind apart from God, is a claim to be recognized and denied. Also, esoteric philosophy, everything that is termed theosophy, no matter how many good people believe in it, is all anti-Christ. All! Consequently, that kind of thing is opposed to the Christian Science movement.

It can’t help being opposed, and even those who are well disposed people but who have kind of a superficial interest in such subject, find themselves opposed to Christian Science. Why? Because that thing that is going on, unknown to them, that occultism that operates all the time, arguing to everybody who takes up a study of that kind, is anti-Christ. That is why they fear it without knowing that they are fearing it and express it to some extent without saying, exactly, that they are opposed to Christian Science.

The Mother Church and branch churches actually signify far more than they outwardly represent. They represent the visibility of our movement. They are essential to the welfare and redemption of the human race. Anything that would belittle their value, or induce us to do so, should be recognized for what it is — intentionally directed mental malpractice. The movement consists of the demonstrable understanding of the Christian Scientists, and unquestionably our churches will more clearly represent Christian Science and be more consistently helpful to mankind in proportion as Christian Scientists learn to govern themselves individually through Divine Principle.

Our churches will represent more of the Christ, as we learn to judge not. Unrighteous judgment tends to separate students of Christian Science. Members of this Association do not belong to that class, and should never manifest such characteristics. In this connection, it is well to recognize that divine Science, the Science of absolute Truth, is discerned by many earnest students, and not consistently and continuously demonstrated by any.

Mrs. Eddy says, “Progress is born of experience.” (Science and Health 296:4 only) And it is clear that experience is valueless unless progress is tangibly evident. The word progress, as ordinarily conceived of, is misleading and deceptive, but it should not be so to us. If we admit, as we gladly do, that “Progress is born of experience,” we must also admit that experience itself must be progressive.

Let me call your attention to the fact that progress is not merely human. Fundamentally, it is not human at all. It proceeds from Principle, but not up to Principle. It is humanly apparent in exact proportion to our recognition that it is divine and Infinite. That is progress.

I call your attention again to Miscellaneous Writings 82:13 in answering the question, “Is there infinite progression with man after the destruction of mortal mind?” and especially to the line which says, “Infinite progression is concrete being, which finite mortals see and comprehend only as abstract glory.” (ibid., 82:20-21) This is one of the greatest statements that was ever made in philosophical writings, and it has its value to us in our demonstration of Christian Science. In this way, through the action and power of Divine Principle and law, there should be the greatest progress, both individual and collective. It cannot be said that such progress is always apparent, but that it seems often to be lacking among Christian Scientists is one of the false beliefs which is apt to be ignored.

It would be unwise to indulge in self-congratulation when a demonstration is only partially made. I must earnestly urge you to carefully guard yourself against this because it is a temptation which animal magnetism attempts in its endeavor to thwart the effectiveness of Christ healing. Today in this work in behalf of the building in Boston, we are apt to hear that things are going on well in Boston. You know there is that old saying in the Bible — I don’t quote it exactly — “Let not him that putteth on his armour boast himself as he that putteth it off.” And so, until a demonstration is complete, it is always wise to say nothing. Don’t tell anybody of a demonstration going on. Wait. There will be plenty of time to talk when it is done. While a practitioner may sometimes feel the need of help from a fellow worker, and should not hesitate to ask for help, and while there is nothing secret about the rule or practice of Christian Science healing, still the practice itself should be secret. That is to say, one should be wise enough to keep all of his practice to himself, including every detail of it. He should absolutely keep it between himself and God.

However friendly human beings may be among themselves, however much we may be tempted to speak of our work with patients with so-called problems, we need to remember that such a temptation is always animal magnetism and that the object is to thwart the demonstration. Any person who has overcome some serious difficulty for himself through the understanding of Christian Science knows the value of absolute secrecy, and in many instances knows the value of refraining from giving a testimony of such healing.

This matter of giving testimonies of healing requires wisdom, and wisdom means love. Testimonies given publicly, or published, to the effect that one has overcome sins or vices, to be proper and scientific, —and that means helpful, — require actual demonstration. It is not easy to announce to the public that you have been healed of something, and at the same time maintain the fact, “that you were never healed because you were never ill,” and yet this fact should be maintained, for our own benefit as well as for the benefit of those who are to be helped by the knowledge which we may have of the power of God demonstrated.

Although it may appear that we have wandered far afield, yet all of this has something to do with the practice of Christian Science. This practice legitimately carried on, involves us in constant education or explanation. A practitioner may not necessarily be a teacher, and yet no practitioner worthy of the name would fail to be a teacher. A real practitioner is teaching all the time. He is awakening, or possibly reviving, the dormant understanding. Here again it is most important to avoid being deceived — the eyes that look straight ahead unswervingly are much more conducive to Science than those that roll upwards when one speaks the name of God.

Teach patients the fundamentals of Christian Science. Teach them simply just as you would teach a class of children in Sunday School so that the simple facts of divine Science may be clearly apprehended, because clearly stated.

Do not permit a patient to take refuge in the statement that he understands a point that he cannot express in words. Insist upon the fact that understanding always provides the words with which to express itself. Show your patients the Science of Mind. Show them that Science is Principle and rule. Show them that it is Truth, Divine Mind. Show them that the Divine Mind is one and infinite, and there is no other Mind, and that in consequence, they must co-operate in the treatment or otherwise they are merely supporting the false belief that there is more than one Mind, and thereby thwarting rather than aiding the treatment.

When they express error, — and of course it is necessary for them to do so when appealing for help, — show them how to deny the error. Show them how to increase their understanding through the affirmation of Divine Science, and awaken them to the necessity of destroying error in any and all given aspects.

Do not be deceived by the self-satisfied attitude of mortal mind which says it prefers inspiration rather than work in Christian Science. You may be sure that such a patient is one who actually needs to affirm the spiritual Truth and deny the error in detail.

When you find in yourself or someone else the willingness to work according to method, then you may encourage such a one to attain and maintain constantly the divine relationship, until a realization of the oneness and allness of Mind is gained. Those students and patients who are accustomed to work, and willing to work in Science, seldom fall away from Science. If they are tempted to do so, they immediately handle and overcome the temptation. They are accustomed to work, and they are not merely tempted to take refuge in high thoughts which have no more substance than that of imagination.

Do not give what cannot be received. Enthusiasm, or perhaps mere kindliness, sometimes misleads us. As a listener appears to be interested, we may be led to believe that he understands more than he actually does, and we feel that it is not necessary to tell him the simpler truths. Because of this, we often tell him more than he is ready to hear.

Just to illustrate what I mean, let me say that I lately had the opportunity of observing a beautiful and healing statement presented to thought wholly unprepared to accept it in the proper way. In this instance, the fact was interpreted by a person, in a semi-official position in our movement, so that that person assumed infallibility both for his utterance and his actions, although neither one nor the other had any actual relationship to the demonstration of Christian Science.

There is a passage in Science and Health particularly helpful in this respect which says, “Wait patiently for divine Love to move upon the waters of mortal mind, and form the perfect concept.” (454:22-23) We should all of us do much of this kind of waiting. You may think that I am speaking of much and many things that you already know. I make no excuse for having done this, for I am sure that you recognize that we sometimes confuse the words “know” and “perceive.” We all perceive in Science much that as yet we do not actually know. That is perhaps true to some extent of all science, and is the case in relation to all art, perhaps, for Christian Scientists realize that Christian Science healing is art, — using the word in its highest sense, — as well as Science.

There is no question about the power of divine Love. It is Principle, infinite, eternal, supreme, omnipotent. It is accurate, far beyond any human sense of accuracy; it is naturally present, and far more so than any sense of presence that we may have either of ourselves or others. It is unlabored, as immutable as law, impersonal in its beneficence. Humanly demonstrated, it involves the subtle sense that we call hearing. In such a sense, it is so influential that human experience is transformed by it to thereby manifest something of the nature of Soul in what is called art in all of its forms.

This that we call healing necessarily culminates in the compassion of the Christ and is the healing unction in Christian Science. The accuracy of healing in its deepest and noblest aspects is not in any sense even definable in words. The greatest works of art, and especially in music, illustrate this fact. Such is the practice of Christian Science, and Christian Scientists must attain more and more the spontaneity and inevitable joy of Divine consciousness, the One Mind.

The world knows nothing of actual power. Even we Christian Scientists seem slow to admit that it lies almost within our grasp. Often, we think we are gaining it, but our steps are reluctant and clogged by materiality. You may say, “There is no matter,” but to realize the allness of Spirit is essential to thinking. It is the only real standpoint from which to say, “There is no matter.”

The materialist who faces the fact that there is no matter, is in turn faced with the inevitable dismay of self-annihilation. The hope of the world is not, therefore, in material science, however useful or however great that body of thought may at present appear to be.

“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms…” (Deut. 33:27) In every instance of disease that needs to be healed, this is the fundamental fact. The eternal God, the eternal Good, the eternal Love is thy refuge, and who shall limit the everlasting arms?

The dominion that God gave man is often upon our lips and it is an alluring idea. Human beings all would like to have it, but it is not human. It belongs to Being and is never attainable while human characteristics constitute the sole sense of Being. The divine will is not merely volition. The divine will is the law of harmonious existence. Consequently, the dominion which God gave to man, and which God ever gives to His own conception of His own Infinity, is not humanly apprehensible, but is divinely revealed. It gives Christian Science the power to restore the lost Israel, however great the loss may appear to be. It is the divine equipment which enables Christian Scientists to consider mortal mind without fear, to face difficulties that appear to be world-wide with supreme confidence, and to deal with them by means of divine power and law.

Man is like Love; and for that reason, his inheritance of intelligence is infinite. He has all things. He is knowing this unity which is the real Christ, and which provides for us all, and that is Love. To think that Love does something for us, as though it were separate from us, is not Christian Science.

The business of man is to show forth. He is to show forth as Love, as health, as strength, as perfection, and no human being could show forth more love than he has, or, one might say, than he is, for man is but Love expressed. Love is his dominion and man still has, and ever more has, immeasurable being in God. Therefore, to accomplish the purpose of Infinite Love and heal by its presence, we must not only be loving, but the whole of our being must be Love.

Association Address for 1933

Legitimate Christian Science practice is the operation of Truth. Hence, we cannot demonstrate anything that is not already a fact. For this reason, we need to train ourselves in greater accuracy both of thought and statement. The word demonstration should be better understood. Like some other words that we use, it denotes more than is ordinarily associated with it. Its highest meaning is none too high to be applicable in Science.

In its fundamental significance it is not bringing to us something which we desire, although something which we desire, or something far better than could be desired, may come to pass through demonstration. Herein we see the difference between the actual meaning of the word, and that which is attached to it by the average run of Christian Scientists.

In this connection it may be seen too, that one may be sincere without being unusually intelligent. Not infrequently people who are utterly wrong in their views regarding Science and religion, are perfect examples of sincerity. Understanding is the basic requirement. Sincerity adds the vitalizing characteristics of Truth.

We are demonstrating the Science of Life. All the requirements properly associated with the word Science are incumbent upon us.

Spirit is the original and only divine Substance. It constitutes every detail of its own infinite being. It is the life of everything that lives, the ever-living infinite Mind. The Bible says that God neither slumbers nor sleeps; which properly understood explains the omniaction of Spirit, and this omniaction is substance.

The way of Science, then, is that of demonstrating the ever-living never dying, and never dormant Mind, Spirit, Substance. As we progress in this direction, we perceive that in our past endeavors to work out our passage from “sense to Soul” we often made too much of sense and not enough of Soul.

Not that our basic statements were wrong, but that they were, and still are, often lacking in the confidence which they are meant to inspire. Our affirmations of Principle have been correct in the letter, but our denials of errors have been elaborated more than enough. There is a depth of meaning to be found in the following lines: “The mythology of evil and mortality is but the material mode of a suppositional mind; while the immortal modes of Mind are spiritual, and pass through none of the changes of matter, or evil.” “His modes declare the beauty of holiness, and His manifold wisdom shines through the visible world in glimpses of the eternal verities. Even through the mists of mortality is seen the brightness of His coming.” (Miscellaneous Writings 363:10-13; 17-21)

Mind, God, is our power. Ideas which reveal Mind are Mind’s ideas, having the character, and power, and law of Mind, God. Nothing that claims to be us or in us should be permitted to disassociate those ideas from their primal existence, or to doubt the efficiency of their power and law. Even when they appear to be our own thoughts, as they must when we are thinking them, still no false sense of humility or other erroneous belief should cloud our confidence or withhold our reverence for any and every idea.

Mind demonstrates its own omnipotence, and this is the true mental power which Science and Health says should be crowned as the Messiah. Conversely, the Christian Scientist is led to profit by experience. “…the crude footprints of the past” (Science and Health 224:4) must not only disappear, but must cease to be revived by the faculty called memory.

The ways of Mind are not backward, but forward, onward, upward, and they require nothing less than infinite ascension.

Demonstration does not relate primarily to visible things, nor even to that which in ordinary parlance we call improved beliefs or conditions. Demonstration is spiritual, not material, and the more spiritual it is, the better are the human evidences.

A student recently wrote me as follows:

“We look at the mountain through the mist, but it is the mountain we see in spite of the mist. So it is with a human condition. We seem to see it humanly better because of the demonstration of Science, but actually it is divine Being better seen. The patient now feels that he experiences something actual instead of being a mere imitation or counterfeit.”

The same letter adds:

“Truth is not just rigid, righteous, straight line, but is wide, joyous, varied and deep.”

Everything exists now in completeness, that is, in perfection, regardless of the human sense of time. It is well, therefore, to set aside the human sense of time in every treatment. This is far more important, far more efficacious than a mere mental effort to demonstrate instantaneous healing. The health of the patient is not something which is to come to pass, either immediately, or some days, or some weeks, or some months hence. Health is the divine fact of his being. One page 256:22 of Science and Health, the author implies that Principle and idea constitute Supreme Being. “…and none can stay His hand.”

Contrary to the old religious doctrine, ascension begins in Spirit and attains Spirit, and no ascension is possible from matter to Spirit. “Perfection is gained only by perfection.” (Science and Health 290:19-20) “Life demonstrates Life.” (ibid. 306:7) In view of these facts stated in Science and Health, our affirmations of Truth become effective only in proportion that perfection is their law. The Bible writes: “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2:13) The good pleasure of good is wholly good, and the law of that good pleasure is the healing unction in a Christian Science treatment. The allness of good is the scientific standpoint. It should always be assumed; when fully understood, evil is extinguished.

The demand upon us is constant alertness and ceaseless advancement. Mrs. Eddy says that we cannot cling to positions outgrown. This is strikingly true of our apprehension of the meaning of Infinity. Christian Science removes all thought of matter from infinity, and enables us to affirm what infinity is. Everything exists because infinity is infinite. Infinity is seen to be perfection ever revealing itself.

In this and in other ways, our concept of infinity is being elevated to its true meaning, which is that of Spirit; whereas in material science, infinity generally means only an unlimited extension of the finite.

“For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth…” (Isaiah 65:17) “…I make all things new.” (Revelation 21:5) This is the ideal in every Christian Science treatment; and these statements show that the writers of them perceived something of infinity beyond and above the meaning which mankind generally associates with the word. There are no duplicates and no repetitions in the infinite. These facts have much to do with our individual welfare.

Too often Christian Scientists keep themselves in an intermediate realm wherein Truth is affirmed and error is merely resisted instead of being extinguished. This is particularly true in regard to the words mortal and immortal. False theological beliefs should always be rejected. They are to the effect that we are mortals now, but are eventually to be made immortal by a process of salvation. Many Christian Scientists unconsciously accept some of this erroneous doctrine. They should repudiate it. “This mortal dream of sickness, sin, and death should cease through Christian Science.” (Science and Health 418:13-15) We have read the passage hundreds of times without heeding it. It cannot be of any value to us until we accept it absolutely without reservation and make it the law of every treatment.

We cannot cause this dream to cease as long as we continue to say and believe that we are mortals; for such a wrong mental attitude is itself the dream.

The dream can only be dissipated by a thorough awakening. We must constantly affirm and know that we are immortal, for this is the only way of proving that we are so, and this affirmation should be fortified by all the scientific means within our grasp.

Science and Health declares the immortality of man, and yet from the necessities of the case frequently speaks of mortals. Here, as elsewhere, it is to be observed that we need to be more active in the denial of statements of error to be found either in the textbook or in the Bible. Every statement as to mortality should be persistently denied. Every statement that depicts man as in a mortal state from which he is to be rescued should be denied.

All such statements are in the book in order that we may deny them. This is plainly evident in the tenor of the book itself, and is plainly indicated in many of Mrs. Eddy’s writing. Science and Health says: “Mind, God, is the source and condition of all existence.” (181:1-2) And, “Had Jesus believed that Lazarus had lived or died in his body, the Master would have stood on the same plane of belief as those who buried the body, and he could not have resuscitated it.” (75:16)

Mortality is a belief of life in matter. The ceaseless rejection of that belief is an essential step in putting off mortality and putting on immortality.

“Perfection is gained only by perfection,” means exactly what it says. It also means exactly what Jesus says, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48) This implies and requires an entirely different outlook from that which is generally associated with religion. We Christian Scientists must burn all of our old theological bridges behind us. We must not provide for mental retreat.

Science and Health states that there is no room for imperfection in perfection. We are engaged exclusively in the Science of Mind. In the true practice of this Science not only the superstitions of outgrown theological beliefs, but those ignorantly attached to this Science must be rejected and excluded. In no other way can the statement, “Perfection is gained only by perfection,” be proved.

Although it has been said a good many times, let it be said again and as often as necessary — demonstration seems to be essential; but the less a human demonstrator is in evidence, and the more the divine idea of God supplants mental effort, the more nearly does the treatment approximate omnipotence and omniscience.

There are no superstitions in Truth, no relative necessities. Thought proceeding from the allness of good does not find itself laboriously engaged in demonstrating the nothingness of evil. Mind is necessarily infinite, self-existent, all. It is not competing with anything. There is no competitor to Mind. Every true idea is not only contrary to any evil belief, but it is also contrary to many things that are called good.

The old personal sense of reverence was that of looking up to God, good; whereas scientific Christianity demands that we shall look out from God, good, and thereby demonstrate instead of merely believe God, good. That old religious view still clings, however, and unless Christian Scientists are thoroughly awake it induces them to look to human authority instead of looking out from the divine Principle in things that pertain to Christian Science practice and the Cause of Christian Science. Like the Israelites of old, humanity is still prone to say, “Nay; but a king shall reign over us.” (I Samuel 12:12) As of old, however, thought that is very anxious to be led is very often misled.

Science provides the only authority. It is Principle, and Principle is yours, mine, everybody’s. A Cause having human aspects and human ramifications requires direction, or what may be called leadership; and this will be satisfactory and humanly helpful in the measure that the active Christian Scientists continue to demonstrate divine Principle as the criterion of everything that pertains to the Cause, or any necessity for direction in relation to it.

Mrs. Eddy wrote in Message for 1901, “…follow your Leader only so far as she follows Christ.” (34:25-26) And in Miscellany, “What remains to lead on the centuries and reveal my successor, is man in the image and likeness of the Father-Mother God, man the generic term for mankind.” (347:2) This clearly indicated that those who are responsible for carrying on the work at headquarters, or those who are elected to office in branch churches, will be helped and sustained in proportion as church members individually attain and maintain the image and likeness of the Father-Mother God.

In that proportion church members are self-governed by divine Principle, and thus the church becomes an ideal of government. The only printed rule that expresses this ideal and makes it practical is the one which is read from the Manual on the first Sunday of every month in our churches — Article VIII, Section 1, A Rule for Motives and Acts. “Neither animosity nor mere personal attachment should impel the motives or acts of the members of The Mother Church. In Science, divine Love alone governs man; and a Christian Scientist reflects the sweet amenities of Love, in rebuking sin, in true brotherliness, charitableness, and forgiveness. The members of this Church should daily watch and pray to be delivered from all evil, from prophesying, judging, condemning, counseling, influencing or being influenced erroneously.”

The same rule is the only one that fits an Association of taught students. Unlike the churches, we are not an organization. We assemble annually for one purpose and one only, and that purpose is expressed in the Scientific Statement of Being. “All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation…” (Science and Health 468:10-11)

We have only this singleness of purpose today. It is virtually that of awakening ourselves more fully to the ever-presence of God, good, and the manifestation of the law of good. The human being’s view of Principle may not necessarily be Principle, but Principle’s view is unerring and its law infallible.

The welfare of the world is therefore in the hands of Christian Scientists. Hence, the ever-growing demand for real Science, the power and law of infinite Love, Mind. This demand can only be fulfilled in the proportion that Christian Scientists affirm one Mind, and have one Mind, unhampered by tradition and traditional belief of Science or religion, — and especially of religion.

The Bible says, “There is one body, and one Spirit….” (Ephesians 4:4) The demonstration of Science rests quite as much upon the fact that there is one body as upon the fact that there is one Mind. This demonstration is Mind’s demonstration. Consequently, it involves the rejection of matter and material personality. Unquestionably this requirement is contrary to all that a human being associates with himself; yet whenever the understanding, or even the affirmation, of Truth ascends to its original source and operates therefrom, setting aside the beliefs of material origin or existence, it reveals true selfhood and proves unmistakably that such is the way of the final deliverance from human woe. For this reason we ought to seek this way more constantly and persistently.

It is indeed “God which worketh in you…” (Philippians 2:13), or to state the fact in modern language and more scientifically, Our work properly done is the law of Omnipotence. Thus, we see that the Science of Mind is Mind Science, not something that we think about, but power, presence, and law. Then the statement “There is one body, and one Spirit…” (Ephesians 4:4), is found to be accurate both generically and individually; that is to say, it applies to mankind as well as to each person.

The boundless implications of immeasurable Love are found in One Mind and one body. Generically taken, — that is, in behalf of the race, — we find in that statement a unity of cause and effect, of purpose and endeavor, that then meets the universal beliefs that today seem so trying.

National problems and international dangers vanish in the demonstration of one Mind and one body. This does not, however, rob the statement of individual human interest and value. Any human being accepting one Mind and one body finds in the measure of that acceptance, not only permanent health, but ever-unfolding usefulness and success. The health and harmony of the real body are humanly manifested in proportion that the activity and coordination of divine ideas is recognized and maintained as the real body.

The real man individually and generically is the embodiment of Soul, the divine Mind. When this is seen, the one Mind and one body preclude the possibility of conflicting interests, and yet, do not exclude the certainty of reciprocal activities. Mind and body in Science mean Spirit, not matter.

Let it be repeated that you cannot demonstrate anything that does not already exist as a fact. Health and happiness, comfort and convenience, or even what you would call luxury and welfare, when appearing as the result of Christian Science work, are not the actual demonstration, but they are essentially incidental to it.

The actual demonstration is that of oneness with infinity. It is not aided, but hampered when the word demonstration is associated with what we want or seem to need. The facts of eternal Being are not humanly visible but they are natural to reality, and they are apprehensible and provable. Science is so vast and so inexorably one with infinite Mind, divine Principle, that it is obscured by anything which tends to belittle it. The smallness of mortal mind is the suppositional antipode of the grandeur of divine Principle.

The Cause of Christian Science is founded upon divine Principle, and depends not partially but wholly upon the healing power of Principle. Any adventitious efforts to promote Christian Science are not only contrary to it divine Principle, but subversive to its interests and threatening to its perpetuity.

Either this Science is of God and is to be maintained and to be rendered prosperous by the power of God, or it is pretentious and fraudulent.

When at the call of the Directors we started to build the new Publishing House at a time when many people had no money to subscribe, and went ahead in spite of the belief, and found ourselves step by step showing the abundance even of money, we proved, according to our need and in the way discernible in our age, exactly what Jesus proved when he fed the multitude; and today the public quite generally recognizes this unquestionable demonstration. When, on the other hand, we adopt methods incompatible with the grandeur and dignity of divine Science, we endanger the growing public respect for Christian Science.

Anyone who is familiar with the history of our movement knows that it has prospered not when we sought human approval, but when we sought and found God.

Differences of opinion must necessarily occur in a movement as worldwide as Christian Science, and views and experiments that are humanly resourceful may be expressed or promulgated. We cannot always prevent such things, and it might not always be wise to try to do so, but we of this Association are metaphysicians. “God is our refuge and strength…” (Psalms 46:1) is not merely said or merely believed, but it is the basis of our every thought and endeavor. The moment we forsake that “refuge and strength” in regard to ourselves or the Cause of Christian Science, we are in danger of proportionately losing what we have gained.

The beliefs of organizations, like the beliefs of diseases of the human body, are many and varied. It is best to recognize in advance the belief of danger before danger claims to find expression. “Who is telling mankind of the foe in ambush? Is the informer one who sees the foe? If so, listen and be wise.” (Science and Health 571:10-12) Our ability to do this will be found proportionate to our actual understanding of Science.

To regard Science as demonstrable by means of thought that is merely controversial is to shut out divine power, depriving oneself of the aid of Omnipotence. Consequently, affirmations should not be made as if they were the thoughts of a human being about God, but rather they should be made as if they were what they indeed actually are, — the thoughts or ideas of Mind, God, expressing Himself in His own omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. This, again, is in consonance with the admonition that “perfection is gained only by perfection.”

Science and Health says that the appeal of Jesus was made not only to God, but to himself: “The appeal of Jesus was made both to his divine Principle, the God who is Love, and to himself, Love’s pure idea.” (50:12-14) Why? Because he could not separate his thought from his Mind, his body from his Soul, and it was this divine intimacy or oneness that finally made the resurrection and ascension possible.

Even expectancy is not the fulfillment of prophecy. John the Baptist said: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30) The foretelling of the divine idea was an essential human footstep divinely revealed, but the divine idea itself was Science. This illustrates what happens to us, not merely once, but often. We see Truth, but Mrs. Eddy virtually teaches that we are to be Truth to every error.

Much of the demand for Christian Science help at the present time is of one kind. The universal belief has not spared Christian Scientists. Assailed by it in many instances, they have been tempted to doubt, — not the power or availableness of Christian Science, but their own ability to demonstrate it. It need hardly be said that every such temptation is animal magnetism and should be so designated.

In every temptation to doubt our understanding the claim to be handled is animal magnetism. These two words designate that which denies the Christ and consequently have an especial value for us in the practice of Christian Science. By means of them we often find ourselves able to overcome conditions that have the appearance of something or of some lack of something. Let us be firm in saying and knowing that whatever the human sense of things may present to us, one thing we do not lack is understanding. It is God-given; and as we have not denied or rejected the gift, but have desired it, it is ours, and is irrevocable. Hence, the promise, “My grace is sufficient for thee…” (II Corinthians 12:9)

Although the process or methods which we may employ in Christian Science are sometimes too wordy, nevertheless, they must be used. They awaken us to Truth, or remind us of Truth and of its power and law, and at the same time they serve to stimulate the thought to nobler and higher views approximating more nearly the divine Mind.

Through the proper use of words there is no reaction to the stimulation thus obtained, and thus what we call our consciousness is transformed, and thinking is no longer laborious but inspirational.

Thus, it is also that real understanding, in whatever degree obtained, is not thought about something, but is thought that is something. It is not thought about Mind, it is Mind’s thought. In the light of such facts, we press on in the attainment of our individual true prerogatives, facing and accepting our numberless opportunities with joy.

When our realization of God, is GOD reflecting Himself, there can be no question about the result. In Science and Health we may read that God reflects Himself: “The one Ego, the one Mind or Spirit called God, is infinite individuality, which supplies all form and comeliness and which reflects reality and divinity in individual spiritual man and things.” (281:14) This is the relationship of God and man.

When a certain student was asked whether she expected to be present at the Annual Association meeting, the answer was given that the word expectation might imply uncertainty in divine Being and that the assembling in one Mind, and as one Mind, is Being. This serves to remind us that we are demonstrating only in the measure that we are actually being. Therefore, in overcoming the mesmeric belief in lack, we must persistently claim our unity with infinite good.

“I am” is in our thought or upon our lips a good many times during the day. True wisdom and pure Science would indicate that we must as frequently insist upon being “I am.” Too often the word “man” may seem to detach us from God, or, at best, merely attach us to God. Thus, the word “man,” unless we gain and maintain its real scientific signification, may still serve to convey the erroneous sense of existence wherein it is supposed that we may be helped by divine power while still separate from that power. That error must be recognized and denied. The fact is that real man, even yourself, or myself, is that power in full manifestation.

Let it be repeated that we cannot find man by seeking man. We cannot find our divine selfhood by seeking our selfhood, for we find man, our divine selfhood, only as we seek and find God. When, therefore, we seek God, that which we find is man and always will be man; for the manifestation of God appears more and more, and is all that appears or need appear. Here then, we have the inseparability of Mind and idea, the inseparability of God and man, and the consequent inseparability of ourselves from the infinity of good, the one and only God.

Lack of any kind fades out in proportion as this enlightened sense is reached and maintained. This claim of lack is not matter, it is mesmerism. The specific designation of it is found in the words “animal magnetism.”

Last year I called attention to the fact that often in our practice, when pain seems violent, to cease handling pain and to deal wholly with the claim of animal magnetism would be found most efficacious. Exactly the same rule is applicable to the claim of lack, or bad business, or want of employment, or what not. All these beliefs are mortal mind. They are mass mesmerism which could not be designated more accurately than by the words “animal magnetism.”

Mortal mind would lead us to believe that we lack something or have lost something, when the so-called human fact is that we are mesmerized. Such being the case, to handle lack will never meet the claim because lack is not the claim. Mind lacks nothing. Then, the claim of lack is the belief that Mind is absent; and then we see that the claim that the one and only Mind is not present is all there is to the belief of mind in matter, which scientifically designated is animal magnetism.

On the other hand, whatever we have or obtain in the way of employment or remuneration or achievement should be associated in our thought, not with matter, — however material it may appear to be, — but with Spirit, God. More than once in our experience we have lost something humanly, and perhaps failed to regain it, because we did not know enough to associate it with Spirit, imperishable substance, instead of with matter.

This does not mean that we should endeavor to spiritualize matter, — far from it; but it does mean that our whole work is that of dematerializing the concept of Spirit. We are taught in our textbook that Spirit is the only substance. Science and Health says: “All things beautiful and harmless are ideas of Mind.” (280:6-7) Therefore, anything that adds normally to our comfort and happiness may and should have the protection of the realization of that fact. The fact is that we should associate our blessings with Spirit, and never disassociate them from Spirit even though they appear to be human conveniences or human comforts.

But again let it be said that we shall not find our blessings by seeking them. Our blessings are infinite. Mind, Soul, demonstrates Itself; that is to say, demonstrates Its own beauty and measureless abundance.

Occupation is infinite. It is a concomitant of omniaction, the divine Mind. Mind is always busy; busy with Its own business, the business of infinitely manifesting the completeness and perfection of Being. The divine and infinite Consciousness omits nothing that is good, and includes nothing that is evil. To be busy in this way means to be employed, and to be employed means to be remunerated.

Do not permit yourself to be tricked by mesmeric suggestions. Mind, God, must be Itself, — Himself, if you prefer, — and the demonstration of Mind with us, as us. This annuls the belief that we can work hard and yet not make a living, and annuls the other similar beliefs, namely that we can seek work in order to make a living and not find it, and not find a living.

Stick to the fact that Mind demonstrates Itself. Affirming this fact, we must as persistently deny the error. No phase of error is true, and we prove that it is not true by denying the error, and by denying every phase of the error. It is not truth that says we labor in vain; and the denial of that error is found in a right understanding of the words, “All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.” (John 16:15)

Every day, every step of the way, a Christian Scientist rejects any error or any phase of error that would limit his activity, or claim to restrict or hide the full measure of the natural income for that legitimate activity. This is not transcendentalism. We are not deceiving ourselves. On the contrary, our whole occupation is that of undeceiving ourselves and others. The Bible says, “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” (Romans 14:11) We sometimes forget that, and thereby fail to reject some phase of error, which, if rejected, would enable us to bring to light, by means of treatment, the evidence of good.

Like the disciples of old, we also may sometimes be assailed by the belief that we may have toiled all night and all day and have taken nothing; but when we have toiled in the right way and unswervingly maintained the oneness of Being, the actual fact that God manifests Himself as man, and that we are that man, then when the suggestion comes that we have toiled in vain, and we call it by name, animal magnetism, we find the inevitable divine relationship manifested as it was to those poor fishermen.

The true evidence of Infinity hinges on the command, “Fear not.” When that is obeyed, the suggestion of having labored long and gained nothing will find no response. Thus, we see that while our occupation appears to be material, it is really spiritual. There is no other occupation. Seeking occupation, we may not find it. Seeking God, occupation is inevitable. It is incidental to finding God. But, again, all the miserable finite connotations associated with the word God must be set aside.

Again let it be said, that there is no great God and little man. God is indeed great, beyond all conception, for God is Mind, Principle, Spirit, Love; but so is man great beyond all conception for he is the conception of Mind, Truth, Life, Love.

A Christian Scientist should walk the earth, even though it still appears to be material, in the grandeur of real being. The grandeur is not pride and is not the ordinary conception of humility; it is the naturalness of infinite Love, the “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30) He may meet difficulties, obstructions may appear; the belief of time may confront him; even the suggestion that he cannot see clearly the course to follow a day in advance. Yet none of these things move him or retard the resistless energy and harmonious outcome of his divine activity.

“Michael’s characteristic is spiritual strength. He leads the hosts of heaven against the power of sin, Satan, and fights the holy wars. Gabriel has the more quiet task of imparting a sense of the ever-presence of ministering Love. These angels deliver us from the depths. Truth and Love come nearer in the hour of woe, when strong faith or spiritual strength wrestles and prevails through the understanding of God. The Gabriel of His presence has no contests. To infinite, ever-present Love, all is Love, and there is no error, no sin, sickness, nor death.” (Science and Health 566:30-8) Possibly at times one finds that he must be Michael, and that at other times Gabriel, and sometimes both. For Michael and Gabriel are one in power and purpose, and one in achievement. Science and Health says: “Angels are God’s representatives.” (299:11-12) Representing God, they necessarily represent the immeasurable affluence of the infinity of good. Therefore, any material suggestion or sense contrary to this representation is to be rejected and nullified by Mind.

It is not Truth that is troubling us, nor is there anything that resembles Truth that could trouble us. Error alone is troublesome, and Truth alone is the remedy. The traditions of beliefs seem to be overwhelming only because we fail to claim our real Being and to exercise the inevitable authority and power of real Being. Our desires interpose and sometimes constitute the seeming presence of that which denies the Christ. In such instances the divine is sought, but the human is predominant, and yet nothing that could be humanly desired bears any comparison at all to that which is already divinely provided. The consequent futility and foolishness of mere human desires should be more apparent.

We are not really demonstrating something that we want, and any attempt on our part to do so clouds our understanding; and instead of aiding, retards the success of our work in Science. We can only demonstrate “infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation…” (Science and Health 468:10-11) There is nothing else to be demonstrated. Whether the human need appears to be health, or wealth, or happiness, these are already infinite, abundantly and immeasurably supplied; they are already at hand, and they are ours.

Mr. Kimball used to say, “Christian Science is the redeemer of consciousness.” And although he said countless helpful things, it would not have been possible for him or anybody to say anything more specifically helpful, especially at the present time.

What is called human consciousness is the arena of human difficulties. The belief of lack in the presence of abundance is a shocking instance of the futility of materialism; but materialism is mental. It has been well said that thought can be more densely material than pig iron.

If the world were suffering because of dearth, it would be but history repeating itself in what used to be called famines; but nothing of the kind is going on now. The civilized world, or the greater part of it, is practically overwhelmed by the abundance of what mortal mind would call good things, but they are all to us, to use a financial expression, “frozen assets.” This proves that mortal mind is itself famine. The Bible says that. It says, “the eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing.” (Ecclesiastes 1:8) And so, it seems that when the human race gets what it thinks it wants, it is still the slave of its own concept of being and suffers its own slavery.

Our way of deliverance was exemplified by Jesus. He saved himself, and that fact so impressed humanity that it called him the Saviour of mankind.

If we are seemingly conscious of a world in trouble, our redeemer from that fallen consciousness would be to find out that the world, the only world there is, is the universe of God, the universe of Good, of Love, Life, that is never in trouble. This universe of God is ours; that is to say, whatever we know of anything is all there is to that thing so far as we are concerned. If that of which we are conscious manifests inharmony, the correction is not to project more opinions, or experiment with more material devices, but rather to permit consciousness to be what it originally is, divine, which means perfect, infinite, and one.

Mrs. Eddy explains that mortal mind is a state of self-deception. If one believes mortal mind, to that extent one is mortal. We can see that we might often have saved ourselves from much that was troublesome and painful, if we had known enough to demonstrate God, Mind, instead of trying to demonstrate things. Our demonstration then, is to claim the divine consciousness, and be it.

This does not teach us to assume or say that man is God, but it does enable us to say that we think as God, and have as God. There is no other likeness than this, and all Christian Scientists declare and maintain the fact that man is the divine likeness. Now, this man is not a material theoretical ideal — this man is each one of us and also all of us. Awakened sense, or spiritual sense, is true selfhood.

Spirit cannot be finite either as cause or effect. To say that an infinite Cause can produce an individual finite idea is not only illogical but absurd. Therefore, the statement that generic man is infinite but that individual man is finite, is absolutely erroneous.

Each one of us is an infinite, imperishable, perfect idea of Mind, Principle, God. Each one of us has the only body or identity of our real being, Spirit, or Mind. Each one of us has the only Mind there is, the divine and infinite embodiment of Truth, or right ideas, ever active and ever coordinating; and all of us taken together have this one Mind and one body.

There is nothing true of generic man that is not equally true of individual man.

Self-denial is not merely denial of selfishness. It is seeing the Infinite and being like it. Our dominion has never been taken away. It is inseparable from real Being, and is the nature of embodied Truth. It signifies that perfection which constitutes what we call divine law. Therefore, perfection is the only law. Every treatment worthy of the name Christian Science is a law to the case, which means that perfection is the law to the case.

The full realization and demonstration of perfection as law, involves us in the infinite progress or unfoldment of divine Principle. If you or I should awake this instant in the image of divine Principle, — our original and really our only being, — we would still be forever going on in that divine likeness, and we would be forever progressing from the standpoint of that divine perfection.

The so-called human mind cannot comprehend infinite unfoldment from the standpoint of perfection; but Mrs. Eddy writes: “Infinite progression is concrete being….” (Miscellaneous Writing 82:20) This is not philosophizing nor theorizing; it is not said merely for the purpose of engaging us in what might be called mental exercise.

The object of our assembling in these occasions, or at any time, is to increase our understanding. In order that this object may be realized we must stand for the fact that God, Mind, Truth, Love, demonstrates Himself in every treatment that we give. Then the human being, who has set himself to demonstrate supply, finds that Being is not human but divine, and that divine Being is both the law and the evidence of infinite supply.

In Science and Health we read, “When sufficiently advanced in Science to be in harmony with the truth of being, men become seers and prophets involuntarily, controlled not by demons, spirits, or demigods, but by the one Spirit.” (84:7-10) Dangers of every kind should be recognized and dealt with through the availableness of power and law. The so-called symptoms of disease when first appearing are only the danger signals which mortal mind has devised. Human beings sometimes ignore them. It is not scientific to ignore anything. Science deals with evil or error. This is the mission of Christian Science, and the way of dealing with all error is that of uncovering and denying it.

Again, however, I must call attention to the meaning of the word “denial,” as used in Christian Science. It is by no means platitudinous. It does not deal in platitudes nor with platitudes. The allness of good is the adequate and final denial of evil. The allness of Spirit is the extinction of the belief in matter. The allness of Life is the denial and the overcoming of death. More than once in the Normal Class from which Mrs. Young and I were graduated, our teacher said, “Error is never uncovered except as nothing.”

So long as there is anything that appears to be real that is called error, just so long the error is not actually uncovered. All the affirmations and denials that we may make, however elaborate, have for their sole object the omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence of good, Principle, Love. We are not justified by the use of words, only by the results.

The true attainment is spoken of by Mrs. Eddy in more than one place. You will find it particularly where she says, “Take possession of your body, and govern its feeling and action.” (Science and Health 393:10-11) And in another place, “Christian Scientists, be a law to yourselves that mental malpractice cannot harm you either when asleep or when awake. (ibid. 442:30)

We cannot take possession of our bodies scientifically so long as we believe that the body is material. We cannot be a law to ourselves and be exempt from human influence called malpractice unless we see that we are spiritual and not material.

Health, the completeness and harmony of being, is demonstrable only because it is the inevitable state of God and man. God, man, and universe, exist now and forever in perfection. That is what we are to demonstrate in every instance. The outcome of the demonstration, let it be repeated, is unfailingly satisfactory when perfection is the law of the treatment. Thought must be of necessity scientific in order to bring this to pass.

In the study of Christian Science nothing is more desirable or essential than real discrimination. We should cultivate it in order to have the very best results from our study. By means of it we strengthen our reliance upon God, for our books are full of instruction whereby divine help may be sought and obtained under any and all circumstances. But the exact way of obtaining it does not always appear upon the mere surface in either the Bible or in Science and Health. Every earnest student of these books recognizes this fact, and it need not be more than mentioned.

The subtleties of wrong thinking can be disclosed only by the demonstration of spiritual Truth, which coincidentally annuls the supposititious influence of wrong thought. It would be very difficult to prove by any human evidence, that a person or group of persons was actually striving to work mentally in such a way as to injure another person or another group of persons. Any such belief should be classified as belief; and never as an actuality.

What is called malicious mental practice is not so much directed thought as it is universal belief — a thing which appears to be going on all of the time. We prove its unreality every time we heal a case. It is not always wicked in intention, but it is always ignorant, the ignorance of mortal mind. We are in the habit of denying it, and would not be Christian Scientists if we failed to do so; for in the guise of materialism, mental malpractice is as wide spread as human opinion, and is a denial of spiritual Truth, a denial of the Christ.

Of course, it would be absurd for Christian Scientists or any other Christians, to ignore the apparent wickedness of mortal mind, and wickedness is necessarily malice. For that reason we are admonished in our textbook to deny malicious malpractice. If one believes that he is the object of some evil thought mentally directed, he should handle that belief, and never by any means admit that it is anything else than a belief. In any case where there is a belief of mental malpractice, one need only seek “the secret place of the Most High” (Psalms 91:1) and be it in order to exempt himself.

The mission of intelligence is unquestionably divine. We need to become accustomed to this fact and utilize it when assailed by the traditions and beliefs of the human race; otherwise they would seem to encroach upon divine rights, and claim to limit the human availableness of divine power.

Let us be wise in dealing with the belief of malpractice. In face of the fact that our books abound in the clear explanation of the omnipotence of good, the allness of the Mind that is Love, one finds Christian Scientists constantly speaking of evil as if it were actually occurring; and, constantly contending with that, they malpractice as if it were a reality.

Not only in such a case, but also those who legitimately understand divine Science and lift their voice to the realm of the one infinite and only Mind, and affirm the one Mind to be both thought and law, are sometimes misunderstood and placed in a category of condemnation as of those who do not handle error.

After all, may not an intelligent Scientist ask himself and answer for himself what it means to handle error? We need to know and be, the power of God, rather than merely seek to apply that power. Certain it is that the only proper handling of error is the extinction of it, and the Truth alone is equal to that task.

Thought obsessed by the mere routine of work in organization, and more or less suppressed and limited by ritualistic habits, is ill prepared to resist and overcome the mass mesmerism of universal beliefs. Science and Health says, “Remember that the letter and mental argument are only human auxiliaries to aid in bringing thought into accord with the spirit of Truth and Love…” (454:31-1) We need to remind ourselves and each other that error is always to be uncovered as nothingness, and is never uncovered until the nothingness of it is apparent. This is as true of the error called malpractice as it is of any other error.

In writing to you last year, I mentioned some of the assertions of so-called astrologers, and showed the necessity that we are under to deny all such prophecy and everything that relates to so-called astrology. Perhaps we should be even more active than we have been in our rejection of this belief, because there are times when its false claims seem to be quite generally accepted and they thereby constitute in some measure an influence in what is called mortal mind.

Law is the ceaseless activity of perfection in every detail of being. For that reason there is no evil law. The so-called law of astrology is a superstition of human ignorance, fostered in these times by greed. The second verse of the tenth chapter of Jeremiah reads: “Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.” “The planets have no more power over man than over his Maker, since God governs the universe; but man, reflecting God’s power, has dominion over all the earth and its hosts.” (Science and Health 102:12) These statements nullify all the claims of astrology and horoscope or the assumption of any law on the part of astrology. Such law should be specially denied.

Mental malpractice claims to exert itself only in its own realm of belief. If we claim divine Being or body and accept no personal sense of ourselves, or in the measure that we do this, we are exempt from any consensus of human opinion or any specific effort of mortal mind to injure us or make us ill.

In the same way we are to associate ourselves with the infinity of good, and we are not to believe that by so doing we shall fail in any degree to manifest humanly what is good for us and for others.

If in any instance we have seemed to pass through the fire or walk through the waves, we can recognize the unreality of all such dreams. If we had always demonstrated Mind instead of merely seeking to bring about something human, there would have been no waves and no fire. Seeing that we were not wise enough to avoid either or both, we may now rejoice in a more active awakening by which we are undeceived. “Perfection is gained only by perfection.”

In Science and Health, Mrs. Eddy writes, “This material world is even now becoming the arena for conflicting forces.” (96:12-13) In this instance as in every other instance where Science and Health states the error, our duty is apparent. It is that of denying the error. The necessity for this appears to be greater as Christian Science more and more touches the thought of mankind.

Today the words quoted above seem to express human conditions more strikingly than when they were written. Much of that which we find in the chapter in Science and Health called “Christian Science Versus Spiritualism” demands the very thing I have mentioned — discrimination on the part of the student.

Mrs. Eddy had the insight which is associated with the word prophecy as foresight. She could look into mortal mind, as it were, and in doing so wrote that passage, and others, in the above-mentioned chapter. Really, while those pages seem prophetic of evil, they constitute, when properly considered, a most remarkable and efficacious treatment. Whenever error is mentioned in our textbook, it needs to be viewed in the light of truth.

“…the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations,” (Revelation 22:2), and are for the healing of the nations. Divine metaphysics is the tree. It alone can accomplish what appears to be a stupendous task, and true metaphysics are the leaves of that tree. Their individuality is not lost; but, in the harmony of their infinite Principle, Love, anything that they cognize, great or small, comes under that all-powerful healing influence.

The international outlook presents a few great nations glorifying war, and most of the others dreading it. The glorification of the war is fear, quite as much as the dread of it. National pride is national fear. We are apt to deceive ourselves, or be deceived, in regard to error that we nearly always handle pride in these cases instead of fear. Of course, fear is always animal magnetism. God is not afraid. Man is not afraid. Fear is afraid and fear is the claim designated as a belief of life, substance, and intelligence in matter — animal magnetism. The fear of a nation or of many nations may appear to be great, and would be great if it were to admit that any error is great. Animal magnetism in any form is nothingness; and however great it may appear to be, it is still nothingness. We must learn to say this when considering international dangers; and by saying it we shall educate ourselves to understand more clearly the omnipotence of Love, the only real power — adequate, competent, ever-present, and ever available.

The Christian Scientists in any nation must be awakened to the necessity of denying their own faults and those of their own nation. This is an essential step, not only in one’s own redemption, but in one’s legitimate endeavor to help redeem mankind. To awaken Christian Scientists in every country to the recognition of this necessity is one of the tasks that lie before us. The means of such an awakening can be found only in the demonstration of that Love, which, though it appears to be severe to the offender, is never really offensive in rebuke. Love knows how to rebuke and destroy human pride without injuring the “useful surroundings,” which means, in such instance, without incurring the danger of chemicalizing the individual, or nations, to the point of threatening or threatened self-destruction.

I have been deeply gratified by receiving excellent letters from students, chiefly in Europe, who, recognizing the threat of misunderstanding and war, at once assumed the responsibility of handling it, — each one doing his work just as if he were the only one upon whom rested the responsibility of the correction to be made.

All error is animal magnetism, a belief of life, substance, and intelligence in matter. We cannot properly invest error with any gradations. No error is greater than another. All errors are unreal. Individual, national, international, racial dangers are all unreal. They should not gain in seeming reality because of their seeming greatness or size. We Christian Scientists should assume our divine responsibilities. They are all joyous, being divine. When they appear, they do not fill us with dismay, but rather with happiness.

Our practice is expressed in the words, Truth appearing and error disappearing. The realm of Truth is Mind. The seeming realm of error is the lie called mortal mind. If we handle error objectively, we can hardly avoid making something of matter; whereas true Christian Science practice, as you very well know, deals not with matter, but with beliefs exclusively.

This is true of anything that may be called universal error, or of error so widespread as to be accepted as truth by the human race. The best that we can do for nations or for the world is to correct our thought concerning them, or what we call our consciousness of them. “Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good.” (Science and Health 393:12-13)

Chemicalization under the name of pure Science is a belief that cannot be ignored. It needs much more consideration than Christian Scientists usually give it. Mrs. Eddy unmistakably indicates that chemicalization can be dealt with by realizing divine Love. In Science and Health we read: “This fermentation should not aggravate the disease, but should be as painless to man as to a fluid.…” (401:12-13) Also, “If a crisis occurs in your treatment, you must treat the patient less for the disease and more for the mental disturbance or fermentation, and subdue the symptoms by removing the belief that this chemicalization produces pain or disease.” (421:11-15)

“Mortal error will vanish in a moral chemicalization.” (Science and Health 96:21) “As this consummation draws nearer, he who has shaped his course in accordance with divine Science will endure to the end.” (ibid. 96:25-27) “The end,” of course, signifies the extinction of error in every treatment. The helpfulness of these passages is more apparent in the measure that we eliminate past and future from the realization of omnipotence constituting our treatment.

On the pages already cited there are to be found certain affirmations of Truth capable of great amplification in metaphysical treatment of any specific error. Among others are the lines on page 97 from 17 to 20: “The more material the belief, the more obvious its error, until divine Spirit, supreme in its domain, dominates all matter, and man is found in the likeness of Spirit, his original being.” And from 26 to 32, “‘He uttered His voice, the earth melted.’ This Scripture indicates that all matter will disappear before the supremacy of Spirit. Christianity is again demonstrating the Life that is Truth, and the Truth that is Life, by the apostolic work of casting out error and healing the sick.” And also on page 98, the paragraph beginning with the line 15: “Beyond the frail premises of human beliefs, above the loosening grasp of creeds, the demonstration of Christian Mind-healing stands a revealed and practical Science. It is imperious throughout all ages as Christ’s revelation of Truth, of Life, and of Love, which remains inviolate for every man to understand and to practise.” This serves to remind us of what Mrs. Eddy says: “Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practised.” (Science and Health 174:20)

The true practice demands of Christian Scientists, that by means of the Truth in Science and Health and the Bible, they shall handle and dispose of the errors brought to light in these books.

Generic man is simply an expression used to define the spiritual reality of which mankind is the counterfeit. Mankind express a human concept. Generic man is God’s concept of His own completeness or perfection, infinitely expressed. Knowing infinite Oneness in behalf of nations as Mind knows it, the metaphysical value of the right understanding of generic man appears.

The Bible says that Christ is the body of the church. This is Being in which there are no conflicting elements nor interests. The Principle of human rights is Love, which is the only right, and which, when demonstrated, becomes the only human possibility.

As yet, we scarcely realize the power and influence we are capable of exercising. Our difficulty is found in the tendency to outline the human effect. Good demonstrated by the majesty and power of its own immutable law is invariably manifested in better human conditions than any that could be imagined; and the law of our treatment must be the immutability of this divine power in its own manifestation. Any feeble sense of this power is due only to the belief that we are taking part in it humanly; whereas the fact is, we are spiritually essential to it.

“The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as vested in divine Mind.” (Science and Health 379:6) Irrespective of the apparent magnitude of the belief to be dealt with, as demonstrators of Mind we must assume this jurisdiction, not ignoring its responsibilities, but giving it the supreme and unshakable confidence of Principle, Love, Spirit, the everlasting substance, law and activity of divine Science.

When Jesus said, “be of good cheer; I have overcome the world,” (John 16:33), he stated and exemplified the true and scientific attitude that Christian Scientists should assume and maintain, for there is one I or Ego. When we reject the human beliefs that obscure this divine and only Ego, we must be of the same good cheer and overcome the same false sense of the world.

Looking out from Mind in every treatment, let the seventh angel sound the voice of harmony to man and nations, saying: “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.” (Revelation 11:15)

Association Address for 1934

The advent of Christian Science meant and still means a new dispensation. It was and is expressed in the words: “…old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” (II Corinthians 5:17) It marked the end of the old concept of Science quite as much as of religion and ethics, and it meant radicalism and must continue to mean radicalism.

The human history of reformatory movements is that the radicalism of today becomes the conservatism of tomorrow. This has repeatedly set back the clock of human progress, and today this reactionary tendency threatens the Cause of Christian Science and threatens to engulf it. The very life-blood of this movement is the enthusiasm which can exist and flourish only in the atmosphere of spiritual radicalism.

Christian Science is essentially such radicalism. It exists as the active operation of spiritual Truth, and is therefore primarily and permanently unlike the conservatism of religious habit. Without enthusiasm, thought drifts backward instead of pressing onward, having none of the persistent activity, resilience, and brilliance that belongs to Soul, Spirit, Mind.

Our textbook speaks of radical reliance upon Truth, but that particular passage refers chiefly to the non-use of material remedies. There is a far more important feature of the necessity for radical reliance upon Truth, and it may be found in our textbook. I am tempted to say everywhere, when one learns to look for it, and acquires eyes that see it.

Merely weighing Truth against error in our mental scales, places us in a dilemma from which the most elaborate mental argument may but partially free us, and to which we may revert until we cease so to weigh.

In order to maintain a human sense of existence, we breathe material air, eat material food, and wear material clothing. These are unavoidable concessions, and like anything else that is humanly necessary, may appear as the legitimate outcome of Truth demonstrated. They need not interfere with radical reliance upon Truth in the full confidence of every fiber of our being.

Of course, we are opposed to the use of material remedies in healing the sick; and yet, it should be recognized that the distinction which we make between one form of matter and another, is due only to our present inability to reject all matter and live as Spirit, our original and only Being. Humanly speaking, this distinction between right and wrong in our practice, as well as the difference between what mortal mind calls sins and righteousness, is degree rather than Principle. We must liberalize our thought by strengthening our spiritual radicalism.

Doing both of these, the reason why Christian Science does not sanction the use of material remedies in practice, but does sanction good nursing and suitable and harmless food, and everything else that would tend to ameliorate the trials and sufferings of a belief of illness, will appear.

We are prone to elevate the unimportant and ignore the essential, and we need to maintain the more consistent radicalism of Truth and Love, which according to the passage on page 444:7-10 of Science and Health, enables us to readily forgive those who may have been driven in their despair to the use of material means in the attempt to recover health. “If Christian Scientists ever fail to receive aid from other Scientists, — their brethren upon whom they may call, — God will still guide them into the right use of temporary and eternal means.” The willingness to rely upon Spirit and conversely to reject all material remedies in healing, although required, is but a phase of the radicalism of absolute Science. In this connection it is easy to observe that many who act according to that standard, are still woefully wanting in apprehension of the grandeur and power of the divine Mind, humanly demonstrated, and have not the slightest notion of what takes place when a real treatment is given.

The concessions which we have been obliged to make to human law, and which Mrs. Eddy recommends in the Manual of The Mother Church, particularly pertaining to contagious diseases and vaccination, are also on the plane of expediency; and like John’s baptism of Jesus, are all of less importance than mortal mind believes them to be. The all-important thing with Christian Scientists is Mind and the Science of it.

In Retrospection and Introspection, Mrs. Eddy writes: “I also saw that Christianity has withstood less the temptation of popularity than of persecution.” (45:23) There was a time in our movement when we were not in any way endangered by popularity, and therefore, not endangered by conservatism. Christian Science was the one radical doctrine in the world. Others, which now attract much attention, were little known and scarcely considered. Christian Science from the very outset challenged the thought and all the traditions of the human race. It must continue to do so. The ever-growing strength of our understanding depends upon this constant challenge, and our organization and all of it literature should be lovingly but firmly militant in this respect.

The reason I speak of this is because of the tendency of the Christian Science movement to become merely a denomination. If it should yield to that temptation, it would inevitably become as lifeless as other denominations. Without the radicalism of divine Principle in our thought and work and in our movement, we tend to revert to mortal mind with only a slightly different slant toward religion.

Radicalism means that we know God, Mind, and that we know Him intimately. It means that we call upon divine power and know how and when to call with the certainty that Omnipotence responds. It means that the Mind that is infinite is always original, that it has no stereotyped views or expressions, and no fears that could perpetuate such or any beliefs. It means originality for every individual, and that every individual is essentially original. It means the activity of thought rather than the activity of questionable propaganda. It means that loyalty does not consist of a kind of mental atrophy, which accepts everything that is said or done in the name of Christian Science. Some of that which is said and done is splendid, not to say magnificent, and some of it is quite the reverse, and we are to be radical for divine Principle, which enables us to discriminate with unerring judgment and to read and study with increasing discrimination.

The tendency of the whole movement at present is to fall back into old theology, somewhat improved, but the same error. There must be a mental stand against this on the part of those who are genuine Christian Scientists. Little things, seemingly unimportant, sometimes take such hold of the immature thought as to lead large groups of people astray. One of these things I have mentioned before; it may be described as a ritualistic tendency, and it nearly always hinges upon some mistaken sense of loyalty or reverence. For instance, some one suggested that music set to Mrs. Eddy’s poems, should be played preceding a lecture or a church service. It has become a regular ritualistic tradition, and a great many people think that one of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns is being played, when the fact is that Mrs. Eddy never wrote any music at all. The thing itself seems of small importance, but it is of dangerous significance. It betrays a tendency which should be resisted and destroyed.

The same thing in a different form is to be observed in all branch church meetings. It seems that no meeting of any kind can get down or up to business at once. Someone must read selections from the Bible or our Leader’s works. Again, in our literature, some form or expression is more or less habitual with every writer, and if this happens to appear or reappear in an editorial in the Sentinel or Journal, then inevitably that peculiarity will be copied by those who send in articles to be published.

Science and Health says, “Mortal courage is ‘the lion of the tribe of Juda.’” (514:10) The fifth chapter of Revelation, fifth verse, says, “…the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book,” and it also says the book was sealed with seven seals. This “Lion of the tribe of Juda,” — moral courage, — is requisite in order to gain the deep meaning of the Bible, and more especially of Mrs. Eddy’s works.

The terms “loyal Christian Scientists” and “authorized literature” are useful, but as generally employed they tend to stultify instead of expand the understanding. Moral courage enables us to study the text with the clear discrimination of spiritual intellectuality, enables us also to deal with disease and sin and death with the confidence of divine power.

We should stand fearlessly for the fact that divine power demonstrated humanly is impressive beyond anything that we could say or do. The human race does not need to have its attention boisterously called to the availableness of divine power. Jesus the Christ is the one transcendent character in history. “Jesus demonstrated Christ…” (Science and Health 332:19) Accordingly, we may discern that those who came to him for healing were already healed. This fact should become more clearly apparent to those who are in this age demonstrating the same impersonal Christ. Jesus said, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him.” (John 6:44)

I know that this is radicalism, but I recommend it to you without reservation. The influence of the Christ is the only real influence. Christian Science shows that God, Mind, is the one and only power, and that in order to demonstrate divine power, one must demonstrate the one and only Mind. Often the fear that we are going too far in claiming this power presents us from going far enough.

Last year in the meeting in Chicago, Mrs. Young uncovered a prevalent error by saying: “Christian Scientists are no longer afraid of God, but they are afraid of Christian Science.” When this fear of going onward and upward asserts itself, let us reject it; and we cannot perhaps do better than to declare daily, “I am not afraid of taking my stand for anything that it reveals to me.”

Our confidence must be unbounded and our anticipation and experience of every accruing revelation by divine right must not be hampered by any reactionary views of religion. “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” (Isaiah 41:10)

These annual gatherings are provided for in the Manual of The Mother Church. Associations of students signify that we unite in the recognition of the unity of good, the oneness of our Real Being.

That this unity may be apparent on these occasions, — and especially so, in the healing unction and action of one Mind, one Spirit, — we must claim individually the inspiration and law of Mind and consistently stand for both. “A teacher shall not assume personal control of, or attempt to dominate his pupils, but he shall hold himself morally obligated to promote their progress in the understanding of divine Principle, not only during the class term but after it, and to watch well that they prove sound in sentiment and practical in Christian Science. He shall persistently and patiently counsel his pupils in conformity with the unerring laws of God, and shall enjoin them habitually to study the Scriptures and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as a help thereto.” (Manual 83, Article XXVI, Section 2) This cannot be done for students individually except to a limited extent, and these meetings afford the only practical means of obeying this requirement.

Our membership is not fulfilled wholly by our faithfulness in attending these meetings. It implies a spiritual responsibility which I am convinced every member of this Association is glad to assume and maintain. The power being divine and the law equally so, in Mind-Science our thought must not only accept power and law, but our thought must be given power and law. The Science of Mind is Mind-Science all of the time, and even though it appears at first to be but the thought of a human being, — as it must do in order to be humanly available, — nevertheless, it is nothing less than Immanuel, God with us.

For the attainment of divine power there are essential requirements. Of them, the all-important is Love. By means of it, we recognize that our real interests are not many and varied, but few and identical. The universality of Love is expressed only as we love one another. Whatever may be our differences humanly, they do not exist divinely and should not be permitted to cloud our understanding of the nature of the real man, even our neighbor, whoever and whatever our neighbor may appear to be. When Jesus said, “…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbor as thyself,” (Luke 10:27) he stated the rule of divine Principle and unquestionably the admonition was not in behalf of the neighbor, exclusively, or perhaps at all. It was to induce his own students to understand and to adhere to that rule.

Therefore, it need hardly be said that there should be no misunderstandings between members of this Association. When anything of that kind appears in belief, it should in every instance be met by open-hearted frankness, so that the error of misunderstanding one another’s motives and the consequent error of embittered feelings, however slight, may disappear.

Real Scientists, alone of all the people on earth, stand for and should stand as fundamental self-existent consciousness, the one Mind. They alone understand the Science of Mind and recognize that it is the only possible way of deliverance offered, or that can be offered, to the human race, individually or collectively. For one to fail in the universality of Love, would obscure the spiritual sense which is essential to one’s own redemption, and therefore essential to the redemption of others. We cannot too frequently recall the fact so often mentioned in these meetings: “Christian Science is the redeemer of consciousness.”

Consequently, the importance of obliterating all misunderstandings, especially those between Christian Scientists, is obvious. In this endeavor nothing is lost but everything is gained. Willingness to recognize that all sincere students of Christian Science can strengthen themselves and aid others by refusing to harbor mistrust or suspicion is a duty incumbent upon us all. We should show forth to the world the encouraging and helpful attitude of disinterested friendliness, not only by inward grace, but by outward manifestation.

A student writes: “I think I must be learning to love because I have so many temptations to anger and resentment (many of them reactions to conditions rather than people) to overcome. I see this all as mere shadow and mirage incidental to a blessing so big that I have not as yet assimilated it, or ever seen it in its full dimensions.”

The same student, speaking of other beliefs encountered, further writes: “I think I see that all this spells progress rather than failure. I noticed that in all the cases where angels appeared to men, the first reaction was one of fear and discomfort. Hence, when I feel fear or discomfort, I look for the angel.”

All of this may seem theoretically self-evident, and because of this, we may be tempted to ignore its importance. I make no excuse for speaking of it whenever it seems necessary to do so. Thought is doing everything, and because wrong thought is rampant in the world, it should not be difficult to see that our duty, — which means in Science, our joy and happiness, — is to set aside and nullify evil beliefs by the unmistakable manifestation of that divine Principle which is our actual Being. Thus, we approach the spiritualization of all things, spoken of in our textbook.

The Science of Mind is the majesty and the power of Mind in direct and immediate operation by means of correct treatment or realization. The actual scientific way is the only right way. “The spiritual reality is the scientific fact in all things.” (Science and Health 207:27 only) In attaining this standard of perfection, “Spiritual evolution alone is worthy of the exercise of divine power.” (Science and Health 135:9) And spiritual evolution does not and cannot evolve something or anything from matter, for matter is the belief that substance is perishable. Spiritual evolution requires Spirit, and Spirit evolves everything from Itself and Its own Being, which is indestructible and uncontaminable substance.

Development with us then must signify unfoldment from the standpoint of Mind reflecting Itself in and as our own conscious thinking. Steps in progress should be taken with alacrity. We are not to linger by the wayside instead of pressing on. To revert to positions outgrown is unworthy of our calling. I am speaking, of course, metaphysically, for the realm of thought alone concerns us here.

A loving attitude towards everyone does not legitimately imply that we should be influenced by everybody or by anybody. On the first Sunday of every month the reading from the Manual warns us against being erroneously influenced. Humility does not require that we should surrender our individual understanding, and certainly not at the bidding of someone who understands less than we. “Let no man beguile you of your reward in a voluntary humility…” (Colossians 2:18) This needs to be heeded particularly by those, who having obtained the understanding that Science is the law of Mind which operates by the power and presence of Mind, find themselves sometimes associated with others who work on a lower plane.

The original and only intention back of these gatherings is that of progress. Our Association is founded on Principle, which is ever unfolding its own infinity. In order that this may be our experience, let us set aside the childish view of Christian Science which would have Principle in one place and ourselves in another. Let us see that Principle, Spirit, constitutes everything, and therefore includes everything; and that is the business of our understanding — to assume the prerogative and power of divine Principle, the one and only Spirit; and instead of possessing our understanding, see that our understanding possesses us.

What is it that says we do not handle malpractice enough? If such a suggestion could knock at the door of Infinity, would not the response be, “…I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Matthew 7:23) Is a protracted and elaborated mental argument essential to the Mind which knows Its own allness? When we deal with error in any form, the requirement is not “much” but “how.”

I beg that you will not misunderstand all this. I am not advocating the neglect of any duty. The whole of mortal mind is a state of malpractice. Fear is the chief element in all malpractice, and the fear of malpractice is far worse than any other phase of that claim. Anything which would induce or accept that fear, is malpractice in its worst form.

Mind is one and infinite. Mind has no competition. Nothing is comparable to Mind, for Mind is all. This fact apprehended is essential to the scientific handling of malpractice. There is no other justification for dealing mentally with any error than to convince ourselves of the unreality of that error and to demonstrate that unreality for ourselves and others.

My students have all been instructed in the Spirit and the letter of Christian Science. They are equipped to carry on a treatment against malpractice. They cannot do so correctly if they give any reality to malpractice in the course of such treatment. They must designate malpractice as a belief and never let it assume any reality in their thought, for it is evident that if malpractice existed as any kind of intelligence, or could ask anything of us, its desire would be to the effect that our thought and expression might give it reality.

The history of Christian Science mental treatment presents some interesting aspects. Unquestionably, mental treatment was at first apprehensible only as a kind of mental influence apparently exerted by one so-called mind upon the so-called mind and body of another person. The difference between such treatment and mesmerism was in the use of words, and the consequent attainment of thought which associated divine power with the mental effort; and only in the exact proportion that this occurred was the treatment worthy to be called Christian Science. Such a method was not the omnipotence of God demonstrated, but it was a means to that end, and Mrs. Eddy doubtless found it essential in order to gradually educate her followers in the Science of Mind. She herself did not heal by argument, but by the Holy Spirit. We all believe that the healing power which Jesus manifested was that of Spirit without measure, and unquestionably those examples of the correct scientific way are not given for our admiration only.

The divine Mind is the only Mind. There is no other Mind; consequently God, the one and only Mind, is the one and only Mind of each one of us, and the law of this Infinity, this Principle, or Life of all that lives is perfection. In view of this, Christian Science has no resemblances. We should be awake to this fact and to the reason for this fact, which is that Christian Science is the Science of the one and only Mind.

All phases of occultism and of Hindu or Eastern philosophy or religion, are beliefs of mind over matter. Christian Science, on the contrary, is the allness of the Mind that is God and the utter unreality of matter. Therefore, again beware of anything that is said to resemble Christian Science, because there is no such thing, and all such systems claiming such resemblances are not only misleading but poisonous, both mentally and physically.

Life is natural and permanent, for Life is divine Principle. Truth is the eternal actuality of self-existent entity both as cause and in effect. For this reason, Christ is often defined in Science and Health as Truth, and we often find the words Christ and Truth hyphenated. Love is the power and being, the very substance of everything. By Love, the earth, a spiritual idea, has its harmonious motions. By Love the stars and planets, divine ideas, move in order; and ever conceived of materially, as they must be by mortal mind or material thought, they serve to impress us with the orderly harmonious nature of the real universe. “Nature voices natural, spiritual law and divine Love, but human belief misinterprets nature. Arctic regions, sunny tropics, giant hills, winged winds, mighty billows, verdant vales, festive flowers, and glorious heavens, — all point to Mind, the spiritual intelligence they reflect. The floral apostles are hieroglyphs of Deity. Suns and planets teach grand lessons. The stars make night beautiful, and the leaflet turns naturally towards the light. In the order of Science, in which the Principle is above what it reflects, all is one grand concord. Change this statement, suppose Mind to be governed by matter or Soul in body, and you lose the keynote of being, and there is continual discord. Mind is perpetual motion. Its symbol is the sphere. The rotations and revolutions of the universe of Mind go on eternally.” (Science and Health 240:1-17)

Set aside the seeming materiality of the earth, and from the standpoint of the divine Mind, perceive the spiritual idea. God blesses the earth and everything else for man’s sake — that is to say, for your sake and mine. It never produces too much or too little, and it never quakes, for perfection not meteorology, not geology, is the law of Mind to the idea, earth.

The sun and the so-called fixed stars are, according to material interpretation, only self-consuming bodies of gaseous vapor, and according to such theories, would be ultimately consumed, leaving nothing or chaos. But Moses perceived the imperishable nature of the universe in the bush that burned and was not consumed. In the same way the indestructible nature of Life in all of its aspects should be perceived and demonstrated, over the belief that life is material or is in the material body. The bush should continue to burn apparently, but not to consume. “Immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so-called, as well as in the spiritual.” (Science and Health 427:23)

What has all this to do with malpractice? The answer is, everything. Why? —Because malpractice is seen to be unreal in proportion to our demonstration of our perfect relationship to God, — our oneness with God, — and we demonstrate that relationship only as we demonstrate Mind, God. Do not fear that you cannot find the way, merely because of the dissolving footprints that you observe when you are induced to look back.

I have exercised much are in admonishing students to respect and reverence the divine Christ, their own understanding of the power and law of Mind, divine Principle; and now again, I ask you not to misunderstand nor misinterpret me when you are urged to let your intelligent understanding of God represent God fearlessly.

God never enters a controversy, for the word of God implies and requires omnipotence. When suggestion appears in the name of Science, reject it. When inexperienced workers urge you to descend to the realm of mere mental resistance to evil, ask yourself whether or not the record of such a method persistently carried on through many years in the name of Science is such as to justify the assertion that such is the way to handle malpractice, and that you do not know how to handle it, or that you do not handle it enough.

The way is not that of mental or physical contention. It is to let thought ascend to its real origin and utter, and act according to the majesty and power of Mind. “…the Lord God omnipotent reigneth.” (Revelation 19:6)

Undoubtedly there are times when one may need to enter upon an analysis of this claim. It should be done solely for the purpose of arriving at the conclusion that malpractice is without any reality, that there is no Principle or Mind to it, no substance, no matter, no law, no subject or object, no means or method, no circumstances, occasion, or event, no evidence of it, no belief of it, no believer in it, no persons or organizations, no channel, avenue, nor medium for it, no realm of belief wherein or whereby any such supposititious influence could exist or be exerted, no place, space or occupancy for any such a false belief, no consensus of opinion by which any reality or strength or seeming influence or cause or effect could be humanly given to the belief of mental malpractice.

Generally speaking this will be found to be a way far different from that advocated by them who say that we do not handle malpractice enough. Nevertheless, I need hardly say to you that Christian Science is not merely academic. The Spirit and the letter must bear witness and the more Spirit, the better the letter.

Individuality persists in all things, and should do so. A Christian Scientist must find his individuality in contradistinction to the belief of personality. Science and Health says that the one Ego, the one Mind, is infinite individuality and that this Mind reflects, manifests itself in individual, spiritual man and things. Thereby it is declared that reflection is not objectivity, but is oneness with Mind, God. “The rule of inversion infers from error its opposite, Truth; but Truth is the light which dispels error. As mortals begin to understand Spirit, they give up the belief that there is any true existence apart from God.” (Science and Health 282:31)

Clearly then, to gain our individuality, we must see the one Ego and permit it to be the only one. A teacher can help students, and it is not only the duty but the joy of every conscientious teacher to do so; but no teacher can actually make a Christian Scientist of a pupil, not even Mrs. Eddy could do that. Each one must make himself or herself a Christian Scientist; and in doing so, must not permit suggestion to give any uncertain sense of Science. “God is His own infinite Mind, and expresses all.” (Science and Health 310:10)

However, to revert to a point already spoken of, anything like transcendentalism on one hand is to be avoided quite as much as conservatism or routine on the other. It is said authentically that in the early days of her teaching, Mrs. Eddy instructed her students to call the patient by name when giving a treatment. Some of her students whom I used to know, worked in that way. I doubt if any person properly instructed today would think such a thing necessary or even desirable. Many of us have treated patients whose names were not known, or if known, temporarily forgotten; and we found it quite as easy to heal them without that information, as we could have done had we possessed it.

Advancing in our understanding, we recognize Science to be what it actually is — the law of Truth irrespective of persons — and this fact is far more generally accepted today than it was even a few years back. When treatment is Truth’s omnipotence, it is the enforcement of its own law, which is perfection, and is then fully worthy to be called scientific. The more nearly our treatment approximates this standard, the more God there is in it, the surer the results. The treatment, however, must have none of the uncertainty of mere diffusiveness. To be both Christian and scientific, it must have a definite purpose and must accomplish the purpose. Therefore, while it would be absurd to suppose that the practitioner must treat the patient by name, yet the treatment must be as if he were called by name.

A healing in Christian Science, whatever may be the nature of the case, is a divine event and resounds through the ages; but if it were not also a human event, it would have no practical value for us. We do not demonstrate health primarily, but we demonstrate one Being, Mind and idea, Soul and body, wherein our wholeness is indigenous.

But here arises the question, how far thought may be permitted to visualize the results of the treatment. Is it proper not only to declare the restorative healing action of omnipotence, but mentally to behold, and thereby to be sure of, the improvement or healing?

In answering this question, it is well to first observe that it would be obviously erroneous mentally to behold or to be conscious of no improvement or no result of the treatment. In Science and Health the definition of Mind says: “…Deity, which outlines but is not outlined.” (591:19)

When Jesus commanded Lazarus to come forth, he unquestionably exercised the prerogative of Mind in outlining the event. He knew that Lazarus would come forth, “…even the self-same Lazarus.” (Miscellany 218:10-11)

Such a result could not appear if a mere personal sense of patient and practitioner obscured the Science of Mind; but if Mind and the immutability of the law of Mind constitutes the treatment, then the result of the treatment is as much a part of the treatment as anything else in it. And in this way, we may say it is legitimately outlined, — that is to say, the result of the treatment is actual, real and humanly evident, as it must be in order to accomplish what Science and Health calls “…the metaphysical healing of physical disease.” (150:13-14)

The attempt to outline the results of divine action is objectionable only because human thought, however much improved, can only imagine what the divine effect might be; but when Mind is actually demonstrated, or speaking more accurately, actually demonstrates its own presence and power, then the healing may be mentally visible before it is humanly apparent; and because of the omnipotence of Mind, so demonstrated, the human evidence of healing becomes inevitable. “…ideas are perfectly real and tangible to spiritual consciousness…” (Science and Health 269:17-18)

Perception of Truth is a step in understanding. It should not be mistaken for understanding; neither should emotion be mistaken for inspiration. Perception leads to inspiration and the consequent realization of Truth; but inspiration is so sane and sure and secure when genuine, that it is unafraid and is the dominion that is the real man.

Mind knows, sees, hears, feels, and is Its own perfection, and this reality necessarily excludes the belief and the evidence of disease.

Science and Health says, “Allness is the measure of the infinite…” (336:23), and Christian Science shows the immeasurability of that measure; and as the textbook says in another place, “…reveals infinity....” (Science and Health 519:10) Any attempt to illustrate Infinity is therefore futile. Mathematics cannot do it, and this was made beautifully clear in a statement which I quote from a letter received some time ago from one of your number: —

“Mathematics, however, does not deal with the purely metaphysical idea of infinity and nothing; infinity in mathematics is an indefinitely prolonged finity. In other words, something larger than the largest thing (of the kind under consideration) which we can conceive. Zero, similarly, is smaller than the smallest thing of which one can conceive, but it is not no thing; therefore, it is as useless to employ mathematical formulas to guide one in the direction of discovering the qualities of either infinity or nothing, as it is to attempt to improve the human mind in the hope that it will become the image of the divine. That attitude of thought toward mathematics and metaphysics was similar to the old theological plan of trying to reform the human mind, instead of changing the standpoint of thought to the really infinite so that the human mind had no presence.”

Thought cannot comprehend the infinite, but when in character it approximates the divine Mind, thought is in that measure, the reflection, the manifestation of Infinity. This manifestation is not attained by seeking it, but by seeking the infinite, which makes — or rather is — its own manifestation. The first effect is that of removing restrictions and limitations from intelligence. Anything under any name that would place conventional restraint upon our ability to show forth divine power is always erroneous and is due to what Science and Health calls a “…finite conception of the infinite….” (285:18)

Things, so-called, represented by matter, appear to be of various sizes, large, small, and the gradations between, but ideas although necessarily well-ordered and always in order, do not manifest measurements, nor can they be measured. Taken collectively, ideas are infinite. Taken singly, each one is infinite, because that is the nature of a divine idea. Therefore, each individual is infinite, otherwise the demand upon God would be that He should conceive of something unlike Himself — an impossibility; and every individual in divine Science is unobjectively eccentric and must be so, for infinity never repeats itself.

Let us comfort ourselves concerning ourselves. Spirit alone can reveal what we are. We find our selfhood where selfhood exists, and it exists in and of, and as Mind, God, good; and this becomes more natural to us, more real and consequently more helpful and healing to our present sense of ourselves, as conscious thought assumes and maintains its right to look out from Mind, as Mind.

In the same way the common concept of eternity is changed. Eternity is not endless time, notwithstanding that tiresome hymn which gives that erroneous impression. We are alive this moment, and this moment is nearer eternity than anything we can conceive of or experience in the way of time. In this connection I quote from a book called Form and Colour by Lyle Phillips, the following words: —

“In most people’s estimation, eternity is expressed by a great deal of time, and a million years are nearer to it than a second. But in reality, since eternity implies the total obliteration of time, a second is much nearer to it than a million years. Could you in fact snuff out that second as it passes, you would have destroyed time and entered upon eternity. Yet so wedded are we to our temporal standards, that we go on in the old way, making immense accumulations of time, convey our conception of no time at all.”

Science and Health says Mind presents Itself in idea. “Immortal and divine Mind presents the idea of God…” (503:20) Words properly used first awaken and then strengthen our understanding of divine ideas. More than one word, however, is often required before the right idea becomes real to us. In our textbook, the nature, power, and law of God are constantly iterated and reiterated by means of all the words which the author found suitable to this end in view. Every word which enlightens and strengthens our understanding of the infinite is a good word, and all the words, which we can employ for that purpose should be sought and utilized.

The right idea of God is the right idea of everything; therefore, we should not be too meticulous in our desire to understand what is back of every material object.

Sometimes nothing more than a material belief is back of a material object. Sometimes a material object may be defined as a counterfeit of a spiritual idea, although the word counterfeit signifies likeness and in this respect is inaccurate, since there can be no likeness between a material object and a spiritual idea. Matter and Spirit have no likeness. But utility, convenience, comfort, beauty, co-ordination, and harmony may have some relationship to the divine Principle of all ideas; and seeing these characteristics as the manifestation of Love must bring to pass greater conveniences and comforts than we as yet humanly possess.

On the other hand, to tabulate these qualities and associate them with the attainment of certain material objects is not Christian Science.

Let me repeat that ideas are individual, and the more clearly we see and demonstrate the divine Principle of this fact, the better for all concerned. No idea is dependent on another idea. Each one is dependent upon Principle and is Principle’s manifestation. Mrs. Eddy says: “Is not a man metaphysically and mathematically number one, a unit, and therefore whole number, governed and protected by his divine Principle, God?” (Pulpit and Press 4:7-9) The more the individuality of ideas is perceived, the freer one finds one’s self, and we cannot gain freedom without giving freedom. Again reflection is not separation but oneness.

Mrs. Eddy, in Unity of Good, answering the question: “Do you believe in God?” says, “…I have no faith in any other thing or being. He sustains my individuality. Nay, more — He is my individuality and my Life. Because He lives, I live.” (48:5-9)

What is ordinarily called individualism is merely human selfishness and human will. Real individuality is essential to Infinity; and therefore, spiritual individualism must constitute that harmony or righteousness which it is prophetically said shall cover the earth “…as the waters cover the sea.” (Isaiah 11:9) Although inconceivable to mortal mind and rarely appearing as the human evidence of the divine fact, yet no harmony of Being can appear in demonstration without individualism.

Some one complains that there is too much individuality manifested in some committee or church activity, while in that instance there is none. Such a view is an utter misunderstanding of individuality. As musical harmony depends upon the distinct and identical pitch of each note employed, so with divine ideas in the harmony of Being. Therefore, it is personal sense, not individuality, that may have justified the complaint.

What is true of the harmony of Being is essentially true of the harmony of body. The activity and co-ordination of the divine ideas is the body of Soul, the real body, in which all ideas have their being in God, divine Principle, and therefore have harmonious and reciprocal relationship to one another. This understood helps us to dispose of the belief that one organ or element of the human body can affect another harmfully.

Exactitude in Science is so unlike the generally accepted meaning of the word that our education must free itself from all preconceived notions concerning it. Spirit is omniaction, and this omniaction is the only substance and the all-substance of the universe. Everything is alive forever. This is the exact fact, and Spirit is Mind, God, Love, divine Principle, necessarily exact; but who shall humanly define the exact way in which Love demonstrates Its own omnipotence? Certainly there can be no rigidity in Principle, Love, and the concept of Principle needs to be freed from the human concepts which associate themselves with that wonderful word. Education to this end should be unremitting; and therefore, according to the Mind that knows no regimentation of ideas, is consequently free from restrictions symbolic or otherwise.

Many passages in the Bible were evidently written in a kind of code or cipher, the meaning of which was intended to be clear to the initiated but not to others. Many books have been written for the purpose of explaining such prophetic, though mystical, passages in Daniel and other books of the Old Testament, as well as those to be found in the Apocalypse; but so far as known, those writings have failed to attain their purpose. Each author seems to have been under the influence of some theory, or perhaps conviction, to start with, and, therefore, all the apocalyptical writings and their various ciphers or hidden meanings are still subject to conjecture.

I am convinced that in the two chapters, “Genesis” and “The Apocalypse,” our textbook gives us all that is essential and far more than we have yet even apprehended. It seems necessary to speak of this because if one becomes immersed in the endeavor to explain the use of certain numbers in the Apocalypse or in the Old Testament, one is almost sure to lose sight of that which is thereby prophetically indicated, which is the Science of Mind.

We need to be on our guard against devoting attention and time to unworthy endeavors. Symbolism in any form may become a kind of an obsession, and the study of it, — if undertaken at all, — should be from a standpoint wholly detached and accompanied by unerring judgment which Principle alone bestows. The object of all figures of speech in the Bible and of all ciphers or codes therein is to awaken spiritual sense, a result which cannot be experienced if that study is permitted to gain the ascendency, for then the symbol usurps the place of the fact or law or power intended to be symbolized.

The severities of religious belief, including its condemnation and its penalties, are based upon a material sense of right and wrong which is all wrong, even when it calls itself right. Too often students of Christian Science conceive the word Principle to mean a human sense of right; whereas Principle cannot take cognizance of any such a sense of itself, but is always right, without “…variableness, neither shadow of turning.” (James 1:17) A rigid sense of right and wrong does not enable a Scientist to uncover the fundamental error. Under the duress of such views one may say disease or sin is unreal, and still believe them to be real. All that is called sin is but incidental to mortal mind, which is the only sinner.

We are not to keep Truth and error forever at war. We are to extinguish error by the allness of Truth. By the same token, we not only separate Spirit and matter, but see and prove the unreality of matter. When we declare that Spirit constitutes man, according to our textbook, we necessarily declare that it constitutes creation, man including the universe. In so doing, we are not spiritualizing matter, we are demonstrating our concept of Spirit, as was stated in last year’s communication. The importance of so doing cannot be exaggerated. In our vocabulary of Science, Spirit is a word of vast importance. As used in ordinary religious instruction, its many connotations are full of mystery and uncertainty. It is scientifically synonymous with eternality.

When Mrs. Eddy defined substance as Spirit, she revealed the indestructible nature of all being. Spirit is ever-living, the Principle of everything that exists, and being ever-living, is ever active or omniaction. Therefore, when substance is defined as Spirit, we recognize that substance is omniaction. The point here is that action, Life or omniaction, is substance. Thus, we dematerialize the common concept of Spirit, for practically all the prevailing concepts of that word are that of a mere shadow of materiality with no tangible reality; whereas in Science, Spirit is the only substance. Matter is not substance.

To what extent are we dematerializing Spirit and finding imperishable substance? The answer must depend upon our ability to dematerialize our concept of substance, including all that we call ourselves and ours. Spirit substance is infinite omniaction, knowing no limitation. Our first step then is to repudiate all suggestions of any limitation to spiritual power and presence.

Nearly all of the religious views promulgated in the name of Spirit are finite and limited, and they are so utterly contrary to the facts of eternal self-existent being, imperishable substance, that they beget spiritualism, mysticism, and all occultism. An erroneous concept of Spirit permeates the whole system of Theosophy and all theories and practice of Eastern Philosophy and religion.

The moment that the concept of Spirit measures up to the divine meaning of that word, or in that degree that this occurs, the supposititious occult influence of the various erroneous systems enumerated, and others, are seen to be unreal. None of them have any seeming existence apart from the false concept of Spirit. Spirit being eternal substance, is the self-existent entity and eternal duration of divine Being, and there is no other Spirit or spirits.

When we demonstrate Spirit, as Spirit would demonstrate Itself, the fear of repudiating matter and material methods is removed. “When disease is once destroyed in this so-called mind, the fear of disease is gone, and therefore the disease is thoroughly cured.” (Science and Health 400:1-4) Matter is only a perishable sense of the imperishable. When fear predominates, this perishable sense rules consciousness. To gain and maintain our spiritual identity, there must be persistent affirmation and realization of the fact expressed in Science and Health, — “Christ presents the indestructible man, whom Spirit creates, constitutes, and governs.” (316:20-21)

Accepting that fact, we may affirm and realize that we are made of Spirit, imperishable substance, and that everything which pertains to us, is made of the same substance, and is consequently abundant and permanent because infinite. Consequently, when we feel that some particular way out of human difficulties is the only way, we need to demesmerize ourselves. The only way is Spirit, substance, and anything that is essential to the human evidence of divine substance so demonstrated will necessarily appear.

Spirit cannot suffer, sin, or die. Consequently, there is no suffering substance, no disintegrating, deteriorating, perishing or perishable substance. Should any of these beliefs appear, Spirit demonstrated fulfills its law of perfect substance, “…thus bringing to light the scientific action of the divine Mind on human minds and bodies….” (Science and Health 210:14-15)

Principle, Mind, must always have ideas, otherwise there would be no manifestation, and as Science and Health points out, Mind without manifestation would have no entity. Mind without ideas would be no Mind. This is equally true of Soul, which has almost the same meaning as Spirit, but which in an educational way signifies more of the spontaneity, beauty, joyousness, and grandeur of Being.

When we gain this new sense of Soul, we sometimes make the mistake of associating the word with remoteness. Finding Soul is a synonym for God, and having been led to believe through erroneous religious doctrines that God is a person instead of Principle, we find ourselves with an absent Soul, until further instruction corrects this error.

Christian Science gives us our real Soul. It is Mind, Spirit, infinity. This is our all-constituting, all-embodying Soul. It could not, therefore, be in anything. The helpful point here to be observed is that in the measure that we recognize this fact and understand that God, Mind, is our Soul, we perceive that our infinite all-embodying Soul is as individual to each one of us as Soul was thought to be by those who accepted the theory that it was indwelling.

One of the earliest editions of Science and Health says: “When Soul is accepted as the only intelligence, we shall depend on this ever-present Truth to control its own body.” Our textbook, the present edition of Science and Health, says: “Take possession of your body, and govern its feeling and action.” (393:10-11) It also says, “Christian Science brings to the body the sunlight of Truth, which invigorates and purifies.” (162:4-5) The reason being that the real and only body, the activity of right ideas is the sunlight of Truth.

Anything contrary to the perfection of Soul, our Soul or body, is untrue and unreal. Knowing that God, Mind, Soul, Spirit is the only cause, is the remedy for any supposititious evil effect. In this connection, a lie should never be accepted as the cause for another lie; and even when we find that sin and vice have seemed to produce the effect of disease, our remedy lies in knowing God, Mind, as the only Cause, and in utterly extinguishing the belief that there ever was or is any such thing as sin.

Perfection being the only possible mandate of God to man and the universe, it becomes through Christian Science the law of progressive good to the mind and body of a human being, and conversely, a law of annulment and obliteration to the belief of progressive or recurring evil.

Much of our work seems to require the overcoming or removal of poison of some nature or other from the human system. In this connection, it may be wise to observe that modern medical science speaks a great deal of auto-intoxication, sometimes meaning thereby that human beings poison themselves by food of an unsuitable nature, or in quantities beyond the digestive ability.

Perhaps something is to be said for the reasonableness of such views, because unquestionably many Christian Scientists assume that they can do things which as yet they are not able to safely to undertake; and possibly many instances of suffering on the part of Christian Scientist might have been avoided if a little more wisdom had been displayed. I would not make too much of this, but I do feel that we should all take cognizance of this belief that Christian Scientists sometimes cause themselves unnecessary inconveniences and suffering, when perhaps the demonstration would have been to avoid what mortal mind calls the cause.

By this, I am not advocating less radical reliance upon Truth, but rather because I can see that absolute reliance upon Truth would give us wisdom far beyond that which we habitually display.

Another phase of error that is frequently brought to our attention is that of the need of restoration of tissue or reconstruction of fractures. It need not be said that in both instances much depends upon the attitude of the practitioner. Unquestionably, we all need to dwell in the secret place of the Most High constantly, or rather, to be that secret place. Otherwise telegrams, letters, or telephone calls may take us by surprise, and for the moment, we may believe the error to be real.

In the instances where reconstruction is essential, the ceaseless persistent affirmation of the constructive and restorative power of Christ in Christian Science may be necessary, and one need not fear that one is unscientifically outlining the results when one is thus strengthening one’s own scientific realization of divine healing.

Perhaps I need hardly again say that a practitioner should undertake a case with the expectation of seeing it through. Accordingly, his confidence should be unbounded and he should not anticipate that the work will be laborious. Jesus said: “…my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30) He was teaching, or endeavoring to teach, the naturalness and spontaneity or operation of divine Principle. Nevertheless, no practitioner should be casually minded or in any way indifferent to the requirements of the healing work. Attention must be given to each case so long as that attention is necessary. The thought of the practitioner should be divine law, and that law should be to him more certain in operation than the so-called law of gravitation.

As a beginner in Christian Science and for quite a number of hears thereafter, I was quite intimately acquainted with many of Mrs. Eddy’s students. They were a devoted body of men and women, — mostly women. Some of them had healings to their credit, that were not less remarkable than those recorded in the New Testament. Scarcely any of them were what we would call highly educated, but they were naturally clear thinkers and Mrs. Eddy’s instructions had given them something absolutely invaluable. I do not know how to describe it by a better word than confidence, and their confidence in their work according to what they had grasped of Mrs. Eddy’s instructions, was unbounded.

We should have far more assurance than we habitually manifest. The ancient healers were not more intelligent than ourselves. Their spirituality is attainable, for we have the inestimable advantage of possessing Science and Health, and we cannot too assiduously devote ourselves to the task of gaining the deep meaning of that book in order that our treatments may be clothed with the majesty and might of divine Science. The words: “…many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them” (Matthew 13:17), are more apt today than when uttered.

I spoke last year and the year before of the necessity of judgment and discrimination in the study of the Bible and a proper appreciation in the study of Science and Health must be considered in the light of divine Principle which Christian Science reveals. In this way we shall find that these books are enhanced in value far beyond anything that we could have anticipated, and that value enhances daily. Nobody as yet has demonstrated fully what Science and Health reveals, and nobody can expect to do so other than by way of endless progress. Principle is the source of that progress and Principle is infinite, and while it is also the goal of that progress, still it is infinite; therefore, we more and more understand Mrs. Eddy’s statement in Miscellaneous Writings: “Infinit